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NESARA Updates, Dove Reports, II

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NESARA Updates, Dove Reports
Part 2
National Economic SecurityAnd Reformation Act (NESARA)
 Unless stated otherwise these updates are taken from reports of
Dove of Oneness

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The majority of information contained here is made up of excerpts from the Dove Reports carefully selected to inform you on key events and for historical reasons. See other NESARA information at: .  For most people this information is enough and serves its purpose.  However, if you want to investigate further, see full reports NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

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Editor of this material:  Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of “Brother Veritus’ Website”.

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Peace and Prosperity for All!

[doveofo] NESARA Actions; NTAT Reports from World Court & America; Confirmation.  Full Report.  September 12, 2004 9:59 p.m. PDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Certain key actions are in process to move NESARA toward announcement.  My contacts with dozens of you have helped to clarify the steps and actions necessary to move NESARA forward. I thank all of you again for your offers of assistance and for the help you have provided so generously.

For many of us, the horrible specter of martial law being imposed on America is a rallying call that we must dedicate every possible resource to getting NESARA announced before November 2004. If we look back over the last year, it seems the Bush regime has been periodically mentioning the need to declare martial law to soften Americans up for the Bush regime effort to declare martial law. Last November 2003, there were three articles in mainstream media in which allusions to martial law being declared in the US near the time of the November 2004 election were published. The first article appeared in the “Cigar Aficionado”magazine’s November/December 2003 interview with General Tommy Franks.  Two other media reports, one in the “Washington Post” on November 23, 2003and the other in the “Los Angeles Times” on November 23, 2003, alsoalluded to the possibility of martial law in the United States in 2004.  In early May 2004, I spoke with a Federal Election Judge who had been told at an official meeting of Federal Election Judges that the November 2004 election might be cancelled. Then in April 2004, the Nightline television show also covered a discussion which alluded to martial law.

Another allusion has appeared recently in a supermarket tabloid and sometimes supermarket tabloids actually put out information that has some elements of truth. Today I received a telephone call from a contact who read to me from the September 20, 2004 issue (they put a future date on their weekly issues) of the tabloid “Weekly World News” which has bigheadlines over an inch high saying “Nov. Election Cancelled!” The reasonthey are citing is that the “Nation’s voting [electronic touch] machines are made in Florida and they won’t work.” I generally ignore thesetabloid stories, however, I did check with sources who say that the Bushregime has actually discussed this “voting machine” issue as an excuse tocancel the November election.

This story also has an allusion to “martial law”. The story says ajustice department insider says that the election would be postponed for ayear until new machines can be obtained from Japanese manufacturers.  Another quote in the tabloid story says, “It is not yet clear whenAshcroft will announce the cancellation of the election. If you think thenation is polarized now, just wait until John [Ashcroft] drops thebombshell.” The article continues with “When the truth comes to light,all h— is going to break loose.” The article also states that thegovernment is getting ready to “handle the American people” if peopleobject to having the election cancelled. The phrase “handle the Americanpeople” is the allusion to martial law.

The Bush regime is working on many different scenarios to try to cancel the November 2004 election. My sources state that this idea of canceling the election due to faulty voting machines is just one of the numerous excuses the Bush regime are considering, although it’s doubtful thisexcuse would end up being used.

If all goes as hoped, NESARA will be announced in the next several weeksand will end the threat of martial law in America. Those of you whocannot directly help with the actions moving NESARA forward can help share the good news of NESARA with others.

Below are reports of what our NESARA Take Action Teams (NTAT) are doing around the US and other places. In Jim Nash’s NTAT Director’sinteresting report below, Duane and Carol share some very goodopportunities they use to spread the good news of NESARA with others.  Carol points out good places to share NESARA including that giving NESARA flyers to people leaving cinemas where they have just seen films such as Fahrenheit 9-11, Manchurian Candidate, and “The Corporation”. Our gallantNel, head of the NTAT at World Court, also tells us of a recent NESARAdemonstration in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands. Aswe bring the news of NESARA to more and more people, we are helpinginspire others that there is hope for a better world after NESARA’sannouncement.

For those of you new to NESARA, you can find NESARA flyers to give othersat the following link:

Together we are victorious! NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Worldwide NTAT Director


[doveofo] NESARA; Attorney S. Hilton has Natl. Sec. Records re: Bush Ordered 9-11.  Excerpt. September 19, 2004 10:43 p.m. EDT

Hello Dear Friend and White Knights,

More actions are occurring to move NESARA forward to announcement. I’vebeen in contact with hundreds of you in the last weeks asking for your assistance on certain matters related to moving NESARA forward. I thank you again for your willingness to provide any assistance you are able to provide. Currently each day from a city in the USA Eastern time zone, I’mcontinuing to make more contacts helpful in bringing NESARA toannouncement.

This week there were many rumors on the Internet and on the phone networkregarding possible “bankruptcies” of major banks in the US. Initially, some of my sources thought if there were anything of this sort occurring, it would be due to actions by the Bush regime. However, yesterday my contacts were able to ascertain that none of the banks mentioned in the rumors are actually filing for bankruptcy protection. In checking with certain people on the phone network, I discovered this bankruptcy rumor developed out of a miscommunication a little over a week ago.

There a few hints that the rumor, which initially discussed Bank of America, is a mistake. Bank of America (B of A) is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and has been headquartered in North Carolina for the last few years; if B of A were actually filing for bankruptcy protection, the filing would have to be done in North Carolina. However, the rumor mill said that B of A had filed in Los Angeles; this was hint number one that this was not true. In researching this rumor I also learned that B of A reported high profits in 2003. On July 14, 2003, USA Today reported that “Bank of America, the No. 3 U.S. bank, said profit rose 23%, helped by greater credit card sales and a quadrupling of mortgage banking income.” State and federal government laws do not allowa bank or any business which is reporting profits to file for bankruptcyprotection; this was hint number two that this rumor was incorrect.

Currently, the rumor of major banks in the USA filing bankruptcy cannot be supported by the facts. Also, there is absolutely no way that filing for bankruptcy would in some manner result in having the US Treasury Bank System come into effect. The US Treasury Bank System is part of NESARA and the NESARA announcement needs to occur before the US Treasury Bank System can be publicly initiated.

On another topic, I thank those of you who sent me emails and the link to San Francisco attorney Stanley Hilton’s interview on September 12, 2004discussing Bush ordering the 9-11 attacks on the Alex Jones show. Although the host of the show is Alex Jones, who does not have the rightcontacts to confirm NESARA and therefore does not support NESARA, Alex does sometimes receive good information.

Attorney Stanley Hilton has filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of hundreds of Americans who believe the Bush government ordered the 9-11 attacks. Mr. Hilton says during his interview that he has copies of National Security Council documents which prove Bush ordered the 9-11 attacks.

In answer to a question, Mr. Hilton responded regarding the documentation proving Bush ordered the 9-11 attacks: “National Security Councilclassified documents – Bush personally ordered it and it was as part of aseries of documents that were involved with the [military] drilldocuments. This is all; they have it on video tape. These planes werecontrolled by remote control. As I said previously a year and a half ago, there’s a system called Cyclops – there’s a computer chip in the nose ofthe plane which enables the military ground control to disable the pilot’scontrol of the plane and to control it and fly it directly into thosetowers. That’s what happened. It’s also technology used in what’s calledthe “Global Hawk” which is an aircraft drone – a remote [controlled]aircraft – they were doing it. The documents are National SecurityCouncil classified documents which clearly indicate that [Global] had the green light to order this to go and this is no drill. These drills that were run – it was clearly a dress rehearsal and this was all a governmentoperation. If you wonder why people are trying to threaten people andtrying to intimidate people who are bringing this suit, I mean I guess if you murdered 3,000 of your own citizens… as Bush did, and if you thenwaste billions more on a worthless, garbage war in Iraq, I guess you’vegot something to worry about – you [Bush] want to threaten people to prevent it from coming out.”

Stanley Hilton makes the comment that one of his witnesses is a wife ofone of the hijackers. When I went back to my sources and asked aboutthis, I learned that there were Americans who played the role of hijackersin the planes (NO Arabs were involved). These American hijackers apparently worked for the government and this is why the FBI paid for their plane tickets. The fact that the FBI paid for the hijackers’ planetickets now makes sense.

To listen to this informative interview with Stanley Hilton, click on the following link: Attorney Stanley Hilton also has his own website which is .

NESARA, the National Economic Security And Reformation Act, provides the following:
1. Restores Constitutional Law in the US as the forefathers intended when they signed the Declaration of Independence.
2. Requires the current US administration to resign their positions to allow a fresh start at the national level and installs Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections can take place within 120 days.
3. NESARA US President Designate declares “peace” enabling international
banking improvements to proceed smoothly. All US military aggressiveactions will cease immediately.
4. Zeroing out credit card balances, forgiveness of mortgages and other bank debt as a remedy for 70 years of bank and government fraud.
5. The US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency backed by precious metals. Bank personnel have already been trained on NESARA and the new currency is already in bank vaults.
6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a new national sales tax on new non-essential items as revenue for government.

NESARA’s announcement begins the removal of the Bush regime from power!  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Worldwide NTAT Director

Dove uses a pseudonym for security and privacy reasons. The Dove Report currently has 15,826 subscribers and is read by over 315,000 people worldwide in forums on other websites and published in magazines and journals nationally and internationally.

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Transcript: Alex Jones Interviews Stanley Hilton

The MP3 of this interview is available at

AJ: He is back with us. He is former Bob Dole’s chief of staff, very successful counselor, lawyer. He represents hundreds of the victims families of 9/11. He is suing Bush for involvement in 9/11. Now a major Zogby poll out – half of New Yorkers think the government was involved in9/11. And joining us for the next 35 minutes, into the next hour, is Stanley Hilton. Stanley, it’s great to have you on with us.
SH: Glad to be on.
AJ: We’ll have to recap this when we start the next hour, but just in a
nutshell, you have a lawsuit going, you’ve deposed a lot of military officers. You know the truth of 9/11. Just in a nutshell, what is your case alleging?

SH: Our case is alleging that Bush and his puppets Rice and Cheney and Mueller and Rumsfeld and so forth, Tenet, were all involved not only in aiding and abetting and allowing 9/11 to happen but in actually ordering it to happen. Bush personally ordered it to happen. We have some very incriminating documents as well as eye-witnesses, that Bush personally ordered this event to happen in order to gain political advantage, to pursue a bogus political agenda on behalf of the neocons and their deluded thinking in the Middle East. I also wanted to point out that, just quickly, I went to school with some of these neocons. At the University of Chicago, in the late 60s with Wolfowitz and Feith and several of the others and so I know these people personally. And we used to talk about this stuff all of the time. And I did my senior thesis on this very subject – how to turn the U.S. into a presidential dictatorship bymanufacturing a bogus Pearl Harbor event. So, technically this has been in the planning at least 35 years.

AJ: That’s right. They were all Straussian followers of a Nazi-likeprofessor. And now they are setting it up here in America. Stanley, I knowyou deposed a lot of people and you’ve got your $7 million dollar lawsuitwith hundreds of the victim’s families involved….
SH: 7 billion, 7 billion.
AJ: Yeah, 7 billion. Can you go over some of the new and incriminating
evidence you’ve got of them ordering the attack?

SH: Yes, let me just say that this is a taxpayers’ class action lawsuit aswell as a suit on behalf of the families and the basic three arguments arethey violated the Constitution by ordering this event. And secondly thatthey [garbled] fraudulent Federal Claims Act, Title 31 of the U.S. Code in which Bush presented false and fraudulent evidence to Congress to get the Iraq war authorization. And, of course, he related it to 9/11 and claimed that Saddam was involved with that, and all these lies.
AJ: Tell you what, stay there. Stanley, we’ve got to break. Let’s come
back and get into the evidence.


AJ: Alright my friends, second hour, September 10th, 2004, the anniversaryof the globalist attack coming up tomorrow. It’s an amazing individual wehave on the line. Bob Dole’s former chief of staff, political scientist, alawyer, he went to school with Rumsfeld and others, he wrote his thesisabout how to turn America into a dictatorship using a fake Pearl Harborattack. He’s suing the U.S. government for carrying out 9/11. He has hundreds of the victims’ families signing onto it – it’s a $7 billionlawsuit. And he is Stanley Hilton. I know that a lot of stations justjoined us in Los Angeles and Rhode Island and Missouri and Florida and allover. Please sir, recap what you were just stating and then let’s get intothe new evidence. And then we’ll get into why you are being harassed bythe FBI, as other FBI people are being harassed who have been blowing thewhistle on this. So, this is really getting serious. Stanley, tell us all about it.

SH: Yeah, we are suing Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Mueller, etc. for complicity in personally not only allowing 9/11 to happen but in ordering it. The hijackers we retained and we had a witness who is married to one of them. The hijackers were U.S. undercover agents. They were double agents, paid by the FBI and the CIA to spy on Arab groups in this country. They were controlled. Their landlord was an FBI informant in San Diego and other places. And this was a direct, covert operation ordered, personally ordered by George W. Bush. Personally ordered. We have incriminating evidence, documents as well as witnesses, to this effect. It’s not just incompetence – in spite of the fact that he is incompetent.The fact is he personally ordered this, knew about it. He, at one point, there were rehearsals of this. The reason why he appeared to be uninterested and nonchalant on September 11th – when those videos showedthat Andrew Card whispered in his ear the [garbled] words about this he listened to kids reading the pet goat story, is that he thought this was another rehearsal. These people had dress rehearsed this many times. He had seen simulated videos of this. In fact, he even made a Freudian slip a few months later at a California press conference when he said he had, quote, “seen on television the first plane attack the first tower.” Andthat could not be possible because there was no video. What it was thesimulated video that he had gone over. So this was a personally government ordered thing.

We are suing them under the Constitution for violating American’s rights,as well as under the federal Fraudulent Claims Act, for presenting afraudulent claim to Congress to justify the bogus Iraq boondoggle war, forpolitical gains. And also, under the RICO statute, under the Racketeering Corrupt Organization Act, for being a corrupt entity. And I’ve been harassed personally by the chief judge of the federal courtwho is instructing me personally to drop this suit, threatened to kick me off the court, after 30-years on the court. I’ve been harassed by the FBI. My staff has been harassed and threatened. My office has been broken into and this is the kind of government we are dealing with. AJ: Absolutely and now it has come out – five separate drills of flyinghijacked jets into buildings that morning – which you told us about beforeit even broke in the Associated Press. They were trying to get out aheadof you. You talked about how you interviewed military people who were toldit was a drill that morning. Then to get out ahead of that, the news finally reported on it. Now, we’ve learned that all these operations – Iwant to get into that, I want to talk about the new incriminating evidenceof ordering it and how they had drilled on this, how Cheney was in the bunker controlling this. That has even come out in the mainstream news but they won’t release the details of that, Stanley. But what type of FBIharassment are you going through?

SH: First of all, my office was burglarized in San Francisco several months ago. Files were gone through and some files were seized –particularly the ones dealing with the lady that was married to one of thehijackers. Fortunately, I had spare copies in a hidden place so nothingdisappeared permanently. But more significantly, FBI agents have been harassing one of my staff members and threatening them with vague but frightening threats of indicting them. And it’s just total harassment.They have planted a spy, an undercover agent, in my organization, as we just recently discovered. In other words, these are Nazi Germany tactics. This is the kind of government you have in this country. This is what Bush is all about.

AJ: Stay there Stanley, Bob Dole’s former chief of staff. We’ll come backafter this quick break. Please stay with us.


AJ: Alright, eight minutes, 25 seconds into the second hour. Stanley Hilton, political scientist, lawyer, Bob Dole’s former chief of staff, issuing the government for 7 billion dollars for carrying out 9/11 and forracketeering. And he joins us now. During the break, I first really did the big interview with Stanley Hilton after I saw him attacked on Fox News. And that interview got massive attention. And then he kind of went underground for a while because a judge, we’re going to talk about that,ordered him to not do any more interviews. And now he’s back doinginterviews. He’s had his office broken into, FBI threats and harassment.Bottom line, he has deposed military individuals, wives of hijackers, youname it, it was a government operation. It has even come out in mainstream news, a piece here, a piece there. They had drills on 9/11, that’s whyNORAD stood down. Cheney was in control of the whole thing. Stanley Hiltonhas now gotten documents about how Bush ordered the whole operation. And I’ll tell you right now, his life is in danger, folks. And he’s got somuch courage. He went to school with these neocons at the University ofChicago. He wrote his thesis on how the government could use terroristattacks to set up martial law. He is the man for the time and folks wondered why he disappeared for a while and just did his lawsuit and wasn’t doing interviews, it was because he was ordered to.Stanley, can you get into that for us?

SH: I did an interview with you, Alex, back in March of 2003, about a year and a half ago, and literally two weeks after that, I was contacted by the emissary of the chief judge of the federal court where I have the lawsuit. And I was warned not to publicize it but to keep it quiet and threatened with discipline. And it remained quiet until a couple of months ago and then I got on the air on some programs and some publicity and… July 1st, Iwas threatened directly by the chief judge here, threatened with courtdiscipline. This particular judge has been circulating communiqués to theother federal judges seeking anything negative she can get against me totry and discipline me after I’ve been on the court here for 30-years withno disciplinary problems at all. This is suddenly happening. And her assistants who are on the committee of the court met with me on July 1st in Palo Alto, California, and threatened me directly. They handed me a copy of the lawsuit and said that the judge wants me to dismiss this. What’s this? She doesn’t like the content of it. This is politically incorrect. This is outside the norm. I said I represented more than 400 plaintiffs, how am I going to dismiss this case? And they threatened me directly and they said, “the next time you’ll be disciplined.” And alsothey’ve threatened me not to go public, etc. And this is just outrageous….

AJ: It’s all color of law. No direct orders, just all in your face.SH: They sent a letter out, and of course they deny it’s because of thepolitical content of the suit but they told me directly on the phone that it is because of this suit and this judge is very, very angry, apparently has been in contact with Ashcroft’s Justice Department. I got a call fromAshcroft’s Justice Department a few months ago about this, demanding thatI drop the suit, threatening sanctions and all kinds of things. I refused to drop it.

AJ: Now let’s go back over, you had them break into your office,harassment. Let’s go over that in detail.

SH: My office was broken into about 6 months ago. The file cabinets – itwas obvious they had been rifled through. Files were stolen. Files dealing with this particular case and particularly with the documents I had regarding the fact that the – some of these hijackers, at least some ofthem were on the payroll of the U.S. government as undercover FBI, CIA, double agents. They are spying on Arab groups in the U.S. And, in effect, all this lead up to the effect that al Qaeda is a creation of the George Bush administration, basically. That’s the entity that he called alQaeda is directly linked to George Bush. And all this stuff was stolen. Fortunately, I had copies. But this was just part of the harassment. The FBI has also been harassing some of my assistants and has planted a spy in our midst. And it is just outrageous that these Nazi tactics are being used – and the obstruction of justice, these people are criminals. And that’s what’s happening under the tremendous pressure here to just dropit. Or to shut up now and just go away.

AJ: Now, let’s talk about what they want you to drop. Let’s talk about,without giving names, the people you deposed, what really happened, thepicture you’ve got. You said earlier that Bush ordered this, they weresimulating this which they now admit there were simulations on thatmorning. Let’s go over what they don’t want you to talk about, Stanley.

SH: We have evidence both documentary as well as witness sworn statementsfrom undercover former FBI agents, FBI informants, etc., that otherofficials in the Pentagon and the military and the Air Force that deal with the fact that there were many drills, many rehearsals for 9/11 before it happened. Bush had seen this simulated on TV many times. He blurted this out at a press conference in California a few months after 9/11 where he said he had, quote, seen the first plane hit the first building on the video. And that’s not possible because there was no official video ofthat. There was one of the second plane not the first one. He had seen thefirst one.We do have some incriminating documents that Bush personally ordered 9/11 events. It was well planned. A FEMA official has admitted on tape that he was there the night before – September 10th, that is …

AJ: And now Mayor Giuliani, a few months ago in the 911 Commission,admitted that – Tripod II. They had their whole command post already moved out of Building 7. Now, this is very, very important. This is a key area of this whole event. You said months before it came out on the CIA’s ownwebsite and the Associated Press, you said I deposed people. They saidthere were drills that morning and exactly what happened, happening – thatwas the smoke-screen for the stand-down. And then to get out ahead of it,the CIA comes out and said yeah we were running a drill that morning. Now,we’ve learned that five, possibly six, were confirmed. Five of these – onedrill with the exact same thing happening that actually happened, at theexact same time in the morning. That’s why NORAD stood down with 24different blips on the screen. You’ve said this. You brought this upfirst. Now, I know you can’t get too much into detail but can you tell ushow you learned of this?

SH: I have interviewed individuals in NORAD and the Air Force. Ipersonally toured NORAD many years ago around the time that I worked forDole. I’m very familiar with the operations at Cheyenne Mountain at Colorado Springs, where NORAD is. Individuals that work in NORAD as well as the Air Force have stated this, off the record, but the point is, yes, this was not just five drills but at least 35 drills over at least two months before September 11th. Everything was planned, the exact location……

AJ: But five drills that day.
SH: That day, that day, and Bush thought it was a drill. That’s the only
explanation for why he appeared nonchalant…
AJ: We also had NORAD officers and civilian air traffic controllers going, “Is this part of the exercise? Is this a drill?”
SH: Yes.
AJ: On the tapes and in TV interviews, they thought it was, quote, a

SH: That’s right. That’s exactly what I said long before it became public.I’ve known about this since earlier in March of ’03, as I stated before.This was all planned. This was a government ordered operation. Bushpersonally signed the order. He personally authorized the attacks. He isguilty of treason and mass murder. And now, obstruction of justice by attempting to use a federal judge and FBI agents to inhibit a legitimate civil lawsuit in this country, in federal court. Even a chief judge in this court tried to harass and threaten me personally for representing legitimate plaintiffs. And they got Clinton for allegedly lying under oath about Paula Jones and now – look what’s happening now. And Ken Starr usedto be across from me in Duke Law School in the early ’70s and it’sinteresting that he got away with trying to get Clinton impeached, so we have a far worse criminal sitting in the oval office today – somebodyguilty of mass murder as well as obstruction of justice.

AJ: Well, I mean look, they say they never heard of a plan to fly planesinto buildings – said it all over television – Rice, Bush, Cheney,Rumsfeld, Ashcroft. And then we find out they were running all thesedrills that morning. Even if they weren’t involved, that proves they wereliars about ever hearing of such a plan.

SH: Well, I’m trying to take their depositions – I’ve been trying to taketheir depositions for months. They’ve been trying to object to it. Theywill have to admit they were either lying then or now. It’s clearlyperjury either way. They are liars and perjurers; that’s what they are.These are the people that we have running this government and, of course, they knew about it. How are they going to claim now that they didn’t knowabout these drills? Their idea is that nobody knew anything. It’s the oldknow nothing mentality. And how anybody considers this believable is beyond me.

AJ: Alright, now people ask how could a huge organization, how could the AWACs, how could the military let this happen; whereas before, if your Cessna got off course for five minutes, they would launch F-16s on you. It’s real simple. It’s what Stanley Hilton said here a year and a halfago. It’s what came out in the news after that. The military, good people,were told this was all a drill. And it was not a drill. And ABC Newsadmits that Cheney was in control of [?] out of the White House [?] and that he ordered the military to quote “do something.” Our inside sourcesfrom Hilton and others say it was a stand down and they admit they willnot release that under national security. Stanley?

SH: Well they are going to admit it, they’re going to release it in thecourt case because if you demand it under subpoena powers and they mustrelease it. And part of our lawsuit is brought in the name of theU.S.because under the federal fraudulent [Claims Act], we accuse the BushAdministration of presenting a fraudulent claim to Congress. And under the statutes of Title 31 of the U.S. code, they must release this information. That’s why they are trying to threaten me, harass me, invade my office,steal my files, commit blatant obstruction of justice and other crimes to try and prevent a legitimate civil suit from exposing these criminals and their acts of treason and mass murder.

AJ: I think you need to publicly tell folks that you are not planning suicide. Would you like to tell folks that?

SH: (laughs) I’m not planning suicide. I’ve got family and I’m notplanning that but I don’t like the threats I’m under – but I can tell youthis, it’s taking a toll emotionally on me and my staff. And particularly,when you get a threat from the chief judge of your own court. AJ: Why have you decided to go public again after a year of being under the radar?

SH: Because the more and more evidence that I’ve been adducing over a yearand a half has made it so obvious to me that this was now without anydoubt a government operation and that it amounts to the biggest act of treason and mass murder in American history. I mean George Bush makes Benedict Arnold look like a patriot. He makes Benedict Arnold look like George Washington. I mean that’s what we have – a criminal and a traitorsitting in the White House pretending he’s a patriot, wrapping himself inthe flag. And it’s pretty disgusting because the other side of theso-called opposition, the Kerry camp is just saying nothing becausethey’re afraid to speak.

AJ: Stay right there. We’ll be right back.


AJ: Stanley Hilton will be with us for another 15 or 16 minutes. Then he’sgot to go into court. Bob Dole’s former chief of staff, politicalscientist, lawyer, represents 400 plus plaintiffs – most of them victims of 9/11. When I was in New York last week, everybody I was talking to, I mean 90 plus percent of them at ground zero – “I had family, I worked inthe buildings, my son’s a Navy Seal – he called the night before and saiddon’t go to work.” You know, all of this, and then now they never had any idea – and it turns out they had all these drills – and one drill ofhijacked jets flying into the World Trade Center and Pentagon at 8:30 inthe morning. That morning – come on people! And Stanley Hilton brought all this out on this show before it was in the mainstream news. And I was talking to him during the break. I mean, the harassment, the moles, the threatening of his staff, the judge threatening him. Stanley, let’s getspecifically into the documents that you have now got that they have now been robbing you for, that you luckily, thank God had copies. Specifically, Bush ordering this. Can you get into that for us – ordering9/11?

SH: National Security Council classified documents which [garbled] and it’s was part of a series of documents that were involved with the drilldocuments. This was all planned – they had it on videotape. These planeswere controlled by remote control, as I stated previously a year and ahalf ago, there’s a system called Cyclops. There is a computer chip in the nose of the plane and it enables the ground control, the military ground control, to disable the pilot’s control of the plane and to control it andto fly it directly into those towers. That’s what happened. It’s also a technology used on what’s called the Global Hawk, which is an aircraftdrone – a remote-controlled aircraft. And they were doing it. We aretalking about National Security Council classified documents that clearlyindicated that [garbled] had a green light to order this to go and this is no drill. These drills that were running were clearly a dress rehearsal and this was a government operation. You wonder why these people are trying to threaten people and trying to intimidate people who have written this suit, I guess if you murdered 3000 of your own citizens, in conjunction with the corrupt Royal family of Saudi Arabia as Bush did. And if you then waste billions more on a worthless garbage war in Iraq, I guess you’ve got something to worry about and you want to threaten people to prevent it from coming out.

AJ: I mean let’s look at this. Not only are there dress rehearsals, theyare smoke screens so the good military stands down and doesn’t know what’shappening. But it’s now coming out, even in mainstream news, that yes these drills were going on. Yes, and some of these drills, quote, passenger-type jets were under remote control – this is decades oldtechnology. In 1958, NORAD was [ ] old jets and using them for targetpractice. Decades ago they flew jumbo jets from LA to Sidney Australia. So since that’s going on, everybody knows that. And it’s the same MO. Justlike the first World Trade Center [bombing] where they get two retardedmen who followed this blind sheik who had a tiny mosque above a pizzapallor. And they set them up as the patsies. Then the FBI cooks the bomb, trains the drivers. This informant goes, “You’re not going to bomb thebuilding? They go “Yeah, we’re letting it go forward.” He tapes them toprotect themselves. The two retarded gentlemen, thank God, didn’t park itup against the column, as the FBI instructed them to do, so it didn’tbring down the tower – because you have to be right up against the column.That doesn’t happen. Yet, it’s the same thing with 9/11. You’ve got theseCIA agents, these Arabs, who were trained at U.S. military bases, Pensacola Naval Air Station – mainstream media, out creating their legendsfor this background. They’re on board the aircraft. My military sourcessay nerve gas kills everybody on board the plane – nerve gas packets. Thenthey fly the planes into buildings. From your inside sources, is thataccurate?

SH: It’s one of the things that we are looking into – that nerve gas orsomething else disabled people. It’s possible. I can’t say for sure to behonest with you…
AJ: All you know is they were government agents and they were on board andthe planes were remote controlled.

SH: Yeah, it was basically a smokescreen. I mean, the events of thehijackings, how someone snuck in those cutters, it was a plant. It was like a classic decoy. I’ve got some military background. And it’s calleddecoy. It’s a decoy operation. You make the people focus on the decoy toavoid looking at the real criminals. So they are focusing on theseso-called nineteen hijackers and saying, “Oh, it must have been theseArabs. When, in fact, the guilty person is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue –sitting in the oval office. That’s the guilty person. That’s the one whoauthorized it. There is only one man who could have authorized thisoperation and that’s Bush. And anyone at NORAD will tell you as I havebeen told personally at NORAD in the war control room, there is only oneman who has the power to do this kind of thing and that’s Bush. Eventhough many believe he’s a puppet. And I think in many ways he is. The fact of the matter is where was [ ] Cheney, Rumsfeld and these other traitors. The fact is Bush personally ordered and he’s guilty and liableand he’s going to be re-elected apparently because the media’s asleep and[garbled] for Bush.

AJ: Well, the media is owned by the same military industrial complex that carried out the attacks.
SH: Yeah, the media is only interested in maintaining the official government fantasy that this was a little lone Arab. These Arabs couldn’t
even steer that plane down a runway.
AJ: Stay thereStanley, final segment coming up.


AJ: Mr. Hilton, when you talk to these FBI agents, when you talk to these military men and women, what’s their attitude? They’ve got to be prettyfreaked out to have the big picture and know what actually happened on 9/11.

SH: Yes, you know it’s like clouds just before a thunderstorm in the sensethat they are sort of pregnant with rage. They are just enraged at thecriminal politicians who have perverted and misused the government to murder its own citizens and pursue these dubious political ends. And many of them, in increasing numbers, are willing to talk and will talk under subpoena – but only under subpoena because the official party line of thegovernment is shut up and don’t talk to the trial lawyer. But more and more, they are very outraged that part of the government has done this to its own people, to its own people. I mean you have to go back to Stalin to see something – not even Hitler did this to his own people. You have to look at Stalin who murdered the Kulaks, the Russians for his own dubious gains. Also we’ve got – we have a Stalinist mentality in this country.And, if these people pose as patriots and wrap themselves in the flag,it’s disgusting.I wanted also to point out that the Japanese television network, Asahi, is going to be airing a special on primetime tomorrow, on September 11th. They interviewed me for eight hours a couple of weeks ago. I’ll be onthat. I wish – of course, the America media don’t care so they are not going to care. But in Japan, people are very serious in interviewing me and others. And we have a website now, called deprogram. info, if more people are interested: But the other thing, I just wanted to say that if anything happens to me – and I don’t know why – because I’m being threatened here now. And it seemsyou can’t bring a case in this country anymore against criminals in powerwithout being threatened. And this is how they operate. The stakes arepretty high when you’ve got a world historical level of treason and fraud by this government against it’s own people. I guess this is what you haveto expect.

AJ: Stanley, the globalists, the new world order crowd, definitely intendto carry out more terror attacks. I know they would have carried out more attacks if we wouldn’t have done what we’ve been up to, if you wouldn’thave been out there boldly speaking out and many others. And then theirelectronic Berlin wall has a bunch of cracks in it now. Thanks to goodpeople like yourself and many others who are speaking out and telling the truth. But do you think that they may carry out what they’ve been hyping –a suitcase nuke attack, a biological release to try to smokescreen all ofthis? I know it’s a catch 22, you’ve got to expose the murderers. We’vegot to get the word out on this but some government people that I’ve talkto say, “Yeah, but if you do that, they are going to go even more hardcore and must totally try to take over.” But I say regardless, they arealready doing that. So what do you say to that?

SH: Well, yeah, I think they have an agenda. They have contingency plans. I think they are laying low now because there are an increasing number of people, like myself, who are openly challenging them and accusing them of criminal conduct. I think they would have done it again if we had not spoken up. I think they’re planning, what they would like to do is silenceany dissenters. That’s why we are trying to get the Patriot Act declaredunconstitutional in this lawsuit also.

AJ: Let’s talk about polls. In the beginning a patriot is a scarce man,hated and feared, but in time when his cause succeeds, the timid join him,because then it costs nothing to be a patriot. You are one of those guyswho hit the barbwire for us, or figuratively jumped on the hand grenade for America. But when you’ve got a Zogby poll, who is highly respected,half of New Yorkers believe that the government was involved. When youhave a Canadian poll, 63% on average believe that the U.S. government wasinvolved. And some groups, as high as 76% in polls believe the government was involved. European polls, two-thirds show the same thing. We have German defense ministers and technology ministers and another member of their government now, three of them going public, known conservatives, and progressives. You have an environment minister, Michael Meacher, saying that if they didn’t do it, they sure as hell knew what was going on. Look,if anybody who is a thinking person looks at the evidence, their officialstory is impossible. Then you investigate and they are involved in it. Comments to this massive awakening and what’s happening.SH: Well, I think that’s why they want the Patriot Act to suppresspolitical dissent. They have to, they’re anticipating, they are not dumb individuals. I know these people personally, Wolfowitz. These are criminal individuals but they are smart and so they anticipated political dissent. And that’s why, like the Nazis, their forebears, and their blood brothers,the Nazis and the Stalinists, they’re all for political repression. Everycorrupt and criminal government has done this – they suppress their ownpeople: Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Mao Tse-Tung, that’s why we havethe Patriot Act. So it’s hand in hand. They had it planned to go right up to September 11th, this was all part of the plan. You have to do it. It was part of my senior thesis. You must follow through the terrorists attacks with a political suppression mechanism in the law. And that’s whythey want Patriot I and Patriot II and their plans are to continue launching more terrorist attacks to justify even more repression. The goal is to make this a one party dictatorship in this country, to pursue their dubious ends with their blood brothers like the Saudi Royal family. And also, historical blood brothers, such as the Nazi Germany and the Communist Russian. That’s the goal.

AJ: You’ve got to go in just a minute or two. But I wanted to also tellyou about New York. Sound cannons that are used in Iraq, they’re againstus. Men in black ski masks. 41,000 police, accredited media being arrested randomly. Children being arrested, people in wheelchairs, 2000 plus people put in a camp with barbwire fences inside with no bathrooms. You had to have permission to go to the porta-potties. Police screaming at you. It had nothing to do with terrorism. They are openly setting the precedent for martial law.

SH: Well, that’s right, the word terrorist is now being overly broad andoverly defined [garbled] and also, you know, it’s like the word communist was used for anything during the McCarthy witch hunt. And anybody can be called a terrorist by Bush’s definition. But the irony is that the numberone terrorist in the world is living at the White House at the oval officetoday. That’s the real irony. For sheer hypocrisy, I think he deserves the world prize and ought to be in the Ripley book, Believe It or Not, and the Guinness book of world records for sheer brazen chicanery and fraud.

AJ: Let me ask you a question on this because this is the experience that I had. Watching television, watching the killers, watching those that are guilty, stand up there as our saviors is incredibly painful. It’s likewatching Ted Bundy being the judge at his own trial. I mean it is justpainful to know who these people are. To see them putting America is a shredder. Now we are going to have forced psychological testing of every American, forced drugging, you know Pan-American unions, I mean it’s justall happening, it’s in our face, Stanley.

SH: Yeah, it’s very disturbing and as one who has studied the theory and concept of dictatorships, I personally interviewed Albert Speer, who was Hitler’s armaments minister. I interviewed him in 1981 in Munich. And I’vestudied the psychology and history of totalitarianism and there is no question that it’s very frightening. And it has, today, with hightechnology, albeit for the first time in history, the chance of having aworld empire dominated by corrupt, technologically oriented government –an elite government. And they’ve got now what people like Napoleon andHitler didn’t have, which is the technological means to dominate not onlytheir own country but others – the world.

AJ: The answer is to expose them as the terrorists, to show how PNAC[Project for the New American Century] said we need helpfulPearl Harbor events, to show how Northwoods called for the exact 9/11-style attacks, to show their own plans. And to force people to face this horror. What are they going to do in a year or two when 80% of us, not half of us, know the truth?

SH: Well, that’s why they want repression and, then again, the ancient olddiversion, launch another terrorist attack to get people to pitch it away.I mean who knows what they’ll do next. I mean their capacity for ingeniouscreation of these events is sort of unraveled. I mean there is no limit. My guess is they are going to try another stunt – maybe a stunt justbefore the election to justify getting Bush reelected. Although it seemslike he is running against a straw man or a ghost right now, anyway. But, my guess is they’ll try some other tactic to get people’s attention awayfrom 9/11 if it gets to be too much attention. What you really want is forthe public to just lose interest because the public – and it’s likeremember the Alamo, you know, people don’t forget things like that. To meit’s like the Alamo, remember 9/11, that ought to be the slogan for thisoutrageous act of treason. That’s what it is. It’s not……

AJ: We are at a crossroads, I don’t think they anticipated this muchresistance, Stanley.

SH: Yeah, I hope they are truly wrong and as incompetent as they are corrupt and guilty. That means their incompetence is exceeded only by their corruption and their guilt. And eventually, if enough people are going to get outraged enough, these people in the bureaucracy and in the civil service and our military, and eventually we can get people under subpoena these individuals will be exposed.

AJ: Stanley, their whole operation hinges on us being naïve and not recognizing evil. This is what they got with Hitler and others. People couldn’t recognize evil so they continued to repeat succumbing to it. Weare recognizing it this time. We are putting our lives, our treasure, ourfuture on the line for freedom because we cannot let these blood-thirsty control freak terrorists capture us and use us and turn us into the empire and have a draft and use us as their slaves to invade the planet. And that’s their PNAC plan. Stanley Hilton, I know you’ve got to get to court.God bless you. I want to thank you for being here with us today. Can we get you back on next week?

SH: Sure, just give me a call.
AJ: God bless you my friend. Any closing comments?
SH: My closing comments would be, I think people ought to just think about the consequence of having someone like Bush in the White House and the danger for the future that these sort of individuals pose. This is not just a historical event of the past. This is part of the plan and the camera is still rolling. They have an agenda. These individuals are extremely dangerous. They are armed and dangerous. They pose a clear and dangerous threat to every freedom-loving person not only American but in the whole world.
AJ: You are absolutely right Stanley Hilton. They have captured the government. They have not captured the peoples’ minds and they are
counting on us not facing up to it.
SH: And they are counting on the repressive Patriot Act and threats andchief judges and FBI agents threatening people who are exposing them.That’s what they are counting on.
AJ: But you’re not backing down are you, my friend.
SH: No, I’m not.
AJ: Well, we all stand with you, my brother, and God bless you.
SH: All right. Thank you.


[doveofo] NESARA; No Terrorist Attacks; Dan Rather was Set Up; NTAT Activities.  Excerpt.
September 26, 2004 10:46 p.m. EDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Once again I thank dozens of you for offering your assistance in the actions currently underway to move NESARA (the National Economic Security And Reformation Act) forward to announcement. Sometime during this next week, I hope to complete my contacts with all of you who have offered your assistance. Your assistance is contributing to the process of bringing NESARA to announcement. It is an example of “people around the world”working together peacefully to bring about much needed improvements in theworld.

Many of you have said you would do whatever you possibly can to help in the actions to move NESARA to announcement. Your dedication and commitment are inspiring and so appreciated.

I know some of you are surrounded by or have communicated with others who are simply blind and living in denial about the Bush regime’s ongoingdevastation of America and other countries. In consolation for thepainful experiences you have endured in your efforts, just remember thatsome of us are the “Advanced Team” and WE are the ones who are here to ensure the great improvements beginning with NESARA’s announcement arebrought forth for the benefit of all people. Someday, those who are blindwill realize that your support of NESARA helped bring them improvementsdesperately needed by the world’s people. If those around us are not partof the “Advance Team”, all we can do is bless them and continue doing allwe can to bring NESARA to announcement as soon as possible.

The world in which we live contains many paradoxes. Most news from our government officials is manufactured to suit their hidden agendas. The officials of the Bush regime continuously blather on about terrorists, when in fact the officials of the Bush regime ARE the terrorists.

Now the Bush regime officials are ballyhooing about imminent terrorist attacks in the US -and they should know since they are the ones trying tostage the terrorist attacks. The Bush regime has tried MANY times sincetheir successful 9-11 attacks on Americans to launch more terroristattacks and have been stopped by White Knights and those who assist the White Knights.

There will be NO terrorist attacks allowed in the US now or anytime. The Bush regime will continue to FAIL in their efforts to launch more terrorist attacks in the US and thus they will not be able to implement martial law due to terrorist attacks. Do not let the Bush regime win in their efforts to “scare” you with their blathering about terroristattacks. If you let them scare you, then you have fallen for theirpropaganda and allowed yourself to be put under their control. You can DEFEAT these traitors by ignoring their self-serving alarms and continuing to support NESARA and the actions to remove these globalist traitors from power.

Several of you thanked me for sharing in my 9/22/2004 “Private Message”the true reports about the Republican National Committee paying for thefilthy Pier 57 warehouse where peaceful demonstrators wereunconstitutionally imprisoned and detained by New York City police. Yes,the Republican National Committee was behind this unlawful arresting of demonstrators and had prepared for this ahead of time.

In fact, the Republican National Committee (RNC) ordered this rounding up of innocent people as a “trial run” to see how much abuse of basic rights the American public would accept. The globalists who make up the Bush regime have every intention of rounding up hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans and putting them into prison camps without any due process of law and without any crime being committed, if the Bush regime can manage to get martial law implemented. This has always been the plan of the globalists who have been pushing their “one world order” agendawhich they are now calling “global unity”. I’m pointing this out becausewhat the RNC did in New York is one more blatant example of the Bush regime’s intention to turn America into another Nazi Germany.

I’m very proud of all of you who have in recent weeks offered yourassistance to the actions needed to bring NESARA to announcement. WE, the people of the world, have something the German people of Hitler’s time didnot have: we have the TRUTH which we share with each other over theInternet. We KNOW what the Bush regime officials are doing; WE arebanding together to bring NESARA to announcement and save America and the world from the catastrophic harm the Bush regime intends to wreak. This time WE, as representatives of the PEOPLE, are taking an active part in turning the course of human affairs away from catastrophe and toward peace, freedom, prosperity, and higher wisdom.

Another recent hidden action of Bush supporters also needs to be exposed.  For days on end, American news casts continuously reviewed CBS television reporter Dan Rather’s revelations of Bush Jr.’s poor military service record and the documents Mr. Rather relied upon regarding Bush’slackluster service record. Shortly after Rather publicized the documentspurportedly discussing Bush’s poor service record, news reports statedthat certain experts doubted the authenticity of the documentation on which Rather had relied. What is NOT known is that Dan Rather was “setup”. Certain supporters of Bush arranged for the false documents to bemanufactured and put into Rather’s hands and also arranged for experts tothen point out the aspects of the documents which proved they were fabrications. This was an effort by Bush supporters to get Dan Rather fired from his long-time position as the top news anchorman for the CBS television network.

(…) … In these days when traitorous government officials are trying hard to scare the people of many nations into giving up all their freedoms and rights, the mainstream news is filled with lies and darkness. Giving people the gift of hope for a better world is a great gift to give in these dark times.

Now more than ever before, it is imperative that NESARA be announced as soon as possible. In the past, I have provided information about efforts to bring NESARA to announcement. However, it’s absolutely necessary thatthere be NO discussion of what is being done currently to bring NESARA toannouncement. There can be no leaks which would enable the Bush regimeand their supporters to block NESARA’s announcement again.


Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Worldwide NTAT Director


[doveofo] NESARA Actions; Bush Regime Plans Coup D’etat in America.  Full report.

October 3, 200411:55 p.m. EDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

In the article included below which is entitled, “Coup D’etat inAmerica?”, the author makes it clear using documented news reports andother public information that the Bush regime intends to declare martiallaw and has prepared for this in many ways. The author also states thatAl Qaeda” is a “creation” of US intelligence groups; a fabrication the Bush regime uses to scare Americans into giving up their rights and opening the door to the dictatorship that the Rockefeller-Bush cartel have planned to impose on America for decades.

Many months ago I told people the Bush regime has every intention of declaring martial law, totally shutting down Congress, and implementing a repeat of Nazi Germany inAmerica, only the Bush regime plans to do it bigger and better. Members of Congress are blind sheep being led to the slaughter as they pass the misnamed “patriot acts” which will eventuallybe turned upon them. HOW the Bush regime has prepared to do these thingsis well-documented in the article below.

There is only one way to remove America and the world from the clutches ofthe globalists who are step by step implementing worldwide martial law and their “one world order” they now call “global unity”. NESARA must beannounced to break the power base of the globalists in America. NESARAmust be announced at the earliest possible moment! We have no time left to continue to live in denial about what is happening.

In the last few months I have spoken with hundreds of you by telephone asking your assistance in doing specific actions that were needed in the process of moving NESARA to announcement. You have given generously of your time and made efforts to make vital contacts. I am continuing many hours a day each day to make more contacts with key people who must be involved in bringing NESARA to announcement.

A few weeks ago, I left my home, not knowing when I would return, so I could do more to move NESARA forward. I arranged as best I could for the care of the home, my elderly relative, the mama cat and her son and daughter, the two acres of flower gardens, the orchard, the trees and lawn. After closing up my home, I flew toWashington, D.C. and have set up a temporary base to be close to certain resources which must be part of bringing NESARA to announcement. I’m dedicating myself seven days a weekto contacting people around the world who can contribute something to bringing NESARA to announcement. Because of my years of researching all aspects of NESARA and strongly supporting NESARA on the internet, in radio interviews, building the NESARA Take Action Teams, and a worldwide network of contacts, I’m in a unique position to do things other people,especially those under the gag order, cannot do to move NESARA forward.

Many of you know we must see NESARA announced at the soonest possiblemoment and you have asked what more you can do; the answer is you can support the critical actions I’m doing on your behalf to move NESARAforward by sending financial contributions in support of my activities.  I’m aware of the details of what needs to be done to bring NESARA toannouncement and am actively pulling together the right resources and actions that will move NESARA to be announced at the soonest possible moment. I’ve put everything in my own life on hold in order to bring theright resources together and get NESARA announced. I’m doing the things you would do if you could and you knew what I know. We must all do everything we can to bring NESARA to announcement and your financial contributions enable me to keep doing what’s needed on your behalf andbehalf of all the people you care about.

Please send your contributions (you may make checks and money orders payable to “Dove”) to my address below and they will be forwarded to meautomatically. There are many expenses involved in the traveling I’mdoing on your behalf, the expenses of care takers for my home, the hundreds of telephone calls I’m making, and many other actions necessaryto moving NESARA forward. There are extremely serious timing issues whichrequire that all actions necessary be accomplished as soon as possible soNESARA is announced before the Bush regime can declare martial law. This is WHY I am devoting my entire life to actions needed to get NESARA announced. I need your support NOW to continue these crucial actions on your behalf and on behalf of those you love and the world. Please mail your gifts as soon as possible to my regular address below and they will be immediately forwarded to me. Please send your gifts to:

3430 Pacific Ave SE Suite A6
PMB 217Olympia, WA 98501

As always, I will acknowledge your gift with a “Thank You” letter and Iintend to invite everyone who has supported my Dove world service tocelebrations after NESARA is announced. Please be sure you include withyour gift your name and mailing address so I may thank you and invite youto the celebrations.

In the last six months I have relentlessly pursued the TRUE status of the NESARA announcement. I have discovered certain facts which even very involved White Knights do not know about what must be done to bring NESARA to announcement. There are certain crucial actions which must be taken by very specific people in positions which enable them to nullify the sabotage done to NESARA by double-agents pretending to support NESARA.  It’s going to take strong and fast actions to nullify the sabotage and bring NESARA to announcement; these are the actions I’m helping to moveforward.

I’ve also learned that many people, who “think” they are being given trueinformation about the status of NESARA, are NOT being given the truth.  Those opposing NESARA have targeted certain strong NESARA supporters and are feeding them false information and lulling them into a false sense of security regarding NESARA. These opponents of NESARA have ingratiated themselves with certain strong NESARA supporters and by feeding them false information, are convincing these NESARA supporters that everything is being handled, when IN FACT, there are very important actions that must be done to get NESARA announced.

I will give you an example of how those opposing NESARA manage to keep strong NESARA supporters in the dark. Some weeks ago I put out a request in my Dove Report asking for assistance to contact rock singer and composer Bruce Springsteen. Several of you provided assistance and eventually I learned that my emails to Bruce had been passed on to Bruce by his managers, however, Bruce never responded. Then I learned that because Bruce had made his support of NESARA known, the opposition ordered several high ranking US military officers who support the Bush regime to ingratiate themselves with Bruce and feed him false information about the status of NESARA. These military officers contact Bruce frequently to give him false information and lull him into thinking he knows what is going on with NESARA, when in fact, Bruce is only being fed lies to keep him from doing anything to help bring NESARA to announcement.

This is an extremely common strategy the opposition is using to neutralize “true” NESARA supporters who would do something to help if they knew thetruth about those feeding them lies and about the true status of NESARA.  There are certain retired Generals, Admirals, Colonels, and others who truly do support NESARA but are being fed false information by high ranking people who are actually in league with the Bush regime and their plans for destroying America. The opposition is sneaky, ruthless, and will do anything they can to defeat NESARA.

The same strategy has been and is being used to spread false information about the progress of the prosperity programs. In the last six months, I have learned the true status of the prosperity programs and have researched what must be done to remove the blockages keeping these programs from being funded to program members. There are waves of false information constantly being spread by bankers and “trustees” to givepeople the FALSE security that something is happening which will result inthe funding of these programs. In fact, the trustees and bankers arecolluding together and giving out false information to lull people intodoing nothing for as long as possible. The current trustees of the large prosperity programs have absolutely NO intention of ever funding these prosperity programs. None of the programs will ever fund if the large programs don’t fund, so these trustees are blocking ALL the programs. I have discovered what must be done in order to get these programs funded and I’m working on these actions in concert with what I’m doing forNESARA.

It’s extremely important that we all work together to defeat theglobalists who intend to subjugate the world’s people into slavery of themasses to the elite few. I have asked for your help and if you have notdone everything in your power to provide assistance, please rethink whatyou can do and do more. Make the contacts you can make to assist me in pulling together the resources needed to bring NESARA to announcement. We have tremendous protection and support to do our parts of the divine plan to bring NESARA to announcement and usher in the Golden Age of peace, prosperity, and higher wisdom for all the world’s people. However, WEMUST TAKE ACTION NOW to do our parts of the divine plan!

No one is going to do it for us! This should be obvious because we do nothave NESARA or the prosperity programs! WE are the ONES we have beenwaiting for!

NESARA, the National Economic Security And Reformation Act, provides the following:

1. Restores Constitutional Law in the US as the forefathers intended when they signed the Declaration of Independence.
2. Requires the current US administration to resign their positions to allow a fresh start at the national level and installs Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections can take place within 120 days.
3. NESARA US President Designate declares “peace” enabling international banking improvements to proceed smoothly. All US military aggressive actions will cease immediately.
4. Zeroing out credit card balances, forgiveness of mortgages and other bank debt as a remedy for 70 years of bank and government fraud.
5. The US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency backed by precious metals. Bank personnel have already been trained on NESARA and the new currency is already in bank vaults.
6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a new national sales tax on new non-essential items as revenue for government.

Certain actions must be accomplished as soon as possible to bring NESARA to announcement and remove the Bush regime – the most dangerous, ruthless,and illegal government ever to hold power over America! We must all do our parts!


Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Worldwide NTAT Director

Dove uses a pseudonym for security and privacy reasons. The term “White Knights” is borrowed from the Wall Street Journal and the world of big business hostile takeovers when a vulnerable company is “rescued from a hostile takeover by a White Knight” corporation or wealthy person.  Certainly, these people fighting to bring Americans and the world thebenefits of NESARA and to rescue our people from government and banking fraud deserve to be called “White Knights”.

The Dove Report currently has 15,855 subscribers and is read by over315,000 people worldwide in forums on other websites and published inmagazines and journals nationally and internationally.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ COUP D’ETAT IN AMERICA?

by Michel Chossudovsky

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This article is a follow-up on an earlier text entitled: Bush Administration “Guidelines” for Postponing or Canceling the November Presidential Elections,  by Michel Chossudovsky, 10 July 2004,

Based on so-called “credible” reports, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge has warned that Osama is now “planning to disrupt the November elections.” A large-scale attack on American soil is said to be planned by Al Qaeda during the presidential election campaign: “…Credible reporting indicates that Al Qaeda is moving forward with its plans to carry out a large-scale attack in the United States in an effort to disrupt our democratic process… This is sobering information about those who wish to do us harm… But every day we strengthen the security of our nation.” (Quoted in AP, 8 July 2004)

“Possible targets” include the Democratic National Convention in July and the Republican Convention in New York in August.

Barely a few days prior to Tom Ridge’s spectacular announcement, a spokesman of Northern Command Headquarters at Patterson Air Force Base in Colorado confirmed that Northcom (which has a mandate to defend the Homeland) was “at a high level of readiness” and was proceeding with the (routine) deployment of jet fighters over major cities as well as the posting of troops at key locations (Atlantic Journal and Constitution, 3 July 2004).

Canceling or Postponing the Elections

This new terror warning by Homeland Security, not to mention the impending military deployment, has served to create an aura of insecurity concerning the November presidential elections.

Meanwhile, postponement of the election has become a talking point on major news channels including CNN, following the release of a letter by the Director of the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, calling for so-called “guidelines” to cancel or reschedule the election in the case of a terror attack.  For details, see

Legal procedures for canceling/rescheduling the elections are under study, at the request ofDHS Secretary Tom Ridge, by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, which is examining the legal and constitutional implications. (Washington Post, 14 July, 2004).

The Military and Intelligence apparatus working in liaison with Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) are indelibly behind this process, pointing to the unthinkable: THE POSSIBILITY OF A COUP D’ETAT IN AMERICA.

Meanwhile, the cancellation / rescheduling of elections issue is presented to public opinion as a mere technical question, as a means of “protecting democracy,” in the case of a terror attack. CNN has asked people “to vote” on their website, on whether they think the elections should be held in the case of a terror attack. It all sounds very democratic.

Crying Wolf on Terrorism. Who is the Wolf?

The terror alert level has been raised to orange (high alert) five times since September 11, 2001. There have been numerous other terror warnings since the “color coded” alert system was first established in the wake of 9/11.

There is, however, evidence from police sources that AT LEAST TWO of these five high profile post-9/11 code orange terror alerts WERE FABRICATED: February 7, 2003, and December, 21, 2003.

For details and documentary evidence, see .

There is also ample evidence that AL QAEDA IS A CREATION OF THE US INTELLIGENCE APPARATUS and that the terror network is SUPPORTED BY the BUSH Administration.

See: ,, .

The most recent DHS announcement has all the appearances of yet another fabricated report of an impending attack by an illusive “outside enemy. “It is already amply documented: Al Qaeda is a CIA sponsored “intelligence asset,” and the disinformation regarding the terror attacks emanates out of US intelligence.


Details of the police/intelligence investigation regarding Secretary Tom Ridge’s July terror warning have not been provided. Officials have said the USG “does not have specific knowledge about where, when or how such an attack would take place,” but the CIA, the FBI and other agencies are said to be “actively working to gain that knowledge.”

Code Red Alert and Martial Law

The possibility of a code red terror alert has been announced time and again since September 11 2001, with a view to galvanizing public opinion across the country in support of an emergency situation, if and when it occurs.  The terror alerts have become part of America’s day to day life: “at each threat condition [yellow, orange, red], federal departments and agencies would implement a corresponding set of ‘Protective Measures’ to further reduce vulnerability or increase response capability during a period of heightened alert.”

See: .

Supported by a barrage of media propaganda, these repeated terror alerts have created an environment of fear and intimidation, a wait-and-accept attitude, a false normality. US citizens are led to believe that a military solution is required to protect democracy. In other words, the possibility of an impending attack on America by this “outside enemy” has been accepted by the American public; this tacit acceptance has set the stage for the adoption of “the highest threat level”: code red alert.

What the US public is not aware of, is that a CODE RED ALERT SUSPENDS CIVILIAN GOVERNMENT; it triggers a whole series of emergency procedures; it is TANTAMOUNT TO A COUP D’ETAT — although in many regards the coup d’etat has already taken place under the post-9/11 anti-terrorist legislation and the rigging of the 2000 elections which brought George W. Bush into the White House.

Preparing for Code Red

Homeland Security (DHS) has in fact been contemplating a code red alert “scenario” — using Al Qaeda as a pretext — for more than a year. In May 2003, the DHS conducted a major “anti-terrorist exercise” entitled TOPOFF 2. The latter was described as “the largest and most comprehensive terrorism response and homeland security exercise ever conducted in the United States.” The exercise was based on code red assumptions involving a simulated terrorist attack.

See: A code red alert, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), would create conditions for the (“temporary” we are told) suspension of the normal functions of civilian government, implying the cancellation or postponement of federal and State elections.

According to FEMA, code red would: Increase or redirect personnel to address critical emergency needs; Assign emergency response personnel and pre-position and mobilize specially trained teams or resources; monitor, redirect, or constrain transportation systems; and close public and government facilities not critical for continuity of essential operations, especially public safety. (FEMA, )

Northern Command would take over. Several functions of civilian administration would be suspended; others could be transferred to the jurisdiction of the military. More generally, the procedure would disrupt government offices, businesses, schools, public services, transportation, etc.

A secret “Shadow Government” under the classified “Continuity of Operations Plan” was installed on September 11, 2001. (See: ). Known internally as “Continuity of Government” or COG, the secret shadow government would become functional in the case of a code red alert, redeploying key staff to secret locations.

Code red alert would, according to FEMA, also preclude and repress any form of public gathering or citizens’ protest which questions the legitimacy of the emergency procedures and the INSTALLATION OF A POLICE STATE. The emergency authorities would also exert tight censorship over the media and would no doubt paralyze the alternative news media on the internet.

Code red alert would trigger the “civilian” Homeland Emergency response system. The latter is already in place including DHS Ready.Gov instructions, the Big Brother Citizen Corps, not to mention the USA onWatch or Neighborhood Watch Program which has a mandate to “identify and report suspicious activity in neighborhoods” across America.

The Role of the Military

What would be the involvement of the Military in a code red emergency situation? In theory, The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 prevents the military from intervening in civilian police and judicial functions.

