The Bush Et Alia Ship of Fools Is Sinking Rapidly

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The Bush Et Alia Ship of Fools Is Sinking Rapidly

ByCara McKennon
[email protected]

November 22, 2005

Published in this website on December 11, 2005.

The major media is turning on Bush et alia more and more every day. This is a great sign that things are changing rapidly in our favor. Members of Bush’s own inner circle are distancing themselves from him and his Ship of Fools because they see the writing on the wall, even if many in the public can’t see it yet.

If you have not read the article from yesterday fromTruthout, please do so. It confirms what I just said. The Drudge Reportthis morning is saying the same thing.

Why would Bush continue to say he plans to stay the course, and refuses to accept any other plan?

Part of the Last Dark Cabal:
Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld

Consider this possible scenario. The main controllers behind the scenes have been removed by the Galactic Federation. Bush and his Pax Americana group were just puppets to carry out the plans of these Dark Agenda Controllers. Bush et alia were too inexperienced to plan these world wide invasions into 12 countries alone. Their plan was to bring about the New World Order on the premise of invading other countries by claiming they might have weapons of mass destruction, no proof, just maybe. It was all based on lies, and made us look like hypocrites since we have more of them than the rest of the world combined. That alone made the plan flawed. Since Iraq failed so miserably, and the lies were exposed, the lie won’t hold up to proceed further to continue their plans to invade the other 10 countries.

But suppose Bush et alia were so focused on their now failed plans, that they didn’t consider any other alternative? Since their controllers have been removed, they have no one to turn to for advice and orders to continue with their failed plan or an alternative, so they continue the same old rhetoric of "stay the course" because they don’t know what else to do. They are now a ship without a rudder. They have become a sinking Ship of Fools.

They are of the mindset to refuse to accept responsibility for their actions, so rather than admit they were wrong, they continue with the lies that continue to compound on top of each other. Their own lies are destroying them because it is making them look more and more like a SHIP OF FOOLS.

They also refused the advice of men in the military who told them what they were doing wouldn’t work. History has proven that a foreign occupation doesn’t work because the people in each of these countries far outnumber the occupiers, especially when the occupiers aren’t wanted there, and the people doing the occupying don’t want to be there either.

Bush’s own father told him it was mistake. Clinton, who was almost adopted by the Bush Crime family, is saying it was a mistake, Scrowcroft who is very high up in the Illuminati and all the various secret organizations[#1 in the Unites States – Note of Dr. Milson Macleod], is also saying it was a huge mistake. Jimmy Carter is saying it’s a mistake. John Kerry, who voted to go to war, and actually won the last election, is also now saying it was a mistake. The support Bush et alia was getting before from the major media is disappearing rapidly.

All the Democrats have turned on them, most of the independents and even the Republicans are also seeing the Light of Truth and are distancing themselves from Bush et alia so they don’t go down with the sinking Ship of Fools.

The attacks by Bush et alia that worked in the past are no longer working to quiet the truth from coming forward. The truth will not be denied.

Why? Our vibrations are increasing exponentially now. We create our reality. What we think about is manifesting almost immediately now. What goes around comes around. What we put out comes back on us tenfold, a hundredfold. They are trying to defy the Universal Law of Cause and Affect, and it’s coming back on them a hundredfold now.  They are destroying themselves with their own lies.

Bush says the morale in Iraq is great, yet others use their own money to go over there and find out that this is a lie … that our military is threatening to desert en masse which would be considered treason, but they are willing to risk it rather than continue fighting a needless war based on lies and deception.

The media knows they will also look bad in the eyes of the public if they continue to support the lies or they will go down with the Ship of Fools which is floundering and sinking fast.

We have been told in many messages from the Ascended Masters and Galactic Federation that we have to clean up the mess. Suppose the mess we have to clean up is the mess we allowed to happen through our own fear of taking our power back?

The mess was allowing our power and rights to be taken from us and doing nothing to stop it. The Galactic Federation took the ball from us for a while and removed the controllers from behind the scene which is something we could not do. They have now given the ball back to us to finish cleaning up the mess we all helped create by refusing to save ourselves until we were almost defeated.

We allowed our rights to be taken from us. It wasn’t completely our fault because it was done so gradually, over a long period of time, so we wouldn’t object or notice.

We have lived in a World of Illusion, a World of Duality that is now ending. We have helped it end.

We are seeing through the lies and deception. We are saying "enough is enough".  Think of the analogy of a frog being put in cold water. If you gradually turn up the heat, it will cook to death without realizing is it being killed. But if you put a frog into hot boiling water, it will jump out and save itself from certain death.

