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Series I


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Small Discourses by Brother Veritus – Series I
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Luis Prada
Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website
Director of Brother Veritus’ Community


When You Feel Lonely Just Listen to Spirit
Be Yourself
Study in Humbleness
Always Be Honest to Yourself
Seven Years in Tibet
The Four Steps to a New Idea
Established Religions and Salvation
A Riddle in the New Millennium

Thanks to the Beings of Light and a Promise for the Future
The Horizon of Aton
The Word America As a Cryptogram
Duality and Unicity, the Two Opposite Poles, Which One Would You Choose?
Higher Light Coded in the Word
There Comes a Flood of Light into Urantia
The Brother Veritus’ Community and the New Age
Listen to the Thought Adjuster

Time Is Money, But… For Whom?
Do Not Allow Be Manipulated by the Holographic Matrix
Explanation of the Prayer "Lord, Give Us the Key of Thy Sanctuary"

When You Feel Lonely Just Listen to Spirit

When you feel lonely, just listen to Spirit. When you feel that life has just taken the "wrong" course, take a period of seclusion and in meditation listen to the inner quiet voice for guidance and in so doing you will find itand discover also the company of celestial friends. And so your lower self that had "guided" you to this seemingly "lonely" place will find and acquaint with that encouraging voice that is the best and ultimate guidance because it knows you best and intimately is the closest to you.

Spirit has two facets: A higher one represented by the Higher Self or Master Within and a lower one represented by Nature as the fundamentalenergy that composes all manifestation. In Rosicrucian teachings this last one is simply known by "Spirit". This lower spirit, known in Hindu Vedic teachings by Prakriti , is made up of the forces of the subconscious mind and its associated physical or material laws. In the same Vedic teachings the Higher Spirit is referred to as Purusha and represents the leading, authoritative, controlling and supervising qualities of the mind that make all manifestations.

When you listen to your inner voice it is Purusha that is teaching you the best course of action. And may then your celestial friends find opportunity to step in and guide you too, so that ultimately the lower spirit, Prakriti, would make the best possible outcome for you a reality.

Fratres and Sorores: when you feel alone, or sad, or in need of much help, just listen to Spirit.

May Peace Profound abide with each of you.

Be Yourself

My Beloved ones: Be yourself. This simple statement carries so much wisdom and yet like all wisdom is mostly ignored. Act yourself, expressyourself, follow your heart. And in so doing you’ll find yourself and will discover that ultimately this simple formula of Be Yourself is but another way of expressing the injunction written above the portal of the Temple of Delphi in ancient Greece: Know Thyself!

When you follow somebody else’s footsteps you lose originality and expression, you lose your inner self and inner guidance and your missiontoo and then can’t find them in the midst of false interpretations of somebody else’s ego. You deprive yourself of the joy of following the spontaneity of your heart and of enjoying the self-expression of those unique qualities and talents that are yours to express and the sole reason for your existence.

Fraters and Sorores: Study others and listen to others to find direction and other viewpoints. But don’t let others manipulate and control you.Just be yourself.

Study in Humbleness

Study humbly. Ask for inner guidance when the teachings in the lessons are difficult to understand and when you feel incompetent to discern them or in succeeding in their application. Just raise your eyes and in complete humbleness supplicate for help. If your desire is sincere and deprived of any lower pride then a key word, a specific clarifying sentence, a best method, or an appropriate spiritual power will be given unto you so that you can overpass the stumbling block.

Endless assistance is at your disposal if you ask for it with humbleness of heart. Maybe the guidance will come from a comment made on the pass by a brother or sister in a gathering, or by the least expected person in the least expected place. Help may come in multiple forms. So just be sincere and study in humbleness.

Always Be Honest to Yourself

Honesty to others and to yourself is the best formula for inner development. Uprightness of character will set in motion virtues that are latent in you and lurking to be manifested. Don’t lie to your feelings and fears. Just face them and move on. This certainly will empower you. Denial and imperfect discernment of yourself will contrive a treacherous path of deception towards yourself and others. This crooked path will lead to unhappiness and failure.

Always face your reality as it presents itself unto you. You are your best judge. Let this judge weigh your soul against the feather of Truth with a victorious outcome.  Peace of mind each night, before falling asleep, is a great joy. Let no one day pass that you cannot count good deeds and blessings and ask the Creator for even another better day to serve. So, be always honest to yourself.