In practice, the Posse Comitatus Act is dead (see Frank Morales at ).

The existing legislation inherited from the Clinton administration, not to mention the post 9/11 Patriot Acts I and II, “blurs the line between military and civilian roles,” it allows the military to intervene in judicial and law enforcement activities EVEN IN THE ABSENCE OF AN EMERGENCY SITUATION.

The 1996 legislation allowed the military to intervene in the case of a national emergency (e.g., a terrorist attack). Clinton’s 1999 Defense Authorization Act (DAA) extended those powers by creating an “exception” to the Posse Comitatus Act, which permits the military to be involved in civilian affairs “regardless of whether there is an emergency.” See ACLU at:

In other words, the Clinton era legislation had already laid the legal and ideological foundations of the “war on terrorism.”

In the context of the war on terrorism, the so-called “exception” contained in the 1999 DAA legislation nullifies the provisions of the Posse Comitatus Act:

“The new proposed exception to the Posse Comitatus Act would further expand a controversial measure adopted by Congress in 1996 that permitted military involvement in ’emergencies’ involving chemical and biological weapons crimes.

“Under that new measure, which was proposed by the Defense Department, the military would be authorized to deal with crimes involving any chemical or biological weapons — or any other weapon of mass destruction — regardless of whether there is an ’emergency.’ In addition, the new proposal would lift requirements that the military be reimbursed for the cost of its intervention, thus likely increasing the number of requests for military assistance.

“’Under this new provision,’ Nojeim said, ‘the mere threat of an act of terrorism would justify calling in military units. That represents a loophole large enough to drive a battalion of army tanks through.’

“The defense authorization bill would also require the Pentagon to develop a plan to assign military personnel to assist Customs and the Immigration and Naturalization Service to ‘respond to threats to national security posed by entry into theU.S. of terrorists or drug traffickers.’“

Despite this 1999 “exception”“ to the Posse Comitatus Act, which effectively invalidates it, the Pentagon and Homeland Security, anxious to remove all ambiguities, are nonetheless actively lobbying the US Congress for the outright repeal of the 1878 legislation.

“New rules are needed to clearly set forth the boundaries for the use of federal military forces for homeland security. The Posse Comitatus Act is inappropriate for modern times and needs to be replaced by a completely new law…

“It is time to rescind the existing Posse Comitatus Act and replace it with a new law… The Posse Comitatus Act is an artifact of a different conflict-between freedom and slavery or between North and South, if you prefer. Today’s conflict is also in a sense between freedom and slavery, but this time it is between civilization and terrorism. New problems often need new solutions, and a new set of rules is needed for this issue. President Bush and Congress should initiate action to enact a new law that would set forth in clear terms a statement of the rules for using military forces for homeland security and for enforcing the laws of the United States.” –John R. Brinkerhoff, former associate director for national preparedness of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA),

Senator Joseph Biden (a Democrat), former Chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has also being waging, since the mid-1990s, a battle for the repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act.

The Patriot Legislation

In turn, the Bush administration Patriot Acts have set the groundwork of a police state. In minute detail, they go much further in setting the stage for the militarization of civilian institutions.

The various provisions are very detailed and precise. The USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001 entitled “Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001” as well as the “Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003,” (PATRIOT Act II) create the conditions for the militarization of justice and police functions.

Even under a functioning civilian government, the PATRIOT Acts have already instated several features of martial law. The extent to which they are applied is at the discretion of the military authorities.

The 2003 Patriot Act II goes much further in extending and enlarging the “Big Brother functions” of control and surveillance of people. It vastly expands the surveillance powers, providing government access to personal bank accounts, information on home computers, telephone wire tapping, credit card accounts, etc. For further details, see at

The Northern Command (Northcom)

The Northern Command (Northcom) (based at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado) was set up in April 2002 specifically in the context of the pre-emptive war on terrorism. The creation of Northcom is consistent with the de facto repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act. In fact, the position of a “Homeland Defense Command” leader “in the event of a terrorist attack on U.S. soil,” had already been envisaged in early 1999 by Clinton’s Defense Secretary William Cohen. ( ).

Following the Bush Administration’s decision to create Northcom, the White House instructed Justice Department lawyers “to review the Posse Comitatus law in light of new security requirements in the war on terrorism.” The 1878 Act was said to “greatly restrict the military’s ability to participate in domestic law enforcement.” (National Journal, Government Record, 22 July 2002).

The role of Northern Command is defined in the Pentagon’s “Joint Doctrine for Homeland Security (JP-26).” The latter constitutes a blueprint on how to defend the Homeland. Even in the case where the enemy is fabricated, and this is known at the highest levels of military-intelligence, a military coup d’etat would become operational in terms of the detailed command military/ security provisions contained in this document (click here to consult JP-26).

Figure 1. Excerpt from J-36 “Joint Doctrine for Homeland Security” (declassified public document) [graphic not included in this Dove Report].

According to Frank Morales, “the scenario of a military take-over of America is unfolding.” And Northern Command is the core military entity in this takeover and militarization of civilian institutions.

Northcom has a mandate to “defend the homeland” against this illusive “outside enemy” which is said to be threatening the security of America. As indicated above, however, it has been amply documented that this outside enemy, Al Qaeda, is in fact a CIA “intelligence asset.” There is an extensive bibliography on this subject. See for instance;; .

The Northern Command Mission includes a number of non-military functions, including “crisis management, consequence management, and other domestic civil support.” See:

This implies “military support to federal, state and local authorities in the event of a terror attack.” See:

Northcom has what David Isenberg describes as “a Creeping Civilian Mission.” Since its inception, it has been building capabilities in domestic intelligence and law enforcement1. It is [through the DoD] in permanent liaison with the DHS and the Justice Department2. It has several hundred FBI and CIA officers stationed at its headquarters in Colorado. It is in permanent liaison, through an advanced communications system, with municipalities and domestic civilian law enforcement agencies around the country3. (See Isenberg, op. cit.).

Meanwhile the CIA, which has a unit operating out of Northcom, has extended its mandate to issues of “domestic intelligence.”

According toHomeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (22 December 2003): “If we go to [code] Red … it basically shuts down the country.” In which case, a national emergency is declared. Northern Command deploys its forces on air, land and sea. Several functions of civilian government are transferred to Northcom headquarters, which already has the structures which enable it to oversee and supervise civilian institutions. In other words, Northcom’s “command structure” would be activated in the case of a code red terror alert. But Northcom does not require, in accordance with the provisions of the 1999 DAA, a terror alert, an attack or a war-like situation to intervene in the country’s civilian affairs.

To prepare for new “law enforcement” missions for the military within America, overseen by the Northern Command, the Center for Law and Military Operations, based in Charlottesville, Virginia has published a “useful” handbook entitled “Domestic Operational Law for Judge Advocates”.According to Frank Morales, the handbook:  “attempts to solidify, from a legal standpoint, Pentagon penetration of America and its ‘operations other than war,’ essentially providing the U.S. corporate elite with lawful justification for its class war against the American people, specifically those that resist the ‘new world law and order’ agenda.” (Frank Morales, “Homeland Defense and the Militarization of America,” Global Outlook, No. 6, Winter 2004, ).

According to Morales, “the ‘war on terrorism’ is the cover for the war on dissent.” (Ibid)  The jurisdiction of the Northern Command now extends from Mexico to Alaska. Under (“bi-national”) agreements signed with neighboring countries, Northern Command can intervene and deploy its forces and military arsenal on land, air and sea in Canada (extending into its Northern territories), throughout Mexico and in parts of the Caribbean.  (See: ).

Taken together, the existing legislation grants the military extensive rights to intervene in any “emergency situation,” in practice, without the prior approval of the Commander in Chief.

Concluding Remarks

America is at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in its history.  An Al Qaeda sponsored terrorist attack is being contemplated as a “trigger mechanism” for carrying out a coup d’etat.

Whether it is going to be carried out is another matter. The statements of the Bush administration regarding the possibility of a red code alert must, nonetheless, be taken seriously.

The coded terror alerts and “terror events” which have been announced by DHS are part of a DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN CARRIED OUT BY the CIA, the PENTAGON, the STATE DEPARTMENT and HOMELAND SECURITY.

US intelligence is not only involved in creating phony terror warnings, it is also firmly behind the terror groups, providing them with covert support. ( See: ).

Documented by official police sources, at least two of the DHS’s high profile post 9/11 terror alerts were fabricated. ( ).

Media Disinformation

A coup d’etat which suspends civilian institutions is not only contemplated, it has become a talking point on network TV; it is openly debated as a “solution” to “protecting American democracy” which is said to be threatened by Islamic terrorists.

The implications of a red code alert are trivialized. Through media disinformation, citizens are being prepared and gradually conditioned for the unthinkable.

This ongoing militarization of America is not a project of the Republicans. The “war on terrorism” is part of a bipartisan agenda. Successive US administrations since Jimmy Carter have supported the Islamic brigades and have used them in covert intelligence operations.

“Triggering Civilian Casualties”

In 1962, the Joint Chiefs of Staff had envisaged a secret plan entitled “Operation Northwoods,” to deliberately trigger civilian casualties to justify the invasion of Cuba:   ”We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba,” “We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington” “casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.” (See the declassified Top Secret 1962 document titled “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba”16 (See “Operation Northwoods” at ).

Both “the war on terrorism” as well as the domestic war on terrorism are consistent, from the point of view of military planning, with the logic of Operation Northwoods. Civilian casualties are used as “a war pretext incident,” to galvanize public support for a military intervention.

Mentioned time and again by DHS Secretary Tom Ridge, a “second 9/11 attack” is contemplated; Al Qaeda, we are told, is preparing “a large-scale attack in the United States in an effort to disrupt our democratic process.”  What we are not told is that Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA, and that Al Qaeda remains a US sponsored “intelligence asset.”

“Useful Crisis”

The assumptions and rhetoric behind Homeland Security are nothing new. They echo an earlier statement by David Rockefeller to the United Nations Business Council in 1994: “We are on the verge of global transformation. ALL WE NEED IS THE RIGHT MAJOR CRISIS AND THE NATIONS WILL ACCEPT THE NEW WORLD ORDER.”

Similarly, in the words of Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book, The Grand Chessboard: “…it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus [in America] onforeign policy issues, except in the circumstances of a truly massive andwidely perceived direct external threat.”

It is worth mentioning that Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter, was one of the key architects of the Islamic brigades created by the CIA at the onslaught of the Soviet Afghan war (1979-1989). (See Brzezinski at ).

More recently, General Franks, the CENTCOM general who led the military campaign into Iraq, pointed in an October 2003 interview to the role of what he called a “massive casualty-producing event.” (See “General Tommy Franks Calls for Repeal of US Constitution” November 2003, , see also

Franks identifies with cynical accuracy the precise Homeland Security scenario whereby military rule might be established in America using, as in Operation Northwoods, civilian casualties as a trigger mechanism: “a terrorist, massive, casualty-producing event [will occur] somewhere in the Western world – it may be in the United States of America – that causes our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event.” (quoted in Ibid, emphasis added).

General Franks’ statement seems to accurately reflect the mood within the US Military and Homeland Security as to how events ought to unfold. The “war on terrorism” is to provide a justification for repealing the Rule of Law, ultimately with a view to “preserving civil liberties.”

This statement, from an individual who was actively involved in military and intelligence planning at the highest levels, suggests that the “militarization of our country” is an ongoing operational assumption. It has become part of the broader “Washington consensus.” It is a “talking point” not only in the corridors of the Pentagon, Langley and Homeland Security, but also in the mainstream media.

Democrats and Republicans

Some people think that a change in direction will occur if the Democrats win the 2004 presidential elections. Yet the Democrats are not opposed to the illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Nor are they opposed to the militarization of civilian institutions, as evidenced by their initiative to repeal the Posse Comitatus Act.

While there are substantive differences between Republicans and Democrats, Bush’s National Security doctrine is a continuation of that formulated under the Clinton Administration in 1995, which was based on a “strategy of containment of rogue states.”

In Fall 2003, the Democrats released their own militarization blueprint, entitled Progressive Internationalism: A Democratic National Security Strategy. It calls for “the bold exercise of American power, not to dominate but to shape alliances and international institutions that share a common commitment to liberal values.” (See Mark Hand,

The MILITARIZATION OF AMERICA is a PROJECT of the US CORPORATE ELITES, with significant divisions within the corporate establishment on how it is to be achieved.

The corporate establishment, with its associated think tanks and semi-secret societies (The Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, etc.), is by no means monolithic.

Influential voices within the elites would prefer a “softer” police state apparatus, a “democratic dictatorship” which retains the external appearances of a functioning democracy.

The Democrats’ “Progressive internationalism” is viewed by these sectors as a more effective way of imposing the US economic and military agenda Worldwide. For instance, the Kerry-Edwards ticket is supported by billionaire George Soros, who has waged a scathing denunciation of George W. Bush and the Neocons.

While the US Congress and the bi-partisan consensus constitutes the facade, the Military (and their Intelligence counterparts) are, from the point of view of the corporate elites, mere foreign policy “pawns,” to use Henry Kissinger’s expression, acting on behalf of dominant business interests.

The Wall Street financial establishment, the military-industrial complex led by Lockheed Martin, the big five weapons and aerospace defense contractors, the Texas oil giants and energy conglomerates, the construction and engineering and public utility companies including the biotechnology conglomerates, are indelibly behind the militarization of America.

Elections or no Elections

The “war on terrorism” is a war of conquest, which supports American (and British) economic and strategic interests. Its underpinnings are supported by both Democrats and Republicans.

While a coup d’etat triggered by a code red alert is a distinct possibility in the months ahead, we must understand that the militarization of civilian institutions inAmerica is an ongoing process.

The coup d’etat entrenches the militarization process. It suspends civil liberties and the antiwar movement outright. It makes any form of reversal back to civilian forms of government much more difficult to achieve.

Militarization, however, as distinct from an outright military coup d’etat, does not exclude the electoral process.

Under a Kerry-Edwards administration, the military-intelligence apparatus – which constitutes the backbone of the “war on terrorism” and of the police state – would remain functionally intact. So would Northern Command and the various Big Brother functions of the Department of Homeland Security.

One can indeed speculate on what might happen from now until the November presidential elections.

Whether the elections take place or not, the contours of a functioning police state under the facade of Constitutional government have already been defined:

On the economic front, we can expect militarization to accelerate the gamut of neoliberal economic reforms both nationally and internationally (in the later case, they would be implemented under the auspices of the IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organization).

Militarization will be accompanied by a new deadly wave of privatization of public services, urban infrastructure would be transferred to private companies, local economies including small scale enterprises and agriculture would be further destabilized and deregulated, etc., LEADING TO INCREASED LEVELS OF UNEMPLOYMENT AND THE IMPOVERISHMENT OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

Militarization is an integral part of the neoliberal agenda. Related articles at the Centre for Research on Globalization:
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1. “As DoD reorganizes the civil support mission, it should consider carving out a significant role for NORTHCOM in the planning, training, and day-to-day management of operations. This would allow the assistant secretary to focus more of his primary effort on policy issues, a more appropriate role for the secretariat than managing field operations. In addition, placing NORTHCOM in the routine business of coordinating these missions, even when a large federal military presence is not required, will allow the command to establish solid working relationships with the other federal agencies and state and local governments with which it will have to work intimately in responding to a large-scale disaster or terrorist attack. Placing NORTHCOM in the routine civil support chain of command will help its staff develop trust and confidence with other agencies. This will be needed to operate effectively under the stressful demands and pressing time-constraints of a major national response. In particular, expanding NORTHCOM’s responsibilities for planning support for a range of operations, such as preparation for the annual forest fire season where military forces support state fire fighting missions, might provide important dividends in preparing to respond to more dramatic future tasks.”  See: B.20030429.NORTHCOM.pdf [editor’s note]

2. The beauty of this de facto liaison is that its existence is expressly forbidden, but just as expressly provided for: out of vestigial respect for Posse Comitatus, Northcom is forbidden to liaise directly with Homesland Security – but the Defense Department liaises with both, and in this capacity is essentially a high-powered conduit between them. “DoD’s role in border security involves providing support, particularly to the Department of Homeland Security, when appropriate. DoD maintains  quick- and rapid-reaction forces for this purpose, he added, and these Army and  Marine forces would operate under NORTHCOM’s command and control.” Peter F. Verga, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Of Defense For Homeland Defense, quoted in “DoD Ready to Assist in Event of Homeland Attack,” by Gerry J. Gilmore, American Forces Press Service, April 12, 2004. See:  ”NORTHCOM’s relationship with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) runs through DoD. A DoD representative noted that NORTHCOM is not intended, and lacks the capacity, to infringe on the role of local first responders. This relationship is governed by the Federal Emergency Response Plan.” See:  Matthew Foley, “The Role of the Military in Securing the Homeland: A McCormick Tribune Foundation Cantigny Conference Series Post-Conference Report,” National Strategy Review, Volume 13, Issue 2, Winter 2003. [editor’s note]

3. “NORTHCOM has the primary mission of ‘homeland security’ with a focus on coordinating with local, state, national and international agencies rather than commanding large combat forces as the other nine unified commands do. It will undertake the land, aerospace and sea defense of the continental United States, as well as command U.S. forces operating in support of civil authorities on ‘homeland security’ tasks. It is located at Peterson Air Force Base, in eastern Colorado Springs, Colorado. Under NORTHCOM’s jurisdiction are the continental U.S., Alaska, Canada and Mexico, plus two portions of the Caribbean, and the five hundred mile coastal area. NORTHCOM provides assistance to civil authorities when directed by the President or Secretary of Defense… Although the Department of HomelandSecurity has been created with Tom Ridge as its director, a functioning military ‘homeland security’ department is neatly tucked away inside NORTHCOM. The Joint Force Headquarters Homeland Security, established in January 2002, has 500 personnel assigned to NORTHCOM, but remains stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. It coordinates the land and maritime defense of the continental U.S. as well as military assistance to civil authorities.” Marti Hiken, “Military Reorganization: NORTHCOM – The New Designer Military,” Guild Practicioner, a publication of the National Lawyers Guild (Volume 59, Number 4, Fall 2002).

archived at: [editor’s note]
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[doveofo] NESARA; NTAT Activities; 9-11 In Plane Site Video.  Excerpt.

October 17, 20047:54 p.m. EDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

In the information below, you will find a website from which you can download part one which is 52 minutes of the video “9-11 In Plane Site”.  Several of you sent me information about this video in the last weeks andI thank you for bringing it to my attention.

The producer of the 9-11 video is Don VonKleist (of the Power Hour radio talk show) who narrates the video and uses video tape taken on September 11, 2001 by numerous sources, mainly news sources such as CNN, to make the case that the US government was behind the 9-11 attacks. I’m including alink below from which you can download the first part of the video and also links and information regarding how you can purchase both parts of the video.

I’ve re-checked with my own sources to ask if what is shown in the videois true information; my sources state that the information is correct. It is correct that NO “commercial airliners” hit the WTC twin towers nor dida commercial airliner hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. My sourcestold me shortly after the 9-11 attacks that the planes used in the 9-11attacks were remote-controlled.

Since my earliest reports about the 9-11 attacks, I’ve done furtherchecking and have learned that the planes used were all “drone aircraft”which had no people aboard them and which were being remotely controlledto carry out the CIA-designed 9-11 attacks. On the 9-11 In Plane Site video there are people who were present near the WTC on September 11, 2001 and who state emphatically that the plane hitting the second WTC was NOT a commercial airliner and there were NO windows on the airplane. A man who saw the first plane that hit the first tower also says there were no windows on the first plane. The planes were “drones” being flownremotely.

The “pod” on the bottom of the planes which hit the WTC towers was amissile which was shot into the buildings just a few nanoseconds before the planes hit the buildings. The missile was shot into the buildings to ensure a hot fire was present to ignite the plane fuel and create as hot and large a fire as possible.

The actual commercial airliners which went off course and did have passengers in them were flown into the Atlantic ocean. A colorless, tasteless, scentless gas flooded the planes and the people in the planes were unconscious before the planes went into the ocean.

The September 19, 2004 Dove Report includes the transcript of an interview with San Francisco attorney Stanley Hilton, the attorney for 400 Americans who are suing the Bush government for the 9-11 attacks. Hilton has copies of National Security Council records which contain the facts proving the Bush government ordered the 9-11 attacks and that for weeks before the 9-11 attacks, Bush Jr. was shown “video simulations” of the planes hittingthe WTC to prepare him for the real attacks. Hilton’s information makesit irrefutably clear the Bush government was behind the 9-11 attacks. You may read that interview by clicking here:

I’m still inWashington, D.C. doing activities to move NESARA forward toward announcement. There are very specific actions which must be taken before NESARA can be announced and these are the focus of all my time and energy. I very much appreciate all your notes of support and contributions you’ve sent to assist my actions on behalf of all of us.  This week I expect to meet with key people whose positions enable them to be of assistance with NESARA and related actions.

After NESARA is announced, there need to be many exposes on the truth about our government and banking system. The corruption, outright robbery, lies, treason, and malfeasance are standard operating procedures for far too many officials of our government. There is, however, a unique opportunity to take some of their past corrupt actions and turn these actions around to benefit NESARA, our country, and our world. This is one of the key actions on which I’m focused at this time.

NESARA’s announcement truly begins a new and better future for our peopleand our world! What we’ve learned from people who support NESARA in many countries around the world is that WE ALL have MUCH in common: we all want PEACE; we all want GOOD WILL with all other people around the world; we all want our loved ones to have a GOOD LIFE. Together, we are victorious in bringing NESARA’s announcement and the beginning of theGolden Age to our world! NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Worldwide NTAT Director


[doveofo] NESARA; Bush Regime Stalls 9-11 Report by CIA Group; NTAT Reports.  Excerpt.

October 24, 2004 9:48 p.m.

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,


I’ve also seen[in Washington DC] first-hand how effective the gag order has been on those directly involved with NESARA. I’ve met with some of them privately, one-on-one, behind closed doors so they were protected. It’s become very clear to me that many of these people do not know who they can trust.

This isn’t a surprise considering that certain high level people at the Pentagon, including Rumsfeld, were involved in the planning of the 9-11 attack on the Pentagon, while people who worked in the area of the Naval Communications Center were left ignorant so they would be there on September 11, 2001 to die or be injured. High level officials at the Pentagon ordered the Pentagon’s six defense systems TURNED OFF so theremotely controlled small white plane loaded with explosives could beflown into the Naval Communications Center on 9/11. It’s no wonder that some people in the military and the federal government don’t know who theycan trust.

In my activities, the special protection and support I receive enables meto take action only with those people who are not members of theopposition. Certain people who care about our world and the world’speople must take action to bring NESARA to announcement. We have veryspecific activities we must carry out in order to bring NESARA toannouncement. These activities are what have been missing and whatabsolutely must be done to enable NESARA to be announced.

I will be undertaking another journey soon which involves certain actions which will benefit NESARA and all the world’s people. If anyone readingthis report has frequent flyer coupons or other air travel assistance they can offer to me, it would be a very great help. If you can assist with this, please contact me by sending an email to me at with the Subject of “Air Travel”; please include your first name and telephonenumber, and I will be in contact with you about it in a few days.

I deeply appreciate the prayers, support, and contributions you have sentto me to aid my actions of moving NESARA forward. Each of you is participating in these extremely important actions to move NESARA forward from wherever you are through the assistance you are providing to my activities. Together we are victorious! NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Worldwide NTAT Director



[doveofo] NESARA Actions; Election Fixed; Cronkite says Rove behind Bin Laden Tape.  Excerpt.

October 31, 20049:36 pm PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

The 2004 Presidential election is “fixed” for Bush to win. Last November2003, the Bush government began plotting to cause terrorist attacks during 2004 prior to the lection; they wanted the excuse of terrorist attacks so they could declare martial law and call off the elections. However, the Bush regime has been unsuccessful in carrying out more terrorist attacks in the USA since 9-11 because White Knights and their supporters have intervened to prevent additional terrorist attacks in the US.

One person has spoken out in public about proof the Bush regime ordered the 9-11 attacks.San Francisco attorney Stanley Hilton represents over 400 Americans suing the Bush government for ordering the 9-11 attacks.  Hilton has copies of the Bush government’s National Security Council (NSC)records of NSC meetings in 2001 in which NSC members discuss Bush being shown video tapes of simulations of the 9-11 attacks prior to the attacks, so Bush could be prepared when the attacks were launched. Bush approved the attacks, but to keep Bush from accidentally giving away his knowledge of the attacks, the NSC members did not tell Bush beforehand the exact “date” chosen for the attacks.


The National Security Council is composed of specific Cabinet members and advisors. The following information is copied from the official White House website on theNSC: The National Security Council was established by the National Security Act of 1947 (PL 235 – 61 Stat. 496; U.S.C. 402), amended by the National Security Act Amendments of 1949 (63 Stat. 579; 50 U.S.C. 401 et seq.). Later in 1949, as part of the Reorganization Plan, the Council was placed in the Executive Office of the President.

Membership of the National Security Council

The National Security Council is chaired by the President. Its regular attendees (both statutory and non-statutory) are the Vice President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Defense, and the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the statutory military advisor to the Council, and the Director of Central Intelligence is the intelligence advisor. The Chief of Staff to the President, Counsel to the President, and the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy are invited to attend any NSC meeting. The Attorney General and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget are invited to attend meetings pertaining to their responsibilities. The heads of other executive departments and agencies, as well as other senior officials, are invited to attend meetings of the NSC when appropriate.

The members of the Bush government National Security Council at the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks were: George W. Bush (oval office), Dick Cheney (VP), Colin Powell (Sec. of State), Paul O’Neill (Sec. ofTreasury), Donald Rumsfeld (Sec. of Defense), Condoleezza Rice (Asst. toPresident), General Henry Shelton (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), George Tenet (Director of Central Intelligence), Andrew Card, (Chief of Staff to the President), Alberto R. Gonzales (Counsel to the President), Stephen Friedman (Assistant to the President for Economic Policy), John Ashcroft (Attorney General), and Joshua B. Bolten (Director of the Office of Management and Budget). All these people were aware before 9-11-2001 that Bush had ordered the attacks; Rumsfeld and Cheney were accomplices in planning the 9-11 attacks.

As we see from attorney Hilton’s comments, there is solid proof that the Bush regime ordered the 9-11 attacks on Americans. Therefore it’s notnecessary to “worry” about the so-called Osama Bin Laden video tape whichwas released last week. Bin Laden had nothing to do with the 9-11attacks. In fact, Bin Laden was a CIA agent for many years and his CIA handler instructed Bin Laden to set up Al Qaeda groups. The Al Qaeda and Bin Laden were set up by the CIA to become scapegoat “enemies” for the USgovernment.

Mike Ruppert, researcher and editor of the “From the Wilderness” websitereported in his timeline related to the 9-11 attacks regarding the CIAlink to Bin Laden as follows: [quote] 30. July 4-14, 2001 – Osama bin Laden receives treatment for kidney disease at the American hospital in Dubai and meets with a CIA official, who returns toCIA headquarters on July 15. [Source: Le Figaro,Oct. 31, 2001] Figaro_osama_dubai.html [end quote]

According to my sources, the real Osama Bin Laden died of kidney failure about a year ago. The Bin Laden in the recent video tape is a “look-alike” hired by the CIA.

It seems I’m not the only person who knows the Bin Laden tape is a fake.  Last Thursday, the highly respected former television news anchor, WalterCronkite, spoke about the Bin Laden tape on the CNN Larry King television show. Cronkite stated he suspected Bush’s special advisor, Karl Rove, wasbehind the recent Bin Laden video.


I’ve seen speculation on television that the Presidential election thisweek will be a close race between Bush and Kerry. One commentator statedthat there were plans by Democrat attorneys to file lawsuits in numerousstates if the vote tallies were close or there is obvious evidence of vote fraud.

My sources are saying that the “fix is in for Bush to win” the election.  Three months ago, the high level Bush supporters decided they better havea back-up plan just in case no terrorist attacks were successfully launched and they couldn’t declare martial law. They quickly increasedactivities to “fix the election for Bush” all over the USA. Everyavailable resource was pressed into action to fix the election so Bushwill win.

There are numerous actions which can be used to fix an election. Many people are suspicious of the electronic voting machines which have no paper trail and they should be: these voting machines can be tampered with remotely and votes for one candidate can be invisibly changed to votes for Bush. A Portland, Oregon garbage collector told a friend after the last Presidential election in 2000 that he had picked up boxes full of ballots in heavily Democratic areas of Portland. When asked why he didn’treport it, he said it’s against the law for him to discuss things he seeswhen picking up the trash. We can be sure that every possible way todecrease votes for Kerry and increase votes for Bush is being done.

There’s another tactic being used to help Bush receive more votes. After the Presidential debates, the military industrial complex leaders who decide who is going to win the election were worried that Kerry would receive many more votes than they had anticipated. Therefore, Kerry was ordered by his “handlers” to begin “flip-flopping” on his major points inorder to give Republicans new criticisms of Kerry and influence more votesfor Bush. Unfortunately, Kerry belongs to the same club Bush does. Kerryhas no choice but to cooperate with the high level leaders of the military industrial complex who generally chose which candidate will win theUS Presidential elections.

I’m hearing the election fix for Bush is about 500% more comprehensivethan it was in the year 2000 Presidential election. The Bush camp want to win with a decisive margin and hope to avoid court battles. For many of us, this is not what we want to see but, it may be that if Bush wins, it will actually cause a big leap forward for NESARA.

There are people who want Bush out of power and do not realize that Kerry belongs to the same club as Bush, so they have been supporting Kerry.  Some of these people are among those who can take the necessary actions to bring NESARA to announcement. Because these people think Kerry is “better” than Bush, they are thinking Kerry will be elected and it will then somehow be easier to get NESARA announced. However, it’s highlyunlikely that Kerry will win the election.

In my weeks inWashington, DC, it became clear that there are certainpeople who support NESARA but are waiting until after the election and expecting Kerry will be elected. They believe that NESARA will be easier to announce if Kerry is elected.

When these people see Bush elected, some will say, “We cannot possiblysurvive four more years of Bush!” For these people, seeing Bush elected will be a tremendous motivation to do what it takes to bring NESARA to announcement!


Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Worldwide NTAT Director

PS: My thanks to those of you who have sent emails offering assistance with “Air Travel”. I returned to home base near Olympia, Washington a fewdays ago and unexpected activities have delayed my contacting you,however, I will be contacting you soon. Thank you so much for yourassistance


[doveofo] NESARA Status Update; Omega Court Case in Germany.  Full Report.
November 7, 2004 11:56 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Various people have asked me to explain details about people who are discussing NESARA on the Internet. Four years ago, in June of 2000, I first heard of NESARA from R. and T., who are generally known as “Mr. &Mrs. A” of the Jennifer Lee Reports. At that time, I had been writingDove reports about eight months -since November of 1999- regarding thestatus of a prosperity program called Omega. When I learned about NESARA, I realized NESARA was “the key” to turning our world situation from afuture of disaster to a future of peace, prosperity, and enlightenment.

R. & T. (Mr. & Mrs. A) told me about certain people in the US military, in US intelligence groups, in Congress, and other positions who were involved in some aspect of NESARA. One of these people is someone they call the “King of Swords”, or “the King” and whom I call “KOS”. In the past I havereferred to KOS as our “White Knight in the White House” because hisprofessional position requires that he is “based” at the White House.

The “King”, as R. calls him, is Mr. & Mrs. A’s main White Knight contactand is the main person who gives R. information to put in the Jennifer Lee reports. R. has known the King/KOS for years and stayed in touch after KOS took his current position which is based in the White House.

During the first few years I was writing the Dove Reports, I spent many hours a week on the telephone talking with people all over the US about what was happening with the prosperity programs and NESARA. I discovered there were other people who knew about NESARA, besides KOS. There were people who had been aware of the Farmers’ lawsuits which had gone to theUS Supreme Court and some of these people had continued to track the results of the US Supreme Court cases. These people were usually also involved with the Farm Claims process. Several times a week, to gather news for the Dove Reports, I spoke with R. about what KOS was saying as well as dozens of other contacts who had information about the prosperity program and NESARA. Over the years, whenever I discussed news from our “White Knight in the White House”, I was referring to information whichcame from KOS, the “King”, as R. calls him.

R. also has a few other White Knight contacts who have some awareness ofand support NESARA. One is “Mr. X” who is a good friend of KOS. MohamedAl Fayed, the Chairman of Harrods Department Store in London and father ofDodi who died with Princess Diana, is another White Knight contact who is related to R and whom R. calls the “King of Egypt”. In the Dove Reportsover the years, I have at times also referred to news from these WhiteKnight contacts.

For those of you who are relatively new to the subject of NESARA, you are probably not aware that during 2000, 2001, and most of 2002, I was the only person discussing the progress of NESARA on the Internet. Up to that point, R. and T. had given out NESARA information over the telephone network, some of which I included in the Dove Reports, and then in a telephone message which Jennifer Lee, of Los Angeles, offered to record on her extra telephone message line. In late 2002, the same website which was hosting the Dove Reports at that time began to put transcriptions of the Jennifer Lee telephone messages on the Internet.

In year 2000 and 2001, there were numerous contacts who had information about NESARA and the Omega prosperity program and who spoke with each other over the telephone each day. I had a large number of people with whom I spoke on the telephone each day as I gathered information about the prosperity programs and NESARA. One especially good contact had a connection with a Vice President of Price Waterhouse, which is the official organization maintaining confidential records about people in the Omega prosperity program. This contact also spoke with attorneys practicing in Washington DC and it was from these attorneys that we learned the fact that Washington DC insiders call NESARA the “ReformationAct”.

In my telephone network, we also had people who privately spoke to USSenators about NESARA and the prosperity programs. I recall that for awhile after the 9-11 attacks, there were still a good number of people whoshared information about NESARA over the telephone network. In fact, on November 6, 2001, two US Senators spoke confidentially on the telephone and confirmed that “99%” of what Dove had been writing about NESARA wastrue. They said that Bush Jr. was “all but gone” and that NESARA wasexpected to be announced at any time.

Looking back, however, it is easy to see that some months after 9-11, manyof our contacts quit talking on the telephone network. The Vice Presidentof Price Waterhouse who had given us such good information about Omega, had been convinced to take a trip on 9-11-2001 and he died in one of the airliners on 9-11. The word spread that many contacts were no longer talking about NESARA or Omega; they were afraid to talk. Many of us on the telephone network knew G. H. W. Bush, (Bush Senior) was a Trustee of the Omega program and we also knew he was involved in the planning of the 9-11 attacks. People received threats warning them to shut up about NESARA and Omega; many of them did quit talking.

Some of you who make comments about NESARA on the internet today are really not in a position to make judgments -you are too new and ignorantof what has been happening in the four and one-half years since NESARA waspassed by Congress. You also have no business making comments about what and who “Dove” knows, because you are too ignorant of the facts to makeany comments.

Various people have asked me to explain the Jennifer Lee reports and theKing” who is constantly mentioned, and these people wonder why the “King”is always saying that NESARA is ready to be announced any minute, but itnever happens. When I first heard about NESARA over four years ago, theKing” was saying that NESARA was “going to be announced at any moment”and he has continued to say that almost every day for the last four and one-half years.

I used to quote the “King” in the Dove Reports and I also sometimes sentmessages to R. asking him to check with his contact, the “King of Egypt”,regarding the progress of NESARA and the prosperity programs. R. (Mr. A) and I usually spoke by phone once a week for the last four years. Over the months, I also called other people in the telephone network who were still sharing information. There were always people saying that NESARA was going to be announced at any time and, after doing the best checking I could, I reported what I believed to be the truth about the progress of NESARA and the prosperity programs.

However as time passed, I looked at the calendar and I looked at the state of our world, and it was obvious that we were not getting the right information, because NESARA was not being announced. Therefore, there had to be something that we were not being told. The Jennifer Lee reports were wrong in the daily predictions of NESARA’s announcement. The news I reported about possible NESARA announcement dates which I obtained from many sources, including R’s “King” and “King of Egypt”, also proved to beincorrect. It became clear to me that we were not being given the truefacts about NESARA.

After years of being told NESARA was going to be announced at any time, some months ago I felt it was important to dig for the actual facts of the true status of NESARA. Each month our world situation was getting worse, and in spite of all the claims by the “King” and others, there was noNESARA announcement.

What I’ve learned in the last several months, is that many of our WhiteKnight contacts, including the “King of Swords / KOS” and the “King ofEgypt” and others, have been telling us “stories” to encourage people about NESARA, but not the truth. Some people have asked me if KOS is a bad person working for the opposition. My answer is “No”, he is not a badperson and he is not working for the opposition. However, he is nottelling the truth about the current status of NESARA.

After considerable strenuous research, I’ve learned that the “King” istelling “stories” to R. to give in the Jennifer Lee reports to try to keeppeople inspired about NESARA. The King knows perfectly well that thereare only brief times when it is “legal” for NESARA to be announced eachyear, but he continues to say exactly the same thing he has said sinceJune 2000 � that NESARA can be announced at any moment. But that’s notthe truth.

There are some very serious issues regarding NESARA about which the “King”is not informed. My research turned up four key issues that must beresolved before NESARA can be announced. The King of Swords does not knowabout three of these four issues. However, one of his friends, the “Kingof Egypt” does know about one of the key issues unknown to KOS. In fact I wrote to the King of Egypt regarding two of these issues on October 4, 2004 and asked him to help in getting these issues resolved so NESARA could be announced. I know the “King of Egypt” (K of E) knows about one of the two issues from his experience of owning a bank in England, but apparently the King of Swords is NOT aware of this very serious issue which needs attention before NESARA can be announced. I suggest “K of E”tell KOS about the NESARA “ratio” issue because this issue needs seriousand immediate attention. I shared some solutions with “K of E” in mymessage to him, and there definitely are solutions.

It’s time that the truth about NESARA’s status be known by people who canhelp to get these issues resolved and KOS “could help”, if he would openhis eyes and ears and learn the truth, instead of putting out “stories”that sound good but are not based on facts. We do not have the “time” towaste with more “stories” that sound good but are not based in fact.

Both the King of Swords and the King of Egypt could help to get these four NESARA issues resolved, but neither of them have done anything to date.  They may be afraid to do anything, however, all of us who are doing actions to move NESARA to announcement ARE PROTECTED. WE are the ones who must take the actions and we are protected in every way from harm “ourphysical well-being, our financial well-being, our liberty” all aspectsof our lives are protected because we are doing things to bring NESARA to announcement.

In the last six months, I have contacted hundreds of people during my researching the true status of NESARA and ways to resolve the four key issues and bring NESARA to announcement. As I learned more of the true facts, I revised my course of actions and have continued research to find ways to handle what needs to be handled before NESARA can be announced.

I’m continuing to make more contacts with people who have the capabilityto take actions necessary to bring NESARA to announcement. Now that the election is over, there are powerful people who realize that we cannot go another four years with the Bush regime in charge, and this realization makes them more willing to help bring NESARA to announcement.

The United States of America is in serious danger from the Bush regime.  The mis-named “patriot acts” already have enough provisions in them toenable the Bush regime to turn America into another Nazi Germany, completewith innocent people being hauled off in the middle of the night by the Gestapo. If you don’t know this, read the following article whichreferences the PROOF of the elements of the patriot acts which enable theBush regime to do this. Get educated about how close America is to totaldestruction: COUP D’ETAT IN AMERICA? by Michel Chossudovsky.

This is WHY we do not have the time to waste on more “stories”; thesestories that everything is “okay” are like a narcotic which numbs peopleand keeps them from facing the truth: NESARA must have four key issuescorrected before it can be announced. We don’t have time to pretend there’s nothing to do.

Seven days a week, each day and most evenings, I’m continuing to pursueactions to help get the four key issues resolved so NESARA can beannounced. I’m back at home base in Washington state for the next tendays or so and then I expect to be traveling to help deal with an urgent situation which is indirectly related to NESARA.

I will be contacting some of you this week regarding your offers of assistance for “Air Travel”. My activity to catalyze action on NESARA hastaken several days longer than I thought it would, so I simply have not had time to contact you yet, but I will. And I very much appreciate each of you for offering your assistance.

In addition, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who sent donations and contributions to me in the last month. I have your letters and envelopes with me, but due to the time deadlines on actions indirectly related to NESARA which are literally “matters of life and death”, I havenot had the time to open all your envelopes. I expect I will finally have time to complete opening your envelopes this week. I will be sending you a “thank you” note, if you gave me your mailing address, before I travelagain so you will be assured that your donation did reach me. I trulyappreciate your generous assistance very much.

After NESARA is announced, I will share with you many details I cannot share now. It’s important those people opposing NESARA are not tipped offto what is being done to bring NESARA to announcement. This is why Icannot discuss specifics in the Dove Reports right now.

I can tell you that my research has taken me down some very unexpected lanes and I have learned more than I ever dreamed I would discover about secret financial dealings valued in “trillions of dollars” Speaking of secret financial dealings, I have very recent news about the Omega prosperity program.

In the last week or so, I’ve learned that certain members of the Omegaprosperity program who “put in” more than one million dollars each, havelaunched a court case in Germany against one of the major trading banks which was holding the majority of the Omega program funds. These members have kept their court case actions very quiet and were pursuing actions against the Trustees of Omega, including Bush Senior and a Rockefeller, for not carrying out their proper Trustee duties. The court case was filed in Germany because most of the Omega funds were being held in a major bank in Germany. However, I’m hearing that the members failed toget an injunction to keep the funds from being moved, and recently the funds were moved from the bank in Germany to other banks including a bank in Zurich, Switzerland. If anyone reading this happens to know someone who is one of the members of this court case against the Trustees, please tell them that there is a more direct way to rescue Omega from the corrupt Trustees and that is another action I’m pursuing. If they would like tobe involved, I ask them to contact me through the prosperity programtelephone network or by email .

Some of you have called and emailed me asking what you can do to help. In the last several months I have reached out to hundreds of you asking for information and other assistance, and I will definitely reach out again when there is something you can do to help bring NESARA to announcement.

Right now, the ones who can act are people who are “in the rightpositions” which enable them to take actions needed to resolve the four key issues of NESARA and bring NESARA to announcement. Now that we knowAmerica is facing another four years of disaster from the Bush regime, more people in the right positions should be willing to do what is necessary to make corrections to NESARA and carry NESARA to announcement.  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Worldwide NESARA Take Action Teams Director


[doveofo] NESARA; 89% Say There is a Gov. Cover-Up on 9-11; Election Fraud 2004. Excerpt.

November 14, 20049:11 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Election fraud 2004 is only beginning to become known and more election fraud is expected to be uncovered. A few organizations are hoping to gather enough evidence before December 7th to change certain states’ electoral votes from Bush to Kerry. Below are excerpts from several articles about 2004 election fraud around the USA and websites where the complete articles can be read. My thanks to all of you who sent me emails containing the links to these articles.

A CNN poll on November 11, 2004 indicates that many Americans believe the Bush regime is involved in a �cover-up� regarding the 9-11 attacks:

CNN POLL: 89% BELIEVE US GOVERNMENT COVERING UP 9/11  A CNN “Quick Vote” poll on November 11, 2004 asked “Do you believe there is a government cover-up surrounding 9-11?” and found that 89% of those voting answered YES to the question.

California millionaire, James W. Walters, is carrying out a serious effort to publicize the truth about 9-11. He ran television ads pointing out flaws in the government’s version of what happened on 9-11-2001 before the election and has been on the interview circuit recently as well. He invites people to call 1-888-Investigate (1-888-468-3784 4283 – you don’t have to dial the extra numbers, but if you do, they are ignored by the telephone system). When I called tonight, I listened to a recorded message by “Jimmy Walters” which included a brief explanation of efforts to reopen the 9-11 commission, efforts to have murder investigations done by the states in which the 9-11 attacks occurred, and he is inviting people to become involved in various ways. Anyone interested may also go to his website, , to see the television ads and other information related to the 9-11 attacks.

One of the major benefits I see in all the clouds of suspicion surrounding the Bush regime is that when NESARA is announced, and the truth about the Bush regime is revealed, the world�s people will receive a very good education in how most government leaders of the past have operated and what we must change if we are to have government leaders who operate in truth, honesty, and integrity.

On another topic, a few days ago before it was on the news and before he died, I learned that Yasser Arafat was indeed poisoned. Although Bush Jr. apparently knew Arafat would die of this beforehand, the poisoning didn’t have anything to do with the USA. For a change, it wasn’t the CIA who did it. It was a “little brother” of the CIA who carried it out. The motive is to weaken the Palestinians by removing their longtime leader, Arafat.


Hopefully the clouds of suspicion currently surrounding the Bush regime regarding the most recent election fraud and the continuing questions about 9-11 will help more key people to take action on certain issues and bring NESARA to announcement as soon as possible. More must be done before NESARA can be announced and the worse the Bush regime looks, the more likely certain key people will decide to help move NESARA forward.  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,

Dove of Oneness

Worldwide NTAT Director

Articles about the SECOND (2004) STOLEN ELECTION by Bush:

This website has a collection of articles on problems with 2004 presidential election.

Electronic Voting Machine Woes Reported UPDATED – Tuesday November 02, 2004 11:23pm

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) – Voters nationwide reported some 1,100 problems with electronic voting machines on Tuesday, including trouble choosing their intended candidates?.

There were also several dozen voters in six states – particularly Democrats in Florida – who said the wrong candidates appeared on theirtouch-screen machine’s checkout screen, the coalition said.

In many cases, voters said they intended to select John Kerry but when the computer asked them to verify the choice it showed them instead opting for President Bush, the group said. <snip>

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  (Click url above for full article)


Washington, DC, Nov. 12 (UPI) — The voting machine controversy likely will linger after a look at the systems source code software from Ohio-based Diebold yielded reports of numerous bugs. <snip>

Computer Science Professor Avi Rubin of John Hopkins University analyzed Diebold’s 47,609 lines of code and found it uses an encryption key that was hacked in 1997 and no longer is used in secure programs.<snip>

Rubin, his graduate students and a colleague from Rice University found other bugs, that the administrator’s PIN code was “1111” and that one programmer had inserted, “This is just a hack for now.”

The implication is that by hacking one machine you could have access to all Diebold machines.

(c) 2004 News World Communications, Inc.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Published onSaturday, November 6, 2004 by


When I spoke with Jeff Fisher this morning (Saturday, November 06, 2004), the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida’s 16th District said he was waiting for the FBI to show up. Fisher has evidence, he says, not only that theFlorida election was hacked, but of who hacked it and how. And not just this year, he said, but that these same people had previously hacked the Democratic primary race in 2002 so that Jeb Bush would not have to run against Janet Reno, who presented a real threat to Jeb, but instead against Bill McBride, who Jeb beat.

“It was practice for a national effort,” Fisher told me.

And some believe evidence is accumulating that the national effort happened on November 2, 2004.

The State ofFlorida, for example, publishes a county-by-county record of votes cast and people registered to vote by party affiliation. Net denizen Kathy Dopp compiled the official state information into a table, available at, and noticed something startling.

While the heavily scrutinized touch-screen voting machines seemed to produce results in which the registered Democrat/Republican ratios largely matched the Kerry/Bush vote, in Florida’s counties using results from optically scanned paper ballots – fed into a central tabulator PC and thus vulnerable to hacking � the results seem to contain substantial anomalies.

In Baker County, for example, with 12,887 registered voters, 69.3% of them Democrats and 24.3% of them Republicans, the vote was only 2,180 for Kerry and 7,738 for Bush, the opposite of what is seen everywhere else in the country where registered Democrats largely voted for Kerry.

In Dixie County, with 9,676 registered voters, 77.5% of them Democrats and a mere 15% registered as Republicans, only 1,959 people voted for Kerry, but 4,433 voted for Bush. The pattern repeats over and over again – but only in the counties where optical scanners were used. Franklin County, 77.3% registered Democrats, went 58.5% for Bush. Holmes County, 72.7% registered Democrats, went 77.25% for Bush.

Yet in the touch-screen counties, where investigators may have been more vigorously looking for such anomalies, high percentages of registered Democrats generally equaled high percentages of votes for Kerry. (I had earlier reported that county size was a variable – this turns out not to be the case. Just the use of touch-screens versus optical scanners.)

More visual analysis of the results can be seen at  http://us, and Note the trend line � the only variable that determines a swing toward Bush was the use of optical scan machines.

One possible explanation for this is the “Dixiecrat” theory, that in Florida white voters (particularly the rural ones) have been registered as Democrats for years, but voting Republican since Reagan. Looking at the 2000 statistics, also available on Dopp’s site, there are similar anomalies, although the trends are not as strong as in 2004. But some suggest the 2000 election may have been questionable in Florida, too.

One of the people involved in Dopp’s analysis noted that it may be possible to determine the validity of the “rural Democrat” theory by comparing Florida’s white rural counties to those of Pennsylvania, another swing state but one that went for Kerry, as the exit polls there predicted. Interestingly, the Pennsylvania analysis, available at, doesn’t show the same kind of swings as does Florida, lending credence to the possibility of problems in Florida.

Even more significantly, Dopp had first run the analysis while filtering out smaller (rural) counties, and still found that the only variable that accounted for a swing toward Republican voting was the use of optical-scan machines, whereas counties with touch-screen machines generally didn’t swing – regardless of size.

Others offer similar insights, based on other data. A professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, noted that in Florida the vote to raise the minimum wage was approved by 72%, although Kerry got 48%. “The correlation between voting for the minimum wage increase and voting for Kerry isn’t likely to be perfect,” he noted, “but one would normally expect that the gap – of 1.5 million votes – to be far smaller than it was.”

While all of this may or may not be evidence of vote tampering, it again brings the nation back to the question of why several states using electronic voting machines or scanners programmed by private, for-profit corporations and often connected to modems produced votes inconsistent with exit poll numbers.

Those exit poll results have been a problem for reporters ever since Election Day.

Election night, I’d been doing live election coverage for WDEV, one of the radio stations that carries my syndicated show, and, just after midnight, during the 12:20 a.m. Associated Press Radio News feed, I was startled to hear the reporter detail how Karen Hughes had earlier sat George W. Bush down to inform him that he’d lost the election. The exit polls were clear: Kerry was winning in a landslide. “Bush took the news stoically,” noted the AP report.

But then the computers reported something different. In several pivotal states. Conservatives see a conspiracy here: They think the exit polls were rigged.

Dick Morris, the infamous political consultant to the first Clinton campaign who became a Republican consultant and Fox News regular, wrote an article for The Hill, the publication read by every political junkie in Washington, DC, in which he made a couple of brilliant points.

“Exit Polls are almost never wrong,” Morris wrote. “They eliminate the two major potential fallacies in survey research by correctly separating actual voters from those who pretend they will cast ballots but never do and by substituting actual observation for guesswork in judging the relative turnout of different parts of the state.”

He added: “So, according to ABC-TVs exit polls, for example, Kerry was slated to carry Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Iowa, all of which Bush carried. The only swing state the network had going to Bush was West Virginia, which the president won by 10 points.”

Yet a few hours after the exit polls were showing a clear Kerry sweep, as the computerized vote numbers began to come in from the various states the election was called for Bush.

How could this happen?

On the CNBC TV show “Topic A With Tina Brown,” several months ago, Howard Dean had filled in for Tina Brown as guest host. His guest was Bev Harris, the Seattle grandmother who started from her living room. Bev pointed out that regardless of how votes were tabulated (other than hand counts, only done in odd places like small towns in Vermont), the real “counting” is done by computers. Be they Diebold Opti-Scan machines, which read paper ballots filled in by pencil or ink in the voter’s hand, or the scanners that read punch cards, or the machines that simply record a touch of the screen, in all cases the final tally is sent to a “central tabulator” machine.

That central tabulator computer is a Windows-based PC.

“In a voting system,” Harris explained to Dean on national television, “you have all the different voting machines at all the different polling places, sometimes, as in a county like mine, there’s a thousand polling places in a single county. All those machines feed into the one machine so it can add up all the votes. So, of course, if you were going to do something you shouldn’t to a voting machine, would it be more convenient to do it to each of the 4000 machines, or just come in here and deal with all of them at once?”

Dean nodded in rhetorical agreement, and Harris continued. “What surprises people is that the central tabulator is just a PC, like what you and I use. It’s just a regular computer.”

“So,” Dean said, “anybody who can hack into a PC can hack into a central tabulator?”

Harris nodded affirmation, and pointed out how Diebold uses a program called GEMS, which fills the screen of the PC and effectively turns it into the central tabulator system. “This is the official program that the County Supervisor sees,” she said, pointing to a PC that was sitting between them loaded with Diebold’s software.

Bev then had Dean open the GEMS program to see the results of a test election. They went to the screen titled “Election Summary Report” and waited a moment while the PC “adds up all the votes from all the various precincts,” and then saw that in this faux election Howard Dean had 1000 votes, Lex Luthor had 500, and Tiger Woods had none. Dean was winning.

“Of course, you can’t tamper with this software,” Harris noted. Diebold wrote a pretty good program.

But, it’s running on a Windows PC.

So Harris had Dean close the Diebold GEMS software, go back to the normal Windows PC desktop, click on the “My Computer” icon, choose “Local Disk C:,” open the folder titled GEMS, and open the sub-folder “LocalDB” which, Harris noted, “stands for local database, that’s where they keep the votes.” Harris then had Dean double-click on a file in that folder titled “Central Tabulator Votes,” which caused the PC to open the vote count in a database program like Excel.

In the “Sum of the Candidates” row of numbers, she found that in one precinct Dean had received 800 votes and Lex Luthor had gotten 400.

“Let’s just flip those,” Harris said, as Dean cut and pasted the numbers from one cell into the other. “And,” she added magnanimously, “let’s give 100 votes to Tiger.”

They closed the database, went back into the official GEMS software “the legitimate way, you’re the county supervisor and you’re checking on the progress of your election.”

As the screen displayed the official voter tabulation, Harris said, “And you can see now that Howard Dean has only 500 votes, Lex Luthor has 900, and Tiger Woods has 100.” Dean, the winner, was now the loser.

Harris sat up a bit straighter, smiled, and said, “We just edited an election, and it took us 90 seconds.”

On live national television. (You can see the clip on And they had left no tracks whatsoever, Harris said, noting that it would be nearly impossible for the election software � or a County election official – to know that the vote database had been altered.

Which brings us back to Morris and those pesky exit polls that had Karen Hughes telling George W. Bush that he’d lost the election in a landslide.

Morris’s conspiracy theory is that the exit polls “were sabotage” to cause people in the western states to not bother voting for Bush, since the networks would call the election based on the exit polls for Kerry. But the networks didn’t do that, and had never intended to.

According to congressional candidate Fisher, it makes far more sense that the exit polls were right – they weren’t done on Diebold PCs – and that the vote itself was hacked.

And not only for the presidential candidate – Jeff Fisher thinks this hit him and pretty much every other Democratic candidate for national office in the most-hacked swing states.

So far, the only national “mainstream” media to come close to this story was Keith Olbermann on his show Friday night, November 5th, when he noted that it was curious that all the voting machine irregularities so far uncovered seem to favor Bush. In the meantime, the Washington Post and other media are now going through single-bullet-theory-like contortions to explain how the exit polls had failed.

But I agree with Fox’s Dick Morris on this one, at least in large part. Wrapping up his story for The Hill, Morris wrote in his final paragraph, “This was no mere mistake. Exit polls cannot be as wrong across the board as they were on election night. I suspect foul play.”

Thom Hartmann (thom at is a Project Censored Award-winning best-selling author and host of a nationally syndicated daily progressive talk show. www.thomhartmann .com His most recent books are “The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight,” “Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights,” “We The People: A Call To Take Back America,” and “What Would Jefferson Do?: A Return To Democracy.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Chaelan MacTavish

November 12, 2004

We still do not know for certain who will be president for the next four years. There are two reasons for this. First, the Electoral College does not formally convene to choose the president until Dec. 13. Second, the results of voting in the states of Florida and Ohio are shadowed in doubt.

Both of these states used electronic voting technology and both went to President Bush by very narrow margins. Paradoxically, the exit polls in both states favored Kerry.

Indeed, the exit polls favored Kerry by a much wider margin than he took in seven other states as well. The difference between the exit polls and the “actual” returns was an average of 6.25 percent.

Peculiar. Nothing to warrant suspicion, that is, until it is noted that the exit polls in other states, and other elections, were nearly dead-on. Other states with paper ballots. This year, in states with verifiable voting, the exit polls were off by an average of 0.8 percent.

What could account for the difference? Why would states that use electronic voting machines have a substantial percentage of voters who would lie to exit pollsters? These same polls showed that Republicans would carry the majority of Senate races, which they did. Why would the Senate polls prove right, and the presidential ones wrong? Is it possible that electronic voting may be the key to that difference?

The Miami Herald reports that a software failure in Broward County caused up to 13,000 votes to be lost because the machines were programmed to start counting backwards once a certain number of voters had voted had been reached.

CNN reported that a machine in Franklin County, Ohio, registered four thousand extra votes for Bush.

A study by pointed out some Florida counties that have twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans for some reason went overwhelmingly for Bush.

An Election Day Associated Press report found some voters had to try ten times before they could press the “Kerry” button and not see “Bush” pop up.

Coincidentally, all of these instances leaned in the Republican’s candidate’s favor. Coincidentally, most voting machine companies, including industry leader Diebold, have CEOs that are heavy Republican contributors. When all “glitches” favor one candidate, it’s time to recognize that this was planned. Electronic fraud has given the presidency to Bush, who again cannot seem to win a legitimate election.

On the web site, they are currently seeking donations to continue the largest Freedom of Information Act drive in history and recover all of the election results in dispute. If they can prove before Dec. 7, when a formal determination of controversy must be declared in the choosing of electors, that there is verifiable fraud in either of these states, the Democratic set of electors will have a majority, and John Kerry will be the next president.

His concession speech, it must be noted, is not legally binding. He conceded when facts told him he lost; fraudulent facts, however, do not make truth. Kerry learned this when he changed his position on the Iraq war. How utterly appropriate than within the next two weeks we may see the “flip-flopper” reverse himself yet again, and claim victory.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


[doveofo] NESARA; NTAT; US Dollar Future; “P-triot Act II” & News Reporting.  Full Report.
November 28, 2004 10:59 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Several of you sent me emails containing financial advisors’ commentsabout the current downswing in the value of the US Dollar relative to the Euro. In the past I’ve written that the military industrial complexleaders behind Bush Jr. have instructed Bush and Cheney to destroy theAmerican economy; that’s exactly what Bush and Cheney are doing. Bush’sjob is to engage the US in as many wars as possible and spread the USmilitary too thin to be effective across many fronts; to overspend andsteal billions from the federal government in order to weaken America’sfinancial status; to destroy the American economy; and to implement the Bush Fourth Reich of terror and Gestapo actions against Americans. So far, Bush is doing everything he’s been told to do by his overlords,except no matter how the Bush regime tries, they are unable to successfully launch another terrorist attack like 9-11 in the US. The White Knights and their great allies are neutralizing all efforts by the Bush regime to again launch a terrorist attack on Americans.

