NESARA Updates, Galactic Federation, I

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NESARA Updates, Galactic Federation
Part 1

National Economic SecurityAnd Reformation Act (NESARA)
 From Multiple Authors

Peace and Prosperity for All!

The selection shown here is mainly taken from information of the Galactic Federation.  This information has been carefully selected to inform you on key events and for historical reasons. See other NESARA information at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

Editor of this material:  Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of "Brother Veritus’ Website".

Update about NESARA from Candace Frieze
Kidnapping and Rescue of the NESARA Announcement Team, Coup D’etat at the White House, the Second Coming

The NESARA announcement was planned for 6 p.m. EST, Friday, April 15, but was stopped due to a kidnapping/hostage taking action of key announcement people at CNN by the Darkside. The hostages were "beamed" to safety using a tensor beam, the perpetrators were removed from Earth Shan.  All has been resolved and the NESARA proclamation time will not be announced, will remain a surprise.

This NESARA update is extracted from messages from Sananda and Hatonn through Candace Frieze, April 16 and 17, 2005, Hatonn through Nancy Tate, April 17, 2005, and Sa-Lu-Sa through Mike Quinsey, April 18, 2005.  Compilation and editing by Luis Prada.  The core of the messages is faithfully left intact.

Sananda’s Message: Stand Down & Stand Aside, April 3, 2005
No Other Planet Has Walked Personally with Christ Michael, As You Shall Do
The World After NESARA St. Germain On NESARA & Money



Update about NESARA from Candace Frieze, [email protected]
From Sananda Immanuel

Received 2.03 PM EST, MAY 19, 2005


Hi everyone. I am almost finished with the second Raphael message, and the remainder of the material on phosphate consumption[Editor’s Note:  See it in this website, Meet My Sky Doc., Raphael.]  I am a bit behind. I spent 2 days down on the couch, had several family events, and other activities taking time. Sananda would like to give a brief update tonight, on the status of NESARA and related activities. This may be posted on websites.


My Dearest Readers, I AM Sananda Immanuel, and I come to bring an update on events progressing towards NESARA. We hoped to announce last Friday, but were met with assorted small difficulties making it impossible. Two of the most important members of the announcement team were called away on other obligations, that were of necessity.

Today, we descended into the lower skies over Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado. We were seen by those aware of the use of cloudships. Some of our ships were only a few hundred feet above the ground. The Denver area was to have been the headquarters of the 4th Reich, that had been planned for America and the world. There was a large international airport built there quite a number of years ago, called Denver International Airport. (DIA) Underneath this airport, to the north of the main terminal, are some underground runways that have been kept secret. In addition to this, is a multilevel underground area having a number of purposes. These underground runways are often used for prisoner delivery to other underground facilities. Your BBB&G’s use them also for secret missions of other natures.

To the west of Denver, in the mountains, there is a huge underground facility that is essentially the second White House. There are tunnels from this area under the mountains going south to the Colorado Springs area, and NORAD.  In the event of destruction or similar difficulties of your White House in Washington DC, the entire government can be run from this area. I will only say, for your benefit, that today we did some major "housecleaning" of these many areas in Colorado. I can’t give you more detail at this time.

Last week, when you had the incident of the small plane flying into the airspace of the White House, and its evacuation, your Vice President, Mr. Cheney made a get a way attempt. This was planned, the small plane and the evacuation a cover up. Your Secret Service was made aware of this, and as Mr. Cheney and his companions drove off away, they were stopped and escorted right on back.

Also that day, an important military person, met with Mr. Rumsfeld, and informed him that we would be shutting down quite a few military bases in the USA. After the Declaration of Peace with NESARA, and the Second Coming events, many military facilities will be closed world wide, that the United States maintains for its control of the world. We also recently disabled some weaponry, small but powerful, on the International Space Station.

The recent attempt at Mr. Bush’s assassination in Georgia, near Russia, was thwarted by deflecting weaponry, that prevented the blowing up of the small bomb that was placed there. This was not a simple grenade. This is not the appropriate time to assassinate Mr. Bush, and quite a few of other people in attendance at that event.  This was but another attempt at delaying the inevitable, NESARA and the associated events.

We shall shortly bring the announcement team once more to Washington. Today’s events in Colorado were significant, and we are well pleased with how they went. The world is now quite a bit more safe. I know you are still in dismay at the wait, but every problem we solve beforehand, is a problem we will not face afterwards. This program continues to grow in scope, many more issues are handled and solved. Many changes are taking place throughout the entire world, that benefit NESARA, and its implementation everywhere. We have daily issues, new problems discovered, new solutions found. The prosperity funds remain safe. We have had a reluctant bank, but this is not a severe problem. I only mention this since this was discussed at the Capricorn site.

We continue to work with many leaders of the world, gaining their increased cooperation. There was a plan to destroy the American dollar, causing immense hardship. You have read about this is assorted places on the NET. This problem was taken care of quite a while ago actually. I just mention it as an example of the work being done.

I am in great delight, as I dictate this to Candace tonight, as everything is looking now very good. We should have no serious problems or surprises in the first few weeks after the announcement. We have done much "housecleaning" in many areas other than Colorado. The underground areas are many around the world, and you know little about them.

Russia has enough underground areas to feed and shelter her entire population for several years. China has many, but not quite enough for her whole population. All of this is in addition to your Inner Earth cities, who I would like to mention, are getting just as impatient as yourselves for the coming changes. They will be helping much on the surface, and the look forward to providing this help. They are all advanced peoples, and they have solved many a problem in their societies over time. You will find them very helpful.

In Australia, the BBB&G’s sometime ago built a large underground area, that they could live in for many years. This was built mainly for them to survive, in the event of the nuclear destruction on Earth. They would like to now use it, to hide from us. Laughable, since we are quite aware of it. Cheney himself may have been trying to get to that place. Continue to hang in there, my friends, great things are happening, and the wait is well worth it, I assure you. Namaste and Salu, Sananda Immanuel.


