Imagination and the New Safe Energy

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The Materials of Tobias
Shaud 10:

Imagination and the New Safe Energy


ChanneledbyGeoffrey HoppeExcerpt taken from:—04.htm .  Presented in theCrimson Circle,

Published in this website on October 6, 2004.

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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Breathe in the energies of the Order of Sananda who come in today… what we also call the House of Sananda… a very interesting energy that has been —how to say— part of our Shouds lately.

Now, there is some confusion here about Sananda. It is one of the Orders of the Arc. It is one of the pillars of the Order of the Arc. And, it represents the Christ energy. It represents the energy of the Christ seed in germination and in blossoming. Sananda is the Christed energy. It is the energy… it is the Order that is helping you birth the Christ energy within yourself in your Now moment. So, indeed, it has been very close to you for quite some period of time, very much a part of you and who you are.

There are many, many entities within the House of Sananda, many angels. The one that you know the best perhaps is the energy of Yeshua, or Jesus, who comes from the House of Sananda. Through the consciousness of many on Earth several thousand years ago working in cooperation with the Order of Sananda, this being that you have come to know as Yeshua came to Earth for a simple reason— to show you, to be the example for many that the Christ energies can be brought to manifest in your human reality now.

Yeshua served a far grander and broader purpose. All of you were part of the Yeshua energy. Many of you have had the sneaking suspicion that you immediately shut down, but the suspicion that perhaps you were Jesus. But, then you thought, «Oh, I should not think these things. It is sinful. I cannot think that I was Jesus, or Mary, or Mary Magdalene, or any of these. This is my pride coming out. This is my ego taking over.»

Shaumbra, you helped to create these entities and identities. You ARE part of that. You are a part of that. So, when Yeshua came in to walk in human form, you helped to support that energy. You helped to create that with others all around the world and on our side of the veil.

So many of you were here at that time several thousands of years ago. You walked with Yeshua, talked with him. But, it was also you. As we have said before, Yeshua in the Order of Sananda is not a being who walks around. It does not have a soul like you. It was a manifestation of your consciousness.

Also within the House of Sananda are the energies of Mother Mary, so much a part of the birthing of the Christ seed. There is the story of Mary and the son Jesus on Earth. That is only part of it. It is a metaphor for the birthing energies of Mary that are in the House of Sananda.

The energies of Myriam, the one you call Mary of Magdalene, are also all a part of the House of Sananda, part of the imagination… you see… for after the birthing of the Christ seed now it has to come to expression through imagination. That is the role that Myriam served on Earth, the teacher, the «imaginer.» That is the role she is serving with you right now.

In the House of Sananda is the energy of Joseph, father of Yeshua, who presents a stable and balanced father figure… you see… strong, but quiet, guiding without controlling. His energy comes in now as part of Sananda to replace an Old concept of a father figure. The energy of Joseph is so very present with us now to help you come to a New understanding of a male father figure to replace some of the Old that you had.

Indeed, also within the House of Sananda were the energies of Abraham, and the energies of Moses, many, many, many other entities. Some of the individual entities within Sananda have come in to the groups before. Certainly Moses has been a guest… Yeshua a number of guest appearances on this Tobias show (some laughter)… and indeed Mary, Myriam.

But, now we bring in at this time, at this appropriate time, the whole energy of Sananda. We introduced and brought in this energy a week ago of time in «the land of the unknown,» what you call Norway. So, now that was the preliminary introduction. And, this entire group comes in now because it is truly the time of the birthing of the Christ seed. Most of you have gone through the birthing, you know. You associate this with some of the difficulties and challenges, the loss of your own identity, who you thought you were, some of the physical aches and pains, but yet some of the great new understandings.

So, now it is a matter of— now that the birthing is coming to its completion— now is the time of the expression. Now is the time of the nurturing of this Christed energy within your reality. Now is the time of the imagining and the melding. The Christed energy— what you would call your Divine Self— wants to come to play with you now. It truly wants to come in.

