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Aquarian Dawn



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May I offer you these flowers from my heart to yours!


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Aquarian Dawn – Painting 1/3


Click here for an expanded pictureAquarian Dawn.


One hundred and forty four thousand souls partnered as twin-flame energies coming from their star origin through the radiation of the Great Central Sun. They represent the “Salt of the Earth” carrying the Spiritual Light for the transformation of Terra and her inhabitants. They are in pilgrimage to every corner of the planet radiating a higher frequency of Love, Understanding, Compassion and the Hope that the future will bring a Paradise, the Heaven on Earth. Peoples: Pay heed and herald them at this dawn of the Aquarian Age!


The initiates are coming from 4D and 5D worlds as star seeds. The Earth is shown in her transitional period from 3D to 4D in her ascension to 5D. The upper portion of the painting reflects a four-dimensional devachanic world with angels and a winged man as a symbol of Redeemed HUmanity, the Adam Kadmon.


In spirals of light the celestial angelic hierarchy is gravitating from the Great Central Sun as in the engraving of Gustave Dore’s “Celestial Hosts.” The cross from the sun with equal arms is the Cosmic Cross, origin of all symbology of the cross. It symbolizes a balanced life with correct relationship with God and man through service and sharing. To the top left King Arthur’s castle is in Avalon.


The snowy mountains are mathematical fractal representations of attainment as in Key 9, the Hermit, of the Tarot upper-arcana cards.


At the bottom left lives the tender of Pharos, the lighthouse, beckoning symbol of light and hope. He still resides on Earth in 3D.


To the bottom right we see a dream bridge from the sequence “Ave Maria” of the old movie “Fantasia” by Walt Disney that initially inspired these series of paintings. This is the bridge between the two dimensional worlds, a star gate. Just above the bridge Archangel GabriEL (in red mantle) brings to the pilgrims a message of encouragement. The colors were chosen to represent a dream state and the break of dawn.


This pilgrimage represents also the coming from the Source and the returning to the Source after the job is well done. Hallelujah!


See it at:


Ave Maria, Ora Pro Nobis – Painting 2/3


Click here for an expanded picture , here for a detailAve Maria, Ora Pro Nobis and here for the music of Schubert’s Ave Maria


Through a forest of errors, human errors, these star-seed pilgrims continue their march in couples. Here only shown 26 representing the gematria of the name of God as in YOD-HE-VAV-HE. It is a long, weary walk but they do it with gladness in their heart. Behind them they left their dream worlds, their starry most loved home planets that they have now started to forget in their descending journey to service. Not being part of, neither recognized, nor understood by the world in most cases, they work tirelessly to bring the Ascension of Beloved Terra as a service of Love.


Above their heads in a tree clearing the Queen of Heavens appears hovering in prayer. Ora Pro Nobis, pray for us. She is praying for the transformation, for the Awakening. Cosponsor of the Age of Aquarius with her beloved friend St. Germain and countless star and angelic beings and Ascended Masters, she will bring the Age of the Woman to fruition. Below her feet her energy is connected to Gaia and the world of manifestation and above her head to the Dove, the feminine energy of wisdom, shown here projecting the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. In this way she acts as a link between the ethereal and the material.


Below her the crescent Luna, the energy that influences human emotions and imagination. This crescent silvery moon is also an Islamic symbol. Behind her and inscribed in a hexagon we see the Mer-Ka-Ba, two interlaced tetrahedrons, the symbol of the Light Body in its original stages before it begins the vehicular transformation into a multifaceted gem.


In the 2D projection it is the interlaced triangles of Fire, downward, and Air, upward, in perfect balance: Spiritual, infinite, and material, temporal, in perfect balance in the heart. It is also known as the Star of David or Seal of Solomon, a Jewish symbol, coexisting here in Peace and Brotherhood/Sisterhood with the Islamic crescent symbol and having Virgin Mary as their bonding female energy. Women will unify these two cultures to wage and learn war no more!


The Holy Spirit

Vesica Pisces is a female symbol formed by two interlaced circles, here shown as a triple Vesica Pisces. From her head outshoot twelve rays terminating in a star representing the twelve zodiacal signs. The background of her head is violet that represents the violet flame of healing and transmutation, also the color of higher spiritual attainment and ceremonial ritual. The golden globe over her head is a solar symbol of alchemical transmutation.


The tree trunks suggest gothic cathedral columns and the treetops, column capitals and ceiling arches.


At the lake shore a doe is drinking and being startled by the passing march. Probably feels the Virgin’s energy too as do the fishes that jump in excitement off the water.


The yellow and orange colors in the background of the trees suggest the break of dawn.


See it at: and a detail at:


You are welcome to meditate on this symbol and send Light of Peace to the world while listening to Ave Maria by Schubert or by Johan Sebastian Bach (or the Charles Gounod’s arrangement of the Bach’s). May God Bless You!

The Cosmic Party, 2012 – Painting 3/3. Not started yet.



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