Captain Helena of Starship Capricorn

Excerpt from the Communication with Capt. Helena of the Starship Capricorn.  25 May 2005.  Taken from: .
Helena: Good morning.  You are right on schedule.  There is much going on in Mother Earth that will soon bring about PEACE.  These events are very important to us for we must have certain conditions fulfilled before we can do our show-and-go landings.  However, it is apparent from our sources that the culmination of our long waiting will be rewarded by the announcement this coming Saturday
[May 28, 2005] of the NESARA program.
Then we will understand that there will be no orders to the military to try to shoot down our shuttles.  Then we can land in peace, show that we come to help, and show that we are no danger to any of the earthlings, but only want to help clean up Mother Earth’s atmosphere.  Then we can be coming to be among you and helping to fulfill our mission to your beautiful planet.
Another activity that is dear to our hearts and minds is the bringing forth of some of the humans that have been restored to their bodies and are ready to meet and greet some of you when we land.  There will be some surprises in store for many persons. We are very pleased that Sananda is one of our Capricorn passengers.  He will have a great deal to tell to all of His earth friends when he decides to land and be among you.
There is much we can do to help those of you who are aware of our presence.  We will, of course, want to enlist the help of many of you to assist us in cleaning up Mother Earth’s atmosphere by the replacement of new energy systems for the present burning of fossil fuels.  It will take some time, however, we desire to get started as soon as possible.  That is my message today…



NESARA Update by Patrick H. Bellringer
[email protected]
May 25, 2005

Taken from:

By demand of the readership of Fourwinds I am one last time being pressured to explain the status of NESARA.  That I shall now do to the best of my ability and resources.

On April 15, 2005, the gauntlet was thrown down by the Forces of Light as a challenge to the Darkside.  NESARA was to be publicly announced on that date.  The Darkside took the bait, kidnapped ten of the announcement presenters, and in the process “blew their cover”.  A chain reaction occurred that revealed step by step the Darkside’s plans, double agents and remaining resources around our planet.

In essence the past five weeks that we have waited in agony for NESARA to happen have been well spent by the Forces of Light.  They have meticulously searched all of the hundreds of underground military facilities worldwide.  They have neutralized all Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) on Earth Shan, which include al nuclear devices used for evil intent, all bio-warfare agents, all chemical warfare agents, and all ultra-modern war techniques such as laser, electro-magnetic and particle beam (scalar) technologies.  The Forces of Light have removed the Darkside from these facilities and “sent them packing” off our planet.

The Pine Gap, Australia facility was built in the 1980’s in the mountains of central Australia in Aborigine country, as an underground survival city for the leaders of the New World Order in case of a nuclear war on Earth Shan.  As with all other military underground facilities, the one at Pine Gap was searched and cleaned out.  The last major facility (rat hole) to be de-activated was the One World Order headquarters located in Colorado, USA, under the Denver International Airport.  Candace Frieze spoke of this in her message of May 18, 2005.  The searching and cleaning out of these facilities is most essential to maintaining the peace once NESARA is implemented.

Because this major task is now completed our world is a far safer place in which to live.  This does not mean that all is now an easy road to the “finish” line.  As Sheldan Nidle said in his May 24, 2005 update, “Everywhere, a million small battles are being waged by the Light to ensure that your abundance is delivered to you as scheduled”.  Some Fourwinds’ readers have suggested that nothing is happening with NESARA because there have been no recent updates.  This is simply not true.

So, the question on the hearts of all of us today is “When is the NESARA announcement and tangible positive change in our world finally to happen?”   The NESARA “sliding window” that began on April 15, 2005, has been pushed about as far as it can go for First Contact and the Second Coming to still happen prior to June 30, 2005.  According to Candace Frieze in her report of May 24, 2005, from her position on the “Second Coming Committee”, the plan for the Second Coming to happen prior to June 30, 2005, has not changed.  That is good news!

That gives us just five weeks for these three major events to happen, NESARA, First Contact and the Second Coming.  Another clue to the progress of NESARA is found in the Capricorn message of May 23, 2005. Helena says, “We are finally being told that all is in readiness for the announcement this week”.  Again, that is good news!

Finally, I will share with you a personal message that Anne and I received today from our old and true friend, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, concerning NESARA.

(Quoting) “Greetings to you.  I am Hatonn/Creator God of the Nebadon Universe.  There has been nothing on the Internet recently to indicate anything is happening with NESARA other than what Sananda Immanuel said in his message through Candace (May 18, 2005), a week ago.  I did not say that no one could communicate with me.  I said that I wanted to keep one public channel for now through which I speak, so that all these blathering public channellers cannot confuse the issues.  I do wish to speak with you, for you ones have been faithful for many, many years.

"To say that nothing is happening out there because there has been no update is not true, for much has been happening.  The Fourwinds readership can read your statement on the top of the Fourwinds homepage, as that statement is still accurate.

"There is much happening behind the scenes of which we do not speak.  In their last throes upon this earth the Darkside are confused because they cannot find any information about our work.  Know that we, the Forces of Light, are the “termites” taking the building down, and it now stand upon but a thread.  The collapse is imminent of this last Evil Empire upon your earth.

"Do not be discouraged, but know that all is happening in your favor.  Many small battles are being fought and won, so that there shall be a total peace upon earth with no “backfires” from those of the Dark.  They are leaving the planet Earth Shan in droves, and they shall face their own karma they have created.

"You can tell those who ask that all is well and in good hands, and that we still plan NESARA before the end of this month.  Sananda Immanuel has not changed his Second Coming date, so there is much to be accomplished between now and then.  Yes, we are ready for the NESARA announcement and the landing of the starships.  We are just going to have to “fall out of the sky” so to speak, as the time is getting limited before the Second Coming.

"Keep hope alive and continue with the e-mails that all is in place.  We are working hard, and the NESARA announcement is still planned before the end of May, 2005.

"I remain your faithful Servant, your Creator God, and you ones are most valuable.  Thank you for all your work of the Lighted Realms.  I AM WHO I AM—Creator God/Christ Michael, and one with thee ones.  Salu!” (End quoting)

Indeed, the magic moment is rushing upon us!  The Capricorn message for today makes the bold statement that “the culmination of our long waiting will be rewarded by the announcement this coming Saturday (May 28, 2005) of the NESARA program”.  Let us pray this is so.  Things are shaping up for NESARA and funding to happen in these last few days of May.  Stand strong against the Darkness and keep a positive spirit of hope and peace and joy in your heart.  Victory is here!

— The Bellringer Writings and NESARA information is at —
— The Phoenix Journal/Contact Newspaper Archive site is at —



Message from Eleanor of the Starship Collinesta
Through S. Eagle, [email protected]
Thursday, 26 May 2005 2:57 PM

I am Eleanor of the Starship Collinesta.  Those of you who have been working with us to bring the Light to further brilliance upon your earth will find yourselves very busy, very shortly.  We have need of your talents and your essences after the changes begin on your world.  Many of you, as you know, have been assigned your own ships for quicker transportation to places where your special skills are needed.

Others of you will be on special teams to help clean up the debris on your planet from the wreckage of wars and the pollution generated from them.  There are those who have lacked the funding to complete programs already started.  This will be forthcoming.

Still others ask, "But, what am I to do in this new Golden Age?  We tell you now that you have had many years of training on the ships and will be amazed to know that you are already prepared for your missions!  When you go to your slumbers you are very busy indeed, and are not "sleeping"!  You have learned many skills which will help you to find your way in this new world we are creating together.  Don’t worry, no one will be left out!  There is Grace to go around for all of you!