You have been getting these feelings, these even voices and knowingnesses lately. They’re not coming from us. We tell you this over and over. We talk to you in a different way. They are not coming from some outside energies or entities. All of this that is happening to you right now is coming from within… the divine Christed energy coming to you… into your reality… into your Now moment as you breathe… as you embrace life… as you open up. Some of these feelings that you have been getting lately— this feeling of parts and pieces wanting to come together— all play into this. It is the Christed energy wanting to become part of you and part of your life.

It is also the aspects of self that have been lost, that have been scattered, wanting to come back together. Why, Shaumbra? Why would your past lives even— now that you’ve released them— why would those aspects want to come back? Why would some of the fragments of you that you have buried— literally and figuratively— that you have suppressed and hidden away… why would some of the fragments that are off in other dimensions want to come back now?

It is because you are allowing and creating a safe energy. Imbalanced and fragmented energies come back in when it’s safe. You are creating the space in the Now moment where it is safe once again. That is why you have felt energies coming to you. But, give yourself credit for them. Give yourself credit. Some of you think you are being contacted from the outside. But, by default, assume it is coming from the inside.

Right now— how to say— there is a very complex energy dynamic, a type ofenergy grid that would be an amazing painting if one were able to perceive it and paint it. But, there is an amazing network of energies around you— held and supported by so many from our side, but emanating from you— that prevents outside interference right now, because you’ve chosen that, because in this birthing process you need the safe space. You need not to have other energies interfering.

If you have been feeling things, and hearing things, and coming to knowingnesses that seem different, perhaps outside of you, or foreign to you, take a deep breath. Take a second guess. It is you, parts and pieces wanting to come back, past lives wanting to be in your Expanded Now energy, even as they are living in their own realities. And, more than anything it is the Divine and the Christed energy of Self that has been in the cocoon for so long, wanting to come in right now. That is what is happening.

During the music that was just playing, there were woven into this— by us with agreement from you— some very beautiful, some very complex and interesting wonderful energies. That is why we say it is important to include those when you make your recordings here, so others can feel and sense these as well. These are energies that support the coming to you, that support the divine being in your reality, and that support more than anything the safe energy. We love that song that was played. And, it was— how to say— a series of— how to say— energy happenings, somewhat beyond coincidence that made it happen.

We will— with Cauldre’s permission here— we will share a bit of a story to help you understand. You see, he has been quite busy with his dear partner Linda lately… traveling around… bringing us to all different parts of the world for very important work that is being done in each area… work of transformation… work of opening… and work of the imagination… much work being done here. So, he has been quite busy. And, he came upon yesterday and realized that no music had been selected for today. And, he panicked somewhat, not knowing what would be played and thinking in the limited human mindset… that even he does at times. He thought of going back to— how to say— some old music, some with a past. He wasn’t satisfied with this, but he felt it was important to have some music for today.

He was slightly distracted— by us (some laughter)— looking for a piece of paper, a file that he needed at the time, but still inside fretting about this whole music thing, wondering what to play, when suddenly hidden underneath some other paperwork was a package from over two months ago. And, it was gone unopened, had gone out of notice from Cauldre. He looked at the package and for a brief moment thought to himself, «I don’t have time to open this now. I will do it later.»

But, a knowingness came over, a hint and then a nudge to open the package then and now. And, this irritated him somewhat because (more laughter) that is not what he wanted to do… he is quite busy. But, he opened it. And, low and behold, there was a CD with music on it… the music that you are hearing today… specifically the song that you call «Over the Rainbow»… specifically by the singer… the one that is known as Eva Cassidy… specifically recorded before she crossed over to our side with very definite patterns in it, woven into the energies of the music… specifically waiting for Cauldre to open it to play the music… and then have to laugh to himself and come and talk to us.

There is so much more to this song than even what meets the eye. There is so much more to the whole movie that is important to understand right now. Yes, indeed, there was a delightful letter with this CD. And, we appreciate and honor the one who sent this, as well, for the timing was impeccable, and you followed your own heart in sending this. Unfortunately, there was this two—month delay in opening it. But, the time had to wait.