The current downswing of the US Dollar is an essential part of the dark agenda military industrial complex leaders’ plan to destroy America.  There are big payments being made to the heads of some countries (Chinaand India) to convince these countries to stop holding US dollars in bigamounts as “reserve” currency, and instead to buy the Euro. This is partof the overall plan to destroy America. If America is destroyed, theruthless military industrial complex leaders believe they can successfullyimplement global martial law and set up a two-tiered society of the elite and the slaves.

In the information below about the misnamed “p-triot act II”, it ismentions that the second p-triot act enables the federal government tomake people “slaves”; this is exactly what the worldwide leaders of themilitary industrial complex have been intending. In the “p-triot act II”,“SECTION 408 creates “lifetime parole” (basically, slavery) for a wholehost of crimes.” (I’m purposely inserting in “p-triot” a “-” where the“a” goes because in my heart I cannot support the repulsive use of the word “patriot” in referring to the Gestapo Acts the Bush regime hastricked Congress into passing.) One of the projects I’ve been involved in for several months, and which Iam not able to tell you about at this time, is in fact turning out to be helpful in pulling the US Dollar out of the downward spiral. Some Americans do not realize that the US Dollar is used for many transactions worldwide and most countries hold large reserves of US Dollars. When the US Dollar seriously loses value in relation to other major currencies, it hurts people and businesses all over the world.

I received a call yesterday which brought the news that there are high level people from around the world who have gathered together to bring about a solution which will lift the US Dollar slowly upward in the coming months. I’m especially glad to see this action as it will be for thebenefit of the whole world from certain assets which my contacts wish tohave benefit the world’s people.

It is to no one’s benefit — except the enemies of freedom — that the US Dollar’s value be undermined. The world needs to have as much financialstability as possible now and when NESARA is announced.

In recent weeks, I’ve contacted dozens of high level people regarding all actions which must be taken to bring NESARA to announcement. These are very “do-able” actions which must be completed in order for NESARA to beannounced. I’m continuing to carry out these contacts in theUS andelsewhere. Those of you who have supported my actions on behalf of all of us have made it possible for me to do the in-depth research needed, to reach the right people, and to provide them detailed information regarding the true status of NESARA and what must be done to bring NESARA to announcement. On behalf of all of us, I thank you for your ongoing support and assistance which makes it possible for me to do these vital activities of moving NESARA forward. I hope to have time to send personal “Thank You” notes to you in mid-to-late December, when I expect to have a brief slowdown in my current high level of activities for NESARA.

I will be meeting with more people on behalf of NESARA soon. Depending on the schedule of meetings I will be attending, I may be publishing the next “weekly” Dove Report on either Saturday or Sunday of next week. You may check the WWW.NESARA.US website’s postings of Dove Reports if you thinkyou have missed any Dove Reports by clicking on the “NESARA Status Reportsby Dove” link on the home page of WWW.NESARA.US .

There is no question that NESARA’s announcement is needed more as each daypasses. When you read the synopsis below of the secret “p-triot act II”which has been leaked, it is all too clear that the Bush regime intends toimplement the most heavy-handed, brutal dictatorship seen in modern history. NESARA’s announcement immediately ends the Bush regime’s reignof terror on Americans and the world!

As I go about my long hours each day of contacting and meeting withimportant people who can take actions needed to bring NESARA to announcement, I think of all of you, the struggles you are enduring in your lives, and how extremely vital it is that NESARA be announced as soon as possible to save the world’s people from a terrible future. You andother loved ones in my life are never far from my thoughts, and when I feel weary and wish to take a day off, all I have to do is think about how much the world’s people and all of us need NESARA, and I find the strengthto continue. Although I cannot for security reasons share with you all I’m doing on your behalf, I can say that you are always with me in mythoughts and actions to move NESARA forward to announcement. NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
NESARA Take Action Teams

Dove uses a pseudonym for security and privacy reasons. The term “White Knights” is borrowed from the Wall Street Journal and the world of big business hostile takeovers when a vulnerable company is “rescued from a hostile takeover by a White Knight” corporation or wealthy person.  Certainly, these people fighting to bring Americans and the world the benefits of NESARA and to rescue our people from government and banking fraud deserve to be called “White Knights”. The Dove Report currently has15,944 subscribers and is read by over 315,000 people worldwide in forums on other websites and published in magazines and journals nationally and internationally.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sent: Monday, November 22, 2004 6:18 PM
Subject: NTAT Director’s Report 11-22-04
Greetings NESARA Take Action Team,

We are coming to you from a brand new location (still the greater Phoenix, AZ area) with a new and energized commitment to seeing NESARA finalized and a reality in all our lives.

The so-called election of 2004 is over but certainly not finalized. Many of the precincts inOhio, as well as other states, are reporting more votes for Bush than they have voters. With this being the case, comes the realization that these people will stop at nothing to retain power and control of this great nation. Committing fraud to win an election is just par for the course for this administration who continue to invoke their will upon the American people. Altering the will of the voters just serves as yet another reminder of why it is imperative that the White Knights need to move forward to get NESARA announced and implemented at the soonest possible time.

The people of this country have endured all the fake Osama Bin Laden tapes and videos that the Bush Administration can muster. We’ve endured fake terrorists, fake 911 reports, fake reasons for going to war, fake legislation to deal with these issues and now a fake election! It is time for ALL NESARA supporters, big or small, to rise to the occasion and help energize NESARA to completion. There are many things the Take Action Team Members can do to help move NESARA forward. The website contains a link called “The Action Plan” that gives ideas on things one can do to help publicize NESARA.

Team Leader, Nancy D., has posted a letter on the website and recommends others to do the same. We need to keep the word of NESARA news in any public place or internet forum giving the website as a place to educate any readers.

We now include a couple of reports from some NTAT members who are out spreading the word about NESARA.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tami T., DL CA-WEST – “It is of the utmost importance each and every one of us stays locked on the end goal. – Getting NESARA announced. With another stolen election, heads of state are resigning to make way for the real threat to America and the world with a ‘shrub gang made to order’ for complete destruction of the human race. We CANNOT let our guard down! We must, must, must continue to stay firm in our resolve that peace shall reign on this planet! Our weapons of choice are love, light and perseverance! The ball is in our court, Americans, so get informed and stay informed! It is time to shed all veils and shout our truth for all to hear! Announce NESARA NOW! Liberate this planet!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Duane N., State Leader, WI – “With the alleged defeat of John Kerry there are about 60 million people in this country ripe for education and a ray of hope. There are endless angles like the aggravated activists, betrayed believers, concerned conservationists, disheartened democrats, excluded educators, forgotten farmers and we could go through the entire alphabet several times over. I’ve been giving out copies of the George Humphrey books “Common Sense” and “9/11 the Great Illusion” because people are ready to look into election fraud, 9/11 cover-ups and anything that sounds like hope and truth, even so called “conspiracy theories”. Because some people were asking about efforts looking into voter fraud, I was able to introduce them to Dove.”


We continue to have inquiries about other NESARA websites such as nesara.COM and nesara.ORG. These sites are purposeful DISINFORMATION sites controlled by the CIA to confuse and mislead the public on the true status of NESARA. One would be well advised to stay clear of these sites because you won’t get the proper and true NESARA information there.

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes a time when we stop our labors and give thanks to our Creator for the blessings of the year. We all have much to be thankful for. The hope for NESARA is alive as the flame of this blessed law burns bright within each of our hearts. We are privileged to have you all as friends and together we are going to see NESARA come to pass as we build a bigger, brighter tomorrow for ALL people.

Keep NESARA in your prayers as well as Dove and all the White Knights.  NESARA is certain and together we will see it brought forth for all to behold.


Jim and Yvonne Nash
Directors, Region 1 (U. S. and Canada)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Gathering Is Illegal Under New Patriot Act II

By Alex Jones,, 11-20-4

SECTION 102 of the new Patriot Act II states clearly that any information gathering, regardless of whether or not those activities are illegal, can be considered to be clandestine intelligence activities for a foreign power. This makes news gathering illegal.

A Brief Analysis of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act 2003 – Also Known as USA Patriot Act II

Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex) told the Washington Times that no member of Congress was allowed to read the first Patriot Act that was passed by the House on October 27, 2001. The first Patriot Act was universally decried by civil libertarians and Constitutional scholars from across the political spectrum.

William Safire, while writing for the New York Times, described the first Patriot act’s powers by saying that President Bush was “seizing dictatorial control.”

On February 7, 2003 the Center for Public Integrity, a non-partisan public interest think-tank in DC, revealed the full text of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003. The classified document had been leaked to them by an unnamed source inside the Federal government. The document consisted of a 33 page section by section analysis of the accompanying 87 page bill.

The bill itself is stamped “Confidential – Not for Distribution.” Upon reading the analysis and bill, I was stunned by the scientifically crafted tyranny contained in the legislation. The Justice Department Office of Legislative Affairs admits that they had indeed covertly transmitted a copy of the legislation to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, (R-Il) and the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney as well as the executive heads of federal law enforcement agencies.

It is important to note that no member of Congress was allowed to see the first Patriot Act before its passage, and that no debate was tolerated by the House and Senate leadership. The intentions of the White House and Speaker Hastert concerning Patriot Act II appear to be a carbon copy replay of the events that led to the unprecedented passage of the first Patriot Act.

There are two glaring areas that need to be looked at concerning this new legislation:

1. The secretive tactics being used by the White House and Speaker Hastert to keep even the existence of this legislation secret would be more at home in Communist China than in the United States. The fact that Dick Cheney publicly managed the steamroller passage of the first Patriot Act, ensuring that no one was allowed to read it and publicly threatening members of Congress that if they didn’t vote in favor of it that they would be blamed for the next terrorist attack, is by the White House’s own definition terrorism. The move to clandestinely craft and then bully passage of any legislation by the Executive Branch is clearly an impeachable offense.

2. The second Patriot Act is a mirror image of powers that Julius Caesar and Adolf Hitler gave themselves. Whereas the First Patriot Act only gutted the First, Third, Fourth and Fifth Amendments, and seriously damaged the Seventh and the Tenth, the Second Patriot Act reorganizes the entire Federal government as well as many areas of state government under the dictatorial control of the Justice Department, the Office of Homeland Security and the FEMA NORTHCOM military command. The Domestic Security Enhancement Act 2003, also known as the Second Patriot Act is by its very structure the definition of dictatorship.

I challenge all Americans to study the new Patriot Act and to compare it to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.  Ninety percent of the act has nothing to do with terrorism and is instead a giant Federal power-grab with tentacles reaching into every facet of our society. It strips American citizens of all of their rights and grants the government and its private agents total immunity. Here is a quick thumbnail sketch of just some of the draconian measures encapsulated within this tyrannical legislation:

SECTION 501 (Expatriation of Terrorists) expands the Bush administration’s “enemy combatant” definition to all American citizens who “may” have violated any provision of Section 802 of the first Patriot Act. (Section 802 is the new definition of domestic terrorism, and the definition is “any action that endangers human life that is a violation of any Federal or State law.”) Section 501 of the second Patriot Act directly connects to Section 125 of the same act.

The Justice Department boldly claims that the incredibly broad Section 802 of the First USA Patriot Act isn’t broad enough and that a new, unlimited definition of terrorism is needed.

Under Section 501 a US citizen engaging in lawful activities can be grabbed off the street and thrown into a van never to be seen again. The Justice Department states that they can do this because the person “had inferred from conduct” that they were not a US citizen. Remember Section 802 of the First USA Patriot Act states that any violation of Federal or State law can result in the “enemy combatant” terrorist designation.

SECTION 201 of the second Patriot Act makes it a criminal act for any member of the government or any citizen to release any information concerning the incarceration or whereabouts of detainees. It also states that law enforcement does not even have to tell the press who they have arrested and they never have to release the names.

SECTION 301 and 306 (Terrorist Identification Database) set up a national database of “suspected terrorists” and radically expand the database to include anyone associated with suspected terrorist groups and anyone involved in crimes or having supported any group designated as “terrorist.” These sections also set up a national DNA database for anyone on probation or who has been on probation for any crime, and orders State governments to collect the DNA for the Federal government.

SECTION 312 gives immunity to law enforcement engaging in spying operations against the American people and would place substantial restrictions on court injunctions against Federal violations of civil rights across the board.

SECTION 101 will designate individual terrorists as foreign powers and again strip them of all rights under the “enemy combatant” designation.

SECTION 102 states clearly that any information gathering, regardless of whether or not those activities are illegal, can be considered to be clandestine intelligence activities for a foreign power. This makes news gathering illegal.

SECTION 103 allows the Federal government to use wartime martial law powers domestically and internationally without Congress declaring that a state of war exists.

SECTION 106 is bone-chilling in its straightforwardness. It states that broad general warrants by the secret FSIA court (a panel of secret judges set up in a star chamber system that convenes in an undisclosed location) granted under the first Patriot Act are not good enough. It states that government agents must be given immunity for carrying out searches with no prior court approval. This section throws out the entire Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures.

SECTION 109 allows secret star chamber courts to issue contempt charges against any individual or corporation who refuses to incriminate themselves or others. This sections annihilate the last vestiges of the Fifth Amendment.

SECTION 110 restates that key police state clauses in the first Patriot Act were not sunsetted and removes the five year sunset clause from other subsections of the first Patriot Act. After all, the media has told us:  ”This is the New America. Get used to it. This is forever.” [Dove note:  NO! NESARA’s Announcement will END the Bush regime’s Fourth Reichforever!]

SECTION 111 expands the definition of the “enemy combatant” designation.

SECTION 122 restates the government’s newly announced power of “surveillance without a court order.”

SECTION 123 restates that the government no longer needs warrants and that the investigations can be a giant dragnet-style sweep described in press reports about the Total Information Awareness Network. One passage reads, “thus the focus of domestic surveillance may be less precise than that directed against more conventional types of crime.”

*Note: Over and over again, in subsection after subsection, the second Patriot Act states that its new Soviet-type powers will be used to fight international terrorism, domestic terrorism and other types of crimes. Of course the government has already announced in Section 802 of the first USA Patriot act that any crime is considered domestic terrorism.

SECTION 126 grants the government the right to mine the entire spectrum of public and private sector information from bank records to educational and medical records. This is the enacting law to allow ECHELON and the Total Information Awareness Network to break down any and all walls of privacy.  The government states that they must look at everything to “determine” if individuals or groups might have a connection to terrorist groups. As you can now see, you are guilty until proven innocent.

SECTION 127 allows the government to take over coroners’ and medical examiners’ operations whenever they see fit. See how this is like Bill Clinton’s special medical examiner he had in Arkansas that ruled that people had committed suicide when their arms and legs had been cut off.

SECTION 128 allows the Federal government to place gag orders on Federal and State Grand Juries and to take over the proceedings. It also disallows individuals or organizations to even try to quash a Federal subpoena. So now defending yourself will be a terrorist action.

SECTION 129 destroys any remaining whistle blower protection for Federal agents.

SECTION 202 allows corporations to keep secret their activities with toxic biological, chemical or radiological materials.

SECTION 205 allows top Federal officials to keep all their financial dealings secret, and anyone investigating them can be considered a terrorist. This should be very useful for Dick Cheney to stop anyone investigating Halliburton.

SECTION 303 sets up national DNA database of suspected terrorists. The database will also be used to “stop other unlawful activities.” It will share the information with state, local and foreign agencies for the same purposes.

SECTION 311 federalizes your local police department in the area of information sharing.

SECTION 313 provides liability protection for businesses, especially big businesses that spy on their customers for Homeland Security, violating their privacy agreements. It goes on to say that these are all preventative measures — has anyone seen Minority Report? This is the access hub for the Total Information Awareness Network.

SECTION 321 authorizes foreign governments to spy on the American people and to share information with foreign governments.

SECTION 322 removes Congress from the extradition process and allows officers of the Homeland Security complex to extradite American citizens anywhere they wish. It also allows Homeland Security to secretly take individuals out of foreign countries.

SECTION 402 is titled “Providing Material Support to Terrorism.” The section reads that there is no requirement to show that the individual even had the intent to aid terrorists.

SECTION 403 expands the definition of weapons of mass destruction to include any activity that affects interstate or foreign commerce.

SECTION 404 makes it a crime for a terrorist or “other criminals” to use encryption in the commission of a crime.

SECTION 408 creates “lifetime parole” (basically, slavery) for a whole host of crimes.

SECTION 410 creates no statute of limitations for anyone that engages in terrorist actions or supports terrorists. Remember: any crime is now considered terrorism under the first Patriot Act.

SECTION 411 expands crimes that are punishable by death. Again, they point to Section 802 of the first Patriot Act and state that any terrorist act or support of terrorist act can result in the death penalty.

SECTION 421 increases penalties for terrorist financing. This section states that any type of financial activity connected to terrorism will result to time in prison and $10-50,000 fines per violation.

SECTION 427 sets up asset forfeiture provisions for anyone engaging in terrorist activities. There are many other sections that I did not cover in the interest of time. The American people were shocked by the despotic nature of the first Patriot Act. The second Patriot Act dwarfs all police state legislation in modern world history.

Usually, corrupt governments allow their citizens lots of wonderful rights on paper, while carrying out their jackbooted oppression covertly. From snatch and grab operations to warrantless searches, Patriot Act II is an Adolf Hitler wish list.

You can understand why President Bush/Dick Cheney & Dennis Hastert want to keep this legislation secret not just from Congress, but the American people as well.

Bill Allison, Managing Editor of the Center for Public Integrity, the group that broke this story, stated on my radio show that it was obvious that they were just waiting for another terrorist attack to opportunistically get this new bill through.

He then shocked me with an insightful comment about how the Federal government was crafting this so that they could go after the American people in general. He also agreed that the FBI has been quietly demonizing patriots and Christians and those who carry around pocket Constitutions.

I have produced two documentary films and written a book about what really happened on September 11th. The bottom line is this: the military-industrial complex carried the attacks out as a pretext for control. Anyone who doubts this just hasn’t looked at the mountains of hard evidence.

Of course, the current group of white collar criminals in the White House might not care that were finding out the details of their next phase.  Because, after all, when smallpox gets released, or more buildings start blowing up, the President can stand up there at his lectern suppressing a smirk, squeeze out a tear or two, and tell us that “See I was right. I had to take away your rights to keep you safe. And now it’s your fault that all of these  children are dead.” From that point on, if anyone criticizes tyranny theywill be shouteddown by the paid talking head government mouthpieces in the mainstream media.

You have to admit, it’s a beautiful script. Unfortunately, it’s being played out in the real world. If we don’t get the word out that government is using terror to control our lives while doing nothing to stop the terrorists, we will deserve what we get — tyranny. But our children won’t deserve it.


At you can read the following 4 Articles:

1) How Patriot Act Compares to Hitler’s Ermdchtigungsgesetz (Enabling Act)
2) A 21st Century Comparison of The Enabling Act and The Patriot Act
3) Ten Key Dangers of The Patriot Act that Every American Should Know
4) Bill Moyers’ NOW Comments on the Patriot Act

~~ Please tell your congress and senators to repeal the Patriot Act and to throw out current legislation advocating a second act.

Thank You, for your support!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information on NESARA, go to WWW.NESARA.US .


[doveofo] NESARA Activities; Secret Conflicts Behind Downturn of the US Dollar.  Excerpt.

December 5, 2004

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide support NESARA’sannouncement and implementation. We are extremely fortunate that certain of these people worldwide have their own sources of information and have been able to confirm NESARA for themselves.  Many of the people who support NESARA have very strong desires to help bring about world peace and world improvements for all people everywhere.

The Internet has played an important part in connecting those of us who envision a much better world. We envision a world where all people live in peace and have the benefit of living with ample food, shelter, health services, education, prosperity, high wisdom and spiritual understandings, have the freedom to act upon their unique pursuits of happiness; and a world where we heal the damage humans have done to our planet and nature as we restore our beautiful planet to Her optimal good health and beauty.

For many years, certain of us carrying this high vision of the future of people and the world have felt very alone. We often could not find each other. We were part of families and circles of friends who did not understand our desire to heal our planet and uplift the lives of all people and nature. Then we began to find others of like-mind. As each year comes and goes, we now find more and more people around the world who feel and think as we do.

Your emails, letters, and telephone calls have shown me there are many truly good-hearted people in the world. I feel very privileged to make your acquaintance and to be able to see that each year there are more and more of us with like-minds who are finding each other.  Many of you also state your strong desire to take action and directly help in improving the world for all. The days are coming, my friends, when each of us will have the opportunity to step forward and take direct actions to uplift and improve our world. This is the time that actions must be taken to handle important matters related to NESARA and then bring NESARA to announcement immediately. Others of like-mind also see this is the time we must move forward.

Although due to security reasons, I am not able to tell you about the activities I’m doing on behalf of us all, I can tell you that I am communicating with certain very good-hearted people who support NESARA and our shared high vision of a much better world in the future. As I continue making progress in the actions needed to bring about NESARA’s announcement, more and more people, in the right positions and having the right abilities to help move NESARA forward, are coming onboard to contribute to the highly important mission of NESARA’s announcement.

There have been and continue to be groups who are fighting to keep NESARA from being announced. There is a well-organized process being moved forward by political leaders and leaders of multi-national corporations including banks, war industries, pharmaceuticals, and others to bring the entire world under martial law and a “one world order” of their design where they are the elite who control all things and everyone else are slaves. Some people refer to these people as being part of the military-industrial complex; the “military-industrial complex” basically means the corporations andorganizations which benefit from war. US President Eisenhower warned the world and America when he left office that the biggest threat to the world was the “military-industrial complex”.

There’s another name for those who are part of themilitary-industrial complex and it’s the name the leaders callthemselves: the Illuminati. There are 13 families at the top of the worldwide Illuminati organization and most are members of the world’s big banking dynasties as well as certain “royal” families. What we are seeing regarding the current downward spiral of the US dollar is due to a manipulation of the US dollar by the European Illuminati leaders.

These leaders are paying millions of Euro in bribes to the top government officials and heads of the banking systems of India and China to induce them to reduce China’s and India’s reserves of US Dollars and buy the Euro, which in turn increases the value of the Euro and decreases the value of the US Dollar. Do not ever think that these kinds of major shifts in the value of currencies are “by accident”; there is a carefully planned, major manipulation underway.

You might be interested to know that the Rockefeller/Bush American Illuminati group and the European Illuminati leaders have been and are in high conflict over the future of America. Although it is Bush Jr.’s assignment to weaken the American economy and cause major economic damage to Americans’ lives and money, his father, Bush Senior, refuses to follow the European Illuminati dictate that the USA go down in complete and total economic devastation to the point the USA is practically a “third-world country”.

The European Illuminati are very jealous and envious of America and the comprehensive strength of America. They are jealous that America does the greatest amount of innovation in the world, particularly in electronics and advanced technologies. The European Illuminati live in Europe and are extremely elitist in their viewpoints. They believe they are the “kings” of the world and everyone else is a lower class, including the American Illuminati families of Rockefeller, DuPont, Vanderbilt, (JP) Morgan, etc. To the European Illuminati, everyone else on the planet belongs to a lower class. The ordinary people are considered slaves and chattel to be used.

Bush Senior told the European Illuminati to their faces about six months ago, “You are dinosaurs in an age of space travel. Your ignorant belief that the “piddly” [means small and lacking in power] European Union is in any way capable of implementing the One World Plan is ridiculous.”

In the American Illuminati, Bush Senior (George Herbert Walker Bush) manages the Illuminati actions to move the One World [Order] plan forward. Bush’s years as a leader in the CIA hierarchy gave him a great education for planning and carrying out secret operations to control nations, wars, and economic systems. Barbara Bush, his wife, is of the Rockefeller lineage and this is how the link between the two families was made. Bush Senior wishes to be the supreme Illuminati leader in the world and believes he is the best one to bring about the Illuminati’s plans to enslave the world’s people.

There are actions in process, as I mentioned last week, to reverse the downward spiral of the US dollar. The US dollar is used as the standard currency of exchange between countries for most commercial transactions and the current downward spiral is hurting many countries. Many middle-level Illuminati officials of governments and central banking systems around the world do not agree with the top European Illuminati’s current effort to drive the value of the US dollar down. Some of these people and others are involved in a process to lift the value of the US dollar in the near future. It’s strange to see these people help the US dollar but at this point, it benefits them to do so.

NESARA’s announcement begins the end of the Illuminati’s power in America. NESARA’s reformations remove top Illuminati from our USgovernment, Congress, and US Supreme Court, as well as abolishing the Illuminati’s Federal Reserve Banking System and various government organizations set up to serve the Illuminati.

Below are excerpts from information provided by an Illuminati insider regarding the Illuminati, who they are and what their plans are.  It’s important we understand who is opposing NESARA so we know what we must do to remove their harmful actions from the world.

In recent weeks, I have learned how much the US CIA has been a tool of the Illuminati and has interfered with and controlled many countries and activities around the world. NESARA requires the immediate dismantling of the CIA and certain other governmental agencies. All US intelligence agencies will be reformed and restructured soon after NESARA is announced.

There are actions moving NESARA forward through the steps needed to bring NESARA to announcement! NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director of NESARA Take Action Teams
See the above mentioned article under the title: “Illuminati Defector Details Conspiracy Plans” in this website


Message of the Galactic Federation through Sheldan Nidle.

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Friends, with more to tell you! As we speak, the sacred mission of our Earth allies to overturn the present powerful position of this last dark cabal is going forth as planned. In this regard, let me confidently state that this great surprise is scheduled to happen shortly. However, the exact date and time of this glorious event remain, as ever, a carefully guarded secret. We ask that you hold to this vision and bring your inner fortitude to bear in this final hour. Together we constitute a force to be reckoned with. The dark and its last willing cabal know this full well and very much desire that the long wait involved in manifesting this event weaken your resolve and increase your frustration. But this reaction does not need to occur. Look deep within you and feel your victory! Understand that the final bolts to your prison door are being sprung and the complex codes of this door’s locks are becoming known to us. The time to celebrate your freedom is really drawing near! Therefore, we ask for your continued forbearance in these difficult matters.

      The world around you is changing only for the better. The apparent imminent fall of the North American economy and the corresponding demise of the power of the dollar are signs that this cabal’s time in power is drawing to a certain and timely end. When this cabal is finally forced to admit the Truth of this, the last necessary steps in this quiet revolution can fall into place. The end of this Gregorian year is a good time to reflect, with discernment, on what is truly taking place on your world. On the surface, the dangers of war seem to be growing. Yet, in truth, the repressed and hidden information being hinted at by your electronic media and the Internet can point to quite a different reality, one in which peace and the end of this cabal’s reign of terror is clearly in sight. Many in the know have been told that the changes in your banking system have been secretly completed. Only a few final steps remain before this becomes public. This, together with the abundance programs, completely seals the fate of this last cabal.

      The steps to rid your world of this motley crew of boorish rapscallions are clearly and legally defined. The remainder of their former comrades-of-the-dark secretly got together over the years and developed a proposal for their removal. The first part of this plan has been executed, and the final steps are now ready to be put into effect. The only question now is exactly how this last barrier will fall -but fall it will. So restassured that the desired outcome will indeed happen. Heaven, through LordAescapulus and the entire Council of the Nine, has forthrightly decreed thisto be the only true intent of the divine plan. These actions by our Earth allies will lead to your freedom and shortly thereafter to First Contact. In turn, these events will allow you to be restored to full consciousness and Mother Earth to her natural, pristine state. Hold this vision clearly, dear Hearts! Know that this long dark night of your soul is nearing its fated end. Your journey has reached its next glorious phase, in which you will carry out your true mission and help to unfold Creation.

      This message is mainly to keep you updated on the latest shifts of your realm to the Light. Your Ascended Masters are working diligently to carry out the sacred decrees of Heaven. This divine work assists our Earth allies and provides them with guidelines for their mission. The Anunnaki, the formerly dark children of Anu, are likewise lending their support to these efforts. Some years ago, Heaven, together with these dark creators of your present world, presented a blueprint to your, then, many secret cabals. This detailed the core of what is to be on your world. As a result, the Anunnaki renounced their former dark ways and urged their Earth minions to follow suit. The many secret cabals then endorsed the pledges advocated by the Anunnaki, and a series of documents were duly signed. These form the basis upon which subsequent documents were drawn up, designating the actions of this lone cabal as illegal and inhuman. In addition, the backing of major finance and banking families was also obtained.

      These endorsements ensure the fall of “the first domino” in the public domain, namely the distribution of the abundance programs. This will trigger the establishment of a new monetary and financial system in North America and subsequently in the rest of the world. Next will come announcements regarding worldwide debt forgiveness and various other humanitarian programs, intended to democratize your world and put an end to local reigns of terror long perpetrated by many governments. As you have undoubtedly guessed, a special event will occur that will quickly rout this last dark cabal from power. Thereafter, in North America, proclamations will end the false “war on terror” and put the true perpetrators of 9/11 on trail for treason and other atrocious crimes against humanity. Then the peace and cooperation that we have been discussing can truly happen.

      As noted, all is in preparation. The many steps required to get this far took longer than expected. It has entailed mountains of paper work, endless financial transactions, special legal briefs and their resulting ongoing effects, and innumerable, secret, formal conferences. In addition to this daunting spadework, the need to recruit so many to work for the Light required the use of a special intelligence unit to ferret out those who had reverted to the dark or who had become susceptible to bribery or intimidation on the part of the dark cabal. These complications further delayed what was already an immensely complex and slow-moving procedure. Nevertheless, we would inform you that these proceedings are nearly at an end. We apologize for this prolonged, but necessary, stretch of time. It was time well spent, however, and the coming age will prove this to you.

      What is to erupt in your realm, seemingly out of the blue, is a new reality based upon integrity, abundance, a dawning comprehension of your infinite potential, and an experience of your direct connection to the Creator. You can learn about the power of heart-felt intentions, how they can manifest instantly before you, and how this power of true intentions is both an individualized and a collective effect of your True Self. This is how you are to co-create this new reality and thereby help to unfold physical Creation. You can experience the infinite abundance of Heaven and physicality and know, finally, that fear-based limitations are illusions that no longer apply. You end your experience of separation and understand how glorious is your unbreakable connection to Source. This gives you a boundless creative potential that is able to resolve any challenge.

      As we frequently reiterate, this coming reality is sparked off by First Contact. First contact forms the watershed between these two worlds. First Contact transforms a whole host of core assumptions that have long enabled the dark and its minions to hold you in bondage and appalling ignorance. Now, the revelation of your origins and who you truly are becomes the means to dissolve these unwholesome conditions. In its stead come truth and the opportunity to explore the world of personal sovereignty and its countless implications. Then there is your galactic society to be forged, and a whole host of enthralling choices to be investigated, learnt from, and put to use. These adventures comprise the journey that lies ahead. This odyssey will reveal your true identity and your role in transforming physicality according to the Creator’s divine Will.

      Today, we discussed what is presently happening on your world. We solemnly ask you to commit yourselves to using your marvelous energies and your unwavering vision toward a swift completion of our joint efforts. The time for a new reality has arrived! Let us, together, go forth and manifest this wondrous new world! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be one! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


[doveofo] NESARA Announcement Ends Bush Regime & National ID Card.  Excerpt.

December 19, 20042:00 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

A few years ago, it was reported in mainstream media that the Bush regime had hired a Russian ex-KGB officer to head a project which would require all Americans to carry a “national identification (ID) card”. The Bush regime’s plan is to require all Americans to obtain permission to travel WITHIN the United States, just like the Stalinist Russian government forced upon the citizens of theUSSR; just like Hitler’s Nazi Germany forced upon the Germans. The Bush regime officials, who ordered the 9-11 attacks which killed thousands of Americans, are now pressing forward with their plans to force a totally UNNECESSARY national ID card on all Americans. There is NO need for a national ID card because the Bush regime officials ARE the TERRORISTS!

All you need to know about the Bush regime’s plans regarding the national ID card is the horrible treatment of people under NaziGermany and Stalinist Russia -that’s what the Bush regime is planning to impose on Americans.

One of the few courageous and righteous people in our US Congress is US Congressman Ron Paul, a strong proponent of the return toConstitutional Law and other NESARA benefits. Here’s what Ron Paul says about the national ID card:

“A national identification card, in whatever form it may take, will allow the federal government to inappropriately monitor the movements and transactions of every American,” Paul continued. “History shows that governments inevitably use such power in harmful ways. The 9-11 commission, whose recommendations underlie this bill, has called for ‘internal’ screening points where identification will be demanded. Domestic travel restrictions are the hallmark of authoritarian states, not free nations. It is just a matter of time until those who refuse to carry the new licenses will be denied the ability to drive or board an airplane.” (See Ron Paul’s full statement below.)

Now we know WHY the bogus “9-11 commission” avoided the TRUTH about the Bush regime’s ordering the 9-11 attacks. The 9-11 commission’s job was to whitewash the Bush regime’s role in the 9-11 attacks and provide FALSE foundations for the continued destruction of Americans’ Constitutional rights.

The Bush regime officials are the most traitorous people we Americans have ever had in power over our wonderful country. The Bush regime is the exact opposite of everything that is good about America and Americans. The Bush regime officials ARE the TERRORISTS; they are the terrorists who are determined to destroy America and Americans.

If you didn’t previously understand WHY Americans need NESARA, the Bush regime’s “national ID card” abomination should make it clear.

NESARA’s announcement and implementation wipes out ALL unconstitutional laws passed during the evil Bush regime including the repulsive national ID card law and patriot acts, and ALL unconstitutional laws passed since March 9, 1933 when Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) took America out of constitutional law. FDR issued a declaration of a “national banking emergency”, “a fraudulent state of emergency purposely caused by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Roosevelt” and revised the Trading with the Enemy Act to INCLUDE Americans. From that day on, Americans were technically the “enemies” of the US federal government. Below is an overview of how FDR betrayed Americans and made great strides in the efforts to destroy Americans’ freedom.

NESARA’s announcement WIPES OUT all these abominations!

While the evil Bush regime continues implementing their Nazi dictatorship plans, there ARE other actions occurring which are moving NESARA forward to announcement.

Thank Heaven there are GOOD people in the right places who realize NESARA must be announced to save Americans and the world’s people from a future too horrible to contemplate! NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
Worldwide NESARA Take Action Teams

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ron Paul�s Press Releases


December 7, 2004

Washington, DC. Congressman Ron Paul today denounced the national ID card provisions contained in the intelligence bill being voted on in the U.S. House of Representatives, while urging his colleagues to reject the bill and its new layers of needless bureaucracy.

“National ID cards are not proper in a free society,” Paul stated.  “This is America, not Soviet Russia. The federal government should never be allowed to demand papers from  American citizens, and it certainly has no constitutional authority to do so.”

“A national identification card, in whatever form it may take, will allow the federal government to inappropriately monitor the movements and transactions of every American,” Paul continued. “History shows that governments inevitably use such power in harmful ways. The 9-11 commission, whose recommendations underlie this bill, has called for ‘internal’ screening points where identification will be demanded.  Domestic travel restrictions are the hallmark of authoritarian states, not free nations. It is just a matter of time until those who refuse to carry the new licenses will be denied the ability to drive or board an airplane.”

“Nationalizing standards for drivers licenses and birth certificates, and linking them together via a national database, creates a national ID system pure and simple. Proponents of the national ID understand that the public remains wary of the scheme, so they attempt to claim they are merely creating new standards for existing state IDs.  Nonsense! This legislation imposes federal standards in a federal bill, and it creates a federalized ID regardless of whether the ID itself is still stamped with the name of your state.”

“Those who are willing to allow the government to establish a Soviet-style internal passport system because they think it will make us safer are terribly mistaken,” Paul concluded. “Subjecting every citizen to surveillance and screening points actually will make us less safe, not in the least because it will divert resources away from tracking and apprehending terrorists and deploy them against innocent Americans! Every conservative who believes in the constitutional restraints on government should reject the authoritarian national ID card and the nonsensical intelligence bill itself.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How Roosevelt Took the USA Out of Constitutional Law in 1933

America’s Constitutional Dictatorship

[Quote] On March 4, 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated as President. OnMarch 9, 1933, Congress approved, in a special session, his Proclamation 2038 that became known as the Act of March 9, 1933:

“Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Congress hereby declares that a serious national emergency exists and that it is imperatively “necessary” speedily to put into effect remedies of uniform national application”. [Quotes added around the word “necessary” to show where “the rule of necessity” is expressed in this Act.]

This is an example of the Rule of Necessity, a rule of law where necessity knows no law. This rule was invoked to remove the authority of the Constitution. Chapter 1, Title 1, Section 48, Statute 1 of this Act of March 9, 1933 is the exact same wording as Title 12,USC 95(b)?, proving that we are still under the Rule of Necessity in a declared state of national emergency.

According to current laws, as found in 12 USC, Section 95(b), everything the President or the Secretary of the Treasury has done since March 4, 1933 is automatically approved: “The actions, regulations, rules, licenses, orders and proclamations heretofore or hereafter taken, promulgated, made, or issued by the President of the United States or the Secretary of the Treasury since March the 4th, 1933, pursuant to the authority conferred by Subsection (b) of Section 5 of the Act of October 6th, 1917, as amended [12 USCS Sec. 95a], are hereby approved and confirmed. (Mar. 9, 1933, c. 1, Title 1, Sec. 1, 48 Stat. 1]”.

12 USC 95(b) refers to the authority granted in the Act of October 6, 1917 (also known as The Trading with the Enemy Act or War Powers Act) which was “An Act to define, regulate, and punish trading with the enemy, and for other purposes”. This Act originally excluded citizens of the United States, but in the Act of March 9, 1933, Section 2 amended this [Trading with the Enemy Act] to include “any person within the United States or any place subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. It was here that every American citizen literally became an enemy to the United States government under declaration.

According to the current “Memorandum of American Cases” and “Recent English Cases” on “The Law of Trading With the Enemy”, we have no personal Rights at law in any court, and all Rights of an enemy (all American citizens are all declared enemies) to sue in the courts are suspended, whereby the public good must prevail over private gain. This also provides for the taking over of enemy private property. Now we know why we no longer receive allodial freehold title to our land… as enemies, our property is no longer ours to have.

The only way we can do business or any type of legal trade is to obtain permission from our government by means of a “license”.

So who initiated all of these emergency powers?

On March 3, 1933, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York adopted a resolution stating that the withdrawal of currency and gold from the banks had created a national emergency, and “the Federal Reserve Board is hereby requested to urge the President of the United States to declare a bank holiday, Saturday March 4, and Monday, March 6”.

Roosevelt was told to close down the banking system. He did so with Proclamation 2039 under the excuse of alleged unwarranted hoarding of gold by Americans. Then with Proclamation 2040, he declared on March 9, 1933 the existence of a “national bank emergency” [quotes added for emphasis] whereas “all Proclamations heretofore or hereafter issued by the President pursuant to the authority conferred by section 5(b) of the Act ofOctober 6, 1917, as amended, are approved and confirmed”.

Once an emergency is declared, there is no common law and the Constitution is automatically abolished. We are no longer under law. Law has been abolished. We are under a system of War Powers. Our stocks, bonds, houses, and land can be seized as Americans are considered enemies of the state. What we have is not ours under the War Powers given to the President who is the Commander-in-Chief of the military war machine.


doveofo] NESARA is Supported by Wonderful People and Miraculous Actions.  Excerpt.

December 26, 20047:05 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

To all of you, I wish a very Happy Holiday Season and a truly wonderful and blessed New Year.

At this time of year, I usually look back over the past to reflect on what has been learned and accomplished. In June 2000, four and one-half years ago, I wrote my first Dove Report on NESARA. When I discovered NESARA in June 2000, with lightening bolt awareness I knew immediately that helping to bring NESARA to announcement was one of my personal spiritual missions to improve the world for all beings. I knew in my heart that NESARA is the most important public transformation process I had ever heard about and I felt absolutely compelled to dedicate my life to doing all I could to help NESARA.

At that time in the summer of 2000, our insider contacts were saying that NESARA would be announced at any moment. We waited anxiously each day that summer of 2000 hoping that NESARA would be announced. As we waited, I searched for people in our telephone network of contacts that had some knowledge of NESARA and enlarged my own personal network of contacts.  Some of the contacts who surfaced in the Fall of 2000 included two US Senators who verified during a private conversation that NESARA was real and could be announced at any moment.

Over the last four years, those of us supporting NESARA have had contacts with people in the US Treasury Department, US Naval Intelligence, the Secret Service, Navy SEALs, Delta Force, and many bankers and bank personnel around the world who have verified NESARA. At various times, we also have had stockbrokers, financial consultants, attorneys, Ministers of Finance, banking association leaders and others who have confirmed NESARA for us.

As time passed, more research into the beneficial impacts of NESARA began to paint a picture of how very broad the beneficial ripple effects of NESARA will be. When NESARA abolishes all income taxes in the United States, out of self-defense other countries will also be forced to abolish their income taxes in order to prevent their wealthy citizens and businesses from relocating to the United States. When NESARA’sannouncement takes the United States back to Constitutional Law, which is based on Common Law, all US business contracts will be done in “commonlaw” which is more streamlined and straightforward than many businesscontracts based on our current “statutory law”. The US usage of commonlaw contracts for commercial and business activities with organizations in other countries will cause other countries to also adopt common law and discontinue using the current, laborious “statutory law” contracts. Theend of income taxes and the adoption of streamlined common law contracts will save businesses considerably in expenses and workload; their savings can be used to hire more people, improve the salaries and benefits of their employees, and improve their products and services.

Below is an article about the hidden costs of income tax to individuals and organizations. The author of the article explains that for every dollar of federal income tax collected, there has been more than 20 cents spent on record keeping and other “compliance” activities. Thus, thehidden financial cost of income taxes is more than 20% of the taxes collected and going up.

There’s another cost of income taxes which I think is sometimes even moreimportant but which is never discussed. There is a heavy psychologicalburden imposed on Americans and people in other countries which they carry with them year in and year out -there is ALWAYS the threat of anunjustified “audit” by the income tax collection agency.

In the United States, it has been proven that federal income tax auditorswork on a “commission basis” which means that they receive a “percentage”of the taxes they collect through their audits. It’s become standardprocedure for income tax auditors to fraudulently claim that Americans oweadditional taxes and for the auditors to assess an amount of “back taxesand late fees” which the auditors know is just slightly less than what itwould cost the American to take the income tax agency to court and fightthe additional tax burden.

The federal income tax agency has also been used by various government agencies and bankers as “bully boys” to cause problems for Americans whoare speaking out about government abuses and other abuses. The farmers,whose lawsuits against certain banks were the foundation for NESARA, weretargeted by income tax bully boys at the request of corrupt bankers who hoped that the income tax harassment would cause the farmers to drop their lawsuits. However, the farmers did not cave in, but instead investigated the federal income tax agency and discovered that the income tax amendment to the Constitution had never been ratified; this resulted in NESARA’sabolishment of income taxes in the US.

When NESARA is announced, the federal income tax agency will beimmediately shut down and all federal income tax collection will be stopped. It may take Americans a while to “feel” the new freedom of nothaving to worry about the federal government’s intrusion into theirfinancial lives. When people are deprived of control over the funds theyobtain through their own efforts, the people have lost a very valuable freedom. The abolishment of income taxes results in more freedom and security, as well as more prosperity, for the people.

NESARA is a major process in beginning “Operation Freedom” for all peopleworldwide.

Because most people have been living under corrupt governments which have greatly restricted the people’s freedom, I believe it will be necessary toeducate Americans and others about “how to live in true freedom”. Afterwe at last obtain our priceless freedom, it’s important that we learn what our rights are and that we demand our rights be honored so we ensure our freedom is never taken from us again.


In the news recently, is the European court ruling against Microsoft but the TRUTH behind why the European court has ruled against Microsoft is not being told. The TRUTH is that Microsoft has refused to put “spy software”into its computer programs and THIS REFUSAL is why both theUS government and the European Union government have targeted Microsoft with trumped up charges.

After NESARA is announced, the United States will be under Constitutional Law and at that time, Microsoft can totally ignore the European court and its corrupt ruling.

Unfortunately, another giant in the American computer industry has agreed to put unlawful spy technology in its product. Intel Corporation, the famous maker of high tech computer chips, has secretly agreed to a Bush government contract to put unlawful, secret spy technology into some new electronic chips for personal computers. Intel expects to begin shipping the new chips next summer. When NESARA is announced, the government contract with Intel must be cancelled and Intel must be convinced not to develop and sell such unlawful spy technology.

Every day, it is more and more crucial that NESARA be announced. Over the last six months, I have completed a tremendous amount of research into many issues which directly and indirectly are related to NESARA. NESARA impacts so many different aspects of our lives, there are a great many issues to research and understand. My research uncovered certain issues which must be handled before NESARA can be announced and implemented.  When I first learned of these issues, I was surprised and wondered how these would be addressed.

As the months unfolded and I continued my research, certain beneficial ways of handling these key issues began to surface. In some cases, certain damaging things that US government officials have done in the past came to light and I was able to see how the “damage” of the past could beturned into “good” for NESARA and our people in these crucial days. Therehave been several instances where certain “bad” actions of the past havesuddenly appeared and after fully researching these things, I’vediscovered some of these “bad” things can actually be turned around andused for “good”.

Last July I decided to dedicate most of my time to making contact withgroups and individuals who may be able to help move NESARA forward and to ask their assistance in various activities. Because NESARA is under a strict gag order, it is difficult for people in “official” positions totalk with others about NESARA or take any actions to move NESARA forward.  Since I am not an “official”, I am not under the “gag order” and I am freeto do everything I can to move NESARA forward to announcement.

It has not been an easy process; I’ve met with numerous people in variousplaces and dealt with many challenges and concerns. However, I can say that in recent months there have been key developments which have pointed the way to resources and actions which can bring NESARA to announcement.  Some of you reading this Dove Report have contributed to these key developments. Each of you, who have sent donations to fund my activities on behalf of all of us, have enabled me to accomplish some very important actions and to travel many miles in order to ensure the key issues for NESARA are handled as soon as possible. Although you were not with me in physicality, you were with me each step of the way in spirit and in heart.

I can tell you that the clouds hanging over NESARA are beginning to clear. Because of your support, I have been able to find extremely important solutions to seemingly overwhelming issues which absolutely must be properly handled in order for NESARA to be successfully announced and implemented. My friends, there are wonderful people in the world who are awakening to their high purposes upon this planet. On your behalf, I have been communicating with some of these people; together, we are all moving NESARA forward to announcement.

There are more important actions to be accomplished in the near future which must be completed so NESARA can be announced. As we approach the New Year, I feel the energy and actions moving NESARA forward are aligning strongly in ways that will bring NESARA’s announcement, implementation,and improvements into our lives. One day, NESARA will suddenly appear onour televisions and although security issues forbid my giving you any hint of timing, it is with greater optimism than I have felt in a long time that I say to you: WE will be CELEBRATING NESARA’s announcement in thiscoming year -and sooner rather than later!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Joyous New Year!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
Worldwide NESARA Take Action Teams


“Hello, Central!” Why Are All The Top People In The U.S. Government Resigning?


—– Original Message —–
From: RR
Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2004 11:20 AM
Subject: Why are all of the top level people in government resigning?

Why are all of the top level people in government resigning ? What exactly is going on here ? Further, where are these people going, are they moving out of the United States or are they staying here?


FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
DATE: December 2, 2004

Dear RR:

Why are all the top level people in government resigning? They are running! Indictments are coming down on all of them, and they are trying to find a place, any place, to hide.

Bush and his chosen few are determined to fight, or go down dying for their New World Order. There is no place to hide, and they cannot leave the planet. All will be held accountable for their evil deeds. Galactic Law demands accountability. Balance and harmony will be restored to our beloved planet, once “these turkeys have been put though the meat grinder”.

The edict of Cosmic Law is that we shall judge ourselves against the absolute Laws of Creator God and the Creation, and we shall reap whatever it is that we have sown. Reaping time is here, now, for all the people of our planet.

In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer



[doveofo] NESARA Provides Certain Election Reforms; Historic Contesting of Election. Excerpt.
January 9, 20059:02 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

While I was doing NESARA activities across the ocean during most of December, I understand there were numerous activities in the US regarding the election abnormalities inOhio last November 2.

Although NESARA does not provide a solution to “vote fraud”, NESARA does provide other important election reforms which will start clearing out corruption in our federal government. Among the reformations NESARA provides regarding elections are:

1. The Founding Fathers understood the importance of candidates running for office as “Independents” and intended there would be NO “political parties” in the US because political parties can be used to “divide and conquer” in many ways. NESARA forbids the instituting of “political parties”. All candidates for office will be required to run as “Independents” and may not have any kind of “party” organization backing them.

2. NESARA also forbids the use of “Political Action Committees” and PAC funding of candidates. NESARA requires that candidates running for President, Vice President, US Senate, and the US House of Representatives may receive their campaign funds only from a federal government fund which will equally fund all candidates for the same position. This equal funding of all candidates is intended to “level the playing field” and stop special interest groups from “buying elections” and “buyingcandidates” who will do their bidding once they are in elected office.

3. NESARA establishes “term limits” on US Senate and US House of Representatives positions. Much of the corruption we see in our Congress comes from some members building dynasties of power due to their long years in Congress.  NESARA will ensure that there are new people elected to the US Senate and the US House on a regular basis. 4. NESARA requires that each state holds pre-election primaries which will determine the final candidates for each position in the actual federal election.

NESARA begins reforming our federal elections. We will have to figure out how to reform our voting processes so we can have an honest election, finally.


As some of you may recall from seeing the movie “Fahrenheit 9-11”, in early January following a federal election in the previous November, is a formal approval by Congress of the federal election results takes place.  In January 2001, numerous members of the US House of Representatives stood up to “contest” and disagree with the approval of Bush and Cheney as the winners of the year 2000 election. When there is a “contesting” of the election results by members of the House, there must also be at least one US Senator who joins the House members in contesting the election result.  In January 2001, no US Senator had the courage to stand up with the House members and contest the election of Bush and Cheney.

This last week, on January 6, 2005, a very historic action occurred in Congress.  Several members of the US House of Representatives stood up in the Joint Session of Congress and stated their reasons for contesting the results of the Presidential election in Ohio. Then US Senator Barbara Boxer also stood and stated that she joined the members of the House in contesting the results of the Presidential election in Ohio. Below is the statement from Senator Boxer’s website and another article discussing these activities.

This action of at least one member of the US House and at least one US Senator contesting the Presidential election result is very rare! It is a historic moment in which the checks and balances of our federal government are utilized. Yet, when I accessed the websites of CNN, MSNBC, and the Los Angeles Times, I was not able to find even a small article about this very historic action in our US Congress!

If the media were not totally controlled by the Bush regime, there would be headlines and days of news coverage on such a momentous event. This instance shows us the Bush regime has a stranglehold on the US media.

Our only hope for truth, justice, peace, and prosperity for all the world’s people begins with the announcement of NESARA.  Before NESARA can be announced, certain extremely important actions must be completed.  These actions must be handled by very courageous and wise people who realize they must act to save our country and world from total destruction.

Each day my NESARA activities involve informing more key people of NESARA, what needs to be done to bring NESARA to announcement, and how NESARA rescues our country and our world from disaster. YOU can help by sharing the good news of NESARA with others and helping me ENLARGE the support of NESARA around the world. Because we have been spreading the news of NESARA, our network has grown over the years and certain very IMPORTANT people who can provide assistance for NESARA have come forward. I have met with some of these people and expect to meet with more in the near future.

I’m asking all of you to share the good news of NESARA by passing out NESARA flyers, forwarding my Dove Reports, or telling others about NESARA and our WWW.NESARA.US website.  Particularly now, people are looking for the solution to the terrible problems in our country and world. Your efforts may actually bring someone on board who can provide important assistance in the extremely critical actions which must be completed in order for NESARA to be announced. Each time you share NESARA with someone, you may plant a seed which will result in important assistance being given to NESARA.

Never doubt for a moment that your actions of sharing NESARA are important; the results of your sharing have already helped NESARA. Let me give you a real life example of how this sharing and networking has already helped NESARA. About a year ago, I received an application to join our NESARA Take Action Teams from a gentleman who has turned out to be extremely important in providing very key contacts for NESARA. This gentleman wrote me about certain US assets that led me on a course of research over many months which resulted in my trip across the ocean in December. This same gentleman introduced me via email and telephone to members of groups with whom I met during my actions for NESARA in December. These people and their groups are playing key roles in assisting to complete the actions required before NESARA can be announced.

I was fortunate to meet this gentleman who began these important contacts while I was meeting with people on behalf of NESARA in December. When I met him, I didn’t think to ask him how he had heard of NESARA, but I do know that his support of NESARA and sharing the good news of NESARA with others is resulting in absolutely crucial actions being taken which are helping to bring NESARA to announcement.

Let’s continue to share the good news of NESARA and build NESARA’s network of supporters! Together, we are victorious! NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
NESARA Take Action Teams
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

US Senator Barbara Boxer website:


January 6, 2005

For most of us in the Senate and the House, we have spent our lives fighting for things we believe in – always fighting to make our nation better.
We have fought for social justice. We have fought for economic justice. We have fought for environmental justice. We have fought for criminal justice.
Now we must add a new fight – the fight for electoral justice.
Every citizen of this country who is registered to vote should be guaranteed that their vote matters, that their vote is counted, and that in the voting booth of their community, their vote has as much weight as the vote of any Senator, any Congressperson, any President, any cabinet member, or any CEO of any Fortune 500 Corporation.
I am sure that every one of my colleagues ” Democrat, Republican, and Independent” agrees with that statement. That in the voting booth, every one is equal.
So now it seems to me that under the Constitution of the United States, which guarantees the right to vote, we must ask:

Why did voters inOhio wait hours in the rain to vote? Why were voters at Kenyon College, for example, made to wait in line until nearly 4 a.m. to vote because there were only two machines for 1300 voters?
Why did poor and predominantly African-American communities have disproportionately long waits?
Why in Franklin County did election officials only use 2,798 machines when they said they needed 5,000? Why did they hold back 68 machines in warehouses? Why were 42 of those machines in predominantly African-American districts?
Why did, in Columbus area alone, an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 voters leave polling places, out of frustration, without having voted? How many more never bothered to vote after they heard about this?
Why is it when 638 people voted at a precinct in Franklin County, a voting machine awarded 4,258 extra votes to George Bush. Thankfully, they fixed it but how many other votes did the computers get wrong?
Why did Franklin County officials reduce the number of electronic voting machines in downtown precincts, while adding them in the suburbs? This also led to long lines.
In Cleveland, why were there thousands of provisional ballots disqualified after poll workers gave faulty instructions to voters?

Because of this, and voting irregularities in so many other places, I am joining with Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones to cast the light of truth on a flawed system which must be fixed now.
Our democracy is the centerpiece of who we are as a nation. And it is the fondest hope of all Americans that we can help bring democracy to every corner of the world.
As we try to do that, and as we are shedding the blood of our military to this end, we must realize that we lose so much credibility when our own electoral system needs so much improvement.
Yet, in the past four years, this Congress has not done everything it should to give confidence to all of our people their votes matter.
After passing the Help America Vote Act, nothing more was done.
A year ago, Senators Graham, Clinton and I introduced legislation that would have required that electronic voting systems provide a paper record to verify a vote. That paper trail would be stored in a secure ballot box and invaluable in case of a recount.
There is no reason why the Senate should not have taken up and passed that bill. At the very least, a hearing should have been held. But it never happened.
Before I close, I want to thank my colleague from the House, Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones.
Her letter to me asking for my intervention was substantive and compelling.
As I wrote to her, I was particularly moved by her point that it is virtually impossible to get official House consideration of the whole issue of election reform, including these irregularities.
The Congresswoman has tremendous respect in her state of Ohio, which is at the center of this fight.
Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones was a judge for 10 years. She was a prosecutor for 8 years. She was inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame in 2002.
I am proud to stand with her in filing this objection.


[doveofo] Pivotal NESARA Actions Being Launched; Request.  Full Report.
January 30, 2005 11:55 p.m.
Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Today I’m giving you a glimpse of the true inside picture surroundingNESARA and the prosperity programs. My intent today is to answer some questions I’ve been asked by some of you, give a bit of history, andexplain some things about NESARA and the prosperity programs and hints ofwhat’s happening to get NESARA announced.

The details and whole picture about NESARA and the prosperity programs cannot be discussed publicly in the Dove Reports because they are read by personnel who work for the opponents of NESARA and the prosperity programs. If I give too much detail, the opponents of NESARA will know exactly where to cause blockages to keep NESARA from being announced. The things I mention here are things the opponents already know from other sources of information, or are things which will not in any way cause a problem for NESARA or the prosperity programs.

Last year and in years past, I was in constant contact with many sources of information in our large network of telephone contacts around the US and world regarding NESARA and the prosperity programs. There are some people, whose professional positions or their friendships or family connections with those in certain key positions, enable them to have elements of insider information about NESARA and the prosperity programs.  Some of these people with connections to bits of insider information are/were involved in the network of telephone contacts.

Three’s a tremendous mix of “news” sources on the telephone network,including sincere people juxtaposed with other people whose jobs are toprovide false information by saying there are going to be prosperitydeliveries practically every week. The opponents of NESARA and the prosperity programs use multiple channels of disinformation to manipulate people. One particular opponent is past CIA Director, George H.W. Bush, who is an expert at running sneak attacks and disinformation campaigns.  Bush has ordered two kinds of disinformation campaigns to be waged in his efforts to try to stop NESARA and the deliveries of the prosperity programs. Bush has ordered people to put out very serious attacks and disinformation against NESARA and the prosperity programs with the intention of manipulating people to stop paying attention to NESARA and the prosperity programs; many of these disinformation agents are paid by the CIA because the heads of the CIA have been associates of Bush Senior.  Bush Senior’s and his cohorts’ involvement will be proven in court andreported in the media after NESARA is announced.

Bush Senior also has ordered people to put out the false information everyfew weeks that the long-awaited prosperity programs deliveries are happening. Bush’s theory is that if you keep giving so-called “goodnews”, people will normally sit around and WAIT for the good news tohappen. He realizes that if people believe that “someone else” is takingcare of things and getting them what they want, most people will sit back and wait for it to happen. Therefore, putting out the cycles of hopeful news frequently keeps most people “happy” to sit and DO NOTHING. Thewhole reason Bush uses this manipulation is to give false hope to peopleso they will sit and DO NOTHING. The cycles of rumors that the “trustees”are signing off on paperwork or that Bush Jr. is signing off on things –these are all disinformation fabrications designed to make people think“something good” is happening, when in fact NOTHING good is happening.

