On the Nature of Reality



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On the Nature of Reality
Reality Versus Actuality

By Luis E. Prada
Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website
Director of the Brother Veritus’ Community

"That which is real to man is that which he can realize regardless of its actuality."  "Actualities that exist and are cannot become realities to man until he realizes them." Principles of Ageless Wisdom.  The subjects of Actuality and Reality are part of the Rosicrucian curriculum atAMORC.

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I received this email from a reader of my Website working on a university project.  Because his observations on reality are so acute and some of you may have similar inquiries, I decided to include here his questions and my response (Note: The student has authorized me to post his questions with his name and email address):

Dear Sir:

I am a student who is attendingYeditepe University in Turkey. I would like to have your ideas on a very crucial point of science, which I describe briefly  below. I am working on this subject as a project and will be privileged to hear  your interpretations on the following questions:

1. The light coming from an object is transformed into electrical signals by the cells in the eye and then transmitted to the center of vision in the brain.  And the electrical signals there are turned into an image. For example, you actually see this message in your brain. Then, who is the one that sees and perceives the  image of this message in the brain? How do you define the consciousness that can see this image in the brain without the need of an eye?

2. Brain is a piece of flesh composed of lipids, proteins and other various molecules.  Could the consciousness that sees this image be this piece of flesh? Or could the brain cells make up a consciousness that sees these electrical signals as a sea view or an e-mail message?

3. No light penetrates the skull, which means the brain is entirely in darkness.  Then, how does such an illuminated, clear image is formed in this pitch-dark place?  For instance, how are the rays of the sun seen over the unlit brain cortex?

4. Also no sound enters the brain. This means there is deep muteness where the  brain exists. However, people listen to all different sounds inside the brain.  The sound waves are turned into electrical signals inside of the ear and then  transmitted to the center of hearing. And the consciousness inside the brain  listens to these for instance as a melody. Then, who is it that listens to the loud music aired from powerful loudspeakers and how?

5. The image is formed inside a miniature spot in the brain. Then, how is the three-dimensional image with depth is formed on this diminutive screen? For instance, when I look at the horizon or the sky, how is such an image with vast depth formed at this tiny spot of center of vision just as identical to its original with the same depth and sense of distance? What is it that gives me the feeling of distance and space?

6. It is held that image is formed in the visual center of the brain. Three-dimensional  images with depth are all generated and perceived in this small part. As is known,  the visual center is an area of just a few cm2. However, during seeing, the size of the image does not change at all. If it is true that image is formed in this  visual center, in that case the image should have been directly proportional  to the size of the visual center, and we should have perceived all matter proportional  to this smallness. That is, we should have perceived the giant skyscrapers, vast oceans and roads of km long each as a point. Likewise, if there is something  as the outer world and we deal with the real outer world, then the size of the image that is formed in the brain should have been the actual size of the world.  It follows that the visual center of the brain should have the size of a few square meters, meaning the size of the brain should proportionally be larger  than this, and in turn the human body should be in gigantic sizes. Therefore  what is the reality? Truly how can we be sure of the actuality of the images  that we see?

7. When a person sees a glass of water, in fact he does not see its real form  but only a copy of it in his brain. The coldness that he feels when touching  the glass surface is not the real coldness of the glass but only a copy of it.  This means nobody is ever able to feel that he touches the real glass. Since  it is not his fingers that feel the sense of touch, but merely the sense of touch  in the brain. Should we not in this case conclude that people are never able  to reach the reality of objects and can never touch the reality of a glass? But not every person knows this fact. Everyone thinks they touch and see real objects.  Is it not strange that people are not aware of this and they never think about  this?

8. Nothing changes when a person is hit by a bus or comes across a lion. Since,  just like the image of the bus, the sense of collision or the fear while running  away from a lion, all form in the brain. When I see a bus, I see it at the center  of vision inside my brain. If I go and hold the door of the bus, I feel the coldness  of the metal inside my brain. Then I cannot discriminate from this fact what happens when I feel pain if a bus hits or a lion bites. Then, is it not very illogical  when people say:"it shows I am in contact with the bus or the lion because I feel pain when the bus hits or the lion bites"?

9. We live the entire period of our lives inside our brains. In a similar way, we also have dreams in our brain. For instance, when we touch a piece of ice in our dream, we feel it is wet and cold. Or when we smell a rose, we get the wonderful scent of it. We, again, sense the feelings of fear, pain, anxiety and panic in a similar fashion. Then, are the dreams and the real life the same in this sense?