Let us talk for a moment about this movie called the «Wizard of Oz» and the song behind it, «Over the Rainbow.» This movie was a hit. It was popular in your time of the late 1930’s, right before the advent of World War II, which was really, in a sense, a battle of the Light and the dark, a battle to see where Earth would go, a battle to see if the energies of dark or Light would dominate.

We have to say that Earth came to an understanding, and is now beginning to come to the consciousness that neither side won or lost. It was about bringing the energies together. It was about no more warring back and forth between the Light and the dark elements, no more of the two—thirds/one—third going back and forth. That is so much about what World War II was about, not who would win ultimately, but how the energies could be brought back together.

So, this movie and this song came out immediately prior to this world war. It brought people to the theaters. It gave them a song. It gave them a hope in the hour shortly before great Darkness spread over the entire world.

But, it also helped to create the picture and the vibration, the energies of this thing that is now known to us as the New Earth… you see. Somewhere over the rainbow, dear friends, there exists this New Earth that is being worked on right now. Some are already occupying it. It will continue to grow, and it will continue to be worked on.

There is so much to this movie, as well, things that you can relate to— in a sense, the bleakness of life… the black and white of the early part of the movie… the storm coming up… the storm, the tornado that had to shift the energies… yes, indeed the vortex that created the impetus for change… the energies of what would be called Darkness that had to come in to help propel all of the other energies forward. If the tornado hadn’t come in and shifted energies— it moved them, spun them— it would have been difficult to get to the next level. It would have been difficult to cross over the rainbow.

You’ve seen it in your own life— the difficulties… the storm that rolls in to get you off of dead center… to get you out of a neutral position… the storm that rolls in to drastically alter reality… to sweep things out of your life… jobs, yes… relationships… Old concepts… Old beliefs… Old limitations. That storm came into your life to help you make the shift. That storm, in a sense, is coming into the lives of many others. That storm is— in its own unique way— is even coming upon Earth in these next few years, a storm that will help create change.

But, in the movie, in the story Dorothy wakes up on the other side in the land of color, in the land of the New Earth, in the Land of Oz where things are magical… in this whole new beautiful New Earth. Now, most all of you know the rest of the story, the story of the Emerald City, which is, in a sense— how to say— energetically also connected to the New Earth, the beauty, the magic, and the majesty of the New Earth.

And, Dorothy has to follow a path. She has to take a journey. And, so many of you know what that is like. And, along the way she has to learn things— about the heart, and about the mind, and about overcoming fear. She finally makes her way to the city, to the Emerald City… again, symbolic of the New Earth.

And, ultimately, as you know the story, she has to do what? To return home! She has to click her crimson— oh, I’m sorry— ruby slippers (audience laughter). When we were helping to channel this script and this music, we insisted on crimson, but the writers felt that ruby would be better… such a shame (more laughter).

So, dear friends, we’re going to ask a special favor here. We are going to ask to replay that song for you. And, we are going to ask you this time— it is cut 3, by the way, Master of Sound (referring to John Kuderka, the Crimson Circle audio expert). We are going to ask you to listen to it in a different way now. We are going to ask you to open your imaginations. We are going to ask you to bring in the energies of the New Earth here, as you listen to this, as you hear about problems melting away like lemon drops in this New place, because the New Earth doesn’t have the problems, doesn’t have the duality challenges that you have had here on this Old Earth. We are going to ask you listen and feel the energies of wishing upon a star. And, when you wake up, the clouds are far behind… far behind… a metaphor for saying you are leaving duality… a metaphor for saying that you are coming into a whole New Energy.

Again, listen to the energy, not just the words and the music, but the total energy that comes in. I have even spoken about daring to dream the dreams, daring to allow your dreams to become reality. This is about the imagination, to dream the dreams, to dare yourself to allow these to come, to open the imagination. That will take you over the rainbow. That will take you to the energies of the New Earth, the New Energy. But, it will allow it to all come in to your reality, to your Now moment.

Remember… the whole time Dorothy was seeking to get home, even when she was in the Emerald City, even when she was in this grand palace, she still sought to get home. She allowed her imagination to soar. She allowed herself to get back to the Now moment. She allowed herself to bring part of that New Energy, part of the New Earth back to her.