Bush Senior in particular knows nothing good is happening with the prosperity programs because he is a Trustee of two of the wealthiest programs – Bergevin and Omega; he has no intention of ever funding theseprograms. We were told in the past that the “bad” Trustees were removed;that turned out NOT to be true. However, THERE ARE WAYS to make certainthese programs DO fund to program members; getting the programs properlyfunded to members is ONE of the FOUR big projects related to NESARA which consume nearly all my waking moments. There are very DO-ABLE ways to cause these prosperity programs to fund to program members.

For many years Bush Senior, certain members of the Rockefeller banking family who are part-owners of the Federal Reserve banking system, oval office occupant Bush Jr., and their cohorts have been fighting a war against NESARA and NESARA’s benefits to the people and against funding ofthe prosperity programs. They think they have won the war, however, theyare losing the war. That will become clear when NESARA is announced.

The opponents of NESARA are also in many cases the ones who have interfered with the prosperity programs. The leaders of the opponents are working hard to take away the freedom and prosperity of the world’speople. The opponents have their hands in everything which enables themto seize control of money and power without lawful right. Some of themare focused on keeping NESARA from being announced and keeping theprosperity programs from being disbursed to the prosperity programs’members.

Some of you have asked me to name names. In the past I have named some ofthe opponents. The opponents include the current resident of the WhiteHouse, G.W. Bush, his father, G.H.W. Bush, members of the Rockefeller banking family, Kissinger, Condi Rice, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Chief Justice Rehnquist, Justice O’Connor, Justice Scalia, Justice Kennedy, JusticeThomas, Speaker of the House Hasert, and many others in positions of powerwhich enable them to “control” certain aspects of government,corporations, etc.

For those of you new to NESARA, the major provisions of NESARA – theNational Economic Security And Reformation Act – include the following:

1. Restores Constitutional Law in the US as the forefathers intended when they signed the Declaration of Independence.
2. Requires the current US administration to resign their positions to allow a fresh start at the national level and installs constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections can take place within 120 days.
3. NESARA US President Designate declares “peace” due to NESARA’s
abolishing all unconstitutional “national states of emergency”. All USmilitary aggressive actions will cease immediately.
4. Zeroing out credit card balances, forgiveness of mortgages and other bank debt as a remedy for 70 years of bank and government fraud.
5. Initiates the US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency backed by precious metals. Bank personnel have already been trained on NESARA and the new currency is already in some bank vaults.
6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a new national sales tax on new non-essential items as revenue for government.

It is important that those who fight to bring truth, justice, and freedom back to Americans and the world through NESARA, realize “who” theopponents are and understand their tactics. Fortunately, more and morepeople are realizing these people are opponents of Constitutional Law,truth, freedom, and the American people. More and more Americans in the right positions to handle issues blocking NESARA are “seeing the truth”about these opponents. More on this aspect of things later in thisReport.

Among those giving news about NESARA and prosperity programs are others who sincerely try to give hope and inspiration about NESARA and the prosperity programs, and, as we have seen, their news has not been correct. These people are good people trying to inspire hope in others but they are not being given the truth about what is happening. For example, last Thursday I heard from a contact that certain people were saying NESARA and the prosperity programs’ deliveries were absolutelygoing to happen two days ago, on January 28, 2005. I told my contact thiswas wrong information, and as you can see, it was wrong.

The people putting this information out on the Internet are well-intentioned people; I know most of them and have had direct contact with them. These people are getting their information from some of the same sources I myself also used to believe, but those sources always turned out to be wrong. I give them credit for wanting to keep hope alive, but they will not be told ahead of time exactly when NESARA will be announced because that would cause too great a security risk. I used to believe, like they do, that this wouldn’t matter, but now I know for afact that they will not be given any details regarding the date ofNESARA’s announcement. The strong NESARA supporters who will bring NESARAto announcement absolutely will NOT tolerate any leaks of the exact date on the Internet; this would be a foolhardy breach of serious security requirements.

For me, it is NOT ENOUGH to simply pass on “hopeful messages”. For me,the absolute key is ACTION to handle issues and then announce NESARA. It has been almost five years since I first learned of NESARA and I felt in year 2000 the conditions in America and the world were terrible and that people desperately needed NESARA’s benefits then.

In the last five years, those opposing NESARA made conditions in the world drastically worse. We’ve seen the economies of many countries godownhill; we’ve seen the increasing impoverishment of the world’s citizenswhile corrupt government officials literally steal billions and trillions from government funds and give false excuses for why people’s socialsecurity and retirement monthly payments must be reduced. In Germany, thecorrupt government has told senior citizens their retirement income willbe drastically reduced and has given totally false excuses for why.  Government officials in Germany are robbing the country’s government fundsand lying about why people’s retirement income is being drastically cut.

In the US, Bush, Rumsfeld, and others are literally robbing the biggovernment funds of billions and trillions nearly every day. The Government Accounting Office, (GAO) which does audits of government funds accounts and publishes reports, has been “gagged” by the Bush governmentand now the truth is being put under “classified” status to keep the public from hearing about the trillions Bush and friends are stealing.  Bush has attacked two countries and killed many American soldiers and residents of those two countries on behalf of big oil corporations. The situation in the US and worldwide is getting drastically worse every day.

On a personal level, I want you to think back over the last five years:

How many people you loved have passed on?
How many people you care about have lost their jobs?
How many people you love have lost hope and are sinking into depression, drugs, alcohol, or poverty?
How many of you have lost jobs due to the terrible economy or have seen your businesses revenues drop?
How many of you have lost your homes to foreclosures or to economic circumstances beyond your control which required that you sell a home you loved before it could be foreclosed upon?
How many of you have loved ones in the US military who are risking their lives unnecessarily in the totally unnecessary oil-grabbing action by Bush and friends?
How many of you know people who are living on the streets because there is no place else for them to live?
How many people do you know who are suffering from cancer, from Alzheimer’s, from MS, from Parkinson’s disease, from medical conditions
that severely limit their lives?
How many people do you know who are increasingly having difficult times financially, health-wise, professionally?

Over the years, I’ve received thousands and thousands of emails, letters,cards, and phone calls from people who have shared with me the serious and painful experiences of their lives. Last year, a very nice lady knitted me a small blanket which I use frequently in the winter and had mentioned in one note to me that her husband was ill. A few months ago, I learned that he had passed on. I myself lost my very best “fur friend” inDecember 2001; she had been with me 14 years and helped me through serioushealth problems and much more; and my dear elderly relative hasexperienced health problems which have taken her from her family.

The point I’m making here is that over the last FIVE years, most of ushave seen the world deteriorate and we’ve experienced personal losses inour lives WHICH NESARA’s ANNOUNCEMENT would either prevent or enable newsolutions to be provided.

There are cures for almost every medical condition – cures alreadyavailable, but as long as our governments are being controlled by bigmulti-national corporations who make pharmaceutical drugs, the doctors whohave developed these cures will be kept from making them widely available to the public. NESARA’s announcement reforms many US government agenciesincluding the FDA, and by restoring Constitutional Law will enable peopleto have access to these cures. It’s not necessary for people we love tosuffer from medical conditions – they could be well and happy, but we needNESARA announced to enable the cures to become known.

There’s no reason for us to fight wars to grab some other country’s oilwells because we have much superior kinds of technologies to provide power which do not use fossil fuels at all. There are devices which can be added to your car engine today which would allow your car to run on water, for example. The devices I’m noting do not cause imbalances in hydrogenor oxygen gases or humidity or in any other way cause problems. There are devices already invented which can enable us to have independent power sources which run on “ambient energy” with which to power our homes andbusinesses. There is no need to send our loved ones to fight to a war for oil wells that belong to other people; anyone who thinks this is necessary is not correct. There are plenty of technologies which have been suppressed but are ready to be made public and would get us off fossil fuels. There’s no reason for people to die in a war over oil wells; the war is totally due to the greed of the corporations taking over the oil wells. NESARA’s announcement will bring the end to American militarylosing their lives for greedy corporations’ gains.

Almost all painful and harmful situations in the world today will be beneficially impacted by NESARA’s announcement, improvements, andbeneficial ripple effects. The benefits of NESARA are too numerous tolist.

Every day that we go without NESARA’s announcement, is a day thatconditions for people and our Earth worsen.

Last July I could not sit and wait any longer. After four years of waiting for NESARA to be announced, I DECIDED to GET INVOLVED and take ACTION to do whatever possible to move NESARA forward faster.

After making this decision, I called my International Coordinator of the NESARA Take Action Teams, Jane P., and I told Jane that I needed her to take over providing support to the NTAT Leaders for me because I was going to spend all my time getting the facts about what was stopping NESARA, what had to be fixed, how to fix it and get NESARA announced. I stopped writing “daily” Dove Reports and went to “weekly” Reports so I could havesix full days a week for focusing on what had to be handled to get NESARAannounced; leaving one day to research and compose the Dove Report and related activities. Even though I don’t really enjoy traveling due toburning out on doing professional computer consulting and seminars whichrequired a lot of travel in the past, I made the decision I would travel wherever I had to in order to move NESARA forward. I COMMITTED EVERYTHING in MY LIFE to doing whatever it takes to accomplish solid actions to move NESARA forward and into announcement as soon as possible.

Finding out the facts regarding NESARA and what needs to be handled so NESARA can be announced has been extremely challenging due to the walls of secrecy which have been put around NESARA. I discovered the gag order on NESARA has been very effective in keeping large numbers of people from hearing about NESARA, including some groups we had been told did know about NESARA. For example, when I was in Washington, DC last September and October, I contacted US Naval Intelligence and provided very serious information regarding quadrillions of valid US Federal Reserve currency being held outside the United States in an unusual situation which due to the tremendous amounts involved will merit special handling in the exchange process after NESARA is announced. I had received crucial information from a retired MI6 British Intelligence agent who understood the importance of these quadrillions of US Federal Reserve currency and other assets to NESARA.

A few hours after my initial phone call, a Navy intelligence person was assigned to work with me on this issue and called me. During our conversation, I mentioned how these quadrillions of authentic Federal Reserve currency might impact NESARA. The Navy intelligence person did not react to my mention of NESARA, so I asked him directly if he knew about NESARA. He said he did not, and I could tell from his manner that he was telling the truth. We had been told that everyone in Naval Intelligence knew about NESARA, but in fact, I discovered this was not true. I began to understand how effective the gag order around NESARA has been.

I learned some other things from this interaction with the Naval intelligence agent. He asked me to send as much information as possible by email and he would get back to me. I did as he asked and then waited for him to get back to me. Finally, I discovered that he and his commander had been told by the US Treasury Department to “stay out” of thesituation and not to communicate with me. I later learned that Bush Jr.has his eye on the quadrillions of Federal Reserve currency and also had reason to cover up things his father, Bush Senior, had done involving portions of these huge amounts of Federal Reserve currency. When the truth about all these things comes out after NESARA is announced, it will be another huge lesson to Americans about the corruption of their leaders and wrong use of huge amounts of assets by corrupt leaders.

Last July, I began doing deep research to find the true issues keeping NESARA from being announced. I was able to confirm again that the committee of people in charge of NESARA were actually sabotaging NESARA.  However, I also learned that there are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL ACTIONS needed to make corrections so NESARA can be brought to announcement. Since I am not under the gag order, I can freely speak with people, research, and travel to meet with others who can provide information or assistance to bring NESARA to announcement.

Since last July, I’ve contacted hundreds of people to research certainaspects of NESARA and to expand my network of contacts on behalf of NESARA. In the last seven months, I’ve made over 1,170 telephone callsfor NESARA to people in the US, Britain, Europe, Australia, Asia, NewZealand, Mexico, and South America researching information and expandingthe network of people who care about NESARA. Some of these people provided crucial elements of information and guided me to others who had more information. I also telephoned hundreds of NESARA supporters requesting that they check with their own networks for a particular contact or connection to key people who can help NESARA. I very much appreciate everyone’s efforts to help.

To meet with people who could help NESARA or had information related toNESARA, since July I’ve traveled to several cities the US and to othercities across the ocean logging over 32,000 miles in air travel and many miles in cars and taxis. I flew from Seattle, Washington to points in the US in the Southeast, the Southwest, another Southwest city, to the Midwest, and to Washington, DC to meet with people about NESARA. On December 1st, when everyone in the brisk weather of the Pacific Northwest was putting up their Christmas lights, I packed summer clothes and flew across the ocean to a country where it is “always summer”, hot and humid.

Each trip yielded valuable information regarding the truth about NESARA.  When I went to Washington, DC last September, I was aware there were things that had to be accomplished in the nation’s capitol. I had a basicplan in mind but had to see where my research and contacts led me. Once in D.C., new information surfaced which led me into new directions of research and more contacts. While there I received vital, tremendously important information from a gentleman originally from Wales who, it turned out, held the “key” to resolving a huge NESARA matter about which I had been losing a lot of sleep.

What I learned is there are vital matters which must be handled and corrected before NESARA can be announced. We were told for years, and some people are still being told, that “everything is ready”; I used tobelieve that but when NESARA failed to be announced for four years, Icould no longer accept that story. What I learned while in D.C. iseverything is not “ready”. However, I also began to see the solutions inthe information my Welch friend provided; other contacts from the opposite side of the world added more details which helped build the full picture of the solutions.

After six weeks in D.C. and contacts with hundreds of people, I returned home to develop overviews of NESARA and related matters which I supplied to key people around the US. I made dozens of telephone calls each day and spent my evenings faxing over 1,420 pages of documentation to dozens of key people in the US. In addition, I prepared a full report for specific high level people in positions to help NESARA, and supplied over 1,100 pages of documentation and information by postal and courier delivery to these key leaders. All of November was taken up with these communications regarding NESARA. And, the pressure was mounting for me to make the very critical trip to another country; I received emails frequently asking when I would be arriving. It was important that I accomplish these communications with key people before I left the country; that meant long hours with very little sleep every day for weeks.

Finally, in a whirlwind of action, I obtained my passport, packed my bags, my computer, and on December 1st flew from Seattle to Tokyo and then on to the capital of another Asian country and finally one last flight to my first destination city in this foreign land. I originally planned to be out of the country for about 9 days, but once there, I realized I better see as many people as possible to do all I could for NESARA. Meeting with different people there presented a number of challenges as well as yielded extremely important help for NESARA. I made new friends among some dear people who truly do understand that all of us around the world must cooperate in harmony to do the things needed to bring about important improvements for all the world’s people. It was in the final days of thistrip, that the greatest key to resolving matters for NESARA became clear.  I arrived home at 1 a.m. on December 24th after non-stop traveling for 40hours, very tired, but very glad to have found the final key to resolving crucial NESARA matters.

Since Christmas, I’ve been receiving more intelligence regarding the exactdetails of what must be done to handle certain matters and bring NESARA toannouncement. After months of research and contacts, the RIGHT PEOPLE have surfaced who can do what’s needed and bring NESARA to announcement.  There are “no magic wands”, but there are extremely capable and courageouspeople who can do what needs to be done and who want to take action now!

For the last month, I’ve analyzed volumes of data, pictures, andintelligence I’ve collected. I’ve been receiving new intelligence, andpulling together documentation, pictures, and research data from manysources which must be disseminated to certain key people all over the US.  This information must be put into the hands of hundreds of powerful, high level people throughout the US in the next few weeks; it will provide them the keys to handling issues and bringing NESARA to announcement.

For months I’ve been building to this point. Now I have the critical information and back-up documentation. I need to provide this package of 100+ pages to hundreds of key people all over the United States. These are the people who can do what’s needed to get NESARA announced.

In addition, I will be carrying out another parallel action of contacting hundreds of other well-positioned people and introducing them to NESARA.  These people are seeking ways to get the Bush administration out of power and there is no better way than to announce NESARA. NESARA does what no amount of “impeach Bush” efforts can do. Even if Bush were removed, hewould simply be replaced by another corrupt politician. NESARA clears outall the corrupt politicians and wipes out their terrible laws, including the patriot act.

I need your help to accomplish these extremely urgent actions. There are costs involved in copying and assembling the documentation, photographs, excerpts of books and research data, and other elements of this 100+ page package. It’s important these packages of information reach the key people as soon as possible; there are delivery costs involved. I also expect to travel to meet with key people in the next few weeks. All of these things are ACTIONS helping move NESARA to announcement.

I’m not just giving news on the Internet. I’m TAKING ACTION every day.  Now is the time to go full power to get NESARA moving to announcement!

On behalf of all of us, I need your help to accomplish the disseminationof crucial information immediately into the hands of the right people to get NESARA announced. I need your help to be able to travel to meet directly with people who have very pivotal parts to play in the actions needed to bring NESARA to announcement.

Just a few weeks ago, I began negotiations for key resources which are crucial for NESARA. I’m taking action every day because we need NESARAnow!

You can help in these crucial NESARA actions by sending donations to meNOW at:

3430 Pacific Ave SE
Suite A6 PMB 217
Olympia, WA 98501

You may send donations in cash, money orders, or checks; please make checks or money orders payable to “Dove”. Please also include your nameand mailing address so I may send you a “thank you” note and also inviteyou to celebrate NESARA after the announcement.

I also want the 123 of you who sent me donations in response to my last request months ago to know that I did, just yesterday, put your “thankyou” notes into the mail. I hope you understand from the review of mylast several months’ activities why your “thank you” notes were delayed.

RIGHT NOW is the time to move NESARA forward! The crucial information I’mdistributing to hundreds of key people in the next few weeks is pivotal inbuilding and accelerating activities to bring NESARA to announcement! I’m asking ALL OF YOU WHO CAN, to send your financial gifts NOW to fund these crucial contacts I need to begin THIS WEEK with hundreds of “right people”who are seeking exactly the solution NESARA provides. These people arethe keys to getting NESARA announced.

This is the exact right time. Many powerful people, in positions which enable them to help NESARA, have realized Bush’s inauguration spells theultimate end of America unless the Bush government is removed as soon aspossible. The information I’m disseminating shows how NESARA can be moved into announcement! Please help move these important NESARA actions forward now!


Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams


[doveofo] NESARA is the Answer to the World’s Needs and Hopes.  Full Report.
February 6, 2005 11:57 pm PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

As expected, the Bush government has just issued a new threat against the Middle East and it’s no surprise the threat was delivered by the newsecretary of state, Condi Rice. Rice stated to reporters in Germany thatshe is warning Iran that the Bush government will not tolerate Iran’sactions to build a nuclear arsenal.

It is not to protect the US that Bush wants to attack Iran; Bush is determined to attack more Middle East countries as soon as possible. He’sjust following the guidelines in the Project for a New American Century’splan which calls for the USA to basically take over all of the Middle East in the guise of dealing with terrorism, when in fact, it is all about obtaining “resources” for certain favored multi-national corporations.

The cover stories for these totally unlawful actions by the Bush government are many, but definitely are not about granting “freedom” toanyone or improving the lives of any of our US military or the people theyare ordered to attack.

A few days ago when secretary of defense Rumsfeld announced to the USSenate he was setting up his own “military CIA” operations around theworld, a GREAT CLUE to the true state of the union was revealed. Whywould Rumsfeld need such an intelligence group when the US has many CIApersonnel and other foreign intelligence gathering groups all over the world?

Rumsfeld has to set up his own foreign intelligence groups because there is outright revolt occurring among certain seasoned veterans of the CIA and other US intelligence agencies who are refusing to deliver the “manufactured” intelligence reports Rumsfeld is demanding. Rumsfeld and Bush want American intelligence agencies to basically manufacture intelligence information which would support the Bush government attacking more Middle East countries.

After four years of being increasingly pressured by the Bush government to provide the data Bush needs which would enable Bush to have a plausible reason to attack other countries, many groups in the CIA, (which Bush’sfather, ex-CIA Director Bush Senior, believed “belonged to him”) arequietly refusing to provide false intel to meet Bush’s and Rumsfeld’s needfor excuses to attack additional Middle East countries.

Bush’s intended aggression toward Iran is another in a long list ofactions and plans which are not only harming the people in theMiddle East, but are directly and indirectly harming Americans and people around the world. Americans in our military are realizing it’s all about “theoil”. Most American military who have seen first-hand what is happeningin Iraq are ashamed of what they are being forced to do. They realize they are in Iraq only to be the “muscle” and protection for bigmulti-national corporations actively involved in making billions from theIraq situation.

Halliburton certainly knows how to do this; Halliburton claimed last week that they would not “feed” our US military unless the Pentagon paidHalliburton $2 Billion MORE than the amount to which Halliburton hadcontractually agreed for the services being rendered. This amounts toholding our US military personnel “hostage” for $2 Billion dollars sinceour military obviously must have food. This is extortion, plain andsimple, and it’s absolutely illegal and unlawful. But with Dick Cheneysitting in the vice president’s chair, Halliburton obviously believes theyare immune to obeying any law but their own.

As long as the Bush government is in power, there can be no hope for a better America or a better world.

NESARA is the answer. We were told years ago that everything was ready for NESARA, but that has turned out not to be true. If it were true, NESARA would already be announced. However, the good news is more and more people in key positions want to remove the Bush government and they are seriously seeking a way to do this. NESARA is the answer.

The key to all the issues blocking NESARA is that from the very beginning, opponents of NESARA have been “in control” of NESARA’s reforms. Manypeople have asked me, particularly after the US Supreme Court put Bush inthe White House, how those same judges possibly be the ones who ruled in favor of the farmers’ cases years ago. The farmers’ cases in the USSupreme Court against certain banks and certain government officials werethe foundation for NESARA’s reforms. The farmers’ cases proved fraud andworse by the Federal Reserve Banking System and certain government agencies and officials.

The answer is, the farmers had brought the cases to the attention of certain powerful US military Generals and Admirals who supported the farmers. These Generals and Admirals watched the proceedings on the farmers’ cases in US Supreme Court and warned the Judges to “be fair” andgive the proper rulings. There were always good people working behind thescenes, including the Generals and Admirals, to support the farmers’ casesbeing successful. Relatively few people were involved in these behind-the-scenes activities, and the activities were kept quiet.

Even though the Generals and Admirals did all in their power for some years, the Judges ultimately had control of NESARA. The Judges have managed to block NESARA’s announcement all these years, while pretendingto NESARA supporters that they are actually pro-NESARA.

However when the year 2000 election case of Bush v. Gore was put in frontof the US Supreme Court to keep the Florida recount from being completed, the US Supreme Court Judges exposed their true alliances. The fix had been put in with the “five” Republicans on the Court before the Bush v.Gore case ever arose.

When you read the investigative report by former New York Times columnist, David Margolick, one ofAmerica’s foremost commentators on the law andcontributing editor to Vanity Fair, you see immediately that the USSupreme Court Judges made a sham of the most important case they had ruledupon in their careers.

Margolick published the first-ever, INSIDE STORY from the LAW CLERKS who worked directly with the US Supreme Court judges who ruled on Bush v. Gore in November-December 2000. The law clerks have left their clerkships and decided, due to the serious consequences of the Court’s decision, to tellthe inside story of how the five judges used their high office to make a“partisan” decision to rule in favor of Bush prior to the case comingbefore them. This investigative report was published in the October 2004issue of “Vanity Fair”; the full report may read at the following links: Part One of October 2004 report Part Two of October 2004 report

The investigative report is entitled “The Path to Florida” and is quitelengthy.

What struck me while reading this investigative report was the largely unprofessional way the judges acted. Not only had the five Republicans made up their minds before ever receiving the case, but they were very obvious in their absolute bias in favor of Bush. When I read the comments these highly trained Law Clerks made about the actual events before and when the case of Bush v. Gore went to the US Supreme Court, I was ashamed of these judges. In fact, I was ashamed of all but one of the judges.  Only one judge, John Paul Stevens, who is the oldest and most senior judge on the court, made a proper response to the totally unfounded Bush v. Gore case.

The lies and betrayals of the five judges are tantamount to treason. Only Judge Stevens of the nine judges acted fully in alignment with his duties as an impartial, high judicial expert. Judge Ginsburg, who we were told was pro-NESARA, did not perform well behind the scenes. Judge Ginsburg made a proper point in one of her opinions she circulated to the other judges prior to the decision. Republican Judge Scalia asked Judge Ginsburg to remove this issue from her opinion because it pointed too clearly to the truth. Ginsburg did as he asked; she failed Americans when she did this.

Instead of acting as proper, high court judges, the five Republican judges misused their high positions to seize the election for the Republic party and for Bush. On election night, Judge O’Connor was heard saying at asocial gathering that she was very upset that Gore seemed to be winning.  For this remark, O’Connor should have recused herself from hearing the case, but she lied about saying making the remark because she was determined to give the presidency to Bush. Very early in the proceedings even before the judges had seen any arguments or briefs from either side of the case, O’Connor’s own Law Clerk stated that O’Connor was determinedto rule in favor of Bush and she was just looking for legal foundations todo so. If you have not read this investigative report, then you have doneyourself a disfavor. Everyone in the country should read this investigate report.

Why did we not have impeachment proceedings against the five judges?  There was no impeachment because the truth about what happened was not allowed to come out in the media which is controlled by big corporations who support Bush. After a few days the media managers shut down stories about those who criticized and opposed the US Supreme Court’s ruling.

But law professionals did criticize the court for it’s handling of Bush v.Gore. I am including one such criticism below where a deputy district attorney clearly discusses the enormous injury done to Americans by the Court.

These five judges did the unconscionable act of using their power unlawfully to put Republican candidate Bush into the White House. It is not an accident that Bush has done more harm to Americans and the world than anyone who has occupied the oval office.

It is not an accident that these same judges have caused dozens of problems for NESARA.

This week while doing research regarding NESARA matters, I searched to find what our Founding Fathers said regarding problems in our government.  I was surprised to see they very clearly understood the dangers of a dishonest and power hungry judiciary:

“It has long, however, been my opinion, and I have never shrunk from its expression… that the germ of dissolution of our federal government is in the constitution of the federal Judiciary;… working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped. ~ Thomas Jefferson, letter to Charles Hammond, August 18, 1821

T]he opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves, in their, own sphere of action, but for the Legislature and Executive also in their spheres, would make the Judiciary a despotic branch. ~ Thomas Jefferson, letter to Abigail Adams, September 11, 1804

And it proves, in the last place, that liberty can have nothing to fear from the judiciary alone, but would have everything to fear from its union with either of the other departments. ~ Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 78, 1788″

It’s clear the Founding Fathers understood the danger of a power-hungry judiciary. When Hamilton speaks of a “union”, he is basically saying thatif the US Supreme Court ever went into partnership with the head person inthe oval office or the Congress, it would be disastrous for Americans.  This is exactly what happened when the US Supreme Court Judges ruled on Bush v. Gore.

In my last seven months of researching the true status of NESARA, I have discovered the judges continue to block NESARA. However, there are ways to deal with this situation, handle certain NESARA matters, and bring NESARA to announcement.

The only way to bring NESARA to announcement is for the right people to handle NESARA matters and bring NESARA to announcement. After months of contacting hundreds of people regarding NESARA issues, I’ve compiled about 200 pages of intelligence detailing the actual status of NESARA and the issues needing resolution so NESARA can be announced.

Just yesterday, I completed the intelligence report on NESARA and am in the process of providing this detailed report to hundreds powerful people in the right positions to help NESARA. The distribution of this very detailed intelligence about NESARA will be very expensive. Just copying costs will be, for the first phase of sending it to 200 key people, about $3,200. The delivery costs will be another $1,200+ as time is of the essence. Those of you who have sent me donations have already helped in these efforts. I will keep distributing this crucial intelligence to hundreds of key people until these essential actions for NESARA are completed.

We are in an unseen war for the future of all people on Earth right now in these months of early 2005. We have no time to waste and no time to sit around. There will be no magic wands and no angels dropping down to fix things. WE must be the ones to do the crucial actions for NESARA and the world!

The distribution of NESARA intelligence to the right people at this crucial time is pivotal in organizing the actions to help NESARA. If you want to help NESARA, please help with donations to support this crucial distribution of intelligence which will enable the right people to do the critical actions of resolving NESARA matters and carrying NESARA into announcement. Donations of cash, checks, or money orders (payable to Dove) may be sent to:

3430 Pacific Ave SE, #A6 PMB 217
Olympia, WA 98501

This is the first time I’ve ever asked for donations two weeks in a row,but there’s a CRUCIAL NEED for this NESARA intelligence to reach hundredsof key people and give them a common understanding of the true status of NESARA and realization that the Bush government can lawfully and peacefully be removed through NESARA. It’s critical that these detailsreach key people NOW in a very QUICK WAVE of distribution in the NEXT TWOWEEKS across the US. Key people have been recently meeting, trying to figure out how to remove the Bush government; they need this NESARA intelligence now! We don’t have a minute to waste; each day the Bushgovernment causes more harm and more deaths. It’s essential all needed to move NESARA into action be done ASAP!

Due to the gag order, very few people understand the truth regarding why NESARA is not announced. To get NESARA announced, it will take actions from numerous key people and groups. I’m giving many key people the details about NESARA matters so they may more quickly act.

The prosperity programs also are being blocked. All those rumors are just that – rumors. However, it happens that due to certain circumstances,there are actions which can rescue the prosperity programs; these rescue actions I am also detailing. Key actions can unlock the prosperity programs and these actions are now also linked to NESARA.

My thanks to those of you who are helping NESARA! You are part of the actions to move NESARA into public announcement. NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
NESARA Take Action Teams

Dove uses a pseudonym for security and privacy reasons. The Dove Report currently has 15,896 subscribers and is read by over 320,000 people worldwide in forums on other websites and published in magazines and journals nationally and internationally.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Posted January 18, 2001
About Vincent Bugliosi

Vincent Bugliosi successfully prosecuted 105 out of 106 felony jury trials as a Los Angeles deputy district attorney, including twenty-one murder convictions without a single loss. His prosecution of Charles Manson was the basis for his true-crime bestseller, Helter Skelter (Bantam). He is also the author of Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder (Island). Copyright (c) Vincent Bugliosi, January 3, 2001.


by Vincent Bugliosi

In the December 12 ruling by the US Supreme Court handing the election to George Bush, the Court committed the unpardonable sin of being a knowing surrogate for the Republican Party instead of being an impartial arbiter of the law. If you doubt this, try to imagine Al Gore’s and George Bush’s roles being reversed and ask yourself if you can conceive of Justice Antonin Scalia and his four conservative brethren issuing an emergency order on December 9 stopping the counting of ballots (at a time when Gore’s lead had shrunk to 154 votes) on the grounds that if it continued, Gore could suffer “irreparable harm,” and then subsequently, on December 12, bequeathing the election to Gore on equal protection grounds. If you can, then I suppose you can also imagine seeing a man jumping away from his own shadow, Frenchmen no longer drinking wine.

From the beginning, Bush desperately sought, as it were, to prevent the opening of the door, the looking into the box–unmistakable signs that he feared the truth. In a nation that prides itself on openness, instead of the Supreme Court doing everything within its power to find a legal way to open the door and box, they did the precise opposite in grasping, stretching and searching mightily for a way, any way at all, to aid their choice for President, Bush, in the suppression of the truth, finally settling, in their judicial coup d’état, on the untenable argument that there was a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection clause–the Court asserting that because of the various standards of determining the voter’s intent in the Florida counties, voters were treated unequally, since a vote disqualified in one county (the so-called undervotes, which the voting machines did not pick up) may have been counted in another county, and vice versa. Accordingly, the Court reversed the Florida Supreme Court’s order that the undervotes be counted, effectively delivering the presidency to Bush.

The Court majority, after knowingly transforming the votes of 50 million Americans into nothing and throwing out all of the Florida undervotes (around 60,000), actually wrote that their ruling was intended to preserve “the fundamental right” to vote. This elevates audacity to symphonic and operatic levels. The Court went on to say, after stealing the election from the American people, “None are more conscious of the vital limits on its judicial authority than are the members of this Court, and none stand more in admiration of the Constitution’s design to leave the selection of the President to the people.” Can you imagine that? As they say, “It’s enough to drive you to drink.”

Varying methods to cast and count votes have been going on in every state of the union for the past two centuries, and the Supreme Court has been as silent as a church mouse on the matter, never even hinting that there might be a right under the equal protection clause that was being violated. Georgetown University law professor David Cole said, “[The Court] created a new right out of whole cloth and made sure it ultimately protected only one person–George Bush.” The simple fact is that the five conservative Justices did not have a judicial leg to stand on in their blatantly partisan decision. In a feeble, desperate effort to support their decision, the Court cited four of its previous cases as legal precedent, but not one of them bears even the slightest resemblance to Bush v. Gore.

Other than the unprecedented and outrageous nature of what the Court did,nothing surprises me more than how it is being viewed by the legal scholars and pundits who have criticized the opinion. As far as I can determine, most have correctly assailed the Court for issuing a ruling that was clearly political. As the December 25 Time capsulized it, “A sizable number of critics, from law professors to some of the Court’s own members, have attacked the ruling as…politically motivated.” A sampling from a few law professors: Vanderbilt professor Suzanna Sherry said, “There is really very little way to reconcile this opinion other than that they wanted Bush to win.” Yale’s Amar lamented that “for Supreme Court watchers this case will be like BC and AD. For many of my colleagues, this was like the day President Kennedy was assassinated. Many of us [had] thought that courts do not act in an openly political fashion.” Harvard law professor Randall Kennedy called the decision “outrageous.”2.

If, indeed, the Court, as the critics say, made a politically motivatedruling (which it unquestionably did), this is tantamount to saying, and can only mean, that the Court did not base its ruling on the law. And if this is so (which again, it unquestionably is), this means that these five Justices deliberately and knowingly decided to nullify the votes of the 50 million Americans who voted for Al Gore and to steal the election for Bush. Of course, nothing could possibly be more serious in its enormous ramifications. The stark reality, and I say this with every fiber of my being, is that the institution Americans trust the most to protect its freedoms and principles committed one of the biggest and most serious crimes this nation has ever seen–pure and simple, the theft of the presidency. And by definition, the perpetrators of this crime have to be denominated criminals.

Since the notion of five Supreme Court Justices being criminals is so alien to our sensibilities and previously held beliefs, and since, for the most part, people see and hear, as Thoreau said, what they expect to see and hear, most readers will find my characterization of these Justices to be intellectually incongruous. But make no mistake about it, I think my background in the criminal law is sufficient to inform you that Scalia, Thomas et al. are criminals in the very truest sense of the word.

The New York Times observed that the Court gave the appearance by the stay of “racing to beat the clock before an unwelcome truth would come out.” Terrance Sandalow, former dean of the University of Michigan Law School and a judicial conservative who opposed Roe v. Wade and supported the nomination to the Court of right-wing icon Robert Bork, said that “the balance of harms so unmistakably were on the side of Gore” that the granting of the stay was “incomprehensible,” going on to call the stay “an unmistakably partisan decision without any foundation in law.”

As Justice John Paul Stevens wrote in opposing the stay, Bush “failed to carry the heavy burden” of showing a likelihood of irreparable harm if the recount continued. In other words, the Court never even had the legal right to grant the stay. “Counting every legally cast vote cannot constitute irreparable harm,” Stevens said. “On the other hand, there is a danger that a stay may cause irreparable harm to the respondent [Gore] and, more importantly, the public at large because of the risk that the entry of the stay would be tantamount to a decision on the merits in favor of the applicant. Preventing the recount from being completed will inevitably cast a cloud on the legitimacy of the election.” Stevens added what even the felonious five knew but decided to ignore: that it is a “basic principle inherent in our Constitution that every legal vote should be counted.” From the wrongful granting of the stay alone, the handwriting was on the wall. Gore was about as safe as a cow in a Chicago stockyard.

In yet another piece of incriminating circumstantial evidence, Scalia, in granting Bush’s application for the stay, wrote that “the issuance of the stay suggests that a majority of the Court, while not deciding the issues presented, believe that the petitioner [Bush] has a substantial probability of success.” But Antonin, why would you believe this when neither side had submitted written briefs yet (they were due the following day, Sunday, by 4 pm), nor had there even been oral arguments (set for 11 am on Monday)? It wouldn’t be because you had already made up your mind on what you were determined to do, come hell or high water, would it? Antonin, take it from an experienced prosecutor–you’re as guilty as sin. In my prosecutorial days, I’ve had some worthy opponents. You wouldn’t be one of them. Your guilt is so obvious that if I thought more of you I’d feel constrained to blush for you.

Why, one may ask, have I written this article? I’ll tell you why. I’d liketo think, like most people, that I have a sense of justice. In my mind’s eye, these five Justices have gotten away with murder, and I want to do whatever I can to make sure that they pay dearly for their crime. Though they can’t be prosecuted, I want them to know that there’s at least one American out there (and hopefully many more because of this article) who knows (not thinks, but knows) precisely who they are. I want these five Justices to know that because of this article, which I intend to send to each one of them by registered mail, there’s the exponential possibility that when many Americans look at them in the future, they’ll be saying, “Why are these people in robes seated above me? They all belong behind bars.” I want these five Justices to know that this is America, not a banana republic, and in the United States of America, you simply cannot get away with things like this.

At a minimum, I believe that the Court’s inexcusable ruling will severely stain its reputation for years to come, perhaps decades. This is very unfortunate. As Justice Stevens wrote in his dissent: “Although we may never know with complete certainty the identity of the winner of this year’s presidential election, the identity of the loser is perfectly clear. It is the nation’s confidence in [this Court] as an impartial guardian of the rule of law.” Considering the criminal intention behind the decision, legal scholars and historians should place this ruling above the Dred Scott case (Scott v. Sandford) and Plessy v. Ferguson in egregious sins of the Court. The right of every American citizen to have his or her vote counted, and for Americans (not five unelected Justices) to choose their President was callously and I say criminally jettisoned by the Court’s majority to further its own political ideology. If there is such a thing as a judicial hell, these five Justices won’t have to worry about heating bills in their future. Scalia and Thomas in particular are not only a disgrace to the judiciary but to the legal profession, for years being nothing more than transparent shills for the right wing of the Republican Party. If the softest pillow is a clear conscience, these five Justices are in for some hard nights. But if they aren’t troubled by what they did, then we’re dealing with judicial sociopaths, people even more frightening than they already appear to be.

The Republican Party had a good candidate for President, John McCain. Instead, it nominated perhaps the most unqualified person ever to become President, and with the muscular, thuggish help of the Court, forced Bush down the throats of more than half the nation’s voters. As Linda Greenhouse wrote in the New York Times, when Rehnquist administers the presidential oath of office to Bush on January 20, for the first time in our nation’s history the Chief Justice will not just be a prop in the majestic ceremony but a player. Rehnquist will be swearing in someone he made sure would be President.  Obscenity has its place in a free and open society, but it’s in the seedy, neon-light part of town, not on the steps of the nation’s Capitol being viewed by millions of Americans on television screens throughout the land.

That an election for an American President can be stolen by the highest court in the land under the deliberate pretext of an inapplicable constitutional provision has got to be one of the most frightening and dangerous events ever to have occurred in this country. Until this act — which is treasonous, though again not technically, in its sweeping implications — is somehow rectified (and I do not know how this can be done), can we be serene about continuing to place the adjective “great” before the name of this country?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


[doveofo] NESARA Intelligence Reports, Pictures and Voice Message.  Full Report.
February 20, 2005 11:32 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

In March, a few weeks from now, it will be five years since NESARA waspassed in Congress. Obviously, there are issues that must be resolved so NESARA can be announced.

Last July I stopped doing daily Dove Reports to have the time and energy to focus directly on activities to move NESARA to announcement. After five long years of seeing the world and the world’s people go downhill inmost ways, and seeing the future looked even worse, I was urgentlycompelled to act. I decided to stop listening to all the “rumors” and goout into the world, travel, meet with people, and investigate directly on my own to discover why NESARA was not already announced.

My investigations took me around the US and across the ocean to a third-world Asian country where there are financial factors related to NESARA. I met personally, in a very private setting, one-on-one with people who voted to pass the NESARA Law. I spoke with and met with intelligence contacts regarding NESARA. I am the only person writing reports about NESARA on the internet who has done any direct, personal investigation of NESARA.

My investigations have brought to light absolutely crucial actions which must be taken to resolve issues in order to free NESARA to be announced.  The results of my investigations have given me a fairly complete picture of what and how issues must be handled and by whom in order to bring about NESARA’s announcement.

In the last eight months, I have identified the key people who must beinvolved and the essential activities each group of people have theability to accomplish which must be done to bring NESARA to announcement.  It’s extremely urgent these key people receive the intelligence I’vecollected and synthesized into the 200-page NESARA intelligence report.

The time isNOW! Thousands of these key people are actually meetingprivately every weekend to discuss what can be done to fix the extremely serious problems in America today. BUT, they do NOT have a workable plan! Many of them do NOT know about NESARA due to NESARA’s gag order. TheseKEY PEOPLE have the CAPABILITIES to bring NESARA to announcement but most do not know about NESARA.

They want to act SOON to fix America! It’s extremely important that the200-page NESARA intelligence report get to themNOW while they areintensely seeking solutions! The NESARA intelligence report contains theSOLUTIONS these key people are seeking!

We must “strike while the iron is hot”. It’s important to put the200-page NESARA intelligence report into the hands of HUNDREDS of thesepeople immediately.

In addition, the NESARA intelligence report includes details of how and why the PROSPERITY PROGRAMS must BE RESCUED. Not one penny of the prosperity programs will be paid out to program members unless these prosperity programs are RESCUED from those who currently control the programs.

Let me explain a few facts:

1) The European banks have NO REASON to want to fund these programs because the BANKS are USING the programs’ FUNDS; if the programs arefunded, the European bankers will LOSE money out of their personalpockets. Therefore, there is absolutely NO WAY the European bankers want these prosperity programs to fund.

2) There is absolutely NO WAY the prosperity programs’ TRUSTEES want theseprograms to fund. The Trustees are drawing hundreds of millions from thebig programs each quarter. These Trustees are among the most ruthless, unlawful people on the planet. The Trustees intend to NEVER fund these programs but they cannot “yet” totally steal the funds. The Trustees aremerely waiting for certain events to occur; then they intend to totallysteal the funds.

Some of you listen to the endless and totally FALSE rumors on the phone network which say the funding of the prosperity programs is going to happen soon. There are NO PLANS to fund these programs as of now. NO PLANS. NONE. NADA. ZERO. The bankers and trustees put out false funding and delivery rumors just to “placate” you and make you thinksomething is happening so you will SIT STILL and DO NOTHING! These rumorsare meant to KEEP YOU from doing anything; and the rumors have beensuccessful for the most part. Some of you have been listening to these rumors for over ten years! When are you going to figure it out? It’s allLIES!

The prosperity program members will NEVER receive a dime of these fundsunless the programs are rescued. These programs MUST BE RESCUED.

The NESARA intelligence report includes the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW of RESCUING these prosperity programs. NESARA’s announcementrequires the prosperity programs to be rescued. Only due to NESARA willthe prosperity programs ever be rescued.

You can help with these extremely crucial actions. You can CONTRIBUTE to getting the NESARA intelligence report out to hundreds of key people in powerful positions who are seeking the solutions NESARA provides! Your contributions are needed for the distribution of the NESARA intelligence report to 254 key people:

194 pages per copy x 254 copies @ 8 cents per page at Kinkos = $3,476.48
74 reams/500 sheets ea.of “90 brightness” paper @ $5.43/ream = $401.82
254 red report folders at $1.32 each = $335.28
4,572 color pictures, 46 printer ink cartridges @ $29.75 = $1,368.50
254 sets of A-Z attachment dividers at $2.38 each = $604.52
Subtotal $ 6,186.60
Sales Tax 8.4%  $519.67
254 – 1 lb 11 oz ea/pkgs US Postal Priority Mail @ approx $6/ea = $1,524.00

TOTAL $ 8,230.27

Since early January, I have put in about 19 hours a day on the NESARA intelligence report. I begin at 5 a.m. and end about midnight every day.  Due to the extreme security risks to those who are already involved and will be involved, details of the contents of the NESARA intelligence report cannot be provided, but please listen to the voice message and LOOK at the PICTURES of the NESARA intelligence reports on this link:


These pictures show the components of the 200-page NESARA intelligence report in the process of being assembled in my home and being sent to hundreds of key people. YOU have an opportunity to CONTRIBUTE to making YOUR OWN FUTURE and the future of those YOU LOVE a million times better!

There are thousands of Dove Report subscribers and thousands more who read the Dove Reports on various websites. Yet, LESS than ONE PERCENT of all of you readers ever have sent contributions. The average contribution sent is LESS than THIRTY DOLLARS. Some of you write and say that if “allthe Dove subscribers sent $10, there would be plenty of funds.”  However,NINETY-NINE PERCENT of the Dove subscribers never send contributions, sothe assumption that there are a “lot of people sending funds” is entirely wrong.

I see other websites such as “Truth Out” and Skolnik’s website asking fordonations every month — all the time, but I am frugal and ask ONLY threeor four times a year. In this instance, I’m asking for funds for actionswhich will ultimately provide HUGE benefits to you and everyone you love.

It’s fairly common that only small percent of people actually senddonations to others such as Truth Out, Skolnik, etc. However, no one elseis actually taking physical action like I am to provide the comprehensive solutions in NESARA. There are no other solutions that address the major issues; there is ONLY NESARA To correct some other wrong assumptions, let me explain that only one lady has sponsored all my travel; travel was critical to investigating NESARA’strue status and finding the solutions to the problems of NESARA and theprosperity programs. There is another lady who has also contributedgenerously. Neither of them are in the prosperity programs; they arehelping because it is the right thing to do for the world. But these people cannot be expected to carry the entire amounts needed.

I know thousands of you Dove Report readers are in the prosperity programs. Some of you are comfortable financially; YOU can afford to CONTRIBUTE to this vital project of distributing the NESARA intelligence reports to the people who have the capabilities to rescue the prosperity programs and get NESARA announced; the rescues MUST be done for NESARA to be successful.

I expect to BE INVOLVED with the delivery and funding actions of the prosperity programs. If YOU are not contributing to these crucial actions of distributing the NESARA intelligence report, which also includes the requirements of rescuing the prosperity programs, then YOU will NOT be high on my priority list when the time comes for the funding of these programs.

TIME is CRITICAL right NOW! Contribute to making the future for yourself and everyone else better! Send your contributions for distributing the NESARA intelligence report to:

3430 Pacific Ave SE, Suite A6 PMB 217
Olympia, WA 98501

You may send cash, checks, or money orders; checks and money orders may be made payable to “Dove”. Please include your name and mailing addressclearly written or typed so I may send you a “Thank You” and also includeyou in the NESARA celebrations and certain other beneficial activitiesafter NESARA is announced.

I sincerely thank those of you who have already sent contributions.

Those of you who have not contributed and can afford to contribute, now have the opportunity to be part of these crucial actions to bring NESARA and the prosperity programs to fulfillment.

Once the NESARA intelligence report is distributed to hundreds of key people, the actions needed can be accomplished in a matter of weeks. It’sabsolutely critical to get these intelligence reports out NOW while thesekey people are urgently seeking the solutions embodied in NESARA!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams


[doveofo] NESARA Progress; Paramount Visits Dove Reports; New US/Canada NTAT Director.  Full Report.
March 12, 2005 8:43 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Interest in NESARA and the Dove Reports is high this week. Here’s anemail I received from the webmaster of the oldest “public” website of DoveReports ( regarding WHO is reading the DoveReports on his website:
* * * * * * * *
—– Original Message —–
From: webmaster
To: “Dove” <>
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 6:40 PM
Subject: wks911 had some unusual visitors
Hi Dove,
Hope you are ready to star in a Paramount Pictures for a NESARA special!
I was checking out my website logs and noticed Paramount Pictures ( & The World Bank Group ( were reading some of your material today.
Keep up the great work!
Take Care, James
* * * * * * *

For those of you in other countries, Paramount Pictures is a very large, well-established motion picture studio. Paramount is one of the big “Hollywood” motion picture studios. They have been making movies since1912 and have produced great movies including: Saturday Night Fever,Raiders of the Lost Ark, Beverly Hills Cop, Ghost, The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, the Star Trek movies, Indecent Proposal, Forrest Gump, Braveheart, Mission Impossible and Titanic.

The true story of NESARA includes some of the biggest stories on Earth; includes amazing acts of courage, and suspense and action equal anything ever dramatized in the movies or television. One day, after NESARA is announced, it’s likely NESARA will be the focus of many films andtelevision shows.

The interest by the “World Bank Group” is probably due to NESARA’s massiveimpact on international banking, monetary, and economic systems. Therearenow hundreds of powerful leaders who have a copy of the NESARAintelligencereport which I just distributed. These leaders have the full intelligence showing NESARA is the SOLUTION to many of America’s and the world’sproblems. That so many powerful leaders now have so much highlyconfidential information regarding NESARA and how NESARA will cause vastripple effects to improve the banking systems of the world is probably a big part of why the World Bank Group has people reviewing the Dove Reports.

This week I also received a phone call from our WWW.NESARA.US webmaster who informed me there were over 4,000 attempts on ONE day to �hack into�our WWW.NESARA.US by a hostile group trying to destroy the WWW.NESARA.US website. Our webmaster put up special blocks to keep the hackers out; we also have other protections in place. No hacking attacks on WWW.NESARA.US have been or ever will be successful.

The security risks related to NESARA and those people who are taking action on behalf of NESARA are very real. Because “loose lips sinkships”, nearly a year ago I stopped giving details in the Dove Reportswhich would give the enemies of NESARA any information which could be used against the people taking action for NESARA.

Last July 2004, due to the high need for security, I also stopped giving “inside information” in private, confidential discussions with leaders ofthe NESARA Take Action Teams. It’s my responsibility first and foremost to protect all people and actions that are moving NESARA forward.  Therefore, even though many of you would like to know more about what is happening with NESARA, the risks associated with “loose lips sink ships”,have dictated that I cannot give inside information at this time.

The actions I’ve taken on behalf of NESARA -the weeks of traveling andfirst-hand investigations- required that I restructure the communicationschannels of the NESARA Take Action Team Directors so they interfaced directly with Jane & Mike Pugh who are the International NTAT Coordinators and my right-hand assistants. This change in the communications channel has been challenging for some. After discussions this week with Jane Pugh, it was decided by Jim and Yvonne Nash, NTAT Directors for the US and Canada, that they felt they could no longer give the kind of leadership they would like to give to the NTAT due to the communications channel changes. We appreciate the many months of great service and support that Jim and Yvonne have given to NESARA and to the NESARA Take Action Teams in the United States and Canada. We wish them a blessed and wonderful future.

As of today, we welcome Tami Terusa, who has served as the Western NTAT District Leader overCalifornia, Nevada, and Hawaii, as our new NTAT Director of the United States and Canada. Most of you are familiar with Tami from her many enthusiastic reports of sharing NESARA at many events and places in the past few years. Tami will be in touch with all US and Canadian NTAT Leaders and Members in the near future.

This next weekend there are many rallies around the US and in other countries on the two-year anniversary of the Bush government attacking Iraq. These rallies are a great opportunity for us to share the great news that NESARA is the ANSWER! NESARA removes the Bush government and nullifies the basis for all unconstitutional actions, including Bush’sattack on Iraq. Therefore, NESARA will bring about the resolution of theIraq problems caused by Bush’s actions.

In glancing at the United for Peace and Justice website, , I see they have a long list of cities and countries where people will be rallying together this coming weekend March 19, 2005 and March 20, 2005. Here’s the link where you can check for arally near you:

These rallies are good opportunities to give a boost of hope and inspiration to others by sharing the good news of NESARA. On WWW.NESARA.US there is a NESARA flyer you may print out and photocopy to hand-out at rallies or other gatherings which gives overviews of NESARA’smajor benefits. Click on the following link to display the “Six PointFlyer”: (it takes a few moments to download, especially on a dial-up connection).  Most computer printers will print the flyer, although occasionally I have found due to some particularity in a printer’s software, a few printers donot seem to be able to print it. A solution is to ask a friend to print the flyer on their printer or print a copy at Kinko’s or another servicecompany. These flyers are designed to print two flyers on one sheet of8.5in. by 11in. paper and can be photocopied onto white or colored paper toproduce attractive and informative NESARA flyers for handout.

In these days, there’s not much good news. Think about it. When is thelast time the general public received news about an optimistic future forthe world? Sharing the good news of NESARA with others at these rallies is a wonderful way to give the gift of hope and inspiration to others in these challenging times. There’s the added gift of seeing people’s eyeslight-up with hope when they realize there are good people acting to bringNESARA into announcement.

There is progress occurring in moving NESARA forward. In the last two months I have distributed the NESARA intelligence report to hundreds of key leaders in the US. Many of these leaders are seeking the exact solutions already embodied in NESARA but due to the gag order on NESARA, these leaders did not know about NESARA. Now, these key leaders do know about NESARA.

In the last month, there are certain objective indicators which prove the NESARA intelligence reports are focusing new, beneficial attention on NESARA. The new attention on NESARA is being given by people in EXACTLY the RIGHT positions to carry out the actions necessary to resolve the problems and bring NESARA to announcement!

On Tuesday in an additional action to convey newly received intelligence, I sent a six-page “Update” to the hundreds of top leaders whom I’mcontacting regarding NESARA’s solutions to the problems of America and theworld. I am doing weekly updates to these top leaders. New intelligencerelated to NESARA is constantly surfacing which needs to be communicated to those who are in the right positions to move NESARA forward.

I’ve saved the best news for last. After weeks of distributing the200-page NESARA intelligence report to hundreds of top leaders in keypositions, there are certain groups who are acting in determining how NESARA can fix America’s many problems!


Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams


[doveofo] The Truth about Dove, NESARA, and Omega.  Full Report.
March 21, 2005 11:09 p.m. PST

“NESARA will be announced and all those who spoke against NESARA and me in this article will be included in this court case and will face financial ruin from the damages which will be assessed against them! Furthermore, not only will every single person involved with this story at this paper and every person at any other paper that reprints these lies, face the most severe financial ruin, but they will also be sentenced to long prison terms and will not receive a single benefit from NESARA. They will not receive debt relief nor any other of NESARA’s wonderful benefits. When beings are as totally deluded and blind as these people are, it is because their souls are requiring them to experience a very big lesson. Their behavior and the court case which finds them guilty will become an education to many other media people who will learn that LYING and defamation of character will no longer be tolerated!” -Report of Dove of Oneness ofJuly 18, 2004.  She is referring to the slander of a Washington State newspaper.  See the full report above.

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

The state of the world is more serious than most people even begin to understand. The enemies of the world’s people, a small group of wealthy elitists, are pulling the strings of leaders of governments, heads of banking systems, leaders of corporations, and other large and influential groups. The enemies of the world’s people are ruthless beyond belief; they have no respect for life, no respect for nature, no respect for you or anyone except themselves. They have a plan for the world which they have been working to implement for many decades; many parts of their plan are already in place. They are depending on most people to remain blind to what is happening.

US President Eisenhower called the enemies of the world’s people the “military-industrial complex” and warned in his last speech as President that the military-industrial complex was a danger to Americans. Here is what Eisenhower said on January 17, 1961:

( )

“… This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

….”In the councils of government, we must guard against  … the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or  …. unsought, by the military- industrial complex.” —– President Dwight D. Eisenhower Farewell Address,January 17, 1961.

Eisenhower warned Americans there was danger in the “military-industrial complex”. However, his warning did not deter those in control of the “military-industrial complex” who have continued and carried out their plans to implement their control overAmerica.

We have someone sitting in the oval office of the White House today who was NOT elected in the year 2000 nor was he elected in the year 2004. The manipulations of the last two Presidential elections are very obvious to see for anyone who pays attention.

The announcement of NESARA requires the immediate removal of Bush Jr. and Cheney from the President’s office and Vice President’s office respectively. Bush and Cheney were not lawfully elected in either the year 2000 or 2004; they are the “front-men” of the little-known leaders of the international “military-industrial complex” which controls all major activities in the world.

The 9-11 attacks in America were secretly orchestrated by Americans in attempts to cement Bush and Cheney into power. The 9-11 attacks were supposed to result in “martial law” being imposed on Americans, but, this plan was thwarted by other Americans and their supporters. Bush and Cheney continue to hope their power will become “absolute”. Another terrorist attack, ordered by a group which includes Karl Rove (Advisor to Bush) and Donald Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense), would likely cement Bush and Cheney into their long-planned dictatorship of utilizing martial law over the United States.

The key to stopping Bush and Cheney from implementing their dictatorship is NESARA. Bush regime officials are aware that I, Dove of Oneness, am communicating with hundreds of key leaders in the US. Some of these key leaders do NOT support Bush and Cheney and are looking for ways to lawfully remove Bush and Cheney from office. The gag order on NESARA has kept many good people who oppose Bush and Cheney from being aware of NESARA and realizing NESARA is the solution they are seeking.

I am encouraging the leaders to whom I’m sending the NESARA intelligence report to use their high security clearances to obtain their own information about NESARA. Most of these people have high enough security clearances to be able to obtain a copy of the NESARA law which was passed in March 2000 and has been kept secret under the NESARA gag order. As of now, I have sent copies of the 200+ page NESARA intelligence report to hundreds of key leaders in the United States who hold positions which enable them to act on behalf of solving NESARA’s problems and carrying NESARA to announcement. Many of these key leaders are in favor of a lawful way to remove Bush and Cheney from power: NESARA is the solution they are seeking.

Yesterday I was informed that a person named “Uri” has distributed an internet posting of lies about Dove of Oneness and NESARA which has been picked up by several websites. One such website is “”, headed by Jeff Rense, and there are other similar websites which are carrying this latest slander and libel attack on Dove and NESARA. What Rense and the others fail to realize is they have been duped and are serving the interests of Bush and Cheney by attacking Dove and NESARA.

Some of you may read some of the websites where this latest slander against NESARA and Dove is being posted. These websites purport to be giving “truth”, but the owners have not done their due diligence in researching NESARA. Jeff Rense emailed me months ago and made it clear that because I had discussed a friend of his in the Dove Reports and exposed the fact that Rense’s friend was lying in significant, public discussions, Rense therefore decided to be anti-Dove and anti-NESARA.