What is your heart’s desire?  Build your dreams around that.  This is a time of joy and not one of trepidation.  You are at the end of a long and dark cycle. Focus on your dreams not on waiting for the announcement.  Remember that what you focus on you bring to you.  Be in the now!  The now is your future!  You are creating your future in this moment.  Be In Joy With Your Creations!  We will help you with your projects in any way that we can when we land.  Know that it is now!

LIVE as if you are in the higher dimensions.  Know that nothing is impossible! The Light has opened the Earth to these higher dimensions and all who live upon her.  Love Her well, for she is your Mother.  Rest well tonight for you have much to do in your tomorrows!  Good Night!


Update about NESARA from Candace Frieze, [email protected]

Excerpt from Candace’s Report of Sunday June 5, 2005.  Only the information about NESARA of that report is published here.


I had a good weekend away, got home late Monday. It seems that Nancy[Tate]put out some strange messages, supposedly from Hatonn, Sananda, and Germain, talking about delaying NESARA until we are closer to 5th dimension, etc.  I had lots of mail on this! This is not truth, and these were once again, the fake messages that Nancy unknowingly puts out.

However, at 4Winds today, Patrick made the comment, of which I have mail about tonight, that there is a date past [May 28, 2005] which the failings of the White Knights will not be acceptable, and this is so. Last weekend’s problem [May 28 and 29, 2005]was the direct result of the ground crew, mainly the military, who failed to get Bushie et al arrested. Still a problem with the "Gray Knights" as Patrick mentioned. Please do not fear that we will not have NESARA and the rest of the plans. Christ Michael is in this very deeply and has no intention of turning away, nor do the other Masters involved…


Answers to Many Questions By Christ Michael, Sananda, Germain, Soltec and Candace Frieze



 Update about NESARA from Candace Frieze, [email protected]

Excerpt from Candace’s Report of Tuesday June 14, 2005.  Only the information about NESARA of that report is published here.

Sananda through Candace Frieze.

My dearest patient ones, I AM Sananda Immanuel, and it is long past due for a little update concerning NESARA and the related activities. We have made the decision, as was suggested earlier, to directly intervene in the announcement of NESARA. We are now in the intervention process. The date has come. Last weekend was quite busy, with some great battles of various sorts again being fought, but we did of course prevail. Candace has received a number of letters from those who are empaths, feeling of the darkness that was encountered these last few days.

It should not be much longer now until the announcement. The announcement team is simply on notice continually, and can get to Washington in pretty short order. The US military have been reluctant and require evidently more support than originally supposed. The higher the rank, the less brave they prove to be! Most disappointing, these "warriors" only of the office.

I wish I could give more details, but at this time, a bit of secrecy is important. We are possibly going to have to set back the date for the Second Coming, but not by much. We do need a small amount of time to acquaint the public of the world with our presence first. About 2 -3 weeks should be sufficient. This, as I have mentioned before, will start with the NESARA announcement, as there is a star person on the team, for just that purpose. The announcement of our presence in your skies will come at the end of the initial teaching process, taking a couple of days by the announcement team.

I have no other news, other than you remain patient and faithful that the process is happening, and that you shall see the announcement. There are many changes throughout the world related to NESARA going on, and these continue. I remind you that this is a worldwide project, and work is happening that you do not see.

One of the problems in the USA has been getting the proper orders of arrest for the Mr. Bush filed. You have never openly removed a President before, using the military, even though there have been a number of them most deserving of this process. At this time, it is not suitable for Congress to impeach him, as the office was stolen, and the impeachment process is not applicable. Too many in your Congress are also guilty of various crimes, and would be most reluctant to incriminate themselves in the process.

I myself have faced disappointment in this process, and that the timing has not been what I had wished for. I certainly did plan that all would have occurred much earlier. But at the same time, there is the solving of so many problems that cannot now occur after the announcement.

I do also remind you that the announcement process I am describing, is for theUnited States, and that the process may occur somewhat differently for the many other countries. Some will just flow into it, minus an official announcement, as is going on now in many places.

Something of interest to mention about the Kumara past. Under the leadership of my father, Sanat Kumara, our group extricated ourselves, from the inside without help from others, from the matrix of another world long ago. This is why my father’s commitment to Earth in the first place, he is a survivor of such a system as Earth’s, albeit a little different circumstance. Earth is a tougher job, and needs outside assistance, as it is the last hangout of Lucifer’s group and the Reptilians, and a few other BBB&G’s.

Continue to hold the faith, and be in peace of the process, my friends. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel.


From [email protected] (Cara McKennon), 6/19/2005 12:12:10 PM Mountain Daylight Time.  Excerpt.


One of the biggest lies ever told is that the President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world. The real powers that be refuse to give any one man that kind of power to be all powerful.  This is what got JFK [John Fitzgerald Kennedy] killed because he tried to be a real President, so they took him out.

It’s been reported that the only important decision Bush actually makes every day is which cereal to eat for breakfast. All his speeches are written for him, and he reads them from a teleprompter. If he is asked any serious questions, without the teleprompter in front of him, he gets all befuddled and confused and is not the least bit articulate. He also has dramatic mood swings from quoting scripture to cussing someone out using four letter words. He isn’t called the "Village Idiot" without a good reason.

They don’t want a strong, powerful man in the White House because he might try to be a real president.

Bush’s professional history indicates he has been a failure at everything he’s ever done. He’s the most hated President in the history of this country, not just by Americans, but by people around the world. His policies are turning people against the United States, but that is actually the real goal, to turn the world against America.

But he has been most successful at his real soul objective, to wake people up to the truth.

The so called Right Wing does not represent the majority of the people. In fact, it’s a very small portion of the overall American population. Part of the lies is to lead people to believe they are the majority.

The majority is somewhere in the Middle, feeling that their lives are going to hell in a handbasket with no help in sight because they don’t believe the lies, but they don’t know help is right around the corner with the announcement of NESARA, First Contact and the Second Coming.

If people in this group are told about NESARA, First Contact and the Second Coming, they want to believe it, but they have been so programmed all their lives with negativity that they feel it’s a pipe dream that will never happen. They have also been lead to believe that Bush and buddies are too powerful to be removed from power by anyone. This is also part of the lies, that they are too powerful to be removed.

It’s a proven fact of nature that people hate change, they resist change. Since the majority of the people are totally uninformed about NESARA, they have no idea that a positive change is even possible. They see their little corner of the world is falling apart, getting worse by the day with no hope in sight.

This too is in Divine Order and had to happen, for people to see their little corner of the world fall apart so they would be more willing to accept the dramatic changes that are on the near horizon that will change our lives drastically.

(…) Bush et al. are about to be removed from power in a way that has never been done in US History. Bush and Buddies have to be made to look bad in the eyes of most Americans before they will allow this to happen and agree to go along with it.