She, in a sense, by crossing over the rainbow the first time took one huge step, transcended into a New level. She was able to go to the New Energy. But, then she did another beautiful and wonderful thing. She completed the circle by coming back, by bringing it into her Now.

This is a decision that so many of you are faced with. Do you go to the New Earth now? Do you transcend? Or, do you go to the New Earth, and then complete the circle, and bring it back into the Now like Dorothy did? When you do, everything becomes different.

So, with the energy of Sananda now, with everything that is woven into this specific song and this specific rendition of the song, we ask you to breathe in, open your imagination, and allow yourself to be a little bluebird with us.

Tobias continuing to speak while the music of «Over the Rainbow» is playing:

Take a deep breath, Shaumbra. This was written for you.

Breathe in Sananda.

Breathe in the energy that we are all creating together.

The lyrics to «Over the Rainbow» are as follows:

Over the Rainbow


Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high,
There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere, over the rainbow skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.
One day I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That’s where you’ll find me.
Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly,
Birds fly over the rainbow,
Why, oh, why can’t I?
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That’s where you’ll find me.
Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly,
Birds fly over the rainbow,
Why then, oh why can’t I?

And, our thanks to Bob for playing along with this whole presentation.

Dear friends, this movie and this song were some of the greatest channeled works of recent times, containing so much energy behind even the music and the sounds, even the pictures on the screen. So, we ask all of Shaumbra to revisit this movie between now and our next gathering, because this contains so much energy and information that has to do with those who are ready to awaken. Yes, there are many levels here in the movie. It can be watched simply for enjoyment. It can be watched again later, and you see metaphors and symbols. You come to new understandings.

Watch it again now that you are walking with New Energy to see how it is a story about your journey. It is a story about walking into the New Energy. It is a story about the new Earth, all brought together. It is a story then about: do you choose to bring this energy of New Earth back to you? Look at all of the characters and the symbols, even the witch in the Land of Oz in the role that was played, even the way the witch was overcome… melted away.

So, so much here, and we share this today, because we are moving into this whole realm of creative imagination energy. And, it starts with the safe space. We have spoken of the safe space in a Shoud not so very long ago. We set the energy there, and we continue it today. We talked about the fact that New Energy is safe energy. It is balanced. It is an energy of «four.» It is like a stool that has four legs, rather than three, or just two. A stool with two is very imbalanced. But, one with four is safe.

So, right now, Shaumbra, we play that song back for you, because also in it are energies of «safe.» When you are in a safe space, you are more likely to open your imagination… when it is safe. When the world around you is not safe… when the newspapers are filled with stories of wars… stories of all types of crime… what happens? People stay inside. You stay inside.

But, right now you are literally sitting in a safe energy. Yes, there can be all sorts of things happening around you. But, your energy is safe, because you are creating it that way. It is a very simple concept. It doesn’t need a lot of explanation or a lot of thinking. If you choose a safe space, it is there. We have spoken before that you don’t need to create these walls all around you of white light. It is simply about acknowledging that you are always in a safe space. When you get onto an airplane, the airplane becomes a safe space, because you are on it. When you are driving in your car, it becomes a safe space… if you choose that. Every moment of every Now is a safe space.

Now, some of you think, «Yes, but happens if I walk out the door and get run over by a car? Then what, Tobias? What about your safe space?» What is happening here? Where is your attention going? Where is your imagination going? Outside into an unsafe space! You are allowing yourself to go there. It is about being in that safe space every moment of time.

You still exist in a world of duality, so there will still be all of these things happening around you. But, you can be in the center of the storm and not have it affect you. Every moment you can be in the safe space. When you are in this, you begin to affect everything else around you.

You will first notice it in your pets. They absorb, and feel, and resonate with your energy. If you are in a safe space, they will become in a safe space. They will no longer have to process large amounts of energies for you, to take on illnesses, or— how to say— imbalances on your behalf. They do that for you, you know… yes. But, when you are sitting and being in the Now safe space, they don’t have to do that.

