Impending Magnetic Pole Reversal

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Impending Magnetic Pole Reversal
by Christ Michael and Candace Frieze
WednesdayMarch 18, 2009 about 11AM MST
Published on Saturday March 21st, 2009.

True North Versus Magnetic North

Taken from: in this website on March 23, 2009.  Read also the articles "The Inversion of the Magnetic Poles"  and "The Shift Is Happening Now".


I discussed what I was seeing with everybody I know “up there” and was beginning to want something for you all, feeling it appropriate, but not wanting to put out something too early. The sun seemed to nearly stop that morning of March 18th, and I freaked a bit. Then it took off again. I have held this piece since then, wanting to acquire more data and not put it out too early. Tonight Christ Michael dinged my head really strongly and said he wanted it up now. He had agreed to my desire to wait a bit. I completely re wrote my part and made a little chart of simple date through this evening, Saturday, March 21, 2009. There was a coronal hole expected March 20, and this has been minor and strange. I expected it to be bigger, it’s not acting normally. I assumed the coronal hole might well stabilize the magnetic field for a bit, which is one reason I wanted to wait awhile. OK, on to the piece:

Christ Michael:

Dearly beloveds, Candace will do a large quantity of filling you in at the end of this regards the noticeable changes. The planet is going into magnetic pole reversal and we have made the decision to not prevent it, but merely keep it slowed down. Candace informed me of the sun rising 20 minutes LATE today, and that is a large clue, beloveds. I do not fully time your sunrise because I am parked out past Saturn’s orbit right now. (Candace: it was probably not that late, the previous measurement was EARLY. 20 minutes change from Monday to Wednesday is huge.)

Now this is a magnetic pole reversal, not a flip or axis change. This means the sun will continue to slow down, maybe be more erratic in this for up to perhaps a day, perhaps sooner, perhaps a bit longer. This means the planet is preparing to slow her rotation. Then it will stop for a period of time, a few hours at most, and then the sun will begin moving backwards to set again in the east, or nor rise at all for some of you. This is the period of 3 days of darkness as the planet gradually stops, reverses and keeps up the reversal until the sun rises in the west.

This is the Day of Judgment in your religious books, as many do not survive, and the earth changes greatly pick up, but not to the degree they do from a large axis change. We will keep the change very slow, lasting approximately a couple of weeks which will slow the earth changes. We do not wish to have massive lost of life from carbon dioxide in the air.

Now, once this is flagrantly obvious to earth residents, we will start the stasis process, which will take about 4 hours. I desire earth residents that will survive this and awaken out of stasis to see this. This is in part the result of Jupiter, and why we have kept its progress greatly slowed, so we have more control. Those of you who think you are watching Jupiter, are watching “Star Ship Jupiter”, as Candace likes to call it, and “Star Ship Venus” too, dear ones, which for the last year at least has been dancing in the sky periodically.

You on earth are not waking up much to this with Venus and other starships dancing at night. But so be it. You will awaken rapidly shortly and many religions know of what pole reversals are. If not by that name, the 3 days of darkness will get attention, when the sun begins to move backwards.

The plans otherwise change not. There will not be a general evacuation, since most people would not board ship anyway, and also because we will go into stasis and proceed as expected.  However, we have not said this before, this was going to occur during stasis anyway and the people would awaken to the Western sunrise.

We have suggested there would be significant earth changes during stasis, and this is one method of accomplishing that. We have done all we can do in terms of awakening a sleeping people and it has not been successful. Yes, some, but not enough. So we allow the Mother her freedom at this time. The pollution is huge, the dark have already installed most of the New World Order excepting Russia and China, and there are awful things coming your way. Since enough of earth residents have asked for intervention even if they don’t know what they are asking for, that is why we have gone with this other plan of the last several years of coverage of such.

The length of stasis is not determined, as it is based on observation, time, and fixing of issues, necessary earth changes and the like. Two years is but a simple estimate. We will be putting most of the life on the planet into stasis until the earth movements are stabilized and the air cleansed enough of carbon dioxide to awaken the animal life. Plants will benefit from the higher levels of carbon dioxide and this is useful and needed in fact. Some life forms will be evacuated during the early parts, and all who are continuing the Ascension will be evacuated after stasis is in place to areas of safety IF in harm’s way. Build-ups of carbon dioxide and other chemicals do not affect bodies in stasis. This is why a more general stasis has been planned but not released for some time now.

Now I do suggest getting some batteries as electricity may cease or be sporadic. We will make sure all on earth are aware of this before the stasis starts. Some are asleep right now, and may or may not see a rising sun when they awaken, but it won’t be up any too long.

Now the planet might right herself a bit longer, but probably not. Have lighting if you need it, and blankets for cold depending on your climate. A long night will be ahead for some. Please, as soon as you notice the sun stopping, get in touch with all your circles and let them know to not be afraid. We will not have access to TV and many of your dark are attempting to flee now, they know. I will stop here and let Candace post her observations so we can get this up. I will meet many of you during the stasis period and have no fear over these few remaining hours, but do help others through it until stasis begins. Again, wait until the evidence is huge, before contacting them. Namaste, Christ Michael/Aton.


Well, something went amiss over 3 weeks ago, on Monday February 23 [2009]. I was rather suddenly struck with quite severe vertigo to the point my eyes must have been moving, because the furniture was moving back and forth. This persisted for perhaps an hour, and settled a bit and I was able to barely drive to attend something of importance to me. During the next several hours it came and went, and has been persistent since then, mostly if I bend over and that sort of thing, but sometimes no bending required. . I did beg for an answer as to what was going on, but was told no… for now on that knowledge, but my guess was the planet was rocking and rolling enough to disturb the balancing mechanism of the ears. This has greatly decreased now. I haven’t noticed eye movement since that first day. I went complaining to Andrea, my guardian angel, but she refused to suggest ideas except the Mother was having problems.

I have watched the Big Dipper for years. Last spring sometime somebody put out on the Internet that the earth’s tilt had changed and I didn’t want to believe the degree of change until The Big Dipper was hanging around where I normally watch it in the summer and it seemed a bit south from what it used to be at that time of the year. This persisted; I didn’t notice it moving around.

Lately it moves north and south frequently, as it is currently in the North East in the evening. I can’t tell if it moves east west, but I can tell the north south by the amount of tipping back of my head to see it. When it’s north, I just have to lift my eyes. If it has moved south enough I have to really crank my head back. I make sure I stand in exactly the same place on my driveway which lies north south. My home is set almost perfectly east/west and North South.

Now about 2 ½ weeks ago, which I can sort of date because of based on my activities then, I was working on the computer early evening and noticed it was suddenly nearly dark at 7:10. I was messaging with a friend and that’s why I remember the time. I was quite disturbed by this, knowing it meant a disturbance in the earth’s rotation. If sunset or sunrise are early, this implies an increase in the speed of rotation. The sky was clear, so clouds weren’t the cause of the problem. It was just about dark enough for the stars to come out already!

On March 6, a person who was a professional astronomer for 41 years posted on a forum I visit that the sun had since the day before (3/5) moved 15 degrees south at sunset. She had been observing it for 2 months, because it wasn’t moving very fast north apparently. I am not fully sure of those details, but several people the last few days have been stating the sun is still too far south for this time of year, which would explain her watching it for these past 2 months. I concur to some degree, because the sun at mid day is just a bit above my south window, which feels odd and I thought at times it wasn’t as far south as it should be for winter. I pay some degree of attention for the free heat through that window. She recorded more movement over the next 24 hours and the total movement in 2 days was 30 degrees south! It is supposed to move north after Solstice in December. (For those in the Northern Hemisphere)

I began to notice sunrise times fluctuating back and forth for several days, over a span of 10 minutes or so, but did not write it down, and also some north south fluctuating at sunrise. A member of my team who is outdoors at 7 in the morning regularly sometimes was needing to turn on his car lights, and other times had sunlight already the past week or so. Now the sunrise and set varies 1-2 minutes, each day. It should continue north until June 20th, then move south again. I began to watch the sunset from a place where I could easily see whether it was moving north or south, but again, not being careful about the time.

Well, Sunday March 17th, I decided I had best starting documenting all this better. CM and Esu told we had an impending pole reversal and that a few weeks of this huge degree of fluctuation are part of that process. There are daily changes, often even in an hour’s time, of tilt and rotation. Each day I am marking more places in my house to chart shadow moving, etc., so I can easily see a difference. Last weekend, they said they had been correcting the changes but a meeting was to be held to determine whether to throw in the rag or not, and just allow the reversal. As you can see above, a controlled reversal was going to be carried out during stasis. So the meeting was held and the decision made to stop interfering with corrections. The reason I asked for the piece above if appropriate on Wednesday is because I witnessed the sun apparently stopping for maybe an hour that morning.

I am going to make a chart below of my observations recorded since Monday. Now the sunrise and set times are not actual. They are the times at the locations I am watching that I have chosen where I can observe also north south movement. I assume the sun is setting a bit earlier than what charts say for Denver, because they aren’t including the effect of the mountains. In general this week sunrise is shortly after 7 am, moving to 7 am this morning, and from 7:10 on this week for set. I determine “high noon” by shadow, when there is no angle. It’s easy to do. High noon should be roughly the middle period between rise and set, so this is a few minutes after 1 pm, on MDT. We have roughly 12 hours from rise to set right now. My sunrise position is when the disk is fully above my shed. By using my shed with my east facing sliding window, the center section is perfect to determine direction. Now the sun does begin to move south right after the rise. I do not have a clear view of rise, a hill, castle and big tree create a problem right now. I don’t feel like driving somewhere that early to get a better view.

I placed some tape on a table in front of my south window. I have 2 places marked, and I placed an earlier mark on the table a day later. If I don’t have data for these locations, you see either “none” meaning I hadn’t set it up yet, or clouds. At set and rise I will put N or S for direction of sun movement if available. The 2nd table mark is shortly before the sun moves enough it doesn’t come through that window anymore.



High Noon


 Table #1

Table #2

3/16 7:12 N None 6:56 N  None None
3/17 Estimated 7:25
None 6:53 N None None
3/18 7:32  N 1:35  clouds None None
3/19 7:30  S 1:15  6:53 N None 5:45
3/20 clouds 12:56 6:50 Way S! 3:29 4:50
5:30!!! Appeared Twice
Sun came back!
3/21 7:27 N 1:31 S 6:28 Way N 3:05 5:00

Yesterday I chalked my driveway shadow at high noon to detect N/S movement. Today it moved south of that mark by about 6 inches. Also I noticed south movement out my south window today at least, didn’t have to move my head so much to see the sun.

Interesting, huh??!!!!!

There are others at AHS and personal friends noticing some changes. These occur often and in short time. Just because somebody several times zones east of me had a normal sunrise, doesn’t NOT mean I had a normal sunrise! I have experience all sort of arguments against this as I also post some of it on another board besides AHS. Lots of folks are telling me this is impossible. The favorite comment, is well, the sun does move some each day. NOT to the degree above and with these folks, no amount of my explaining holds any water with them. There is fear.

One person on the other board posted that this had never happened in “recorded history” so it was not possible. The professional astronomer has been “poo pooed” there as much as I have. I did explain to that person that recorded history always Re-starts after pole reversals, axis shifts and big asteroid hits. When I added more data to one thread going, a cartoon character was placed about me being in “outer space.” But folks on that board are concerned about all the anomalies in the magnetosphere, and the electron fluctuations, etc.

And speaking of that, boy, we have had some long and longer episodes of “magnetopause” the last week too, including one lasting more or less about 14 hours yesterday, preceded by a short pause, and then one 6 hours on March 12. I know there are some professionals worried. One person who watches the electrons was complaining mid January about them. I am noticing changes in them myself by I don’t know what it means.

So when does the reversal happen? I don’t know. I am told it takes a few weeks, but we are maybe 3 weeks now into this? I would NOT suggest it to others until it is obvious. There is no preparation and you can only hope to relieve fear in talking about the celestials will put the planet to sleep before the severe changes manifest. That is really all you can do. If you start in early suggesting it, you will cause fear, or be the laughing stock of your circles. I will keep you informed. I am thinking also of collecting my posts from AHS on this topic. There are lots of questions and that is perhaps the best way to deal with them. Take care, Candace.

PS: I will send this to Patrick Bellringer on   Please understand again, for those of you who read there, that is NOT the big tipping of the axis he writes about. The polarity "flips", but the planet does NOT, nor does is the axis going to reposition itself. This is also NOT Nibiru’s doing, it is NOT here.