Everything Bush and buddies are doing now is backfiring in their faces and making them look worse, not better in the eyes of the overall population, regardless of what Right Wing websites are saying.  This is something that has to happen, before people will agree to their removal.


Christ Michael On the Arrest of Bush and NESARA
Mohammed SpeaksBy Mohammed, Sananda and Candace Frieze
Enough Is Enough! By Candace Frieze, Join Statement by Christ Michael and Others



Update about NESARA from Candace Frieze, [email protected]

Candace’s Report of Sunday July 17, 2005.


Hi everyone. There is a note on the Internet that showed up in many of your emails yesterday, and mine, talking of the difficulties with the NESARA announcement this week. There are details in it describing a battle. There have been battles often, that we do not publicize, and this message is only being done, because of the note circulating around. Also, I have received many emails about the failure of the shuttle launching in Florida this past week. Sananda will comment on that briefly here.


Dear ones, the Columbia was lost a couple years [ago] because we shot it down. There was the plan to drop a nuclear bomb, and this wasn’t allowed to happen. The crew was evacuated first, and they are safe, and will be returned to Earth when appropriate after the NESARA announcement. There were never any body parts from crew spread on the ground. Although we do have control of the current shuttle and can determine its contents, we are taking no risks. On top of that the shuttle is old and not safe anyway, so why the risk to life to send it up again for any reasons?

You space program is a waste, designed to hide what is really going on. There are space stations around Earth of which you are not aware, and you have had space capable shuttle craft for some time now. Some of you are aware that theUnited States has a station on Mars, and these little rover things moving around are pretty silly. They are real however, so you can believe some of what your media talks about with them. I now let Christ Michael take over. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel.


My dear Friends, It is I Christ Michael. There has been a note circulating on the Internet about this week’s difficulties with NESARA. Indeed the note is true. However, it was not authorized, and we are working on finding out its source at this time.

There continue to be moles, it seems a never ending issue. We commandeered CNN during the night Wednesday, and we had interference yet again. The access channel net work refused to function at all, and after a goodly period we gave up and reset the date for Friday, again during the night.

There ensued a fierce battle. The BBB&G’s were waiting with their plan, and lives were lost. We lost indeed as the message stated, four ground crew, and two star people. We have received some emails wondering where the protection was. My friends, the BBB&G’s have weapons too, and your government owns shuttle craft. There was a battle, plain and simple, and in this situation, the shielding that is normally done is not possible to maintain constantly.

The White Knights lost were experienced warriors, and knew what they were doing, as were the star people. Please have compassion, and thank them for what they gave to you in this process. There have been many deaths over the many years we have been back.  There was major warring around the Earth and in the astral areas for a long time with Anunnaki and Anchara, and a few others.

This is life, sadly, but true. Much of this since long before the First Coming, has been fought with weapons. You have movies about the Galactic Wars. This is the last planet involved in this long time mess in the Galaxy, and in the Universe of Nebadon. This is why you have the stories of the final battle between good and evil. This is the end of Armageddon, you are not expecting more Armageddon.

Armageddon is not about the projected 3rd world war on Earth, as commonly believed. Armageddon was to be and has been fought as war all around you in your skies, the astral worlds, and in the under ground facilities.

When we recently told you of taking over the underground areas, this was an act of war, there was not peaceful surrender. Some areas allowed the search, some did not. We did find a number of very bad weapons of off world variety during the search, and it was during the search that we decided to take them over, period.

We have not been beaten, I assure you, we have relieved the enemy of too much of its power, not to win. As I write this, we continue on in battle, and we hope to lose no more, but it will go on. The enemy has little left with which to battle.

I will never understand why these people did not just give up, it is the end, and they have made their beds, and the grace of God is truly gone.

We have star technicians and a technology of which you are unaware that we will be using now with the TV problem. We have more warriors on the ground, and we have far more warriors than has the United States that do battle against us.

This was just a battle, nothing more.  However, in the message sent about, it is stated that we are considering just doing First Contact, and forgoing the Announcement. This is most definitely not true. Falling out the sky will cause more problems than will be solved, as there might then be an aerial battle noticed by those on Earth, and certain news stations would most certainly draw attention to it. We would then have a "war of the worlds" situation and create much fear in the process.

Remember in the message in April where I discussed the issue of the void needed for success? We cannot change the laws of physics, they simply are. We would be up against a huge amount of negativity to do so, and this of course is exactly what the BBB&G’s want. They want a large aerial battle, and this they will not get. This portion of the message makes it possible to consider that the message is the work of the BBB&G’s having a bit of fun with you and with us.

There is not a problem with the prosperity and humanitarian funds. They are very secure, as is all of the precious metals involved. There is much out there right now saying the funds have to be delivered before NESARA. This is not so, but this story has been put out that way for a reason. In fact, to deliver the funds just after makes more sense, because we will be in control, and there is not risk at that time of the BBB&G’s playing games with the computerized portion of the banking involved.

We will continue in these battles until won, and that should not be much longer. We continued yesterday and this morning, and are taking a respite, during which I am dictating this message. During the battles we did disable, meaning evaporate in your understanding, 30 of the local shuttles (flying saucers). Pretty soon at this rate, they will be gone. So not to worry. We are doing this battling carefully, so that we are not easily seen and we do not upset the peoples. My and the Masters Second Coming event will be a spiritual and sacred event. I will have it not other way.

We continue to plan on the Second Coming event within 2-3 weeks after the USA NESARA announcement, in order to do small contact activities and publicize our presence in the skies, prior to our major event. In that time, with the huge amount of education coming very rapidly, Earth peoples will know we come in peace and to be of help. They will trust us once they learn the truth of the corrupt governments.

I remind you once again, that we are actually ahead of what might have happened had NESARA been done as planned before we took it over last May. It has become a much grandeur program, very world wide, and we can get to work very quickly now in instituting the technology to heal the planet, and her peoples. Your own opportunities have much greater potential as a result. That is one reason we decided on this announcement process of the Second Coming this winter, so help better prepare you, and set you to dreaming and finding hope once again.

Without our influence, NESARA would have spread much more slowly, with more resistance occurring. Now we can move forward, as soon as this is finished without interference, at least with very little. I do still expect small difficulties afterwards, as we have discussed before. There may still be small bombings occurring for a period of time, and we do expect, not matter my big show, that some clerics will remain resistant, as this Second Coming is not in the keeping of their understanding of prophesy, given to them by our BBB&G’s.

We have said before, we can’t remove all the BBB&G’s and the Little BB&G’s, we would be removing a great deal of the population that is in misunderstanding. Our game plan is nearly finished in its current remodeling, and we press on!