The Dark Agenda knew we would react the same way if they took away too much too fast.

We have been the frogs put in cold water and had the heat turned up more and more until we almost cooked to death. More and more of us are jumping out of the boiling water and are saving ourselves from certain death.

This isn’t something that started recently, it goes all the way back to the beginning, even more than 230 years ago, when we declared our independence from England. We fought for freedom, yes, but it was done through violence, through wars, through denying equal rights to others like minorities, and women. We practically destroyed an entire civilization of Native Americans who lived on this land for thousands of years and protected Mother Earth by only taking from Her what they needed. The Native Americans understood that we are all connected, not just people, but nature and the animals. Back then, we didn’t understand that.

As we progressed across the land, the land was raped and pillaged with no regard for the rights of other people, or animals, or for Mother Earth, so in less than 300 years, Mother Earth was in her death throes from pollution and the harm we had done to her in so short a time.

We were supposed to be enlightened, but we were still not in balance and harmony with Mother Earth, with indigenous people who protected the land and its animals, we were not in balance with Nature, flora and fauna, and the animals, many that have been hunted to extinction or near extinction. Back then, there was still too much inequality in our new world. We still had more to learn.

We began to learn the harm we were doing, so environmental groups were formed, societies to protect the young, the animals, the poor, the elderly, the disabled were founded. Equal rights for minorities and women came about finally. As more of our rights were taken from us, we were taking baby steps to correct the errors of the past. We were learning.

But while we learned through trial and error, a sinister plan was building that was done with such stealth and cunning that most of the people weren’t even aware it was happening.

The American Revolution spelled the beginning of the end for the Dark Agenda. A new plan had to be put into place at once to sabotage our new found freedom and independence. America has been the focus of this attack for 230 years. But freedom will not be denied. The "shot heard around the world" was heard everywhere. The war cry for freedom was felt in the deepest part of our being everywhere. The thirst and demand for true freedom was our battle cry. We wanted and demanded to be free so new revolutions sprang up everywhere that also had to be crushed. But freedom will not be denied and a cry for real freedom has spread across the world.

A new plan was put in place to make us believe we had true freedom while it was gradually taken from us with new restrictions taking their place. Done so gradually over 230 years that no one realized just how insidious it was. By making us believe we had freedom of the press, free speech, Constitutional Law, Justice and Liberty when it had been taken from us through government regulations to keep us from rising up against them in another violent armed revolution. One of the reasons a major attempt was made to take away our guns (was) so we couldn’t.

They failed twice in open confrontation during the American Revolution and the War of 1812. They were behind the Civil War by fomenting rivalry between the North and the South, hoping that by dividing us, it would weaken us. But that plan again failed, so they decided to destroy us economically, and they have done an incredible job of it by first taking over our money supply in such a way that they got all our gold by issuing worthless paper money and demanding payment in gold.

Then created a collecting agency with such sweeping powers that went unchecked so they could take away every thing a person had and throw them into prison if they refused to pay their illegal tax. Hidden taxes were levied at every stage of production so most of every product is mostly tax that went to the Dark Ones instead of to the government. All fees and fines also went to the Dark ones. All state, county, city taxes as well while each level of government borrows money from the corrupt bankers who are sucking us dry financially. Then demands payment back at a rate many times what was borrowed. Then we are led to believe our taxes run our governments. More illusion to keep us paying them.

Very early on they infiltrated all branches of government and took them over so the control they had on our money supply and taxes would not be removed. They took over our courts so we no longer had true justice. They took over the media so we were no longer told the real truth. They took over education so we wouldn’t learn the truth in our schools. They took over religion so that so we couldn’t learn the truth there either and were told we had an angry, vengeful God. We were told we were born sinners and came from dirt, instead of being immortal beings.

Many more wars were created through more lies and deception over the next 140 years that indebted us to them even more while it killed off more of what they considered useless eaters. We were turned into enemy combatants of the state who no longer had the right to drive anywhere we wanted without a license, to start a business without a license, to build or repair a home or business without a permit. We became chattel when they turned our birth certificates over to the Department of Commerce like we were nothing more than property.

Plagues and disease were created in their laboratories to kill off even more of us. True health care was denied us, and instead they stole even more of our wealth and health by selling prescription and illegal drugs to sap our strength and take away even more of our wealth through rising health care costs. We defied them by living longer.