Esu Comments on Magnetic Pole Reversal
Esu Sananda Through Jess Anthony
Sunday March 22, 2009, 14:24

Taken from:

Jess:Esu talked to me this morning about the upcoming events, but I wanted to do some research before I posted his comments to better understand what he was saying.

It is really helpful to Google "magnetic pole reversals” and read what is currently out there. There have been many pole reversals in Earth’s history, the last one estimated at 780,000 years ago. Many scientists feel a magnetic reversal is due, so the concept here is not a surprise in the scientific community. Aside from the Wikipedia entries listed, a couple of really interesting sites are: this site on Pole Reversals by 2012:

I found there is a difference between the magnetic north pole and the geomagnetic north pole. The latter one is the top point of the globe where the rotational axis passes. The magnetic north pole is the portion of the magnetic flow that points to the geomagnetic north pole. Since opposites attract, its polarity is, in fact, south. The two poles only approximately line up, and the magnetic one wanders all over the place. It is interesting to know that the sun flips its magnetic poles every 7-15 years connected with increase sun spot activity. Scientists don’t know the affect a reversal would have on Earth, but they suspect it is not devastating. The problems come from the prolonged time a reversal normally takes–over a thousand years. This obviously is what Christ Michael wants to avoid. The weakening of the magnetic field seems to be a prelude to a pole flip, and this has been going on for a while. The Earth’s magnetism is generated by the dynamo effect of the hot inner core rotating faster than its surrounding, cooler outer core. The strongest waves go geographically north and south.

The situation with the Earth’s erratic rotation is a different issue than the magnetic reversal. It does seem to be weakening the magnetic field and breaking up the direction of the magnetic flow by causing disruptions in the heating of the inner core. It would seem reasonable to suspect that increased energy from the sun and Jupiter would also be triggering instability on the surface.


Jess: Esu, I ask today for clarification and guidance. What is happening with Earth and with stasis? What can we probably expect, and what should we do to prepare? Speak about how the decision is made to prioritize Earth’s needs. Speak about events that most likely will occur, including before and during stasis. I thank you for communicating with me.

Esu: Let’s speak of what is to come. Earth is becoming erratic in its rotation. The axis position is moving constantly causing what you have termed a wobble in its rotation. Celestial bodies appear in different places than they are scheduled to be, and their positions are shifted because of the position of Earth’s tilt in relation to them. The more serious problem, in your terms, is the need to reverse the direction of the Earth’s rotation. This is necessary to re-spin the top, as it were, and keep Earth rotating at a fresh and stable angle. This action is not a unique event in terms of planetary movements; it happens to all planets as they reach the end of one cycle and need to begin another. This action was always planned to happen during the period you are calling stasis. That action in itself was the anomaly. Planets normally reverse their course naturally to begin the process of restructuring themselves with no assistance or extra consideration of the life forms that exist there at that time.

People on Earth have developed an awareness of the need for change, although most don’t understand what that literally entails. The awareness has caused a decision to be made to assist the inhabitants to undertake the process of shifting to a new phase of existence. This was not the sole decision of Christ Michael Aton. This was the decision of a council representing those who create universes as an expression of the intent of the Creator Source. The construction of all local universes such as Nebadon is overseen by the beings that design the elements that make a universe possible. In creating Nebadon, Christ Michael acted in accordance with their guidance, although he initiated the idea for the unique structure his universe took. His idea as approved as an extension of the Creator Source, and his plans were coordinated by those who make universes possible.

To put the creation of Nebadon into more context, the overseers in the Central Race in Havona that manifested the creation of the seventh superuniverse of Orvonton as a representation of the three-person Trinity set in motion the process that allowed Christ Michael Aton to explore the issues of choice and co-creation that characterize the nature of Nebadon.  The universe builders shaped this concept into a physical form that would embody the concept. Earth was developed as a seed planet within the periphery of the organized systems and energy sources. It was intended to be a special laboratory for trial and experimentation that would benefit the rest of the Nebadon structure.  Earth was not created first, but it developed later as the need for more complex experimentation became manifest.

Earth was taken over and then put into quarantine. The direct nourishment that alignment with universal truth will bring was stopped to allow these new issues of rejection to work themselves out. These ideas were at odds with the most direct progression Earth would normally take. By that I mean Earth had to compromise her natural tendencies to accommodate ideas that were imposed from beyond her system. Earth was flexible to a remarkable extent, but the strength of the resistance to Christ Michael’s concept exhausted her resources and brought her to the shape she is in today. Much as a physical person would be in your experience, she is unwilling to continue to accommodate the foreign elements and seeks to throw them off in the only way she can naturally.  This process has been monitored and assisted for several years, always attempting to accommodate the needs of the inhabitants at the same time Earth’s most crucial needs were addressed. The resources of Earth are used up, at this point, and a change is mandatory to continue to preserve the planet. This limit has been known and has been a consideration in all the sequence of deadlines and delays that have been decided. The last decision was to interfere with Earth’s progression no longer and allow her to take the traditional course for change by reversing the magnetic polarity caused by the sun’s interaction with Earth’s rotation.

This reversal is typically caused by a slowing down of the speed of the rotation, which allows the direction of the polarity to be drawn in another direction. Stopping the rotation leads to a pause in the sun’s apparent movement that is caused by the stopped rotation. The Earth is a ball, of sorts, and stopping it from spinning while it orbits around the sun will cause one part to be dark and one part to be in the light until it begins rotating again. This resumption of spinning in a reverse direction will reverse Earth’s magnetic orientation to the sun.  The geographic north pole of the Earth’s axis will remain positioned as it is, but the direction of the magnetic current will flow towards the south pole.

This shift and magnetic reversal was always scheduled to happen during the period you call stasis. This is part of the assistance we are giving you to allow Earth to make her transition with her inhabitants intact, for the most part. This assistance will set the stage for the transformations you hear described in other channelings. It will clear the playing field to allow you to build communities that are sustainable, with resources that are more compatible with a more direct spiritual connection to the universe you are part of.  Earth’s fear of access and contact with galactic forces will be replaced with verified awareness and a certainty of beneficial assistance. The planet will house a more sustainable level of inhabitants. There is no way to ignore the fact, however, that the Earth’s revitalized resources would be strained in the future by the excess of demands placed on her at the present time.  Those who have served their purpose by incarnating here will leave. Those who have chosen to Ascend with the planet will stay to help with the process.

The time of stasis is here, it is safe to say. Its beginning will be timed by the schedule Earth takes in her transition. When the sun stops moving, it will be time to prepare for stasis being set in motion. Christ Michael Aton wants to delay its start until Earth’s inhabitants see physical evidence that is beyond the scope of man to contrive. Only then will they be convinced and open to guidance to new interpretations. No other method has worked up to this point. The deadline given at the first of this year was the confirmation that told the universe builders to let Earth go her own way.

Sananda Esu Immanuel

Christ Michael: Your Finale Grande
CM Through Eve

Monday March 23rd, 2009, 12:54
Taken from:

Eve: CM, would you like to give further comments on the pole reversal?

Christ Michael: Yes, Eve, you’re very welcome. With some people this pole reversal story impacted like a bomb. Especially with those who are not completely aligned with AbundantHope. Yes, this is indeed generating fear. But much of the fear is also being generated by the dark ones who feel that there is no way to escape. Most ground crew members and AH members are brave hearts who are in peace with all of this but there are also some turning away from AH calling it a mess. Candace has more than once been verbally hit in the face, so to say, and so have been others. But neither of you faithful ones would slip away their own hand if it was able to bring one of these on board again. The members of AH are strong souls who are able to face the facts and to present my concept to their fellows and they can cope with verbal attacks.

Now, there is fear even among the members of AH who have families, small kids and beloved ones of whom they are not sure whether these will make it or not. You feel like you have been wandering through the ages following a star telling you that you would someday reach the Promised Land and now you see the Promised Land there with the “canyon” of a pole reversal between. How many among you have diminished the hope forever being able to see the finale grande. You have heard all kinds of stories about and some of them were telling you that the road could get uneasy for a while. This is your finale grande and somehow you have to make it through the canyon of the pole reversal. So be in good faith!

Well, dear ones, I ask you —just for a little while right now— to be compassionate with Mother Earth, who has been suffering so long and greatly yearning for her relief. So, maybe you could lay your fear and weariness a little bit aside and be in joy that there is going to be relief for her. I’m not trying to suggest that this pole reversal could be a fun trip for you. But I’m suggesting that there is a point of view from where you could take a lot of heavy feelings off from the pool of fear. See, in any way the bucket must get empty to be refilled again with fresh potential. And there is no their way for all of you who are on board of Ship Earth.

We always try to guide you with practical advice. When I suggest you to get batteries and blankets this does not mean that I do have a business contract with companies producing batteries and blankets, or that I was kidding you. You do not need to stock batteries or blankets, if you prefer to freeze your buns off in the darkness. My main issue is that you come along well and in best possible condition, as you who are going to stay will be the basics of the new sustainable civilization. Some of the readers have blamed Candace as she once recommended to purchase these radio lanterns and these have not been able to see the love and compassion in that suggestion. Either some of your readers are not able to see love and compassion in the pole reversal and are blaming me not to be a loving Creator. Your choice, your perception.

Look out of the window with open eyes. When your eyes see that it’s raining outside and your parents come along and advise you to dress in your rain suit and to take your umbrella with you… will you decide to ignore what you could see there, outside the window, and reject to dress adequately… and whom will you then blame if you finally get wet when going outside? How many will afterwards turn to your parents with a cold, arguing “You could have told me how to dress?”

The only reason ever why things announced have not yet been delivered is that there is something better to deliver. To decide what is likely to be delivered and when is my privilege as a Creator Son and your Big Cheese. Believe me, folks, and trust in that. I simply ask you to be in peace with the pole reversal approaching —you are safe in my hands, under my umbrella.

We told you that Jupiter was going to be a sun and this is what Jupiter is now, even if we still keep him a bit “tied” behind the sun, for your own sake. The deep singing inside your heart will prove to you that this is true unless you will be able to witness with your physical eyes.

Amidst the many strange things which occur on the surface, with attacks, claims, blamings and messing up —reflecting the challenging and disturbing ups and downs of energies— always ask your heart, which means ask me directly in your heart, to feel relief and brightness showing you where the truth dwells. The point of no return has long been passed by, no way to step back. The only walkable way is the one leading forward, trust that you WILL make it. YOU WILL MAKE IT! No accident that you are there where you are, exactly in the location where you are placed now, builders of the New Earth. Believe me, you are in good hands. This is CM, always keeping a guarding eye upon you!

Candace: Eve sent this to me several days ago, and I have so busy chasing the sun each day and working with AH members over this, I forgot to publish it, but here is the perfect place anyway for it, anyway. This was if I understood correctly a piece she wrote to her list of folks. Here it is:

Eve: Besides, there have been some reactions of readers which could have been foreseen —such as "YOU from AH have stated that there would be no pole reversal… and now….!!!!!!

What has happened is that the circumstances have changed, that things go different ways than expected and as this is so, some people are once again grabbing into the box wherein the nails are stored, in order to nail somebody to the cross —AH in this case.

The main issue is NOT what other sources state or what has been announced by AH concerning the potential —every single one among us does his work according to his best abilities and knowledge— as well as Esu, CM and the staff of celestial VIP’s. Unfortunately many people measure trustworthiness just by verbal statements and not by careful observing and watching the circumstances around us.

What we are talking about here is an actual reaction of earth pushed by Jupiter and by many other factors —which has officially not been named so far as a likely potential. Earth is highly instable, and several people have noticed that this is so by watching the sky. Earth is wobbling around its axis which results in that we see stars and our main sun "wandering up and down", changing locations, Venus seems to be here and there and even the sun differs from running the course we expect.  The magnetic field of the earth is more than weak. Today in the early morning I took a look out of the window and had the moon directly in front, with a red edge, something a friend had previously observed with Venus. And I bet that this red edge was not there because Esu did some painting on it last night. All of these phenomena result from the heavy changes which are going on in our solar system and with our planet. There are still many people who deny to see what’s going on directly in front of their eyes.

