The Integration of the Star Seeds

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The Integration of the Star Seeds

The Arcturians
Wednesday February 7, 2007

The Arcturians channeled through Lauren GorgoTaken from .
Published in this website on February 11, 2007.

2/7/2007 (a 9 day: 2+7+2+0+0+7=18 (1+8=9)

What we have come to address is the present condition of Earth changes and the energy associated with it. For many decades there have been noticeable changes on your planet due to the rising consciousness of the Earth’s inhabitants. What we do is oversee the grids of electromagnetic frequency and assist in altering the ley lines for the ease of transition.

We have a role to play in assisting the people of Earth so the transition from density to higher vibration is done with relative ease. Our part is also to oversee the development of rising mass consciousness and how it relates, on a more scientific level, to the changes on Earth and the atmosphere.

Never before has an experiment like this been done which is why we are so intent on seeing the workings of this great experiment to fruition. What I would like to address today is the way that the changes in this density are affecting the populace.

The way of man is one of blind faith. This is the art of incarnation as a human, to evolve from a state of unknowingness to all knowingness. This is the capability of many on Earth at this time, should they choose it. This state of knowingness is one that involves many aspects of energetic resonance and vibration alteration. This can be said of the planet as well, as each of you are intrinsically connected to the whole.

What happens for a rising consciousness is complicated at best and very detailed and well orchestrated. This is not something that neither the planet nor the human race could undergo without direct assistance from more advanced civilizations and beings of Light.  This is why many of you on Earth at this time hold the seed origins and DNA replicates of those from ascended civilizations. It is up to these seed workers to fulfill the Divine Plan of Mother Earth’s Ascension and to bring forth the Light of truth for all to see.

As each member of the galactic world unveils their true identity, there will be new grids in place to support the level of consciousness for the rising slumbers. These grid lines are awaiting the cosmic signal from the galactic center to activate with the merging, anchoring and complete integration of star seeds.

The integration period will be relatively short and some of you are beginning this transition now. The purpose of full integration is to begin the energetic plans for a civilization embarking upon an upward spiral journey to the Godhead or unified field of Oneness. As each of you begins to activate, your DNA will rapidly change and alter your perceptions. This perception shift will be one of clarity and divine purpose. Know that as each of you incarnates unveil your true identity, there will be a space activated on Earth where you reside. This space of activated grids will become an energetic portal of intensified Light for transmutation that will extend outward in great diameter.

The Light that you emit from the galactic heart is one that will carry others to the truth. It will be a time of upheaval for many on your planet and this is exactly why each of you has chosen the role of the way shower. Way showers are always available for those ready and willing to see a better way. Many masters have incarnated at auspicious times in history to ensure the safe arrival of those prepared to shift their perception of reality to oneness and truth. This current shift is monumental in scope therefore requires many masters to begin to walk in their full Light. Those of you who have contracted at a soul level to do so will be the way and the Light for others. This is the purpose of your struggle to awaken. The experience that you have gained first hand has undoubtedly prepared you for what’s to come.

Now a word on awakening. Those who have activated the codes in their cranial space for the complete rewiring of DNA will be mutating into a more refined species of HU-man. The mutation process will eliminate base densities and prepare you for your roles of divine perfection. In this space of perfection you hold the seeds to plant in the heart centers of others, but this can only be done by example. Your words will have less of an effect if your frequencies do not match the vibration with which you speak. Therefore, we recommend that each of you duly prepare by activating your cosmic heritage before you begin your journeys as way showers.

This can be done simply by intent. You will know when you are fully integrated, for it is a state of being far different than the current ones you inhabit. Full integration is a state of balance, peace, clarity, joy and a pervasive all-knowingness that everything is exactly how it should be. When you have reached this state of alignment, you will be well aware of it. You need not try to activate, this is something that is already written in your codes, a simple spiritual evolutionary step that you continually strive to activate with the Light of truth.

Those of you who question your role need not be concerned with how it will play out. Know that as each of you begin to fully harness our power it will be an unfolding of divine implementation and great resolve. The life of struggle you once knew will rapidly fade into the background and the emergence of your soul will take the forefront. As this happens you will attract each and every necessary element to bring you into total harmonic resonance with your soul purpose and intent for new creation. Know that as you align with all aspects of your integrated being you will be in a space of spiritual maturity and rapid manifestation. This space is one that will require your conscious attention but will be much easier to maintain when you have integrated.

We are members of the galactic federation of Light and we oversee the development of many of you. Know that we are guiding each and every aspect of your full integration and are duly prepared to assist you in all aspects of alignment. This process is a very natural one and each of you will find it to be more natural than your current state.

Note that as you begin to mutate you will also feel physical changes. Go where you’re guided and keep in tune with your energy at all times. This will be a major indicator for what is needed to complete the rewiring process. It is mechanical in nature as well as spiritual, for each component is interrelated. Allow for what your body needs to transition with ease.

This time in your lives is a special one, one in which you have worked tirelessly for. We watched over you and assisted where we could, but this process was yours alone to complete. You have completed a most arduous and beneficial initiation and we are proud to be associated with each of you. Your entrance to cosmic awareness and reuniting with your galactic heritage is exactly why you endured. Now you have fulfilled your contracts and you are free to create as you wish. Share your gifts with many and you will find everlasting delight and joy in all your waking hours.

We are the Arcturians and we delight in our roles to oversee your Ascension process. Our civilization is the blueprint for your new world and we are joyously prepared to assist you to actualize your intent for Heaven on Earth. The cosmic wind is at your sails now and you are free to roam the endless seas. Use the wind as your guide and you will always land in the ecstasy of your creations. Farewell and fun travels.

Thank you, Arcturians

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