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The Four Traitorous Justices of NESARA


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The Second American Revolution:

The Four Traitorous Justices of NESARA

 Patrick Henry Bellringer, Friday March 26, 2004

Original title: "The Second American Revolution."  Taken from:

Published in this website on March 30, 2004.  See NESARA information at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

Out of 6 billion people of the planet four individuals were chosen to have the great honor of ordering and coordinating the NESARA proclamation.  These individuals are the four Pro-NESARA Justices of the US Supreme Court.  With great honor, they could have been acclaimed by the whole world as respected and courageous heroes and as liberators from the Illuminati tyranny.  They could have been honored in magnificent ceremonies donning their best regalia.  Instead, because they succumbed to the Illuminati death threats, they have failed to do their job and were neutralized for their mission for the Light.  After NESARA’s proclamation they will be arrested, put in jail, dressed as prisoners and tried for treason against Lese Humanity.  Not to mention that the Illuminati Justices are in line for this condemnation too.  All these judges will look like social scum.

The Bush US Supreme Court Justices
Illuminati Justices with "For Bush" sign:
Back row: Clarence Thomas; front row from left to right: Antonin Scalia, Chief Justice of the United States William H. Rehinquiest, Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony M. Kennedy.
The Four Pro-NESARA Justices, The NESARA Traitors, the Cowards (whom this article is addressing to):
Back row from left: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, David Souter, Stephen Breyer; front row: John Paul Stevens

Awake, my sisters and brothers of Earth!  Awake, my friends, patriots of these blessed states of the American Republic.  This is an urgent call to arms both physical and spiritual.  At this very moment the people of Earth stand on the precipice of time and decision.  We must act immediately to save our world from the evil darkness of the Illuminati, and secure for ourselves the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

(…) NESARA requires that the Bush regime officials, the US Senators and Representatives, and the US Supreme Court Justices must RESIGN their positions within mere hours after NESARA’s announcement. The four pro-NESARA US Supreme Court Justices (Ginsburg, Souter, Stevens, and Breyer) are expecting to be reappointed to the US Supreme Court by the President who will be elected under NESARA election rules a few months after NESARA’s announcement. However, by giving into threats from the Illuminati and choosing to delay NESARA until after April 15, these four Justices have shown they are not the right people to be appointed to the US Supreme Court after NESARA is announced.
Our postcards to the Justices are one way we can let them know that we will make certain their betrayals of Americans are known. Their choice to choose “political expediency” and unnecessarily delay NESARA’s announcement is a betrayal of all American who are having financial problems, are losing their homes to foreclosure, are unemployed, and millions of other Americans and people around the world whose suffering would be alleviated by NESARA’s announcement. It is absolutely wrong for anyone, no matter who it is, to unnecessarily delay NESARA’s announcement!

Dove of Oneness, Dove Report for March 30, 2004.

I am the energy of the great prophet Isaiah.  I am the energy of Martin Luther, the great reformer.  I am the energy of Patrick Henry, the statesman and patriot.  My name is Patrick Henry Bellringer for good reason.  I have returned to call my countrymen to arms once again, to declare our independence from the Satanic Illuminati, who have ruled over us far too long.  NESARA is our Declaration of Independence!  We declare peace, an end to the horrors of war.  We declare freedom, an end to the chains of injustice!  We declare abundance, an end to the dehumanization of poverty!

As I said 229 years ago, in 1775, “The battle is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. . .There is no retreat but in submission and slavery.  Our chains are forged. . .Is life so dear, and peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?  Forbid it Almighty God!  I know not what course others may take, but as for me give me liberty or give me death!”

Wake up, America!  NESARA is our Declaration of Independence!  This is our second American Revolution!  Whose side are you on?  Will you stand up and fight for your freedom from the chains of the Illuminati, or will you forever lie in the dust of time, forgotten by the victorious sons and daughters of the Golden Age?  This is our time!  This is our day!  All is ready for us to march through the eternal gates of our Golden Age, but for four pompous U.S. Supreme Court judges.  To call them justices is an affront to justice.  These four by name are:

  1. Stephen Breyer (appointed by Bill Clinton in 1994)
  2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (appointed by Bill Clinton in 1993)
  3. David Souter (appointed by George H.W. Bush in 1991)
  4. John Paul Stevens (appointed by Gerald Ford in 1975)

These judges are four of the nine judges of the U.S. Supreme Court, who hold the highest authority of the U.S. Justice System.  These four were appointed to their positions by a president of the United States and approved by the U.S. Congress.  They hold the trust of the people to act in wisdom, courage and honor for the good of all.  This year they assumed the authority of the highest honor of the land, and possibly of the entire history of planet Earth by accepting their positions on the NESARA Decision Team.  These four judges compose the entire “Team”, and their decisions are binding and final under the law.  These four judges now hold the authority to immediately order the official public announcement of NESARA.