10. The person’s own body is also included in the images a person sees. So, a person only sees the copy of his own body. This means every person all through his life lives in the cave in his skull where he never knows what is outside, including his own body and other objects. Now, think over this happening once  more: Right now, are you inside of the room you are present or is the room inside of you? Isn’t the second alternative the right answer scientifically?

11. Let us imagine 5 different people who look at a garden of roses. Since every one of these people sees the rose garden in his own brain, then aren’t there 5 different rose gardens in the brains of every one of the 5 people? Is the color red that each one sees the same with the other’s perception of red? Would there  be any possibility to compare these?

12. We say that the original objects we see, the copies of in our brain, exist outside, but, what if nothing exists outside? Since we never have the ability  to test or observe this. Then, is it not dubious that the original objects are outside? At least there is a 50-50 percent possibility. Then, how can we be sure that the original objects are outside? If there is no original object outside, then, what is the entity that makes the images and the senses in our brain?

13. If we are living an illusion that has the possibility of not having any reality  outside, then we may be existing in a very different place. For instance, is it not possible for the entire humanity to exist right over a piece of crystal?  Or, is it not possible that the complete history of humanity has been experienced in a place not bigger than the head of a pin? Would there be anything to stop us thinking in such a broad extent?

14. Some people are incredibly afraid when these topics are discussed. What do you think the reason for this may be?

Yours sincerely,
Berk Turkcan

Dear Berk:

I wonder why you chose me to answer such profound questions. Not with the same depth but from childhood I had similar questions, I always wondered if, for instance, the color red I see is the same color that other people see, or my shade is more like a blue or just blue and I do not know, since I cannot compare it. Your questions actually imply the answers and seems like an answer using a 3rdD model does not satisfy you because it seems illogical. How come a brain in a cave (the skull) with no light is able to show an image with light?

How come a 1 cm sq. vision area of the brain shows us an IMAX super big screen image of something outside ourselves so as when you go to the open fields and observe the sky and landscape so vast and the sea so immense? Is all this being formed in this tiny section of the brain? If I were to make a physical model, I would take a signal, send it to a processing unit that controls a projector with a lamp that projects the image on a screen. Similar process happens in the brain but without the lamp and the screen. I will give some up front information about me before my answer.

I am an electrical engineer in power and electronics who has been working in the industry in this same profession for over 25 years [as on December 23, 2001]. But the answers to your questions are found in a different field, yet my professional career and the complexity and scope of subjects in my Web Site give you an idea who I am, and at least you can tell I am not a lunatic or certainly not a stupid.

I am a mystic fascinated since childhood with the mysteries of the universe and the workings of extraterrestrial beings in the development of mankind.  The answers that I’ll give you can be researched further, and are not adopted by official science at this time but by Aquarian Age future science which I assume you will live through, or pioneer, if you want so. Here I will give you only keywords, you have to research them on your own. That is your homework.

Do not use 3rdD models, they don’t work. Get out of a mechanistic view of the universe used by official science, it doesn’t work, it is a simplistic model and a lie.

The mental body, or mind, is a separate body that permeates the physical body. It fills every cell of the body, it does not have a shape as the physical body, it looks like an ovoid. This mental body is able to process the electromagnetic waves generated by the brain just as a TV set is able to do it with the electromagnetic waves radiated in the space. It is just another vehicle of consciousness, but not consciousness itself or the Observer.  Consciousness does not reside in the physical body or brain or head or mind.  It is infinite and beyond the Maya (illusion of time and space).

Time and space do not exist, it is a model for experiencing manifestation in 3rdD reality, so they seem to exist to us. So, yes, the universe can be contained in a small space or big space, what’s the difference, since we experience only a hologram projection. In the future we will live in a different reality hologram in a different dimension with different time/space construct and eventually we do not need this time/space hologram anymore, neither a body to exist.

The brain is not the seat of the mind as official science "cockily" proclaims, but a transducer, a converter of the electrical impulses of the five physical senses (these impulses already known to science and recorded through instruments). Similarly, an electrical power generator does not generate electrical energy, it is only a transducer of it following known laws of electromagnetism, electrical energy is all around us. The laws of the mind are yet to be discovered and when so, we will build technology for space/time travel and for free energy.

