Germain Speaks to Casper

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Germain Speaks to Casper

By St. Germain and Candace Frieze

St. Germain channeled through Candace Frieze.  Taken from:
Published in this website on October 28, 2008. See NESARA resume at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

Thursday October 16th, 2008

Candace: Hi everyone, Germain desired to do some commenting around Casper and Christopher Story’s work. He asked me to get Casper latest update from today, and then he wished to add to it. So this piece alternates between Germain and Casper, and I have some commentary at the end.

Casper 10-16-08 midday  (taken from

Casper: Deliveries were scheduled yesterday.

Germain:  NO, they were not and will not.

Casper: BUSH and allies blocked deliveries again yesterday.

BUSH and the D.C. Politicians are blocking distribution of the "Marshall Plan Money" to AMERICAN CITIZENS as called for in the ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS and program funding and in turn the world funding of the prosperity programs. The money left over after the reconstruction of Europe after World War II, having been "traded" for decades, is a huge sum of money distributed by BUSH to the Vatican, the Queen, Queen Beatrice and others and subsequently recovered and made ready for delivery to the American people in the form of debt forgiveness. Each American is to have up to $300,000. in debt forgiven be it credit card debt, student loans, auto notes, mortgages, etc., etc.

Germain: The trading has been going for 200+ years and it matters not anyway. There will be NO releases of any funding to globally rebuild this world until after the Stasis event. This is very necessary. What you are seeing before you at this time, is OUR, meaning ME, ESU and Christ Michael, preventing any of any sort of prosperity from flowing. This world must fall first, before we can build anew. And thus there will be no release of «settlements», refunding, prosperity programs, by whatever name and game. This will enable the fall that is necessary. Watch carefully the games each day as given on your television and read between the lines.

The USA and the western countries of Europe are BROKE. They counted on ripping the people of the planet of their wealth, and then planned to receive some more wealth from «funding» in order to buy some more wealth and bail themselves out of the current pickle they are in. These western countries, in particular the US of A owe China, Japan, and Russia in particular huge sums of money that do NOT exist and printing using both a press for paper money, and otherwise a computer for fiat money will not succeed. You dark ones who read here, you are sunk, my brothers, time to bail.

There will be no $300,000 debt forgiveness to Americans only Casper. There will be full debt forgiveness to the entire world, as the money system will start from scratch after stasis. Stop fighting and worrying so much; this is God’s hands my friend. In fact, debt forgiveness and some of the paperwork of such will not be needed at all. All will be NEW. I will not fully describe this plan here at this time. It shall be covered as the survivors awaken from the long period of stasis and cleansing.

Casper: Now think carefully about this, friends. Instead of allowing this windfall to the American people the Politicians are blocking this and the delivery of packages and the return to the Constitution for the sole purpose of retaining themselves in power and avoiding the attendant exposures. It is TREASON, it is beyond Treason. Instead of this glorious outcome for the people the pawns in Congress, most of whom understand exactly what is going on, pass taxpayer funded "bailout" bills and now that the gates have been opened will reach into our pockets as deep as necessary to preserve the existing and utterly corrupt banking and monetary system as it is the source of their control and power. They are willing to throw every business and every citizen in America "under the bus" to hold onto their unconstitutional Corporations and their personal elitist control of the country and indeed the privately owned central banking systems of the world knowing full well great prosperity is ready for distribution worldwide.

Germain: Now Casper is correct in his first statements above. However, the American citizens are NOT ready for these funds at this time. They would only take it and spend it greedily and without adequate preparation before hand in understanding the purpose, would turn around and continue to destroy the planet in their habits. As we have said before NESARA became the idea, GESARA. There is no law in place internationally for GESARA, it is a concept.