I have always been a friend of metaphors, so imagine that there is somebody —earth in this case— who suffers from nausea and there is a phase where it’s not yet sure if he has to chuck up. One tells, well most probably he won’t upchuck, but one can never know, and now Mother Earth suffers from nausea and her chucking up is likely to be the pole reversal and she is "grabbing for the bowl". Just look around what’s going on around you, around the world. The world is completely out of order and control, civilization is, relationships are, etc., etc., etc. WE ARE IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY!!! Mother Earth is likely to "chuck up" and we cannot measure this emergency state by factors of an old paradigm.

But there is no need to fear, as we KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE. In either way the bucket must get empty to be refilled with the new paradigm. So, why not just open the own eyes, carefully observe and see what’s 2 plus 2. While remaining in balance.

By heart.

Candace: This is a still from a 30 hour video from STEREO Behind, showing, to quote one person on the net,the "Sun Eating Jupiter.  "I did not watch the video. CM has told me Jupiter was deep in the corona and they had to move it back a bit because it’s activity was too much on the earth.

I guess we can thank NASA for recording it being moved back a bit, as I read that it disappeared into the occulting disk.  And this video was from about March 16. And Star Ship Jupiter continues to shine in our morning skies!  It was there yesterday, we had clouds and rain this morning here.

Those watching the video said they even observed the motion of the moons as it backed up!  Notice this little sun is brighter than the CME!!!!!  And apparently the moons are just fine. Don’t forget this little sun is really far away right now, and that’s why it’s still pretty tiny to our view.  I went to start this download and canceled it, it’s an 11MB file which would take 1 1/2 hours to download for me.

This is the link Eve actually sent to me recently:

This is a 5MB version:

Esu Speaks on Earth Changes
Esu Sananda Through Jess Anthony
Sunday March 29, 2009, 11:13

Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I’m asking for specific guidance and the most probable timeline. Speak about the mechanism involved with the Earth so I can understand the factors involved. Rotation in combination with pole shift and reversals.

Esu: Jess, let’s speak this morning. Much has been happening that we haven’t spoken of previously. The preparations for stasis are much a topic for discussion, and we have had major arguments on the efficacy of the process in terms of soul growth and Ascension, to use your words. The process centers on awakening the strands of your physical body that you have ignored up to now. You have much more capability and potential than you realize at this point. This is couched in the descriptions we have cultivated for purposes of conveying to you the significance of what is about to begin. You, Jess, have experienced this at times in your own leaps in realization. You understand what is involved in suddenly having a new understanding of your situation and your concept of what life is for you.

Let’s speak of the physical journey Earth is taking. The havoc of the devastation that has been brought to Mother Earth is ever an irritant and obstacle in remaking her image. The scars that have been placed upon her are difficult to remove. Her pristine condition has long deteriorated into what you see now, yet you still see remnants of what is truly glorious. This is not a new realization, but one that can never be pointed out enough.

Realigning the magnetic field will reorient Earth’s relationship to the solar system. The existing polarity arrangement serves the purpose of holding the planet in position, but it also prevents it from setting up an independent energetic grid that establishes a prototype of the monopolarity it will need to move higher in energetic connection with the universal ideals. It is a continuation of the bipolar duality that characterizes the planet at present. Let me be clearer on this: switching the magnetic poles will not usher in monopolarity or Ascension to a higher dimensional construct, but it will set the stage for that to happening on conjunction with the spiritual awakening that man is undergoing. Man and Earth are one energetic package that must operate in parallel ways to move higher spiritually.

Slowing down the speed of the rotation is part of the process that prepares for this to happen. This planetary physical state is common but man has no concept of this occurring. Rotation is caused by the pull of the dynamic currents generating the magnetic field. The attraction of the magnetic pull causes the planet to move in a circular fashion. The orientation of the North and South polarities in opposition to the geographic poles creates the spin direction you call counterclockwise. Reversing the magnetic poles causes a reverse direction of magnetic pull —the rotation moves clockwise, with the sun coming up in the West, as you describe it. Your planet will now be rotating towards the sun in a reverse way from what it has been.

In order for this to happen, the current rotation process has to stop. This is complicated by the wobble in the geographic axis that is occurring because of weakening magnetic currents. The Earth’s magnetic counter force is out of balance with the charged polarity in the physical surface, and the tautly pulled energetic resistance normally in place with the planet’s geographic axis begins to loosen and cause the angle of alignment to move around. This has been occurring for several years, but it now is intensifying.

There are a number of factors at work here. The spin of the inner core is affected by various outside contributors, each of which is influenced the others in a geometrically intensifying sequence. Solar flares influence the atmosphere’s electricity, which influences the weather, which impacts the Earth’s geography, which causes plate movements, which cause earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions, which are absorbed by the liquid outer core as unbalanced energy bursts, which causes imbalance with the inner core rotation system, which affects the dynamo effect, which weakens the magnetic grid, which affects the rotation pattern, which allows more solar influence and pressure on the magnetosphere, etc. You see the increasing weather problems, the significant number of earthquakes, and the rotation problems. You see some signs of solar flares and increased pressure on the magnetosphere. You don’t see the increase in energy being imposed on Earth from Jupiter as it is filtered through the sun. You don’t see the weakening of the magnetic grid because of the range of impacts hammering away at it.

This is happening now because we are standing back at letting the cycle on Earth play out for the eventual benefit it will have on Earth’s physical structure. This is complicated by the need to preserve man’s place. The wholesale reconstruction that would typically take place cannot be allowed to happen as it does traditionally. This is why galactic forces have been monitoring Earth for years, and why they even now are still providing some guidance for the process. The analogy of braking a car is perfectly apt. You know that in hazardous driving conditions you have to pump the brake pedal rather than slam it down. That is the only way to prevent it locking up and becoming useless on wet or icy driving surfaces. Short pumps will slow the car down more gradually, but in a controlled way so that you can determine better how it stops. If Earth is allowed to slam on her brakes and create a sudden stop, it will cause tremendous upheaval and geographic destruction because of the force of the energy being stopped from moving forward. The direction of the momentum will continue and use the Earth’s surface to brake its motion.

This physical process will take place, and much sooner than the published experts believe. This sequence is also playing into the intentions of those still trying to control the direction of Earth’s inhabitants. We had hoped enough inhabitants would “wise up” to what was going on to cause some “braking” of this political and economic momentum, but it seems this is headed for a similar crash. This process is one that the galactic forces have less control over, because it is a manifestation of the people’s desires and intentions. This is a co-created scenario that must be changed by those who have created it. The odds of this happening now are almost zero. Christ Michael has waited so long because he hoped it would manifest as it was envisioned in a positive way.

It seems that a clean slate is best at this point. There is not much more relevant to be examined by continuing this stumbling in the dark in light of the mandatory changes that must be made to Earth in connection with her place in the changing solar system.

Update Regards the Impending Reversal
Esu and Candace
Esu Sananda Through Candace Frieze
Thursday April 9 and Friday April 10, 2009, 10:00

Taken from:

Esu:Dearly beloveds,I gather many of you are wondering where is this impending pole reversal. It is still impending. We are doing some adjustments so that it doesn’t impend suddenly and we have more control. Christ Michael is desiring on review with this advisors to keep the planet stable a tad longer, as best as we can, for it is not possible forever, the tension builds too much and most be released at some point.

There are some of you as I have been informed that think perhaps the message with Eve suggests Easter Weekend, and I give no promise on that one, as we do not put out an exact date for the dark ones and the exactness is determined a bit by the Mother.

SOON, beloveds, that was the essence of the message with Eve. We must control the reversal and many discussions have taken place over where man is at this time vs. the changes ahead of us. Sadly, again, few come forth except the alert ones on this issue with Obama and his crowd in this world. Since when is it OK to cut back in Iraq and expand to Afghanistan is an appropriate question to ask. While all souls made their decision by December 31 to continue with earth or not, where they continue is a small issue still and part of the overall balance.

Yes, it might be this weekend. But why should you place all your eggs into one basket, those that are doing so?  Life continues, no matter which realm in which you currently, as in physical, not where you soul resides.

We have a decision made always and that you are always told as it is always true, until of course nature modifies it for us too.  We have slowed the reversal a bit, because it is not desired for the planet to keeping speeding up and then apply her brakes, or this work of the resurrection of the planet herself would be null and void for quite a long time, and this joint venture of man and God to keep a civilization on this earth through the Ascension would also be null and void. This is not your desire, is it????? I thought not.

All we are doing at this time is quieting the change a bit, so that the external rotation and internal rotation of the planet are synchronous which allows a slow and graceful stop of the rotation. This is close now. We shall dance this all with grace and perfect steps!

Now Candace read a letter to me from Daniel Raphael, who is contacting with some of you and she will post the letter right here.

Hi Candace,

The more AH people I bump into the more I find that they are putting their lives on hold waiting for stasis to come along and "take them away from all this" as several have said, word-for-word.

Having coached many people, (none in AH), over the last several years, I’ve found that when people put their lives on hold, their lives are in a stasis mode…just waiting for something.  Much like "waiting for Godot."  And life passes them by.

I don’t know what your position on that is, and I’d be curious to know whether you think AH people should put their lives on hold waiting for stasis, or whether they should live their lives as they always have, and still prepare for stasis whenever it does come.  Do you have an opinion about that?

Curious to know. Blessings!


Candace: Yes I do, and I wrote him back and I leave to you readers about what my answer was.

Esu: You must live in the NOW as you find it, dear ones, this is the proper way to set up the future and you miss so many opportunities of ministry when you are always in get-me-outta-here future mode! You miss the ministry NOW. Keep up the ministry now for the benefit of all around you.

As the earth graciously draws to a stop, you will be noticing. She will not slam her breaks, but the sun will move ever gradually to a halt, over likely a few days even. Man will begin to notice this unless he is completely blind.  The sunrises will start later, the sets earlier as if fall and winter are coming on, but much more rapidly. Your sun now is rising rather north for this time of year and setting rather north also for this time of year.

People are noticing this, some anyway, and Candace checks various sites and can confirm this. So simply pay some attention, and watch the mother show her grace, which we assist. It is close, dear ones, it is close.

You are currently in a coronal hole wind stream and actually this is useful at this time, in helping slow the planet gradually. We will go into stasis just as soon as a lot of people are noticing the slow down, as we do want to get some work done quickly, such as in evacuation of those needing it, and gathering various supplies and equipment to be stored for use later after we return from stasis.

We were ourselves pretty worried that our plans were made more difficult. It was decided not to wait until full stoppage as the fear is not needed and also this gives us time to retrieve goods and people before we can’t enter the atmosphere for a time. There will be huge volcanic actions and electric changes that keep our craft out too, so it was important to place some new plans with the various groups since things are more tightly coordinated. Mother is doing fine, we are pleased, and live your lives in the meantime to the fullest possible.  Namaste, Esu.

Candace:  I believe I covered this idea a bit in a post recently and also Esu mentioned it with Jess, this idea that Mother is speeding up and she has been, at least in a goodly deal of my measurements, I find this more often than slowing down. I have not had the best of days for data collection of late, many clouds, and sometimes social interferences. I have also gotten quite good at not hearing the timer. But we continue to have some erratic behavior. I described a bit recently.

Now regards Daniel’s letter and also my work here and there, people period are waiting less than graciously. Christians are waiting for the big wars necessary to bring Jesus to get them out of here!  And many of you are having impatience and completely forgetting to live life now. When you incarnate to serve, you must drink the cup, just as Esu/Christ Michael did 2000 years ago and same as all the others since then and before.

My team has had these issues too to varying degrees, you are not alone. And many a time Esu is not always the gracious waiter either, and wishes for his new role to be played out. But life MUST go on, no matter where you live it. Getting outta here solves not your problems, as there is no totally blissful life in heaven either, although certainly there are not the money games and the like. And those that can’t find their abilities to solve problems because of awaiting for God to get here, may find themselves repeating this lesson!

I so wish we had the truth about reincarnation on this planet. You can live on a “hell” planet just as long as you wish!  If people understood this simple truth of repeating the lessons until they are passed, I would hope most would desire to move quickly out of kindergarten.

There are many newagers I have run into waiting for their “bliss”, yet bliss in that nice state of mind we get now and then when things went right and we are pleased. The eternal life is NOT one of sitting at the feet of the Father. It is always challenging, and life and thus the Father, and the creation could never even progress at all without the desire to strive and grow. Keeping yourself in a state of “stasis” is not the best of options!!!!!  We do need a bit of R &R now and then, but not for long!

A person on AHS posted this a few days ago.

