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The Physical Angels Who Will Transform the Universe


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ThroughSheldan Nidle

You Are…

The Physical Angels Who Will Transform the Universe

From The Planetary Activation Organization (  Article taken from:  Published by permission from PAO.

Tuesday March 16, 2004. 12Ix, 14 Ceh, 12 Manik

Greetings, Dear Ones! We arrive with more to tell you. As noted in previous messages, there is something grand afoot on your world. Our Earth allies are busy completing the final aspects of their complex plans to change your world. This is taking a little longer than originally estimated. Nevertheless, we ask you to remain patient and stay focused on your inevitable victory. The forces of Light have been instrumental in acquiring the cooperation of many individuals and groups who only recently committed themselves to our cause. These wealthy and influential fence sitters only came down on our side during the last seven months and it is with their assistance that our Earth allies are now in a position to drive the last dark cabal from its current positions of power. The last stages of this operation include the completion of several crucial, financial, global paper trails and a number of important worldwide deliveries. Once these are accomplished, our Earth allies will be able to engage in more overt actions, such as installing several new governments around the planet and launching an era of peace, abundance, and harmony.

Our present task is to provide back up and assistance when necessary. Our scientists, diplomats, and liaison teams are fully dedicated to your success and are monitoring the movements of not only our Earth allies, but also each one of you. It is the primary intention of our heavenly supervisors that we act only when so instructed by Heaven. Our aim is also to maintain a state of constant alertness and be ready to intervene massively at a moment’s notice. You are at this time reaching a watershed in your history. For nearly 13,000 years, groups of off-worlders and their chosen earthly minions have ruled your world. This lengthy dominion is now approaching its prophesied conclusion, and the conspiracy of silence that hid this fact from you is likewise ending. This is a time in which you will discover your true, ancient origins and the reasons behind your current predicament. You will also be reunited with your spiritual and space family. These moments are not very far off. We are most confident that what is now being planned will manifest before you in the very near future.

Meanwhile, this last dark cabal is orchestrating a harsh and uncompromising last stand. If their despicable plans should fail, they do not intend to go quietly, nor do they intend to leave behind them a world that is viable. Their last hope is a large arsenal of exotic and thermonuclear weapons, including a doomsday device which they are hurrying to complete. Our scout-ships are monitoring this and other frantic activities around the globe. We expect this cabal to deploy these weapons once they feel cornered and outnumbered. This point has now been reached. This cabal has adopted a ‘bunker’ mentality in the face of its impending defeat, and, in anticipation of possible desperate action, we have deployed a number of large, triangular, defense ships to monitor these weapons and ensure that this cabal’s dastardly plans never come to fruition. They are also desperately attempting to win back many former allies, but the distain engendered by their recent foreign policy initiatives is proving to be too great an obstacle to overcome. Their ‘great victories’ in 2000 and in 2001 are swiftly turning to ashes.

These behind-the-scenes events foreshadow a massive, public operation, the first stages of which can leave many former members of the illuminoid families in positions of power. These ruling families have recently been divided against each other with many turning toward the Light. Our mission is to ensure that they are not tempted to return to their former, autocratic ways. You can assist us in this by maintaining a steady stream of honest and open discussion between your reconstituted governments and each one of you. In the transition period between the present limited modes of government and a true galactic society, diligence on your part is essential. We cannot over-emphasize this point. We, in the Galactic Federation of Light, as well as your Ascended Masters, will do our part in this matter, but it is you who will need to bear the brunt of what is required. Remember that this galactic society is yours, and the responsibility for adequately expressing your desires in these matters is likewise yours.

We cannot overstate the immensity of your upcoming responsibilities. Many of you will be given an enormous amount of money and asked to redistribute most of it quickly. This will show us the strength of your commitment and your willingness to become wise and sincere philanthropists. Moreover, as this cascade of money continues, it will reveal your true outlook on wealth and how you view its role in society. We feel that most of you will pass this test with flying colors. We fully expect you to liberate humanity from the sea of poverty that has continually engulfed it. Money must be perceived only as a tool of great power that can swiftly transform your world. Saint Germain is giving you this opportunity because he knows that you can handle this considerable responsibility and successfully use this wealth to complete your individual and collective missions.

