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Hold the Fort!


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NESARA, Another Perspective

 Patrick Henry Bellringer
Tuesday April 13, 2004

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Published in this website on April 15, 2004.  See NESARA information at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

Our world and her people are under great attack by the Darkside today.  The onslaught by evil is greater than any that we have ever known.  This is the blackest time in our Earth Shan’s history.  This is, indeed, the planet of tears, as Earth and her people weep, many in helplessness, hopelessness and despair.  War rages on, as the Darkside lashes out in frustration.  In the Light of Creator God that is sweeping our planet, evil is losing badly, and is frantically fighting back one last time.  Those of the Darkside have done a good job of providing us our lessons of wisdom, courage, fortitude, patience, and generosity.

Creator God is asking all the Lightworkers to «hold the fort» a little bit longer on Earth Shan.  Our prayer power is winning the day.  Those, who have great hopelessness, need to know of Creator God’s presence within them.  All have the power within to give them strength for the day, and to change their future for good.

There are many people today, who have never prayed in their entire life.  Some feel that prayer is not important, while others believe that they do not know how to pray.  Prayer is nothing more than talking to Creator God.  It is the same as talking to a friend.  Just because you can not see Him with your eyes, does not mean that Creator God does not exist.  All that exists in a higher dimension than 3D can not be seen with 3D eyes due to the differences in Light frequencies.  Yet, you can «feel» Creator God’s presence through your/His God Spirit within.

Prayer is simple.  The simplest prayer can be only two or three words.  «God, help!»  «Forgive me!»  «I love you!»  «Give me courage!»  «Give me wisdom!»  «Thank you, God!»  Heaven is very organized, and all prayers and requests are accepted and put in their proper place.  All petitions are heard, scenarios are worked out in Heaven, and then all prayers request, and petitions are answered in the order of Heaven’s proper timing.

It may be wise to know that prayers are ranked in Heaven by priority.  Prayers for the greatest good of all are placed at the top of the priority list.  Prayers for peace on earth and an end to genocide go to the top of the list.  There is great prayer power in even the prayer of one sincere soul, who ranks the lowest among Earth Shan’s dwellers.  Some people are timid and pray only once, because their first request was not answered.  Keep praying!  All your prayers are placed on Heaven’s Prayer List, and all prayers will be answered in their proper timing in coordination with the events occurring on our planet.

The haughty prayers of long phrases, big words and often repeated «stained-glass platitudes» of pompous priests and clergy, who stand in their renowned pulpits at their religious festivals or weekly on Sunday mornings before great crowds of people, do not even reach Heaven’s Gate.  Such prayers are nothing but noise and a waste of useful energy.

Our whole planet is littered with shrines, religious churches and cults that teach people false prayers and use intercessors to God.  The people must wake up to the religious leader’s lies and understand what Esu Immanuel meant when he called them «blind leaders of the blind».

The «give me» prayers such as give me money, give me power, give me prestige, give me happiness, are placed last and lowest on Heaven’s priority prayer list.  A simple sincere prayer requesting happiness and abundance for all people as well as oneself receives a very high priority rating in Heaven.  It is all about praying in sincerity and in wisdom for the greatest good of all people.

Some people make demands of Creator God and try to order Him around through their prayers.  Creator God hears all sincere prayers, but He does not take orders from anyone.  All is placed into its proper place in the perfection of Heaven.  It is interesting to note that there are many needed situations for which people do not pray, due to lack of interest or of understanding.  There is a great need for Prayer Warriors to assist in turning back the tide of evil in our day.  The call goes out for Lightworkers to help through their prayer power to «hold the fort» against evil in our day.  Victory is assured, but the timing of that victory is determined by our prayer power.

I am reminded of the words of Esu Immanuel when he said that «He, who is least among you, shall become the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven».  The prayer power of a single lowly sincere soul praying for the greatest good of all, shall accomplish the most in the victory over the Darkside.  We shall be amazed at the unknown ones, who shall march across the stage in Heaven and receive their rewards from Creator God of «Work well done, my good and faithful servant!»   Pray, my friends, pray like you have never done before, and the battle over evil shall soon be won!

Let us now talk about the good news concerning NESARA.  I have been assured by Creator God that the Lighted Realms are preparing, and Heaven is getting «set up» to broadcast the Good News of NESARA to the people of Earth Shan.  Our planet of tears is soon to be turned into a planet of joy.  Many rainbows are being put in place to shine down on our planet, once the thunder and lightening and clouds of darkness are swept away.  The Ascended Masters are doing their «Emergency Broadcast System» testing now, and all is being made ready for the big NESARA Day!

I asked Creator God if NESARA would happen before U.S. Tax Day of April 15, 2004, and this is the answer I was given.

«What you have requested is on Heaven’s schedule, but Heaven has the last word on all things.  Your whole planet is awakening.  You are living in the time when all the magic is going to take place.  These are times of sorting and of learning lessons.  Keep your prayer power going!  I am Creator God, and know that I am with you always and to the very end of time!»

Many of us become impatient, as we petition for a better world.  We want to hurry things up.  We have helped with past chaotic times to bring balance, and our soul spirits remember and know what will be again.  We want to move quickly through these most chaotic times to peace.  Yet, these times are needed for sorting out of the good from the evil, and for lessons in soul growth for all.  This is the time of weeding out our Earth Shan garden that has grown amuck.

Some people have grown impatient, as they have waited many years for «their money».  The prosperity programs and Farm Claims still have not been funded to the people.  Many do not understand the work of the Illuminati to stop the funding of these programs.  Many do not understand the complicated process worldwide and the hard work of implementing NESARA, which provides for these funds to be released.  People are expecting NESARA, want to enjoy the benefit of NESARA but put little or no effort into making NESARA happen.

We were put on this planet for only one reason, to assist with the transition of Earth Shan into fifth dimension through the process of NESARA.  Many want the blessings of NESARA, yet, they do not believe in NESARA!  All are to experience these blessings of NESARA in the coming Golden Age, if they so choose.  The support or non-support of NESARA is part of the choosing to enter the Golden Age.  The Illuminati can not stop NESARA.  The doubters and disbelievers can not stop NESARA.  They can only delay it.  All depends on the people of Earth Shan.  Heaven is waiting for our prayer power.  Have patience, pray and know that all is right in Heaven.  All is happening in Creator God’s good order.

The words of Revelation 2:25, «That which you have, hold fast til I come,» inspired Philip P. Bliss in 1870 to write the words to a song he entitled, «Hold the Fort»

Ho, my comrades!  See the signal waving in the sky!
Reinforcements now appearing, victory is nigh.

See the mighty host advancing, Satan leading on;
Mighty ones around us falling, courage almost gone!

See the glorious banner waving!  Hear the trumpet blow!
In our Leader’s Name we triumph over ev’ry foe.

Fierce and long the battle rages, but our help is near;
Onward comes our great Commander, cheer, my comrades, cheer!


«Hold the fort, for I am coming.»  Jesus signals still;
Wave the answer back to Heaven, «By Thy grace we will.»

These words were never more true than they are today.  Prayer is our ammunition. Through our prayer power we «hold the fort» against the Darkside until Heaven’s help arrives.  Believe me, my friends, when I say most emphatically that Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda is coming!  Indeed, help is here!  NESARA is here!  Our prayer power is making it happen.  To «hold the fort» is to keep praying — to pray, believing!

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