From The Power of Now – by Eckhart Tolle

The esoteric meaning of "waiting" PG 94

In a sense, the state of presence could be compared to waiting. Jesus used the analogy of waiting in some of his parables. This is not the usual bored or restless kind of waiting that is a denial of the present. It is not a waiting where your attention is focused on some point in the future and the present is perceived as an undesirable obstacle that prevents you from having what you want. There is a qualitatively different kind of waiting, one that requires your total alertness. Something could happen at any moment, and if you are not absolutely awake, absolutely still, you will miss it. This is the kind of waiting Jesus talks about. In that state, all your attention is in the NOW. There is none left for daydreaming, thinking, remembering, anticipating. There is no tension in it, no fear, just alert presence. You are present with your whole Being, with every cell of your body. In that state, the "you" that has a past and a future-the personality, if you like- is hardly there anymore. And yet nothing of value is lost. You are still essentially yourself. In fact, you are more fully yourself than you ever were before, or rather it is only now that you are truly yourself.

"Be like a servant waiting for the return of the master", says Jesus. The servant does not know at what hour the master is going to come. So he stays awake, alert, poised, still, lest he misses the master’s arrival. In another parable, Jesus speaks of the five careless (unconscious) women who do not have enough oil (consciousness) to keep their lamps burning (stay present) and so miss the bridegroom (the Now) and don’t get to the wedding feast (enlightment). These five stand on contrast to the five women who have enough oil (stay conscious).

Candace: I have done some putting off, like say, not planting a garden one year, thinking perhaps I would be unable to attend it and thus a worthless effort. Well, I could have had some nice food that year! We are often doing this, and some more than others. I understand personally this wondrous new idea we are creating and I desire also to have my “galactic life” back too. And I had that chance back in 1998, a story I tell in the section called “The Miracle That is Me.”  The little story there is called, “Finding My Unfinished Business.”

Had I left, this project would not have been born and I would have missed an exciting, if not sometimes irritating journey. There is work that is needed in the creation, which can only be done while incarnate on mission work. Even in the Phoenix Journals somewhere, this is discussed, that they want no martyrs and that those that choose to leave this place, will miss a huge amount of learning that can’t be had on The Other Side. That is WHY Christ Michael and Esu are here now embodied (again) to walk this planet themselves once again. This is a shared venture!  And many of us came to do our part from within. Through Jess I believe it was Christ Michael who said there are many who will have this marvelous opportunity that is available on this planet.

There have been many contacts incarnate from the higher realms lost to this whole project, from people just plain checking out!!!!!  That is part of our problem keeping a story going with qualified “channels.”  They either don’t get off the cigarettes and other bad nervous habits and die of the result, they sometimes commit suicide, and sometimes they just totally “loose it” mentally and no longer function. And some got careless and got checked out by the dark side too as martyrs.

Many drink themselves to oblivion. Many here are not working such as I do, but play often very difficult roles behind the scenes, and the use of drugs to relieve the stress is huge in this group of ground crew. And then some of them just keep giving themselves a fix each day by reading channeled material and make no effort to satisfy their own growth. Otherwise. This is a major, major problem, with incarnates NOT waking up. Intentionally sometimes, it’s easier to just chase some money and live a pleasant life. Or go hide in the hills somewhere. AH was not born to give you your daily fix!!!! Nor to take you away from it all. The star visitors are here to provide contact experience, to prove they are here, and assist you in some amazing ways to help the mission continue.  This is a partnership between those incarnate and those serving above.

This IS a tough planet, but wanting somebody to come rescue you is never the answer, unless you participate in your own rescue with co creation efforts of others. For example, I was just talking today with a friend about how we have so little snow anymore. I remember getting snowed in at a friend’s house many years ago and having to stay there several days, the blizzard was huge. There was only one way to get “outta there”, for everyone, and that was shovel our way out, in a fun co creative way, it turned out. Lots of ministry at that time. This new development they had moved into, had forgotten about the need for plows in the budget!

You need to stay in life as this world is only going to go uphill by co creative effort of shoveling our way through the big blizzards to come. There will be many challenges. AH has looking for LEADERS and we have made that clear many times. There is not one of you who “follows” this material who cannot lead at something or share a process of Co creation with somebody. In fact, it is the groups of people that will come together in joint creation that will build our New Earth and no other way will it happen!  I am not asking anybody to lead all alone!  That is why I have a team to share the responsibilities and challenges. This is why there is a team on Earth to partner with Christ Michael and the creation, period, in helping to raise up this little world. And these teams have been forming for some time and increasing. There are so many groups now dedicated in some manner to building a sustainable civilization as to boggle the mind. But also the problem of corrupting factors which prevents their coming together in greater power.

That is so evident in my corner of the world, where the folks that “follow” Ron Paul (at least 4000 in the Denver Metro area), the 911 movement and others locally, and the leaders won’t sit down frequently over lunch to discuss ways to bring the power together of all into the most pressing issues. There is zilch interest in groups continually going to media, our “elected” leaders and church groups to attempt to change the scene. Each does their own thing, and missing a greater attempt. There is this idea that “when enough of us know, everything will change.”  Well, that idea is coming from dark infiltration, because there are enough of us that know, but find it ok to just keep up the education. By the time enough of us know, by their measure, I think it is then too late. Knowing is useless without some action around the knowing. The famed “Holy Spirit” is misunderstood. In the Urantia Book the Infinite Spirit is called the God of Action.

You have the grandest of opportunities for growth at this time, and if you will stay in the game, the rewards will be huge, not just now, but later. If you are wanting to just get the hell out of here, how could we depend on you to come back after stasis and carry on? There will be huge challenges then. And staying in the game means not having to return in some way here or elsewhere to catch up on the missing or unfinished lessons. Some of your wanting “outta here” will regret it later.

This has long been an issue for me and I post about it in many places on the net. You are not the only ones tired of the game. But it is still a game, and you are playing a role in it. This is a grand play in progress, don’t toss it out the window.  Many are posting in a variety of forums how they are tired of Earth and want out of here.

When I first became public, many pushed me heavily about the NESARA money and when it was going to come rescue them and many of them weren’t on any list!  I once had a couple write from Canada saying they needed next month’s rent paid and where was NESARA?!  This is not an uncommon type story. Some had serious or not so serious tax problems and other financial problems, run up credit cards and the like and wanted out of that too. While our taxation is illegal, there are ways to play around that game and lessen the problems.

In fact, I came to the conclusion based not only on readers, but also on those around me and the world in general as I traveled via the Internet, that this place is still so steeped in materialism that the NESARA venture would fail. Most people would party the money away and in addition, it was seeming time was catching up and this not a sufficient enough solution. But perhaps if we could have become public which was part of the deal… but I don’t think so, really, under any deal.

A great world is built by God Conscious people, and true God consciousness is not here in enough quantity to overcome the problems. The people of this world in general have chosen a total caretaker government to fulfill their needs. This New World Order has nothing to do with the creation by the people, for the people. It is completely top down, not bottom up.

Christianity seeks its rapture into the skies. Some new agers seek Arch Angel Michael taking them away to the New Golden Galaxy, for what I haven’t yet figured out. This was put out by Carolyn Evers, who was NOT channeling AA Michael at all in that statement. I think we need a lesson on the function of angels for all on earth.

Recently on AHS, there was a discussion on the meaning of I AM THAT I AM. It basically came as the result of my placing a short message by SaLuSa there, which ended in her signing off as I AM THAT I AM.  So people started, once again, placing God outside themselves with this great I AM THAT I AM goal in the sky somewhere. There is in New Age literature the continuing in using terms such as I AM, in placing God outside of self, and often defining the “great I AM” as a definition used for God and unobtainable by the human.  Some of you reading this may not like this statement, but that is WHAT you are doing, as the discussion progressed, you continued to place I AM or I AM THAT I AM outside yourself. Here is a post I wrote on the fly off the top of my head in response to the discussion at hand.

Re: A truth about The I-AM

The I AM THAT I AM statement is a statement made by the truly sovereign individual who consciously guides their own life in balance with the Laws of Creation. It is term of Christhood and above.

When I had my forum I encouraged people to sign I AM THAT I AM because it’s a powerful statement and deep inside you all KNOW what that means. The problem on this planet is that if you use it, some dark beings of intentional darkness, or those in misunderstanding are going to bash you generously for it. As so it happened. I quit using it for myself because folks like XXXXXXXXXXX love to make attacks of it for the purpose of driving people away from AH. It is not my goal to drive people away, so I use it in careful situations due to the ignorance and the imbalance the ignorance causes in bashing me for using it! So I just stay quiet in that regard to maintain peace.

However, I am a Christ and I certainly entitled to use it. And thinking back perhaps I should have continue to use it, but again it feeds others to bash and cause confusion and claim that the Bible said there would be many false Christs on this planet. And that is true, but a lot of them are in organized Christianity and other organized religion. Some of the false Christs claim to be Jesus reborn, but Jesus is not here by the method of birth at this time.


I usually don’t refer to myself as an Ascended Master, either, but the Ascended Master is not yet a Christ, but certainly all Christs are Ascended Masters. I have been bashed for this too.

The Father is not One who is I AM THAT I AM BECOMING. For in the Father there is always the constant perfection and all knowing that exists at any point. Even when you make the statement you are a Sovereign Being, I AM THAT I AM, you are also never all knowing, as every creating person strives still to create beyond the known, continuing as said, to make the unknown, known. I AM THAT I AM BECOMING is a statement of the endless search for more. I AM THAT I AM, is not a statement of being finished, it is a statement of sovereignty. It means you control yourself and everything about you in consciousness awareness and in balance.

An example that comes to mind is a friend who made the statement to me that God wants people to be living in abundance and luxury. And this person said I have poverty consciousness. Actually the only God that wants that is you. And every human being should have abundance, in terms of adequate housing for conditions, and adequate food and clothing. But true abundance is of the mind to have opportunity to grow and, if you are connected to the all, in a State of I AM THAT I AM, you will find spiritual abundance no matter the physical abundance, or lack thereof. That is how advanced souls that are imprisoned for doing good, manage to survive in prison, their abundance is not of this world.

We have a huge population of people wanting bigger houses, a hundred pairs to shoes to match a hundred different outfits, expensive collector animals as pets, or race horses and the like, but they don’t want or understand spiritual abundance. We are too many for our technology and limited level of spirituality on this planet, and it can’t support this kind of abundance. So I live as best as possible, making my personal choices in alignment with the planet herself, and with the way I choose to live. If I were to go chasing after money for the better material things of life, I would have no time to do this work, which is my spiritual work.

I am pressured by some around me to keep the house cleaner, cleanliness is of God, but truly, a polished house to show off to the world is not my goal. Almost all my furnishings come from buying damaged merchandize or what others toss off, either as gifts to me, or I get them at garages sales and the like. On a crowded planet, and even if the planet was not crowded I know that things should be used before they are discarded for balance. That said, we certainly should go about discarding the internal combustion engine, but even then, the metal should be recycled, using balanced energy to recycle it.

True abundance is a state of mind. You can live in pretty awful physical conditions and still have spiritual abundance. Those spiritual folks jailed for sometimes, even their whole lives falsely, find spiritual abundance there in working within their surroundings, and their minds at a higher level. In one book I read, the term is called "making home". A person having spiritual abundance can "make home" anywhere, in any circumstance.

Claim your I AM THAT I AM. To claim I AM THAT I AM BECOMING, is a statement that you are yet insufficient and that is NOT so unless that “I am insufficient” is what you wish to be! Some of you here think you in insufficient with your telepathy skills. I say you are not, but the universe is always guiding you, you have only to answer the phone and it doesn’t always have to be a nice telepathic chat with a star friend. The life of the universe, which is basically a massive organic computer system, is always there to inform you.

The animals and plants know this, it is man that thinks he has forgotten. Even the body and mind of the robotoid is informed by life itself. And we would do better to call God, LIFE in all its existences and realms. That to me was the best teaching that came from Conversations with God. And as long as you exist, you will always be communicating with Life.

Does your stomach growl when it is hungry? This is life informing life of its needs and then when you feed your stomach, meaning you body, you are the God (life) than gave that your body, life, asked from God, you. And of course the food you gave your body, came from life. The body does not live on rocks (but that said, the rocks are broken down into soil by the radioactive elements, which have their place and service also.)  Please START having the courage to make the statement I AM THAT I AM about yourself.