Namaste and Salu, Christ Michael, Sovereign of the Universe of Nebadon, and as such, Commander in Chief, of Earth Project Transition, Pleiadian Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet, Ashtar Command, Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition.


For those missing the more frequent channelings, I found another interesting channeling from Sananda on my computer, and I have it nearly ready to send out. I also have a work in process with Lord Buddha, hampered by the NESARA activity recently, and my own interruptions to it. I tend to ask many questions, and I needed to take a little journey of memory before we finish it. Take care, Candace.


Update about NESARA from Candace Frieze, [email protected]

Excerpt from a report of Candace called Resurrection.  Only the NESARA update is published here.


My friends, it is time to clarify some issues around the NESARA announcement. This previous Tuesday [July 19, 2005], we had a plan to announce NESARA, which was set for 6 PM EDT in the USA. Early in the morning, a mole let it out, and we got wind of the problem and canceled, not willing to risk the lives and health of the announcement crew. We carefully set a trap for that evening, and a large group of the best of the BBB&G’s in the secret military fell into it, and are now detained, the whereabouts we will not disclose. We are searching for a mole obviously at this time, and have recently acquired some extremely good leads.

There is one Sandra McFarland who is putting out messages to her list on the Internet, and also posting to the Discerning Angels group. Miss Sandra has put up a pretty wild story, and claims herself to be a Sananda, which as we have told you in the past, is a level of accomplishment, that of being One with God. Miss Sandra most certainly is not a Sananda, nor is she the Kumara she claims to be.

She signs her name Sananda Sandranne Kumara. She claims that she is in contact with an Admiral Sananda Edwin Kumara, supposedly on a panel of seven that oversees this project of Earth Ascension. There is no Sananda Edwin Kumara, my dearest Sandra, and this you know. You put out a list of impressive names to gain support for what you are doing, and then added yourself to it, in essence at the end, with your signature. I think your little BBB&G game is going to collapse on itself very shortly. You know what I mean dear, this game you play, that you have been playing for some time now.

My dear ones, this little Miss Sandra was part of a group trying to get their little paws on one of the Humanitarian Funds that has been set aside for the use of the Light workers by Germain. There was a handsome payoff, wasn’t there, my dear, for those of you in the plan?  Generous fees collected for the distribution of funds, and not to the Light workers, but a group of very bad BBB&G’s.   A nice comfy living that you had planned. I think not any more, my dear.

I suggest you start worrying at this time about how you plan to extradite yourself from this mess, and I suggest that those involved in this scam do the same thing. I also suggest that you not cause further trouble to any other members of this Second Coming Project, as that will most certainly be your undoing. I think that is enough said at the present time. Salu, Christ Michael, Sovereign Son of Nebadon, Commander in Chief of Earth Project Transition.


Sananda’s Final Message for Now
Update on NESARA from Sananda and Candace Frieze, [email protected]

Candace’s Report of August 1, 2005.


With great love to All that read these messages, I AM Sananda Immanuel, and I come to you today with a message. This is for the most part, unless a future update becomes necessary, my final message of this project, that we started onJanuary 31, 2005. Candace is, as we have said before, an active sitting member of the Second Coming committee. Her organization, mentioned at times, AbundantHope, is a part of the Second Coming and the works to continue after our big event, still planned to occur in about 3 weeks after the USA NESARA announcement.

Candace is sovereign, she is a part of our plans, and what she says, we say and it has our backing. She very successfully passed a test given to her, which in part included these messages. You can accept what she says, as she is a Christed Being, and a full participant in our future plans. I leave to her whatever she wishes to teach, and also, it is her choice as to when she terminates these messages.

The very good news, is that we got a significant portion of the prosperity funds delivered to the major participants over the last couple of days, and it will not be long now until the NESARA announcement. We receive letters still, with people complaining that there has not been adequate response to the "Enough is Enough" message, and I am asking some of you to grow up about this. This project has to been done carefully, in a SACRED manner.  As we have stated, we are not going to be obvious in our battles, the fear factor would generate enough negativity to cause the poles to shift, and this is not the desired outcome of our thousands of years of hard work.

With the "Enough is Enough" message, star warriors went into active battle with the BBB&G’s and they are nearly decimated now. In this I mean, the military aligned with the BBB&G’s is about out of their power. We have taken out many of their flying saucer machines, and many hi tech weapons, of the laser type that are portrayed in your science fiction films. Although we had disabled the saucers some time ago, we re enabled them, and set some fine traps, and the BBB&G’s fell right into them, guns a blazing. We did lose a few of our craft, as these were intentionally made as targets to draw fire.

There are many detained in a special area on the planet, not to be disclosed at this time. Their power has gone "poof." Yes, I know you want a couple of examples, so I will give that which has been published in your news. We must maintain the secrecy at this time. Over Maine we set up a "cigar" type craft which the BBB&G’s attacked and we did loose that craft by intention. It was not manned. But while they were dancing in joy over hitting it they made themselves very vulnerable. Also reported have been some strange blasts in the sky attributed to some very strange behavior of meteors. Candace had also received letters from readers who have actually seen some battles.

Our show and tells around the world continue, and the US media continues to engage in the practice on non reporting of this. We got a cute suggestion from a reader, to drop flyers, using some humor in them, such as, "now we are just weather balloons." That approach just might be tried, after the NESARA announcement, which includes a huge stand down on the military, so they don’t shoot at craft dropping the messages!

After the NESARA announcement, our plans continue to have the show and tells, in the USA. These will include media present, and we are working on a little plan, in which some media personnel, if brave enough, will be allowed aboard the Capricorn and a couple other ships to film the interior, shake hands, and then put this out on the evening news locally. There are other ships working on other regions of the world with plans for the areas they are assigned to.

I am asking once more for everyone who reads these messages that what you can do for us as all unfolds is to be a resource to those around you. There have been a large number of servers set up around the world, with NESARA information in a variety of languages, and the website addresses will be published in various media, so that the curious can check it out.

Shortly after the Second Coming event, we hope to have significant websites with email addresses, Faster than Light Technology, to participating star ships. This program will increase over several months. It will take a period of time to get it fully established. The big ships cannot land on Earth, the gravity would be affected, but the email services will eventually include many ships a 100 million miles or more away. There will be ways to contact the Galactic Federation headquarters on Mars, also. Many informative websites will be created by various ships, with information of where they are from, and about how their peoples live.

Those of you who are star persons, even back to 2000 years ago, should be contacted at some point over the next several months by ships here from your planets. Candace actually received an email last fall, from a ship from Myrua, her home planet, discussed briefly in message number 25.  [SeeNo Other Planet Has Walked Personally With Christ Michael As You Shall Do. Editor’s Note.]