May blessing from above fill your heart with Peace Profound.

Seven Years in Tibet

Su Santidad El Dalai Lama– Tell me a story, Heinrich, ask the young Dalai Lama.  Tell me a story about climbing mountains.
– That’s one way to fall asleep. Those stories bore even me, answered Heinrich.
– Then, tell me what you love about it.
– The absolute simplicity, said Heinrich.  When you’re climbing, your mind is clear …  freed of all confusions.  You have focus.  And suddenly the light becomes sharper …  sounds are richer and you are filled with the deep powerful presence of life.  I’ve only felt that way one other time.
–  When?, ask the young Dalai Lama.
–  In your presence, Ku-Dun.
[From Seven Years in Tibet, a film by Mandalay Entertainment from Walt Disney Productions.  A Brad Pitt Film.]

Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian explorer and mountain climber, lived in Tibet in the years prior to the 1950 Chinese invasion of Tibet.  Harrer and fellow mountain climber Peter Aufschnaiter escaped a British internment camp in India during World War II and spent two years trekking through the Himalayas to reach the land of Tibet.  Exhausted, penniless and starving these two men arrived at Lhasa and were allowed to remain in Tibet as trusted advisers for the next five years.

Harrer’s knowledge of English, Tibetan and geography enabled him to become the tutor and friend of the then teenage Dalai Lama, who is the secular and spiritual leader of Tibet, and who at that time was interested in learning about the outside world.  Through photographs and writings Harrer documented the life, culture and ceremonies of that exotic and mysterious culture.

From above dialogue we infer that Heinrich Harrer had been transformed from "selfish egomaniac to selfless humanitarian".  Was this transformation the result of his interaction with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama?  Yes, of course.  But it was also the workings of Harrer’s Inner Light.  The Dalai Lama was just a fine and powerful polished mirror able to bring to the surface the best of Heinrich Harrer.

The Four Steps to A New Idea

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.—Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

Copernicus was imprisoned by the church for such heresy at suggesting that the earth is not the center of the universe.  And still today we have the "Flat Earth Society" represented by proud members of science and academia.

Anybody that brings new discoveries, ideas or systems in the realms of Spirituality, science and technology, or politics undergoes these steps that, atpersonal level, help strengthen his/her character:

“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they want to fight you. Then you win.” -Mahatma Gandhi

So let’s repeat the steps: 1. They ignore you initially; 2. After a while and after hearing enough of you, they laugh and scorn at you; 3. Then, and because you are persistent in your position and don’t seem to walk away, they fight you; 4. Finally, you win and your ideas are adopted by some and eventually by all. They become “official”.  What you fought for becomes accepted, obvious, and no news anymore.

 This is amply proven by history. So don’t get discourage, press on!


Established Religions and Salvation

Pay heed, O Ye Men, Seekers of Greater Light: Do not look for salvation in organized established religions that teach you of a master and savior outside of you for this is abomination. These churches need to be Redeemed. Your master and savior is only one and inside of you, in your heart, listen to it. Master Jesus Sananda never claimed to be your Master and Savior, but your guide that pointed The Way Home: "I AM the Light and the Way". Only your true Master Within can lead you to Greater Light and your Truth, your home in the Father/Mother God/Goddess. When Jesus returns during his Second Coming as he promised, he will fix the fallen churches by correcting their teachings of Atonement and their differences. Then we will have only one true Universal Church.

As somebody put it, established religion is 99% true and 1% lies. This 1% is what distinguishes one from another and what can be considered the opium of people for it is used for manipulation and control and an illusory sense of security. They do not fight to death for the obvious such as "Be a Good Neighbor", "Love One Another" or "The Golden Rule", which is the 99%, but for this small percentage in where lie tenets such as "Jesus died for our sins" and "We are all sinners" (wrong, powerless, need external help to get clarified by "experts", self-appointed ministers). This 1% is what also makes churches unique from one another creating and justifying their existence. Jesus, my Commander-in-Chief, will fix this 1%. Hallelujah!