When I was growing up I was taught to sign personal letters with "Sincerely Yours." And business letters with “Yours Truly.”  Being the independent self thinking person that I am, I don’t particularly like those rules for various reasons. My signature, Take Care, grew of the process of looking at those rules. It works better for ME. It is a genuine response, I am asking people to Take care, when I use it. It is my preferred general signature, which I have used all my adult life, not being comfortable with Sincerely Yours.

Although I am sincerely yours, in terms of being a member of the widespread God community and life, I am not always sincerely yours to the person I am writing. So Take care, for me works for all, including business letters. I wish the one reading the letter to genuinely Take Care.

Being Sovereign means being aware of your effects on others, and even when I was doing my little ranting recently with my having a shitty day, the intent was the effect on others. And you all had different reactions. I think maybe a couple we encouraged to leave here by it, and that is purposeful, because many who initially come to this mission do not resonate with it, and this gives them the door to leave. Bxxxxxx deserved her firing by Jennifer, she was not truly part of this movement. You have to work for the greatest good of all, and keeping destructive undermining people in an organization is not for the greater good, which is why planets are periodically "judged", as those that are not yet into serving the greater good must be let go and placed elsewhere so the planet and her life forms can survive.

Other of you loved seeing the "real me" and this brought greater bonding. I haven’t finished reading all those posts yet. But my rant also contributed that beautiful post by Jxxxxx. And so this group has grown for it, and the detractor Bxxxxxx is not here to work her black magic, but she may still be trying if she was collecting your email addresses. I am saddened to see Bxxxx and Fxxxx leaving, but I also know they will be back, when they have their proof and have grown enough. I was surprised that Bxxxx was able to leave so abruptly after seeming supportive, but I think maybe he was not so supportive as it appeared.

Again, this is a co creative organization, needing the many individual gifts and skills each of you have to offer, and not a guru organization of people needing channelings. My work is mostly just reports and updating of the plans. To be a guru to me, is to be a person who is not sure of self and needs a crowd of supporters to validate self. I do not need this validation. I am merely looking for those that wish to be part of the making of a new sustainable God knowing society. God knowing people, know the God within, that they are a fragment of the all, and they know they have to be in balance with That ALL.

And so we come to bring BALANCE to the ALL that is this planet, which has a larger effect on the All outside this planet, since all is ONE, of the same stuff whether a rock, a plant, an animal, or a HUman (which has grown out of animal in origin), or angel or Creator Son. Or Source itself. I AM THAT I AM states one is of source intelligence having “will” to self determine. I AM THAT I AM, Candace (and Take Care!)

PS. I would love to see more of you finding your courage to sign off posts with I AM THAT I AM.!

Now, after the above post, another was trying to define I AM. “I AM” merely means that a being is conscious of its existence, and I AM starts in the upper level of animals. I think most who have enjoyed a animal member in their family can state the animal was self conscious of its life. Herd animals rarely make this statement, but they can, especially if raised heavily in close human contact. I never had a cat, most of my pets have been cats, that were not aware they existed. And I tell you, from my telepathic conversations, a lot of cats know they re embody, over and over. I have at least 2 that have come back to me and they remembered me and I remembered them.

I AM is the being saying WOW!  I AM. And it begins to think more often rather than operating on automatic pilot.

OK, now some brief discussion on that “sun”.  I continue to note changes. We have had lots of clouds here lately. I did post some updating a few days ago of a brief nature. Others are noticing, and here are a few most posts I have collected off of forums.

Sorry Roger, but it is. I am seriously disabled and I’m in bed at 5pm every night. It has happened and I have checked it against old readings I have taken against my charts and my compass. To be quite honest, it shocked the sh*t out of me and I got up and took measurements and they are waaaaay off. I also have equinox here (in real earth time) as of a few days ago. Sun is about 15 deg ahead and now the sunset is wrong as well. I watch it every night as I’m facing that way in bed and the window is also facing WSW. I wish I were wrong, watch it for yourself. I have been for years. (too many years as an astronomer 4" mirror reflex telescope) and as an astrologer. I’m capable of calculating RA and declination. Believe me, as I am stunned as you are and if no one listens, then so be it, at least I tried. So long and thanks for all the fish.

April 7th, by Lady in Red

OK, I know someone posted about the sun rising in diff locations……..I sit on my porch facing east every morning, since the trees have leafed out I was thinking how nice it was not to have the sun hitting me right in the eyes, but this morning… either my mesquite tree moved itself over about 10 feet during the night OR the sun decided to rise more to the left this morning as it was hitting me square in the face and not coming up behind the tree like the last few mornings..ok I know I will be called crazy but I´m not gonna respond to anyone calling me crazy lol…have a good day!



OK. I noticed the same thing this AM as I drove my son to his pickup point for the school bus. That would put it more ENE than due E. Will have to see what it does this afternoon and evening. It’s like it corrects and then over corrects over a period of about 3 weeks. It was too far south from my vantage point, then moved back to W after about 3 days and has been close to where it normally is for close to 2 weeks and then I saw the same thing you did. Also, like you I shall not be responding to the same sort of behavior that went on last time.  Will not be responding AT ALL!! Soooo, will continue to post any abnormalities I find. p.s. I couldn’t check it at all for almost a week due to crappy weather, but now that it’s been 70 here for nearly 4 days I can resume taking readings. Keep paying attention Lady, I understand. Folks can say what they want but no one can explain to me why direct sunlight hit the N wall in my bedroom instead of the E wall for two days. That would put the west coast further S in relation to the sun. It would sure explain why sets are malfunctioning, planes are crashing, animals are not found where they should be, etc, etc, etc.

April 9, 2009. From Lady in Red above: seems the sun rose a little more right this morning! Damn I wish that tree would stay put overnight!!!!…Lady (and NO, I am not smoking the wacky tobaccy! (yet) lol

Today on GlP I also noticed that the sun is off. I noticed 2 days ago that the sun was supposed to be more to the northwest, but it was more to the southwest. According to heavens above the sunset at that day was supposes to be on 278ºC azimuth but for what I noticed it was at 265 more to the south.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure my calculation was right
I live half-way up a high rise tower block in London & I have to say the ‘sun’ has been acting strangely every morning, rising up behind different landscapes, sometimes central.. err.. more or less?!, then it does a tangent some mornings .. rising way too far south! I’m talking anywhere from north to south London. I would’ve thought the sun would have risen in more or less the same spot every morning, pulling slightly to the south as we go into summer.

I’ve been quite shocked to see the sun rising up to the left of Telecom Tower to the ‘next’ morning (I kid you not!!), rising up behind the Crystal Palace TV transmitter to the south. I mean, come on!, I’ve never seen that before!!!!!
3/27  For what i notice the sun is too north. Now I know it is winter, but for what I gather this is not as it supposes to be.
The comment below was made right after I made a post a few days ago on GLP about tracking this for 3 weeks. –Candace

Yep! Yer RIGHT! Keeping track too. (I’m on a mountain and have a 360 view and markers.)

There, done with the posts. There is a website where you can check when “high noon” should be for you, especially if you know your latitude and longitude coordinates, but if you live in one of the cities on this list, you can use that data for an estimate. I use Denver as I live just a bit north of Denver, but the longitude where I live is nearly identical and thus serves ok for times.

Now yesterday, this website suggested high noon, was suggested at being 1:01. It was 1:07 here.  Another way to determine is to use when sun is supposed to rise and set, and find the midpoint. Based on that, it’s supposed to be 1:19 here yesterday. I don’t use my own rise and set times, because I have a hill to the east and mountains to the west and the mountains are higher than the hill, but I could compute a bit anyway, and just allow a bit more time to the west to compensate. I haven’t done this partly because I don’t always get both rise and set times in any one day.

In fact, there are so often clouds west, I don’t get many set times, but in general they days are getting longer, as it should, the set times being later and later, but in the first two weeks of record keeping the set times varied around a couple minutes and did not get later, in fact it was earlier some days.  I had times of 6:56, 6:53, 6:53, 6:50, 6:58.  Then the few times since then, have gone from 7:03 to 7:17, with many skipped days because of weather and in a couple cases, I had other commitments and couldn’t collect a time.

According to the above website, high noon has been from initially about 1:07, to 1:01 now getting gradually earlier, but my times have ranged from 12:58 to 1:35. I may for fun, collect the proper times to compare for each recorded time I have made.

Here’s an interesting collection where I had a lot of days with only occasional misses, thru 3/29.  We have had several storms since then.  This is an afternoon station I set up on 3/20.  The times are 3/20- 3:29, 3/21 3:05 3/22 3:13, 3/23 clouds, 3/24 3:21, 3/25 and 36 clouds, 3/27 3:45, 3/28 3:47, 3/29 3:45.  Interestingly, on these later days at this station, which look more stable, high noon was stable those days too.  On Wednesday 4/8 the time was 3:30.

I assume there should be some change as the days grow longer, but the days grow longer by 2-3 minutes a day, so these shouldn’t swing as much as they do at times.

A late in the afternoon station I started on 3/19 at 4:00 PM, went suddenly to 4:40 2 days later, then has gradually gotten earlier each day, down to 4:07 on 4/8. I would think it would be getting a bit later, but since 3/24 in general the set became later on the days I have set times.

Today the rise time was 6:35. Yesterday it was 6:42!  So today the rise time was 7 minutes earlier than yesterday, rather than the customary 1-2 minutes. And the sun does continue to move north with some days a bit south of the day before, both rise and set when I can get figures. I have actually 18 stations. I don’t “need” this many, but sometimes there is a cloud for a short time, so frequent stations enable getting some times at least.  I have had some recent days when some stations didn’t work, because there was a huge tilt change, and then a day or two later, the tilt changed back the other way so I could get data. No doubt sudden tilt changes can affect some of the “rotational” data collection.

We have a lot of clouds today, not sure what I will be able to collect. My first station after rise is when it comes over my shed. This has ranged on days when I can collect both, from 16 minutes to 21 minutes today.  Now, in these situations of rise, and over my shed, I mark the time when the disk is completely viewable. In the set, which includes a fairly new station using a neighbor’s roofline to the west, I mark these as to when the disk is completely set from view.  I am NOT sure what method is used by astronomers on the various websites for time and set. On rise and set, this is about a 3-4 minute period, of when the disk is fully visible, or out of sight.

A person on AHS recently noticed high noon, (also called solar noon) as being 6 minutes off and others post at times about odd things they notice and I get some emails and phone calls to, describing erratic times.

There is an interesting post this morning by someone saying the birds started singing late by a full hour today. While I didn’t think of noticing this, I have some days noticed less singing.  I woke up with a really strange sensation of something changing during the night, so I found that post interesting, as the person lives about 10 time zones east of me.  Of interest right now, there are NO birds singing as I finish this up, around 10:30 am.

Well, I had wanted to get this up last night, but wasn’t finished. I was going to write another piece anyway around this topic of “waiting” without “living” and since Esu addressed it, I decided to just place it here.  Keep watching around you! Be aware of nature, which includes the sun or stars in the wrong place!  So few are noticing, but it’s great to see others posting, even if not in quantity to forums. They get based pretty bad, as do I when I post on them, for noticing changes outside the box, and I admire their courage to stand in their shoes about their observations when challenged.  Take care, Candace.

The Magnetosphere Will "Crap Out"
Christ Michael and Candace
CM Through Candace Frieze
Sunday May 24, 2009

Taken from:

Christ Michael:Dearly beloveds, it has seemingly been some time since I have issued an update. We have been most busy.  We are setting it up (again) so Iran may not be attacked, nothing new there, just to let you know this has still been the game plan of the US of A and Israel. Russian troops will be able to fully assist if anything occurs, as these are your battles to be handled on the ground, but we do provide various kinds of assistance.

I have been kept informed of the endless material at Fourwinds by Casper, and Whistleblower. Also of that posted by Christopher Story and Poof.  Wanta’s funds are long gone. The funds for NESARA are long gone. These will not manifest. In regards to have the best current truth, that would be Whistleblower, regards how the world itself is kept funded with the Collateral Accounts, and these funds are what runs the world and not anything at all related to NESARA and GESARA.

GESARA is not funded by ANY of man’s funds.  We have all the metals necessary and worlds are not gifted with these until ready, and the gifts included in addition to monies, hard monies, are the up and coming technology, this is covered in PJ #50 and you may refer to it. Candace has this up and has drawn attention before.

The NESARA idea was a fine one, and built up over 200 years but it did not manifest.  And your world was not really ready for it, UNLESS we could have the international attention required as part of the Second Coming mission we have long covered in these reports. There was some hope in 2004, and 2005, and a little more after that of manifesting this whole program.