The continuance of this joint project is now totally in Candace’s hands, and she is to be trusted. She is an active member of our team. I am withdrawing, as my day in the sun is coming, and I must be in preparation of it. I have been working for some time with a special person, in new knowledge for the Mormon church, and I am maintaining my previously planned schedule in this work, which was to begin after our Second Coming event. I am not letting the delay in the Second Coming interfere with work that has previously been planned to occur at this time.

Candace is now heavily involved in the establishment of AbundantHope at this time, requiring many hours. She is personally involved with the orientation of members chosen to this point.

We are again seeing an increase in the work of the BBB&G’s in interfering with this project of announcing the Second Coming.  Remember one "AHN" of a few months ago, putting out material to debunk our work? This is a high rankingCIA project, meant to divide you, and it seems there has been some success in that venture. We have seen a great increase in the mail, and on several forums, of the presence of CIA types, posting messages to draw you away from our work. Often the postings say that why would a person of the Light give out information just as I myself am going right now? It is because the truth must be known, and the truth is not always pretty. In addition to that, when one is under attack, one must defend self.

I am going to make a very strong statement now, in this last message from myself, that this CIA group was behind the stealing of the funds of the Terra Nova International Trust, and the attempted stealing also of the "flying saucers" being gifted to certain light workers, that their travels be made easier, and they not need to use conventional aircraft in their works.

This same group is totally behind the Nancy Tate Vs Candace game being played out with you. Nancy Tate, the A & A’s, Celestial, and now Suzy Ward have come under this CIA influence.  I cry especially for Suzy at this time. I wish not to see her long and valuable works go down the drain. I am asking readers to reconsider your own playing in this game on the forums, and its distractions.

Candace would have more time to devote to real teaching through the email, if she didn’t have an email box full of the "who should I follow letters," and "say something to prove to me your Sananda and Christ Michael are real." We are very real, my friends. The latest work of AHN describes that we are four big bad guys carrying on an impersonation, that we are Orion war lords having a great deal of fun, playing with you, and that we are the Anti Christ.

I assure you, the CIA types behind this little game are having a great deal of fun, laughing at you. They are studying New Age looking for the weak points, and entering into the forums, pretending to be of the Light, and causing confusion. Some of you are beginning to see this game, and you will help end the work of the Anti Christ, by not playing with them.

Be very careful to whom you give information at this time. Those who belong to First Contact Scouts, had your personal information given to Sandra McFarland’s group. So did you who were members of SSN. We discussed the SSN issue in April. The manager of the First Contact Scouts group did this, because Sandra told her everyone on this list would receive humanitarian funds. These were not Sandra’s funds, and she no right to make that claim. The plan in getting the names was to identify light workers, look for personal difficulties, and exploit them.

There is also a plan behind the works of the Schlossers, in the phone conferences done twice a week to learn information about the Light workers.  The plan offered on those calls, to help relieve you of your credit and mortgage obligations, if followed might land you in prison instead. At the least, the wolf, the beast, has a great deal of information about you. Most of you participating have also found yourselves, being asked to buy products, and you need to fully check out these products before you invest in them.

Those of you in participation of this nasty little scheme are being taken to the cleaners, as the expression goes on Earth. In your trust, you give information about yourself that you should not be giving in these dangerous times. The Anti Christ is alive and well in New Age. The antichrist is stealing information to be used against you, after the Second Coming. We have said there will still be some games played afterwards, and so it seems it will be.

We have put up with these many problems since the work of the Phoenix Journals in the 90’s. We were often called the Anti Christ, in part because the material was very straight forward, giving the actual knowledge deprived of Earth’s peoples. There are 200 unpublished journals, that are being prepared to be published at this time. We desire they be available again in bookstores, in addition on the Internet at 4Winds. Not everyone desires to read on the computer, nor have a computer online. The Phoenix Journals also expose the games of the Anti Christ.

The Anti Christ steals a great deal from this work we are doing. There is the time spent in defense of this project, our pre announcement of the Second Coming. There is time spent by Candace behind the scenes, such as that which she spent in the past few weeks with the works of Sandra. There is the time spent on email that she must answer, in correcting the teachings of the Anti Christ in the New Age movement.

She is more than our channel, as I remind you, she is a sitting member of our team, and is heavily involved in many issues besides the writing of these messages. The Anti Christ keeps you away from forming plans to aid in healing of the Earth, in his games of separation between Nancy and Candace. How about on the forums you discuss how you might change the world, instead of playing along with the Anti Christ? I think I have said enough now in this message on this issue.

I am pulling away, as my time "in the sun" as a Son of God, is about to begin in earnest. I have been working on a project, with the Mormon population for some time, and it was to begin now, in this time, after the Second Coming that was planned for by June 30. I am continuing that work on time despite the delay in the Second Coming.

I remind all of you, that in early April, Christ Michael delivered the Stand Down messages to those in power. These papers had the seal of Nebadon on them, and still the BBB&G’s did not withdraw, they increased their plans. If they would just wave the white flag, all would be over.

But again, in the waiting, we prevent problems after the Second Coming. There were the plans of the BBB&G’s to continue to influence in Earth afterwards, continue in their power from behind the scenes. The Humanitarian funds would have been much enjoyed by them. There were the plans of many small bombings, to continue the fear, and establish rejection of the NESARA and the Second Coming, and these many plans are now exposed and interfered with.

The wait has been well worth it, in the bigger picture. I am personally satisfied with this project of pre announcing that we have done, it brought our BBB&G’s out in droves, and they exposed themselves. We gained a great deal of intelligence for it, and destroyed many of their plans. We were able to determine the weak points within the White Knights, by the sending of 25,000 star people onto the earth. Many are working heavily in the darkest corners of the world, preparing our way. I say our way, to remind you that the Second Coming is all of us, including each of you! The way will now be smoother.

I am asking all of you to get back to your serious dreams and planning, and the preparation of others around you as our events unfold. Be in peace of the process that is working so very well, even though we have the delays. All in God’s time, as the expression goes. Time is of the essence, the Earth will be in the photon belt fully year around later this year, and the effects increase. We must be about our Father’s work, my friends, and not be caught up in antichrist games. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel.


For those of you who might be upset with Sananda taking a different course at this time, notice that he has not given teaching messages for a while now. He is heavily involved with the Second Coming and NESARA, and he did say some time ago, he would be spending less time with these messages. That is why I began working with Raphael, and the others. We are so very close now to our delayed goals, and it is time to look ahead. Time to work again, if forgotten about, on ideas for healing Earth. This is message #40! I didn’t think their would be 40 messages in the beginning.

I have a work in progress with Buddha that I think I will now get finally finished. After that, I am not sure what I will do. I can still ask Maitreya and Mother Sekhmet for some material. I will also look in my Sananda folder to see if there is material I have not yet used. I think Sananda gave me more material on the Universe, and his past.