The senses produce impulses by translating morphogenetic fields of things into DC electrical impulses that travel through the nerve system acting as a superconductor. The mind is the interpreter. Morphogenetic fields hold particle matter in shape to form all material forms, a lamp has a morphogenetic field that is different when lit or when turn off, a chair has a morphogenetic field, a person too, etc.

The organs can live in appropriate fluids being supported correctly without the brain. For instance, in a container the heart can pump for years without a brain, if appropriately nourished, because it has a mind of its own. The combined minds of all the cells of an organ form the mind of the organ and the combined minds of the organs form the mind of the body or mental body. The combined minds of the citizens form the mind of the city, same up to the planet, and so on, up to the mind of God. But again, the mind of the cell is not the elemental spirit or deva of the cell, as above, so below.

There are other bodies that form the human, but that is out of this explanation. You need to study Theosophy and the teachings of Djwhal Khul from Alice Bailey. You have to delve into Spiritual Science.

There are two technologies to be developed by sentient beings: An external technology and an internal one. External requires computer-controlled machines for space travel and so. Internal technology does not. It gives up external tools and allows the individual to time/space travel in astral body or the Body of Light. You may be a dolphin and project yourself out in space to other places of the universe, interact with people in a body they can relate to (created by you for this mission) and then go back to your conscious reality in the sea. This is internal technology and is more advanced since does not require external devices. Humans on planet Earth are computer-oriented, so they will continue developing external technologies.

If I were a space traveler of deep space and my Commander assigned me to go to planet Earth, the first questions I would ask him are these: Give the universe sector coordinates for that planet. Also, which planet Earth, the one in the particle universe or the one in the anti-particle universe —parallel universe— ? Also give me the local time/space coordinates for that planet. I need to know in what time I should get in, i. e., in the 15th century or the 25th century.  That contains information of the dimension I’m accessing: a planet in 3rdD, 5thD, 7thD, etc. as well as its location in the galaxy around Alcyone, central star of the Pleiades.  Also I need a map of the stargates or portals so I can get to the civilization and not to a barren land. Mars, filled with an advanced civilization, looks to the space probe as a barren land.

The mind is a machine of higher subtle energies able of forming a holographic image from external impulses and project it as a reality. Things are not as they are perceived, as you imply in your questions. They are an actuality that is full of subatomic particles. Everything looks more like stars in heaven, dry and simple, with a light of its own, and yet the mind is able to process these impulses acquired by the senses and transform them into a reality that looks like the things humans see. It implies, or stands to reason, then that other more advanced beings in the universe can see an expanded reality with more colors, scents, sounds that we do not know exist, and see also higher dimensions that we do not see. It depends on how good is your mind or receptor to create a more sophisticated holographic projection of reality. It is like a computer or a video camera, or a TV set: The better technology, the more resolution and more crispy mental image representation of reality can render.

In 3rdD reality light is seen breaking down in seven primary colors, not millions of colors. When people say a computer program can handle millions of colors, they are just not expressing themselves right, since we only have seven color in 3rdD, they should say correctly, millions of shades or hues of colors, which are the result of color combination in percentages. In a 5thD reality, for instance, there are more frequencies available, more colors, more sounds, things look more beautiful to our eyes. The colors are all the time there, but we cannot see them. They are in the light but we do not perceive them.

The five-physical-sense perception is equivalent to looking at the landscape from inside a house through a peep hole and never had the opportunity in life to step out of the house: You may see only a tree trunk and think that outside everything looks like that. If you move to a small window and manage to open it you may see a garden tool shed and some bushes and the tree, then you perception and knowledge have expanded and you think that reality is more that the tree trunk you used to see. It is only when you move outside that you see the bigger picture: Your familiar tree plus other trees, the garden, the lake and the skies.

Now, your perception is multiplied a thousand fold from the one of the people that inside the house are still looking through the five-sense perception of the peep hole, some of them may be your university professors. They still want to make the old model (old paradigm) work, it is comfy and cozy and refuse to listen to you. Just let them stay in their own reality, and move to yours. I already did that long time ago. If they are afraid of talking about these things, it is their problem, not yours, and that does not change an iota of how reality is. These laws were created before they were created, and they were created following these laws of consciousness, now are they afraid of them?