This was a bad choice on Rense’s part; Rense has been fooled by the very people he purports to be exposing on his website and radio show; how sad when ego gets in the way of good, solid research and reporting. Rense COULD verify NESARA for himself if he would make the effort, but he has never made the effort. Anyone who has thousands of readers of their website could request their readers give them verifications of NESARA and the new US Treasury bank system and currency which NESARA initiates, and they would receive verifications from some of their readers. But, Rense has never done his due diligence and has never asked his readers for their verifications of NESARA. Rense has been fooled; he is not the only one of those purporting to be giving “truth” who has been fooled by the very enemy they claim to be exposing.

The enemies of NESARA and freedom have also managed to seduce others into posting lies about Dove and NESARA on their websites. The enemy hopes that the attacks on Dove will reduce support for NESARA’s and result in key people ignoring NESARA’s solutions to the extremely serious harm being done to America every day by the Bush regime.

This current attack on Dove and NESARA is the second concerted attack in the last nine months. Months ago, I was extremely slandered and libeled in a newspaper published about 50 miles from my home by a reporter who had been fed LIES by an undercover CIA agent. The previous attack was due to the fact that NESARA Take Action Teams were distributing NESARA flyers to people who had just seen the movie “9-11” by Michael Moore. NESARA is the SOLUTION these movie-goers were seeking. The Bush regime wanted to stop people from hearing about NESARA and attacked Dove to try to stop the NESARA Take Action Teams from informing people about NESARA.

By distributing the 200+ page NESARA intelligence report to key leaders who have the power to fix the problems, carry NESARA to announcement, and thus totally remove the Bush regime, I am a serious threat to the future of the Bush regime. This is WHY these false accusations and attacks are being posted against Dove and NESARA now.

However, these attacks only serve to increase my determination and actions to fix NESARA and move NESARA to announcement.

The current attack on Dove also includes reference to the “Omega” prosperity program. After NESARA is announced, the many years of lies which have been purposely disseminated by the federal government regarding the “trading programs” (which I call the prosperity programs) will be exposed. In 1998, a friend of mine living near Olympia, Washington contacted me in Arizona where I was living and told me about the Omega prosperity program. I immediately sent my joining fee to the coordinator she told me about, whose initials were MK. That’s all I knew about Omega. In 1999, after I moved back to Washington state, I realized that somehow Omega was supposed to be part of the actions which would change the world for the better. I began researching what was happening with Omega via telephone and the internet. Believing that “shedding light on the subject” was important, I began writing the Dove Reports regarding the results of my research into Omega’s progress.

I also wrote letters to the Administrator of Omega, Clyde Hood, demanding that he do what was necessary to fund the members of the Omega prosperity program. In addition, I wrote to Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve asking him to help bring Omega to funding for the program members and assuring him that many of us wanted to do humanitarian projects to help the world. I had been told doing humanitarian projects would be part of the funding requirements and I strongly supported such projects. In late 1999, I received a telephone call from a person at the Federal Reserve in answer to my letter about Omega.

It’s funny that this Uri and others who write lies about me on the internet are completely ignorant of the fact that I have “official records” which prove that I was critical of Hood and in no way involved with Hood’s lies and betrayals.

It takes money to make improvements in the world and I always believed Omega and other prosperity programs were meant to be used for the benefit of the world’s people. After some months, I realized that Clyde Hood was a liar and a crook, pure and simple, and that Hood was lying to the people who joined the Omega prosperity program. I discussed Hood’s betrayals of the Omega program members in many Dove Reports.

There’s been a big effort in the newspaper and internet attacks on Dove to try to make it appear that I was supportive of Clyde Hood and his actions.

Nothing could be further from the truth; I was a strong critic of Hood for many good reasons.

After tracking the progress of Omega, I realized Hood had to be cooperating in delaying the funding of Omega. Then I obtained a great contact who had access to the legal transcripts of the secret “mediation” court sessions which were held in Manhattan, New York, in Federal Court from about February 2000 through October 2000 by Judge Batts. The IMF requires all Trustees and principals must keep their involvement in trading programs secret and under Non Disclosure; therefore, per IMF rules no one could officially admit Judge Batts was overseeing the mediation sessions. If someone breaks the IMF rules and discusses the trading programs, there are legal consequences and they can be outcast from ever being involved in another trading program.

It became apparent from the legal transcripts of frequent court sessions, that George H.W. Bush, (ex-president) who was (and still is) a Trustee of Omega, was doing all in his power to BLOCK the funding of Omega. Nearly every court session included a new “bomb” which Bush Senior or his attorneys dropped in their actions to stop the funding of Omega.

Omega is a trading program which has amassed quintillions of dollars of wealth over the last 15 years in the trading programs run by major European banks, including Deutsche Bank and Barclays Bank. Because of the wealth Omega amassed, it was well worth Bush’s effort to stage a “hostile takeover” of Omega and keep it from funding.

It took me years of investigating to finally find out WHY, after Bush and his associates had taken over Omega, there were years of cyclic efforts to “recruit” new people to join the Omega prosperity program. It didn’t make sense when it is obvious that Bush and his associates intended to steal all the Omega funds.

Finally, some months ago I discovered there was a requirement that people should be recruited who wanted to improve the world and these people should be included in the “humanitarian project” portion of Omega. There was a requirement that new people must be added to the humanitarian project portion of Omega on a regular basis, otherwise Omega would have to cease being involved in the trading processes in European banks.

There was an ending date when this requirement of adding people to the humanitarian project portion of the Omega program expired. The expiration date was July 2000. This is why in August 2000, there were legal actions which were used to make it appear that Omega was not “real” and Clyde Hood happily helped with the charade. Hood was the front-man for meeting the requirement that new people be recruited for the humanitarian project portion of Omega until that requirement expired in the Summer of 2000.

This is WHY, after Bush Senior and his associates staged a hostile takeover of Omega in the 1990’s, they made Clyde Hood the program administrator and why Hood continued to recruit new members. There was never any requirement that a penny of the “joining fee” which people paid to join Omega should be put into the trading program process.

The joining fees were used by Hood and others as income while they continued to recruit new members to meet the requirements of the program so Omega could continue to trade in the trading program processes in European banks. After Bush Senior took over Omega, there was never any intention of funding the Omega program but new members had to be added regularly until the expiration of this requirement which occurred in July 2000.

Another way those attacking Dove show their ignorance is in their stupid comments regarding why I use the pen name “Dove” and not my personal name. The answer is extremely simple: it’s not smart to advertise your personal name when you are posting reports about being a member of a group which will be receiving huge amounts of funds.

It’s not rocket science, folks. Writing internet reports about a prosperity program which is expected to fund large amounts of money is bound to attract the attention of “bad people”. I was unwilling to give my personal name and make it easy for “bad people” to find me. Using the Dove pen name is a basic safety precaution.

We had reports of people who received their Omega funding deliveries, went to the bank, and then went home and suddenly had complete strangers knocking on the door and asking for money! Two women who had this experience felt so scared, they left their homes and ended up selling their homes so they could not be found. Only very ignorant people, such as this Uri person who wrote the slanderous comments against Dove this week, fail to realize the dangers to anyone who has publicly discussed being a member of the Omega prosperity program.

What I’m doing to move NESARA forward is worrying the opponents of NESARA and freedom. These attacks on me are efforts by the opponents of NESARA to try to interfere with my activities on behalf of NESARA and related concerns.

I will continue my actions to ensure the problems are resolved and the true NESARA Law is announced and implemented. No idiots on the internet are going to stop me from carrying out my missions on behalf of NESARA and the world’s people! NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams

Dove uses a pseudonym for security and privacy reasons.


[doveofo] NESARA’s Unsung Heroes.  Full Report.

May 1, 200510:06 p.m. PDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

For many decades there have been true Americans who have courageously acted to restore America to its proper course. These Americans are the “unknown” and unsung heroes of America; most of us have never heard their names. After NESARA is announced, I hope we can learn about these courageous people and honor their brave deeds.

NESARA’s birth was the end result of courageous American farmers fighting the fraudulent foreclosures of their family farms by banks using unlawful practices of the Federal Reserve banking system. After long years of court battles, some of the farmers’ cases made it to the US Supreme Court where in early 1993, the farmers won most of the points of their cases. The farmers’ cases proved the Federal Reserve banking system used fraudulent loan practices and operated in unlawful ways; they proved compound interest is unconstitutional. The farmers proved that certain judges, government officials, bankers, and others cooperated in fraudulently foreclosing on family farms.

The fact that the Federal Reserve banking system charged compound interest and operated unconstitutionally meant that all Americans who had obtained loans from banks in the Federal Reserve banking system had been defrauded and had suffered financial losses due to fraudulent bank practices. The law requires that some kind of financial redress be made to people who have lost money due to fraudulent banking practices. Therefore, after the farmers won their cases in the US Supreme Court [see “History” section at for more information], the Judges were legally required to provide some kind of financial redress process for people who had lost money due to  fraudulent bank loans by Federal Reserve banks.

The Judges agreed to a “claims against the government” process which eventually became known as “farm claims”, “bank claims”, or “reconstruction claims”. The federal government was not forthright in its handling of these claims and there were certain problems which occurred with the claims process. At some point, there was a fee of $300 which was required for people to file their claims against the government. There were certain good Americans who held seminars and meetings as was allowed by the Judges as a way to educate Americans about their rights to file these claims against the government for financial redress. The Americans doing the educational meetings were told the $300 fee was necessary; however, the fee was part of a “set-up” to make it appear these good Americans were acting unlawfully. After a time, some of these good Americans (educating others about their rights to file a claim against the government) were charged with Securities fraud and the “set-up” was complete. The claims against the government process was closed down.

I recently spoke with someone who was a witness in a court case against some of the Americans who had been educating people about the claims against the government process. This witness told me about certain very strange activities related to these court cases. The witness was told by the prosecuting attorney to testify in a specific way and say specific things. This witness refused to be intimidated by the prosecuting attorney and gave only the “truth” when testifying in court.

The witness stated that the Judge in the case acted in ways which left little doubt the Judge was not fair. This witness also stated that during the two weeks of the court case, all employees of the courthouse were told to stay home from work during the four days of each week that the trial was in progress. Instead of the regular employees being at the courthouse each week, the courthouse was “filled” with FBI agents during those four out of five days each week that the trial was in progress. Filled with FBI agents who made sure no one not directly involved with the court case would be able to talk with any of the witnesses.

What does this mean? A prosecuting attorney who attempted to coerce the witness to testify in ways helpful to the prosecution. An unfair Judge. A courthouse cleared of all regular employees during the days of the trial. The courthouse filled with FBI agents.

What it means is that the farmers were right and that the federal government did everything it could to keep the “truth” which had been proven in the farmers cases from becoming known. The federal government and the Federal Reserve banking system had a vested interest in trying to shut down the “claims process” and keep most Americans from learning about it.

It’s an extremely radical move for the courthouse to be “cleared” of all regular employees and the FBI to “fill” the courthouse four days out of the five work days of the week. This is an unheard of action which speaks volumes about how much the federal government wanted to block public awareness of the truth about the Federal Reserve banking system and government wrong doing. Obviously the government did not want any courthouse employees to speak with witnesses while passing through the courthouse. The fact that government so feared the truth coming out is proof of how powerful the farmers’ truth was.

Furthermore, it is extremely odd that the courthouse was cleared of all regular employees because the courthouse was not in the middle of any major city. This case was not being tried in Los Angeles or New York or Chicago. This case was being tried in a quiet little place in rural America. The fact that the federal government thought it was necessary to remove all regular employees from the courthouse during trial days shows just how afraid the federal government was of the truth becoming known.

I’ve never heard of the employees of a courthouse being told to stay away from work for four out of five work days, two weeks in a row.  This is a stunning action for the great and powerful US federal government to take in efforts to block the truth given by a few brave Americans in a trial in a rural American town.

The truth exposed in the farmers’ cases is still under gag order as is NESARA. For those of you new to NESARA, the National Economic Security And Reformation Act provides the following, some of which will take place immediately after the official announcement of NESARA which is to be televised live from Washington, DC:

1. Restores Constitutional Law in the USA.

2. Requires the current US administration to resign their positions to allow a fresh start at the national level and installs Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections can take place within six months.  Bush’s and Cheney’s resignation speeches have already been videotaped and will be played during the NESARA announcement. The Cabinet and Appointees by the President must resign within 24 hours of NESARA’s announcement. Congress must resign within 72 hours of NESARA’s announcement.

3. NESARA US President Designate declares “peace” because NESARA abolishes unconstitutional states of emergency.

4. As partial remedy for 100 years of government and banking fraud, credit card balances are zeroed out and bank debt relief is given to US citizens for bank loans including mortgages, car loans, education loans, business loans, and other bank debt. Banks will be paid $9000 per each credit card account with a balance; these funds were raised in special revenue generating activities in Europe. NESARA requires other bank debts be made self-liquidating loans and US banks are instructed to use new high revenue generating processes to pay off Americans’ bank loans.

5. Initiates the US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency backed by precious metals. The Federal Reserve is abolished and Federal Reserve facilities and most personnel are absorbed into the Treasury Bank System. We will be exchanging our Federal Reserve notes, which are not backed by gold, for the US Treasury currency which is backed by gold. Many bank personnel have already been trained on NESARA and the new currency is already in some banks’ vaults.

6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a national sales tax on new, non-essential items as revenue for government; essential items such as food and medicine, and used items are exempt from the sales tax.

After NESARA is announced, the truth will come out about good Americans who have fought behind the scenes for many years to put America back on course. NESARA’s announcement will be the beginning of the fulfillment of their many long years of dedication.

There’s no way to predict when NESARA will be announced due to the actions still needing to be completed. Occasionally, people want to wait and hope NESARA will “fix” their financial situations. I always tell people to take care of their financial situations without expecting NESARA to fix things for them; no one knows exactly when NESARA will be announced.

Numerous actions are continuing forward on key issues related to NESARA. These key issues must be handled before NESARA can be announced. There are good people taking action to help handle these issues and more good people are expected to add their efforts soon.  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams


[doveofo] NESARA Saves America; HR 1528: Prison if You Don’t Spy on Your Family.  Full Report.
May 29, 2005 9:40 p.m. PDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Recently, there have been a deluge of bills being reviewed by the US Congress that sound more like Stalinist Russia than something true Americans would propose. One of these is a bill being pushed by Congressman Sensenbrenner, who (I have confirmed) is fervently  anti-Constitutional Law. Sensenbrenner’s bill is H.R. 1528; this bill uses the false “war on drugs” to threaten Americans with being put in prison if they “don’t” report on others.

This terrible threat is exactly what Stalin imposed on citizens of the former USSR when the USSR government demanded that citizens must “spy” on their friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances and report all kinds of things to the government. Think of how horrible this way of living must be. Imagine that you can never trust anyone in your life because they might “report” you to the government. It is a FACT that millions of innocent people were reported to the USSR government for false misdeeds and were sent to USSR concentration camps because of these false reports. Why did people make false reports? Sometimes it was to gain favor or a promotion for themselves. Sometimes it was to make a deal with the authorities so the person giving the false report could extricate themselves from their own troubles. Sometimes it was to help the government remove innocent people being targeted by the government.

There are MANY problems with H.R. 1528. First, there are better ways to deal with “protecting children” from drugs than reporting every single thing to the police. PARENTS are the NUMBER ONE best resource to handle issues of children and drugs. There ARE NOT many parents who support their children doing drugs; Sensenbrenner is among those whose hidden agenda involves trying to give the government more control over children and set family members against each other. I remind you that a key element of the long-term plan formulated by the enemies of freedom is to give government ultimate authority over children. Here’s what the proposed H.R. 1528 says:

“`SEC. 425. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person who witnesses or learns of a violation of sections 416(b)(2), 417, 418, 419, 420, 424, or 426 to fail to report the offense to law enforcement officials within 24 hours of witnessing or learning of the violation and thereafter provide full assistance in the investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of the person violating paragraph (a).

`(b) Any person who violates subsection (a) of this section shall be sentenced to not less than two years or more than 10 years. If the person who witnesses or learns of the violation is the parent or guardian, or otherwise responsible for the care or supervision of the person under the age of 18 or the incompetent person, such person shall be sentenced to not less than three years or more than 20 years.’ “

This takes away EVERY RIGHT of parents to deal with their children regarding drug abuse! Parents are NOT ALLOWED to deal with their own children’s drug abuse but must report it to the police! If the parent fails to report it to the police, the parent can be put in prison for a MINIMUM of THREE years!

Stalinist Russia is being imported to America in greater and greater amounts every day by the enemies of freedom in our US Congress and in the federal government. You can help defeat this horrible, anti-Constitutional law and anti-parent bill by calling your US Congressperson and demanding they VOTE ‘NO’ on this shockingly un-American bill. If you know the name of your US Congressperson, the Congressional switchboard number is: (202) 224-3121 ; call and tell them to vote NO on HR 1528.

If you do not know the names of your Senators and Representative, you may access and obtain the names of your Senators and Representative by entering your [nine-digit] zip code. This source also will enable you to acquire information pertaining to their voting record, performance evaluations by various interest groups, issue positions, and campaign finances, as well as a short biography.

Let us not allow ourselves to be fooled by the phony “war on drugs” excuse for this blatantly un-Constitutional and un-American bill being pushed by Sensenbrenner. The CIA is probably the biggest drug dealer in the world and many in Washington, DC know this. Until NESARA dismantles the CIA, NO effort against drugs will be successful.

It is true that NESARA’s announcement will abolish H.R. 1528 if it is passed. However, as Americans we have a responsibility to fight the increasingly Draconian policies being proposed by the current administration. Their hidden agenda is totally unacceptable. WE must UNITE to stop the terrible future they have planned.

While I was out of country recently, I saw a short news item in the newspaper where Cheney claimed the Bush government was not going to attack Iran. However, my sources continue to state that the Bush government does intend to launch a “pre-emptive strike” on Iran and their plan continues to be to strike Iran in June 2005. This strike on Iran, however, was planned a long time ago by those who support the Bush government.

Tomorrow in theUSA is “Memorial Day”. Memorial Day is a day when we honor those who have given their lives in wars and military actions to protect our country and people. Many truly good people have lost their lives fighting for their countries. We now know that sometimes governments give false reasons to send brave soldiers to war.  NESARA’s announcement begins world peace and the ending of good people giving their lives in wars based on false reasons. With NESARA’s announcement, we will also be honoring the many courageous, good people who have given their lives for their countries.

In the last few weeks, I researched and reviewed the “true” condition of the world and the “true” condition of America. The truth is NOT being reported in the controlled mainstream media, but is the hidden agenda now being implemented.

Only NESARA’s announcement can save America and the world!  Fortunately, there are good people willing to provide important assistance to bringing NESARA to announcement. Together, we are stronger than those who are behind the hidden agendas against the world’s people. Together, we are victorious! NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams



[doveofo] NESARA Contacts Across the Atlantic Ocean.  Full Report.
June 5, 2005, 12:51 p.m. PDT
Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

The actual status of NESARA today is:  NESARA requires help from certain people in order to solve the problems which are keeping NESARA from being announced.

For the last ten months I have been traveling in and outside the US meeting with people who have the ability to provide specific kinds of assistance to NESARA.  Behind closed doors in total privacy so they were protected from public violation of the NESARA gag order, I've met face-to-face with members of Congress who voted to pass the NESARA Law.  I've met with key leaders who have the ability to carry out certain actions on behalf of NESARA.  More recently I've met with some of the people who have control of resources which are important to NESARA.

To safeguard all these people and the actions they are taking for NESARA, it's absolutely necessary that I keep their identities confidential.  They have agreed to help NESARA only if they are protected and their identities and actions are kept confidential.  I will be keeping ALL the names and identities of people helping NESARA confidential in order to protect the vital activities which are moving NESARA forward.

Currently, there are very important contacts needed with specific people in countries across the Atlantic.  One of the vital NESARA activities requires advice and behind-the-scenes support from certain people who generally are located in France, Switzerland, London/Britain, and the UAE.  These influential people are not all members of the same profession or any group, but they each individually have importance to NESARA.

In some cases, these people know about and support NESARA.  In another case, it's likely the influential person knows about NESARA and would support NESARA if he understood the immense good NESARA will do for the people of his country and region of the world.

I'm REQUESTING YOUR ASSISTANCE in contacting these people who have the ability to provide vital assistance to NESARA at this time.  It's very important that the assistance of these people be arranged as SOON as possible.  For NESARA to move forward as quickly as possible, the aid of these people must be arranged immediately.

I'm requesting that if YOU know anyone who is an influential business person, banker, government official, or other influential person who has broad contacts in Britain, France, Switzerland, and/or the United Arab Emirates (UAE), please send an EMAIL to me immediately.  In your email please include:

Send your email to me at: .  Put in Subject of email:  "CONTACTS"
Include in the email:	YOUR FIRST NAME 
		Best TIMES of day to reach you
		The COUNTRY in which you are located and TIME ZONE

There is a CRUCIAL TIMING issue for NESARA which requires this behind-the-scenes, confidential support from these influential people BE ARRANGED as SOON as possible.  Therefore, I am asking all of you who have the kinds of contacts I'm seeking to EMAIL me IMMEDIATELY with your information.  Again, if you know someone who is an influential business person, banker, government official, or other influential person who has broad contacts in Britain, France, Switzerland, and/or the United Arab Emirates (UAE), please send an EMAIL to me immediately and include YOUR contact information.

Also, if YOU know ANYONE in ANY country who has personal or business connections with an influential business person, banker, government official, or other influential person who has broad contacts in Britain, France, Switzerland, and/or the United Arab Emirates (UAE), please EMAIL me with your contact information.  TIME is of the ESSENCE, so please think about WHO YOU KNOW who might have the right connections and immediately send me email stating you may have a good contact.  I will reply to your email in the next 24 hours with further information.

There will be a VERY BIG and SPECIAL BENEFIT given to all of you who help me to arrange these extremely crucial contacts for NESARA!

ALL of you who provide assistance will be fully protected and your identities and assistance will be kept confidential.

There is important progress being made in moving NESARA forward.  The next activities are absolutely critical to NESARA's success.  Please think about WHO YOU KNOW who might be able to assist in these vital matters and email me if you think you know someone with the right connections.

In recent meetings with NESARA allies, I reviewed the world situation and WHY it is absolutely VITAL that we move forward with NESARA as quickly as possible.  Critical NESARA activities must be accomplished and NESARA must be announced as soon as possible for the benefit of ALL PEOPLE worldwide!  The world situation is deteriorating by leaps and bounds each month; the mainstream press is NOT covering the true status of the world economic situation or the deceitful actions being taken against the people by governments worldwide.

The Bush government is the worst government ever to be in power over America.  The Bush government officials are following a plan laid out by the enemies of freedom some years ago.  Last Sunday, I again reiterated that although Cheney had recently said the US would not be attacking Iran, the TRUTH is that Cheney knows very well that Bush Jr. signed off on attacking Iran several months ago.

I had wondered what "excuse" the Bush government was planning to give for attacking Iran.  Now we know.  Last Monday, the false excuse that Iran had stolen nuclear materials from Russia was trotted out by the Bush government as a reason Bush should take action.  The TRUTH is that Russia has been SELLING nuclear materials to any country that had the money to purchase the nuclear materials; Iran was one of the buyers.  It's been well-known for a long time that Russia was selling nuclear materials to many parties.  But the Bush government knows most people don't have good memories, so the Bush falsely accuses Iran of "stealing" nuclear material to give Bush his excuse to launch a pre-emptive attack on Iran!

More INNOCENT PEOPLE will be killed because of the unlimited OIL and POWER GREED of Bush and his supporters.  Both innocent Iranians and innocent American military will be killed and harmed due to the enemies of freedom who head up multi-national war industry and oil industry corporations and who are pursuing their world control plans!

In 2001, I recall reading a very good article which stated that Bush would be attacking numerous Middle East countries on behalf of his OIL and WAR industries supporters.  The article in particular pointed out that there is a VAST reservoir of OIL UNDER the Caspian Sea that numerous countries were hoping to obtain.  Look at Iran on a map.  Iran has a sizeable coastline on the Caspian Sea.  In addition to significant oil resources already known in Iran, Iran has a large coastline on the Caspian Sea from which the multi-national corporations supporting Bush can launch oil drilling actions.

We do not need more oil.  We need the advanced energy technologies which are being suppressed to be made available to the public.  NESARA's announcement will enable these suppressed technologies to become available to the public.

NESARA is the ONLY process which will STOP the Bush government instantly!  With NESARA's announcement, the Bush government is TOTALLY out of power!  With NESARA's announcement, the US military will be required to cease and desist in all aggressive military actions and will be pulled out of the Middle East very quickly.  WE must TAKE ACTION and stop the enemies of freedom from destroying our people and our world!

THINK about WHO you know who might be able to help us with connections to the people NESARA needs for the next VITAL STEPS of moving NESARA to announcement.  This is one time YOU can help NESARA with a VERY BIG step forward.  THINK and if you know someone who might be able to help, send me an email with your information IMMEDIATELY!  Remember, put "CONTACTS" in the Subject of your email so I can find your email among the thousands of emails I receive.  For those of you new to NESARA, the major provisions of NESARA - the National Economic Security And Reformation Act - include the following:

1. Restores Constitutional Law in the US as the forefathers intended when they signed the Declaration of Independence.
2. Requires the current US administration to resign their positions to allow a fresh start at the national level and installs Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections can take place within 120 days.
3. NESARA US President Designate declares "peace" due to NESARA's abolishing all unconstitutional "national states of emergency".  All US military aggressive actions will cease immediately.
4. Zeroing out credit card balances, forgiveness of mortgages and other bank debt as a remedy for 70 years of bank and government fraud.
5. Initiates the US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency backed by precious metals. Bank personnel have already been trained on NESARA and the new currency is already in some bank vaults.
6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a new national sales tax on new non-essential items as revenue for government.

TOGETHER, we are victorious!  NESARA Now!
Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action TeamsTop

[doveofo] Call Congress to Keep Food Supplements Access -Vote “NO” on CAFTA Section 6 (Senate Bill 1307).  Full Report.
July 12, 2005  11:36 a.m. PDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

This is a special ALERT – TIME-SENSITIVE public service message.   My thanks to Dr. Michael and Cynthia for bringing the details to my attention of very time-sensitive issues Americans (and the world) must understand.

In 1994, I and millions of other Americans lobbied Congress to oppose the legislation which would have given the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) power over our vitamins, minerals, and other food supplements.  In the last days before the final vote, I organized a group of concerned people for a protest rally in front of the FDA in Seattle to expose the fact that the bill opposing the FDA control of our food supplements was being locked up “in committee” by the chairman of the House of Representatives committee, who just happened to be the second largest receiver of pharmaceutical industry PAC funds in the entire Congress! 

With a week to go, I called the Seattle television stations for NBC, ABC, and CBS.  NBC and ABC news offices in Seattle said they wanted to cover the issue of Americans losing their rights to freely purchase food supplements, but that they had not had a news event to cover regarding the issue.  I told them we would be staging a protest one morning during the next week in time for them to film it and get it sent out to the national news desks for possible evening news coverage nationally.

Once I had ABC and NBC in Seattle committed, and I completed the actions to get the demonstration permit, etc., I then called the member of the House of Representative, who was holding the bill “against FDA control” by keeping it off his committee’s agenda, and told his assistant that this House member’s name and his huge pharmaceutical industry contributions would be the main topic of my remarks to the NBC and ABC reporters and film crews when we demonstrated in front of the FDA in Seattle!  I told them we were doing our demonstration EARLY in the day so we could get the national evening news television shows to cover our demonstration!

Within 36 hours, the bill opposing FDA control of our food supplements was voted out of committee and then passed by the House just hours before the House adjourned.  We WON that fight and we can win this fight too!

Americans must LOUDLY DEMAND that Congress SAY “NO” to the foreign influences that are now using a new, devious method to TAKE AWAY our access to food supplements, vitamins, and minerals!

The following overview explains “how” this new effort is being done.  As you may know, the European Union has imposed the “Codex” which restricts Europeans access to vitamins, minerals, and food supplements.   he entire scheme is backed by huge, multi-national pharmaceutical Corporations who are trying to take away our ability to have access to vitamins, minerals, and food supplements in our health food stores and other places, and to FORCE us to get a medical doctor’s prescription for vitamins, minerals, and food supplements!  It is GREED and control that are behind the entire scheme!

Remember, pharmaceutical companies only make money if YOU are SICK!  They do not make money from healthy people.

This time, the pharmaceutical industry is using “trading treaties” and trade organizations to push forward their devious scheme.  There is a treaty called “CAFTA” which has been approved by the US Senate, in a vote 54 for and 45 against on July 1, 2005.  Now the House of Representatives must vote on “CAFTA”.

In the CAFTA bill, Section 6, is a provision which requires of all its members that they form a Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) committee for the purpose of insuring ongoing harmonization under the terms of the SPS Agreement in the World Trade Organization (WTO).  Article 3 of the WTO’s SPS Agreement basically requires that the European Union’s CODEX be accepted by all members of the WTO.

Using “trading organizations” and requirements of these trading organizations and treaties, is HOW the enemies of freedom are trying to FORCE Americans to LOSE their personal choices and freedoms in utilizing the God-given benefits of vitamins, minerals, and food supplements.  We do NOT need nor do we want to have to get a prescription for vitamins, minerals, and food supplements from a medical doctor who has received less than 20 hours of education on vitamins, minerals, and food supplements in their entire eight years of college education!  Most medical doctors are brainwashed to use pharmaceutical drugs by hundreds of hours of college education focusing on prescription drugs and hundreds of pharmaceutical corporation advertisements, sales people, free samples, and seminars -all designed to SELL DRUGS!

It cannot be over-emphasized how deceitful and Machiavellian these actions are to FORCE Americans and the world’s people to USE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, and LOSE the ability to freely access vitamins, minerals, and food supplements!

Every American should be calling and writing their Representatives in the US House of Representatives and LOUDLY demanding that these requirements to “harmonize with the CODEX” be forbidden from any legislation the US Congress approves.  Every American should be demanding their rights to freely access what has been given to us from nature:  vitamins, minerals, and food supplements. NO ONE has the right to take away our right to have free access to these natural substances!

You may find theUS Representative who represents you by clicking on  -in the top middle enter your zip code and find your House Representative.  Also on the left side you will see “Representatives Offices” and to the right of that there is a “drop-down” menu which you click to see the list of Representatives and their locations; when you click on your Representative’s name in the drop down menu, it gives you their website and all their offices and phone numbers.  I suggest you call them at their Washington, D.C. office TODAY if possible.  You may also send them an email through

I remind you, in 1994 through the BIGGEST lobbying effort by Americans ever in the history of the USA, even bigger than the anti-Vietnam war efforts, we WON Americans the right to continue to freely access vitamins, minerals, and food supplements.

I urge each of you to DO YOUR PART -tell your House Representative to vote “NO” on the CAFTA requirement which would impose the terrible CODEX restrictions on Americans!

If you know the name of your US Congressperson, you may call the Congressional switchboard number at  (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your House Representative’s office.  Then tell the staff person you are requesting the Representative vote “NO” on the CAFTA provision which TAKES AWAY from  Americans the freedom to freely access food supplements by imposing CODEX on Americans.

When NESARA is announced, it will abolish all unconstitutional laws -including this CAFTA bill if it is passed.  However, it is GOOD for Americans to SPEAK OUT to Congress and tell Congress what Americans want.  Congress needs to listen to Americans!  Americans MUST SPEAK OUT and demand their rightful access to these food supplements!

DO YOUR PART – get used to speaking out!  This is what we must do after NESARA is announced too if we are to keep the freedoms we will have restored by NESARA.  If Americans were more demanding of their Congress, Congress would be listening to Americans and NOT to big multi-national corporations.

Do not read anything about NESARA’s timing into this message.  NESARA’s actions are proceeding very well; there are some actions which will take some time to accomplish.  Very good support of these actions has surfaced from the many people who have responded to my request for “contacts” in the last several weeks.  We are making very good progress on the major actions needed for NESARA.

In the meantime, YOU can do something useful by getting in the habit of demanding your rights.  We Americans have sat back and let Congress pass some terrible laws.  It’s OUR FAULT America is doing the wrong things and Congress is listening to the wrong people.  We all need to TAKE ACTION and demand our rights.  We need to make a habit of demanding our rights!

When I called my own House Representative today, his staff person said that the CAFTA bill is in the “Ways and Means Committee” currently.  You might contact the committee members as well if you wish to do more, and demand the Codex link be removed from the bill.  The House of Representatives is expected to vote on this bill “sometime in the next few weeks” per my Representative’s office.

When I called US Representative Ron Paul’s office, his staff person said it is predicted that the House of Representatives vote on this CAFTA bill will be VERY CLOSE -possibly 3 to 5 votes (out of 435 votes) will make the difference!  WE all need to CALL or email our Representatives and demand a big “NO” to this CAFTA effort to TAKE AWAY our food supplements freedom by the Machiavellian, devious CODEX connection.

Although I must spend all my time right now on NESARA and will be meeting again soon with very important people who can help move NESARA forward in big ways, I do STRONGLY URGE all NESARA Take Action Team members and others to organize protest demonstrations against CAFTA and CODEX and to do your demonstrations in front of your regional FDA offices and CALL the news stations in your area to cover your demonstrations!

Although not spelled out in the CAFTA bill, the FDA would be the “implementing authority” of taking away our food supplements!  Remember, get a permit from the local city or police to do your demonstration -this is NOT hard to obtain and when you tell them what is happening, they will probably become behind-the-scenes allies.  That was what I experienced when I called the television news people and the sheriff over the area of the FDA office  in Seattle. 

Most Americans have NO IDEA that their ability to buy Vitamin C and other food supplements WILL BE TAKEN AWAY by this devious CAFTA bill.  CODEX goes into effect NEXT MONTH – August 2005 – in the European Union!  It will be going into effect in the USA unless we STOP it NOW!

DO your demonstrations -contact the local stations carrying ABC, NBC, and CBS and tell them you will be doing demonstrations – when, where, what time – so they can show up to film and interview you.  DO NOT WORRY -you will be TOTALLY protected by those who have always given we NESARA Team Leaders and Members our total protection.  I have this protection arranged.  NOT ONE PERSON has ever been caused problems for supporting NESARA in public and you will be protected the same way on this issue.  As an accompanying action, you can hand the news crews and others copies of the NESARA Six Point flyers -see for NESARA Six Point flyers to print.

Let’s get this issue on television and radio news -Americans need to WAKE UP to what their Congress is doing!  Let’s DEFEAT the enemies of freedom on this CAFTA bill and help wake up Americans in preparation for NESARA!

Stand UP for yourself!  Call the Congressional switchboard number at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your House Representative’s office now! NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

July 2, 2005 Press Release

National Health Federation (a not-for-profit health organization)

The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) Treaty will require the U.S., a member of the World Trade Organization, to revise our food laws and regulations based on Codex decisions. CAFTA would force harmonization of our dietary supplements and regulations to international standards, overriding the DSHEA Act of 1994.

The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and the even-broader Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA) are both modeled after the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). These agreements are typical bureaucratic monstrosities of “managed” trade that masquerade as free trade and would expand NAFTA to include first Central America and then the rest of the Americas in an economic “union.” True free trade would take a few pages of written text to enact (“eliminate these barriers to trade and these tariffs,” etc.); all three of these agreements encompass thousands of pages of bureaucratic textual garbage sprinkled liberally with rules, regulations, and special-interest benefits.

Buried in the language of CAFTA is Section 6 that would require of all its members that they form a Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) committee for the purpose of insuring ongoing harmonization under the terms of the SPS Agreement in the World Trade Organization (WTO). You can find that text at the following website:

If you then look at Article 3 of the WTO’s SPS Agreement, you will read the following words: “To harmonize sanitary and phytosanitary measures on as wide a basis as possible, Members shall base their food safety measures on international standards, guidelines or recommendations.” And as you all know by now, Codex sets the international standards for food safety including vitamins & minerals.

So, CAFTA, which is set for a vote in the House of Representatives when they reconvene July 11th, 2005, is another critical link by which health-freedom haters hope to bypass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 and obligate the United States and Canada by treaty to harmonize to the harshly restrictive Codex vitamin-and-mineral standards. They cannot be allowed to succeed, and we at the NHF completely oppose these two treaties that would put a knife in the back of our health freedoms.

* CAFTA has already passed the Senate in a 54 to 45 vote on July 1st, 2005.

* Legislators have just recessed for one week, reconvening July 11, 2005.

* IMPORTANT- For House consideration, when they return, the Senate Bill 1307 (click here to view bill), ratifying CAFTA, can be voted on without going to committee. It is on the House calendar and may be brought up at any time.

PLEASE JOIN IN THIS EFFORT AND CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES.  Contact any member of the House of Representatives

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Henry Lamb -A Great Freedom Fighter Documents how your Dietary Supplements are Under Attack

Mr. Speaker, I urge my colleagues to read “Your dietary supplements: Under attack again” by Henry Lamb, which I am inserting into the record. Mr. Lamb explains the threat to American consumers of dietary supplements and American sovereignty by the Codex Alimentarius commission, commonly referred to simply as Codex. The United Nations created Codex to establish international standards for foods and medicines. Just last week, representatives of the United States government agreed to a final version of Codex’s standards on dietary supplements which, if implemented in the United States, could drastically reduce Americans’ ability to obtain the supplements of their choice. Members of the American bureaucracy may be hope to achieve via international fiat what they cannot achieve through the domestic law-making process–the power to restrict consumers’ access to dietary supplements. American bureaucrats may gain this power if the World Trade Organization, which considers Codex “guidelines” the standard by which all other regulations are judged, decides that our failure to “harmonize” our regulations of dietary supplements to meet Codex’s recommendations violates international trading standards!  This could occur despite the fact that American consumers do not want to be subjected to the restrictive regulations common in other parts of the world, such as the European Union.

This article is typical of Henry Lamb’s work. For almost twenty years, beginning at an age when most Americans are contemplating retirement, Mr. Lamb has worked to expose and stop threats to American liberty, sovereignty, and prosperity. Mr. Lamb became involved in the battle for liberty when, as the CEO of a Tennessee construction company, he founded a state association of contractors to work against excessive regulations. In 1988, Henry Lamb founded the Environmental Conservation Organization to defend true environmentalism, which is rooted in the truth that there is no better steward of the environment than a private property owner, from those who used the environment as a cover for their radical statist agendas. Since 1992, Mr. Lamb and ECO have focused on the threat to economic liberty and self-government posed by the radical global environmental agenda.

Henry Lamb works to further the cause of liberty by giving speeches around the country, editing an on-line magazine, making numerous television and radio appearances, and writing a weekly column to inform his fellow Americans of the latest scheme to undermine their freedoms. Mr. Lamb is the model of a citizen-activist, and all who wish to become involved in the battle for freedom can learn from his example. In conclusion, I once again urge my colleagues to read Mr. Lamb’s article to learn about the need to protect American consumers from Codex, and I thank Mr. Lamb for his tireless devotion to the cause of freedom.

YOUR DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS: UNDER ATTACK AGAIN (from WorldNetDaily, June 11, 2005), (By Henry Lamb)

The Codex Alimentarius Commission sounds like one of those shadowy, sinister organizations conjured up by one-world-government nuts to scare people.

Truth: It is!

The Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization created this commission in the early 1960s to set standards for food safety and to “harmonize” the laws of member nations. The commission was endorsed by U.N. Resolution 39/248, which says:

”When formulating national policies and plans with regard to food, governments should take into account the need of all consumers for food security and should support and, as far as possible, adopt standards from the ….. Codex Alimentarius. …..”

The Codex Alimentarius Commission consists of delegates from 163 member nations representing 97 percent of the world’s population. It meets every two years, either in Rome or Geneva. Between meetings, the commission is governed by an executive committee that directs the activities of its many committees.

Of immediate concern is the ongoing effort to bring dietary supplements in America under the control of standards set by this commission. Dietary supplements generate a $17 billion industry in the United States, which affects more than 150 million consumers, according to Congressional findings (H.R. 2485). Proposed procedures and standards could virtually destroy this market and deprive millions of Americans of the supplements they want to use.

The European Union Directive on Dietary Supplements, which becomes law in August, severely restricts the types and quantities of supplements that may be legally sold. Most forms of vitamins C and E, for example, are not available, or are available only in extremely small doses. If current plans proceed on course, American consumers are in for a shock.

How can this little-known international commission control what consumers buy in the United States?

An even less-known agency, deep within the bowels of the U.S. Department of Agriculture is responsible for U.S. participation in the Codex Commission and designates delegates to each of the commission’s committees. Barbara O. Schneeman is the delegate to the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Uses.

The effort to regulate dietary supplements has been under way for more than a decade. In 1994, Congress adopted the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, which kept supplements beyond the reach of the drug police. In the past, Codex recommendations have been non-binding. Now, however, the Codex Alimentarius Commission is teaming up with the World Trade Organization to bring international enforcement to the dietary-supplement battle.

Ironically, it was primarily the U.S. that brought the WTO into existence in 1994, as the successor to GATT, the General Agreement on Tarriffs and Trade. The WTO agreement specifically requires that the member nations -including the U.S.- conform its laws to meet the requirements of WTO decisions. Failure to conform results in stiff financial penalties. The Codex Commission and the European Union want the WTO to enforce Codex standards, which fly directly in the face of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

Pascal Lamy of France was just selected as director general of the WTO. Lamy served as a member of the French Socialist Party’s steering committee and was chief of staff and representative of the European Commission for President Jacques Delors. Since 1995, he has served as a member of the Central Office of the Mouvement Européen (France) and as a member of the European Commission, responsible for trade.

The Codex Commission will be meeting in Rome July 4-9 to adopt the final rules on dietary supplement use. Dr. Carolyn Dean, president of Friends of Freedom International, will attend this meeting and return to the U.S. just in time to present her report to the Sixth Annual Freedom 21 Conference in Reno, July 14-16.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission’s reach is much broader than dietary supplements. Its committees are also working on standards for pesticide residue, labeling of all kinds of foods, food additives and nutrients, veterinary medicine and drugs, as well as standards and methods for analysis. The function of this organization is to establish standards for all food worldwide and to enforce those standards through the power of the World Trade Organization.

Few people know that there is such a thing as the Codex Alimentarius Commission. It was created to promote food safety in international trade. It is on the brink of becoming an Orwellian bureaucracy-far worse than the worst fantasies of the one-world conspiracy theories.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission is neither fantasy nor theory; it is real.


[doveofo] NESARA Saves America; Your Water at Risk; NTAT Anti-CAFTA Report.  Full Report.
July 17, 2005  4:09 p.m. PDT
Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Are you aware that ALL your protections against a big corporation dumping chemical waste next to YOUR city’s water reservoir or your water well are about to be destroyed? Are you aware that chemical waste and nuclear waste have been PROVEN to cause cancer and birth defects in people who use or drink contaminated water into which chemical or nuclear waste has leaked?Are you aware that government regulations  which prohibit big corporations from dumping hazardous waste near public water resources are a major protection of YOUR health?

One disastrous result of CAFTA would be that the CAFTA treaty will enable corporations toRUN OVER the TOP of YOU and your loved ones.  CAFTA will enable corporations to sue any government which sets regulations which would “decrease the profits” of the corporation.  Right now, corporations have to pay to haul hazardous waste — sometimes long distances – to safe dumping locations far from people and water sources.  CAFTA will change all that and allow a chemical waste dump and other harmful activities to be put in locations that would help corporations to make more profit – meaning closer to the corporations’ factories and YOU.  YOU don’t matter; YOUR health doesn’t matter to the big multi-national corporations who are behind CAFTA.

Another “treaty” organization, the World Trade Organization (WTO), recently “ruled” against the sovereign state of Utah and all sovereign states in the USA which refuse to allow gambling.  Did you know that?  What right does the non-governmental non-elected  WTO headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, have to tell the sovereign states of America that they must allow gambling?  You, who don’t have gambling in your states, may soon have a gambling casino opening near you.

NOT ONE PERSON is elected to be an official of the WTO; these WTO officials are all stooges of big multi-national corporations.  Through the WTO treaty, our disgraceful Congress has given the WTO the ability to OVERRIDE our Constitution and our states’ constitutions.  Do you realize now who is pulling the strings?  BIG multi-national corporations with GREED as their motive are behind all these trading treaties.

We have a responsibility to tell our elected officials to vote “NO” on these deceptive treaties which harm people.  The article below gives a toll-free number, 1-866-340-9281, which you can use to call Congress and ask to be connected to your US House Representative.  I just called it and it goes directly to an operator who answers:  “US Capitol”; I then asked to be connected to my Representative’s office.  This toll-free number can be used to call Congress by anyone who has access to a telephone.  If you don’t have money for a long distance call – this will give you a chance to instruct your US Representative to vote “NO” on CAFTA.

NESARA restores Constitutional Law and Constitutional Law puts PEOPLE first, not greedy corporations.  NESARA abolishes all the unconstitutional laws passed by Congress since 1933 and selected unconstitutional laws before then.  NESARA totally removes the USA from the World Trade Organization and from all the deceptive trade treaties which are damaging so many people worldwide.  NESARA will be announced andAmerica will once again be restored to America’s proper course.  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

CAFTA – The Central American Free Trade Agreement 2005

The Central American Free Trade Agreement, CAFTA, is a proposed trade agreement between theU.S. government and five Central American countries: Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. CAFTA has been met by mass protests in Central America, and the Bush administration is having trouble garnering even Republican votes in the US Congress. Ratifying CAFTA promises to be a highly symbolic legislative struggle, with the potential to significantly stall the free trade agenda. Citizen pressure is working and needs to continue! Tell your Representative to publicly oppose CAFTA: see the action steps below.  

The CAFTA agreement is based on the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, which is almost ten years old. Like NAFTA, CAFTA’s agreement on investment gives corporations the right to sue governments if their right to profit is restricted in any way. [1] CAFTA fundamentally undermines democracy by allowing corporations to sue state and local governments for implementing the public health, labor, and environmental protections mandated by voters.  

Farmers in Central America are vehemently opposed to CAFTA. They recognize that they stand little chance of being able to compete against the massively subsidized US agribusiness machine. The 2002 US Farm Bill apportioned $180bn in new subsidies for the industry over ten years. By comparison, the total GDP for all five countries last year was a little under $140bn. In Mexico, similar policies under NAFTA have contributed to wide-spread rural poverty by driving down the prices that Mexican farmers earn from growing corn, their ancestral food. Farmers inUnited States ranging from advocates of sustainable agriculture to conventional sugar beet growers have joined their colleagues to the south in voicing concerns over CAFTA as well.  

We can look to the history of NAFTA to assess the likely impacts of CAFTA. Over the past ten years, this deal between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico has had the following effects:  

* From 1994 to 2000, the United States experienced a net loss of 3.2 million jobs due to trade.[2]
* Even accounting for increased employment in maquiladoras, more than 1 million jobs were lost in Mexico.[3]
*Agricultural poverty in Mexico has increased from 54% before NAFTA to 68% after NAFTA.[4] Farmers have been pushed to the wall, and the biggest Mexican peasant protest since 1930 was organized in January 2003, involving 200,000 campesinos, under the slogan “El campo no aguanta mas” (The countryside can’t take it any more).[5]
* U.S. genetically modified crops imported without restriction into the Mexican market have contaminated local crops and reduced yields.[6]
*As a result of the catastrophic consequences of NAFTA on Mexican agriculture,[10] Mexico is becoming increasingly dependent on imports from the U.S.[7]

Get Active!  A diverse convergence of activists are coming together against this expansion of corporate globalization. Protests, workshops, and other events are being organized by a variety of groups.

* organize a study/activist group to defeat CAFTA
* make flyers and posters to advertise and increase awareness
* organize a teach-in, protest or media event to spotlight and educate the public about CAFTA
* call your representatives (even if you don’t know their names) to tell them you don’t want CAFTA….

Find out more , ,

CAFTA Will Hit The Poor Even Harder Than NAFTA

In Mexico, the hardest hit are the poor, predominantly in agriculture. The winners from NAFTA have mainly been skilled urban workers and large corporations. But Central American has no firms on the scale of Pemex or Grumsa SA, the food giant behind Mission Foods. Central American countries are far less industrialized than Mexico, skills levels are significantly lower, and even the World Bank has admitted that adding a trade agreement to this socio-economic situation is a recipe for disaster.[8]

Three-quarters of central Americans live on less than $2 per day.[9]

Almost half of all Central Americans depend on agriculture that is local and household based.[10] Under CAFTA, the U.S. wants access for U.S. beef, corn, and beans to Central American markets without import tariffs. This exposes Central American farmers to dumping, increasing rural poverty.[11]


Central American countries have a history of labor abuses sponsored by U.S. corporations. In El Salvador, Human Rights Watch found systematic corporate abuses of workers’ rights, with tacit government sponsorship.[12]

Meanwhile, in theU.S. between 1998-1999, 71-100% of U.S. industrial employers in the manufacturing industry threatened to relocate their factories if workers formed a union, leading to reduced success in union organizing drives.[13]

Urgent Action: Stop CAFTA in the House of Representatives

Now is the time to declare independence from corporate trade agreements! On June 30th the Senate approved CAFTA by the closest margin ever for a free trade agreement. The House of Representatives has yet to vote on CAFTA, so there is still time to act.

It is absolutely urgent to call your congressional representative

today to tell them to oppose CAFTA.

Please call 1-866-340-9281, a toll-free number sponsored by the United Steelworkers of America, and urge Congress to vote NO on CAFTA!

CAFTA, the Central American Free Trade Agreement that will include Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, endangers labor and environmental standards and will exacerbate poverty at home and abroad.  On Wednesday, June 29th the Associated Press reported that for the last year the US Labor Department suppressed a report   [ ] that upholds CAFTA opponent’s claims that labor conditions in Central American countries do not meet international standards. Call your representative today and urge them to read the report and to protect worker’s rights at home and abroad by voting NO on CAFTA!

U.S. corporations stand to profit extraordinarily from this unpopular agreement which may be why the public knows so little about it. CAFTA signs away sovereign democratic rights, tramples hard-fought environmental and labor protections, privatizes public resources, holds governments hostage to frivolous corporate lawsuits and further marginalizes working families in Central America and the United States.

Don’t let the bad policies of NAFTA get repeated with CAFTA. Declare independence from corporate trade agreements by telling your congressional representative why CAFTA is bad for working families, bad for the environment, and bad for democracy. Go ahead, get on the phone! 1-866-340-9281

For more information on CAFTA, read Food First’s CAFTA fact sheet and our News and Views article It’s Time to Defeat CAFTA.   If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, help mobilize thousands of people in swing districts across the US – especially those in Silicon Valley represented by Anna Eshoo and Zoe Lofgren. Send your friends in the computer industry the Technology Professionals Against CAFTA sign-on letter .

Also, contact Global Exchange at trade@globalexchange for information on volunteering your time for emergency phone banking.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sent: Sunday, July 17, 2005 1:53 PM
Subject: NTAT Director’s Update: STOP CAFTA-CODEX!
Dearest NTAT Members,

NTAT Members inSouthern California and Washington State made a concerted effort to enlighten the masses about saying no to CAFTA and CODEX!  In Irvine, California , NTAT members, with family and friends demonstrated and held banners saying:


People driving by, those coming and going to work, all stopped to find out why we were there and we were able to inform a lot of folks about Senate Bill 1307 and how it is going to remove Americans’ choice and access to vitamins and supplements, among other very serious issues.  (Please see information below)

In Bothell, Washington, Arnold and his team prepared and brought FDA direction signs, NESARA Flyers, a handout of the synopsis of the CODEX and reason for protesting, and banners with NO CAFTA and NO CODEX.   Great job Arnold !…

Thanks to everyone that helped make our demonstrations a success.

This will be an ongoing cause until NESARA is announced.   Although we can’t be involved with every cause, we can, with direction of our trusted Dove, certainly choose the issues that need addressing based on issues with time sensitivity.  It’s all good for NESARA and it’s a reminder to the powers that be.  The NTAT is an activist group.  We are activating the truth in every facet of this world where light needs to be shed.  Keep up the great work everyone!  Your commitment to supporting and seeing NESARA through to fruition grows more important with each passing day!  ‘Keep on keepin’ on’!


Tami Terusa
NTAT Region 1 Director


From Team Member Melissa; giving us a very informative letter in order to understand what we are up against here, thanks Melissa!

Tami – this protest letter is also very informative – they are all good and give reasons as to why we MUST stop this!


Dear Congressman ______________

We Fervently Urge Your Opposition to CAFTA for the following Important Reasons:

The WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA and FTAA trade agreements all contain the SPS (Sanitary Phytosanitary Measures) agreement. Article 3 of SPS states:

“To harmonize sanitary and phytosanitary measures on as wide a basis as possible, Members SHALL base their food safety measures on international standards, guidelines or recommendations.” Natural food supplements are inordinately safe.

This makes the supposedly voluntary Codex Alimentarius standard for vitamins and minerals MANDATORY for all WTO member nations. This would be an injustice to Americans to say nothing of losing American sovereignty.

Passage of CAFTA and FTAA would broaden and deepen the scope of the SPS agreement, forcing harmonization of not ONLY our dietary supplement laws to mindless international standards, but it would lead to the creation of a supra-national body similar to the EU in our hemisphere, and we oppose this clear threat to US sovereignty!

When the draft text of CAFTA was first made available on January 28th, 2004 the Governors of all 50 States discovered that they were bound by the 2,400 page agreement-being specifically listed in Chapter 9. A third has since rescinded their support of CAFTA, thankfully.

Last fall, a WTO tribunal outlawed Utah ‘s ban on gambling, opening the door to millions of dollars in penalties against all states with anti-gambling restrictions.   Antigua had charged that Utah ‘s ban on gambling violated Utah ‘s obligation not to discriminate against foreigners providing recreational services.

CAFTA includes hundreds of pages of grants of vague authority to foreign tribunals. It wouldn’t take long for an activist foreign judge to read his own interpretation into language such as the SPS agreement and force changes to US laws including the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.  

In addition to these concerns, NAFTA never lived up to the numerous promises made about it, and our Trade Deficit is worse now than ever, contributing to the weakening of the dollar.

The drafters of CAFTA (and codex) intentions are totally transparent and repugnant. They plot in their greed to grab the market share of the alternative health industry and to totally destroy it and our health. Many people have NO health insurance and alternative health supplements are their only means of staying healthy!

Our Constitutional Freedoms shall not be bartered or sold off to international trade agreements in order to massively enrich the pharmaceutical industry and corporations. It would be a crime if our freedoms were lost through the drastically restrictive and unconstitutional CAFTA-Codex rules and guidelines.  

There is no reason to expect CAFTA or FTAA will do anything more than to FURTHER this negative trend, and lead to the destruction of our nation, and OUR ECONOMY.

WTO tribunals have ruled against the USA in 42 out of 48 cases, many of which were very costly to our economy. Since joining the advent of NAFTA, our trade deficit has ballooned to $617 Billion. CAFTA continues this failed policy, threatening to destroy our country. I therefore ask you to vote NO on CAFTA and on FTAA. The writing is on the wall for all to see.

Let us preserve our Constitutional Sovereignty with regard to OUR Freedom and Right to have control over and supreme say-so in our own health concerns.

Please STOP the CAFTA and CODEX. This is a disastrous piece of legislation for Americans’ health and a threat to their individual freedoms and choice of health path. What will happen to the thousands of small vitamin store business owners? We cannot afford more American businesses to be closed. We cannot afford that the uninsured of our population be unable to avail themselves of natural health supplements when sick and ill.

“Vitamins, herbs, and minerals are like the air, water, and soil; they’re a global commons and our birthright.  They’re just as necessary to our life and health as air, water, and soil.  We wouldn’t permit corporations to regulate and permit the air, nor shall we let them regulate and permit nutrition.”

–Patrick McGrath, Associate Director, Citizens for Health

CAFTA continues the failed policies of NAFTA which has caused a massive $617 Billion trade deficit, which seriously devalues the dollar. If the failed policy of NAFTA are allowed to continue via CAFTA and the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) it will LITERALLY DESTROY AMERICA and force us into a hemispheric version of the EU Dictatorship.

Congressman ____ , please vote for Americans by rejecting CAFTA-DR and Codex. Vote N-O on CAFTA-DR.

Thank You,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


[doveofo] NESARA Poised for Major Leap Forward.  Full Report.July 31, 2005   6:12 p.m. PDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

A year ago in July 2004 after writing Dove Reports in support of NESARA for four years, I launched a full-scale independent investigation regarding how to get NESARA announced.  For four years I and others had received reports from White Knights in Washington, DC and naval intelligence telling us what was happening with NESARA.  However, the White Knights' information about when NESARA would be announced was proven wrong as the months passed without the announcement occurring.  Therefore, I decided to travel and have face-to-face meetings with people who had insider knowledge about NESARA and find out what actions are needed to bring NESARA to announcement.

After many long hours of travel, meetings, and investigations over the last year, I have been successful in uncovering the activities needed to bring NESARA to announcement.  My investigations revealed there are key elements of NESARA which require "fixing" before NESARA can be announced.  With help from certain intelligence contacts, I have found and verified the solutions and resources needed to fix NESARA and get NESARA announced.  All the actions needed are very do-able and can be handled quickly with the right assistance.

From my contacts with over 200 key leaders in the US and other countries, I have found powerful supporters of NESARA among corporate executives, elected officials, US military officers, US intelligence personnel, and many others.  In nearly all cases, these powerful people have indicated that due to their positions and high visibility, they cannot act in a "public" way to do the coordination and meetings needed to pull together all the activities and people required to get NESARA fixed and announced.  As a result of meetings with these leaders and because I already have a public profile of supporting NESARA and can travel and meet with people easily, I am coordinating the activities of various groups who are playing a part in moving NESARA to announcement.

This month I've begun launching a number of simultaneous activities which will propel NESARA forward on all fronts and into announcement.  These are certain additional activities which must be accomplished and I am requesting your assistance on these matters.


In mid-August, a strong NESARA supporter and I will be holding a meeting in a city on the East Coast of the USA.  At this meeting, I will discuss in detail the activities needed to bring NESARA to announcement and, without disclosing the identities of those who are helping NESARA, will in general explain how these activities are proceeding and how people can help in specific ways.  For security reasons, cameras and recorders will not be allowed in this meeting; attendees will be able to take notes but security and confidentiality measures will be enforced as protection for all involved.

The people being invited to attend this meeting are people who are concerned about the future of the world and hold influential positions in organizations or are strong networkers with beneficial contacts.  If YOU, or someone you know, hold(s) an influential position or does strong networking activities with people who likely support the improvements NESARA will bring, please send me an email with the Subject of "Meeting".  In your email please tell me a little about yourself, about your networking, or about the person you know who would be a good person to attend this meeting; also please include your first name, your telephone number, and your time zone as well as the best times to reach you.  I will respond to your email and will contact you by telephone.