Sananda is currently involved in a project that he planned to work on shortly before the Second Coming, and afterwards. Although the Second Coming was delayed, he needs to start this work anyway, regardless of the delay. He mentioned that above.

This project was to terminate with NESARA, and then I agreed to carry it until the Second Coming. But I also need to get AbundantHope running and ready, times a wasting! At this time, I am putting in around 30 hours or more a week, developing AbundantHope. AbundantHope will be working with organized religion, and the needed changes. I will be working with the idea of re teaching clerics, and then having them pass the information onto their congregations. Also, I will encourage these congregations to create a needed messianic project and carry it out. I would still love to hear of the ideas you are creating of a messianic nature, big or small. I will post these ideas on the new website, when it is ready. There will be a section for messianic ideas.

I need to put time to preparing material for the website, so that I can actually put material on it, when I have my server and can do so. I have been doing on average only one message a week, the email and my other activities that accompany what I do, taking much time. I have no one helping me. I hope at some point to have someone to help with my chores of daily living, like shopping, cleaning and cooking.

I would appreciate some suggestions, of what you might like covered, after I finish the Buddha message. Are you interested in Maitreya or Mother Sekhmet? I got very little response to the Mohammed message. I do plan to stop these messages with the Second Coming, as they will not be necessary. Like all of you, I long to get on with my plans in the healing of this planet. I believe we are going to finally see the USA NESARA announcement in the very near future. AS has always been said, the exact time will remain a mystery, as will also, the Second Coming event.  NESARA is marching on across the world step by step. China’s recent changes in their currency against the US Dollar, is but one example.

I have been getting requests regards Tofu for recipes, and ways to use it. I will give a couple of short ideas right now. For those that like scrambled eggs or omelets, you can dice an assortment of veggies, brown them briefly in the oil of your choice, and then add slices of Tofu, and mash it with a fork. Butter is very good if you aren’t vegan, but olive oil and coconut oil are tasty too. Season with salt, pepper, and if you like it a small amount of turmeric, which turns it the color of eggs, and adds a nice flavor.

Tofu is very low in salt, and just adding salt to it helps its flavor. I don’t buy Tofu made with calcium, as it is often bitter. I only use tofu made with Nigiri, which is dehydrated sea water, containing magnesium chloride. You can use items like green chili and salsa also in this "scramble."

You can cube it, and marinate it in a variety of oriental sauces, some salad dressing, or barbecue sauce, then brown lightly, and let it sit in a heavy pan on low, until it dries out some, making it chewy, a little different texture. This is often sold as baked tofu. However, baking takes too long, using a heavy fry pan on low, without a lid works better. And you don’t have to heat the oven.

I also use marinated tofu, and mash it with a fork into the skillet and do as above. This makes a crumbled product that I like to use in salad. I discovered this one day, trying to figure out what to do with a bottle of raspberry dressing that I didn’t care for. On the tofu, in this manner, it was pretty good, used in a salad. You can store a jar full and add to salad as needed.

I still get material sent to me putting down soy products. The problem to watch for with soy, is that it must be cooked, the raw bean has something in that does upset ones system. Also, hydrolyzed soy, has natural MSG in it, and this would be a problem for many. It is for me, so I don’t buy products made with it.

If soy were as dangerous as claimed, then China, Japan, and Indonesia would not have a problem of over population! Christ Michael, aka Hatonn, in Journal #130 (I think this is the right one) stated that people who choose to be totally vegan, should consider using some soy in their diet, for its protein.

I had some Japanese friends who used Tofu regularly, and fed their child soy milk. They tried the America high meat diet, and found it upsetting to their systems. At one point, in my nursing career, I was caring for an older infant that had abdominal surgery and did very poorly on Jell-O afterwards. The parent’s defied the doctors and fed him the soy milk he was accustomed to, and he healed very nicely. The parents were from a commune, and were vegan totally, and these people and friends who came with them had the most beautiful healthy, glowing skin I have ever seen.

This made a big impression at the time on me. I tried to go vegetarian at the time, but Tofu was not available commercially where I lived, and making it for a family of four took too much time. I was using too much cheese on that attempt, and used too much for my system, i.e., our phosphate story.

Soy, especially served uncooked is not good for the cows that eat it, as their systems are designed for grass consumption. It was meant to be people food, and can be used successfully on carnivore animals. In Telos, an inner earth city, they feed their saber tooth tigers soy steaks. None eats another there. There are natural planets where animals do not eat others, at least this is what Sananda told me.

Time to move on, and get this out. I had a nice couple of days visiting with family from out of town, and also a birthday party for a grandchild. I actually was able to talk about NESARA, and the Second Coming! Nice for a change and now these people will be of help shortly!  Even if they are not yet sure of this when it happens there will have some supporters who will help those around them. Take care, Candace.


Update on NESARA from Candace Frieze, [email protected]
August 9, 2005

Excerpt taken from Mother Shekhmet Speaks.  Only the NESARA information was extracted from the article.

since the announcement studio was seriously damaged in a recent skirmish, a new site has been established that the BBB&G’s will not be able to interfere with. The new announcement studio and the announcement will come from the Capricorn [Spaceship] providing impeccable security!


Update on NESARA by Christ Michael and Patrick Henry Bellringer
August 14, 2005

Taken from: .

Looking at our world today it appears that there is very little goodness anywhere and that the Darkness is becoming ever darker!  Our news media today gives no news but only selected stories filled with fear.  The planned annihilation of the Iraqi people continues and the noise of saber rattling against Iran grows ever louder.

Hope lies in the occasional ray of Light that breaks through the Media “chinking” to lighten our space.  Patrick Fitzgerald’s Chicago, USA Grand Jury probe into U.S. Government fraud and treason is one such ray of Light.  Sorcha Faal reporting from Russia on the intrigue of the U.S. Military coup is another ray of Light.

There is information coming from all parts of our world at this time that indicates the Darkside’s One World Order is coming apart at the seams.  G.W. Bush sought asylum in Saudi Arabia and is now hiding on his ranch at Crawford, Texas surrounded by National Guard troops and Secret Service agent to protect him.  Twice this past week Bush has tried to stop Fitzgerald’s Grand Jury probe into his evil doings by the use of explosives, but to no avail, thanks to French Intelligence, some good CIA and the Forces of Light.

Yesterday, a reader wrote, “It is extremely hard to stay positive about anything in this world with the constant news of the criminal activities and other horrors from our unelected cheaters, err, I mean leaders.  Please, anything about NESARA’s progress or First Contact would be greatly appreciated.”  With this in mind my wife, Anne, and I turned to our old friend Christ Michael/Hatonn for help.

I include here an excerpt from the communication given to us.

[Quoting]:  Greetings!  I AM Christ Michael, known to you as Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Creator Son of the Nebadon Universe.