It begins to affect others immediately around you. Oh, there was a period of time indeed where— how to say— you felt they were going out of your life. You felt a distance and a separation between you, and family, and loved ones. But, now as you begin every moment in the safe energy, they begin to feel it also. It changes your relationship with them. It changes them, if they choose that potential that you are radiating from within you. You are doing it quietly. You are doing it without preaching. You are doing it without waving your hands to move energy. You simply are being. You are in that safe energy.

It can be unsafe, in a sense, all around you because people are still playing their games in duality. There could be wars or crime all around you. But, that is not you… that is not you. So, you say, «But, if I’m in a safe energy, how come I read the newspaper and see all of these things? Don’t I have to worry? Don’t I have to worry about all of these terrible things?»

No, Shaumbra, it is different now, and you are different now. There can be chaos all around. Your energy is safe. Your energy is balanced, literally walking in a New Energy. You’ll see if you continue to do this how it changes everything around you and how even after a short period of time this chaos that is existing all around even seems to go away.

THE SAFE ENERGY IS THE FOUNDATION FOR IMAGINATION. When you are feeling and allowing yourself to be in safe energies, then the imagination can truly express, and play, and open up. So, we talk about safety and things around you in your physical reality and the fact that you can be safe and not affected by those things.

But, now let’s go on the inside of you. Ah… sometimes you even feel it’s less safe in here on the inside (some laughter) than it is on the outside. That is why you spend so much of your energies on the outside, trying to keep active, trying to occupy the moment because you don’t necessarily want to go on the inside. We ask you to just feel for a moment.

We know so often it has felt unsafe in here, the battles that go on in your mind, unsafe of even being in this physical body, wondering when it’s going to give out on you, when it’s going to betray you. In a sense, you’ve hidden yourself away within yourself because it felt very unsafe in here, the demons, the energies that seem overwhelming, very unsafe on the inside, in a sense, represented here by the witch and all of her soldiers, very unsafe here.

So, Shaumbra, how to bring safety back to the inside, how to feel balanced within yourself? First, it is simply about breathing it through. Indeed, it does wonders. Secondly, it’s about not trying any longer to annihilate what you would call the Darkness or the imbalances. That has caused such a problem for so many who have been imbalanced to the light, for instance. Everything had to be light, not acknowledging the dark. They work together. This was discovered in this WWII of yours. They work together.

It is about acknowledging that it is all part of you. It is about acknowledging the fact that, dear friends, this evilness that you have worried about for so often in your life— not the evil on the outside, but the evil on the inside, that Darkness on the inside —is not going to consume you. It’s not going to consume you. It doesn’t want to. And, it can’t. It is part of you. It wants to move with you into this New Energy. It has as much desire to be there as the lightness within you does, you see. You can’t leave it behind.

It is about understanding and feeling so safe within yourself that you can let down all those barriers and walls, all of the little mental things that you have created, all of the little tricks that you have done within yourself to ward off the demons and the evil spirits from within. Some of you on the inside, you look like these fortresses with all sorts of built—up walls and all sorts of armament, warding off energies. And, they are your own energies. It’s all in the inside. Some of you have isolated yourself so much within yourself— not afraid of the outside— but afraid of what’s inside. You can be in a safe energy now and invite every part of yourself into that. There doesn’t have to be the battles of the mind anymore.

Some of you were literally driving yourself crazy… literally. And, then you called upon us, or Spirit. You called upon us to come in. And, there was a time, a brief moment, when you actually listened because you were so desperate (some laughter). But, then you listened more and more. And, you began listening to yourself. You began trusting yourself a little bit more.

It is time to feel so safe within your being that even the Divine can come through. There is not some part of you that’s a ghoul, or a demon, or a monster, not some part within you that is going to possess you. It is all you. It is all divine. It is all glorious.

We know some of you feel very guarded when we begin talking like this. You have spent so much of your life— and many past lives— barricading yourself within yourself, fearing the darkest aspects of yourself. It is time to let that go. It is time to feel so open, and safe, and trusting that you can take all of that down now. You can get rid of the walls. You can get rid of all of the weapons that you created, the mental weapons, you see, to keep the inner darkness out.