In more recent times, they began downsizing all the corporations they infiltrated and took over, then began outsourcing jobs overseas, bringing in slave labor to take the jobs that remained here. Then they caused hyper inflation so our taxes would increase, forcing people to work at multiple jobs to make ends meet. They kept us entertained with violent movies, games, TV programs. Turned our schools into prisons where the students are being dumbed down, and fear going to school, fearing they might be shot by one of their fellow students. The news is full of fear. All we were being shown was an angry, fearful world, so we hid in our homes.

The War on Terror was their new game plan, but it didn’t work. People ignored the terror alerts. They cried wolf too many times when nothing happened. They probably planned for something to happen, but the Galactic Federation and our true White Knights stopped them from happening.

The attack of 911 actually turned this around because the people didn’t react the way they hoped we would. Instead of all the males marching off to volunteer to fight, like they did after the attack on Pearl Harbor, very few volunteered. Those who were career military resigned in droves. How can they invade these 12 countries they planned to invade with no military? The very fact they were using National Guard was a major clue that they didn’t have enough military to do the job. Holding the men back who had served their time was another clue of a failed plan. Recalling reservists who had served their time was another clue of a failed plan. The many military bases closing around the country also indicated our military was shrinking. They had stretched our military out all over the world, in over a 100 countries. Their new battle cry for revenge was being ignored.

New terror alerts were given. They were ignored.

Lies had gotten us into all the other wars we have fought, but the lies were revealed too quickly, from day one to many people. Instead, people objected to the war. That objection increased daily, and now it is almost a full blown roar. NO MORE WAR!!! We want peace. We have finally learned war isn’t the answer.

The poll done by MSNBC was showing 72% were for an immediate withdrawal in Iraq. This is very encouraging. We the people are speaking out, demanding to be heard. I recently learned that CNN also had a poll as well. That poll was even higher at 82%. But it was taken down.

What is different about our quiet revolution of today? It’s non-violent. People aren’t taking up arms to fight against an oppressor who is trying to take away all our rights and are taxing us to death with illegal taxes. We allowed the Federal Reserve and the IRS to exist for almost a 100 years without a public outcry. But the public outcry for this illegality is finally being heard, thanks to the internet, so we know there are other like-minded people out there just like us. We are not alone in this fight. One can’t fight such a mighty force alone, but many can and we have won.

Fear that we can’t fight the government and win kept us silent for many years. But people are now speaking out in a peaceful, non-violent revolution that is proving to the Universe that we finally have learned to take back our power without using violence because violence only begets more violence.

We are now crying out, saying, "enough is enough", and our cry, like the shot heard around the world is being heard all around the world.



The invasion of Iraq had many purposes. To get the oil, yes. The illegality of it was part of the plan. So was the torture to make us look bad in the eyes of the world so people wouldn’t want to be like us. This was to give the impression that Bush et alia and his Pax Americana group could march across the world and do anything they wanted to anyone and get away with it. Their plan failed because it went against the very principles America stands for.

America is the real target for the New World Order and has always been for 230 years because we represent everything they don’t want us to have … true freedom, liberty, justice, equality for all. We didn’t have all those things 230 years ago, but we have grown and learned from our mistakes.

They didn’t expect us to wake up and see through the lies in such huge numbers.

We are winning, it has taken us a very long time to get to where we are today. Now is not the time to give up, to throw in the towel when we are so close. Disregard all messages of defeatism, that this is not going to happen because it didn’t happen on our time schedule.

Remember there are people out there trying their dead level best to derail what is happening. They don’t want us to win, so disinformation is also coming out to cause doubt and confusion.

If it is full of fear, doubt, confusion, or defeatism, it is not truth, not our reality. All you have to do is open your eyes and ears and see the New World Order is in its final death throes. Most of what is left will probably go down with a sinking Ship of Fools rather than come back to the Light, but the Universe is fair, and will give them that one last chance to return to the Light… it can do no less than be fair. Remember, when one is harmed, all are harmed.

What we want will not be handed to us on a silver platter. We have to want it with every fiber of our being and be willing to do whatever is necessary to take us to the finish line.

The pressure is on, we have to keep it on and keep shouting our battle cry, NO MORE WAR!!! PEACE AROUND THE WORLD. NESARA NOW, First Contact NOW, THE SECOND COMING NOW. THE GOLDEN AGE OF PROSPERITY NOW. NOT TOMORROW, OR NEXT WEEK, OR NEXT YEAR, NOW.

By voicing our desires in future tense, it remains in the future because we create our reality. The Universe will give us whatever we want, be it good, bad, or indifferent.