Ahead of you lies a world that is very different from the one you have known since birth. It is a world filled with joyful reunions and, most importantly, one which ends the need to work for shelter, food, and clothing. In its stead, a great prosperity will reign. Furthermore, the last vestiges of the separation between the spiritual realms and the Earth plane will fade. Your inner-Earth and other space families will openly interact with you. Many astounding truths will become public, and the falsities upon which this present world relies will become known to all. Here, we re-emphasize the need to not be ‘upset’ by what is revealed. View it rather as a strange and consuming theatrical drama that had a cast of billions. Now, a new play is to be started which has a very different and much more positive outcome. Feel blessed by all that is to happen.

These changes will give you not only a different and more peaceful world, but also a variety of new philosophies, many of which will lead you to understand your new responsibilities to each other and to Mother Earth. The Ascended Masters intend to teach you about your duties as physical Angels and ask you to Love your world with all your heart. Mother Earth is a wondrous Being who lovingly sheltered you for nearly a million years. Now, it is your turn to use your acquired wisdom to shelter her in your all-embracing Love. This task requires more than cleaning up her surface, air, and water; it means using your collective energies to revivify her entire Beingness. Your beloved planet’s life force is ebbing and even a return to full consciousness cannot entirely solve this problem. It is only your deep and committed Love that can truly revive her.

As you grow into your new responsibilities, you will begin to comprehend what lies ahead of you. You are to become great physical Angels, entrusted with a most pivotal mission: to restore your solar system and use it as a base from which to transform physicality. The enormous amount of talent and wisdom, now latent in you, will need to become manifest and, with this in hand, you can complete your earthly tasks and start upon your journey to bring the Light to the many distant corners of physicality. We, who inhabit the many realms of spirit and physicality, salute you. You have taken on a most challenging mission and, with the assistance of your brethren you will succeed on all counts. We thank you and graciously bless you. Know that all that you require will be provided for you by Heaven and by your brethren in the Galactic Federation of Light! Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we reviewed what is close to occurring on your world. We ask you sincerely to stay focused upon your victory and fully committed to what is about to transpire. Remember, Heaven is only carrying out the many sacred decrees of the divine plan. Be gracious and ready to accept your holy gifts. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Prosperity and infinite Supply of Heaven is indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

Tuesday February 15, 2005. 9 Cib, 4 Zac, 13 Eb

Greetings, Dear Hearts!  We come before you once again! We can report to you that important progress continues to be made by our Earth allies. In addition, Mother Earth has temporarily stabilized her surface areas. However, the Pacific-North American plate is still having some difficulty in its most troublesome areas. These points need to be corrected immediately. Hence, we are sending a special team of geophysicists to remedy this situation. We say this openly to warn you that some increased earthquake activity may occur just off the coast of North America from Alaska to southern Mexico. Some on-shore fault lines may be affected as well. Be prepared for possible tremors and major wave action above 5.0 on your Richter scale in the coming weeks. We are also watching a number of major volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest of the North American continent and in Mexico. Our teams of volcanologists are on high alert during this time. Similar heightened activity exists in the mid-Atlantic and off the western coast of Africa.

This is happening during a period of relative calm. Hence, it is essential for our Earth allies to complete their tasks on time. We have briefed them on these conditions and on the likelihood of other potential events in your solar system. At present, your Sun has received a vast influx of new energies from this galaxy’s central core. These enormous energies can greatly increase the output of coronal and other ionic discharges from the Sun. These are further ramping up the stresses in the solar electro-gravitational field. As a result, anomalies are occurring on a number of the inner planets. Mercury is exhibiting some gravitational oddities and is seemingly bobbing about like a cork in these vastly intensified solar fields. Mars continues to show signs of reviving from her long slumber. Water discharges, which resemble runoff from melting glaciers on your world, are breaking the surface at some distance from the poles. Thin water vapor is forming above areas where large dust storms normally occur. Venus is likewise showing signs of life, especially in the foothills of her many mountain ranges.