Neither was NESARA fully passed as law, Dove was misinformed. And even back then, the navy seals were not sure of what they tried to enforce upon Congress, nor is anyone, including even Ron Paul, aware of nature of these fundings. I AM NOT GOING TO FUND the New World Order, period. And simply removing the American leaders does not solve the global issues. The planet is very ill and she is going to be cleansed, thoroughly, during stasis. This includes the people upon this planet, this long stasis will remove many, leaving behind the good.

As long as the dark ones have significant power, this use of my monies can’t happen. Stasis removes not only the negative politicians, bankers, and the like, but it also removes those that deal in drugs, sex, and other low grade activities on this planet. They will be gone in total, it has been decreed by the Father Creator, First Source, to purge the planet during the stasis period.

Casper: It gets worse. The creation of incredible sums of credit and fiat currency is added to the national debt enslaving our grandchildren for generations to come. As this Treason works it way through the system inflation and rising interest rates are the natural outcome. The borrowings of the Government will compete against private market capital needs of American Business eventually resulting in skyrocketing interest rates and inflation. Stated simply, there is no price they are unwilling to FORCE US AND OUR CHILDREN TO PAY in order to hold onto their personnel power, to preserve their Corporations and to avoid exposure of their criminal activities which amount to a private MAFIA running Washington D.C. for the benefit of each other, the Banks, Wall Street, the GSE’s and the JOHNS they actually work for.

Germain:  And, dear ones, your grandchildren will not be around under the above at all, because of the overpopulation and the lessening resources and a severely polluted planet. I am going to make a statement that I don’t think has been made before. Prior to 911, it was considered strongly to simply roll over the planet and end the pain for all. Then the star seeds began to awaken, and so it was decided to try again. Part of this has been covered, but not the purging. By purging, the DNA of man was to be purged, period. Only souls would be removed from the planet, no evacuation of living beings. It was thought it was time to totally throw in the rag, and start over with a genetically superior man being implanted after a long period of work on the planet’s genetics as a whole.

As people came forward, and I know Candace is sitting here cringing in her humbleness, (I am indeed and paused the process for a few minutes to gain control-C), she is the one who created the salvation plan, this idea we could perhaps have it both ways. A intermediate solution in which perhaps the planet wouldn’t be totally purged but rather healed as a tool for learning. We do not actually know for sure if this will be successful, but it is most certainly worth a serious attempt, and for this, approval had to come from First Source and the people in the Central Universe.

The Creator, First Source is going to purge evil period as it exists in Nebadon at this time. It can’t go on to infect the newer creations. Or rather should be taken away, this is the purging of the severe corruption that not only invaded mankind in Nebadon, but also the lower heavenly dimensions. The galactic warring problem has to end and it infects not only Nebadon, but several other universes within Orvonton.

Casper: BUSH and the D.C. politicians and his extended mafia make agreements, sign documents, then without exception violate every agreement. They fight the deliveries which are followed by announcements which puts them and their corrupt Corporation out of business. They are fighting the Constitution and exposure of their crimes and freedom for the people.

France, Germany, England, Japan and India WE hear, are the countries allied with Bush in blocking the worldwide funding at the expense of the rest of the world and their own people.

Germain: It is MY team, as I have stated before that is preventing the deliveries. However, that said, the Bush administration and others as suggested above by Casper do not want them, they want the monies to continue their takeover of the world. Looking at the larger picture however, for any of these monies to be released as this world exist now, doesn’t not solve anything in a time frame sufficient to begin the true healing of this world. The planet is very ill, and can’t support this large population, let alone the children and grandchildren in generations to come.

It is not feasible, and I would suggest dear Casper, if you see this piece, that you take the shape of this world into consideration. To use an American slang expression, «over my dead body (and I can’t die readers), will these funds be released at this time. This whole show is going to fall flat on its face. It serves nothing to release monies to spiritually unprepared people. Even those with a measure of spirituality often do not yet understand how far this world has gone into illness. When you take antibiotics you purge some nefarious organisms. But you also miss others, and these days many antibiotics don’t work, now extrapolate that to the whole globe. Non working «antibiotics» are NOT the solution.