In the last few months I have requested your assistance in developing important contacts.  There were three key contacts needed previously, and due to YOUR assistance, the attainment of contact information for these contacts has been successful.

Currently there are other important contacts which need to be made and I am again requesting your assistance.  If you know the person described below whom we are wishing to contact, or you know someone who knows the person, please email me.  These are the contacts we are currently seeking who may be very helpful to NESARA:

1.  A certain publisher in New York City who has courageously published articles exposing important issues related to the Bush government.
2.  A California corporate executive who spoke out on the falsehoods put out by the Bush government.
3.  Influential people who have spoken out against the US military attacking the Middle East and/or against Bush and/or the Bush government.
4.  Executives of vitamin, mineral, and/or food supplement companies who realize what the multi-national pharmaceutical corporations are doing against the natural supplements industry.

If you, or someone you know, know(s) people described above, please send me an email with the Subject of "Contacts" and include your first name, telephone number, time zone, and the best times to reach you.  I will respond and will telephone you.


Because we are part of the new group of true NESARA supporters who are acting to fix NESARA and bring NESARA to announcement, we also must be certain that the Presenters of the NESARA Law Announcement are people who truly support the improvements NESARA brings.  Some of the Presenters of the NESARA Law Announcement are known and already identified.  For example, we have people from the US Congress who will be Presenters and certain others whose identities and positions must remain confidential for security reasons.

In order to ensure Americans understand WHY the NESARA Law was passed, the NESARA Announcement must include certain historical information.  The Farmers' lawsuits in the US (See History Behind NESARA at  for details) in the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's were the actions which provided a great deal of foundation for the NESARA Law.  The Farm/Bank Claims process after the Farmers' cases were won in the US Supreme Court in 1993 is also historically important to help Americans and the world understand WHY the NESARA Law improvements are tremendously necessary.  If YOU or someone you know is aware of someone who was directly involved in the Farmers' lawsuits, or directly involved as a leader in the Farm/Bank Claims process, please send me an email with the Subject of "Presenters" and include your first name, telephone number, time zone, and the best times to reach you as well as a brief comment regarding whether the person was involved in the Farmers' cases or the Farm/Bank Claims process.  Names of state or Federal District Judges or other officials who supported the Farmers' cases and/or the Farm/Bank Claims process may also be helpful.  I will telephone you to discuss your information.

In addition, we must be sure we have the best Constitutional Law experts, who truly support Constitutional Law, participating in the NESARA Law announcement because the restoration of Constitutional Law is likely the most powerful part of NESARA.  Most of the US Supreme Court Justices are NOT true supporters of Constitutional Law; they have broken their oaths to uphold Constitutional Law many times.  Therefore, they are not the best experts in Constitutional Law.  The American public has also become disenchanted with many of the US Supreme Court Justices.

Therefore, I am turning to YOU who are aware of the efforts by many to restore Constitutional Law and I am asking you to share your knowledge.  For the purposes of the NESARA Law Announcement, our Constitutional Law experts must have recognized credentials which certify their knowledge of law.  Ideally, we are seeking the best university Professors of Constitutional Law in the USA or Judges who truly do support Constitutional Law.  Because the practice of law in the US has been so badly twisted to suit special interests, not all professors or judges are truly advocates of Constitutional Law.  If YOU believe you know a law professor or judge - active or retired - who truly supports Constitutional Law, please send me an email with a Subject of "Constitutional Law" and include your first name, telephone number, time zone, and the best times to reach you as well as noting whether you are suggesting a judge or law professor.  I will telephone you to discuss the Constitutional Law expert you are suggesting.  Please keep in mind that the televised public announcement of the NESARA Law requires that the NESARA Presenters have "credentials" - law degrees - and positions which will make them "experts" in the eyes of the American public.  There are many non-credentialed people who know certain aspects of Constitutional Law but these people would not be accepted as experts in NESARA's crucial restoration of Constitutional Law.

ALL who help NESARA are being PROTECTED by insiders and extremely high level, powerful people.  We have tremendous support and protection for NESARA and the people who support NESARA.  Absolutely ZERO actions against any of us supporting NESARA are occurring and ZERO actions will be allowed against us.  I have lived with this very strong protection for five years and have seen it proven in my own life over and over again.


To keep moving NESARA to announcement requires more meetings with essential people to handle the preparation and announcement of NESARA, thousands of miles of airline travel and travel activities, hundreds of telephone calls, compiling and providing packages of information tailored to specific people and groups, coordination actions with NESARA Announcement Presenters, and many other support activities.  To accomplish these actions requires $15,000 - $20,000 -- needed in the month of August to keep NESARA on schedule for being announced soon.

We are entering the final phase of actions needed to fix NESARA and bring NESARA to announcement!  The actions we are taking are focused on getting NESARA announced as soon as possible in this calendar year of 2005!

The actions behind NESARA are due to accelerate immediately.  To ensure NESARA is announced, absolutely crucial activities must be carried out as quickly as possible.  YOU can CONTRIBUTE to ensuring NESARA is announced soon by sending a financial gift to fuel these crucial actions.  Many of you have wanted to help.  This is one way YOU can personally assist in bringing NESARA to announcement.  The need for NESARA is more obvious every day.  Please send your contributions now - every day is crucial; please mail your contributions to:

3430 Pacific Ave SE #A6-217
Olympia, WA  98501

You may make checks and money orders payable to "Dove"; cash may also be sent.  Please include your name and mailing address - printed or typed please -- so I may send you a "Thank You" note which is also your private acknowledgement that I received your NESARA contribution.  In addition, each person who sends a contribution will be invited to a wonderful celebration I will host after NESARA is announced.  Please send your contribution now to fuel NESARA into announcement at the  NESARA is accelerating!  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams



[doveofo] NESARA; Chicago Indictments of Bush & Cheney; Failing US Military Coup.  Full Report.
August 14, 2005  10:48 p.m. PDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

  Many of you have sent me copies of reports on two situations which are not being reported in the mainstream media.

  In early August my high intelligence sources confirmed there are indictments against Bush and Cheney as a result of Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation into the Valerie Plame-CIA leak.  Prosecutor Fitzgerald's investigations have gone far beyond the uncovering of the White House illegally leaking the fact that Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA agent.  It's also true that Fitzgerald has obtained testimony from numerous high level people.  It is very likely that Bush will order Fitzgerald to be removed as Special Prosecutor since Fitzgerald is collecting testimony and evidence that the Bush government was complicit in the 9-11 attacks.

  I hope someone in Fitzgerald's office is making duplicates of all testimony and evidence as my sources are also warning that it is highly likely all records and evidence related to the indictments against Bush government officials will be unlawfully confiscated in the near future on orders from Bush.  It's important these records are saved so these very important discoveries of the Bush government's involvement in 9-11 can be made public after NESARA is announced.

  Attorney Stanley Hilton of San Francisco, who has filed a civil case against Bush on behalf of 400 families of 9-11 survivors, had his office broken into and his depositions and records related to the case were confiscated by government agents.  Attorney Hilton had a duplicate copy of all records in another location and thus his proof against Bush was preserved.

  Another situation about which you have emailed me involves Russian intelligence information regarding secret actions by a small group of officers in the US military to do a military coup. The information coming from Russian intelligence is being published on the internet by “Sorcha Faal”, the pen-name of someone who has Russian intelligence connections per my intelligence sources.

  For over a year I've known about this effort by a small faction of US military officers to do a military coup due to telephone conversations I had with a retired US military officer and a retired US intelligence agent.  The top leaders of this most-unAmerican military coup effort are extremely well-known, retired US military Generals who have for many years purposely cultivated certain groups as part of their long-term plan to do a military coup.  In the recent past, one of these Generals held a Cabinet post in the current Bush government.

 Years ago we were misled to believe these two Generals supported NESARA; however, in 2001, their actions indicated they were NOT supporters of NESARA and that has since been fully confirmed.

  In 2001, I and Jane (our International NESARA Take Action Teams Coordinator) had a telephone conference with the fiancée of a US military Colonel who was given an unusual order by the top retired General heading the military coup efforts.  The US military Colonel was ordered to command US military units who went to Europe to pick up and transport back to the US a huge war chest of funds and financial assets to be used for the military coup efforts.  These funds are being used to finance and provide bribes for the unlawful military coup efforts.   There was a news report recently regarding 4-star General Kevin P. Byrnes who was removed from his command at the Pentagon.  A Russian intelligence report stated that General Byrnes had been removed because of his involvement in the secret US military coup.  This is true.  General Byrnes was involved in the military coup efforts and the Bush government had him removed as a warning to others in the military who are supporting the coup efforts.  There is a cover story being put out that General Byrnes had been involved in an affair with a woman; this is not true.  ( )   However, the Bush government could not allow the truth to be covered in the American media.

  In a recent report regarding this highly secret, non-publicized, unlawful military coup, there was a truck loaded with explosive devices in Utah which was exploded on the Utah highway.  My intelligence sources confirm this truck containing explosive devices was heading north on a mission to aid the military coup.  Because it was not known if local Utah law enforcement would act to stop the truck, a US Air Force fighter jet piloted by an American pilot (NOT a Saudi Arabian) fired on the truck in a way that stopped the truck, caused the truck to explode on the highway but did minimal collateral damage.  The official "cover" story is the driver of the truck was driving too fast and the truck rolled over and then exploded.  ( )

  The reports from "Russian intelligence analysts" about theUS military coup efforts which are being posted on the internet by "Sasha" or "Sorcha" Faals are being published on several internet websites.  I've reviewed some of these reports.  The Russians are drawing wrong conclusions about what Bush is doing.  Bush did not run to Saudi Arabia for protection; and there was NO Saudi Arabian pilot involved in stopping the truck filled with explosives, although certain pro-coup US military personnel have purposely planted this disinformation.

  The Russian intelligence analysts do not seem to realize that most US military officers are not involved and do NOT support a military coup in America.  There are several assumptions the Russians have made which are not correct.  Some of these assumptions are the result of disinformation which has been purposely planted.

  As discussed in other reports by Faal, the Russian intelligence analysts are right that the Bush government hopes to declare "martial law"; Bush has always intended to declare martial law if he ever had the opportunity.  However, the top military officers who are behind and support the military coup ALSO WANT to declare martial law.   Martial law in the US would be the repeat of Nazi Germany and must NOT be allowed under any circumstances.

  A military coup in America is NOT a good thing.  There is nothing "good" about the people who are heading the military coup effort.  These retired Generals heading the coup effort are every bit as dedicated to the "new world order" as the Bush government is.  These Generals have obtained their directions and their funding from those in Europe who are leaders in the secret efforts to implement a "new world order" worldwide.  Those who support the "new/one world order" have been heard to call it the "Fourth Reich"; Hitler's regime was the "Third Reich".  They intend for America to become another Nazi Germany; they are deadly serious  in their efforts to establish their terrible "new world order".

  This effort to do a military coup in the USA will NOT BE ALLOWED to be successful.  There has been and will continue to be very strong, behind-the-scenes intervention to prevent this military coup from being successful.

   It is true there are many US military officers who do NOT support Bush and in particular, do not support attacking Iran.  Many US military officers are becoming increasingly reluctant to carry out the Bush government's agenda.  Many people in the US intelligence agencies are also increasingly less supportive of the Bush government.

  In 2004 I spoke by telephone with Mr. K. S., a retired intelligence agent, who said he knew retired and active US military and intelligence leaders who were meeting secretly on the weekends to discuss a military coup in order to remove the Bush government.  I told Mr. S. that NESARA was a better solution and asked Mr. S. what he knew about NESARA; he knew very little about NESARA and what he thought he knew was not accurate.

  In my actions for NESARA, I have purposely reached out to leaders in the US who need to know that NESARA is the ANSWER.  If you know anyone in the US military or intelligence agencies, I strongly urge you to give them a copy of our Six Point NESARA flyer ( ) and tell them NESARA IS REAL and is the ANSWER to fixing America.  Let them know that you support NESARA and you are asking them to support NESARA.  Tell them you know a small faction of the US military is trying to do a military coup and you do NOT want a military coup - you want NESARA!

 NESARA is much more acceptable to our US military officers than a military coup; getting NESARA announced is a PEACEFUL and ORDERLY way to reform our government, banking, and legal systems without a shot fired.  The key reason we have NESARA is because certain US military officers used their behind-the-scenes influence to have the reforms which are embodied in NESARA put into the NESARA law and passed by the US Congress.  Progress has been made regarding NESARA on different fronts.  This week a meeting was quickly arranged with a person familiar with some of the history which led to NESARA.  I traveled to meet with this person about the key element needed to move NESARA forward quickly.  Your emails offering contacts and help have definitely assisted in making connections with people who have the ability to assist NESARA.  This meeting and other actions contributed to good progress being made to assist NESARA.

  Because of the preparation, travel, and meeting time involved this week, I have not had time to call all of you who have shown interest in attending the NESARA Meeting in North Carolina on August 25th.  Please watch your email as I expect to be contacting you by email with details about the meeting.

  NESARA is the ANSWER.  NESARA frees America from the terrible specter of martial law.  NESARA frees the world from being attacked by the Bush government.  NESARA frees Americans from the fraud and harm of the Federal Reserve and federal income tax organizations and brings bank deft relief to Americans.  NESARA's announcement  removes the Bush government officials from power.  NESARA restores Constitutional Law and all our civil rights under the Constitution.  NESARA restores America to America's proper course as a nation of people who support freedom, truth, and the right to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness for every person!  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams



[doveofo] NESARA Law:  Result of 70 Years' Efforts; NZ/Australia NTAT Report.  Full Dove's Report.  NTAT Reports not shown.
August 21, 2005  5:55 p.m. PDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

I've recently received more information about actions by many true Americans who have worked behind the scenes for over 70 years to bringAmerica back on course and back to Constitutional Law.

One of the important actions which must be taken to put America back on course is to abolish the Federal Reserve and put the US Treasury Department in control of the US banking system as was expected by the Constitution.  I have been able to confirm that at some time prior to 1934, there was a law passed which said the US could pay the Federal Reserve Bank the sum of $1.4 Billion and "buy back" the right for the US Treasury to control the American banking system.

The Farmers' Cases, which provided foundations for the NESARA Law, proved in the US Supreme Court in 1992-93 that the Federal Reserve was using fraudulent banking practices and proved the Federal Reserve had robbed generations of Americans of substantial wealth due to the fraudulent banking practices.  These Farmers' Cases have been sealed by the US Supreme Court Judges until after NESARA is announced and the US Supreme Court Judges' gag order on NESARA has maintained the secrecy which has allowed the Federal Reserve to continue its fraudulent practices.

Per recent information I've received, in the 1970's and 1980's there were Constitutionalists, members of the US Congress, and US military officers who began working on a plan to put US banks back under the US Treasury and abolish the Federal Reserve.  During their research, they determined that the Federal Reserve banking system had essentially stolen trillions of dollars from Americans over the decades the Federal Reserve had been controlling the American banking system.

In the early 1990's, the owners of the Federal Reserve (banks and banking families in the US and Europe) were given a choice of returning the trillions of dollars they had stolen from Americans, or having their fraudulent banking practices exposed in mainstream media and having Americans told about the trillions of dollars which had been stolen from them by the Federal Reserve.  The owners of the Federal Reserve decided they would give back the trillions of dollars rather than be exposed to public outrage for their frauds.

About this same time, the Farmers' Cases were being heard in the US Supreme Court and the Farmers were proving the frauds being perpetrated by the Federal Reserve.  High level US military officers were involved in supporting the Farmers' Cases and strongly supported the US Treasury Department taking over the US monetary and banking system.

On November 30, 1992, the Federal Reserve was paid $1.4 Billion and with this payment, the US government's National Debt owed to the Federal Reserve was eliminated and the US Treasury Department was supposed to be put in charge of the American monetary and banking system.  All this was done while adhering to the Federal Reserve's requirement that there would be no publicity about these activities.

In order to make sure the bankers did return the trillions of dollars stolen, US military elite special forces groups went to Europe to bring back the trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve had stolen from Americans.  In 1992, over $600 Trillion dollars were secretly  brought back to the US by the US military special forces groups.  These trillions were supposed to be used to pay the Farm/Bank Claims.

The "Farm/Bank Claims" process of claims for financial damages against the US government grew out of the "sealed" rulings on the Farmers' Cases which had proven the Federal Reserve had stolen substantial amounts from all Americans who received loans from American banks.

The owners of the Federal Reserve have always demanded secrecy, "sealed records", and gag orders to keep Americans from learning the truth about the Federal Reserve's fraud.  All of these past activities will become known after NESARA is announced.  It's very important that Americans understand the frauds perpetrated on them by the Federal Reserve and the US government after NESARA is announced.  Only by knowing the truth about the past can we prevent these same frauds and lies from being used against us in the future.

When NESARA is announced, it will accomplish many long overdue reforms of our American government, legal, and banking systems.  For those of you new to NESARA, the major provisions of NESARA - the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (passed in March 2000 and under gag order until announced) include the following:

1. Restores Constitutional Law in the US as the forefathers intended when they signed the Declaration of Independence.
2. Requires the current US administration to resign their positions to allow a fresh start at the national level and installs Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections can take place within 120 days.
3. NESARA US President Designate declares "peace" due to NESARA's abolishing all unconstitutional "national states of emergency".  All US military aggressive actions will cease immediately.
4. Zeroing out credit card balances, forgiveness of mortgages and other bank debt as a remedy for 70 years of bank and government fraud.
5. Initiates the US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency backed by precious metals. Bank personnel have already been trained on NESARA and the new currency is already in some bank vaults.
6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a new national sales tax on new non-essential items as revenue for government.

(See the History section of www.NESARA.US  for more information: )

NESARA will incorporate the use of the US Treasury currency known as "Rainbow currency" which will be backed by gold.  The Rainbow currency is very DIFFERENT from the Federal Reserve currency in that each denomination of  Rainbow currency is a DIFFERENT COLOR.  All Federal Reserve currency is basically green with a recent addition of colors washed over parts of the bills.

The US Treasury Rainbow currency has bills which are totally different colors.  For example, NESARA's US Treasury Rainbow currency $5 bill may be BLUE; this means the entire bill is BLUE - with no green anywhere.  The $10 bill may be YELLOW with no green color anywhere.  The point is, that the US Treasury Rainbow currency is very different from the Federal Reserve currency because the different amounts (denominations) of the new US Treasury Rainbow currency are identified by their differing COLORS.  Other countries, including Canada, use currencies which have different COLORS of bills for each denomination/amount of currency.  This means when we look at our US Treasury Rainbow currency bills, we will be able to quickly see how much money we have in our wallets by seeing how many bills of each COLOR we have.

As some of you may know, the US Treasury Rainbow currency was first printed during the 1980's under President Ronald Reagan.  Reagan was secretly trying to put America back on the gold standard and had US Treasury Rainbow currency printed in preparation for publicly putting the US Treasury over the American banking and monetary system and replacing the Federal Reserve Banking system.  Through the use of secret agreements Reagan purchased tons of gold and had the Rainbow currency printed; some Rainbow currency was distributed to American banks.

After NESARA is announced, there will be many exposes regarding the frauds and crimes perpetrated against Americans.  People in other countries will also see that some of the same frauds and crimes have been perpetrated against them.

Below is a report from our Regional Director of the NESARA Take Action Teams (NTAT) in New Zealand and Australia.  Our NTAT in these countries are already informing some of their government leaders that they will be demanding improvements in their countries similar to what NESARA will bring Americans.  I encourage all our NTAT members, whose countries allow such communications with their government leaders, to also do the same kinds of processes our NTAT in New Zealand and Australia are doing as preparation for the time they will demand their own improvements after NESARA is announced.

To those of you who have sent me an email that you are attending the North Carolina NESARA Meeting on August 25th this week, please be sure you have made your hotel reservations by tomorrow morning to be sure you receive the "block rate".  Please refer to the details I emailed to you for the hotel telephone number and other information regarding the meeting.  We expect the NESARA Meeting to be a very positive and inspiring experience for all and look forward to seeing you.

Thanks to the information and contacts sent by many of you, good contacts and actions are progressing to move NESARA forward.  Together, we are victorious!  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams


[doveofo] NESARA Reforms Government, Banking, Legal; NESARA Meeting 8/25/05.  Full Report.
August 28, 2005  8:23 p.m. PDT
Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

My intelligence sources state the people trying to do a military coup in the US are trying to keep the Bush government off balance through various non-combative actions.  My sources state the military coup leaders are currently planning to try to spring their coup on November 1, 2005.   Apparently, the coup leaders plan to use the voting fraud issues of the last federal election (a year ago on November 2, 2004) as part of their justification for doing the coup.  Perhaps exposing the planned November 1, 2005 date will influence some people to decide NOT to support this unlawful coup effort.

I guarantee you this military coup will NOT occur.  Those who are trying to do this military coup are well aware that I oppose them.  I have purposely reached out to some of the military leaders they are trying to recruit for their coup effort and have presented the facts that NESARA is the BEST and also the only LAWFUL, ORDERLY, and PEACEFUL solution to reforming our government, banking, and legal systems.

I have been successful in breaking the gag order on NESARA with over 200 very important leaders in the US.  I have received feedback from some of these leaders that they do support NESARA and will do their part when the time comes for them to take action.

We are successfully handling the things needed to resolve certain issues and bring NESARA to announcement.  We are making progress in the actions needed for NESARA.  NESARA is the ANSWER -- not a military coup and certainly not the continuation of the Bush government.

For the last 70 years and more, there have been numerous behind-the-scenes efforts to put America back on course; these efforts include the Farmers' Cases and Farm Claims processes.  In watching video tapes from Farm Claims community meetings held in the US in 1993 and 1994, I have learned much about the processes related to the Farm Claims in the early 1990's efforts to establish a US Treasury Bank System, to end the Federal Reserve System, to shut down the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and end income taxes, to reform our legal system, and to restore Constitutional Law.

In the most recent video tape I watched of a meeting on October 15, 1993, the speakers  discussed the fact that retired US military General Roy Schwasinger was a key leader of the American Farmers' Cases against the banks and others for the fraud perpetrated by the Federal Reserve system.  General Schwasinger was involved in researching, drafting, and  filing many of the Farmers' Cases.  They also stated there were video tapes of the meetings Roy Schwasinger held telling people about the history of the banks' fraud and the Farm Claims process.  If any of you have copies of video tapes where Roy Schwasinger is discussing the government, banking, and legal frauds and the Farmers' Cases and Farm Claims, please send an email to me at with the Subject of "Video Tapes" and your first name and telephone number so I may contact you to discuss borrowing your video tapes.

The speakers on the October 15, 1993 video also stated that in November 1992, Roy Schwasinger wanted to go on television and tell the American public about the Federal Reserve frauds and the fact that the US Treasury was going to buy the gold back and take over the banking system from the Federal Reserve.  The US Treasury did buy the gold back from the Federal Reserve for $1.4 Billion on November 30, 1992 and this also eliminated the national debt owed to the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve was supposed to be phased out, and in fact, the Chicago Federal Reserve did begin shutting down.  However, per the speakers on the video and confirmed by my intelligence sources, the US Supreme Court put a gag order on General Schwasinger and forbid him to discuss the Federal Reserve's frauds in the media; the Court told General Schwasinger he could only hold community meetings to discuss these things.  The Court also put a gag order on the media to keep them from discussing the Fed's frauds and the ensuing Farm Claims against the banks and the government for the damages done by the Federal Reserve.

Although the claims process was mentioned once or twice in mainstream media, there were more media smear campaigns against those who were doing the Farm Claims meetings and General Schwasinger.  The government and the big bankers of the Federal Reserve system did not want Americans knowing the truth.  There was even a disinformation website set up on the internet in which General Schwasinger is called a "meat cutter".  In fact, that's a total lie.  General Schwasinger spent years involved with farm equipment and irrigation systems and his military career; he at NO TIME was a "meat cutter".  By the way, there is comprehensive protection being given to General Schwasinger; he is receiving the same protection I am receiving and yes, he is alive and fairly well.

Another video tape of a meeting held by Farm Claims supporters in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma, on December 11, 1994 discussed WHY there was support from the US military for the Farm Claims process.  It also discussed that the US Supreme Court had sent orders to all banks in the USA requiring the banks to change their contracts with the US Treasury Department to become a Treasury Bank as the Treasury Bank System was supposed to take over from the unlawful Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve was supposed to be phased out.  I have confirmed that the US Supreme Court did send orders to the banks telling them they had to make this change and restructure all loans per new guidelines by late October 1994 or stop all collection of bank debts.  However, the Federal Reserve sent out counter-notices telling the banks to ignore the US Supreme Court; the majority of the banks did ignore the Court's orders and NO ONE enforced the Court's orders.

Darrell Freck and Dennis Smith of the Farm Claims movement were the main speakers on the video done on December 11, 1994 in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma.  They stated that because the bankers had ignored the Court's orders, there were plans for various states' National Guard units to go to the banks and require compliance by the bankers with the Court's orders.  However, there were people pretending to help the Farm Claims process who were actually working against it from the inside; these insiders managed to stall and dilute all efforts to correct the banking system and restore Constitutional Law.

Interestingly, one high level military officer mentioned by name on the December 11, 1994 video tape, who was at that time trusted by General Roy Schwasinger and others of the Farm Claims movement, later proved he was not to be trusted and betrayed the Farm Claims process by causing delays.  Now this same man is leading the current, failing military coup efforts.

For years I had heard from some of the people on our telephone network that "the military" were going to help NESARA be announced.  Now I realize much of this came from what happened in the 1990's with the Farm Claims process.  During the October 15, 1993 Farm Claims video, it was stated that in August 1992, there was a meeting of 35 very high level US military officers in Omaha, Nebraska, to discuss how to get the US back to Constitutional Law and fix the banking system.  Out of this meeting came the decision to recall 300 retired US military officers to service.  The 300 military officers were given the task of developing the overall plan for bringing the US back to Constitutional Law and reforming the US banking and legal systems.  The 300 military officers did develop the plans for carrying out the reforms but unfortunately, all the plans were blocked.

If you know any of the retired US military officers who were involved in these efforts in the 1990s and are still supporting the restoration of Constitutional Law and the reforms of the banking and legal systems, I would like to talk with you.  Please send me an email atDove@nesara.uswith the Subject of "300 military" and include your first name, your telephone number, and the best times to reach you.  Perhaps some of these retired military who wanted to help America in the 1990s may be able to help with certain behind-the-scenes actions for NESARA.  NESARA is the culmination of efforts by many good people in the last 70+ years.

When NESARA is announced, it will accomplish many long overdue reforms of our American government, legal, and banking systems.  For those of you new to NESARA, the major provisions of NESARA - the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (passed in March 2000 and under gag order until announced) include the following: [Editor's Note:  The 6 NESARA points can be seen in previous message, not shown here.]  (See the History section of www.NESARA.US  for more information: )

We had a very good NESARA Meeting a few days ago in North Carolina.  Jane P., our International NESARA Take Action Teams (NTAT) Coordinator and Tami, our US and Canada NTAT Regional Director helped me to prepare for the meeting and greet people arriving at the meeting. Our U.S. NE District NTAT Director, Sharon, also attended.  People came to the meeting from California, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, New Hampshire, and several people from North Carolina.  For me, it was like meeting "old and very dear friends"; we truly have wonderful people who support NESARA.  There was such a wonderful sense of comraderie and good feelings among all of us.  It was a great pleasure for me to meet each person who attended; each person contributed unique ideas and comments which enriched all of us.  If NESARA needs more help, we may hold additional NESARA Meetings around the US in the near future.

Primary actions to move NESARA forward were covered during the meeting.  I also passed out several copies of the NESARA Intelligence Reports which helped everyone to see what is involved in bringing NESARA to announcement.  The key topics of the meeting must be kept confidential and cannot be discussed in emails due to security issues and complexities.  We made progress in these primary actions with certain people who attended the meeting and will continue following up on these actions to ensure we are fully successful in these actions for NESARA as soon as possible.

There are many of you who have sent me emails in response to my requests for information.  I will be replying to you and contacting you as soon as I'm able.  I thank you so much for your assistance.  I have multiple actions I'm pursuing and right now I must focus most of my energy and time on the primary actions which are absolutely required for NESARA to be moved to announcement.  Some of these require travel which is quite time-consuming as well as very helpful.   Please know I have not forgotten those of you who have sent me emails; please be patient; I will be in touch.  Thanks again so much for your assistance. I hope from what I've covered in the last few Dove Reports that you are beginning to realize that many good and sincere people have been working very hard for many years to help America get back on its proper course.  NESARA is the culmination of all their long years of actions.  Each of us supporting NESARA is continuing their important actions for the good of all humankind and the world!  Together, we are accomplishing the actions needed to bring NESARA to announcement!  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,Dove of OnenessExecutive DirectorInternational NESARA Take Action Teams

[doveofo] NESARA Prevails; US Military Coup Update - Texas Battle on8/28/05.  Full Report.
 August 30, 2005  5:03 p.m. PDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

I'm addressing the current efforts of certain retired and active US military Commanders to do a military coup in the United States because the good US military Commanders need to know there is a much better way to restore Constitutional Law in the USA and that is by supporting NESARA.  Some of the pro-coup leaders and military Commanders are saying they are trying to do a coup to restore Constitutional Law, BUT, this is NOT what the top leaders of the coup have in mind.

The top leaders of the coup efforts are two extremely well-known retired Generals from the Gulf War - Desert Storm - and have been on television a great deal over the years.  One of them was the top General of the Gulf War and the other was the head of the entire US military at that time.  We all saw pictures of them on television reports from the Gulf War when the Chief of Staff went over to the Middle East to meet with the top General over the US forces fighting the Gulf War in 1990-1991.

From my hundreds of telephone conferences with people all over the USA in the last five years, I have amassed a great deal of intelligence including some little-known facts about the two leaders of the current US military coup efforts.  These two retired Generals have been working on their own agenda for about 20 years.  They both are double agents for some of the European owners of the Federal Reserve banking system; they are both intending to continue the agenda to establish a new/one world order.  But, for 20 years they have pretended they are strong Constitutional Law supporters as part of their plan to recruit US military commanders to support their unlawful military coup efforts.

These two retired Generals even pretended at one time that they supported the NESARA Law.  The US Supreme Court Judges in charge of NESARA put these two retired US military Generals on the Commission which is supposed to get NESARA announced.  The Judges themselves are blocking the announcement of NESARA and these retired Generals knew the Judges were going to block NESARA; it was all a pretense for those who sincerely supported NESARA to be fooled into believing these retired Generals were actually doing something to get NESARA announced.

In 2000 and 2001, I spoke with people on the telephone network who knew about closed-door meetings at the Pentagon at which these two retired Generals supposedly worked on plans to get NESARA announced.  But in fact, these two retired Generals never intended to get NESARA announced; it was all a pretense to gain the confidence of true Constitutional Law supporters in the military and elsewhere.

After the US Supreme Court Judges who ruled in favor of the farmers on the Farmers' Cases in 1993, the Judges told General Roy Schwasinger to do the Farm Claims process in certain ways.  The Judges purposely set up the procedures General Schwasinger was supposed to use so that later General Schwasinger could be charged with fraud related to the Farm Claims.  The Judges put General Schwasinger under gag order regarding what he could say.  Then after the Farms Claims process was initiated, General Schwasinger was arrested and tried on charges which the Judges had planned he would be charged with in order to stop the Farm Claims.

Both of the retired Generals leading the current military coup efforts were involved in the Farm Claims.  I have spoken with people who attended Farm Claims meetings where these Generals made an appearance.  These two Generals COULD have come to the aid of General Schwasinger, but they did not because they never truly supported the Farm Claims and the reforms of government, banking, and legal systems which the Farm Claims process was supposed to bring.  The two Generals had infiltrated the Farm Claims process to gain the confidence of military officers and others who truly do support Constitutional Law.  I spoke a few weeks ago with someone who assisted General Schwasinger with the court cases he filed; this person confirmed that General Schwasinger had realized the two retired Generals betrayed the Farm Claims process.

Recently I have purposely begun exposing the current military coup actions in the hope that some of our US military Commanders will REFUSE to help with the coup because the coup is getting too much publicity.  A military coup in the US can only be effective if it can be done mainly in secret.  I am purposely publicizing this military coup effort to make it more visible and thus make it TOO HOT an issue for some US military  Commanders to support.  I am not telling you about the military coup efforts to scare you.  By writing about this current coup effort, my purpose is to reach retired and active US military officers and intelligence leaders and inform them there is a better path for  reforming our country: NESARA.

We want most US military officers to support NESARA and because of the gag order, many do not know about NESARA.  Because I'm telling details about the current military coup efforts, more Commanders will be informed about NESARA and we expect they will decide to support NESARA and NOT the military coup.

When I checked with one of my sources last Saturday, August 27, 2005, I was told the only actions by the pro-coup US military were the movements of numerous US military units around the USA.  The movements of these coup-supporting US military units have been going on continuously for months.  Part of the reason for the moving around of these US military units by their pro-coup Commanders was to keep the Bush government off balance.  By moving the pro-coup forces around in seemingly random patterns, the pro-coup Commanders hoped to keep the Bush government guessing about where, how, and when they might strike.

Unfortunately last Sunday, August 28, 2005, I was not able to reach intelligence sources regarding any new developments in the pro-coup US military activities.

However, I was informed yesterday that there was in fact a battle on Sunday, August 28th  in Texas between the pro-coup US military forces and the Bush government's US military forces. The battle took place close to a part of Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas.  From my sources in Texas and intelligence sources, I've learned the Fort Hood US military base and reservation, which covers a substantial area, is not far southwest of Bush's ranch in Texas.  Fort Hood was used as a stop-over by pro-coup US military 7th Armored units under the guise of doing exercises.  Last Sunday, August 28th, the pro-coup leaders thought they had a chance to attack Bush at his ranch near Crawford, Texas.

When the pro-coup US military 7th Armored units began to cross a certain area, the Bush government US military leaders ordered US Air Force fighter jets and other US military units to attack the pro-coup US military 7th Armored units which were on their way to attack Bush's ranch with the intent of eliminating Bush himself.

The pro-coup US military 7th Armored units were heavily attacked and most personnel were lost in the battle; the Bush government's US military forces were successful in stopping the attack on Bush some miles before the 7th Armored reached Bush's ranch land.  The area involved is mainly grassy ranch land and people in the area have been ordered to keep quiet about these events.

So far there have been a total of four US military Generals who have been removed from their commands by the Bush government.  Only one of these four Generals, General Kevin Byrnes, who held a Pentagon post, has been discussed in the media.

Unfortunately, there are likely to be more pro-coup military attacks to try to take over the US federal government in the not too distant future.  However, the military coup will not be successful.  There is strong protection ensuring the military coup in the USA is NOT successful because it would lead instantly to "martial law" and that would be devastating for Americans.

Apparently Russian intelligence has been fooled by the leaders of the military coup efforts.  The Russians are wrong to think these leaders are good people; these leaders are every bit as bad as the Bush government and have the same intentions of furthering the new/one world order.

It is very sad that hundreds of good American military people, who are following deceptive coup leaders, had to die in Texas last Sunday.  Numerous good-hearted, truly patriotic US military officers have been deceived by the two retired Generals leading the coup.  Let us take a moment to send blessings, prayers, and heartfelt love to these who have lost their lives and to others who are risking their lives in both groups of our US military involved in these very serious actions of the failing military coup efforts.  Let us bless those who are refusing to become involved in these coup efforts and hope some of those involved will stop supporting this unlawful coup.  It will save lives and be better for America to have the pro-coup actions end as soon as possible.

I know for a fact there are very good people in our military who do NOT support Bush, BUT doing a coup is NOT the right way to reform our country.  America is NOT destined to be a "banana republic" and a military coup is most definitely NOT American!

There are many good US military officers that have NOT joined the coup efforts.  There are many who truly want Constitutional Law restored and they do not support the Bush government in their hearts and minds.  If you know a US military officer, tell them you do NOT support a military coup in the US - YOU SUPPORT NESARA - NESARA is the ANSWER.  Give them a NESARA flyer and ask them to stand by in support of NESARA.

NESARA has been supported by US military groups in the past; some know NESARA is the answer.  When NESARA is announced, it will accomplish many long overdue reforms of our American government, legal, and banking systems. [Editor's Note:  Here are presented the 6 NESARA points which are covered before, not shown here.]  (See the History section of www.NESARA.US for more information: )

We will get NESARA fixed and get NESARA announced WITHOUT A SHOT FIRED!  Certain actions for NESARA are making good progress.  We had good news on these actions just this morning!  NESARA is the ANSWER! NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams


[doveofo] NESARA; Alert to East Coast Coalition re: Big O Program September 4, 2005   5:17  p.m.PDT
Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Strong supporters of NESARA have been busy and certain key NESARA activities are going forward.

In conjunction with getting NESARA announced, there is a solid plan to rescue some of the prosperity programs, including the Big O.  However, the rescue process cannot be accomplished until other activities which will take some time are completed.

Unfortunately, a few days ago I learned the Trustees of the Big O program, who include George H. W. Bush (Bush Sr.) and a member of the Rockefeller banking family, have plans to terminate the Big O trading processes by September 20, 2005.  The Trustees want the trading revenues to reach a certain amount before they end the trading processes.  The Trustees estimate they need only a few more rolls after the traders and bankers come back from summer vacation on September 15, 2005 in order to reach their target amount of revenues from the trading processes.

For those of you who don't understand the situation, the Big O is trading program which was begun for true humanitarian reasons many years ago.  The legal entity in which the trading is done is often a "trust" which has Trustees who make all the decisions and an Administrator who generally takes orders from the Trustees.  Some years ago Bush Sr. staged a hostile takeover of the Big O program in order to gain control of the Big O funds with the intention of someday stealing all the Big O funds in total.  Putting Clyde Hood in charge as the "Administrator" was part of Bush's overall plan to steal the Big O funds.  As I have often stated, Clyde Hood betrayed everyone who joined the Big O.

The current plan is after the Trustees terminate the Big O trading activities, they intend to keep ALL the funds for themselves.  These Trustees have no intention of funding any members of the Big O program and never have had any intentions to fund members of the program.  Some of the Trustees purposely have spread rumors of funding being imminent for YEARS!  The Trustees know that if they keep telling people that funding is coming, people would rather believe these falsehoods than try to learn the truth or do anything about the situation.  For over 10 years, these Trustees have given out dozens of falsehoods each year to mislead people into believing the Big O will be funded soon.  But, that has never been their intention; they always intended to steal all the funds for themselves.

Unfortunately, when someone like ex-president Bush is involved, it's easy for him to BRIBE the bankers, the officials at the IMF, Federal Reserve, ICC, and all the authorities overseeing these trading programs.  Once these officials are bribed, due to the Non Disclosures and officially required secrecy surrounding these programs, the Trustees can steal the funds, UNLESS a legal action is filed to stop the Trustees from distributing the funds to themselves.  The secrecy surrounding the trading programs creates the conditions in which the Trustees do NOT have to follow the rules but can BRIBE their way to stealing all the funds.  Anyone who thinks Trustees like Bush Sr. follow the rules is clearly ignorant of the truth.

In December 1999, a group of New York attorneys calling themselves the East Coast Coalition informed the Trustees of the Big O and a few friends that they were prepared to act unless the Trustees funded the Big O by the end of December 1999.  The funding did not occur, and in February 2000 a Federal Judge was appointed as "mediator" over the legal action the East Coast Coalition attorneys filed against Trustees Bush Sr., Rockefeller, and the other Trustees.  Because of the IMF requirement that anyone involved in these trading programs must sign a very strict Non Disclosure that they will not talk about the trading program at all and cannot talk until five years AFTER the funding has occurred, the mediation sessions had to be kept secret.  Anyone who breaks this IMF secrecy rule is black-balled from ever doing trading programs again.  Therefore secrecy was seriously enforced by the Judge over the secret mediation sessions which were held in Manhattan, New York, from February 2000 until November 2000.

There was someone in one of the East Coast Coalition attorneys' offices who put out comments frequently by telephone to a relative about what was happening in the closed-door mediation sessions and that relative gave information by telephone and in a chat room to people who had joined the Big O program.  I also had a different contact who had direct knowledge of what happened in the mediation sessions and it was clear that Bush Sr. was fighting the funding of the program in every way possible.  Finally, the members of the East Coast Coalition did receive their Big O funding notification packages, but they were not funded.  They have not received their funding as of now, five years later.

When I learned a few days ago that the Trustees are planning to steal ALL the funds, I was told the ONLY way to stop the Trustees is for someone to file a legal action against the Big O Trustees IMMEDIATELY.  Some of you may know the person or people who gave out information about the East Coast Coalition and the secret Manhattan mediation sessions in year 2000.  Or you may know one of the East Coast Coalition members.  If you do, please CONTACT these people and ask them to reach the East Coast Coalition attorneys and request they file a legal action before September 20, 2005 to stop the Big O Trustees from stealing all the Big O funds.

If you make contact with someone connected to the East Coast Coalition attorneys or someone else who can file a legal action, tell them I am willing to give them details about the very solid actions which will rescue the Big O program from these Trustees.  If you have made contact with one of the East Coast Coalition attorneys, send an email to me with Subject of "Big O" and explain what you have to offer.  I am having someone else screen replies to this email address because I am too busy to go through many emails to find the emails which have good information.  Do not write this email address to discuss anything else about the Big O - it is a waste of your time and ours.  Again, if YOU can contact someone in the East Coast Coalition or you know someone who can, send me an email with Subject of "Big O" and include your first name, your telephone number, and the best times to reach you to discuss the actions needed to save the Big O.

On another subject, each time we move NESARA forward in a dramatic way, those people opposing NESARA begin to feed disinformation to certain people and direct them to post lies and false statements on the internet against me and NESARA.  Apparently, our successful NESARA Meeting in North Carolina on August 25th is worrying those opposing NESARA, so they are once again trying to smear me and NESARA on the internet.  The people who write and/or spread lies about me and NESARA need to know that AFTER NESARA is announced, they will be included in a court case which I will initiate.  I will use the court case to educate the public that under Constitutional Law, no one can slander or libel anyone - whether the person is a public figure or not.  Everyone who has passed on the lies and falsehoods against NESARA and me will be taken to court.  It will be a very unpleasant experience for those who have spread the lies; however, they are being irresponsible and must suffer the consequences.

Regarding other matters, all of us are concerned about the many people who have been harmed by the recent hurricane Katrina.  Those of you who live in adjacent states may be able to help by donating room in your homes to those who have lost their homes.  Here is a website where you may wish to donate some assistance:

Some of you have sent me emails in which you question the origin of the Katrina hurricane.  You are correct; there is much that is not being publicized in the media.  After NESARA is announced, the truth will come out.  Also, during the year after NESARA is announced many harmful actions will be stopped and the truth will be exposed.

For those of you new to NESARA, the major provisions of NESARA - the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (passed in March 2000 and under gag order until announced) include the following:

[Editor's Note:  Here are presented the 6 NESARA points which are covered before, not shown here.].  (See the History section ofwww.NESARA.US for more information: )

Each day we see even greater deterioration throughout our world.  The announcement of NESARA will begin the healing of our world.  Within a year after NESARA's announcement, many harmful actions will be stopped and the truth of these actions made known.  Those of us who are taking the actions needed to fix NESARA and get NESARA announced are well aware of how desperately NESARA is needed by the world's people.  With your assistance on certain matters, we are seeing good progress and we will, together, bring NESARA to announcement!  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,Dove of OnenessExecutive DirectorInternational NESARA Take Action TeamsTop

[doveofo] NESARA Brings Truth and Peace; NTAT Region 1 Report.  Excerpt.
September 11, 2005   8:10 p.m. EDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Today is the fourth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.  As we look back over the last few years, we see more and more every day why NESARA is so necessary.  I guarantee you that after NESARA is announced, our US military will totally stop attacking other countries and the truth will be exposed regarding who was actually behind the 9-11 attacks.

The extremely serious actions occurring in New Orleans and the Bush government's terrible handling of the disaster and disaster relief are strong motivators for us to continue our actions to complete the necessary steps and bring NESARA to announcement.  My heart goes out to all the people who are suffering from the Katrina storm impacts.  I've also learned there are other storms occurring around the world which are harming people in other countries.  There is much more to the truth about these storms than is being told, and this too will be exposed after NESARA's announcement.

Due to certain helpful assistance, we are making progress on the top priority actions for NESARA.  Each of you who has stepped forward to offer assistance has in some way helped NESARA.  You are part of the advance team carrying forward the wonderful improvements which ripple out from NESARA to the entire world!

Below is Tami's NTAT Report containing numerous informative items.  I found the article entitled "I JUST GOT BACK FROM A FEMA DETAINMENT CAMP" at  to be a very good personal overview (with pictures) of one FEMA camp for "refugees" which has surprising restrictions and rules.  I hope you read this posting and look at the pictures; we all need to understand what FEMA is actually doing compared to what we think FEMA should be doing.  It is another reflection of WHY we must bring NESARA to announcement as soon as possible.

Regarding the request I made last week that someone file legal action to stop the Trustees of the Big O from carrying out their plans, I have now heard about two possible legal actions against the Big O Trustees.  If you have contacted anyone regarding the Big O and know someone who could act on behalf of saving the Big O, I strongly support you in doing your part to help.  Legal actions against the Trustees and a court order forbidding the Trustees to distribute all the funds to only themselves will go a long way in preventing the Trustees from carrying out their plans to wholly steal the Big O program.

In addition, the Bergevun program is also in the same danger.  If someone in Bergevun can launch a legal action to stop the Trustees from closing down the Bergevun and taking all the proceeds for themselves, please encourage who ever to do the legal action against the Bergevun Trustees.  Bush Sr. and Orin Hatch are Trustees of the Bergevun program and have been unlawfully blocking the funding of this program as well.  My intelligence source reports that Bush and Hatch intend to close down the Bergevun trading and take all the proceeds for themselves in NOVEMBER 2005.  Both the Big O and Bergevun will be fully rescued in conjunction actions for NESARA at a certain point in the not too distant future.  The Trustees must be delayed from carrying out their robbery of the programs until the rescues can be accomplished.

Since August 28, 2005, there have no additional battles or skirmishes in the efforts by certain people to do a military coup here in the USA.  (See Dove Report dated August 28, 2005 for details.)  The pro-coup groups are still intending to do their unlawful military coup.  They will not be successful with the military coup because the pro-coup leaders are NOT good people; the coup leaders plan is to declare martial law if they were successful AND they continue to serve the agenda of the European owners of the Federal Reserve.  It would be even worse for Americans if a military coup occurred than it is under the Bush government.  The Bush government and the pro-coup leaders have the same plans to harm Americans and the world; the two groups are IN COMPETITION for the top positions to carry out the harmful agendas.

Currently I'm making contacts for NESARA on the East Coast of theUSA.  There are very important activities being lined up for key elements required to bring NESARA to announcement.  We are making progress!  NESARA Now!

 Blessings and Love,
 Dove of Oneness
 Executive Director
 International NESARA Take Action Teams



[doveofo] NESARA Meeting in London, England This Week.  Full Report.

September 17, 2005  11:55 a.m. PDT.

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

We have just completed a series of meetings in Albany, New York and Los Angeles, California with people who are interested in helping with NESARA's key requirements.  Thanks to some very strong NESARA supporters inNew York, we met with numerous people in the Albany area who are very concerned about the restoration of Constitutional Law.  Our International NESARA Take Action Teams Coordinator, Jane P., and I met several sincere Americans in the Albany area who have serious concerns about the future of America.  We are following up with some of NESARA's supporters in New York  regarding the key element needed to move NESARA to announcement.

From New York, we made a quick trip to Los Angeles, California where we met with certain NESARA supporters in the area.  This was a spur-of-the-moment trip which did not allow us to contact all of you in the Southwest and invite you to a NESARA meeting.  However, we may be scheduling additional NESARA Meetings in the US in the near future, so watch the Dove Reports for information.

The need for NESARA increases exponentially every week.  Around the world, the unjustifiably high prices of petro/gasoline are causing higher prices of nearly every product and service.  People on fixed incomes are struggling to stay financially afloat.  The increasingly difficult financial conditions worldwide have long been planned by the leaders of the multi-national corporations and military-industrial complex behind the World Trade Organization and affiliated organizations seeking to shape the world for their profit and benefit.  NESARA's announcement will immediately neutralize many actions severely harming the world's people today; NESARA will continue by ripple effect to spur improvements for people worldwide.

Each newscast in America shows the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  Our hearts go out to everyone who has been harmed by Katrina and the lack of help from the federal government.  American mainstream media is NOT covering the real truth about Katrina and FEMA (US Federal Emergency Management Agency), however, the truth will be revealed soon after NESARA is announced.  There is solid evidence proving exactly what happened in New Orleans, Biloxi, and other areas; the proof and the witnesses are safe and will come forward after NESARA is announced.


We are continuing to meet with people who can help on the most important action needed to bring NESARA to announcement.  Yesterday I was able to make an important contact and consequently I am traveling to London today.  I will be in London, England, for a few days beginning tomorrow, Sunday September 18th, on behalf of the key action required for NESARA.  If you know people in England or who can travel to London and who have a broad network of contacts or are connected with people who have a broad network of contacts and who could be supportive of NESARA, please send me an email with the Subject of "Contacts" and give me your first name, telephone number, the best times to reach you, and a little about your contact suggestions.  I will contact you either by email or telephone to discuss your suggestions.

In order to obtain all possible assistance for NESARA, I'm also inviting all NESARA supporters in Europe and the UK to a NESARA Meeting in London on Tuesday evening, September 20, 2005.  To give people time to travel to London, I expect to hold the NESARA Meeting on Tuesday evening beginning at 7 or 7:30 p.m.London time.  At the NESARA Meeting we will discuss the facts and key elements needed to bring NESARA to announcement as well as related topics including the prosperity programs.  NESARA is the only process able to bring improvements to the world's people; NESARA is crucial to your future and the future of those you love.  I encourage you to attend the NESARA Meeting if you are able.  To receive the details regarding the NESARA Meeting, please send an email to me with the Subject of  "London NESARA Meeting" with you first name, telephone number, and country and how many people you would like to bring to the meeting; I will respond with details about the NESARA Meeting.


Every one of us who understands the world situation must do all we can to move NESARA to announcement as soon as possible.  If you have a broad network of contacts or you know someone in business, entertainment, humanitarian organizations, or other activities who has a broad network of contacts, please send me at email with the Subject of "Contacts".  Include your first name, telephone number, and your time zone, and a little information about your "Contact" suggestion.  There is one key action required to bring NESARA to announcement and YOU may have the vital connection which enables this key NESARA action to be completed.

There is one kind of contact which may be especially helpful to NESARA and you may know someone of this type.  We are finding that independent business people who deal in international buying and selling of large commodities, such as boatloads of grain, large equipment or technology purchases and sales, lawful import/export, or other international business activities, or the buying and selling of companies, large real estate transactions, and other high level business transactions, often have certain business contacts which could be helpful to NESARA.  Particularly people who are dealing in contracts for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of international or domestic products seem to have good connections with people who may be able to help NESARA and, NESARA will HELP THEM immediately (even prior to NESARA's announcement) in extremely solid ways which may benefit them more than anything they have ever encountered.  If you know such a business person, please send an email with the Subject of  "Business" to me with your first name, telephone number, time zone, and a brief comment about your suggested contact.

It is extremely important that we accomplish the required key action for NESARA as soon as possible; your assistance is crucial in moving NESARA forward.

Bush Government Sales Tax - December 2005

I have just received word this week of new, damaging actions the Bush government is planning to initiate in the next several months.  Per a personal friend of Bush Jr., the Bush government is planning to initiate a NATIONAL SALES TAX in the USA in early December 2005!  Bush wants to take advantage of the annual Holiday buying season to collect the new national sales tax.  This Bush national sales tax is in addition to the heavy load of the income taxes Americans are paying and have paid for decades.

This Bush sales tax is NOT in any way related to NESARA's national sales tax or NESARA.  NESARA abolishes the US national income tax and will have a Constitutionally acceptable national sales tax on NEW items only with exemptions for food, medicine, and other essentials of life; USED items will NOT be taxed under NESARA because the Constitution's intent is that Americans be given a way to choose whether they pay a tax or not.  The Founding Fathers knew that government could harm the people if paying of taxes was "compulsory" and reality has proven them correct.  In recent years, federal income tax auditors and agents have sometimes been used to target and intimidate people who do not agree with the government.

Since the Bush government began in 2001, the Bush government has devastated the world economy.  Nearly every cause of economic damage worldwide can be tracked back to the public and private actions of the Bush government.  I remind you when Clinton left office, America had a budget surplus which quickly disappeared under the Bush government.  This budget surplus was, in fact, due to the behind-the-scenes efforts of the people leading the Farm Claims process who were trying to restore Constitutional Law and put America back on its proper course.  Unfortunately, it took the Bush government mere months to devastate the American and world economy and the budget surplus disappeared.

Have you had enough of seeing your life and the lives of those you love increasingly damaged by the Bush government?  Look at your life and think about how much better your life will be after NESARA is announced!

The solution is NESARA!  Please review this Dove Report and THINK about WHO YOU KNOW who may have the kinds of contacts needed for NESARA.  It only takes ONE PERSON with the right connections to accomplish the key NESARA action.  YOU might be the person who has the right contact; DO YOUR PART NOW to help NESARA!

[NESARA six points are here, see above reports for this information.]

(See the History section of www.NESARA.US for more information about why the US Supreme Court has a gag order on NESARA until the NESARA announcement: )  For more information on NESARA, go to WWW.NESARA.US .  To SUBSCRIBE to the weekly Dove Reports, please send an email with Subject of "Subscribe"

We are continuing to follow up with those of you who have previously offered assistance.  There are connections being pursued to accomplish the critical key action NESARA needs.  Until we have that action absolutely accomplished, we are accelerating our meetings to find the right connection!  NESARA is the answer!  Do YOUR PART - help NESARA!  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams



[doveofo] NESARA Video Arriving in a Mailbox Near You; Fitzgerald Uncovers All.  Excerpt.

November 6, 2005  11:09 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Some of you have probably seen internet reports about the additional crimes which Patrick Fitzgerald, the US Federal Prosecutor, has uncovered.  My sources have confirmed that Fitzgerald has considerable testimony and evidence that the Bush government's story of the 9-11 attacks is a total lie.  Fitzgerald has uncovered evidence of many crimes which have been committed by US officials of the current Bush government, the Clinton government, and the Bush Sr. government.  Fitzgerald has received proof regarding who ordered the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and how it was done.  Fitzgerald will be instrumental in bringing the truth to Americans and the world regarding many past crimes and acts of treason.

My sources state Fitzgerald has a plan to use the case against Libby as a foundation from which to bring forward indictments for many other crimes he has uncovered.  After NESARA is announced, it will be much easier for Fitzgerald to move forward in prosecuting those who committed much bigger crimes than leaking a CIA agent's identity.  Fitzgerald's revelations will certainly help Americans and the world to understand WHY the reforms in NESARA are absolutely necessary.

I received a call from Britain a few days ago and was told that Fitzgerald gave an interview to the BBC which was very well received, and which re-kindled criticism of the Tony Blair government and their support of the war against Iraq.  What we do here in the USA will help good people in other countries to reform their governments as well, and Fitzgerald's interviews are just the beginning.


Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They came for the Muslims, and I didn't speak up...
By Stephen Rohde

(Author's Note:  The USA Patriot Act became law a little over one year ago.)

First they came for the Muslims, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a  Muslim.
Then they came for the immigrants, detaining them indefinitely solely on the certification of the attorney general, and I didn't speak up because I  wasn't an immigrant.
Then they came to eavesdrop on suspects consulting with their attorneys, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a suspect.
Then they came to prosecute noncitizens before secret military commissions, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a noncitizen.
Then they came to enter homes and offices for unannounced “sneak and peak”  searches, and I didn't speak up because I had nothing to hide.
Then they came to reinstate Cointelpro and resume the infiltration and  surveillance of domestic religious and political groups, and I didn't speak up because I no longer participated in any groups.
Then they came to arrest American citizens and hold them indefinitely  without any charges and without access to lawyers, and I didn't speak up because I would never be arrested.
Then they came to institute TIPS (Terrorism Information and Prevention  System) recruiting citizens to spy on other citizens and I didn't speak up because I was afraid.
Then they came for anyone who objected to government policy because it only aided the terrorists and gave ammunition to
America's enemies, and I didn't  speak up ... because I didn't speak up.
Then they came for me, and by that time, no one was left to speak up.
Forum Column (from the Daily Journal, 11/20/02). Stephen Rohde is an attorney. He edited American Words of Freedom and was president of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.
Does Rohde's text seem familiar? It should. He based it on one of the web's most widely-circulated texts about silence in the face of evil:
In Germany, the Nazis first came for the communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a communist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Catholics, but I didn't speak up because I was a protestant.
Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak for me.
Rev. Martin
Niemöeller (1892-1984)

That text appears in several slightly varying forms but is always attributed to the Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöeller (1892-1984), who was several times jailed by Hitler in the mid-thirties, then spent eight years in Sachenhausen and Dachau. He survived to become an important anti-nuclear pacifist. He was, from 1961-1968, President of the World Council of Churches. One source says that he frequently ended his speeches with that text, so the several variants may simply reflect transcriptions of those different events.

[doveofo] 26 Million Visits to www.NESARA.US Website; NESARA Video.  Full Report.
November 13, 2005  9:44 pm PST
Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

I decided this week to put our website visitor counter on the home page of www.NESARA.US.  You can see it by clicking on www.NESARA.US and you will see it about midway down the page on the RIGHT side of the first page you access – the home page of www.NESARA.US .   It says “Visitors since October 2003 – 26056786” (as of when I checked today).

The reason I decided to put the counter on the home page is to show you that our website, my Dove Reports, our International NESARA Take Action Teams which I founded, and your efforts of spreading the word about NESARA by passing out NESARA fliers and telling people about NESARA are yielding good results.

Since I moved the Dove Reports to www.NESARA.US in October 2003 there have been over 26 MILLION visits to our www.NESARA.US website.  For those of you who don’t pay attention to website visit counters, 26 million visits in only two years is a high number of visits.  Many websites never have that many visits in their entire history, much less in just two years.

We are very conservative in how we count the visits to our website.  If the same person visits us several times in the same day, we count only the first visit.  We also only count the first page each visitor accesses; if they access more than one page on our website, we don’t count the additional page accesses.  Most of our visitors go to the Dove Reports to read about NESARA; many people read the Dove Reports online rather than subscribe.

By the way, we do not keep records of any visitor’s internet addresses and we do not put cookies on anyone’s PC.  I am a strong supporter of your privacy and decided we would not collect the IP address/information on those who visit our website.