A Riddle in the New Millennium

Dr. RA-Ja Dove from the Interplanetary Perspectives Aquarian Mission ( posed this riddle to his Blue Flame Keepers referring to the blast of events and changes happening at the dawn of the Aquarian Age.  Here is his riddle:


This was my answer:

The new millennium is aligned with the Aquarian energies and the Photonic Belt for a period of Light (a cosmic year) and a time of the Harvest of the Star Seeds and Earthlings who qualify for the next step in spiritual evolution. It is at this time and place when/where the gates of Heavens (planetary influences) are opened to send the Light of regeneration.  Before man had to go through elaborate rituals and initiations. At this new millennium, because of cosmic influences, things are sped up and easier.

For that reason, so many things are happening at this junction of times (Piscean Time/Aquarian Time), because the time/space continuum is right and the act should be done quick, else darkness may prevail for another millennium. The gathering and awakening of the 144,000 star seeds will indeed empower the Earth with the DNA codes to reassemble its lost HUman children and gather their fragments for reintegration and reconnection with the Higher Self. As RA-Ja usually says: Hallelujah!

Thanks to the Beings of Light and a Promise for the Future

Blessed be those who unlearn, because the higher knowledge will be revealed unto them.  The knowledge of the Age of Pisces is riddled with disinformation, we must format the hard disk of our memory. —Luis Prada, April 25, 2012
One thing is to believe in God by faith and another very different is to know that He exists due to we have fused with the Thought Adjuster gifted to us by the Celestial Father of Havona. Note I used the words “to believe” and “to know”. Believing is of young souls, knowing is of old souls with old and mature minds, and who have fused with the Thought Adjuster. The Thought Adjuster is the Master Within or the God Within. —Luis Prada, March 17, 2013

Divine Master Esu, I put Your picture on the Brother Veritus’ Website banner so we see Your Radiant Face and that reminds us constantly of Your Love for humanity and for Your disciples here at BVC.

It is cold out there in this harsh winter but we have a warm heart. As long as it maintains our life, we continue spreading knowledge in BVW, regardless of how much cold of ignorance surrounds us. Thank you, Beloved Creator Son Christ Michael, for your love for humanity, your Creation. Thank you, Beings of Light, for your constant labor to raise this sad planet and humanity from ignominy and slavery where they are. I offer my heart, dear Esu, to serve to achieving this.

Wickedness has sustained itself using the iron fist, killing those who oppose it by the sword, but that cannot happen forever since it is not the way the universe is founded and operates, but through love, tolerance and compassion. It is obvious evil cannot sustain itself forever where it is since that violates Karmic Law of Cause and Effect. They cannot go breaking God’s laws and Common Law, or natural law, forever, it’s obvious. Evil cannot prevail against God. Peace, Liberty and Prosperity for All!, as the sun offers us its Light, disinterestedly. (January 1st, 2013)

Gaia has been patiently gestating a New Earth. We will live in a renewed Earth, free from environmental contamination, in love, comprehension and communion with all Nature.  We offer to Gaia our Light and promise will build a city worthy of the New Earth. (April 30, 2013)

Thank you, dear Christ Michael, for listening our supplication. I know that the promise has not been fulfilled yet but it will as it will fulfill the New Ascended Earth, because beloved St. Germain told us: “Blessed are those who believe, those who dream and those who believe that dreams will come true.” We are blessed since our faith in the future of Earth is that of a Kingdom of God on Earth.  As Esu taught us to pray addressing the Celestial Father: “Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”  The Will of the Universal Father is that we live in harmony and love, in peace and abundance, all the inhabitants of the planet without distinctions of any kind.  But the Illuminati elitist classes twisted this Divine Agenda and gave us a prefabricated reality, wrong and of the lie.  That is why in this Correction Time these psychopath classes will be removed from power. (September 11, 2013)

We ask the protection of Archangel Michael against the dark forces of the Anti-Christ who by all means have tried to implement the New World Order utilizing the lie, false-flag operations, mental programming through the media controlled by these forces and corporations, and by means of coercion and control of the financial and economic system.

The Federal Reserve and the central banks have printed so much fiat money and issued so much electronic money that have lost control of the money they have issued, and for which they are responsible, to such degree that they do not know how much money they owe and is owed to them, besides that this money has been issued from nothing, however it has been used to buy real property.  When asked to convert this debt money into real value, the central banks cannot answer since in reality in their vaults they do not have real money backed up by gold, that is, they do not have gold to back up their fiat money they have issued.  Ergo, they are in bankruptcy.  And these central banks are in reality property of the Federal Reserve, ergo, the Federal Reserve is in bankruptcy.