Casper:  Overnight the Japanese Prime Minister said the U.S. Bailout is insufficient. In other words this PAULSON/BUSH ally pops off with what amounts to a call for them to go get more money from the American people. Japan pumped 2.4 Trillion Yen into their system two weeks ago. This week the U.S. Government "guarantees" Mitsubishi’s 9B Investment in Morgan Stanley. This weekend Sarkozy meets with BUSH at Camp David. These countries, their finance ministers and political leaders are fighting the funding of their own countries and their own people in an attempt to hold onto their power structure and world control for their personal benefit. This is their NEW WORLD ORDER and they would construct it atop the ashes of their countries national sovereignty.

Germain: Casper dear one, this is Japan calling in its loans. And there is no money to pay them, and not even the American people can cough up this money. Indeed Casper this is their New World Order, and actually, they do wish to have these «settlements» and Wanta’s refunding, as Chris Story has called it now. By the way, Wanta backed out of his agreement to accept less than the full amount, since it was unpaid, and now that original $27.5 trillion needs to be handled. However, even this is NOT an issue at this time, because the world will be funded by my team personally, starting over completely from scratch AFTER the stasis. There is NO other way.

The world will be placed at that time on a universal currency, which ends many, many games that can be played, and over the years will be taught how to trade and the goal eventually, actually we hope in 10 years or so, to become independent of the need for money at all. This concept will be taught and then coordinated by Sananda’s ground crew (AbundantHope) and through the universities that will be created to teach truth. The main purposes of the universities will stem around monetary policies and learning to trade, and then also on correct science so that proper technologies to come may be developed by earth man himself. Come Casper, put on thy thinking cap.

Casper: The daily "SPIN" from BUSH, PAULSON, BERNANKE and world leaders belonging to their MAFIA like NEW WORLD ORDER is designed to divert attention and obfuscates the real reasons for what they present as their attempts to save the existing corrupt system of banking and finance "for the people". The "people" will be infinitely better off with debt forgiveness, honest and transparent banking, the Constitution and Politicians who work for the country rather than the Corporation and those paying the largest bribes. The "SPIN" is designed to cover the truth that the true motivation for taxpayer funded bailouts rather than funding the programs and reflating the world with money which is not debt based, is to preserve themselves in power and to avoid exposure of their dirty deeds AGAINST the people. It is profoundly sick, self indulgent and TREASON. They are attempting to continue the nation in Bankruptcy with still another 70 year "Bankruptcy of Nations Contract" managed by their unconstitutional Maritime/Admiralty Court System and when the truth of what they are doing becomes commonly known they may be facing a rope in addition to the loss of their corrupt and unconstitutional power structures.

Germain: Indeed correct, I have no quibbles with the above statement by Casper. But Casper, there is not another 70 years for good or bad, my brother. Every single government on this planet needs rapid remodeling, that is why we went to GESARA. Some countries are sitting better than others regarding their politicians at the helm, but all have severe corruption problems to face, and we will cleanse and start over and remove these ones.

Casper: It is not possible to further inflate their bubbles, ever greater bubbles being necessary to the survival of the debt based monetary system. This is what previous intentional bubbles were all about culminating in the most recent mortgage and securitization bubble which finally caused the balloon to burst. Faced now with the impossible proposition of continuing the game they still refuse to peacefully acquiesce in the roll over to a sound monetary system and honest banking. They are now reduced to playing DRACULA, thrashing about for a last drink of blood (money) from any conceivable source so as to preserve themselves in power for one more day, one more hour.

What would $300,000. debt forgiveness mean to you, your friends, neighbors and family members? Do you understand this is ready to go, not pie in the sky? Do you understand that BUSH/PAULSON and the D.C. POLITICIANS are doing everything possible to stall and/or block this distribution which spells FREEDOM for most citizens? Do you understand that the MARSHALL PLAN DOCUMENTS specifically state that the money is to be paid only to the citizens of the United States not their Government? And that BUSH has stolen this money more than once to pay off his personal debts around the world only to have it retrieved and made ready for the American people? And that he and PAULSON and their MAFIA work around the clock every day using super computers to try and access this money, the F&P money, the F.C. money, the PROGRAM money, etc., etc.?