The outer planets, too, are reacting to these ever-increasing discharges of energy. The gravitational fields of Jupiter and Saturn are adapting to their planets’ rising resonant frequencies, which is causing slight alterations in the orbits of their larger moons and is raising havoc with the smaller ones. In short, your solar system is mirroring the changes taking place on your world. For this reason, we are monitoring very closely what is happening. These conditions are merely the harbingers of the enormous changes scheduled for your world. Mother Earth is aware of what your global society is doing. She fully understands your many predicaments, but she cannot delay her required adjustments for much longer. With this in mind, we have issued a series of dates to our Earth allies for the completion of the remaining stages of their many financial and political programs. These dates, moreover, have been reinforced by decrees from a number of international legal institutions. The time is rapidly approaching for a series of long-anticipated announcements and for the manifestation of our First Contact mission.

To this end, we have instructed our envoys to declare that we stand ready to help in any way possible. It is vital that our Earth allies complete the few remaining procedures swiftly and correctly. The divine timeline demands nothing less of us. The Ascended Masters are using their good offices to assist these efforts along. In short, we want you to know that the seemingly endless waiting period that all of you have endured is indeed coming to an end. Have patience, and stay focused on your inevitable victory. The elements needed to conclude this drama are all present. All that remains is to appoint those dedicated to manifesting this new reality and to initiate the divine timeframe. These requisites are present, and the final countdown has begun. An especially appointed contingent of our command team is assuring that this takes place! A number of our Anchara-treaty team members have set up some alternative end scenarios to ensure that this victory, promised to you by Heaven, manifests on time.

As we observe your global society, we notice the effects of the policies of a very belligerent North American government. These policies have strained the friendships between many nations and caused delays in the introduction of proposed monetary and financial reforms. New political alliances are forming that can, in the near future, vastly increase the potential for a large-scale thermonuclear exchange. These potential flashpoints have drawn our close attention. We are very vigilant in our monitoring of these areas and have established covert communications with many key individuals in these regions. Our policy is to avert disaster, and so we will only intervene in order to prevent a nuclear exchange. As long as this dark cabal is in power, the potential for such a catastrophe remains high. Hence, it is essential that the planned political reformation of North America happen as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, we observe how your world cries out for such change. The huge unwieldy debt of many of your nations has kept ignorance and division rampant. The dark cabal has used this dissonance to maintain its reign of terror by reinforcing drug addiction and encouraging the spread of regional civil wars. Much of your world is dominated by high levels of instability and a rising sense of despair. These states feed the dark’s arrogance and allow its devotees to feel a sense of false security. They nurture the belief that, if they can "hang in there", they can somehow attain a final victory for their dying cause. Many events planned by our Earth allies are delayed by this entrenched perception of the dark. It is for this reason that most of what is actually happening is not reported by your media. Nevertheless, changes are occurring, and your victory in indeed assured!

First Contact with this planet, as we mentioned before, is becoming a benchmark in our operational handbooks. Never before have we, in the Galactic Federation of Light, dedicated such extensive resources and personnel to the task of rapidly transforming a society such as yours through First Contact. This unique situation is setting precedents each day. We are amazed at the tenacity of your Ascended Masters and the deep resolve of their Earth counterparts. We, too, have played an important part in these affairs. Yet, the crucial roles belong to the Earth allies and your Ascended Masters. This moment in your history is where the long dark night is transmuted by the dawn of a new day. As this dawn prepares to break, we ask you to stay committed to the vision and focused on your part in this ongoing drama.

Remember that the open manifestation of this epic cosmic adventure will come upon you quite suddenly, which is why it is vital to be prepared for the shock of what is to happen. The huge sums of money and the responsibility for their swift distribution can put the recipients into a tizzy. The sweeping regime changes and accompanying new political concepts can also cause a high degree of turmoil. The world of yesterday will be turned upside down. Nothing will be as before. Miracles that transform previously "impossible" situations will become the norm. A startlingly new vision of the world will be manifested. This is why we constantly reiterate the need for you to be centered and prepared for what lies ahead. The journey you are on is approaching its most exciting moment: the magnificent and challenging conclusion! We look forward to meeting you!

Today, we discussed what is happening upon your world and in your solar system. Much is ready to manifest before you. Thus, it is vital that you stay focused on your success and fully prepared for the coming events. In this, we are one! Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


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