If we ask ourselves why Christ Michael has not precipitated the 3DD yet, here we find the answer.  He has not done it yet to give more rope to the dark ones so they hang themselves.  Since the more we wait, the more time there is for their errors to come up to public light, their bankruptcies precipitated, their programmed wars frustrated, and their plans becoming evident. —Luis Prada, Sept.25, 2013

Without hope there is no reason to live. People who lose hope of recovering of an illness, die from this. The planet is sick and we, Lightworkers, are its hope of recovering and who will work in its cleaning. —Luis Prada, February 3, 2015

The Horizon of Aton

In the website,Brother Veritus’ Website, BVW, I wrote a cryptic phrase among many other phrases that are in its main webpages.  The phrase makes reference to a sacred place of the ancient Egyptians of the Pharaonic epoch, the Horizon of Aton, and it says: "In the heart of those who speak Truth born in the heart we see the Horizon of Aton in any direction we look!"  I wrote this phrase inspired in my studies of the Egyptian Mysteries.  I will explain its meaning:

The Egyptians of Pharaonic times represented God by the sun and they called it Ra.  Also they called it On, that means sun, name they gave to Heliopolis for being the city of the sun.  For them God was not the sun but the power behind the sun.

God was represented symbolically by the sun since its daily labor is to disinterestedly go around giving light, warmth and life to all during its walk by the sky and at night it goes home to rest.  Its home is the horizon where the sun dwells since there we see it hides after its daily labor.  Thus, the Horizon of Aton is the place where the sun lives and since this one represents God or Aton, which is another name for God, then the Horizon of Aton is the sacred place where God dwells. In fact the name of God, the Universal Father, is Aton, name already known to the Egyptians.

Horus also was associated with the horizon and with the sun, hence they also referred to the Horizon of Horus and this one often was depicted as a man with falcon head who carried on his head the sun and in his right hand the ankh, a symbol of truth, and in his left hand the crook, a symbol of power.

Truth born in the heart is pure and innocent but at the same time is cutting since it reveals or unveils lie and trickery.  When we observe the behavior of someone who is pure and sincere, we notice that what he says has force, the force and power of truth, since it is born from its heart and not his intellect.  That is to say, in the heart there is the purest of the human being, and when this one expresses from there we see God or we see the Horizon of Aton in that expression or external manifestation.

Since a person has many facets, as a crystal, in his personality, there are many points of view, many horizons, to see him and appreciate him. There are many directions from which we can see that person, one from a talent, another for a service he renders, other by how he conveys himself professionally or how he behaves with his family, etc.  These are different focuses to analyze the attributes of a person.

When we observe the behavior of a person is like we locate ourselves at his center, his heart, his reference point, and from there we were rotating in all directions seeing the horizon at the distance. If each vista, facet of his personality, that we see shows us the Horizon of Aton in that person, we see then that is pure and is good since the external manifestation of his actions coincides with the sacredness he carries in his heart.

Hence the phrase: "In the heart of those who speak Truth born in the heart we see the Horizon of Aton in any direction we look!"

That is the meaning of the phrase, difficult to understand at the beginning, but once explained is easy to comprehend.  It’s a nutshell sentence that reminds us of great spiritual masters.

The Word "America" As a Cryptogram

The name for the continent America was proposed by the mapmaker Martin Waldseemuller to consider the Spanish explorer Américo (or Amérigo) Vespucci (1454-1512), instead of Columbus, as the man who discovered North and South America. He suggested naming these portions of the new continent after Américo to honor his expeditions. This word was also initially adopted by Europeans as a second name for the United States.

However, the word America may have been carefully selected, or inspired to be selected, for other reason of an occult gematric value of number five in the English language than the word Columbia or Colombia, after Columbus, did not carry. And as can be seen in the graphic it is an English cryptic acronym.