Our statistics prove that there are many, many people who support NESARA and care about seeing NESARA announced.  Now you can see by our website counter that there are many people who support NESARA; you have a lot of company in supporting NESARA.

There is something else that the website counter tells you.  It tells you that www.NESARA.US and my Dove Reports and activities on behalf of NESARA are receiving a tremendous amount of attention.  Because NESARA REQUIRES the  RESIGNATIONS of all elected officials of the current US federal government including all members of the US Congress, Bush, Cheney, and the entire Bush Cabinet, the announcement of NESARA is something the Bush government wants to stop.

In fact, certain CIA personnel and others taking orders from the Bush government are paid to fight against NESARA by spreading LIES against NESARA, against www.NESARA.US, and against Dove (me) because our activities are the major actions which are moving NESARA forward.

I usually don’t discuss the efforts by the CIA and others of the Bush government to fight NESARA by attacking our www.NESARA.US website and attacking Dove in various ways.  However, you need to understand that the Bush government is using government agents, government computers, and government DISinformation websites on the internet to attack NESARA, Dove, and our activities because we are making progress in moving NESARA to announcement.  The Bush government would like to stop us but they cannot.

One of the ways the CIA and other Bush government personnel are trying to stop us is by carrying out over 540,000 hacking attacks on www.NESARA.US EVERY MONTH.  Sometimes the number of hacking attacks is nearly double that amount.  These hacking attacks attempt to sign-on to our website as the Administrator/webmaster of the website by using various sign-on IDs in their efforts to completely destroy and take down our www.NESARA.US website.

These attacks come from thousands of different “IP addresses” and hammer away at our website at a rate of 12 to 21 hacking efforts EVERY MINUTE of the day every day of the month all year long.  The US federal government has special mini and micro computers which appear to be located all over the world and which are programmed to hack into websites to try to take down these websites which the federal government does not want on the internet.  ONLY the US federal government has the large resources of people, computers, and internet access to be able to launch these huge numbers of attacks on our www.NESARA.US website.

Another way the Bush government is fighting our support of NESARA is by publicizing and posting massive LIES against Dove (me) personally on numerous internet websites because I am by far the major voice in support of NESARA and I founded the International NESARA Take Action Teams to spread the news of NESARA to the public and beyond the closed environment of the internet.

My intelligence contacts state that in 2002, Bush Sr. used his connections with the CIA to order a smear campaign be prepared against me because of my championing of NESARA.  A paid CIA-agent, who writes propaganda for the FBI/CIA government DISinformation website known as quatloos, was ordered to find an unscrupulous newspaper reporter in the Seattle-Tacoma area near my home and feed the reporter lies about me.  For 18 months the paid CIA agent fed lies to the unscrupulous reporter.

Then in July 2004 because my NESARA Take Action Team (NTAT) members were passing out NESARA fliers at many theaters showing the anti-Bush movie, Fahrenheit 911, Bush Sr. ordered the launching of the smear campaign against me.  Bush was worried that since 2004 was an election year, and so many people hated Bush Jr. after seeing the movie, that our  NTAT actions might cause Bush Jr. to lose more votes.  By attacking me because I am the leader of the NTAT, Bush thought publicizing lies about me and smearing me in my home area would cause me to stop supporting NESARA and disappear.

Bush was wrong, wrong, wrong!  All his smear campaign did was make me MORE DETERMINED to move NESARA forward!  After the smear campaign against me in  the newspaper and on the internet, my reaction was to INCREASE my efforts for NESARA.  I am continuing to INCREASE my efforts for NESARA in every way I can.

The CIA personnel behind the smear campaign against me also ordered the federal income tax organization, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), to target me and try to seize my funds on a phony claim against me.  This is standard procedure for the Bush government to order unlawful actions against people who support things the Bush government does not like.  I was NESARA’s major voice in radio interviews, leading the International NTAT activities, and they knew the Dove Reports and our www.NESARA.US website had millions of visitors a year; naturally, they targeted me to try to shut down the truth about NESARA.

The unscrupulous newspaper reporter claimed he talked to the IRS and the IRS said they had tried to take funds from me.  However, the IRS was never successful in seizing the funds in my bank accounts.  I didn’t even know the IRS was targeting me until the unscrupulous newspaper reporter told me; the IRS has never been successful in their unlawful efforts against me. I’m telling you about these things today to show you that the NESARA Law is being fought by the CIA and Bush government using massive LIES and unlawful actions.  If you see comments on the internet against me and NESARA, you have to understand that the NESARA Law totally ENDS the Bush government by requiring all Bush cabinet members and all the US Congress to resign!  Bush and his cohorts are out of power the minute NESARA is announced.  The Bush government and CIA are spreading lies to try to discredit me and NESARA because they fear we will be successful in getting NESARA announced.  Knowing how corrupt politicians operate, it is no surprise that NESARA and I are being attacked by the Bush government in their DISinformation websites and other ways.

There are millions of Americans who detest the Bush government; NESARA is the best way to remove the Bush government from power and fix the problems in America.  For those of you new to NESARA, the major provisions of NESARA – the National Economic Security And Reformation Act – include the following:

1. Restores Constitutional Law in the US as the forefathers intended when they signed the Declaration of Independence.

2. Requires the current US administration to resign their positions to allow a fresh start at the national level and installs Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections can take place within 120 days.

3. NESARA US President Designate declares “peace” due to NESARA’s abolishing all unconstitutional “national states of emergency”.  All US military aggressive actions will cease immediately.

4. Zeroing out credit card balances, forgiveness of mortgages and other bank debt as a remedy for 70 years of bank and government fraud.

5. Initiates the US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency backed by precious metals. Bank personnel have already been trained on NESARA and the new currency is already in some bank vaults.

6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a new national sales tax on new non-essential items as revenue for government.

Today I received a telephone call about the increases Chase Bank is imposing on their credit card customers and stating their customers are not allowed to do lawsuits to protest these unexpected changes!  The Bush government officials are strong supporters of big banks and big corporations as reflected in the damaging laws against people’s rights which have been passed in the last five years.  Every day there are more damaging actions against the people by the Bush government.  The NESARA Law Announcement will wipe out the terrible, unconstitutional laws which have been passed and will re-establish all rights of the people by restoring Constitutional Law and removing from office those who have harmed the people.

I am constantly looking for more ways to help move NESARA forward as quickly as possible.  One way is by providing a great deal of NEW information in the video of our Los Angeles NESARA Meeting which we held on October 8, 2005.  At the Los Angeles NESARA Meeting, we provided a great deal of NEW information that had never been provided at any previous NESARA Meetings and had never been discussed in the Dove Reports or anywhere on the internet.  There are certain complex aspects to the actions needed to bring NESARA to announcement.  Videoing the NESARA Meeting gave us a way to cover considerable new information in ways that can be easily understood.

Those of you who receive the NESARA Video will be informed of many CONFIDENTIAL DETAILS about NESARA which will not be covered in the Dove Reports or by anyone else discussing NESARA.  If you want TO KNOW the TRUTH about what is being done to move NESARA to announcement, you need to see the NESARA Video; it is the only way you will know the truth.

The “glass master” of the NESARA Meeting video is currently being made.  The glass master process we are using to make the NESARA Video DVDs is the same process by which movies on DVD are made.  This is a higher-quality mass production process than “burning” a DVD on a computer.  You should be able to put the NESARA Video DVD into any DVD player connected to a television and play the NESARA Video just like you play movies on DVD.

Currently we have about 1,200 requests for the NESARA Video.  If the glass master making process is completed without a problem, then the DVD copies can be made in a few days and then we can mail the DVDs out.

The NESARA Video PROVES that NESARA is real and shows people standing up in the Los Angeles meeting and telling about their own personal confirmations of NESARA.  The NESARA Video includes telephone recordings of two people who confirmed NESARA with members of the US Congress in the last few years and also with a United Nations connection, a former Navy SEAL, as well as with banking personnel who have been trained in NESARA bank regulations.  The NESARA Video includes film clips of video taped Farm Claims meetings in 1992 and 1993 where they are talking about the Farmers’ Court Cases which eventually became the foundation for NESARA.  The men speaking in the 1992 Farm Claims meeting video clips talk about the GAG ORDERS that the US Supreme Court put on all the people involved in the Farmers’ Cases.  They talk about the government and banking reforms that were being attempted through the Farm Claims process.

Because the NESARA Video has so much POWERFUL information, once the NESARA Video is being sent out and seen by thousands, the Bush government will probably try to do more to attacks me and our www.NESARA.US website.  There will likely be an increase in the LIES on the internet against me and NESARA, so do not be surprised.

However, I, our website, and all the people helping NESARA will continue forward.  We have VERY GOOD PROTECTION because we are acting on behalf of NESARA! There are some things YOU can do to help NESARA and those things are discussed in the NESARA Video.  There are a few other things that some of you might be able to do to help NESARA:

1.  If you or someone you know is an expert in banking and economic activities in the USA, I would like to talk with such an expert about certain important improvements related to NESARA.  If you can help me connect with such an expert, please send me an email  with a Subject of “Banking” and include your first name, your telephone number, time zone, and a brief comment about your connection to a banking/economic expert.

2.  If you have the time and knowledge to help us with a database project which involves extracting certain fields of information out of files, please send me an email with a Subject of “Database” and include your first name, your telephone number, time zone, and a brief comment about your data extraction programming experience.

3.  To save our webmaster some time and energy, if you have website counter experience and you know what we need to do to put “commas” in the number of visitors in our website counter number display, please send me an email with a Subject of “Counter” and include your first name, your telephone number, time zone, and a brief comment about your experience.

We appreciate your immediate assistance if you can help us with these things.  Together, we are moving NESARA forward to announcement!  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams
Here is the NESARA Video order form you may use.

Please PRINT or TYPE all information on the Order Form. Be sure to include the full spelling of your Name, your Street Address, your City, State/Province, Postal/Zip Code, and Country name if not the USA.  Sometimes people assume we understand all the abbreviations used in various locations, but we do not. Please include all information clearly printed or typed to aid in receiving this very important NESARA Video.

. . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ORDER FORM
Send Order Form and payment to: NESARA Video
2708 Foothill Blvd. #125
La Crescenta, CA  91214
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
(Print)  FIRST NAME or Initial               LAST NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
(Print)  MAILING ADDRESS - STREET or POST OFFICE BOX _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
(Print)  CITY                           STATE/PROVINCE       ZIP CODE
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
(Print)  COUNTRY Number of NESARA Video DVDs ordered:  _ _ _ $5.00 cash /each (recipients in USA)
Number of NESARA Video DVDs ordered:  _ _ _ $7.00 cash /each (recipients not in USA)
Your Email Address:  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for questions we have about your order

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

We do not have the ability to send the NESARA Video on VHS tape; it may be possible for someone you know to transfer the video to VHS tape for those of you who do not have DVD players.

You may order the NESARA Video by sending $5 in cash or a $5 US Postal Money Order.  On US Postal Money Order please leave BLANK the “Pay to order of” area on the money order.  Please send ONLY money orders from the US Postal Service – not money orders from other sources.  We cannot accept checks.

We have arranged to provide this three-hour NESARA DVD at such a low cost to make it easy for people to afford.  The $5 fee just covers the cost of burning and shipping the DVD to you.  The NESARA Video will be sent via First Class US postal mail within 7-10 days after your order is received.

For those of you outside the US, please send $7 USD cash to cover DVD and postal costs; delivery outside the US will probably take two or three weeks via regular postal mail.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


[doveofo] NESARA Law Improves the World; Corrupt US Gov. Tries to Fight NESARA.  Excerpt.
November 20, 2005  9:01 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

There are numerous DISinformation websites which tell total LIES about NESARA.  Several DISinformation websites (including quatloos and others) were set-up by the CIA on orders from George W. H. Bush (Bush Sr.) who once was the Director of theCIA.  In case you don’t know, the CIA has been in the business of DISinformation, lying to Americans, nearly its entire existence.  Lying to the public is a common government strategy.

In January 2001, Bush Sr. ordered the CIA to establish a website named “www.nesara.ORG” – notice the “.ORG” end of the website address – the “.ORG” is how you can tell this is the CIA phony website.  This nesara.ORG website was set up to CONFUSE people and try to brainwash people that this website was somehow related to the true NESARA Law.

In typical government DISinformation fashion, this nesara.ORG website pretends to be about a proposed bill which has a few things similar to the real NESARA Law.  This website’s sole purpose is to try to CONFUSE people about the true NESARA; if you don’t pay attention to the details, YOU can be made a fool by this CIA phony website.

This DISinformation www.nesara.ORG website claims to be promoting a proposed bill and PRETENDS to be wanting it passed.  However, one man sent me an email saying he had made a sincere offer by email to HELP them get their false nesara bill passed and he received a reply saying they did NOT WANT HIS HELP nor did they want his offer of funds!

The reason is simple:  this is a CIA DISinformation website and their total purpose is to put out lies to confuse people and to rant against the TRUE NESARA Law which was passed in March 2000.

The entire nesara.ORG website and ALL the PEOPLE involved are part of the CIA DISinformation scheme.  The PHONY, non-existent bill on www.nesara.ORG was invented by the CIA — there is NO such bill and NO such organization.  A paid CIA agent, Harvey Barnard, who never was a “Ph.D” – that’s just a phony CIA cover – claims on this DISinformation nesara.ORG website to have authored the nesara bill they have posted there.  Harvey Barnard did NOT author anything; he was just a paid CIA stooge who was part of trying to fool anyone who likes the true NESARA Law.

If you pay attention to the WORDS used in this website’s PHONY bill TITLE, you will see it calls its bill by a DIFFERENT NAME from the real NESARA Law!  However, the CIA knows that most people do NOT pay attention to such details and therefore theCIA has fooled some people.

The phony nesara bill is:  National Economic STABILITY and RECOVERY Act.  The true NESARA LAW is: National Economic SECURITY and REFORMATION Act.

The difference of TWO WORDS in the TITLE is just as important as YOUR PERSONAL name being different from someone else with the same last name.  You may be named Joseph William Brown and you are an entirely different person from someone named John Walter Brown; both men could use the initials JW Brown but they would be TOTALLY different because their first two names are different.

The true NESARA Law has TWO WORDS which are totally different in its title from the false bill on the CIA nesara.ORG website.  The entire LEGAL NAME of the real NESARA makes the true NESARA Law a totally DIFFERENT legal entity.

Since last Sunday when we began showing the number of visits to our website on our home page of www.NESARA.US, the US government has been blocking access to our website in an effort to keep people from reading the latest news about NESARA.  We are exploring options to counter these government efforts to keep people from accessing our website.

The true NESARA LAW will greatly improve the world and has specific provisions to reform the American government, banking system, and legal system so all is in alignment with Constitutional Law.  NESARA has specific provisions to stop many major actions by the government and corporations which are harming people and our world.  NESARA puts an end to many harmful actions and those who fail to comply will be held personally responsible under Constitutional Law.

A recent news channel poll showed that 97% -NINETY-SEVEN PERCENT- of Americans do NOT approve of Bush’s handling of numerous government issues.  NESARA is the best way to remove the Bush government from power and fix the problems in America.


NESARA is the SAVING GRACE of the entire world and all people.  You will see this when you see the NESARA Law public announcement and the public unveiling of the NESARA Law.  NESARA is the MOST IMPORTANT cause there is on the entire planet; this is why we are focusing everything we can to completing the necessary actions and bringing NESARA to announcement!  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams



[doveofo] NESARA Gold & Task Force Actions; More Proof Bush Gov. Did 9-11.  Full Report.
November 27, 2005   8:11 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Due to the extreme need to bring NESARA to announcement ASAP, today I am unveiling details of actions needed to fix NESARA and move NESARA to announcement.
First, let me explain the ONLY actions being taken to improve NESARA and bring NESARA to announcement are the actions being taken by the NESARA Law Task Force which I have organized.  During my 18 month investigations into the true status of the NESARA Law, I discovered certain actions must be taken to improve NESARA and to announce NESARA.  I formed the NESARA Law Task Force to accomplish these activities.

There were many things we were told by the White Knights supporting NESARA which were NOT CORRECT.  I discovered the truth in my meetings and travels related to NESARA.  I have found ALL the solutions needed to improve and fix NESARA.  Today, for the first time in the Dove Report, I am telling you exactly what is needed to fix NESARA so it can be announced.

Over 14 months ago, I discovered that NESARA does NOT have the gold or precious metals to back the new US Treasury currency.  However, I have FOUND very large quantities of gold which can be purchased to back the new US Treasury currency and will give America a lawful monetary system as required by Constitutional Law.  To restore Constitutional Law, we MUST obtain the gold to back the new Treasury currency; otherwise we are not truly restoring Constitutional Law.

It is absolutely necessary that the gold be obtained to back the new US Treasury currency because the gold is what will enable NESARA to have a 100% exchange rate.  The exchange rate means that for every dollar of Federal Reserve money you hold in a bank account or in cash, you will receive a dollar of US Treasury currency; this is a 100%exchange rate and means that NO ONE will LOSE money when NESARA is announced.

Over 14 months ago, I discovered that the NESARA Law passed in the year 2000 was passed with ONLY a 10% exchange rate!  This means that if NESARA was announced tonight and you had $1,000 – One Thousand -dollars in your bank account, tomorrow you would have only $100 – One Hundred – dollars in your bank account!  The exchange rate in the NESARA Law must be fixed and the only way to fix it is to obtain the gold NESARA needs.

The 10% exchange rate is one of the big problems the US Supreme Court Judges had built into the NESARA Law because the Judges controlled the drafting of the NESARA Law and they presented it to the US Congress as an all or nothing proposition.  The Judges did not allow Congress to amend the NESARA Law because the Judges do NOT support NESARA and purposely put problems into NESARA so that if it were announced, there would be huge economic problems.

The US Supreme Court Judges who put Bush into the oval office are the same ones who have been controlling NESARA and who purposely put the10% exchange rate into the NESARA Law.  If NESARA was announced without the exchange rate being fixed, it would cause a WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC MELTDOWN of enormous proportions!

In the NESARA Video I show a report from the US Department of the Treasury which contains official government information regarding the amount of US Treasury financial securities which are held by foreign countries around the world.  This report taken off the US Treasury website at is entitled “Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities” and shows that the following countries are holding significant amounts of Treasury Securities:  Japan, Mainland China, United Kingdom, Caribbean Banking Centers, Taiwan, Germany, Korea, OPEC, Hong Kong, Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, Brazil, France, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, India, Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Thailand, Ireland, Israel, and others.  The total of “Treasury Securities” held as of September 2005is $ 2.065 Trillion USD – OVER TWO TRILLION US Dollars!

The issue of the NESARA Law EXCHANGE RATE is a GLOBAL concern and will affect people around the entire world, not just Americans.  No country or person can survive having a 10% exchange rate in the NESARA Law -no one can afford to lose 90% of the wealth they have in Federal Reserve notes, Treasury bonds, cash, etc.

Therefore, the NESARA Law EXCHANGE RATE must be corrected to 100%.

The way to correct the exchange rate in alignment with Constitutional Law and to free Americans from the BOGUS national debt imposed by the Federal Reserve Bank, is to purchase hundreds of thousands of metric tons of gold which just became available for purchase THIS YEAR, after over 50 years of legal entanglements.

On November 10, 2005 a few weeks ago, the NESARA Law Task Force was close to initiating a $100M investment process for buying NESARA’s gold.  Unfortunately, a key person became ill from a long-term health problem which caused a major deadline to be missed.  However, if this process had been completed, we would have been able to announce NESARA before the end of this year!

Some of you reading the Dove Reports have the capability to help behind-the-scenes and confidentially in the process of obtaining the gold for NESARA.  Please read the following information carefully:

1.  The NESARA Law Task Force has gained the trust of people able to arrange extremely lucrative, elite investment processes which provide extraordinary returns on investment.  These investments are not allowed to be advertised and can only be accessed through invitation by those allowed to issue the invitation.  These investments are totally lawful.

It is not easy for a wealthy person to make the contacts necessary to access these elite investment opportunities.  However, because of my years of supporting NESARA, these contacts have offered their special efforts in our actions to fix and announce NESARA.

2.  If you are or know an investor or investors capable of investing$100 Million, $300 Million, $500 Million USD or up, you can help ensure NESARA is fixed and announced as soon as possible.  The investor(s) will receive extraordinary returns PER WEEK in these elite investment opportunities.  Anyone bringing investors is eligible for very lucrative facilitator fees.

High security factors for the investor include:

a.  All details are contained in the investment contract the investor receives including guaranteed percentage of return.

b.  The investor(s)’s funds stay in the investor(s)’s bank account and are never moved.

c.  The investor has sole signature rights on the bank account and therefore total control.

3.  To obtain the funds to purchase NESARA’s gold, the investor will sign a joint-venture agreement that NESARA will receive 50% of the profits of the investment and the investor will receive 50% of the profits.  Most investors have not had the opportunity to access the high levels of return in these investments; their rewards will be extremely high profits AND making their own lives and their loved ones’ lives much better by helping NESARA.

4.  Within a few weeks of the investment process being initiated, the NESARA Law Task Force will enter negotiations for NESARA’s gold and soon after the gold contract is signed, the NESARA Law will be announced.

5.  Due to the unique circumstances surrounding the gold to be purchased, it is NOT necessary to have the full amount of funds for purchasing the gold immediately as certain security measures must be put in place prior to the gold being purchased.  However, the investment process generating NESARA’s funds to purchase the gold must be initiated before negotiations for the gold contract can begin.

6.  If you are or you know someone who is capable of investing $100MUSD, $300M USD or more, send an email with the Subject of “NESARA Gold” and include your first name, telephone number, your time zone, and the best times to reach you.  If you are the principle who has the investment funds, you may choose to have your representative send the email to begin communication.  I will personally make the phone call to establish contact soon after receiving your email.

7.  In addition to the high security built into these investments, anyone helping NESARA will be fully secure in every way.

I decided to explain exactly what NESARA needs because I’ve been informed that in the first half of 2006, the Bush government is planning to declare nationwide martial law!  The Bush government ordered the 9-11 attacks on Americans (see proof below); the Bush government had hoped to declare martial law in September 2001.  Bush is gearing up to institute martial law in just a few months from now. Through the so-called patriot acts, Bush already has all the power Hitler had.  If Bush were successful, this would make America into Nazi Germany only much, much WORSE.

NESARA is the only way to remove the entire Bush government and keep America and the world safe from more harm.  NESARA ends US military aggression and begins peace; NESARA reforms American government, banking, and legal systems to remove deeply entrenched corruption. NESARA:

1. Restores Constitutional Law in the USA.
2. Removes the Bush administration officials from their positions due to their treasonous and unconstitutional actions.  Bush, Cheney, and the Cabinet are immediately removed from office by NESARA’s public announcement.  The NESARA public announcement also removes all members of the US Congress due to their unconstitutional actions.  These removals allow a fresh start at the national level.  NESARA uses the Constitutional Line of Succession and installs Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new federal elections can take place within six months after NESARA’s announcement.
3. NESARA’s public announcement also declares “peace” because NESARA abolishes unconstitutional states of emergency.
4. As partial remedy for 100 years of government and banking fraud, NESARA requires zeroing out of credit card balances and bank debt relief is given to Americans for bank loans including mortgages, car loans, education loans, business loans, and other bank debt.  Banks will be paid $9000 per each credit card account with a balance; these funds have been raised in special revenue generating activities in Europe.  NESARA requires other bank debts be made self-liquidating loans and US banks are instructed to use new high revenue generating processes to pay off Americans’ bank loans.
5. Initiates the US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency backed by precious metals. The Federal Reserve is abolished; Federal Reserve facilities and most personnel are absorbed into the US Treasury Bank System.  We will be exchanging our Federal Reserve notes, which are not backed by gold, for the US Treasury currency which is backed by gold.
6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a national sales tax on new, non-essential items as revenue for government.  Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items are exempt from the sales tax.

Once the investment process is initiated to fund buying NESARA’s gold, all actions to fix NESARA and move NESARA to announcement will quickly proceed.

I know some of you reading this report have the capability to help NESARA in the investment process, and in helping NESARA you are helping YOURSELF and all you love.  NESARA needs your help.  To begin communication either you or your representative may to send an email with the Subject of “NESARA Gold” and include basic information including your or your representative’s first name, telephone number, time zone, and the best times to call. I will personally make the phone call to begin contact soon after receiving your email.  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

PROOF the Bush Government Did the 9-11 Attacks:

Click on link below to SEE video footage taken by Pentagon camera of small white plane flying into Pentagon on September 11, 2005; this clearly proves there was NO commercial jet liner.  The 9-11 attacks were a Bush government INSIDE JOB.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

WTC Basement Blast And Injured Burn Victim Blows ‘Official 9/11 Story’ Sky High; Eye Witness Testimony Is Conclusive That North Tower Collapsed From Controlled Demolition
WTC janitor pulls burn victim to safety after basement explosion rocks north tower seconds before jetliner hit top floors. Also, two other men trapped and drowning in a basement elevator shaft, were also pulled to safety from underground explosion.

June 24, 2005
By Greg Szymanski

What happened to William Rodriguez the morning of 9/11 is a miracle. What happened to his story after-the-fact is a tragedy.

But with miracles and tragedies comes truth. And truth is exactly what Rodriguez brings to the whole mystery surrounding 9/11.

Declared a hero for saving numerous lives at Ground Zero, he was the janitor on duty the morning of 9/11 who heard and felt explosions rock the basement sub-levels of the north tower just seconds before the jetliner struck the top floors.

He not only claims he felt explosions coming from below the first sub-level while working in the basement, he says the walls were cracking around him and he pulled a man to safety by the name of Felipe David, who was severely burned from the basement explosions.

All these events occurred only seconds before and during the jetliner strike above. And through it all, he now asks a simple question everybody should be asking? How could a jetliner hit 90 floors above and burn a man’s arms and face to a crisp in the basement below within seconds of impact?

Rodriguez claims this was impossible and clearly demonstrates a controlled demolition brought down the WTC, saying “Let’s see them (the government) try to wiggle out of this one.”

Well, they haven’t wiggled out of it because the government continues to act like Rodriguez doesn’t exist, basically ignoring his statements and the fact he rescued a man burnt and bleeding from the basement explosions.

His eye witness account, ignored by the media and the government, points the finger squarely on an official cover-up at the highest levels since the government contends the WTC fell only from burning jet fuel. And after listening to Rodriguez, it’s easy to see why the Bush administration wants him kept quiet.

Bush wants him quiet because Rodriguez’s account is ‘proof positive’ the WTC was brought down by a controlled demolition, not burning jet fuel. And Bush knows if he’s caught lying about this or caught in a cover-up, it’s just a matter of time before the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

In fact, Rodriguez’s story is so damaging -so damning- it literally blows the lid off the government story, literally exposing the whole9/11 investigation as a sham and a cover-up of the worst kind.

And it appears the cover-up also extends to the media.

NBC news knew about his story several years ago, even spending a full day at his house taping his comments. But when push came to shove, his story was never aired. Why?

His eyewitness account, backed up by at least 14 people at the scene with him, isn’t speculation or conjecture. It isn’t a story that takes a network out on a journalistic limb. It’s a story that can be backed up, a story that can be verified with hospital records and testimony from many others.

It’s a story about 14 people who felt and heard the same explosion and even saw Rodriguez, moments after the airplane hit, take David to safety, after he was burnt so bad from the basement explosion flesh was hanging from his face and both arms.

 So why didn’t NBC or any other major news outlets cover the story? They didn’t run it because it shot the government story to hell and back. They didn’t run it because “the powers that be” wouldn’t allow it.

Since 9/11, Rodriguez has stuck to his guns, never wavering from what he said from day one. Left homeless at times, warned to keep quiet and subtly harassed, he nevertheless has continued trying to tell get his message out in the face of a country not willing to listen.

CLICK on the Link below to read the rest of the article quoting Rodriguez’s eye witness report from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2005:

[doveofo] NESARA Defeats Bankers' Manifesto; Gold for NESARA; NESARA Video.  Full Report.
December 4, 2005    8:15 p.m. PST
Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Last week I explained that we have been lied to regarding NESARA by some of the White Knights.  I found this out when I began meeting in person with people who know the truth about NESARA.

In the last year, two people who hold official positions with the US Treasury have told me that NESARA was passed with only a 10% - TEN percent - exchange rate.  An MI6 British intelligence person also confirmed this.

In addition just a few months ago, G. Edward Griffin (who wrote "The Creature from Jekyll Island", a thick book exposing the truth about the Federal Reserve) wrote an internet article saying that "NESARA has no gold" and I received a phone call asking if this was right.  Yes, the NESARA Law passed in 2000 has no gold but we will FIX NESARA before it is announced and it will have the gold.

Mr. Griffin has access to people in the US Congress and he was told confidentially by a member of Congress that the NESARA Law passed in 2000 had "no gold".  This is WHY we are acting to obtain the gold for NESARA.

As I mention on the NESARA Video, I have not previously discussed this issue because WE are fixing NESARA so it will have the gold when it is announced.  NESARA will not be announced until we have the gold to back NESARA's Treasury currency 100%.

To announce NESARA without the gold would be irresponsible, destroy the world economy, and would give certain major international bankers a way to create the worldwide economic crash the bankers have been intending to cause.

Some of you have probably heard the "major international bankers are behind" most of the corruption and wars in our world.  This is basically true.  In 1892, there was a booklet printed which was circulated only among leading bankers of the world; it was called the Bankers' Manifesto of 1892.  The information below shows that for over a century the major international bankers have been planning to dominate the world.
Printed Here in Pertinent Part

We (the bankers) must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. Organizations in the United States should be carefully watched by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps to control these organizations in our interest or disrupt them.

At the coming Omaha convention to be held July 4, 1892, our men must attend and direct its movement or else there will be set on foot such antagonism to our designs as may require force to overcome. This at the present time would be premature. We are not yet ready for such a crisis. Capital must protect itself in every possible manner through combination (conspiracy) and legislation.

The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

When, through the process of law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of the government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. History repeats itself in regular cycles. This truth is well known among our principle men who are engaged in forming an imperialism of the world. While they are doing this, the people must be kept in a state of political antagonism.

The question of tariff reform must be urged through the organization known as the Democratic Party, and the question of protection with the reciprocity must be forced to view through the Republican Party.

By thus dividing voters, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us, except as teachers to the common herd. Thus, by discrete actions, we can secure all that has been so generously planned and successfully accomplished.

Revealed by US Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. to the U.S. Congress sometime between 1907 and 1917.

The Banker's Manifesto ties in with U.S. Senate Document No. 43, 73rd Congress, 1st Session (1934), to wit:

"The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere “user” and use must be in acceptance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State."

The Federal Reserve Act was passed on Dec. 23, 1913 (by a vote of 298 to 60 in the House of Representatives, and 43 to 25 in the Senate).

After the vote, Congressman Charles A. Lindberg, Sr. (father of the famous aviator) told Congress: “This act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth ... When the President signs this act, the invisible government by the money power, proven to exist by the Money Trust Investigation, will be legalized ... The new law will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation and deflation whenever the trusts want deflation...”

The Federal Reserve Board (FED) was then able to manipulate the money supply. In the six years prior to the 1929 Stock Market Crash, the FED increased (or inflated) the money supply 62%, inducing unwise investments and market speculation by the public. When everything was in place, the bankers, who had been financing the market speculation, called in their “24 hr. broker call loans”, precipitating the Crash.

They were then in a position to loan the government billions of dollars to finance the nation out of the depression. Congressman Louis McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking Committee, (1920-1931) said this: “It (the depression) was not accidental. The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as rulers of us all.”

How powerful is the FED? Congressman Wright Patman, Chairman of House Banking committee (in the 1960's) said: “in the U.S. today, we have in effect, two governments ... we have the duly constituted government ... then we have an independent, uncontrolled, and uncoordinated government in the Federal Reserve System, operating the money powers which are reserved to the Congress by the Constitution.”

The FED has never been audited, and has resisted all attempts to do so. Lt. Col. Archibald Roberts (Director of Committee to Restore the Constitution) began a campaign on March 30, 1971, testifying before Wisconsin legislators about the fraud surrounding the FED. (The text of his address is in the Congressional Record, E3212-E3224, entered April 19, 1971). Roberts and other constitutional groups (including Washington state Senator Jack Metcalf) had, by the mid 80's, acquired about 20 states' support calling for audits/reforms, with no success.

Again, in the late 1980's, Congressman Henry Gonzales (Texas) called for abolition of the Federal Open Market Committee and the repeal of the Federal Res. Act. (HR 1469, 1470).

Congressman Phil Crane (Illinois) also introduced HR 70, calling for an audit. ( Gonzales and Crane, also called for an audit/reforms under HR 28 and 145; Senator Byron Dorgan, (N. Dakota) called for a similar bill in the Senate, S212)

“I am one of those who do not believe the national debt is a national blessing... it is calculated to raise around the administration a moneyed aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country.”  - Andrew Jackson, letter, April 26, 1824.

“Those that create and issue the money and credit direct the policies of government and hold in their hands the destiny of the people.”  - Reginald McKenna, President of the Midlands Bank of England.

“It must not be felt that these heads of the world's chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather, they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up and were perfectly capable of throwing them down. The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investments bankers (also called 'international' or 'merchant' bankers) who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unicorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful, and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks...” - Professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, 1966.

“The Federal Reserve Board ... has cheated the government of the United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt. The depredations and the iniquities of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks acting together have cost this country enough money to pay the national debt several times over.”  - Rep. Louis T. McFadden, Congressional Record pages 12595-12603.

“Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government Institution. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers.”  - Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, June 20, 1932.

“Now that we can control the weather, create earthquakes and tidal waves and use it as a weapon of war we do not need a treaty.”  - Senator Claiborne Pell, US Senate Intelligence Committee member, commenting on a USA/USSR treaty signed in 1978.

“Disinformation is most effective in a very narrow context. ... You take a fraction of reality and expand on it. Its seldom totally at odds with the facts... Its shaving a piece of reality off.”  - Frank Snepp, former CIA agent, 1985.

“The real rulers of Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes.”  - US Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter.

“The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.”  - Pres. John F. Kennedy, speech at Columbia University, 10 days before his assassination.

By now, I hope you realize that the owners of the Federal Reserve System, which is privately owned by foreign and domestic banking entities, have long intended to steal your property and your freedoms from you.

Remember, the Bankers' Manifesto states:

"The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

When, through the process of law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of the government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders...."

The international bankers' plan has always been to take all homes and assets from most people and thus keep the people from having resources to fight the bankers' world domination efforts.  Just this year, American bankruptcy protection was vastly reduced and made more difficult to obtain.  Yet, the Federal Reserve's fraudulent loan practices continue to rob wealth from every American who borrows money from a bank.

My international connections have been telling me for the last several years that leading international bankers in Europe are expecting a worldwide economic crash of huge proportions which would make the 1929 crash look like a picnic.  A former insider stated the international bankers intend to secretly cause a worldwide economic crash and then go to governments and offer to "rescue" each country IF each country's government will SIGN OVER ownership of all citizens' real estate property and assets to the bankers.

This is HOW the international bankers intend to take away your homes.  Because most government officials have sold their souls for funds to be elected, the bankers own most politicians; the bankers' plan could actually work.

NESARA's announcement will defeat the Bankers' Manifesto by abolishing the Federal Reserve System, providing bank debt relief on Americans' mortgages, equity loans, car loans, business loans, etc.  Therefore, the bankers will have NO mortgages/loans on which to foreclose.

NESARA will implement the US Treasury Bank and Treasury currency backed by gold.  To make sure NO ONE anywhere in the world loses their financial wealth held in US Treasury and Federal Reserve financial instruments and cash, NESARA will obtain enough gold to provide a 100%  - ONE HUNDRED PERCENT - exchange rate when people exchange their Federal Reserve currency for the new US Treasury currency. If NESARA were to be announced with only the 10% - TEN PERCENT - exchange rate as was included in the NESARA Law passed in 2000, the 10% exchange rate WOULD CAUSE the worldwide economic crash the international bankers have been wanting.  Therefore, we must obtain the gold to fully, 100%, back NESARA's US Treasury currency. Even with a price reduction of 90% on all things in America as required by NESARA, the rest of the world is NOT governed by NESARA and therefore, no price reduction for other countries can be required by NESARA.  We cannot allow NESARA to destroy the world economy.  There is also another reason why NESARA must have the gold which I will discuss below.

To show the impact a 10% exchange rate would have on other countries, here is a comparison of top nations' Gross National Product and the US financial securities each country holds.  The US financial securities Major Holders can be found at .  If you look at the Treasury website list, please note the Treasury statistics are shown in BILLIONS; for the table below I will convert the billions and Wikipedia statistics to whole numbers to make the comparison easy.

According to Wikipedia online encyclopedia, the Gross National Product (GNP) is the total value of final goods and services produced in a year by a country's nationals (including profits from capital held abroad).  The following are the 2004 Gross National Products of the top 8 Nations of the world:
  Comparison of GNP to Amounts of US Financial Securities Held
                               GNP in $                        US Fin.
 Secur. in $           
 Japan  . . . . . . . . . $  4,749,910,000,000 . ..$ 679,500,000,000
 United Kingdom .$  2,016,393,000,000 . . .$ 122,900,000,000
 Germany . . . . . . .$  2,488,974,000,000 . . .$  56,000,000,000
 France . . . . . . . . .$  1,858,731,000,000 . . .$  25,100,000,000
 Mnld China          $  1,676,846,000,000 . . .$ 223,500,000,000
 Italy . . . . . . . . . . .$  1,503,562,000,000 . . .$ 14,500,000,000
 Canada . . . . . . . . $   905,629,000,000 .  . .$  38,400,000,000

Mexico . . . . . . . . $   703,080,000,000 . . . .$  32,500,000,000

The list of US Financial Securities held by these countries is a partial list, however, it does show the amounts held by these countries are significant when compared to the countries' Gross National Product.  Therefore, NESARA must include the ONE HUNDRED PERCENT exchange rate to avoid causing a worldwide financial meltdown; obtaining the gold for NESARA will result in the 100% exchange rate.   Another reason is that when President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) put America into bankruptcy in 1933, the government began requiring that Americans' birth records be submitted to the US federal government.  I was given this information by an ex-military intelligence man a few months ago and have confirmed it.  Specifically, hospitals were instructed to send Americans' official birth records to the US Department of Transportation.  The US DOT then collected the birth records and SOLD them as securities to other countries.  This practice continues today!  This is what the US government uses to "back" itself:  YOUR BIRTH RECORDS!

It is absolutely wrong for the US government to sell Americans' birth records and treat Americans as though they are a heads of cattle or slaves owned by the federal government.

By obtaining GOLD to back the US Treasury monetary system of America and restoring Constitutional Law, NESARA takes the USA out of the bankruptcy and the national emergency which FDR purposely thrust upon America and which have never been officially ended.  NESARA will forbid the federal government using any records of Americans as securities.

Finally, Constitutional Law states  "gold and silver" are lawful money.  In our world, carrying heavy bags of gold and silver coins is not reasonable; however, backing our paper US Treasury currency with gold is very reasonable.  This is how we will restore Constitutional Law and ensure we meet the requirements of Constitutional Law in reforming our monetary and banking system.  We cannot restore Constitutional Law just part-way, we must obtain the gold to fully back the US Treasury bank system and currency.

Some of you know there were efforts to bring gold into the USA to back the currency during the Farm Claims movement.  Unfortunately most of that gold was stolen by corrupt government and military officials and is not available.

From my request last week, we have made some solid contacts with wealthy investors for  doing an investment process wherein NESARA provides the access to the elite investment process and therefore splits the profits with the investor.  We definitely are NOT going to collect funds from Dove readers to obtain enough funds to do this investment; this is not what needs to be done.  There are wealthy investors who have shown interest in doing this joint venture with NESARA and wealthy investors are the right way to do it for many reasons.

The gold we are buying for NESARA has been fully identified and will be obtained in a way that enables us to bring NESARA to announcement in a reasonable timeframe.  We are moving forward on the plan to buy the gold and we will be successful.

As a favor to a friend who hosts a telephone conference call, I will speak for three hours on Monday evening to her network and, if my travel schedule allows, I will speak again on this coming Friday evening.  All of us need to understand the TRUTH about NESARA because only by knowing the truth can we do what must be done to fix NESARA and bring NESARA to announcement.

This last week we have had three different people attempt to do the final editing on the NESARA Video.  We are still working on one final detail on the video tonight and hope if all goes well that the mass production of the video will be completed in the next few days so we can get it mailed to you.  You cannot imagine how complex editing the video and finding ways to include a section on the video showing all the pages of documentation we handed out at the meeting has been.  We want you to have everything those who attended the meeting received; it has been a big challenge to figure out how to do the video so it is the best it can be.  We all owe Tami and others a big thanks for their long hours of volunteer efforts to do this NESARA Video.

NESARA Now!   Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action TeamsTop
[doveofo] NESARA Needs Trading Contacts; Full Protection in Place on These Actions
December 18, 2005  2:20  p.m. PST
Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Before I discuss the details of this topic, let me explain there is FULL PROTECTION being provided to me and anyone who works with me to help NESARA.  There is absolutely ZERO interference by the Bush government, the Federal Reserve, the FBI or anyone else in what we are doing for NESARA.

The PROOF that our PROTECTION is comprehensive is in the fact that:

 A. The Dove Reports and all I am doing provides the biggest voice for NESARA on the planet.  In the last 4 WEEKS, we have had over TWO MILLION unique visits to our WWW.NESARA.US website.
B. The WWW.NESARA.US website is now experiencing 24,000 to 30,000 PER DAY computerized hacking efforts by US government computers and hackers to hack into our website and take the website down.  Last year it ranged from 9,000 to 15,000 hack attempts PER DAY.  THEY have ALL FAILED and will continue to FAIL because WWW.NESARA.US has extraordinary protection due to my activities on behalf of NESARA.
C. I have traveled throughout the USA and the world and have NEVER been bothered by any government interference or any interference of any kind.  I have EXTRAORDINARY protection at all times and so do the people working with me on NESARA.
D. Twice in the last few years I have been protected while driving on the freeway when other vehicles immediately next to me or in front of me suddenly made movements which should have resulted in my vehicle being in a huge crash.  This is PROOF of PHYSICAL protection.
E. Absolutely ZERO government person has ever contacted me in any way to try to intimidate me because of my support of NESARA.
F. All people who have worked with me on NESARA have been protected.
G. ZERO members of our NESARA Take Action Teams have had any government interference due to their support of NESARA.

Perhaps some of you don’t realize how EXTRAORDINARY this kind of protection is.  Let me explain that the people who were leading the Farm Claims movement were harassed by the government and after only a few years, were entrapped and set-up by the federal government and put in jail.

I have been doing my NESARA activities for more years than the Farm Claims movement existed -about twice as many years. I have reached MILLIONS more people about NESARA than the Farm Claims people ever did.  I have heard from Farm Claims people who wonder why I am still alive and able to do what I’m doing.  It is because those of us working to get NESARA fixed and announced have EXTRAORDINARY PROTECTION.

I have been doing my NESARA activities during these last five years when the USA has had the MOST OPPRESSIVE, MOST BRUTAL and RUTHLESS government ever in power over the United States of America.  The Bush government is BY FAR most ruthless government ever.  Therefore, the FACT that the Bush government CANNOT interfere and harm those of us taking action on behalf of NESARA is the STRONGEST PROOF that we are FULLY PROTECTED.

I have people at the highest levels who, behind the scenes, are supporting all I’m doing on behalf of NESARA.  Many of them work for the US government and military and they are totally opposed to the Bush government and are acting to stop any efforts to interfere with those of us taking action for NESARA.  There are also very high OTHERS who are providing total protection on all aspects and people involved with NESARA.

I did not make the decision lightly to go public with what NESARA needs and how best to accomplish these things.  I checked with all our very powerful protectors and obtained their assurances that we will be fully protected in all these actions BEFORE I began to discuss in the NESARA Meetings and the Dove Reports that NESARA needs trading programs to help generate funds as part of obtaining the gold purchase contract for NESARA’s gold for the US Treasury Bank currency and system.  I made absolutely CERTAIN we were fully protected in THESE ACTIONS of doing trading programs and negotiating the gold purchase contract as well as all our other actions on behalf of NESARA.

This is why NOW when I must obtain absolutely crucial help for NESARA as quickly as possible, all involved are totally protected.  All who help NESARA with the investment processes needed to provide funds for NESARA’s gold are and will be totally protected.  There have been and will be ZERO interference with our activities.  The protection has already been fully proven.

Now, there are very important actions which must be accomplished and YOU can help.

In the last year as I have investigated the actions needed to fix NESARA and announce NESARA, I’ve learned we need to have the best possible network of contacts to ensure NESARA is improved and successfully announced AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Some of you have responded to my request for investors and what I’ve discovered is that to best work with these investors, we need a broad array of trading programs contacts and trading organizations.  When I started, I had one good trading program contact.  However, this one trading organization requires a very high minimum amount which is now $600M (Six Hundred Million US Dollars) and is a 52-weeks program.

I have discovered in talking with investors that investors have differing requirements:

1.  Some investors want to do a short duration program – less than 52 weeks – such as a 4-5 week program, a 10-day program, a few months program, etc.
2.  Some investors are happy to do a 52-week program; most want to be able to draw some of the profits at various times in the 52-weeks.
3.  Some investors have $1 Million to $10 Million to $99 Million to invest.
4.  Some investors have $100M to $1 Billion or more to invest.
5.  Some investors want to see an immediate financial return from the investment – payout daily or weekly or some other relatively quick payout.
6.  Some investors want to designate one of their trusted representatives as signator of the investment/trade and will put the funds in the name of the signator and will also provide the background on the funds as required.
7.  Some investors want to keep their funds where the funds currently are in a major bank.
8.  Some investors are willing to move some of their funds to another bank.
9.  Some investors are willing or want to issue an MT 760 which can be utilized in the transactions.
10.  Some investors have their funds in major banks in the USA, or in the UK, or in Europe, or in major banks in Hong Kong or other major Asian banking centers.
11.  All investors want to know before being put in touch with a trading organization:
    a.  What programs does the trading organization have including a few specific details such as:
    * What is the minimum investment amount?
   *  Are there any options for assets other than unencumbered cash which can be somehow utilized in a trading program?
    *  Is it possible to have an amount of cash and have it expanded to a larger amount which can be then entered into a trading program?
    *  What is the expected percentage of profits from the investment program?
    *  What is the duration of the program?
    *  When will payout occur or when can the investor “draw” on profits?
    *  Is there compounding of the investment amount in the transactions process?
    b.  Intermediaries/facilitators want to know:
    *  Is there fee protection for the intermediary?
    *  What is the percentage of the fee for facilitators?
    *  When is the facilitator fee paid?
12.  All investors require sole control over their funds -either through their legally designated signator or the investor him/herself .  They must have “sole signature rights”  on the bank account where the funds are held for the trading program and bank account where the profits are deposited.  This is an absolute requirement – no exceptions – and provides total security for investors.

I am being very direct in asking YOUR HELP to obtain more contacts with HONEST TRADING ORGANIZATIONS because we must move forward QUICKLY.  There are many URGENT THREATS poised to harm all people in the USA and the world.  ONLY NESARA can stop these terrible threats from becoming reality.

This is WHY in the last few weeks I have written about the absolute requirement for NESARA – developing funds to prove we are serious buyers when we go to negotiate  the contract to buy NESARA’s gold  – which is absolutely crucial to WHAT NESARA needs to be fixed and announced.

One thing those of you who have trading contacts need to understand is that those reading the Dove Reports have come to TRUST ME because I have been here for over FIVE YEARS and have EXPANDED my actions to get NESARA fixed and announced.  They know I have dedicated my life to NESARA and they support NESARA.  When they talk to me, they EXPECT me to have details about the trading programs that may work for them.  Also, my integrity requires that I do HAVE the MAJOR DETAILS about what programs are available and how different trading organizations work so I can give the investor solid information which leads to a successful investment process.

If you have authentic, honest trading organization connections, please immediately email me and put “Trading” in the subject.  Give me your name and TELEPHONE NUMBER so I can call you to discuss this.  I have certain investors who have said they want to begin programs in January 2006.  I need to talk with you BEFORE January 2006 if possible so I have the necessary details to help these investors find the right programs with good, honest trading platforms/traders.

If you do not want to use this process to reach me, send a letter to me at:
 Dove 3430 Pacific Ave. SE  Suite A6-217 Olympia, WA  98501

Include your telephone number and first name and I will call you.  I need to speak with you as soon as possible so I am prepared with the best options when January arrives.

It’s almost the end of 2005.  NESARA will SAVE YOUR LIFE and the LIVES of those you love!  This is about SAVING the WORLD – NESARA is the ONLY process we have to save the world.  We absolutely must obtain what NESARA needs ASAP.  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action TeamsTop

The Polemic Message of Dove of Oneness

[doveofo] TRUTH: Shattering Old Paradigms to Activate the Birth of NESARA.  Full Report with some comments by Luis Prada.
January 6, 2006  11:48 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

  NESARA will be birthed into announcement this year because of the hard work of less than 100 people worldwide doing what must be done to get NESARA fixed and announced. I am leading the mission to bring NESARA to announcement.

  I have been in contact with hundreds of US military and intelligence leaders and special forces personnel who support NESARA. They have pledged their assistance to NESARA when the time is right, but have said that due to the fact their offices, telephones, and homes are bugged and they are watched constantly, they cannot lead the mission.  I have received pledges of support from many of these people; some have contributed to developing the necessary strategies, and I am in contact with certain of them frequently.  We are the ones who are fixing and announcing NESARA.

  NESARA will SAVE your life.  NESARA will END all the terrible activities listed below.

  NESARA will contain, in the law itself, more TRUTH than any government has ever published at any time in the history of humanity.  TRUTH is the ONLY savior of humanity and Earth.  Only TRUTH will save your lives and the lives of those you love.
  LIES are the path to death and destruction.  Some of you believe lies and fail to understand that the LIES are leading you to your destruction.
   Many of you do not know the truth about what is happening in the world.  Let me review some FACTS so you can understand how terribly serious today's world condition is.
  FACT:  TWO THOUSAND CHILDREN taken by FEMA from the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina are missing and will NEVER be seen again.  This is why FEMA separated the children from families.  The Bush government planned these children would be taken and used in sex slavery and then killed.
  FACT:  THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED ADULTS were taken by FEMA from New Orleans' Katrina wreckage, transported hundreds of miles and immediately put to DEATH in one of the hundreds of death camps in the USA.  The Bush government planned and carried out these murders.
  These children and adults are dead because we did not get NESARA announced in time to remove the Bush government and save them.
  FACT:  The Bush government ordered the US military weather control system HAARP to be used to create and direct all the major hurricanes in 2005.  This is WHY there were SO MANY hurricanes in 2005.  HAARP has been used for weather control for many years and great harm has been inflicted on humans and the Earth by this technology.  The HAARP system will be shut down immediately after NESARA's announcement. 
[Editor's Note: The US HAARP was deactivated by the Galactic Federation on 2005].
  FACT:  The Bush government is having Americans picked up who have committed NO CRIMES and is having these people TORTURED and subjected to Nazi mind-control experiments EVERY DAY.  I am including a first-hand account of this happening to Americans at the end of this Dove Report.
  FACT:  There is a British University Professor near London who has the TRUTH that the Tony Blair's government planned and carried out the terrorist attacks in London last July 2005.  The attacks were planned by MI5 and carried out by British military personnel.
  FACT:  Federal Prosecutor Fitzgerald and attorney Stanley Hilton of San Francisco have copies of the US National Security Council meeting minutes from August 2001, which PROVE that the Bush government ORDERED the 9-11 attacks on Americans.  Furthermore, the National Security Council records show that a "video simulation" was created for Bush Jr. to watch so he would know BEFOREHAND what the attacks on the WTC and the other attacks would look like.  When Bush Jr. slipped and said he had seen the "first attack on television" (but that was impossible since he was in the schoolroom), he meant he had seen it on the video simulation.
  FACT:  The Bush government are not neo-cons, they are neo-Nazis.  The grandfather of the current Bush in the oval office, Preston Bush, was proven to have funded Hitler and received millions from Hitler in repayment.  Bush Sr. when in the oval office, tried to brainwash Americans into supporting his "NEW WORLD ORDER"; another name for the "Fourth Reich".  The current Bush government plan is to declare martial law and begin KILLING over 50 percent of the American population.  The same plan is already organized for the people in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other nations.
  FACT:  There are over 800 death/concentration camps in the USA.  Most of these camps were built in the 1990s.  There were 107,000 (One Hundred Seven Thousand) three-tier railroad cars which have 143 sets of manacles to hold 143 prisoners in each car which were built in the early 1990s by Gunderson Steel Fabricators of Portland, Oregon.  These 107,000 prisoner railroad cars can carry over 15 MILLION Americans to the death camps at one time.  Do the math:  107,000 x 143 = 15,301,000. You may download a file named: "US Concentration Camps & Railroad Cars - 401 KB" from  which contains many pictures of death camps and the prisoner three-tier railroad cars and LOCATIONS of many of the death/concentration camps in the USA.
  FACT:  The Bush government intends to declare martial law and to repeat Nazi Germany here in the USA and NO ONE is safe.  Being rich will NOT save you, just as it did NOT save wealthy people in Nazi Germany, nor will being a good person save you. There were many wealthy people taken prisoner in Germany, killed, and their assets stolen by the Nazis.  Remember, Pastor Martin Niemoller of Hitler's Germany gave us the TRUTH about WHY the Nazis must be stopped:  First they came for the communists, next it was the social democrats, next the trade unionists, then the Jews, and then other Germans who opposed Hitler. Being rich or good did not save anyone.   ( )
  IF we fail to stop the Bush government, the Fourth Reich NAZI ONE WORLD ORDER dominoes will fall around the world and over half the world's population will be murdered by 2040.  This is their plan.
   FACT:  There absolutely ARE ACTIONS which must be completed so that NESARA can be announced.  It's time all of you understood this reality.
   This is a topic that's needs to be addressed because some of you are bothering me with totally FALSE information which comes from "channeled sources".  It's time you faced reality that channeled information is not reliable when it comes to NESARA. 
[Editor's Note: Some channeled information is not true with respect to NESARA, but not all as it is implied here].
  FACT:  There have been people who say they "channel" information which they believe is coming from Jesus, Sananda, Hatonn, or various other "good" beings.  WHY is it that SOME channels are told that NESARA does not exist ? But other channels are told NESARA does exist ? BY EXACTLY the same Jesus, Sananda, Hatonn, etc?  Why don't the channels agree?  Obviously there are LIES involved.
  Many of the pro-NESARA channels have told you over and over and over that EVERYTHING is ready and NESARA will be announced immediately.  These channels have been saying the SAME THING for YEARS! 
[Editor's Note: Which channels have said it so?].
  FACT:  NESARA has NEVER been announced.
  FACT:  If NESARA had been announced, the Bush government would not still be in power.
  FACT:  A few channeled sources, "The Pleiadians" and "Ramtha" for example, have admitted that sometimes they tell LIES.  "The Pleiadians" and "Ramtha" have both been channeled saying they "will lie to you to keep you moving forward".
  FACT:  All channeled sources tell LIES at times. 
[Editor's Note: This is not true, some may, but there are true channels who do not.  Sometimes dates are changed because this is an experiment in the making and also depends on how conditions and actions, as result of other actions, unfold to fine tune or modify the plan.  This is normal in 3D events.  It is not intended to spread lies or disinformation.  The generalization is incorrect].
  FACT:  Some of our White Knights in our US military and intelligence groups have also LIED about NESARA.  For example, the King of Swords (KOS) who is a member of the US Secret Service, tells LIES constantly about NESARA being ready.  In fact, KOS was briefed in year 2000 that the NESARA Law contains a requirement that NESARA can only be announced in the month of August.  But KOS keeps telling you that it can be announced at any time.  NESARA must be AMENDED before it can be announced during other months and those amendments have not happened.  Most of the information KOS receives is NOT from White Knights - it is channeled information but he is not honest about telling you the source of his information.  Most White Knights do not trust KOS because KOS talks too much; so KOS is not included in discussions about getting NESARA done.
   FACT:  All people channeling information that "NESARA is ready" have been telling you LIES and you are wasting your life believing those lies.
  These lies have been spread by numerous channels.  If you go back over the years, you will see that they are NEVER right about NESARA being ready nor are they right about the "dates" when they have said NESARA would be announced.  It's time to FACE REALITY.
  I was lied too by White Knights and I figured it out over 18 months ago.  I quit supporting their lies because it was stupid to keep listening to lies.  I did my own investigations and found out the TRUTH about what must be done to fix and announce NESARA.
  FACT:  NESARA is NOT READY.  NESARA must be fixed.
  FACT:  All official sources of information on NESARA - US Treasury contacts, US military contacts, British Intelligence MI6 contacts, top bankers, etc., - know that NESARA was passed with a 10% exchange rate and NESARA has NO GOLD.  If NESARA were announced as it is now, this would DESTROY the WORLD ECONOMY.  Therefore, NESARA's exchange rate and gold requirement must be handled through obtaining a contract for the gold and amending a few parts of NESARA immediately before the announcement.
  A certain irresponsible channel has put out more LIES recently and this time I've decided to address these lies.  Suzy W. claims to have channeled 'Hatonn' attacking Dove and Dove's efforts for NESARA.  First, Suzy was NOT channeling Hatonn but she is not wise enough to know that.  Secondly, Suzy has had my telephone number for years but chose to put out these LIES without contacting me.  I called her today and confronted her about the lies.  She claimed it wasn't her, it was Hatonn.  That's stupidity.  Suzy and most channels have failed to realize that they ARE ACCOUNTABLE for what comes out of their mouths; they are not allowed to avoid being accountable.  Suzy will be held accountable in the physical, real world for her words.
  Secondly, Suzy has some biases that you should know about.  Most of you have NO CLUE who the people are that channel information but you are so gullible you will believe anything. 
[Editor's Note: Some Lightworkers, because they still lack discernment and good judgment, believe most of what is said to them, not all of them, though.  This is another generalization that is not true and shows that Dove is biased against channeling which is our inner guidance if ego is put aside during channeling.].  So, all of you in Omega, let me tell you what Suzy has said about Omega.  Suzy said that "Matthew" told her that Omega was a total and complete scam and was never real.  Suzy told this to people who consulted Matthew's opinion about Omega.  Suzy ONLY has Matthew as her source - she has NO official human sources of information on the subject; that makes it easy for her to be told LIES.  She doesn't know enough to discern when she is being given lies.  Suzy did not join Omega and has no real knowledge of it.
  A few of you reading this have OFFICIAL sources regarding Omega.  Some of you know "traders" who have first-hand knowledge of the Omega trading program.  Some of you know people who received some of the Omega test delivery packages in year 2000.  I know a New York attorney who used the same court transcribing service that US Federal District Court (in Manhattan) Judge Deborah Batts used in February 2000 through November 2000 for the Omega mediation sessions.  This NY attorney was able to go online and read the transcripts of the court mediation sessions presided over by Judge Batts from February 2000 to November 2000.  The court transcripts showed that Bush Sr. (ex-president Bush) is a Trustee over Omega, as is a Rockefeller, and Bush fought every day for months to keep Omega from being funded.  Bush did terrible things to stop Judge Batts from being successful in funding Omega.
  The NY attorney's fiancé was an agent of the US National Security Agency and he used his extremely high security clearances to also confirm Omega and NESARA from very top secret US government records.  A vice president of Price Waterhouse was ordered by Judge Batts to conduct an audit of Omega's funds; the vice president stated that according to the audit Omega had "quintillions" of funds at that time in year 2000. This is TRUTH. These people are real.
  When I spoke with Suzy about Omega a few years ago, she gave me her standard answer that Matthew said Omega was not real - just a scam.  I knew then that Matthew was WRONG and so was Suzy.  Suzy also said that "no one deserves to have that kind of money"!  Then I knew that Suzy has a problem with other people having the Omega prosperity; she sounded envious and spiteful.
  One last thing on Omega. The only way any of you will ever receive prosperity from Omega is if my plan to rescue Omega is successful.  Bush Sr. still has control; Bush and the other Trustees are trying to CASH OUT the Omega funds and keep all the money for themselves.  In September 2005, I asked for court cases to be filed to delay Bush Sr. and some court cases were filed.  However, we do not know if Bush can be delayed long enough for us to rescue Omega; the rescue will happen right after NESARA's announcement.
   FACT:  It's time to FACE REALITY.  Stop putting your head in the sand and believing all the lies and gibberish you read and hear.  USE your brain.  If NESARA was ready, it would already be announced!
   Finally, let's address the constant mumbo-jumbo put out by channels and others who are claiming that "someone in space ships" is going to get NESARA announced and all the humans need to do is just sit around and wait.  Some people have been saying this for YEARS and saying NESARA would be announced at any moment.  If this were true, NESARA would ALREADY be announced.  These ideas - that "people in space ships" are doing everything - are LIES.  It is OBVIOUS because NESARA is NOT announced.

