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Start Living in the Future


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Start Living in the Future

 Lord Sananda
Wednesday April 21, 2004

Taken from: .  Channeled through Mike Quinsey.

Published in this website on April 25, 2004.  See NESARA information at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

MikeQuinsey:Good Morning, Lord Sananda.

When two are gathered in my name, I am there, when help is required, I am there, when all appears lost, I am there, I am your strength, your shield and I enfold you in the Love of our Creator God. At present upon Earth there is a great contest between the Light and the dark, and not everyone has the awareness of the power of prayer, the power of attracting like energies to themselves. Some are in the depths of despondency, being unable to see anything except a crumbling society, that has not yet learnt from their history of repeated wars, and all the sorrow, horror and destruction that they bring. In your Middle East events are spiralling out of control and no attempt appears to be made to bring it to a halt.

What is happening mirrors the desires of the majority of people upon Earth who believed that ‘Might was Right’. They believed that it gave them the authority to determine other countries progress, and the manner in which it took place. Historically almost every country has at some time taken part in aggression against another. Blood and tears fill your history books, but against this background, there has been a Light growing, one promoting Love and caring for your neighbours, one that recognises the equality of life, one that understands the need to treat all as your Brothers and Sisters. This Light has suddenly grown in its immensity, due to people seeing through the reasons that are promoted to continue wars against another fellow Being. People are standing back and beginning to think more for themselves, to be the decision makers, and are questioning what their representatives tell them.

As the Light grows even more, there will be a sudden and greater outburst that will bring the Truth to those who were without. This will result in a great awakening that will engulf the Earth, you are about to re-claim your sovereignty, and you will become the Masters of your own future. Once this becomes openly seen you will marvel at the speed of changes, there will be a great coming together, and at long last people will come out into the open, without being afraid to express their views and opinions. Indeed, in finding that there are no longer restraints on freedom of speech, many groups will form to take you into a wonderful and bright future.

You have every right to live in a democracy that savours your freedom and justice according to the Laws of Heaven. Many cannot see how the tentacles of the dark ones can be removed, but beloveds it is you that will do it, through your Will to live in joy and happiness, unfettered by unconstitutional Laws that have taken away your God given rights. All of Heaven rejoices in the spectacle that is about to manifest, the chains and yokes of millennia of time are about to fall away. Myself and the Masters, the Angelic Kingdom and Spiritual Beings from all quarters of the Universe are ready to declare themselves, and come openly into your lives. We are there to help you in this closing cycle of duality, we are here to show you the way to full Ascension, and you have our full Love and Guidance.

Meantime, the knowledge of the changes that are about occur, is surfacing all over the world, and you would be amazed if you could see how quickly the good news circulates. You have a saying «Good News Travels Fast» this is so true, but more important so does the Light as it reaches out to even more people. Things upon Earth may yet get more chaotic before they are suddenly brought into focus and changed; be resolute and create a loving space around you and do not let the events of the day penetrate your shield. Others around you will feel your peace and they too will draw your Light to themselves. You are coming together as the Brothers and Sisters you always were, and the force of Light will continue to subdue the dark until it is completely transmuted. Know that in the future only the Truth will exist. At present you cannot conceive of the beauty, the wonderment and harmony of living the Truth. Start to live in the future, let your Higher Self become more united with you, become that which you are, become a beacon of light in the midst of the dark, a light that will carry you and others quickly into the grand future you have written for yourselves in the annals of time.

Fear has no place in the Oneness of our Creators Love, do your best to live your life in that space of Love you have created around you, and no harm will befall you. At present there is a great outpouring of Light being sent to you from the higher realms, and your efforts to ground even more Light are fully supported by us. It has always been the way, when you show you are ready, we appear. Myself, and my Brothers are so excited at what we see happening upon Earth, the great crescendo of Light that is rapidly becoming the force for good and your release from the dark, is a mere second away from the midnight hour. It is time for you to take the mantle of power from the dark, and the first sign of your ascendancy is the announcement of NESARA. Dear Ones, you have already won this battle, now go ahead and claim the reward of your endeavours, and know you are fully supported by many Beings of the Light, both on, and off Earth. It is time to claim that which was always yours, and has been denied you for so long. It is time to turn the corner, and accept that which you rightly deserve, to now bring it into manifestation.

I enfold you in all of my Light and Love, I am with you all the time, your Brother Sananda.

Mike Quinsey: Thank you for your uplifting message, Lord Sananda.


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