When I said we would go global as in GESARA, for ease of understanding, I am referring to that which comes prior to the installation of Light and Life status on a world. We do need the global banking system and it is not manifesting in any shape or form right now because of the squabbling. This will manifest after stasis.

We will not let out any funding. If the NESARA funds could be recaptured, they would still be useless at this point and stolen as there is failure to remove the thugs by the people behind them or the masses.  Christians and other religionists are all still focused on return of various masters and not focused whatsoever on doing anything about helping out ON the planet. The misunderstanding of God remains so great as to be insurmountable at this point.

Back in 2005 we put 25,000 star people in bodies on the ground to help in a large number of areas. Some have had some success in furthering ideas needed around sustainability and you are seeing the results of this, if you can look past MSN.

They are moderately successful in setting up some of the banking behind the banking you might say, but not successful with the masterful thugs at all. We have lost quite a few to bullets. We are very careful how and what is done.  Any additional manifestation in banking is done by hologram, they can’t kill a 3d “movie.”

We placed 5000 people into the various religious organizations as “members.” This was a complete failure by all accounts. The failure in Christianity and Islam was complete, and we made NO progress whatsoever and pulled our people back out. While these ones didn’t suffer murder, you can imagine what they did suffer from foul tongues.  It was the worst in Christianity. You ones generally in that religion who have such foul mouths most certainly will NOT be experiencing any sort of rapture/Ascension.  God does not need you in “heaven.”

There is no real hope left of getting anymore done. We are letting the planet, as you know, go into its cleansing.  We simply did not wish excessive cleansing, and so control the rate of the collapse of the  magnetosphere. The magnetosphere will collapse and this process is exponential, which means the faster it goes the faster it goes, it is not linear, for those without a math background. It is getting close, but can’t be predicted as to the exact hour. When the magnetosphere is down, or crapped out, as Candace likes to say, you will be flooded with a lot of radiation of several types. Thus we move into stasis very rapidly as it is going down. All life is going to put into stasis because of this.

Jupiter is back out in the corona again, to assist the process “naturally.”  There are other “natural” processes also going on, which included large gamma ray blasts that are coming from INSIDE your solar system and not from distance creations, although of course the creation is always growing, and these events do occur.

Those of you watching Real Time, please note the times of many events since the beginning of this year. Gamma Ray events outside of the Milky Way do not operate on earth’s time frame. They do not happen most often at about 22:00 UTC or midnight UTC.  These are “natural” in terms of from whence the energies come but they come on OUR time intentionally to carry a message.  Your dark ones will continue to label them GRBs from distance systems and put little pulsar-looking things on their images of the sky. So be it.

Your wind stream, the solar wind as you label it, has been very low for some time now.  Your sun is very quiet, but your solar wind was getting lower long before the last intense solar cycle. It will take little to finish the crapping out of the magnetosphere. A large coronal mass ejection should do it. Have some of you not noticed you have CMEs coming from the sides and back of the sun, but not the front? Why not the front? Could it be your space brothers are stimulating your sun now at places of their desire?  So be it.

Until the magnetosphere goes down, there will be more signs. A few more quakes, those of you sensitive picking up the gamma rays and the like, and huge weather changes. Crops are in, some will be harvested and stored. It remains to harvest the people. Who will be amongst them?  As reported by AA Michael through Candace, more than we expected but less than we hoped.

To get to “heaven” you must have a sense of goodness.  Good, is God with an extra O in English. What is good about the wars the Christians want to “bring on” Christ? Christ does not settle down on worlds engaged in war.  Only those engaged in goodness. Where are you in American still, allowing this new thug in office to continue the wars?  He stated he would march right into Afghanistan and Pakistan, and is it not so? The only good thing about who you voted for is that you were able to vote for a black man, who is not that black as you notice. Obviously to ones who know not any better, which is most, he seemed a better choice than the old man and the sexy “broad” as you refer to women.

I noticed not any real action around Israel when it attacked little Gaza. That said, some of the Gazans are “Jews” by soul intent and since Israel was going to carry out their New World Order, some in Gaza did need to experience the other side of the coin.  These were the slaughterers in their previous lives. Many had a hand in the genocide of your red brothers. That doesn’t however make it “right”, as the lesson was more for Americans and Europeans who ignore what is of God and allow slaughter. Nobody incarnated to punish these ones, that is not how God does things, they suffered at the hands of their own kind, in fact, at their own hands in that sense.

We move forward still with the new plans.  I remain saddened that “things” did not work out better. GAIA has had enough, we have helped with cleansing of pollution the best than can be done behind the scenes, until we can work more actively.  It is time.  Namaste, I AM the Big Cheese, broadcasting from my Big Cheese Mobile.  ATON.

Candace:  I met a lady who came to work in religion here in the Denver area from star fleet. She was attending several different influential churches, including their various Wednesday sessions and the like. She was having NO success, and she was nearly 7 feet tall, and you think that in and of itself in a woman would command some attention.  It did not help, and her extensive knowledge of God was wasted. She was involved in other areas here too, and left more than a year ago now.

I like many were not happy about Gaza this year (or Lebanon before), but the biblical telling of those that kill by the sword shall be killed by the sword, so I guess there is justice in that. I remember from Matthew’s material that he says we all have to experience the opposite side of the coin, and once said, a woman is raped, she has to be a rapist. This is NOT so. And it would only perpetuate the problems on these worlds.  But those who do bad things, do have to experience at some point the opposite side of the coin, and there are always plenty of thugs to carry that out.  It would seem then that these serpents who were placed into incarnations in Gaza, and probably other places, in a sense, die by their own sword, or the sword of their kind at any rate.

As to the signature, The Big Cheese, of course you have seen this before. As to the Cheese Mobile, that would be the Phoenix. Recently there was a long “cartoon” placed on RumorMillNews  about the Big Cheese and his Cheese Mobile, and this was obviously a reference to Christ Michael. It was cute and funny in many places, but managed in my own interpretation to put the blame on the star people and not where it belongs, it was missing a bit of understanding. The Cheese Mobile was a yellow saucer.

I have asked for updates. Star crew has been VERY busy and Christ Michael was refusing updates, as there are some topics not to be covered at this time. It has to be of a general nature. He is still not updating about the Swine Flu issues, but this is a very real program set up to depopulate and he felt he need not say anything about that, you should all know.

I have had clouds again for quite a few days and 3 days of rain, which was seriously needed. There are people posting to AHS who are watching a bit for me, and report delays in sun set at long as 30 minutes and as little as 5 minutes. The last couple of days of rise that I was able to time, the sun was coming up a little later each of those days rather than earlier.

I did get to watch it one day set, come back up and set again, by the time I got back after 7 minutes of walking back home, and then looking out my kitchen window. Was a beautiful sunset that night, flaming orange and red. It looked like the mountains were on fire, and striking against the dark gray clouds above. There are also discussions on this continuing to crop up on GLP.

I am watching a new site reflecting the magnetosphere and solar wind. I have looked for it off and on all winter, my googling bringing up nothing, except maybe the correct site, but I couldn’t find the right page. Finally I opened every sort of link on it and found the page.  It updates periodically just like Real Time does. Real Time was out for 15 hours over the night, starting at that “magic time” of about midnight UTC.

One reason I was trying intensely the last couple of weeks or so to find this other site is that one on the Holy Shit thread posts short movies from time to time from this site, and is showing that the bow shock is often lopsided lately.  The first day I started watching, it was lopsided and then that evening it leveled out. You can easily see this in the angle of the red “bug”.  The next morning, the red bug was lopsided again. Came close late to leveling out last evening, and was very lopsided again this morning and remained so until I started this piece with CM. Now, as I am ready to post, it is back to normal.

The green to light blue constantly changing coloring to the right of the bug, is I assume the solar wind coming in, and the math combines fluctuations of the wind speed, with other computations.  When the “bug” is lopsided, the bow shock is also skewed and sometimes it’s blue with no green.  I haven’t really taken time to check out the math equations used, except wind speed is part of it. I feel this site probably gives more information than Real Time, but I don’t yet grasp all of it. It certainly adds a lot of additional information.  I do make sense of the proton and electron images in the Fok Ring.  I am assured when chatting with Esu, that the “red bug” and bow shock should not be lopsided, and this is preliminary to the failure of the magnetosphere. I have not bothered him for further understanding right now.

OK, before I forget the LINK is   And to refresh your memories, Real Time is

This is the definition of bow shock from Wiki:  In a planetarymagnetosphere, the bow shock is the boundary at which the speed of thesolar wind abruptly drops as a result of its approach to themagnetopause. The best-studied example of a bow shock is that occurring where the solar wind encounters theEarth‘s magnetopause, although bow shocks occur around all magnetized planets. The Earth’s bow shock is about 100-1000 km thick and located about 90,000 km (55,923 miles) from the Earth.

The section from PJ #50 is under the category, New Readers Read Here First. I have twice placed it on the first page now. I will let you go back and read it, and the discussed material I believe is near the end of the section, in Chapter 2.  NESARA was NOT of this plan, but a goodly plan put in place long ago by Germain and funds started accumulating in Europe first for these days, as that is where the banking was then. Germain did place funds secretly to cover initial start up of important tasks such as the Internet, that must be in place as a society is awakened into global responsibility. This is the only way to get true material out into the hands of the public.

Oh, as I am posting this, I just remembered something. The last days I had to observe set and rise, I had read on GLP that some were having the sun shine through northern windows and they had not seen that before. I have one small north window, which I had stuffed with a pillow over the winter, because it leaks cold air. I removed the pillow and sure enough, the sun is shining in at both rise and set. Less at set because of a bush and tree, but some. Lots at rise, a wide swath. And it is at least an hour after rise until the sun moves south enough to not shine through the window, so this has been going on for some time.  Take care, Candace.

Brief Comment to the Dark Brotherhood
CM Through Candace Frieze
Monday May 25, 2009

Taken from:

Christ Michael: To those of the dark brotherhood, you did receive a small hint of the possibilities today again about 22:00 UTC. Just when will you take this seriously?  You can’t win at this and we need to get to work.  Thank you, This is ATON.

Things Are Getting Interesting…
Christ Michael and Candace
George (CM/Aton) Through Candace Frieze
Thursday May 28, 2009

Taken from:

Christ Michael: Hello again, beloveds, this is Aton or CM or Christ Michael, or Plain ole George (Gyeorgos), and “things” are getting interesting.  Let’s see, dear dark ones, we play a game of pretend let’s attack North Korea, all the while setting up on Iran again???????  Hmmmmmmm.

If I were you, I would be heading to those underground areas really quick now. Oh, I see, you can’t??? That would be because we won’t admit you to them?  But why does that justify this continued game to support Israel in an attack on Iran????  No, it shall not be, BBB &G’s, for Iran is carefully and fully protected, and not only protected, but she herself can make a mighty defense against you.  Why do you wish to subject your American slaves to the possible resulting punishments?  Nay, that shall not happen either, but shouldn’t they know at least the risks?

We energized the magnetic field last night, it was deteriorating quickly and it is not quite the time, as we assist the releasing of pressures massively first. Might be wise, ole buddies, for you to save your military to actually assist in the event of some natural disasters that could come your way while we release the pressures. This planet is not going down the tubes, so to speak, and why you can’t learn this idea is beyond those of us camped in your skies?

Our plan is complete now, completely complete, to perfection, and ain’t a thing you can muster up to do about it, so how about getting the troops very quickly placed where they can actually be of service?

We must relieve some pressure building in the Atlantic Rift.  We must release some pressure also in the Pacific Rim along the oriental countries. Speaking of those countries, that was no nuclear testing that happened in North Korea. You ones “took advantage” of a release of energy, and built a lie to cover up for the other impending games.  North Korea does not have a single nuclear device, friends, and for that matter, neither do you, ones that will “function”, anyway.

If we must knock down any of these on your flying machines, you are going to lose some fine pilots and some fine machines. Tis your choice.

You of the geology professions must have noticed an intense increase in the super little micro quakes in California recently.  These once averaged 25 or so a week, and now average 300 or so a week. This is NOT our doing however, in terms of releasing. These are wholly natural, and the state is crumbling generally, for the rifts forming underneath.  Any left living in those caverns at this time were advised to leave recently, as they are not safe. There are many whom are not reptilians living down there. The ocean waters are working their way in, and this goes beyond the suggested borders given to AH readers a couple of years ago or more, around LA. This is happening further inland and further north.  (Candace: Reptilians were removed 2 ½ years ago now, about 8 billion of them for sorting to elsewhere. Most are not suitable for Ascension of this planet.)

