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Harry Belafonte Is Pro-NESARA


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Harry Belafonte Is Pro-NESARA

 Jennifer Lee

From Jennifer Lee Report of February 18, 2004

First published in this website on February 20, 2004.  See NESARA information at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

The "Jamaica Farewell" Boy and calypso performer, actor and civil right activist, Harry Belafonte, is a strong NESARA sympathizer and supporter

Hello, Dear Ones.  This is THE JENNIFER LEE REPORT for Wednesday, February 18th, 2004.

Here is today’s report from A&A.



Oh my gosh another incredible day!  This morning I got to speak with the King of Swords, and another very incredible and eloquent being who I will just call ‘Uncle Harry’ [she refers to Harry Belafonte]. This man is a very great man and I am honored to speak with him today.

He told me he was born in a 3rd world country where he grew up knowing the sting of real poverty, and seeing the daily enslavement of the people by corporate overlords. This is why he ‘put-his-money-where-his-mouth-is’ and helped the Wealthy Visionaries to set things up so WE would all have our ‘blessings’ and FREEDOM NOW! This man has seen it all but he is a simple ‘person-of-the-soil’ just like you and me.

It has been a year since the huge DEMONSTRATIONS FOR PEACE took place in New York City and around the country.  He was there with Amy Goodman [from Democracy Now] where he spoke out against the policies of this administration and the Invasion of Iraq.  Now here we are one year later and we see and understand much more than we did then and we KNOW WE ARE IN FAR WORSE SHAPE  than ever before!

Uncle Harry has done some very incredible things to bring us NESARA NOW and he said ‘it is all TOO REAL and ALL TOO DANGEROUS to really talk about anything in detail right now!’ He said everyday they are continuing to try and take away our rights and freedoms with their new secret laws and WE MUST BE VERY VIGILANT AND AWARE!

This is why he is repeating again and again those famous words which The Prophet Moses said to the PHARAOH—-



He told me that VERY–VERY–VERY SOON we are going to see FREEDOM’S HOLY FLAME on our planet just as we have been told!  He knows all about ‘The Man With The Plan’ Beloved Sananda Kumara and THE FORCES OF LIGHT. This is why he did what he did to make sure the people of Planet Earth would be FREE AT LAST from the bondage of the Reptilian Controllers!  He said he was told by the ‘Lavender Lad’—The Count St. Germaine, that He [The Count] was making sure that never again would evil reign on this planet! 


He said all of these Reptilian Overlords are being dealt with according to the Law Of God and The Law Of Man! And—this is coming to pass RIGHT NOW! He said THE FORCES are leaning heavily on ‘those folks across the pond’ [she refers to the European reptilians]to make sure it all gets done—and it will be SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!  These ‘Reptilian Occupying Forces’ must SURRENDER NOW and COMPLY with the LAW OF THE ONE or THEY WILL BE REMOVED NOW! 


Then Uncle Harry told me THE FORCES OF LIGHT have a plan where this planet will be restored to its pristine beauty and health within 30 days after they land! He told me all the pollution in the water, the air, the earth and even the plants will be removed and we will be able to breath sweet fresh air, drink pure water and eat clean food again without worrying about getting ill from radiation poisoning from their endless wars!

He said ‘VERY SOON we are going to have THE GIFT OF FREEDOM WE HAVE BEEN WORKING SO HARD FOR!’ A ‘fire has been lit under the people’ to GET THIS DONE NOW!  No longer will the people stand to be in eternal servitude to a ‘faceless master’ who does not care one-iota for the greater good of this planet or her peoples!  It truly is TIME FOR WE THE PEOPLE TO BE FREE!

O, FREEDOM—-what sweet song our hearts and souls are singing!

Stormin’-Normin’, the so-called hero of the Operation Desert Storm in the Gulf War, shot a bullet at John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination

I was also told by Uncle Harry that every day we must ‘take time for ourselves and our loved ones!’  There is nothing more important ‘than to SHARE LOVE and BE LOVED! He said to tell all of you to LOVE YOURSELVES and EACH OTHER every single day!  Take time to nurture your bodies, your spirits, your families because we are in the most intense of times and it is ONLY THROUGH LOVE THAT WE CAN HOLD THE FREQUENCY AND HEAL OURSELVES AND OUR PLANET! This is how we come to fully step into the energies of THE OFFICE OF THE CHRIST.  We must LIVE IT EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Then he told me what a great job we are doing in letting the people KNOW THE TRUTH! He said he honored us for our bravery and courage [of course I began to cry here] to come forward and speak out when we are living in such dangerous times!  He said—please understand there are so many people now who are working together behind the scenes, giving their all to make sure NESARA IS ANNOUNCED!   He told me very soon we will be rewarded far beyond the riches of King Solomon.  We will see an entire PLANET COME HOME TO PEACE AND FREEDOM AT LAST!

Oh my— what a gift!  Thank you dear Uncle Harry for sharing your wisdom, LIGHT and your heart-song of freedom with us today!

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, assassinated by the Illuminati Cabal

Lastly, today I was told by the King of Swords [and The White Bird] something very interesting!  He told me  ‘Stormin-Normin’[General H. Norman Schwarzkopf] was one of the actual shooters who put a bullet into the head of JFK on the grassy-knoll in Dallas that day in 1963!  He said it is time for the TRUTH TO BE TOLD and to spread this news across the planet!  This man will be brought before the people and will be tried as a ‘war criminal’ for his crimes against humanity!  It is time—-JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED ACCORDING TO  THE LAWS OF GOD!

Today’s ‘last word’ is by Paul Robeson, from ‘The Whole World In His Hands: A Pictorial Biography of Paul Robeson’:

"I shall take my voice wherever there are those who want to hear the Melody of Freedom, or the words that might inspire HOPE and COURAGE in the face of despair and fear.  My weapons are peaceful, for it is only by PEACE that PEACE can be attained.

The Song Of Freedom must prevail!"

Thank you again Uncle Harry for sharing with us ‘YOUR SONG OF FREEDOM’ for now WE REALLY KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

This is why NESARA IS NOW!

We love you.

See you on the Bridge.



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