The acronym, America, names —and is equal in value to— the Fifth Root Race, or I AM Race, that will spring forth in the American continent as a seat of the star seeded race. As the Land of the Free, or of the I AM Race, this word is the name for the American country as an Illumined and peacefulGolden Age Society, "America the Free", with the merging of the gentle heart of the dove into the courage, vision and strength of the eagle and with the expression of true freedom in the hearts and minds of its citizens, the Return of the Dove. This name is not intended for an enslaved, warlike, materialistic and Imperialistic society ruled by the corrupted Illuminati of theSecret Government. These are simply not the ideals of its citizens.

The hint to this cryptogram —and related concepts discussed above— was given by Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain in the text below. The proclamation ofNESARA signals the beginning of St. Germain’s vision:

"I did what I could to inspire the founding fathers of this, your America, to be the land to receive the dove and the eagle into a merging of a union, to plant the seeds that a race of beings may come forth, an I AM race, America the Free. There is much love in my heart for this…" —Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain channeled through Claire Heartsong. From the book "St. Germain, Twin Souls and Soulmates", by Azena Ramanda and Claire Heartsong, Chapter 8: "St. Germain’s Story". [Character emphasis added to the quote.]

Duality and Unicity, the Two Opposite Poles, Which One Would You Choose?

The ego masks we use and with which we feel comfortable are based on old energies of duality of the 3thD; also on beliefs that are not native to us but given or imposed on us by our parents and family in general, by friends, by education, by the system, culture, religion, etc., but which are mostly based on lies.

They told us all of that when we were children and we believed it and now we get offended when someone tells us that is not so; that is, we fight to defend lies that were put there in the population initially by rulers, by the 1% of the world population. Lies that serve the interests of the ruling and corporative classes, those who influenced or ruled with their power that this were taught in grammar schools, high schools and universities. We should break that cycle to be able to Ascend and get out of the 3thD. If we do not do it we continue trapped in the world of duality, in any other planet of duality to where we be assigned to incarnate.

Because we love to live in Unicity, we must understand exactly what is duality and face it, change our ways to spiritually evolve in our spiritual journey, instead of getting stuck in this world of materiality. Duality and Unicity, the two opposite poles, which one would you choose?

Higher Light Coded in the Word

Higher Light has energy of very high vibration for matter of 3thD. That is why the presence of a Higher Being before us can burn us.  Therefore these beings lower their energy or energetic frequency before our presence. Likewise the star ships regulate the energy of high frequency that comes to us through the solar portal so that this one would not cause drastic atmospheric changes and earthquakes since the intense Light of high vibration alters the earth magnetism. The stability of the tectonic plates and the earth magnetism are related.

In consequence, another way of raising our vibratory frequency for Ascension is to receive Spiritual Light in a codified form by means of words that trigger in us a better understanding.  This understanding modifies our DNA and creates portals in our chakras that allow the physical body accepting Spiritual Light of higher frequency every time.

But for that to occur we must read carefully the words of the messages of the masters and meditate on them so we can unblock our conscience, remember back the higher knowledge and prepare the body to receive the Greater Light.

There Comes a Flood of Light into Urantia

Christ Michael: It is TIME to Further your Connection with Me. Targeted Messages. Feb. 26, 2015. Source:

Dearly Beloveds. This is your Master Speaking Unto You, My Team. It is time to further your connection directly with Me… there comes shortly the flood of Light into Urantia.  It will affect in some manner or another all that walk your plane at all levels of their known being.

There will come both joy and sorrow because some will not be able to absorb this Light and will be both angered and frightened by it.  Each of you must stand as portals to all around you.  I AM Christ Michael. Be in good cheer during this time.

I want to make a comment to such important targeted message by Father Christ Michael:

The Light to which Father Christ Michael refers to is the announcements in which the Illuminati plan of the New World Order will be uncovered and all the corruption of the satanic pedophiles in power will come out in the open.  Since humanity has been so confused and deceived by the traditional religion and the governments never has really accepted the truth that has been spread by alternate media, such as Brother Veritus’ Website.

People in general feel relief in living in the lie, not in the truth.  Truth is annoying, to expose the sinister plans of the Illuminati cabal is uncomfortable for the ordinary citizen who does not want to accept that for many years we have been governed by delinquents, criminal psychopaths:  Those government, corporate and banking leaders cannot be the criminals to whom the alternate media refers to.