Germain:  Forget Marshall Plan again Casper. The world banking must be totally removed, otherwise this gift to the people will simply evaporate right out of their bank accounts. That said, when the people are awakened, they will have money in their bank accounts, secure money, and new cash to carry and use, that will be international. The existing cash will not be needed to be traded in, it can be burned, it will be useless. It will not function. The remaining details will be covered after stasis, as to how money will be accessed and work. Star fleet will be gifting a goodly amount of love, time, and effort to assist a fairly comfortable transition period, including necessary food and some transportation assistance as the people awaken.

Casper:  What do you suppose American citizens by the tens of millions might do with their D.C. politicians when they learn of their intentional blockage of $300,000. debt forgiveness for each citizen? Is not the time fast approaching when we should make this "secret" available to them? Do you wonder what a "10,000,000 man march" on D.C. would look like? A 50,000,000 man march?

Germain: Think again, Casper, these are the people that let 911 slide, that continue to pollute and use the Mother without thought of consequences, allow the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and a host of other issues. These are obvious problems that average Americans are not even looking at, so why should these be gifted with large funds of money?  America is NOT ready Casper. It failed the 911 test. The people don’t understand corruption. Sure they would be glad to have that money, but they would not use it correctly. Nor will be prevent other scoundrels from coming into office. The American people have repeatedly said it is fine and correct for scoundrels to be in office and are currently supporting both of them at the head of the 2 major parties. Neither candidate is suitable to lead, both are criminals and that is NOT OK. There is no lesser of the two evils, the whole system is corrupt with the exception of a very small number who have no power at this time.

Casper:  DO NOT DESPAIR. There are other forces in play and they were dealing with yesterdays problems last night.

Deliveries may well be today. If not we will continue in this miserable endeavor and together decide how best to let WE THE PEOPLE know the truth described above.

Germain:  There will be NO deliveries. And, yes, there are other forces in play, MINE, dear one. And that said, I shall prepare to retire from this piece. There are several scenarios which could manifest in the next few weeks, depending on the players and the games. Stay glued and learn during these final days.  Namaste, I AM GERMAIN, that Violet Ray dude, the real deal.


Candace:  Just continue to watch the action and learn. Christ Michael and Esu did not desire to update further at this time. However I can state that it is highly possible at some point that there will be announcement activities and arrests and replacement of the American Government.

For our new readers, I will summarize what we have taught over maybe a couple years now, regards stasis and Jupiter.

We plan to go into stasis a few weeks prior to when Jupiter is on the other side of the sun from earth which is late January, into early February. This will be fairly destructive and will likely cause the axis of earth to move 5-10 degrees, meaning we will have a new North and South Pole, and it’s not known for sure which direction they will move. This is necessary because otherwise the damage to earth would be beyond coping with. The sun will dilute a lot of that energy.

The people and the higher mammals will be «paused», sort of like pausing a DVD for a period of a year or more. The body molecules are slowed down a great deal in this process, and thus the body «sleeps» without need for nourishment. Higher mammals are included because of food animals and people’s pets. Life otherwise will continue normally on the planet, and so will the weather.  The soul doesn’t «sleep» during this period, just the body. Do not worry about this process, as anyone living on the planet around 1992 went through a week of mild stasis as we encountered the photon belt. We were not prepared for the several days of disruption and light so bright it would blind many people.