At this moment in time, March 26, 2004, 9:46 p.m. MST these four judges could change this country.  They could change our entire world, and peace, freedom, and abundance could be declared, but they refuse to do it!  Why?  They hold the power in their hands to bring hope and joy to the eight billion people on our planet [Editor’s Note: correction, only 6 billion, or 6 thousand millions], and release them from bondage, but they refuse to act?  Why?

Is it because they are fearful of the threats of the Illuminati?  Are they afraid of the malicious petitions made to the U.S. Supreme Court against them, that would impact their future after NESARA?  Are they threatened of disbarment from the evil Illuminati BAR (British Accredited Registry) under the Crown of the City ofLondon?  Are these four judges holding back the NESARA announcement for the entire world until after the April 15, 2004 Income Tax deadline in the U.S., so they can get a cut of the tax money the Illuminati unlawfully take from the people?  Are they delaying NESARA to gain position and power in the Illuminati camp after NESARA?  Are these four judges willing to betray the trust of the American people by deliberately setting aside their wisdom, their courage, and their honor, all for power and greed?

My fellow planet Earth humans, sadly to say, the answer to every question I have just asked is “Yes!”  These three men and one woman, who call themselves the NESARA Decision Team, are despicable cowards and traitors to this great nation and to our entire world.  They, alone, have the power to act to bring NESARA to fruition.  These four people hold the authority to change our world immediately for good, but for lack of vision and wisdom and courage and faith, they squander their honor and respect in the ways of the fool.

I speak now to these four traitors of the human spirit, and of all that is good and honorable.  You four, I shall call Ruth, David, Stephen and John, are no more and no less than any other human being on planet Earth, created by our Creator God.  The power you hold at this time in your third dimension lifestreams as U.S. Supreme Court judges, was given to you by the people of this great Republic.  You have accepted this last great honor of membership on the NESARA Decision Team, as a sacred trust of the highest order.

How dare you betray that trust and that honor?  I write this to you this night under the highest authority there is.  Creator God has instructed me to speak these words to you.  You each have a contract with Creator God.  You returned to planet Earth this lifestream for a specific purpose, as all of us have done.  That purpose is to assist in the transition of Earth Shan into fifth dimension.  We each have a job to do in bringing in the Golden Age.  Millions are involved at this time in accomplishing this task.  Of all these many people only you four hold the ultimate positions of authority to throw the switch, to light the torch, to unlock the gate, to ignite the fuse that sets off the NESARA explosion to change our world for good.

The world holds its breath tonight waiting for you four humans to act, to say, “Do it!”  And yet you delay.  You fuss over who is going to be the “boss” or have the most money when the NESARA dust has settled.  You worry about “what’s in it for me?”.  You claim fear, fear of your life, fear for your family’s welfare, fear for your future, when you have been told and know full-well that you are totally protected, if you act with good intent.  You have the full and permanent protection of the Forces of Light.  You have all the help that Heaven allows, and yet you refuse to act.

Once the NESARA announcement starts, our world immediately goes under Galactic Law, which is God’s Law.  From that point forward the Illuminati have no power, authority or control over anyone ever again on planet Earth.  Your evil justice system is dissolved.  Your BAR and titles of nobility vanish, as Common Law is established once again.  Your greed and power will go the way of the Illuminati, if their camp is the one you have chosen.

You four judges stand at your crossroads in time.  If you choose to act wisely by standing courageously and ordering NESARA to be officially and publicly announced to the people of the world now, you will write your names in the eternal Book of Life of highest honor.  In so doing you will complete your contract with Creator God in this lifestream and move into the great Golden Age on Earth Shan.  You shall have honor and respect from all, who enter the gates of our Heaven on Earth.

Should you choose to follow the evil plans of the Illuminati and delay NESARA until afterApril 15, 2004, you shall have disobeyed the will of the people of this great nation and of this planet.  You will have thrown away your honor, your respect, and your birthright.  If you are tricked into delaying NESARA now, you will be tricked indefinitely to delay NESARA, because you are weak and lack the integrity to do otherwise.

Woe unto you, if you chose the dark path of the Illuminati!  As the “lion” in the Wizard of Oz, who had no courage, your image of strength and bravery will be reduced to ashes.  The world will declare you as nothing but cowards, and relegate you to the trash heap of history.  As the prophet Isaiah proclaimed (Isaiah 40), you shall be weighed on the scales of Creator God and be found wanting.  You shall be as only dust on the scales of time with nothing of value to measure whatsoever.  You shall be as nothing and less than nothing.  You shall be seen as grasshoppers in the great expanse of the Cosmos.  Creator God will blow upon you and you will wither, and the tempest will carry you away like stubble —like chaff which the wind drives away. (Psalm 1)

Can you believe it?  Eight billion people wait tonight for four arrogant, stupid judges to act!  You, who would defy Creator God’s Plan and have the audacity to put the world on hold, I give you this warning.  You shall not have the privilege of going to Hercolubus as cave people with full memory and live with the dinosaurs for 26,000 years.  You shall not go the void of absolute darkness, and relive all your past memories for a million years.  Because you have deliberately chosen to defy Creator God in the most crucial moment of history, and scoff at the people of this planet, you shall be confronted by the Violet Flame of unconditional Love.  The Violet Flame of unconditional Love of Violinio Germain[sic, referring to Saint Germain] is of the frequencies of the 100th dimension.  Unless you return to Love and can, therefore, match the frequencies of the 100th dimension, your body and your very soul shall self-destruct.  At such frequencies as the Violet Flame, cells of lower frequencies experience a nuclear reaction and disintegrate, and the soul returns to the great pool of Creation. After a visit from St. Germain you could become “less than nothing”.

