Sanctity of the Heart

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Sanctity of the Heart

Beloved Lord Maha Chohan      Beloved Ascended Master El Morya, Keeper of the Blue Flame

"HEART", Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 45, No. 8. Beloved Maha Chohan and El Morya February 24, 2002 – July 5, 1997

Church Universal and Triumphant, Summit University Press.

Maha Chohan:

Open the Way to Immortality.  Accept No Limitation!  My beloved, meditate upon the sanctity of your heart and your heart flame. Purge the heart of malice, conceit, deceit. Enter into the depths of being and know that God dwells within you. Know it now, know it today and forever. And know, beloved, that not every heart is pure, but some are sullied in blackness of soot of many lifetimes.

Begin with the heart, for the heart can be strengthened; it can become strong. It can reach every other heart in the universe. I am the Lord the Maha Chohan. I give you that which you are able to internalize. Empty the communion cups that I might fill them with the essence of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is one in many arenas. Some have great strength here and there. Above all, bow to the hidden man of the heart and know that he is Real. Even Thine own Real Self shall he be and shall you be, as one.

See yourselves as Immortals.

I, the Maha Chohan, place upon each one of you, even as does El Morya, a certain element of being that resonates with your heart, your heart flame, your heartbeat and that which you have come since the Beginning. May you recognize yourselves from this moment on as immortals. May you go forth in a climate of expectation that the Lord God Almighty will take you where you must go and that you shall do a work in this day than none other may do but yourself – your Holy Christ Self and your I AM Presence.

Thus, take the word to the wise and know, beloved, that what one has done, all can do. Take that to your heart and you also will know the meaning of self-transcendence, a self-transcendence that comes from the giving of self and the love of all.

El Morya:

One must firmly remember that the only path of salvation is through the heart.

After our daily labors, let us gather to discourse about the heart. It will lead us beyond the domains of Earth toward the Subtle World, in order to bring us closer to the sphere of Fire.

The actuality of the significance of the heart is an old truth, but it has never been so needed as now.

 "The power of the heart conquers (achieves) absolutely everything."  Heart, 1932 – El Morya.

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