During this time, Jupiter will also be ignited into our second sun, and it will be a lot smaller than our current sun, but it will continue its yearly journey around our sun and thus be visible at night, as it is right now, but will cast more light, making nighttime when it’s in our night sky dusky, not completely dark. This is a normal way older solar systems grow, and this combined with our planet entering Light and Life and also being in a new energy circuit, will cause our solar system to become an eternal creation. Our current sun will thus not burn out. At some distant point, Saturn may also become a sun. I come from a planet with 3 suns myself, a large one (Merope of Pleiades), and 2 much smaller suns, which came into being much as this solar system will experience.

In this condition of more solar energies, dark souls can’t incarnate on the planet, it moves our planet and, in fact, our entire solar system into a higher vibration. Eventually our planet will also not be tilted anymore, and when this occurs our magnetics will change also, and prior to that time we have to develop new energy systems that will function in what is called «monopolarity.»  Our current methods will not work.

This whole process is called the Ascension of our planet, and whole solar system into what is called 5th dimension. Planets with life on them are Second Density planets. The other planets and our Sun are First Density, and all will move at some point into 5th dimension of their respective Densities. When Jupiter ignites into a sun, it will enter its 5th dimension, and this will help bring the rest of the solar system into 5th dimension. The highest dimension on evolutionary planets like Earth with organic life on them is 9th dimension and we will gradually move into increasingly higher dimensions over a long period of time.

Right now, we are in 4th dimension, which is the «get-off-the-fence» dimension, meaning people have to choose to move forward in their individual evolution and become service-to-others, or remain in service-to-self. Those choosing to continue to experience in the dimensions below 4th will move on to other planets and realms, and will not be participating in the Ascension of the planet. Many will leave during the stasis period, and many more over the coming 5 years or thereabouts. The planet’s population may reduce as much as 2/3. It is unknown at this time the final figure.

There will be many who leave also, simply because they have finished their work here and it’s time to return to previous realms, or move higher. Many are from other higher planets, (called starseeds), and will return Home if that is their wish. So not everyone leaving is «dark.»

I personally am staying for about 1000 years or whatever is needed, and have undergone a process where my body now regenerates as needed, rather than aging. As I type this tonight, my body, since I am relaxed, is regenerating. This occurs anywhere from once to several times a day. I can feel it taking place. A number of people will be offered this opportunity in the future.

There is much confusion in «New Age» and in religion about these End Times. Many new agers think they will magically become able to mentally create everything needed. There is a lot of literature on the web and probably in some books suggesting the planet is Ascending into the higher astral realms and that is NOT so. The astral realms are NOT physical and the planet will remain an evolutionary planet, simply moving higher and higher in vibration over time. So enough for the time being of this little summary.

Christ Michael has a final date in mind to begin stasis. He declined to comment tonight, but there are several possible scenarios that could manifest over the coming weeks. We may or may not see the election in the USA, it could be canceled or delayed. We could see martial law installed in the USA and possibly other countries. We could see the announcement that the North American Union has been formed.

We could see another false-flag event to create the conditions for martial law, or the severe downturn of the economy, or perhaps one or more large earthquakes which would be expensive and further cause problems. Christ Michael has stated the martial law will be short lived. Americans and others must come into reality of the situation at hand. We have continually allowed bad leaders into office and not held them responsible in any way for the likes of the Iraq War, 911, Afghanistan, or financial issues.

We continue in this country to not see what we are doing to the environment either. During stasis a lot of oil wells will close or be closed. The Pacific Rim will face a great deal of destruction. Life will not be the same and many people will be gone. Life will certainly change hugely and in this people will learn to come together again. Star fleet will provide a goodly deal of gifted assistance for a time, as the idea is not to create an Armageddon situation. There will be adequate food, and assistance with transportation of certain types and lots and lots of public teaching and support. Many star seeds will attend classes during stasis aboard ships or go to inner earth, probably most to ships, and return to help keep the world’s survivors stable and help lead them into co-creative solutions to the new problems facing the planet. We will build a durable sustainable global society that is necessary before we can enter Light and Life.