You played some wonderful tricks with yourself… broken yourself into pieces… created secret passageways within yourself… created a whole elaborate code of energies… tunnels… doors… barriers… schemes… and tricks within yourself, so that you didn’t have to face this darkness. You even attributed it to coming from the outside. You blamed it on the outside world so often.

Dear friends, we played that music for you, music that was created a while back. We created that so that you would feel an energy here and now. And, you could feel so safe within yourself, so safe to let down the guard, so safe to let go of the Old mental tricks you have played on yourself.

When you come to this safe space inside and outside, an energy that allows you to be everything that you are— everything that you are— that is when the imagination can truly, truly have a stage to perform on, when you can open up and allow all of these energies to come in. This is where the imagination has wings and can fly. It is a wonderful thing. It is where you can open up now.

Let us talk here a bit about the imagination. We know some of you are still wondering about this, trying to figure it out, working with it, but not quite sure. What is imagination? What is the mind? What are dreams? What is reality? The imagination again is not located in a single part of your body. It is an aspect of who you are that has always been there. It has been shut down for so very long.

Again, as we have said, you have been told not to daydream. You have been told that your ideas are crazy. Not at all, Shaumbra! Your ideas were just ahead of their time. The daydreaming was part of the whole process in this awakening that you have gone through. It was important to do that. This whole area of imagination is the divine energy coming in. It is the aspect of you that has wings so it can go out and explore potentials.

Let us use this an example. Let’s say you sit down to watch television. Imagine yourself, sitting in your chair, or your sofa, about to watch television. Now, the television is blank. There is nothing on it. There are no pictures until you turn it on. So, you say that there is nothing in there. It is just a television set. Ah… but is it? Is it, Shaumbra?

You see… that is a 3—D way of looking at it, because within that box— even before it is switched on with that remote control of yours— are hundreds and thousands of potentials yet to be selected. So, you turn on your television. Some of you have access to several channels, some to hundreds and hundreds of channels… almost mind—boggling the choices that you have.

But, you turn on your favorite channel right away. And, you say to yourself, «So, there is one thing on the screen. There is one thing coming from my television, the show I like to watch.» Or is there? Is there? Is that just a reality you have selected from the imagination, the one that you have brought in? Because right behind that are hundreds of other programs… they are there. They are there. You don’t see them. They are not contained inside that box that you watch, but they are there.

Try this… instead of having one television set, put a dozen television sets in the same room. Turn them each to a different program. Now, you say, «But, Tobias, this sounds confusing. We have all this noise and all these images. How can I possibly connect with all of this?» Ah… Old Energy limited thinking because literally and figuratively you can connect with all of these simultaneously.

This is a bit of— how to say— an example of how the imagination works, how when you release the limitations your TV set is no longer a TV set. It is a tool for potentials of all of the shows that can be brought in, hundreds and hundreds of different programs that can be brought in through that box, not just one, but hundreds. They exist simultaneously in the Now moment, any one of them ready to be selected. But, you don’t have to select just one. You can select many. Your attention, your focus, and your energies can feel and perceive many shows at one time, many, many potentials.

What we are saying here, Shaumbra, is: DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF. Allow your imagination to have wings. Allow your reality now to transcend, to go over the rainbow. It is not about the one program or the one reality playing in front of you right now. You see just one. You are so used to it, so locked into it, you see just one.

But, in addition to this reality right now are almost an infinite number, but let us say thousands and thousands and thousands of other realities that exist right here right now… you see. It is where we allow our focus to be placed. And, it is how we perceive them. Some of those realities will not be perceived in normal human terms that you are used to. They will not be perceived necessarily in physical terms.

While we were playing the music for you before, you were hearing something, yes. You were hearing words. You were hearing music, perhaps even feeling a vibration of music. But, at the same time simultaneously, there were a hundred more different energies at work, energies that perhaps could not be perceived with the eyes, and the ears, and the skin. But, they were there. You put them there, and we put them there to give you this example, energies that were swirling all around that can be tapped into.

You don’t have to be only just sitting here. You can now be open to all of the other realities that exist at the same time. Sounds confusing, dear friends? It is only because you are not used to it yet. But, you will get there. You can have multiple realities and potentials existing together in a Now moment.

