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Why Bush and Cheney Did Resignations


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Why Bush and Cheney Did Resignations

 Dove of Oneness

From Dove Report of November 18, 2003

First published in this website on January 6, 2004.  See NESARA information at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

The truth about the Bush regime and Bush Jr. himself is again showing up in foreign media. I particularly like the recent poll in Britain where 60% say Bush is the biggest threat to world peace; we have at times seen similar poll results in the U.S.

Some people wonder “how” Bush and Cheney were forced to do the videotapes of their resignation speeches which will be broadcast during the first 15 minutes of the NESARA announcement process. Today I did some research and am explaining “how” they were forced to cooperate.

In January 2001, when Bush and Cheney took over their offices in the White House, they were told that they needed to be filmed doing their resignations speeches which would be broadcast during the NESARA announcement. Both Bush and Cheney were well aware of NESARA before the November 2000 presidential election, as was Al Gore. In typical Bush and Cheney fashion, they initially refused to cooperate with the filming of them doing their resignation speeches.

This matter was then taken to World Court and the Court ruled that Bush and Cheney were legally required to cooperate with the filming of their resignation speeches so the tapes would be ready when NESARA was announced. Bush and Cheney are not expected to be in D.C. when NESARA is announced and for this reason, their resignation speeches had to be taped ahead of time.

In March 2001 World Court issued an order to Bush and Cheney to cooperate with the filming of their resignation speeches. Again, Bush and Cheney refused to cooperate.

The World Court then used White Knights’ intelligence information regarding bank accounts Bush and Cheney had with large amounts of money on deposit in major European banks. The World Court sent out court orders requiring these banks to provide details of all the accounts Bush and Cheney had in these banks and the amounts of funds in each account. The Court learned that 18 banks had a total of about 20 banks accounts belonging to Bush and Cheney and they each had about $2 Trillion total on deposit in these accounts.

The World Court then prepared court orders to freeze all these accounts and sent these orders to the European banks notifying the banks to standby for the final instruction from the Court to freeze these bank accounts belonging to Bush Jr. and Cheney. The Court also told the banks to freeze these accounts instantly if there were any efforts to transfer funds out of these accounts. The Court had to send these orders to the banks ahead of time in order to have the ability to freeze these funds as punishment for Bush Jr. and Cheney if they didn’t follow the Court’s orders again.

Finally in early June 2001, the World Court sent an order to Bush Jr. and Cheney which included a list of all their bank accounts in the 18 European banks and informed Bush and Cheney that their funds in these bank accounts were being frozen until Bush and Cheney did their resignation speeches on film. The Court gave Bush Jr. and Cheney one week to cooperate with filming the resignation speeches and stated that the Court would fine both Bush Jr. and Cheney about one million dollars a day for every day over one week that Bush and Cheney delayed doing their resignation speeches filming process.

Bush Jr. and Cheney stalled and did not do the resignation speeches filming in the week the Court had given them. Consequently, early in the second week, the Court began confiscating millions from Bush Jr.’s and Cheney’s accounts as fines for Obstruction of Justice. After stalling all through the second week and confirming that the Court had confiscated millions from their accounts, at the beginning of the third week Bush Jr. and Cheney finally cooperated in the filming of their resignation speeches. We will see these resignation speeches broadcast during NESARA’s announcement.

I don’t have the details of how the corrupt politicians of Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Germany, or any other countries are going to be removed. Each country has White Knights who have been working on various strategies to clean up their governments. All I do know is that this will happen and is supposed to happen within 4 to 12 months after NESARA’s announcement.

What a great day when we see the true NESARA law announcement! NESARA Yes! NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,

Dove of Oneness

Excerpt from the Dove Report of December 1, 2003.

In mid-2000 a few months after NESARA was passed by Congress, the Clinton administration tried to stop NESARA by petitioning the World Court to rule on NESARA’s validity. In the U.S. government, there are three branches of power: the administrative, the judicial, and congressional branches. In the NESARA issue, there was a dispute between these three branches of government: the Clinton administration was fighting the NESARA law which had been drafted to carry out 1993 U.S. Supreme Court rulings and which had been passed by Congress in March 2000. In this dispute, the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress were supporting NESARA and the Clinton administration was opposing NESARA. The dispute was taken to World Court for resolution. The World Court ruled that NESARA was valid and ordered Clinton to sign the law which he finally did on October 10, 2000.

Since the World Court has authority over NESARA, the Illuminati leaders in many countries have manufactured excuses for why their countries are not ready for the international banking improvements and submitted many petitions to World Court asking for delays in NESARA’s announcement.

Flooding the World Court with petitions from various countries asking to delay NESARA has become an important Illuminati tactic for causing months of delay of the NESARA announcement.


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