The planet each day is not staying in its former set course because of the weakening magnetic field.  Indeed the sun is rising too far north and is continuing that course. Do you realize if we did NOT control this process, your planet by midsummer, could actually roll over? Because of the field condition at this time, you are not likely to experience a “solstice” in which the sun would begin to journey south again. Ditto the opposite for those in the southern hemisphere.

Now I didn’t say “tilt” on its axis above, I said ROLL OVER, and this is a different procedure than a magnetic reversal. This will not happen however, but your scientists are more than worried about this possibility looming on the horizon from their own studies.  We aren’t coming back in thousands of years to start over. It will be a magnetic pole reversal, and there is nothing you can do to affect that either. That is why some war games will not be happening, which would further upset the delicate magnetic balance.

Now, you of the BBB &G’s are advised however to step down and allow us to do some preparations.  In fact, we might even just remove you from our way. That idea is still being discussed and not firm as we have not made the decision yet whether to commandeer the airways and inform the people, or just let things go as nature will allow.

Don’t forget, we will assist that “nature.” The planet is going to Ascend, along with the rest of the solar system. In fact, much of the solar system already has.  The reason Mars, dear buddies, does not seem to have a magnetosphere is because it Ascended quite some time ago and has no need of one.

And if you could better study Jupiter right now, it remains “hidden” in the corona, you would know it is no longer bipolar, having made its own Ascension. And your sun, well, dear buddies, you have long hidden that it is different from the public too.  That could be “why” you are not having sunspots that support your idea of the magnetism expected for this next solar cycle? Have you considered the possibility there is NO next solar cycle coming?  Something to ponder, I would suggest.

You continue to not look at our timely hints that have been going on since January with your magnetosphere. We gave a small one on May 25, around that special time of 22:00 UTC.

Your gamma ray detection systems are detecting more of these all the time also but are they not GRBs from distant creations. These are “heaven” sent by craft. They are necessary to the remodeling of the human form. They are “harmful” to forms not in balance and helpful to those that will be continuing the journey, and this means all of life forms, and not just the “human” form on the planet.

Now, our dear dark brothers, you can toss in the rag, and come into assistance and actually help for the next couple of weeks, or whatever it takes to finish the releases and balancing that must continue to occur, so the Mother doesn’t slam the brakes. Or NOT, it is your choice. You could at least get your respective troops HOME or place them where they can be of benefit to others.

We cannot predict exactly which weather changes are going to happen, but I suggest you might well see some very early hurricanes and huge wind and water storms about the planet. These will muster quickly, and in some countries they know of these and are preparing their peoples as able. We can’t predict exactly where ruptures will occur, but you had a nice rupture after last night’s intervention near Honduras.

The protons were heavy for a four hour period.  You continue to have high “heat” today in the solar wind as you perceive it. This is more like high heat in your ionosphere and this will provoke quite a bit of action. We must have these releases before the Mother drops her magnetic field. We will control the reversal to our specifications.

When the shield drops, the stasis will start, to protect the life forms. There will be two basic phases of stasis, an initial total stasis for all life forms, while we take the planet through the reversal, and then some of the life forms will be awakened once the polarity is reestablished in the other direction.

Now, when the magnetic field collapses, this is “Judgment Day” for many.  Those without soul, will find their mental forms collapsing.  There are a few select robotoids with hope that will be carefully removed in body before then and there may or may not be little stories circulating about rapture events.  Also prior to the collapse some who are to fuse with their [thought] adjusters will be doing that.

You have a story going around on the net, about some hearing “The Voice” and being told it is time to exit, and there is valid basis to this story. However, dear readers of AbundantHope, if you hear an electronic voice, this is not “the voice” of a guardian angel preparing you. Mentally tell that angel. You will be protected anyway, but in the case of many dark ones, including some of the dark ministers, these ones are ones the dark wants to annihilate. It is difficult for us to control every little action on the planet, because many, and I mean many dear ones, do NOT have guardian angels at all. They are not ensouled and merely in a sense living machines, which is why they do not learn their lessons well.

There may be some “blood baths” going on within the rich and powerful ones, as this is very typical during the ends times of struggles amongst them. Be not alarmed if stories start hitting the news and the Internet.  These are none of your business actually.  Let them slide and do not go along with your circles who may be freaking out.

Obviously the “swine flu” is NOT going to hit. This was a distraction game nearly completely. What happened in Mexico City was a case of some murdering going on before and during Obama’s visit. Many murders may be listed as “swine flu.”  Pay them no attention yourselves, please.  Be the rocks you came to be, during this upcoming transition time before the field collapses. There may be little publicly, or stories may fly everywhere.

Many of you may have intense feelings of sadness during the times when the field is near collapse. You may have headaches and other physical symptoms. You need not run off to the doctor on every little thing. Sleep well as you may and support your body and emotional needs naturally. During the prep times of a magnetic field approaching collapse the energies will be very intense to almost everyone on the planet.  You may find many of your family members being very emotional, or withdrawn, striking out and other excessive behaviors. Usually these energies exacerbate behavior that is already out of balance, so the depressed person may actually commit suicide, and angry person become more so.

Some in your circles may in fact become dangerous. Do what is necessary in these conditions to protect others.  Trying to talk the person out of the problem is not likely to work, so get others out of the way. Those that drink will seek to drink more.  Those that retire will retire more. Expect the unexpected. This will not go on very long.  And it will end suddenly as the shield comes down.

And put away your calendars, because this is not a situation that can be dated. We have an estimate of perhaps a month, but it could a week, or 6 weeks. Our scientists constantly now assess the situation and determine when we should release pressure. It is the INTERNAL pressures building up that actually damage the field so to speak.

The mother wants to always reverse in these times, always. And thus we will prevent certain war activities, which is why the dark brothers are themselves “revving up” both because of the exacerbation of problem behaviors and because of their desire to somehow beat God at the game.  This war behavior is hoped to cause more destruction. This is what destructive people do.  It is hoped by them since they can’t “win” that they can “win” by harming the planet. These ones support evil down to the last straw in thinking they should honor their satanic version of God.

Be calm and in trust. Calm those around you as you can. And do not add to this condition by your own fears of war mongering.  I think shortly there will be enough weather and quakes to consume their interest.  This is enough for now. Those interested can follow along at the various sites Candace has suggested if you wish to observe. Those of you attending stasis, or otherwise going to continue in body, will be removed if a natural disaster comes your direction during this period.

It would be advisable to have supplies on hand as you are able to do so. There could be electrical outages and other events that might delay goods arriving in the stores. It would not be a bad idea in case of electrical outages, which could be severe or temporary, to have coolers and the like to help with fresh food preservation you already have, and to stock up on canned and dried foods if needed. We can’t predict who will be affected.  We were a little surprised by the Honduras quake for example last night. There would seem to have been better places for a release.  Namaste, ATON.

Candace: Christ Michael is known as Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, in the Phoenix Journals, thus "George" above.

For those newer readers not understanding BBB &G’s, it’s an old term I created for our black ops brothers and sisters. Initially it was just BBB’s, for Big Bad Boys, and then with Condi Rice and others, I added the G, for girls. We haven’t used this for a long time now, I was surprised at it being used today. So it’s Big Bad Boys and Girls.

You can visit this link to observe the proton blast that took place down almost to the minute over a four hour period shortly after 4 and 8 UTC.,247 . If you are reading this piece after today, this may not show, as it updates continuously.  So you might have better luck with this site:    As you can see, we had a “shock” as this site calls it.  It did not produce a geomagnetic storm, despite the warming of such.

The varying data comes from different satellites. GOES satellites are much closer in, about 22,300 miles out and STAY in a single position rather than orbiting earth.  These are basically the “weather satellites.”  Here is a clip about them, sorry I didn’t save the link. Google GOES.

They circle the Earth in a geosynchronous orbit, which means they orbit the equatorial plane of the Earth at a speed matching the Earth’s rotation. This allows them to hover continuously over one position on the surface. The geosynchronous plane is about 35,800 km (22,300 miles) above the Earth, high enough to allow the satellites a full-disc view of the Earth. Because they stay above a fixed spot on the surface, they provide a constant vigil for the atmospheric "triggers" for severe weather conditions such as tornadoes, flash floods, hail storms, and hurricanes. When these conditions develop the GOES satellites are able to monitor storm development and track their movements.

The SOHO and ACE satellites are much further out, about 1 million miles or 1.5 million kilometers. These do not orbit earth, but rather orbit the sun between earth and the sun in the L1 point.  SOHO thus has a constant view of the face of the sun.  ACE was put up in order to provide some advance notice of events that might cause geomagnetic disturbances.  Below is from  the SOHO site .

An Uninterrupted View of the Sun

SOHO moves around the Sun in step with the Earth, by slowly orbiting around the First Lagrangian Point (L1), where the combined gravity of the Earth and Sun keep SOHO in an orbit locked to the Earth-Sun line. The L1 point is approximately 1.5 million kilometers away from Earth (about four times the distance of the Moon), in the direction of the Sun. There, SOHO enjoys an uninterrupted view of our daylight star. All previous solar observatories have orbited the Earth, from where their observations were periodically interrupted as our planet `eclipsed’ the Sun.

Both these craft orbit the L1 point, which means they have their own orbit around this imaginary point, which is perpendicular to the earth sun line. These are called Halo orbits, and SOHO’s halo orbit is about 1 million miles in diameter. I did not determine if the ACE satellite’s Halo orbit has the same diameter or not.

These are links for those interested, that I have posted several times before, where you can watch the action about the magnetosphere I leave it to you to teach yourself what you need to know. WIKI can be useful.   click on the dials to get the actual data. From ACE Data from various sources. The temperature and proton data on the bottom graphs often do not match ACE data, so I don’t know where the data comes from, it doesn’t match SOHO data either.  This is what I call Real Time in some posts I make.  It has interesting images of the magnetic field, pressure, and continuous updating also of wind, protons and the AO/……… graphs are very interesting to watch.    This has some data from a couple of GOES satellites.  The X-Ray Flux reveals the intensity of solar flares when they occur.   My newest favorite for constant updating of various information concerning the magnetic field, with great imaging. Click the link at the bottom to review material for the previous 2 weeks.    This is most ground and ionosphere data. The 4 hour blast showed up on a couple of the graphs.   SOHO data collected by the University of Maryland. Shows the big 4 hour event mentioned above.   Archive site for the bottom graphs on “Real Time.”

Esu Gives an Update
Esu Through Jess Anthony
Published onThursday May 28, 2009 (Received on May 25)

Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I think it is time for guidance and insight in a more formal way. I ask what is the status of what is happening to us, and how best to prepare and react. I ask for clarity and focus and redirection, if necessary. Speak of what is to come.

Esu: Jess, I have been waiting for you to decide to contact me. Many things are happening and much is taking place that you should know about. You have been preparing yourself for what is to come in the best way you know how. You have been engaging in activities that have grounded you and have created awareness in others by your example and presence. You can’t anticipate the reactions of others, nor can you control them. You must behave in a way that honors yourself and influence others’ behaviors by your own results.

Let’s speak of the upcoming events —for they truly are happening. The timeframe we are following is the one that is formed by the shifts in Earth’s energy through its magnetosphere. This connecting “skin,” to use that image, is frayed and unraveling, as we communicate. I honestly don’t see this lasting more than another month, your time. I don’t like to make “predictions,” but this seems on the verge of happening at any moment. We are guiding it, as best we can, with bursts of power to sustain a slower release of existing polarity. This allows Earth to put on additional brakes as it lets go of previous magnetic connections. The speed of this letting go is slowed down by galactic assistance, although the stages of its progress are determined solely by the Earth system it expresses.

The timing of what is to come is what you have heard these last few years: we intend to wait now until the magnetosphere lets go completely. Normally this would trigger massive upheavals and a prolonged period of reversal of polarity. The planet’s geophysical system has to remove the built up stress at faults and lands masses. These stresses, unfortunately, are located at some of the most densely populated centers. This is the Pacific “Ring of Fire” and the places in the Atlantic Caribbean that lie closest to the Atlantic ridge. The danger there is the tsunami effects that can occur on the East Coast. We are trying to moderate these slippages and prevent the worst disasters from happening by evening out the stress levels through magnetic manipulation and energy input into buffer zones.