Ruth, David, Stephen, and John, do I have your attention?  You say that you fear the Illuminati.  When the people read what I have written herein, and understand that you four hold the authority for the welfare of this planet, and are refusing to act in their best interests, that will be the start of civil war.  You say you fear the threats of the evil bankers and politicians.  Do you not fear the wrath of billions of Earth Shan’s people?  I suggest that you would be most wise to re-think your positions in this matter of NESARA, before you become dust on the great scales of justice.

An urgent question that is upper-most in my mind is, “How did you four judges come to be on the NESARA Decision Team?”  Were you selected for your integrity, or were you self-appointed?  If you were selected, who did the selecting?  Why were not the remaining five U.S. Supreme Court Judges also placed on the NESARA Decision Team?  Why are they supposedly the ones to decide the fate of the many petitions which the Illuminati have now placed in the U.S. Supreme Court against you?  Do they support NESARA or are they just as corrupt as you are?  For the edification of the people I now list these five remaining evil four men and one woman in black robes, who complete the present U.S. Supreme Court body.

  1. William H. Rehnquist, Chief (appointed by Richard Nixon in 1972 and elevated by Ronald Reagan in 1986).
  2. Sandra Day O’Connor (appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1981)
  3. Antonin Scalia (appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1986)
  4. Anthony Kennedy (appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1988)
  5. Clarence Thomas (appointed by George H. W. Bush in 1990)

I now speak to the good people who support NESARA.  You have done a great work, and you shall be forever respected and honored for it in the Realms of Light.  It is now the time for those White Knights, who have the knowledge and experience to complete this mission, to step forward, pick up the gauntlet and do it.  Do not worry about safety or legal problem or threats from the Darkside.  Go in faith and act in courage, for you have total protection from the Realms of Light and full support from the Forces of Light.

Creator God has told me this night that Heaven is waiting for Earth humans to “throw the NESARA switch”, and then Heaven will respond accordingly.  This planet belongs to us and Her welfare is our responsibility.  We agreed to bring Her into the Heavenly Realms of Enlightenment..  All is now ready, the troops are in place, the NESARA window is open, and Earth and Heaven wait.  If we act, Heaven will help, if we but ask.  Our freewill can not be usurped, but our call compels Heaven’s answer.

Only a few brave souls are needed to start the ball rolling.  Who will they be?  At the beginning of our first American Revolution the signers of the Declaration of Independence faced the death penalty for high treason.  For many hours they debated in the State House at Philadelphia.  The lower chamber doors were locked and a guard was posted.  Those present had reached an impasse, and indecision “hung in the air”.  Suddenly an unknown eloquent voice rang out from the balcony.  “God has given America to be free!  Sign, my fellow patriots!  Sign the document!”  Sign, they did!  Fight they did, and win, they did!  The unknown speaker was none other than St. Germain.

This is our second American Revolution.  NESARA brings freedom, peace and abundance to the world.  All is in reverse order today.  The battles have been fought and the war against darkness has been won.  The abundance is here.  All that we must do is to declare our freedom and proclaim peace to the world.  Why is that so hard to do?  We need only a few brave men and women to declare in the energy of Patrick Henry, “Give me Liberty”and we shall have it.

We call forth all prayer warriors and Lightworkers now to create the positive energy needed to protect and give courage and wisdom to our NESARA workers.  We call forth Heaven’s help, and together we shall accomplish this mission now.  This is the last chance for the four judges, who comprise the NESARA Decision Team, to redeem themselves, before they go down in history in shame as villains and traitors of the Republic.  This is the chance for a few brave souls with Heaven’s help to accomplish what appears to many to be the impossible.

This is the last great test of courage and faith for we the people of this third dimensional planet.  All is now ready.  There is no reason to wait.  It is logical to announce NESARA now.  It is illogical to give the Darkside more time.  It is illogical to run out the NESARA window again with no action taken.  Thousands are ready and waiting only for their order to do it.  It is illogical not to give them their orders.  NESARA brings everything good that we desire.  Why do we wait?  Do we wait for four selfish and stupid judges to act?  I think not.  That is illogical.  Indeed this is our second and final American Revolution.  This time we revolutionize the world and throw out the dark side forever.  This time we bring in our Golden Age.  Let us “do it.” Two hundred and twenty-eight years ago we did the impossible.  Let us do it again, and let us do it now!  This is one nation under God, and in God we trust!  Indeed, in Creator God we trust!

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