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You Will Be Free of Your Present Shackles


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You Will Be Free of Your Present Shackles

 Emissaries of Light

Channeled through Jim Langman on May 12, 2004.  Original at: .

Published in this website on September 5, 2004.  See NESARA information at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

Greetings and blessings, We are the Emissaries of the Light. It is with great joy for us to be among you once again. We wish to bring you up to date with what is transpiring around your world. Many events are taking place, but for security reasons many events cannot be shared with you until the time is right. When that time arrives, we share them openly with you.

We know and understand that you must be frustrated with constantly hearing this all the time. Dear ones. We are at a critical point where we must not give certain information away that would work against what we have nearly completed. Let us briefly explain to you the reasons why.

We have placed on your world certain beings that must stay unknown. This is so that they may achieve their tasks with as little interference as possible. These beings are part of our Federation, who have been given the task of assisting in the implementation of the much needed structures that will bring about the sudden changes within your financial and political systems.

If we were to give any indication of whom they were and what their tasks were, it would place them in unnecessary danger. Your world dear ones, because of what is going on behind the scenes will change forever in the way it operates and is presently governed.

You have been enslaved into a system that can be tolerated no longer. This has gone on for far to long. It goes against all sacred rights that were given to you in the very beginning. In your very near future this will all be corrected.

What we can tell you is that we have regular meetings with the ones that have been placed upon your world and through these meetings we are constantly up to date with everything that is transpiring upon your world. Rest assured in the knowledge that you will very soon see for yourselves the evidence of a great deal of work already completed. Much of which you will see manifest upon your world in your next few coming months.

The divine creator has so decreed that you are to be released from the present shackles that your present governments have you in. Prepare yourselves for surprises that will be way beyond your comprehension. When the announcements worldwide are made, they will be absolutely astonishing to you. Many announcements made in your near future will cause many of you to feel great anger.

We ask that you remember that you are all beings of light. When the time comes, forgive those that have confined you and lied to you in so many ways. Realize that your time for releasing yourselves from the past clearing the way to move on into a most glorious future. Dear ones. Your year 2004 represents the dawning of your golden age of enlightenment.

We look forward to the near coming times when full disclosure of who we are and the true reasons why we are here. When this is done, it will open the doors for the new technologies to be given to you.

This would also include technologies that have the ability to cure every known disease upon your world. Because of these new technologies, it will radically change the way in which you presently view everything. We will assist you in every way possible. The time for our open arrival upon your world is nearly at hand.

We leave you now and we grant you peace.

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