Because of that there will be joy to know that their fascist and oppressor system has been stopped dead, and fear to think that they have always lived misled and in the comfortable lie and rejecting the uncomfortable truth.  Terror of seeing fallen their systems of religious, cultural, economic and political values. As this truth or Light is going to be broadcast not only through the alternate media, but through the main official media, the media they believe.  No longer will they be able to stick their head in the sand as a chased ostrich and fake that everything is alright, and continue grabbing unto a cracked and fallen paradigm.

There will be protests, there will be rage and the people would want to go out to the streets and destroy the predator system that has oppressed and fooled them always.  There will be sobbing, some will rebel against what they had believed and would not want to go to churches, some others will shut themselves up to pray, and many will ask questions.

But the answers will not come from government officials since these ones do not have them, they will come from Lightworkers who have previously prepared themselves and have straightened their connection with their Inner Being or Thought Adjuster and their connection with the Father Christ Michael.  These Lightworkers will be the portals that will be able to answer them and lead them with safe hand and step in these final moments of crisis to which to message alludes.

It is for this that this Light will bring joy, specially to the Lightworkers and the conspiracy theorist and experts, and terror and unease to those who have always supported and believed the lies of the system of the Illuminati Machine or Illuminati Matrix or the Holographic Prison. Other uncomfortable truth that will be revealed will be the UFO phenomena.  Hallelujah, may this come soon because the wait has been long.

The Brother Veritus’ Community and the New Age

The Brother Veritus’ Community has no dogma nor has a line of teaching in particular.  Therefore we study so many subjects of diverse sources, but at the end we are who should take responsibility of what we assimilate as truth.  Here we only say we accept the Urantia Book as our guiding book but we do not even impose that would be an obligation to believe what is taught in that book. We have an open mind to accept teachings wherever they come from as long as they tell the truth.

All spiritual metaphysical studies are of a high level, as the ones published in Brother Veritus’ Website, it is why metaphysics is not popular since it requires of study, reasoning and conscientious analysis to be able to understand it.  That is why the average person does not want these subjects and prefers the simple formulas of the organized religions: Heaven or Hell, if you accept Jesus you sins are erased and when you die you go to heaven, if you do not accept Jesus, you die in sin and go to hell. That type of simplistic teachings. The heaven of the Christian and Catholics is extremely boring, only sitting on clouds or at the Right-Hand of the Father without studying. On the contrary, the heaven that is shown in the Book of Urantia in the morontial dwelling worlds around Jerusem is indeed a real heaven where the mysteries of the cosmos with the fusion of science and spirituality are studied, it is analyzed the human psyche and it is dig deeply into the higher philosophy.

In relation to the New Age, what do I achieve acquiring super powers through psychic exercises if I do not use them to what is really account now to which is to teach others for the consciousness shift? Many of these people of the New Age have fear of publishing their ideas in Internet, so, for what to develop the Third Eye and other psychic powers if they do not use them for what is mostly needed now? To have psychic powers to impress others is only an ego trip. To help others giving them teaching for the awakening of the Holographic Prison they are in is the most imperative.  And that is precisely what we do in our community with the publications in the main website and in the forum.

There was an ex member of BVC that decided to leave us and the excuse he gave to other member of why he did so was that apparently once the meditation was over I started to speak to them about the New World Order and the conspiracy of the dark forces and that took down the energy he had acquired in the meditation.  Better said, this ex member wanted to live in a rosy world that does not exist instead of stepping on the ground. When one wants to live in a non existent world, one lives in an illusion. He had taken the blue pill, Neo. If one does not study how the New World Order works, then one loses that important opportunity of learning that this material world offers.  And if this lesson is not learned, you are not prepared for Ascension since you have an incomplete vision of how the mortal world works that you want to leave behind, the homework in not complete yet.

What is good of our future mission is that is developed by people of this planet, is of reconstruction, gives hope in a better world and is our ideal for Gaia and its people.  And the lacking of technological and human resources presents the opportunity of association with Celestial Beings and of soliciting collaboration of the forces of Light in this mutual enterprise since many worlds of the Galactic Federation do have the technology we need to make this dream come true.