As has been covered, many masters and avatars will be returning at some point to assist. Many will walk this plane. Esu will walk this plane, but not until a bit later, when things are stable and he can thusly be here safely, and we have the international headquarters started up, where he will reside. We will not give further on this at this moment, except this will be in the Denver Metro Area of Colorado. Christ Michael will also have a center in Colorado at some future date. I don’t have a clue where Monjoronson will be after he is ready to walk the planet.

There will be regional districts or areas covering all of the planet when we return, I hope anyway. The rest of the needed regional directors will be found during the stasis period out of those who will be aboard ship. Esu has a number in mind that have no idea he has them in mind, consciously anyway. We currently have several selected and these are covered on the website.

This is a small possibility, depending on the dark, that stasis will be postponed until after Jupiter is on the other side of the sun but this is unlikely. The reason would be to allow for some more maturity and events to play out. Stasis would then be started when Christ Michael chooses, and likely long before the next time Jupiter is on the other side of the sun. The way things are going, it would not be good to allow too much duress before ending the pain with stasis.

During stasis, if the LA Basin doesn’t go down by itself, it will be sunk. Stasis under any timing or circumstances will last at least one-year length, and possibly up to 2 years. There is a great deal of work to do. There will be much cleansing of the environment, and the destruction resulting from sinking LA and the Jupiter Event will require some repair because when we come back, the Internet will be working, utilities will be working and the like. It is NOT desired to return man to the caveman stage.

So enough for tonight. I have had a long day. I posted yesterday that I am taking some needed time to finish preparing for my departure and will be doing less posting and no email until I am caught up. I also need a little «alone» time for myself, rejuvenation that we all need from time to time. As I said, just keep learning and watching and make sure you have small cash at home, and be prepared for untoward activities that might or might not manifest.  Take care, beloveds, Candace.


Casper Asks, Where is God, Germain et All?
By Casper/Candace
Dec 19, 2008, 23:15

Taken from:

This is a comment from Casper on his update today

"Where is GOD? Where is the Galactic Federation? Where is Hatonn and Germain and the rest of the "we’ve got ‘em on the run" crowd? Hundreds we know about and perhaps thousands we can’t name have died at the hands of these Corrupt Bastards who with their pals in the CIA seem to take great pride in torturing their own citizens. It’s about POWER and GREED and MONEY and CONTROL and they have it and will not relinquish it even if it means the death of the nation. They will be Johnny on the spot picking up the pieces with their stolen loot at a nickel on the dollar and finally implementing their NWO on the ashes of the United States just as they said they would and the leaders of this parade is BARACK OBAMA, JOE BIDEN and the UNITED STATES CONGRESS."

The answer Casper is what has already been said before, and you did not listen. The funds and changes are not to happen this way. NO FUNDS until the other problems have been adequately handled, and I can assure there are lots of starseeds and star people at work on this.  St. Germain has stated this more than once now. And he is in charge of the funds.  You should have adequate "proof" by now that the system is very unstable and not trustable and any funds can be stolen at any time from any recipients.

I had $20,000 stolen within two hours once that Germain put [them] in my account for my team to travel here. Small beans, but "they" certainly put a crimp in our plans. Stop the whining and wait on God, because when this all manifests it will be way beyond what anybody previously created. It went from local to global. And I rather suspect the manifestation of funds will occur after we return from stasis, rather than before. And out of the ashes, so shall the Phoenix rise, have faith, dear one, have faith.

Now, you make the statement they are getting everything for a nickel on the dollar, true, but our system is way overpriced anyway. This with the banking and the stocks does help set the system back to what it should be. Remember with NESARA the decimal was going to move to the left, to repair the contrived inflation. The dark, in their stupidity, are doing the work of bringing down the old system, and from this, can the new be built. Take care, Candace.

PS if any of you have Casper’s address, send it on, or through Patrick,  Casper has also posted before on Discerning Angels, so perhaps post this there for him to see. I suspect he will see it anyway, somehow.

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