If we say it as a want, it remains unfulfilled. If we say it as a hope, it remains unfulfilled. Say it as though it has already happened. Past tense, not future tense.


Cara McKennon’s Reply to Bellringer Concerning Quashed Indictments

See the Bellringer’s article of February 3rd, 2006, related to this NESARA Update inNESARA Updates, Galactic Federation, I.
From .


The clones will die fairly soon so there is no need to prosecute them. They are living on borrowed time. Monjoronson told us yesterday that the real ones will be taken back to their home planets to be prosecuted before Universal courts.  The greatest offenders of this would go elsewhere to be tried.  Bush is from Dracos so they would go there for trial.  The real Bush and Cheney are the ones who will face trial elsewhere, not the clones.  The clones are programmed to do what they have done. By legal definition, they are not responsible for their actions because they are programmed, just like a robot.

From the information I have found everyone who was of any importance was cloned long ago, which first began on a wide scale back in 1979. Jimmy Carter and David Rockefeller, even Kissinger were cloned that long ago.  Even though these guys were their own, they still had an ego, so they could not be trusted. Only a real clone could be programmed to do what they wanted…without remorse or a conscience.

Quashing the indictments for the clones allows us to get on with our lives and not have to deal with many years of court fights trying to prove these guys are guilty. Many of the real ones are dead. They already paid the ultimate price for their participation in this plan.  The Ascended Masters want us to be able to forgive them, just as Esu Immanuel did 2,000 years ago. Had he not been able to do that, Lucifer would have won.

Revenge is not the answer. Forgiveness is for the forgiver, not the forgiven.  In one of the past experiments that was done, it failed because the people wanted revenge, and they wound up destroying themselves. Had all of us tried to get revenge after 911, we would have destroyed ourselves and the entire world.

The true guilty parties will meet justice in a higher court. The type of justice they will get is something our own courts can’t do, send them to another planet to start over, or be uncreated.

Another factor in all of this, by quashing the indictments it protects America. The over all plan behind much of this was to destroy the credibility of America by making it appear as though we condoned it when the election was rigged to make sure Bush and Cheney won again.

There has been an ongoing plan for 230 years to destroy this country because we represent Freedom, liberty, justice and the American dream.  All of this with the war inIraq and Afghanistan, the prisoner abuse, was done to give us a black eye in the eyes of the world. By quashing the indictments America is protected as well.

The ongoing plan has been to destroy all the religions in the world. The Dark Agenda wanted Christians to destroy all the other religions, and in so doing destroy the real message Esu Immanuel Jesus Sananda gave 2,000 years ago which was non violence, love your enemy. Forgiveness.  They could not destroy him, so they destroyed his message. This has been an ongoing plan as well for 2,000 years. The real people behind the BBB&G’s are theKhazars and Jesuits… both Luciferians.

The real fight all along has been between the Dark and the Light. God and Lucifer.  This is all an illusion. The duality is ending. God won.  Lucifer got uncreated but his followers have tried to stay in the game anyway and tried to win.  But they failed.  Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a high-five because we helped defeat Lucifer.

Even though BBB&G’s had superior technology, more money and power, we still won.  That is what we all need to think about…WE WON AGAINST INCREDIBLE ODDS.  That is what the Ascended Masters wanted, for the victory to be ours, not theirs, which it would have been if they had totally intervened long ago. The Galactic Federation and Ascended Master helped to even out the playing field, but we still won in the end by doing it ourselves.

A lot of what has been going on with Bush Jr was to wake people up which is what he did.  A lot of what has been going on recently has been done for the same reason to really tick people off so those who are still asleep will finally wake up.  Some might not ever wake up, but that is because they are not ready to let go of the illusion.

As for NESARA, it will happen when it is meant to happen, when people are ready, not just us, but others. We are way past ready, but others were not. Now they are. People are so upset over what Bush et al has done that they will be willing to get rid of them all anyway it can be done.  This includes congress, the judges, all of them. The government had to crash and burn so we could have a new government, not try to fix the old one.  The Phoenix will rise from the ashes and be better than it ever was before.

We are to focus on whatever we want. By forgetting about it you remove it from your life so it can’t become a reality. You draw to you what you think about. If you focus on nothing, you get nothing.  It’s the Universal Law of Attraction.  Focus on only what you want, not what you don’t want.

NESARA, FIRST CONTACT, SECOND COMING, GOLDEN AGE OF PROSPERITY ARE WITH US TO STAY.  Love, Peace, Harmony, Perfect Health, Freedom, Abundance, Prosperity, Liberty, Compassion, Forgiveness are in our lives to stay.


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