The letting go of the magnetic poles will result in climactic changes and disorientation as to the flow of solar energy. Existing electric circuitry will short circuit and cease to function as inhabitants expect. There will still be polarity once it reverses, but there will be a massive need to reorient all operations based on magnetic forces and assumed polarity.

Stasis will be the time to sort out our needs and make plans how this will function. I anticipate you are right to think that Earth will be less problematic than now, although still not understanding the fullness of what is happening. We are helping the most negatively influential and disruptive inhabitants to leave. This will create a more positive perception of the Universal Laws that will be integrated into cultural thinking. The political chaos and financial machinations will be stopped and replaced with workable examples of sustainable communities. These individual pockets of culture will determine the ways the larger groups react on a national and international scale.

There is more to speak of, but let’s stop for now.

Esu Speaks on Energy Changes and Stasis
Esu Through Jess Anthony
Published onTuesday June 2, 2009 (Received on Sunday May 31st)

Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask for an update. Speak of the most likely sequence of events. Speak of stasis plans and probable results. Speak of time expected and events that will follow it. Inform and guide us.

Esu: Yes, Jess, I am here. I will speak of many of the issues you raise, but some decisions still have not been finalized at this point. The timeframe of the events you speak of is still uncertain. It is now contingent on the Earth’s cycle of letting go the magnetic structure and our causing a system of buffers to moderate the effects of this letting go.

Once it is decided it is time to move into stasis, the scenarios you have heard of will begin, with the exception that now the initial phase will be a total stasis. Everything will pause its natural living cycle to allow us to restructure the energy parameters you expect to determine your existence. The magnetic polarity will collapse and then reverse its magnetic poles to refresh the direction of energy circuitry. North becomes south and expectations will be changed.

Everything will pause for a few months. This will not seem like any time has passed to those continuing with the shift to a higher dimensionality. Stasis is not a sleep, it is a limbo stage where nothing progresses in the sense you have been conditioned to expect. Stasis will be introduced quickly to avoid mass confusion. The ships triggering this energy frequency are already stationed around the globe and are ready to begin moderating the energy levels associated with paused frequency. This shift in frequency will initially cause functions to seem to stop, although this pause is not final. The movement of energy currents that make up the magnetic field will appear to be at a standstill. This is so the reversal can happen and the currents can begin to flow in the opposite direction. This realignment is not something you should experience consciously. This shift can be dealt with more easily with a lack of consciousness.

The collapse of the magnetic field will have unpredictable effects on the delicate balance holding together the existing geophysical system of faults and internal pressure points. The pressure of the solar wind will be immense without the mitigating effects of the magnetic grid. Pressure pockets will be pushed beyond their balanced state and will erupt in earthquakes and volcanic explosions.

Because this solar and galactic pressure will be great, we are at this time easing some of the most catastrophic fault stresses to allow an easier transition.  The Honduran earthquake released pressure in that area of the Atlantic and the continued quakes in the Eastern portions of the Pacific are similarly releasing built up pressure in those areas. We are doing this by sending “pulses” of energy into the magnetic field. This has the effect, also, of prolonging the collapse of the magnetic field connected to the existing polar structure.  This has a wave effect with the increased solar pressure triggering renewed magnetic activity, which then spreads throughout the existing magnetic field, transmitting the extra energy to existing magnetic connections and disrupting electrical circuitry that is designed to work with a less extreme burst of energy.

In addition to existing electrical circuitry, the burst of solar energy also disrupts physical balance and well-bring, both of which are extensions of the electrical network that surrounds each person living here. The physical body you see is a product of electrical inactivity. The lower dimensional environment it inhabits on Earth demands a physiological structure that appears to be solid and individualized to reflect the unique personality each inhabitant possesses. This solidity is an accepted fiction of the lower dimensional inhabitant, who has agreed to forget the energy structure that informs the creation of the illusion. When the familiar energy grid is disrupted or forced to absorb an unusual amount of additional energy, the physical body changes to reflect the new energy input it is experiencing. The material is an extension of the etheric and reflects the imprinting an individual’s energy body receives.

These bursts are preparations for the intensive changes that will manifest during the stasis period. Most of Earth’s inhabitants will be sheltered and overseen. They will be kept safe from upheavals that may happen on the Earth’s surface, and they will be assisted in transforming their physical beings to accommodate the increased energy that will be coming to Earth.  They will come out of the stasis period to face a new world with a new and much higher energy frequency.

These inhabitants agreeing to work with transforming the world will find an energy grid of new polarity. They will need to transform their environment and its technical inventions into a system that functions with reversed poles. They will do this with new awareness of social unity and cooperation that will ease the friction that would traditionally have developed. There will be awareness and understanding of the reasons for the change and the roles they have to take in creating a sustainable global community.

Other inhabitants will not continue with the transformation. There are various reasons why they will not. You have heard many of these decisions explained and have already a sense of why they are leaving and where they will go to continue their path. Their decisions will no longer involve the Earth. They will no longer control the economic and financial straight jacket they have brought to the majority of Earth’s inhabitants. Their personal wishes will no longer be the determinant in cultural issues or matters of personal growth. Man will be able to choose the best path he can take.

This is enough for today. We will speak more later.

Update Through Eve
Christ Michael Comments on the Expression "Clean Slate"
Received on Monday March 30th , 2009. Published on Monday June 22nd, 2009
Taken from:


In an update through Jess Esu had used the phrase “Clean Slate” related to the earth changes. This expression had created quite some uncertainty among the readers. Rumors arose if there were maybe some guys from Havona having ordered CM to produce this “clean slate”, which would, e.g., be caused by a turnover of the planet. I asked CM for a comment, and I’m sorry not having been able to post this earlier.

CM, some people think you will “abandon” earth, after having read Esu through Jess using the expression “clean slate”. Can you please comment on that?

Christ Michael:

Eve, this is CM speaking. Nobody will ever “abandon” earth. People are tired of waiting and any day longer increases the tiredness around. We are very well aware of that. Tired people have the tendency to see the world in "darker colors".

Any paradigm that we took into serious consideration has so far turned out to take longer than expected. Many do not really believe in this “game over” scenario. The planet has been tightened in a seat belt, so to say, and we decided to give more slack to the seat belt. We could still operate a bit via Jupiter, but were also questioning how about to go on and let him go the normal orbit, normal speed. It turned out that letting Jupiter go would quickly bring you what Esu calls a “clean slate”. A lot of discomfort. But it is as you are pondering —that you guys walking the planet have discomfort any way.

You have discomfort as you feel the suffering of Mother Earth and you have discomfort looking at what the NWO initiates for you to enslave you.

We have discomfort seeing your situation down there, so the big question is: What the heck could ease this discomfort quickly and efficiently? A big exodus has been discussed already several decades ago —see the material of Tuella— but this is actually not what we would like it to be. We do not want a big turnover happen. As this not what our many brave ones have been trusting in and working for. One thing must be clear: Anyway, whatever happens, we will look after our faithful ones and care for the soul carriers. You have been here recently and so have been others and you know already what has been spoken. All of you, including Candace, pleaded for a solution which is going to as quickly as possible lessen the discomfort on all sides.

We have been sitting here, discussing all kind of scenarios and the biggest actual grace is not always turning out to be the road of obvious solutions at hand. So far that we have come now we have prevented much in order to keep it smooth for the most of you. Most of you perceive this as normal state, but this is not the case. On the other hand it can’t be a solution to let the dark ones destroy the planet. And for sure there is no order from Havona to end this by a final exodus, and I want to emphasize that I’m fully sovereign in my universe, so the final decision is mine. This does not mean that there would be no advice, but you don’t need to worry that some big figures from Havona would show up here with an order to let the curtain fall. So, now, how does the solution look like presently?

What we wish for is a win-win situation. The solution is a dance with Mother Earth, leading her the course that is heading to the pole reversal most quickly with the least possible havoc. Under the headline of “do it right the first time”. You would not really like to see this ending in a mess just because we tried to make it really quick.


Couldn’t you let Jupp come out just a little bit, just as far as you need his influence to be acted out?

Christ Michael:

This is what you already suggested when you were here recently. Measurements will always depend on the steps of Mother Earth, with a little pushing from our side to move her into the right direction. All of you have wonderful plans for Mother Earth and for building up a new civilization —a clean slate is not in store intentionally, and would only happen as a result of any escalation unforeseen. And even in this case we are remaining ready to act with an emergency plan.

I told you that igniting Jupiter was a very tricky and delicate issue and this magnetic pole reversal is tricky either. If it takes longer, it takes longer for your benefit, for keeping things smooth for you. There are in addition —always chances in this additional time— and blessed are the ones who use this time wisely to strengthen themselves, to strengthen others and to remain firm in their belief, as a model role.

You, the ground crew members, are not here by accident. You are all very experienced specialists and when you are with us beyond your consciousness you are in peace with the issue of waiting.

You, the readers of AbundantHope are privileged. You experience the grace to be there in your mission and to know what is going on there. You are about to witness a magnetic pole reversal awarely, with open eyes. Believe me, this does not happen too often and you are in for that ride. So be it, dear ones. Always at your service, CM, your special wearer of sunglasses.


I guess I didn’t realize some people may have been upset by a clean slate comment, because I interpret it as meaning cleaning enough of the dark plus the pollution away during stasis, that we have a level playing field.  It doesn’t mean wiping the earth clean with a role over, it just means fixing it up enough we can build that new civilization. There are times I have had a little worry because we do discuss this, that there could be more damage from the reversal that would make it harder to come back in 2 years or so. I have pleaded, yes, that those of us who came to get this new civilization going, whether we would have done it 40 years ago or now, would be allowed to have this opportunity for our growth and experience, as many of us here and not only specialists, but some of us have a "calling" and certain career goals and it would be wonderful to have this experience from the “inside” rather than looking on, while having full partnership "from above,’" in the process.

I have often commented on the volcanism. Please understand if the reversal is too heavy, we have so many volcanoes that animal life can’t exist for a LONG time. There would be too much carbon dioxide for animal life and even with fleet work on the planet we would be looking even at a few hundred years before we could come back and thus our experience would be wholly different. The idea is to have enough PEOPLE left to start over in a reasonable time. BE PATIENT YET, BELOVEDS, THOSE THAT WISH THIS EXPERIENCE.

This planet has been massively cleansed several times since the times of the "fallen" angels since the Lucifer Rebellion. It has been reseeded with both animal and plant life several times, so great was the destruction. We do not wish this again. This is because the Mother is now self conscious. This we plan is very experiment. It is not the norm for these kinds of lower worlds that are in such serious trouble. We are creating a grand experiment, and those above wish to give it a try. This is likely not the only partial cleansing ahead, but the most significant. The land masses MUST move to a balance on the planet, but these other times of change can be "scheduled."  In fact, we did want a public scheduling with people prepared to go underground and to ship and the dark did Not cooperate, but in the future, we will not have these dark ones, and we can schedule for these changes to come and take shelter during them.  In fact star fleet can control these scheduled ones in the future, so they do what they are to do.   But we must have not only the magnetic reversal, but also Jupiter will also provide when ready some axis change, as we had discussed before. It is slow and steady axis changes that will help rebalance the land masses.

Remember a large part of this planet is up in the asteroid belt. The rising carefully of old Lemuria and Atlantis will rebalance the land masses that are needed for monopolarity, besides providing freshened land to live on. Those committing to this long process will be helped to last in their bodies a long time or be given cloned ones, so that all may have this long experiential learning. I am tired today, the body went with me last night to ship for a 3 hour meeting and got no rest. This is the stuff we discuss when I and others in this project are attending meetings and being briefed. Plus many do healing work for the Mother and the like during night too. This new warring continues to be very hard on GAIA.  And I just don’t get the feel that in my country at least, there are enough people concerned about it.  There are lights going on and lots of projects around sustainability rising up, but few I am able to talk to understand we just don’t have a hundred years or more to fix it all up from where we are now.

I have pleaded heavily for stasis, instead of what was suggested in the Phoenix Journals.  I would rather the judgment be compassionate and not a situation of survival of the fittest. And this is how it usually works anyway with planets in this situation of pollution and heavy unaware population. My posting about on forums besides personal contacts have certainly proven to me how confused are the people of the world about God.  The thinking seems to be lacking, a most obvious example of such is what is believed about the rapture in Christianity.  Stasis IS compassionate.



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