The actuality can look like this next example in a particular universe and dimension. Let’s say, you are able to see actuality outside the mental hologram and also reality of the hologram. Outside hologram: You see a set of particles arranged in a certain fashion in a sea of scintillating sparkling lights construct coexisting in space. Then you see another set of particles moving and approaching the first set. They do not pass through each other but the moving set stops at close proximity and stays there. Inside hologram: If now you go back to see the hologram of the mind, this scene looks different: You see a loitering bum coming down a downtown street. He reaches a corner, approaches a wall, leans his back on it and then lights up a cigarette butt.

That is the reality the mind creates. If I am in a room and not looking at my garden, that garden is an actuality of particles just as the above example. But when I look at it through my window instantly it transforms to my eyes and looks to me as bushes, flower beds, grass, trees with birds, sounds, flower scents, etc. These images are created by my mind, they are not really there looking that way out. If I am not there as an observer they do not present themselves like that to themselves. Of course, you always have animals there that can appreciate it according to their individual holographic constructs.

A glass of water, as you mentioned it, is no more than an arrangement of multiple molecules, the ones of the water and the ones of the glass. They are together because of their laws, they really do not look like the image you see. They look more like sparks of light, electrons spinning around nuclei and bonding of atoms forming molecules, spaced in patterns, vibrating at a certain vibratory and being disturbed by you hand shaking as you hold the glass and move across the floor. But you see the water and its reflections, the glass and the light it reflects and feel the coldness of the refreshing drink.

Since all humans share the same makeup through DNA coding, all have the same capability to see reality same way, so for a normal person the color red I see is same color reds/he sees, etc. That is the Law of Consistency that goes beyond the physical paradigm. Our human bodies were made by advanced ETs, we were designed from a universal genetic pool. They used a primate as the basic design and then tweaked it with extraterrestrial DNA ("do not reinvent the wheel"). That is the way God works, through His/Her people.

I have seen images with the third eye, in a dark room, with eyes closed, that have perfect light, are better than High Definition Television (HDTV) and have more life quality. That is why I totally believe what I am saying here. You really do not need physical eyes to see reality, i.e., light coming into the eyes and traveling through the optical nerve as electric current signal if you have developed the third eye vision of the pituitary gland. You can change depth of field and zoom in and out, grabbing details at will. That is not my case yet, but ascended masters, advanced ETs and advanced adepts can do it. For them there is no government top secret project they cannot peek at, no hidden agendas. They know what is going on in Area 51 in the Nevada Desert of USA. Some of this is leaked out from them.

Actuality has quality (color and sound) and quantity (vibratory frequency). The Knower is the spark of Light inside your heart, this spark is part of the soul, the soul is part of the monad and so on. The soul is not the abstract concept of some religions that is ethereal and almost non-existing. The souls, monads, etc., are manifested as beings with physical bodies of higher frequency you can shake hands, talk to and laugh with. These bodies you see again are not the souls or monads, only their vehicles. If your vibratory rate were lifted up to theirs, you could see them and have a good chat, even drop some jokes at them, vice versa also applies. Some are living in space ships and work for the upliftment of mankind. Some others are in other planets doing something else. Get away from established religions.  They have flaws in their dogma, are fallen and need Redemption.

To study the nature of reality go to the Seth Material and all Seth books.  Also get the books "Voyagers, the Sleeping Abductees", Vol. 1 and 2, by Anna Hayes.

Go in Peace and know that the Knower is not the body, nor the mental body but the spark within you from God.

In Spiritual Love,
I AM Luis Prada


Addendum.  Fromwww.operationterra.com , The Merging of Realities:

"You may be surprised to know that you don’t exist all of the time now. You are actually blinking on and off many times a second. Your movies are made up of discrete snapshots, or "frames," none of which are "moving," but when they are projected onto a screen in your movie theaters, they flash on and off so fast that the retention of the image [from one frame to the next] makes them appear to be moving smoothly and without interruption. Those people who make animations for the Web know that their animations actually contain several different "frames" or still pictures that appear to move when exhibited on the screen for an appropriately short period of time. Your reality, which appears to you to be continuous and solid, is actually made up of static images —holograms— which flash on and off several times a second, quickly enough that you don’t perceive the "off" times but instead experience a "continuous" reality. It is anything but continuous, …"

From "Defending Sacred Ground, The Andromedan Compendium", by Alex Collier.  To order it click here.  From the last Chapter, Changing Consciousness:

"… This part of me that you see is only one percent of who I am.  You are seeing a copy.  You are seeing a holographic projection and image that I have projected from myself that has materialized in 3rd density.  You may come up and shake my hand, but you’re not shaking all of me."

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