Listen to the Thought Adjuster

March 15, 2015

The Thought Adjusters come from a planet located in the Central Universe of Havona called Divinington. They are sons of the Creator Father of Havona and assigned by Him to each one of the beings that show an adequate level of self-consciousness, responsibility and volition. These beings live in extraterrestrial spaceships of very high energy, of etheric type, where they carry out projects of geo-astronomy, the work on planets from a galactic viewpoint, adapting them for their evolutionary changes.  But at the same time they do this function, each one is also constantly tuned up with the individual to whom he was assigned. They can see their assigned individual via their inner vision.  Each time this one thinks on something crucial, the Thought Adjuster knows it and is there in his inner being or soul to give mental advice, to inspire or simply to give the best way of proceeding if the individual tuned himself up to that Inner Voice. They are the Voice of Conscience or the Master Within.  This they can do while being busy in their assigned jobs, since they are not lazy.

They do not physically move to where one is to give advice, they do it from their ship in a telepathic way as their mental signal comes to us clear if we tune ourselves up and pay attention to it.  But in order to activate this telepathy we must always quiet the mind and meditate on our decisions.  If we do not, when seeing in hindsight the bad results of our bad decision is when we remember that we had the hunch that what we were going to do was wrong and nonetheless, we did it. If systematically we reject our conscience and do wrong anyway again and again, it could be that the assigned Thought Adjuster be removed from us since we do not deserve it and we reject it anyway.

The problem if this happens is that in order to qualify for another one we have to demonstrate that this time we are prepared for sure to receive and follow him.  The first time we lost him for our bad actions, now we must prove we are corrected and we are going to appreciate him. Have into account that the Thought Adjuster is only removed from psychopaths, serial killers and rapist, gangsters, drug mafia killers, and in general from persons that always reject the Voice of Conscience and do wrong with intention. But if these individuals straighten themselves out and start showing good deeds and good feelings, he can be bestowed again.

That is not the case of any of us the Lightworkers as those who are in the Light or the persons that affiliate to a religion and go to the dominical service, or the New Age students, or the persons who are of warmth of home and so on, even though they commit many blunders the Thought Adjuster won’t be removed from them since they are not crooks with evil intention. First is to lose the Thought Adjuster, and next is to face uncreation.

The reason why the Thought Adjusters voluntarily give advice is because their mission is to adjust the person’s thought to Light and truth, and keep it away from error and sin. During the Luciferian Rebellion no Though Adjuster joined the rebellion.

As an illustrative anecdote for this lesson, I bring to you the story of an old man owner of a cigar factory in my old city of Bucaramanga, Colombia. Every Friday he went on bus to the bank in downtown to withdraw cash to pay his employees. He knew that coming back he should take a taxi for his safety but took the bus instead.  Until a Friday a pickpocket stole his bulky wallet from his rear pocket on the bus. When he discovered that he did not have it, he said to himself: "That happens to me for stingy, I should’ve taken a taxi." It is a real story. He had a clear idea of what he should do but he did not do it until the problem happened to him. He did not listen the warning of his Inner Voice, his Thought Adjuster. The man’s name was Ignacio Rey, they called him Don Ignacio. He died of old age in the mid 80s.

Time Is Money, But… For Whom?

March 21, 2015

In reference to this saying "time is money", it is true but has two interpretations:

For people who want to progress as a person and improve inside, time is worth as money since given that knowledge is so extensive, each available moment is needed to study and learn, to improve good habits and tendencies, and to advance spiritually. An amount of time of life was given to us that we need to wisely take advantage of and not waste.

But for the Corporations the meaning is different: Time for the owners of them is worth as money since they want that each minute that passes they can make more products and to hoard more money in the bank to get for themselves more pleasure, to buy more toys and to live like a king at the expense of We, the People. That is why they require us to produce more and more since it is for their benefit, not ours.

Each time that you use or hear this phrase you should always analyze why time is money, to whom it benefits, it is money for whom.  If time is valuable for you, then take advantage of it at maximum and do not waste it. If it is money for those who have you enslaved, do not follow the game or if you have to do it, do not follow that motivation, do not let somebody else take control of your mind for their benefit, not yours.  Do not waste your health working more intensely for the same pay following this advice that "time is money" since, at the end, if you get sick they replace you with someone else that is healthy, and life continues the same: Rich owners getting fatter and you, sick, unemployed and getting poorer.