[Editor's Note: It is not true that space people are going to do everything, in this respect Dove is telling the truth.  They are here to remove the Anunnaki and to help the Earth allies in the removal of the last cabal and to prepare the way for the NESARA announcement, First Contact and Second Coming.  Later on they will work with Earth people in restoring the Earth and to give us technology.  But they are not going to do the work for us, they help, advise and do technology transfer, but it is our job and responsibility to change the system, expand awareness and destroy The Beast.  There are multiple articles in this website about the messianic work.  Dove's comments generalizing again by calling the channeling material as “mumbo-jumbo” reflects a lack of knowledge, understanding and confidence of channeling, the works of the Galactic Federation, a closing of her inner senses to connect telepathically with our Space Brothers and Sisters and other spiritual forces and a lack of willingness to work with them, not intentional, but out of ignorance and lack of more expanded awareness of their works and the works of the spiritual realm in general.  It is true, though, that SOME New Age channeling material is “mumbo-jumbo” because being NESARA the door to usher in the Aquarian Age and the highest event in the last 13,000 years, why some channels, astrologers and seers don't even mention it?  When they do predictions for the coming year they don't mention NESARA nor the changes behind the scenes to bring it forth, why?]

  FACT:  The only people who can get NESARA fixed and announced are people who live on Earth - no one else can do it.

[Editor's Note: Not true, the Galactic Federation can do direct intervention and it has been authorized to do so by Higher Forces to follow the Divine Plan.  However, it is better that humans do the changes or help do them so they can learn from the experience and learn to get out of the Holographic Prison.  Most humans are sleepy, in denial and too complacent with the system, that is why the Galactic Federation waits but there are date limits.  NESARA must be announced before other changes occur.  Certain NESARA actions must be done by Earth allies, such as the actions of Dove, white knights and military allied forces, but they have the protection and help from the Galactic Federation].

  FACT:  I and others are working very long, hard hours day after day to handle the things needed to fix NESARA and get NESARA announced.
  The constant lies from ignorant people who channel "what they want to believe" in their so-called channeled information are causing problems.  All people who are involved in these lies and believing these lies are living in a huge illusion and are part of the problem, not the solution.
  After NESARA is announced, I plan to do special things for people who are on the Dove email list.  However, I will do these things only for people who are willing to face the truth and do what they can to support getting NESARA announced.
  The LIES being spread in channeled and other information are huge blockages holding NESARA back.
  If YOU support the LIES that NESARA can be announced at any moment - please  UNSUBSCRIBE from the Dove mailing list.  If you are choosing to believe the IRRESPONSIBLE LIES being spread by people who are clueless about the truth, I do not want you on the Dove mailing list.  You are sending me these lies channeled by ignorant people and you are wasting my time and yours.
  There's one other matter I need to address.  Those who have put out lies about me and NESARA are going to have very down-to-earth consequences for these actions.  Every one of them should have realized they are being given lies to feed their personal needs; they are not being given the truth.  They will be held accountable for their actions.
  In the new paradigm which NESARA's announcement births, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY will be the KEY LAW.  No one will get away with putting out lies and claiming it's not their fault because some invisible being told them to say it.  That is not being accountable; that is being immature and irresponsible.

  The FACTS of NESARA's current status:
  I completed the NESARA Mission Plan during the last three weeks.
  We now have contacts with NINE EXCELLENT TRADING organizations which have many different kinds of trading programs they offer and which can be utilized to obtain the funds for NESARA's gold.
  Some of you reading this Dove Report have control of funds which could be utilized in these extremely profitable trading programs and a little of the profits could be given as a "grant" to build funds for NESARA's gold.  In recent weeks, I've developed a new way to fund NESARA's gold which involves a private grant to NESARA by the investor.  I've done the math on one particular program and the grant funds for NESARA would be less than 2% (two percent) of the proceeds from the trading program.
  I'm asking those of you who control funds of $65 Million and upward, and who support NESARA, to send me an email at: with the subject of "Funds" and give me your first name and telephone number.  OR, you can send me a letter including your name and telephone number to:
 3430 Pacific Ave SE #A6-217
 Olympia, WA  98501

  I have had my intelligence contacts verify that these NINE trading connections are all very good and are honest.  These are extremely profitable programs and there are many different programs which have different elements thus enabling the investor to find just the right program to suit the investor's needs and also help NESARA.
  As always with anything helping NESARA, everyone and everything is fully secure.
  In the many good contacts I've made, I've discovered there are solid, all natural, proven  CURES available for most illnesses.  Recently I learned of the people who have cures for the following illnesses:  AIDS, Alzheimer's, cancer, hepatitis, Chemtrails health issues, drug, alcohol, and cigarette addictions, and much more.

  NESARA Video DVDs:
  Tami is our expert on the NESARA Video and was in charge of all the mailing of the DVDs.  Some of you have emailed me but due to my activities for NESARA, I need to refer you to Tami for help.  Please send your questions to Tami.
   Some of you have emailed me saying you did not receive your NESARA DVD.  We have mailed out all DVDs which were requested prior to the last few weeks.  If you changed your mailing address since you sent your order, your NESARA DVD has probably been delayed by the big Christmas mail load and also by the "forwarding" service of the post office.  If you ordered before Christmas, have not moved, and still don't have your DVD, send an email to Tami and give her your name, address, and telephone number so she can get back to you.
  A few of you emailed me to say you have not been able to get the DVD to play.  DVD technology is NOT the same as computer "CD" technology.  If your computer does not have the right DVD software, you cannot play the DVD.  Most computers have the DVD software available and you might even be able to obtain it for free from the internet.  Also, there are very inexpensive DVD players available - Tami bought one for $40 - and this might be the best option for you if you are not a computer whiz.  Again, for help with problems playing the DVD, please email Tami and explain your situation.
  As for all of you who live in countries other than Canada and the USA, Tami and I discovered there are over 28 separate formats for other countries and some countries have more than one regional DVD format.  The cost of getting a few DVDs made in each different format is far too high for us to handle.  Therefore, our www.NESARA.US  webmaster is planning to put the NESARA Video on our website so you can download it.  Our webmaster will probably need a few weeks to get this done.  I will tell you when you can download the video in a future Dove Report.
  Immediately below is an email report from Tami Terusa telling you the FACTS of people she personally knows who are being tortured, unlawfully arrested, and held because they tried to get justice for the killing of their family members.  These Bush government actions against Americans go on every day and if you think you are safe, you are wrong.
  This is another reason why BELIEVING LIES about NESARA is SO DAMAGING.  PEOPLE are being TORTURED and killed.  The LIES that NESARA is ready, when in FACT NESARA needs help, are MISLEADING people who might be able to help but don't.  Once NESARA has the help, we can get it announced soon and SAVE these innocent people.  Shame on all of you who are spreading the LIES; you are accomplices to the Bush government's torture and killing!
  Only those of us who are actively helping NESARA are fully protected.  Think about it.  I've discussed our great protection many times and have proven it by doing the Dove Reports for five and a half years and traveling around the world to find help for NESARA without a single government agent being able to bother me or people I meet with in any way.  NESARA saves your life and the world.   If you can, you should be helping NESARA.
   It's TIME to get NESARA fixed and announced.  The key action needed is the funding of NESARA's gold.  Some of you can help with this.  Remember, NESARA will save your life and bring many much needed improvements.  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
 Dove of Oneness
 Executive Director
 International NESARA Take Action Teams
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



 On September 11th, 2001 my best friend, who we will call J, lost her sister when the first World Trade Center tower that was hit, collapsed on her sisters' place of business next door.  There were 18 other family members J lost that day including cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts.  Her older brother, F, had three of his grown children perish that day. When F and his family asked for help in those first few hours and days they were told if your family members are not port authority or a fireman, you're on your own.  With the help of his family, F. dug two of his children out of the rubble but he never found his third child.  After several attempts of trying to get answers and help from the agencies where they were referred, they were continually told that there was no help or answers available for F and his family.  Out of desperation F spent the next few months doing his own investigating into the attacks that day.


 By the end of spring of 2002 the government finally brought what appeared to be a cigar looking box which they claimed included the ashes of J and F's sister.  They told F that he would also be compensated monetarily however, F refused what he called the 'blood money' and told these particular agents that he was going to sue the United States Government for murdering his family.  Through F's investigations, he and his lawyers uncovered so much damaging information that he became a target for the FBI.   He was followed 24/7.  I witnessed their surveillance when F and his family came to Los Angeles for a visit and yes the FBI did in fact follow them across the country.


 This went on for a good year until the FBI decided to incarcerate both F and his wife without ever being charged, nor were they allowed any phone calls to let their families know where they were.  The FBI then confiscated every file that F's lawyers had in their office and ordered them to shut down for three months.
  In August of 2003 and after months of no word from her brother and his wife, J set out to find out what happened.  She traveled to the east coast and with good fortune found out that F and his wife D, were arrested and being held as 'enemy combatants' in Norfolk Virginia.   With what little resources J had, she managed to get her sister-in-law released and admitted to Bellevue Hospital as she had become completely catatonic by then. They would not release F and to date J is still on the east coast trying to get her brother freed.  Her sister-in-law, D is still motionless at Bellevue.
  During the first few months of J's investigations she was continually followed and harassed by the FBI and the CIA, until finally she was taken in and interrogated for 24 hours.  While she was being interrogated, the FBI ordered a hit on her twelve year old son.  In an unmarked blue Crown Victoria Ford they gunned the car up and onto the sidewalk where R. was playing with his cousins and sister.  His sister recognized the gentleman who was driving because he was the same man who had been following them for weeks.  The police at the scene told J's daughter she must be mistaken.  Although J's son barely survived, he continues to have very serious medical problems.
  The FBI and CIA continued to harass J and her family until finally they arrested J and charged her with being an 'enemy combatant'.  J spent the next 6 months locked up somewhere in West Virginia where she was continually tortured.  From what she could remember, J said they kept her up for weeks on end, with dozens of bright lights shining in her face.  They then forced her to spend several weeks in complete darkness.  From what she could remember this cycle continued through most of her incarceration.  Among other things, dogs were used and they electric shocked her through her fingertips.  When they decided they were through with her they released her with a microchip in her head.
  It took weeks for J and I to figure out what actually happened to her inside these government facilities because she was having problems remembering personal events in her own life that happened prior, including the birth of her children. It wasn't until the FBI started arresting every family member that she visited, that we finally realized there was a microchip in her head with which they could follow her every move.  Up until that point J couldn't understand what the bald spot on her head was and then it became clear.
  One Sunday, while sitting in church with her family, about 7- 10 FBI agents came up two separate aisles and motioned to her nephew, the son of  J's sister who was killed on 911,  to come over where they were.  They escorted him outside and told him he was being arrested because they knew he was associating with enemy combatants and terrorists.  They told him his uncle was a known terrorist and that they knew he was working with them.   J's nephew, who is 23 yrs old, is currently serving 11 years, charged as an enemy combatant because he, at one point, was able to talk to his Uncle F.
  By the end of 2003 J's brother F was sent to Guantanamo Bay.  Since then, J and her family have continued to fight for a hearing, only to have every effort thwarted.


 In 2004, J was once again arrested.   This time the charge of being an enemy combatant was signed by Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and J was taken to Homeland Security in Maryland, to a very secret lab by the name of ISI, created shortly after 911 to test different forms of torture on humans and their reactions to them.  J spent another three months at this facility only to be released again, when they were through with her.  Although once again, she couldn't remember a lot of what happened, J went right back to finding ways to help her brother.  She found lawyers willing to work with her and continued the fight.  It happened that while she was working with these particular lawyers, 20 different people who worked in that Homeland Security Maryland facility where she had just been released from came forward to tell her lawyers that when the time came they would testify on behalf of J as to what happened to her behind those walls.  They each came of their own accord and they each were so disgusted and appalled at what was done to J while in custody with Homeland Security, that they felt compelled to stand up on her behalf. We still don't know exactly what happened, but the lawyers were floored when this transpired.


  By fall of 2005, J and her lawyers were finally able to get her brother, F flown from Guantanamo to the United States to be heard.  There has never been any resolve of these so called hearings that J and her family attended.  US Prosecutors told the family they were not able to speak to F or even motion to him in the courtroom.  There were no docket numbers, no case files and at one hearing there was not a shred of paper in evidence on her brother's behalf, nor was he present.  At all of these hearings F's lawyers were given extremely limited leeway and in fact were not always granted repeated requests to meet with F.  Last month after hearing the Padilla case, another Guantanamo Bay detainee, the courts ruled that no Guantanamo bay detainee will be heard in the United State and that their cases will be held in Tribunals at Guantanamo.  F was shipped back to Guantanamo within days.
  The last time I saw F, he was a strapping 200 pound 6 foot 4 inch healthy man.  He now weighs less than 100 pounds, has no hair, no teeth and suffers from several medical maladies.  It is not clear that he will live to see his freedom renewed and what little he has left of his family, reunited.  The last hearing for F was held in Washington D.C before the Padilla case.  When the judge decided that he would not hear the case that day, F's 18 year old niece, who also lost her mother in 911, got up in the courtroom and called the judge a terrorist.  She asked him why he was doing this to her family and when she wouldn't stop they arrested her.  She is being held now as an enemy combatant.
   Tami Terusa, January 6, 2006



Germain Speaks About Dove and NESARA and a Bit More

January 7, 2006.  St. Germain through Candace Frieze.  Taken from:

To our many readers, I AM Germain, and I come today to clear up some of the little difficulties implied in the message from Dove today that many of you have read. In this message she took some mighty aim at certain channelings because she has been getting a great deal of discouragement from people telling her that her work is useless and unworthwhile, that the Federation has everything under control and that she has a great big ego problem.

Please be aware that these problems are the result of the dark, by intention to try to sway this woman from her great work. In her message, she did say, that there are diverse channelings of material, all claiming to be from the same people. There are indeed many channelings still going on from the fakes, and many of them are doing this by intent.

The other issue, is that many channellers, who are valid, believe they have unmitigated protection, and in the case of telepathy, this is not so. This is a huge issue nowadays, with Patrick, Suzy Ward, and quite a few others. Plasma shields and star warrior protection do not filter telepathy. The receiver must do that. And many do not. Suzy remains in total trust and will not question, and this has been an ongoing problem for quite some time now. And this is taken advantage of.  Nancy Tate and the A’s remain doing their thing.

I would remind all who read the messages that the KOS of the A’s is no longer around, he was detained many months ago. Their supposed KOS, and the person who bothers and tells lies to Dove, is a totally different individual, who is still playing the games.

Now what is going on with NESARA is that all is coming in steps. The first most important step is that the government is to stand down. Then come other steps. Dove is taking care of at this time, the work I have assigned her to do, as she has been doing for a very long time now. She is a highly advanced and totally trustworthy soul. Ego is not her problem, but desire to get the world into shape is her very real agenda, and she is at this time a bit on the distressed side as are we all. She is bravely carrying out the work that must done in your realm.

It has been learned that the 16th amendment put into order illegally so long ago, was never an amendment to the real USA Constitution. There are two constitutions, one, the original of the real United States, and the one that belongs to the foreign corporation that owns the United States. The 16th amendment was to the foreign corporation constitution. This is the method of deceit of the dark. Substitution. The reason the amendment was not ratified back then, is because many states realized the difference, and would not ratify.

It was discovered recently, that President Clinton did not sign the NESARA law. This is not relevant, because he did not take the oath to serve the real Constitution. But many in Congress most certainly did, and these ones knew the difference. They took the oath to the real Constitution in secrecy, and passed NESARA with the aid of Navy Seals, for their protection during a special session.

And it was a law not really needing the president’s signature. I will not discuss more details on that right now, for our own secrecy. We did go back and research some other materials, and made the discovery that President Kennedy’s Executive Order to return to the production of coinage by the Treasury Department, and his ordering of the end of the Federal Reserve was never rescinded. And President Kennedy was the real deal.

Every President you have elected in more recent times takes the oath to the foreign corporation’s constitution and is thus not the leader of your country and the legal papers on this are real and we have them in our hands.  It remains our desire to handle this within the laws of the country and it is very possible to do so.

So to make a long story short, everything that was done back then, and since regards the monetary systems of this country is truly not of this country and her true Constitution. We have been in court over this over the last few months and we do indeed have the full whole truth which can’t be further taken apart by the existing government because the existing government is totally a sham and not the government of the United States of America.

Now the gold exists. The issue right now is getting all the precious metals where they need to be. We are requiring the banks and all the other financial institutions to purchase the gold. Have you not noticed the run on gold right now? It is safeguarded in many places, and we have determined the correct ownership to much of it. Past these comments, what Dove has put out in her work is what I want her to put out, and there is a plan in that.

Dove works for you, she is honest, and impeccable. I told her years ago to get away from Patrick, he was out to cause her harm and so it continues to be apparently. The other folks working for the dark continue to cause harm in much the same way Patrick has done. Same game, different tools.

Omega is real and in short order we will have access to it. I want to remind you all that money is simply a very expensive game, and all of you need to study the stuff and where it controls you, and work to get off of it. Do not buy that which you do not need, in general. Do not buy from The Beast where you can avoid it. A few suggestions would be television at this time.  Do not feed The Beast.  Do not buy expensive big cars.  Do take the bus where you can.  Do not buy the fake food in the stores.  And teach your family members this.

I will not go into further detail, as this would compromise our own very needed secrecy. I would ask of you to not continue to buy into the many sources out there that are not for real.

NESARA has become truly God’s plan for the world. It is not called NESARA in other places, because the name comes from the USA. It has become more a concept for the world to be implemented with your help, as you know. That is the point of AbundantHope to get the help up and going. We are not going to do all the work and the apathy in America and much of the rest of the world must end.

You are required to tell your truth, and to give up the compromising. This remains the same teaching that was told so long ago, when the Masters of that time incarnate, said they came not to bring peace but to set one against the other. This was about doing the right thing rather than going along with the system.  It was about asking questions and not blindly following other’s rules.

It is time to get rid of the New Age garbage about peace. The star people are going to keep the peace in terms of preventing the use of weapons, but it will be your responsibility to build the true peace in this world. Gaia is going to ascend, with or without you. It is totally set in motion and can’t be stopped. We have given her much help, but we can not longer continue to totally prevent everything. You and the rest of the planet are going to face up to the issues, and you are going to get the changing done.

You are indeed to be provided with a great deal of money, and worry not at this moment about all the sources it will come from. The plan remains for Americans to receive the $75000 I have mentioned before, each month until either $10 million has been paid to each, or you get off the stuff. I certainly hope you will get off the stuff quite some time before that around 12 years is up.

But if you want off money, you will do it. If you want a brilliant new world, you will do it. You will stand up to your family, you will stand up to your bosses, you will stand up to your ignorant church leaders. You will stand upto ignorance. It is time to stop the New Age candle work, as we like to express it, and get on with the doing. It is a time of great judgment, the separating of the wheat from the chaff, and I truly hope you are up to it.

Life is not going to be wonderfully easy for Americans and others of wealthy countries for a time. The increased wealth is only wealth, if there are goods to buy. This will be a time of chaos, you live on the planet, the star people do not. You answered a call to come to Earth, many of you as long as 2000 years ago, others much more recently. It is time to answer the call. There is much apathy in this world, and many in ignorance, and there will be some issues to be worked out. You are here to bust the boxes, bust the systems.

Christ Michael asked you to be in trust a few months ago, and that remains. You do not need to be worried and upset about every little rumor that comes your way. In this time of waiting, what have you decided upon to do? Or are you still waiting for someone else to assign you a job? The dark is doing a great job of causing interference. I too look at the postings on the forum, and I see a bit of nonsense in many of them.

You no longer have the time to wonder the truth. And go from one to another asking for it. It has been given abundantly and then some. You are all God, you all co created this Universe. The Universe runs on you. It does not run on sky god somewhere. You are the Gods and there is no better truth than that. It is complete unto itself. Stop spending time in useless discussion, and make use of the messianic section of the website, stop avoiding it. The time is now. Namaste, which means, if you have not figured it out yet, from the God within me to the God within you. Become the God. I AM Germain.


[doveofo] NESARA Prosperity; Trading Programs; Why NO Bush Impeachment January 26, 2006  3:11 p.m. PST.  Excerpt.

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

This week's Report discusses:
- Extremely lucrative trading programs for investors willing to do one-time gift to NESARA for NESARA's gold;
- Why Bush will not be impeached; why NESARA is the best course of action; and
- How NESARA brings prosperity to all people in the USA and by ripple effect to many people in other countries.


Before we can move NESARA to announcement, we must negotiate and obtain a contract for one million metric tons of gold to back NESARA's new US Treasury Bank System and Treasury currency.  It is NOT necessary to "buy" the gold before announcing NESARA.  We must have the SIGNED CONTRACT for the gold which will go into effect with NESARA's public announcement.  The CONTRACT for one million metric tons of gold gives us the gold backing needed to comply with Constitutional Law.

To prove we are serious buyers of the gold, NESARA needs funds being generated as proof of ability to pay for the gold.  The fastest way to generate substantial funds is using the international trading programs done in the world's top 50 banks, most of which are in Europe.

I have been writing about these trading programs off and on since November 1999 when I published my first Dove Report.  Because I have a six-year history of publicly discussing these very confidential, elite trading programs, the Dove Reports are read by numerous people who are part of professional trading organizations facilitating investors into these extremely high profit trading programs.

In the December 18, 2005 Dove Report, I asked for people involved with trading organizations to contact me regarding their organization's trading programs.  I received over 50 emails and two postal letters from people who have trading organizations  connections.  In the last month, I communicated with dozens of trading organization contacts to learn about their trading programs.  I also had all these trading organizations and people investigated by my high level intelligence contacts to verify their organizations and trading programs are authentic and lawful.

NINE extremely good trading organizations emerged as having the best trading programs.  There are investors who have tried for YEARS to obtain contacts to "authentic" trading programs and have never been successful.  I have verified these nine  trading organizations are providing these very high rates of return on trading programs investments.

I have been in contact with a few authentic investors but as of today they have things to complete before they can move forward on a trading program.  Because billions of people worldwide are suffering, and because every day the Bush government is causing tremendous harm worldwide, I am requesting investor contacts to help NESARA.  As quickly as possible we must find investors to go into the trading programs and gift funds to NESARA for NESARA's own trading programs.

If you are an investor or you know investors, you can financially benefit from these phenomenal trading programs.  Below is a broad overview describing the numerous  extremely lucrative trading programs FROM WHICH YOU Investors CAN BENEFIT and also help NESARA to be announced at the soonest possible moment.  Introducers and referrers of investors also have financial benefits from successfully helping NESARA which I will explain in telephone communications.

I have determined the most beneficial way for the investor to make maximum profits and also help NESARA to be announced as soon as possible:
   I. The investor will agree to give a "one-time gift or grant" to NESARA of a specific amount of funds which enables NESARA to do its own trading program.
   II. The gift to NESARA will be a ONE-TIME gift to be paid from the first full week of trading proceeds.  NESARA's gift amounts to LESS THAN 50% of the FIRST WEEK's proceeds.  NESARA's gift will also be one percent or less of the TOTAL annual proceeds the investor will receive from the trading program.  NESARA's gift will be provided to a corporation I set up on behalf of NESARA; for security reasons I am not giving the corporation name here.  The corporation's initials are:  WPAIC .   NESARA's gift of funds will go to WPAIC which will utilize the funds in a trading program for NESARA's gold.


[Note:  International law requires the Return on Investment (ROI) can be discussed only in general terms such as "100% or better per week" to avoid "solicitation" issues.  The actual percentage of return is clearly shown in the investor's trading contract.  You can infer something about the actual percentage of return from information regarding the Gift to WPAIC.  Programs A through E all have considerably higher than 100% per week returns.]

Program A:
Special Program for Investors with $180M or Less liquid assets:
Minimum Investment:  $65 Million USD
ROI:  100% or better PER WEEK Net to investor.
Payout:  WEEKLY Payout of proceeds.
Gift to WPAIC:  ONE-TIME gift; about 40% of FIRST WEEK's proceeds.
Duration:  40 Trading Weeks, One-Year Contract. Trading Program Humanitarian Project Requirement:  no strict requirements; 10-15%;  easy compliance.
Type of Program:  Private Placement Program.
Bank Account:  Under Sole Signature of Investor; Investor has total control at all times.
Entry Requirements:  Easy entry; investor submits copy of passport, Proof of Funds (tear sheet or bank statement signed by two bank officers) and standard client info documents; after verified, speak with trader; receive/sign contract; in trade quickly, 3 weeks after submit documents and Proof of Funds.

Program B:
Minimum Investment:  $100 Million USD
ROI:  100% or better PER WEEK Net to investor.
Payout:  WEEKLY Payout of proceeds. Gift to WPAIC:  ONE-TIME gift; about 50% of FIRST WEEK's proceeds.
Duration:  40 Trading Weeks, One-Year Contract.
Trading Program Humanitarian Project Requirement:  20%; easy compliance.
Type of Program:  Private Placement Program.
Bank Account:  Under Sole Signature of Investor; Investor has total control at all times.
Entry Requirements:  Easy entry; investor provides copy of passport and Proof of Funds (tear sheet or bank statement signed by two bank officers); speak with trader; submit client info documents; sign contract; in trade quickly - about 3 weeks after submit Proof of Funds.

Program C:
Minimum Investment:  $500 Million USD.
ROI:  100% or better PER WEEK Net to investor.
Payout:  WEEKLY Payout of proceeds.
Gift to WPAIC:  ONE-TIME gift; about 10% of FIRST WEEK's proceeds.
Duration:  40 Trading Weeks, One-Year Contract.
Trading Program Humanitarian Project Requirement:  20%; easy compliance.
Type of Program:  Private Placement Program.
Bank Account:  Under Sole Signature of Investor; Investor has total control at all times.
Entry Requirements:  Easy entry; investor provides copy of passport and Proof of Funds (tear sheet or bank statement signed by two bank officers; submit standard client info documents; speak with trader; receive/sign contract; in trade quickly about 3 weeks after submit Proof of Funds.

Program D:
Requires certain financial structures to participate:
Minimum Investment:  $500 Million USD.
ROI:  100% or better PER WEEK Net to investor.
Payout:  WEEKLY Payout of proceeds.
Gift to WPAIC:  ONE-TIME gift; about 2% of FIRST WEEK's proceeds.
Duration:  40 Weeks a year.
Humanitarian Project Requirement:  20% easy compliance.
Type of Program:  Private Placement Program.
Entry Requirements: discuss details with organization facilitator for full details.

Program E:
Minimum Investment:  $600 Million USD.
ROI:  100% plus rolls PER WEEK; some compounding.
Payout:  Sometime after 6-8 weeks can schedule draws on proceeds.
Gift to WPAIC:  ONE-TIME gift; timing of gift to be negotiated.
Duration:  40 Weeks; one-year contract.
Humanitarian Project Requirement:  To be specified in contract.
Entry Requirements: Proof of funds and copy of passport to trading organization followed by client info documents and contract review/signing at bank.

ADDITIONAL PROGRAMS with Other Criteria:
There are two other types of trading programs which may be helpful to WPAIC:
1.  It is possible to use "gold" which is in a legally acceptable secure location and is legally owned by the investor as basis for funds for a trading program.  Details to be discussed with the trading facilitator.
2. It is possible to use "real estate property" of a value of $5 Million or more for a trade.  ROI is expected to be 30% to 45% per month.  Details to be discussed with the trading facilitator.

1. Investor is sole signature on bank account(s) and is in total control of investor's funds and trading proceeds at all times.
2. All trading programs which provide one-time gift to WPAIC are guaranteed authentic and the proceeds will payout in proper and timely fashion to investor.
3. Investor may utilize service provided by highly placed judicial person which ensures investor's proceeds are properly transferred in accordance with all current banking law requirements to avoid delays.  The patriot act can create difficulties in transferring large amounts of money; this service ensures transfers are done absolutely correctly and easily.
4. A good Tax Treaty Attorney referral is available to the investor to ensure investor receives good income tax rate on proceeds.

If you are an investor or have investor contacts who may be interested in doing a trading program, please send an email with Subject of "Investor" and include your FIRST NAME and TELEPHONE NUMBER.  I will call you in the next few business days.
If you prefer to contact me by postal mail, you may write to me and provide your first name and telephone number and a note saying this is regarding "funds for trading program" and I will contact you.  Send a letter to:
3430 Pacific Ave SE
Suite A6-217
Olympia, WA  98501

For those of you who wish to introduce investors, I will discuss how you can be compensated when we speak by telephone.


There are 100 US Senators and 435 US Representatives in the US Congress; the impeachment process begins in the House of Representatives and is completed with a form of "trial" in the US Senate.  Most people have no idea of the many steps involved in the impeachment process.  New Chief Justice John Roberts is Constitutionally required as the Chief Justice to be the "Judge" over any impeachment trial in the US Senate.

The Bush family follows rules laid down by ex-president Daddy Bush, a longtime CIA agent and eventually Director of the CIA.  Daddy Bush followed in legendary FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's footsteps and collected massive files on influential people including information which can be used to blackmail these people.  This is one way Daddy Bush can help ensure Bush Jr. is not impeached.

For many years, the FBI and CIA have arranged for members of the US Congress - both Senators and Representatives - to be put into compromising situations during which the FBI/CIA covertly videotapes or takes photos to use to blackmail and coerce members of Congress later.  This has been documented in numerous books over the years.  For those of you who are not aware, here are some of several websites on these sexual blackmail practices: , , .

One way they set up the Congressman is the CIA arranges for a "sex stings" for a member of Congress who attends a private meeting in hotel room where the Congressman may or may not be drugged, a prostitute or other sex partner is brought in, videotaping and photos are taken of the Congressman actively engaging in the situation, and then later when the Congressman needs to vote a certain way, he is shown the videotape or photos and told how he will vote.

Other times, theCIA will pick up a child or other family member and then call the Congressman to say they have the family member and to point out that this can happen at any time; the Congressman has no defense against this sudden attack, and is instructed to vote in a certain way.  Bribes, blackmail, and coercion are routinely used to force members of Congress to vote certain ways.  Please notice the many votes needed in both the Senate and the House in the impeachment process.  This is WHY the impeachment will NEVER happen; there's too many people in Congress who can be blackmailed and bribed to vote against it.

The many steps in impeachment outlined below come from the well-respected Cornell University Law School at .  These are the FACTUAL DETAILS of the impeachment process containing MANY steps at which impeachment can be defeated.  This is a LONG QUOTE - read it all.  I am marking the beginning with the word "QUOTE" and the end with the words "END QUOTE".

"What is Impeachment?
Technically, impeachment is the Senate's quasi-criminal proceeding instituted to remove a public officer, not the actual act of removal. Most references to impeachment, however, encompass the entire process, beginning with the House's impeachment inquiry. The term will be used in that broader sense here. By design, impeachment is a complex series of steps and procedures undertaken by the legislature. The process roughly resembles a grand jury inquest, conducted by the House, followed by a full-blown trial, conducted by the Senate with the Chief Justice presiding.... Presidential impeachments involve the full, public participation of both branches of Congress.
The Impeachment Process in a Nutshell
The House Judiciary Committee deliberates over whether to initiate an impeachment inquiry.  The Judiciary Committee adopts a resolution seeking authority from the entire House of Representatives to conduct an inquiry. Before voting, the House debates and considers the resolution. Approval requires a majority vote.
The Judiciary Committee conducts an impeachment inquiry, possibly through public hearings. At the conclusion of the inquiry, articles of impeachment are prepared. They must be approved by a majority of the Committee.
The House of Representatives considers and debates the articles of impeachment. A majority vote of the entire House is required to pass each article. Once an article is approved, the President is, technically speaking, “impeached” -- that is subject to trial in the Senate.
The Senate holds trial on the articles of impeachment approved by the House. The Senate sits as a jury while the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over the trial.  At the conclusion of the trial, the Senate votes on whether to remove the President from office. A two-thirds vote by the Members present in the Senate is required for removal.  If the President is removed, the Vice-President assumes the Presidency under the chain of succession established by Amendment XXV.
Constitutional Authority
At the time of the drafting of the Constitution, impeachment was an established process in English law and government. The Founding Fathers incorporated the process, with modifications, into the fabric of United States government. The Constitution, however, only provides the framework-the basic who's, why's, and how's. The remaining procedural intricacies reside in the internal rules of the House and Senate.
Article 2, Section 4 -- “The President, Vice-President, and all civil officers of the
United States. . .”
Article 2, Section 4 --”. . .on impeachment for, and on conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors.”
This implies that the impeachment process is not tightly linked to the criminal law. The test is not satisfied by all crimes. With only two named offenses to provide context for the inclusive phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors,” the standard remains undefined. The language suggests, however, that criminal action may be required. It is worth noting that the term “misdemeanor” does not correspond to the modern definition of a less serious (sub-felony) statutory or common law criminal offense.
Article 1, Section 2, Clause 5 --”The House of Representatives . . . shall have the sole power of impeachment.”
The power of impeachment translates into the power to indict. The House, through the Judiciary Committee, conducts investigation and gathers evidence. At the proper time, the House assembles the evidence into individual indictments or charges known as Articles of Impeachment. Each article requires a majority vote of the House to pass to the Senate. Once impeached, the officer is on trial.
Article 1, Section 3, Clause 6 --”The Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments. When sitting for that purpose, they shall be on oath or affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two thirds of the members present.”
The trial of the impeached officer is held in the Senate....
END QUOTE from Cornell Univ. Law.


Let us remember that even if Bush Jr. were impeached, Dick Cheney would become the new occupant of the White House.  Cheney is an even bigger threat than Bush Jr. because Cheney is SMART, as well as criminal.

Furthermore, impeachment does NOT deal with the other very dangerous and dedicated  CRIMINALS in the Bush government:  Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Karl Rove, National Security Advisor Steve Hadley, and all the other Bush government officials who knew about and supported the Bush government ordering and carrying out the 9-11 attacks on Americans.

The satellite spying on Americans is just one of MANY attacks on Americans by the Bush government.  I've received letters and telephone calls from people telling me about many atrocities being done by the Bush government under the cloak of the mis-named "patriot acts".  People are being picked up and held on no charges, tortured, and are losing everything due to the Bush government.  Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and others are totally able to continue the neo-nazi agenda of the Bush government with or without Bush Jr.  They all must be removed.  No one is safe.  We will only be safe after NESARA is announced.


The key issues are not just Bush Jr., nor Cheney, nor even all the criminals holding high positions in the Bush government.  The key issues are that Americans have LOST their rights, their Constitution, and have been increasingly oppressed and robbed by:
- unlawful, never-ratified income tax;
- fraudulent banking practices;
- government control of the media to oppress truth;
- being purposely dumbed-down through government propaganda and programs;
- being made ill from viruses and toxins in chemtrails spread by military and commercial aircraft;
- toxins in their water, food, and prescriptions and
- damage to the environment due to corporate greed.  We must correct all these issues.
Impeachment does NOT address these terrible crimes.  NESARA WIPES OUT ALL THESE CRIMES in one sweeping action.

The NESARA Law contains vast reforms to address all these crimes.


NESARA's announcement begins greater prosperity for Americans through the end of income taxes and other unconstitutional taxes as well as LIFTING the heavy burden of fraudulent bank debts from Americans' backs.  Americans will stop paying on bank loans as of NESARA's announcement and will apply for "bank debt relief" which will be granted to all Americans.  The American economy will rebound and grow substantially due to NESARA's many reforms.  Many jobs will be created by NESARA improving banking and economic conditions in America.

Within two years after NESARA's announcement, Americans will begin receiving monthly "financial redress" payments from the federal government as compensation for the decades of robbing Americans of their wealth through fraudulent banking practices and other crimes by the government.  This will provide nationwide prosperity.
By ripple effect people in other countries will benefit from NESARA because, for example, many countries will choose to end their own income taxes in self-defense to keep their wealthiest corporations and citizens from moving to the
USA.  Various other benefits to people in other countries will occur due to ripple effects of NESARA including a great leap forward in world peace because the US military cannot be used to attack other countries after NESARA is announced.

In addition, within 24 hours after NESARA is announced, NESARA's Secretary Designate of the US Department of Justice will be required to hold a live press conference and tell the world that the Bush government planned and carried out the 9-11 attacks.  The lies and fraud used to trick Americans and others into attacking Afghanistan and Iraq will be totally exposed.  This should help good people in other countries, such as England and Australia, to work toward removing their corrupt and treasonous government officials who also participated in the lies.


In addition to obtaining funds for NESARA's trading program to buy the gold, I have been initiating other activities benefiting NESARA.  About three weeks ago I asked a certain strong NESARA supporter if he had a way to contact two high level experts about utilizing their expertise to help NESARA.  Three days ago, this strong NESARA supporter called to say that he was successful in making contact and did obtain the agreement of these two high level experts to assist with specific activities for NESARA.  These experts can contribute from their great knowledge in ways to ensure NESARA's implementation will go very well.

This week I received a telephone call from a person who has good connections related to one source of the gold for which we will negotiate NESARA's gold contract.  He had good news and I was able to follow-up with a telephone call to another good contact regarding the gold.

Due to security and confidentiality issues, I do not give out details about current activities, however, I can say that we are making progress on various aspects of all that must be done to move NESARA to announcement.

Because of the length of this Dove Report, I will wait to do Part 3 of the CHRONICLES OF MOVING NESARA TO ANNOUNCEMENT until next week's Dove Report.



The KEY to scheduling the date of the NESARA announcement is the funding for NESARA's gold.  I am aware that some of you reading the Dove Reports do control large funds which could be used in the trading programs.  I am asking you to contact me and discuss putting your funds into a trading program and from the trading program proceeds, provide a gift to NESARA's corporation which can be put into a trading program for NESARA's gold.  Just as I am secure and have proven our security exists by my years of writing the Dove Reports, my travels and meetings for NESARA, and my NESARA video, YOU also are totally secure in every way when helping NESARA.  If you come forward as an investor, I can also provide proof of the progress we are making in moving NESARA to announcement.

If you prefer to contact me by postal mail, you may write to me and provide your first name and telephone number and state this is regarding "funds for trading program" and I will contact you.  Send a letter to:
3430 Pacific Ave SE
Suite A6
Olympia, WA  98501

Again, the faster way to reach me is to send an email with Subject of "Investor" and include your first name and telephone number.
Those of us helping NESARA have tremendous protection and strong support from people behind-the-scenes in our US military, intelligence groups, and many others.  NESARA provides the sweeping improvements Americans and the world's people need!  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams



[doveofo] NESARASecuresPorts and Ends Fascism in America. February 24, 2006  11:37 p.m. PST.  Full Report.

  Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,  This week’s Report addresses Bush’s selling of America‘s ocean ports and how NESARA will reverse Bush’s actions.  Also how “fascism” is overtaking America and how  NESARA ends fascism.   BUSH’S SALES of PORTS

  Bush’s selling of ports in New York and New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Baltimore,Maryland; Miami,Florida; and New Orleans, Louisiana ( ) is another backroom deal by the Bush regime to put money in Bush government officials’ personal pockets and open America up to more “terrorist” attacks.

  This sale of the ports is just one of many ways Bush government officials are enriching themselves personally at the expense of Americans.  Bush government officials have been robbing US government coffers of billions each year.  When Defense Secretary Rumsfeld wants to rob the government, he simply signs wire transfer documents authorizing tens of millions or hundreds of millions in wire transfers of funds from the Department of Defense bank accounts to bank accounts held by shell corporations which he or his associates control.  When Bush wants to rob the government, he orders the US military to pick up gold (in 2002 Bush took 2,850 Metric Tons of gold from the Treasury), or detours shipments of newly printed Federal Reserve currency (one shipment in 2005 was over $300 Million USD) or authorizes wire transfers of government funds to shell corporations’ or trusts’ bank accounts under his control.

  Under the patriot act, Bush, Rumsfeld, and other officials claim their records regarding government money and resources are classified due to National Security issues; therefore, the Bush officials do not submit to the normal audits.  Now these corrupt officials have found another way to fill their pockets.  There have been and will continue to be payoffs from theUnited Arab Emirates royal family to each Bush government official who voted “unanimously” to approve the sale of the ports.

  In addition, the Bush government has been trying to carry out more terrorist attacks following the Bush government’s 9-11 attacks on Americans.  Bush knows he must carry out another successful terrorist attack in America before he can declare martial law.  If Bush could declare martial law, a few days later Bush would suspend Congress, and implement a full-blown dictatorship.  Bush officials hope that having an Arab company in charge of the ports will somehow help them to manufacture another large terrorist attack on America.

  Bush has always intended to declare martial law.  If American ports were under management by groups who do not supportAmerica‘s sovereignty, it would be easier for Bush to bring more United Nations foreign troops into America under cover of night through these key ports.  Bush’s plan has always been to bring more UN foreign troops into the USA to help implement martial law over Americans.  Martial law is absolutely necessary to the Bush government’s role in installing a One World Government over America.


  NESARA will reverse many actions which have put America‘s National Security at risk.  NESARA will require that foreign corporations which own major resources in the United States, including ocean ports, airports, and other resources, must sell their ownership to American organizations within one year after NESARA’s announcement.

  It’s more than America‘s ports at risk.  Very quietly in the last ten years, foreign banks have been buying control of large banking corporations in America.  I’ve been able to confirm that Deutsche Bank has bought large holdings in Bank of America.  A few years ago I received an email that a bank inScotland had bought a large interest in a sizable regional bank here in the US.

  In the last year, I’ve seen commercials on American television for Germany-based Deutsche Bank and London-based Barclays Bank.  Why are these banks advertising in the USA when, in fact, there are not many branches of these banks in theUSA and there’s been NO public announcement that foreign banks are buying large shares of American banks?  The control of American banks by foreign corporations is part of the SUBVERSION of America in preparation for the One World Government’s One World Banking System about which I wrote last week.

  It’s well known according to American laws, if someone buys 5% or more of a publicly traded stock, there is a public record of this ownership.  However, did you know there’s another kind of stock issued by publicly traded companies but which does not require public notice of ownership?  This second kind of stock is called “Treasury Stock”.  Originally, Treasury Stock was expected to be issued to officers of the corporation as part of their compensation package.  Because the Treasury Stock does not require public ownership records, this is how Bank of America stock was bought by Deutsche Bank.  This is how foreign banks have been buying controlling interest in American banks.


  The historical meaning of “fascism” is when corporations gain too much power over the government.  Whether its banking corporations or corporations which manage ocean ports, or corporations pushing the World Trade Organization down the throats of countries around the world, the way the One World Government proponents have made so much progress is through using the power of the corporations they own to “buy” politicians and push their One World Government agenda forward using secret corporate ownerships of vital resources.

  The information below explains the relationship between corporations and governments which results in fascism and the history of fascism:

       “…Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini.

  By David G. Mills

      11/10/04ICH“ — The early twentieth century Italians, who invented the word fascism, also had a more descriptive term for the concept — estato corporativo: the corporatist state. Unfortunately for Americans, we have come to equate fascism with its symptoms, not with its structure. The structure of fascism is corporatism, or the corporate state. The structure of fascism is the union, marriage, merger or fusion of corporate economic power with governmental power. Failing to understand fascism, as the consolidation of corporate economic and governmental power in the hands of a few, is to completely misunderstand what fascism is. It is the consolidation of this power that produces the demagogues and regimes we understand as fascist ones.

      While we Americans have been trained to keenly identify the opposite of fascism, i.e., government intrusion into and usurpation of private enterprise, we have not been trained to identify the usurpation of government by private enterprise. Our European cousins, on the other hand, having lived with Fascism in several European countries during the last century, know it when they see it, and looking over here, they are ringing the alarm bells. We need to learn how to recognize Fascism now.

      Dr. Lawrence Britt has written an excellent article entitled “The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism.”… His article is a must read to help get a handle on the symptoms that corporatism produces.

      But even Britt’s excellent article misses the importance of Mussolini’s point. The concept of corporatism is number nine on Britt’s list and unfortunately titled: “Corporate Power is Protected.” In the view of Mussolini, the concept of corporatism should have been number one on the list and should have been more aptly titled the “Merger of Corporate Power and State Power.” Even Britt failed to see the merger of corporate and state power as the primary cause of most of these other characteristics. It is only when one begins to view fascism as the merger of corporate power and state power that it is easy to see how most of the other thirteen characteristics Britt describes are produced. Seen this way, these other characteristics no longer become disjointed abstractions. Cause and effect is evident.”

      “Fascism’s principles are wafting in the air today, surreptitiously masquerading as something else, challenging everything we stand for.

       By Laurence W. Britt

      For the purpose of this perspective, I will consider the following regimes: Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Franco’sSpain, Salazar’s Portugal, Papadopoulos’ Greece, Pinochet’s Chile, and Suharto’s Indonesia. To be sure, they constitute a mixed bag of national identities, cultures, developmental levels, and history. But they all followed the fascist or protofascist model in obtaining, expanding, and maintaining power. Further, all these regimes have been overthrown, so a more or less complete picture of their basic characteristics and abuses is possible.

     Analysis of these seven regimes reveals fourteen common threads that link them in recognizable patterns of national behavior and abuse of power. These basic characteristics are more prevalent and intense in some regimes than in others, but they all share at least some level of similarity:
 1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism…
 2. Disdain for the importance of human rights…
 3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause…
 4. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism…
 5. Rampant sexism…
 6. A controlled mass media…
 7. Obsession with national security…
 8. Religion and ruling elite tied together…
 9. Power of corporations protected…
10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated…
11. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts…
12. Obsession with crime and punishment…
13. Rampant cronyism and corruption…
14. Fraudulent elections….”

  We have many examples of corporations controlling the US government:
   – pharmaceutical corporations basically “own” the US Food and Drug Administration, the government agency which is supposed to make sure all prescription drugs and food products are safe.
   – war industry corporations “buy” votes in the US Congress and know years ahead of time the plans to wage wars and who the “scapegoats” will be.
  – oil corporations gain oil resources through Bush’s wars on
Middle East countries.
  – Diebold and other voting technology firms gain from Bush’s push for computer touch screen voting which makes manipulating vote tallies and elections easy.
  NESARA ends “fascism” by restoring Constitutional Law, reforming government agencies, instituting massive corporate fraud and criminal investigations, dis-connecting the ability of big corporations to “buy” politicians, as well as other major reforms.


  Last week’s February 18, 2006 Dove Report provided you with PICTURES of the prisoner railroad cars waiting to haul millions of innocent Americans to the 600+ concentration and death camps in the USA.  Most of you probably didn’t realize how extremely serious the Bush government’s threats are to all Americans.  We must face the REALITY of the Bush government plans to kill millions of Americans in order to prevent the future genocide of millions of innocent Americans.

  I and our Webmaster put over 30 hours into creating, mailing, and posting last week’s Dove Report.  On behalf of all of us, I thank our Webmaster, Mark, for his very long hours of efforts last Friday through Sunday; these long hours were required to email last week’s Dove Report to all of you and post it on the website.  The technical issues of putting pictures in the emails going out via our mass mailing software were many; Mark determinedly worked his way through the issues to enable us to put out last week’s eye-opening Report.  Mark works full-time and has a busy family life in addition to the many hours each month he VOLUNTEERS in support of NESARA by maintaining our www.NESARA.US website.  We are all very blessed by Mark’s dedication to NESARA and our website.


  I have commenced actions on two new, major projects which must be accomplished to fix and move NESARA to announcement.  Both these projects will benefit NESARA now and in the future and will bring about far-reaching improvements.  These major projects have security requirements which prohibit my discussing them in the Dove Report.

  We are making good progress on several other key elements needed to move NESARA to announcement.  In the last three months, I’ve made 586 telephone calls and received hundreds more calls from you who have offered your assistance to NESARA. All these actions are combining to move NESARA forward.

  Because of the many actions I must carry forward for NESARA, there are a few activities I’ve handled in the past for which there is no time.  I’ve had to “prioritize” my time and energy due to the thousands of communications and scores of important actions which have been necessary in the last 20 months.

  Due to lack of time, I still have about 170 email applications of new NESARA Take Action Teams (NTAT) members to approve, acknowledge, and to whom I need to send a “Welcome” email.  I will process your applications to join the NTAT as soon as I’m able.  Please have patience; my time must go to actions essential to bring NESARA to announcement.

  On February 28, 2006, I’m also discontinuing my Dove Telephone Message Number on which I have provided voice messages about the status of NESARA and the prosperity programs.  There simply is no time to provide these updates any longer.

  To the hundreds of you who have offered your assistance in the last few months, I give my sincere thanks.  Many of our discussions and meetings have contributed to developing new strategies necessary to move NESARA forward.

 Blessings and Love,
 Dove of Oneness
 Executive Director
 International NESARA Take Action Teams



[doveofo] NESARA’s Heritage of Brave Americans Fighting Corruption, March 4, 2006, 8:55 p.m. PST.  Full Report.

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

  An important activity involving NESARA has required that I research the actions carried out by brave Americans in the 20 years prior to the NESARA Law’s passage by Congress  in year 2000.  Several of you sent me video tapes and audio tapes of farm claims meetings which provided valuable background.  I also was given temporary access to a large cache of documents and reports which discussed events in the early and mid 1990s.  Several people gave generously of their time answering my dozens of questions during long telephone discussions.  I deeply thank all of you who have shared your knowledge of the actions described below.

  It’s important that we realize there have been a multitude of activities occurring about which most of us knew nothing.  We need to understand HOW our treacherous government officials and judges have undermined our rights and continued to harm Americans.  Twelve years ago today,March 4, 1994, a Federal Judge in Nevada issued the declaratory order of TRUTH about the Income Tax Amendment and the Federal Reserve.  This should have helped end the harm done by the Federal Reserve and income taxes.  Instead, it was kept from public knowledge by a gag order issued five days later.

  From these past actions which almost succeeded but ultimately failed, we of the NESARA Law Task Force have learned much including how to ensure NESARA is successfully announced.


  In the mid-1980s, William and Shirley Baskerville of Fort Collins, Colorado, were involved in a bankruptcy court case with First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins to keep the bank from foreclosing on their farms.  Per information from Farmers’ meetings, one day the Baskervilles were sitting in aColorado restaurant with their attorney who was telling them that they had lost their case and he could not help them any further.

  Retired General Roy Schwasinger was sitting at a table adjacent to the Baskervilles and after the attorney left the restaurant, General Schwasinger asked the Baskervilles if he could talk with them.  He sat down with them, heard their story, and then General Schwasinger wrote a few sentences on a napkin and told them to submit this as a legal action to appeal the bankruptcy court’s decision.

  In 1987, the Baskervilles filed their appeal, Case No. 87-C-716, with United States District Court for the District of Colorado.  Per a copy of the order issued by Judge Jim R. Carrigan of the United States District Court, the Baskervilles won Case No. 87-C-716 on November 3, 1988.  The bankruptcy court was ordered to reverse its decision to let First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins to foreclose on the Baskervilles’ farms.

  However, problems continued for the Baskervilles and an important Farmers’ Case, Case No. 93-1308M, was filed inFederal District Court in Denver in1993.  Case No. 93-1308M was filed by “William G. Baskerville, Shirley A. Baskerville, J. B. Foster, and Lorraine L. Foster vs Federal Land Bank, Farm Credit Services, Credit Bank of Wichita, Federal Land Bank of Wichita a corporation, First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins, and various others.  General Schwasinger had been a co-plaintiff with the Baskervilles in previous cases and became a co-plaintiff on 93-1308M later as well.

  This case number 93-1308M is discussed for several minutes in the October 1993 Farmer’s meeting video excerpts included in the NESARA Meeting DVD.  The Baskervilles were involved in other cases between 1988 and 1993, however, the 93-1308M is the most widely known.

  The Baskerville Foster Farmers’ Cases had other farmers’ cases “joined” to the Baskerville Foster case at the US Supreme Court.  Baskerville Foster proved the Federal Reserve loan practices were fraudulent and the banks were using fraudulent foreclosure actions to foreclose on farmers’ and ranchers’ properties.  Baskerville Foster also proved the federal government was operating outside Constitutional Law.  In the early 1990’s, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Baskerville Foster on these issues.

  Baskerville Foster essentially proved the Federal Reserve and American banks had committed fraud and robbed generations of Americans of billions of dollars.  This made the Baskerville Foster case the basis of a Class Action suit for Americans to make financial damages claims against the federal government.  The “claims against the government” were mentioned only a few times in the media and then the US Supreme Court put a gag order on the claims process.  The “claims process” became known as the “farm claims” and later the “bank claims”.

  In 1993, US Supreme Court Judges Rehnquist, Scalia, and O’Connor, certain members of Congress, and representatives of the Clinton government had many meetings with US military officers (active and retired) who were demanding the return to Constitutional Law, reforms of the banking system, and financial redress to Americans through the “farm claims/bank claims” process.  General Roy Schwasinger led the farm claims process and was a key military leader in all the actions leading up to the farm claims process.

  The Farmers Meetings captured on video tape and audio tape were held mainly to discuss the “farm claims” process and paperwork and to discuss the government and banking fraud proved in Baskerville Foster which gave farmers and other Americans the right to file for financial redress.  The farm claims process began in 1993.  The US Supreme Court’s gag order allowed only “community meetings” and personal contacts to be utilized to spread the word about the farm claims.

  General Schwasinger had actually begun his investigations into banking and government fraud in the early 1980’s.  In 1982, General Schwasinger was given a contract by the US Senate and later a mandate from the US Supreme Court to investigate these issues.  His investigation was carried out under strict non-disclosure rules; he was not allowed to tell the media what he discovered.  In the late 1980’s General Schwasinger began informing other retired and active military leaders of the serious crimes he was uncovering.  In 1991, General Schwasinger made a full report to a Senate Committee showing the banking and government frauds in the United States being tied to a larger, worldwide plan to establish a “one world order”.

  In 1992, 300+ retired and 35 active US military officers, who strongly support Constitutional Law, met to coordinate actions to put America back on Constitutional Law.  Several task forces were formed and carried out simultaneous investigations of government officials, Congress, the Federal Reserve, and federal judges including the US Supreme Court Judges.

  These US military officers found a multitude of unlawful actions had been committed by most members of Congress and found only “two honest” members among the 535 members of Congress.  They found evidence of numerous crimes, including a common practice of accepting bribes, were committed by many federal officials and judges.  As described by Texan Roger H. in an audio recording of a farmers’ meeting, “the military used the truth” to force Congress to pass laws and force others to take steps toward addressing the serious unconstitutional activities of the government and banking system.

  In late 1992, these US military officers also carried out the first-ever audit of the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve had held itself to be totally exempt from audits by outsiders and has never had another outside audit since then.  The Federal Reserve bankers were used to giving orders which made politicians and corporate leaders jump.  Imagine the bankers’ shock when scores of US military officers demanded access to the Federal Reserve’s records based on the Fed’s large-scale fraud which had already been proven in the farmers’ cases.  Initially, the bankers refused the military officers access, however, the officers made it clear they would enter the Fed’s buildings with force if necessary.

  As Roger H., a former Sheriff in Texas, discusses in the audio recording of a June 1993 farmers meeting, the US military officers scoured the Fed’s records and found trillions of dollars sitting in accounts earning interest; trillions which should have been applied to the “national debt”.  The military also found that contrary to the federal government’s propaganda, most nations were paying back the loans made to them by America.  The military confiscated the trillions and put the money into European banks’ trading programs generating funds to pay the farm/bank claims.

  In August 1992, certain of the 335 US military officers met with President George. H. W. Bush and demanded he sign an agreement that he would help restore Constitutional Law.  They demanded Bush never again use the term “new world order”; the military officers were well aware of the one world government plan Bush supported.

  Bush pretended to cooperate.  However, in December 1992, the military officers discovered President Bush was planning onDecember 25, 1992 to sign an executive order ordering American banks to close INDEFINITELY which would cause economic chaos and give Bush a reason to declare martial law.  After declaring martial law, Bush intended to install a “new constitution” which would have placed everyone then in office in their positions for 25 years and removed Americans’ rights to hold elections and elect new officials.

  The military officers again intervened and stopped Bush from signing the executive order.

  The military officers then began using the farm claims process and the rulings in the farmers cases as foundations for restoring true Constitutional Law.  There were several different strategies pursued, however, ultimately, the Clinton government undermined their efforts.