This is another misconception that you have to go out there into the other reality. No, instead, it comes to you. It comes into the Expanded Now moment that you are in. This is where you make contact with us right now. You are a human sitting in chairs, or on your sofas, lying on the floor some of you. But, there’s another reality that exists where you are also in the energy of the House of Sananda. You are with us. We are having another conversation right now, an entirely different conversation that can be tapped into.

Some of you here put on the brakes again. You say, «But, Tobias, it sounds like I am going to go crazy with all of these things!» Remember… you are in a safe energy. You are in a safe energy inside you and outside you. And, we will continue to work with you to support that. Indeed, this foundation of safe energy is important here. That is why we have been stressing it for quite some time. That is why we pushed the point with you about embracing life, about making a choice to be here or not.

So, you are in the safe energy, and now you can begin to open up into these other realms. You can have multiple realities occurring together at the same time. Your imagination has wings. It can soar, but it brings the energies back to you. It is about breathing these in. It is about feeling so safe to have these things begin to happen in your life and so comfortable, all while being in human form in the Now moment. It is not about you denying the humanness. It is about expanding the humanness, all at the same time.

As you allow the imagination to soar, it also begins to attract a whole new set of things to you— people… opportunities… resources… and energy. When you have been focused on the third dimension only, you are limited in what you brought to you energetically. But, now as we open up into the other realms, more can come back to you.

The imagination is not trying to— how to say— we are not trying to be specific here. Some of you have struggled with this these past few months. You have visualized, not imagined. Visualization is something that comes from the mind. It is a mental exercise. You have tried to visualize something. And, we know there is a fine line here between the two.

Imagining is allowing your energies to go out to soar, and to fly, and to view, and to feel different potentials that exist. Go in to feel the dark potentials, for instance, or what you would call negative potentials of reality. But, also view the positive. Allow yourself to soar and to feel all of the different scenarios. And, then make a selection… or two… or three… or four… you see. Then, breathe them back into your Now moment.

When we say you don’t have to get specific, you don’t have to imagine a new house. That is visualizing. You imagine. You feel a life where all of the material things are taken care of for you… you see. It is that simple. You are trying to make it too complex.

When you imagine… imagine for a moment here with us. Dream for a moment what it would be like to have the material things in your life taken care of for you… the car being there… the home being there… the bills being paid… all of those things. Imagine that. Dream it. Ah… what a relief! Ah… the energy of relief comes in that you don’t have to worry about that. It is taken care of.

You also don’t have to hang on to it. It is just there. It’s not going to go away. You don’t have to harness it or trap it. Just imagine… imagine that energy coming in. Breathe it into your reality and allow it to manifest. Don’t get literal or controlling with it. Allow it to manifest.

Breathe in the energy of a biology that is strong and healthy, a biology that you are connected with. And, imagine that potential. You see… so many of you… you worry about getting old… you hear all this news… you hear that if you even drink water these days, you’re going to die. You’re frightened of life from a biological standpoint. So, what happens? The imagination, by default, goes there. That potential is selected. It comes to you… right back in your life.

How about imagining a biology that serves you, that is strong and healthy? Don’t get into the details here. You don’t have to worry about your cholesterol count, or any of those things right now. It is about selecting that reality, that potential, breathing it in, having such a safe space within yourself that it manifests. It comes to be within you. As you imagine like this, as you imagine what you choose, the FEELING of what you choose in your life, it does come to you.

There are still things you are going to need to do for the time being, still things that the physical body has to do to make things happen. You still have to get behind the wheel to drive a car. You still have to— how to say— do other physical, maybe even mundane things. Indeed, that will change. But, for right now there are still those things. But, you can use the imagination to bring all of these other things into your life.

That is only the beginning. That is only serving the basic human needs. Then, the imagination can go to work. You can work with it to begin a whole— how to say— a series of new discoveries into realms that you have never tapped into before, a whole new— how to say— understanding that transcends any of the earthly needs, any of the emotional needs, any of the physical needs. Now, you can start— how to say— bringing such energies into your life that are filled with creativity, with understanding that will make this 3—D human life look so very small and limited. You can begin to exist multi—dimensionally all in the Now moment.