Do Not Allow Be Manipulated by the Holographic Matrix

July 7, 2015

Your attitude before the Holographic Matrix must represent a revolution in conscience, the silent revolution.  We do not submit to the authority of the Zionist Illuminati Matrix, the Khazarian Mafia, we do not give up this fight. We do not submit to earthly authorities that give us wrong advice or command.  Never give up our ideals of liberty, but we do give up the false idols that are given to us by the consumerist society manipulated in the consciousness, the celebrities and the tycoons of the corporations and the government. They do not represent the ideal of the New Man. Never return to the old way of the 3rdD.

Never we will allow be subdued by this fascist Nazi regime in which we live.  We will carry high the Flame of Liberty until the final victory that will be our Ascension.  We are fulfilling the purpose of the Realm of God which is the New Earth in the 5thD, the Divine Plan.

Always should be said I am going to do it.  To say "I am going to try" is a sign of doubt, and that opens a door to do it again one more.  The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak teach us that we should discard the words "to try", only use "to do".

We are going to do the change.


Explanation of the Prayer "Lord, Give Us the Key of Thy Sanctuary"
Prayer by unknown author

Lord: Give us the key of thy Sanctuary and give shelter to our hearts in the August Nest of Thy Harmony!
Celestial Bird: Thou who hast the tutelage of all Doors, lead our aspiration to the Eternal Abode of resplendent clarity!
In our breast we carry, latent, the mark of the Living God, the cruciferous seal of Love that strips of petals the Heart of the Rose.
In the hand we carry, lifted up, the Gladiolus that tears all veils and reveals, in living fire, the steps of the Ascension. Aum!

December 22, 2015

“Lord: Give us the key of thy Sanctuary and give shelter to our hearts in the August Nest of Thy Harmony!”

The prayer begins with a request to the Celestial Father to reveal to us the keys to open the Sanctuary of our heart, to activate our heart chakra that is the Sanctuary of God in us, and that our heart be sheltered in the divine harmony to live in peace with ourselves and with others.

“Celestial Bird: Thou who hast the tutelage of all Doors, lead our aspiration to the Eternal Abode of resplendent clarity!”

Divine Mother Nebadonia, represented by the dove that symbolizes the Holy Spirit, has the tutelage of all the doors to the organizations of spiritual initiation, but of all of them there is one which has specific information for our inner development in accordance with our character and personality, as well as the degree of spiritual development, and that is also the appropriate to our level of development.  The prayer is addressed to the Divine Mother to reveal to us which one is such organization which is appropriate to take us to Ascension, to eternal life o the "Eternal Abode of resplendent clarity".

"In our breast we carry, latent, the mark of the Living God, the cruciferous seal of Love that strips of petals the Heart of the Rose."

In our heart we carry in a latent form the cruciferous seal that is the mark of the Living God.  This seal is the consciousness, that is, the Thought Adjuster who is the Presence of the Universal Father in us. It is latent since we are not aware of his Presence. It is who acts as the cruciferous seal of Love, who slowly and through successive reincarnations and experiences in each of them goes developing us in the Spirit, passing our soul-personality from bud to an open rose by following his advices helping us to remove layer by layer his or her petals which are the veils that hide Truth.  This happens also by means of the Law of Karma, the Law of Action and Reaction, the one that can be represented by a cross, the cross we carry in each reincarnation. If we listen to the Thought Adjuster, which is our Master Within, and apply his suggestions, we "strip of petals the Heart of the Rose" and spiritually evolve, otherwise our soul will continue as a bud, only in potential, in error and involution.

"In the hand we carry, lifted up, the Gladiolus that tears all veils and reveals, in living fire, the steps of the Ascension. Aum!"

The steps to Ascension are hidden, and must be found.  They are specific for each individual since each individual is different and has particular needs —nevertheless in general form they are given in the spiritual teachings. Symbolically we can affirm that these scales —or passes or keys to follow for the individual Ascension— are covered or veiled and we by ourselves must tear these veils down and uncover them.  We do it with our gladiolus or dagger we carry in our hand for such end.  This is a symbolic expression that means that with our spiritual development we are removing gradually the material attachments and the false beliefs that hide the gradations to take to Ascend with the planet to the 5th dimension, to acquire our position among the Ascended Masters gained with our effort and determination.  The more our resolution to win and our opposition to deceit and farce is, the sharper our gladiolus is and the more effective to remove, "in living fire", the falsehood in our lives.


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