But, first, it is about creating the safe space, creating the energy where it is safe on the outside. You’re not worried about the external world anymore, and especially safe on the inside.

So, we meld these energies on this day with you. Yes, we speak the words, but it is you who allow yourself to feel everything else that we’re doing here. You meld the energies of safe with the energies of imagination today to allow you to open up into these other realms.

So, dear Shaumbra, go beyond these words. Allow the imagination to soar. Allow yourself to expand and begin living, not just as a human, but as a multi—reality Divine Human. There will be— how to say— some very interesting things in this next month, some— how to say— interesting occurrences and shifts in your life in terms of being able to access other levels. You begin to see simply the need for your human needs… it’s not so important anymore. You are able to journey into these other spaces and bring them back to you.

All of this ties into what is being done on the New Earth right now. Everything that you are helping to create there, you can also bring back here. You can cross back over the rainbow.

On the New Earth there are not the type of human problems that you have been faced with here on the Old Earth. On the New Earth there are not the physical limitations that you have here on the Old Earth. On the New Earth the imagination is allowed to express itself openly without fear. The imagination is allowed to soar to new levels.

The New Earth is a safe space for all who are there, for all who visit there. It is a balanced energy. It is not in conflict. It is not about duality. The New Earth is where all of the more mundane things, what you would call the— how to say— the essential things are taken care of. It allows everyone who is there to explore into the other realms to learn how to use Creator energies in a whole new and different way.

It is possible right now to bridge all of this, to bring it back into this reality, to start working with it here. That is why we are in this whole area now, talking about the imagination, talking about New Energies and bringing all of these together. You don’t have to go… leave your physical body to go off to the New Earth. You can begin to bring those energies back now. You can bring those back now. It is possible. It was not possible a year of time ago, or five years of time. It is about allowing it into your life, imagining it into your life, dear Shaumbra.

You have a— how to say— your annual gathering of Shaumbra coming up soon, a few months of time from now. You gather together in this place of Santa Fe. The details— the human details— are being worked on right now, but, more than anything, the details on our side are well underway. And, there are some things here that we are going to offer from our side on this.

This conference should be about the safe energy, the safe New Energy. This conference should be about creating such a safe space that together with Shaumbra we can truly, truly burst through the walls to open imagination in a whole new way, to have some— what you would call— amazing and profound discoveries, journeys, and New understandings here, no longer about these— how to say— these Old human things you have been going through, the struggling and the suffering. We go to New realms right now.

So, at our gathering here in a few months in Santa Fe it will be about the safe energy again, the imagination, about soaring to some New levels. We are going to bring in so much energy from our side. And, we ask that everyone who performs and presents there open their imagination, helps to create this safe energy space. We are going to use this as— how to say— a true launching point for new work that we are all going to do together.

So, dear Shaumbra, you’ve come this far. Now, it is time to use the imagination energies, coming from a safe space to allow all of the basic human needs to be taken care of for you now. There is no sense in wasting so much of your energies on these things. Allow the imagination to choose the potential and bring it back in… to choose this whole energy of having these basic things taken care of. That way we can work so much closely together into the New realms, into the true New Energy of Earth.

It has been a delight once again to work with you, not only to share our words, but to share all of the other activities. We do ask that each one of you in this next month of time review this wonderful movie that you had. It was created by one who was very enlightened, going by the name of L. Frank Baum, who was Shaumbra, indeed, who had a great understanding of the New Energy and the New Age, and who helped to write the book, «The Wizard of Oz,» many other books as well. But, indeed, this book, «The Wizard of Oz,» was written by him, helped pass over to help bring in a New Energy to you, and to help create a picture of this whole thing called the New Earth.

So, with that, we ask all of you now to understand that you can allow the imagination to soar. You can breathe it in now. Breathe it into a safe energy in and around you. Let the imagination know that it is safe now to play, inside and outside of you, all around you.

So, the energies of Sananda are here to support you in everything that you do, everywhere we go from this point forward.

And so it is!

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