NOW—for the NESARA news.  We have not been idle, little ones, but very busy dealing with the Darkside.  They have brought out more plans and explosives, and evil deeds that must be dealt with, or after the announcement they will try it again.  The coup is going on, but not as you see on T.V. or even the internet.  Sorcha Faal has some facts, but not the whole Truth.  Know that this situation with arresting Bush is going on as planned, and he is running scared.  The Star People and other White Knights are working hard, and all is under control.  The announcement should have been yesterday, Friday, but we held off a bit until a few little skirmishes are dealt with.  I know you are anxious and waiting as are others, but all is well.  I know you can’t see why the announcement just can’t be made on the Capricorn, but that, too, took some time to have those 3D people agree.  It wasn’t until the demolished announcement center that they finally agreed to go aboard ship.  This all takes “Earth time” as you know it.  Yes, we are behind schedule as to the announcement and the First Contact and Second Coming, but by dealing with these skirmishes diminishes them happening later and makes the change one of wonder and joy.

It is now time for Mother Earth to Ascend, along with those who have chosen to go with her.  This has been eons in coming, and a few more hours or days is all we have to go.  Rest easy, keep up your prayers and petitions and your work.  All is in my hands and my “crew”.  When?  Anytime, my dear ones, anytime now.

I, Creator God-Christ Michael your old friend Hatonn take a short leave but am in your thoughts.  You are my crew.  SALU!  [End quoting]

My friends, keep hope alive!  Do not let fear and doubt rule your day.  These are times for patient endurance and the knowing of peace within the heart.  We are but a step away from the beginning of our most glorious Golden Age of Peace, Freedom and Abundance.  Aho!

— The Bellringer Writings and NESARA information is at —
— The Phoenix Journal/Contact Newspaper Archive site is at —



Update on NESARA from Candace Frieze, [email protected]
Wednesday August 17, 2005

Excerpt taken from the report "Christ Michael Update and Older Message from Sananda."  Only the NESARA information was extracted from the article.


Dear Loved Ones, time marches on, doesn’t it?, and still we don’t quite have NESARA. I issued the Enough is Enough message, and that has been so. We have been in quite a few battles, some lives lost of star people, as has been reported since then, in our updates. The USA military machine, its highly trained special forces has been pretty decimated, and we have many good soldiers in detention, and the great majority of weapons used up and thus not available to be used after the NESARA announcement.

Candace mentioned last week that the announcement will take place of the Capricorn, and this is so, and a great relief to all involved. It took some time to convince the announcement team to come aboard. After the studio was trashed in Washington, DC, the team became more wary, and thus more willing to consider the Capricorn.

The advantage of the Capricorn, besides the safety, is the comfort and convenience for the team. Transportation is rapid, no longer are the plane rides necessary. Some are beamed, and some are brought by shuttle. There is much open space on this ship, and a wonderful crew. There is no fear of attack, and this has greatly alleviated anxiety.

There are more body types than humanoid on the Capricorn, and this has been quite an experience for the team! They have also met myself. They have met Sananda in the past. This experience has greatly helped them stay focused, and most likely will cause them to be even more dedicated to the coming events.

As to the rumors of the "coup," this is not a very organized coup at all, mostly what you label Faction 1 and Faction 2 duking it out. There is no Faction 3 (White Knights) involved in this duke out. While these events are useful to us, they will not bring about NESARA.

Mostly what is going on is that additional enemy are eliminated, and the George Bush faction 1 is running pretty scared now. Also, these are fighting over who owns the gold, and surprise! None of them do. Faction 1 thinks they have the Philippine Gold, mostly gold secreted away after WW2, and Faction 2 thinks they got it back, and its in Austria. But while they fight, they remove themselves from the picture. The gold and other precious metals necessary to NESARA and the humanitarian programs have been in very safe keeping for some time now. Our little games have been well played in this arena.

Where they will be running too, in all likelihood is the hideouts. There are two of them in Australia built some time ago. They are thus moving to a prison of their own construction, as they have no where else to be going, and no space vehicles in which to escape. This idea works well for the country since Bush does not seem inclined to wave a white flag, and accept the inevitable.

The Non-President and his clowns

He won’t resign, there is too much at risk in their minds to do so. The arrest warrants have been in existence for some time now, and are backed up by most countries in the world. I can’t think of any that would offer him a place to lay down his tired head nor any of his group. So they are expected to simply abdicate, by running away to Australia, and this is fine by my thinking. It will be less traumatic than watching the arrest of this Non-President and his clowns, to the general populace. If they do not take this opportunity to flee then the arrest measure becomes necessary.

Give your support to the one called Cindy Sheehan, such bravery in this one! Had others taken this route, maybe Iraq would either never happened, or be ended by now. We still notice little activism, such as that from the 60’s and early 70’s. Part of this is you are afraid, the other part, the lack of awareness of what is really going on.

Pay please, little attention to Sorcha Faal. She has just enough knowledge to create fear, and she is not working for the light side, generally speaking. She does present some useful knowledge.  I believe that Soltec made some comments previously about her quake predictions.  [Editor’s Note: See the article Soltec On Earth Changes."].

I now am ready to tell the story of the recent US shuttle launch. Many of you were wary of this and why it was allowed to launch. Before launch, we made sure it contained no weapons. We also knew of the plan to use the shuttle itself as a weapon. The plan was to blow up the shuttle and the International Space Station. The International Space station had on it already several significant bombs, but not of the nuclear type. These were placed there recently using a remaining triangle-type UFO that had not been used in our recent battles. This one has been disabled after we observed what was going on.

The shuttle crew disabled these bombs, rather than allowing setting them to be set off. They were assisted by many of us around them, and they have quite a story to tell in the near future. Did you not notice an unusual elation in the captain of the crew upon the return?

Now what was the purpose of destroying the shuttle and the International Space Station? In part an act of war against Russia, and I still remind you, you do not want to anger the Russian Bear, not this way, or with Iran. The other reason, is that when the shuttle and space station broke into pieces, these pieces would be flying at a great rate of speed, several tens of thousands of miles per hour. These pieces would have most likely crashed into other items in orbit, such as satellites, and space junk.

This would then send these items out of orbit and ramming more items. The result, destruction of much in orbit, including the very satellites used for communication, and the Internet. The secret military machine has very adequate communication set up and does not need the satellites. [Editor’s Note:  Telecommunications can be transmitted via an underground and sub aquatic transcontinental network of fiber optics immune to electromagnetic radiations and without the need of the use of commercial or military satellites."] This would create great chaos, and disrupt your 24 hour news, weather forecasts, etc.  Much fear would result.  Much of this stuff would come crashing to Earth, the big pieces anyway, that might not burn up on reentry. More fear from this.

And the Russians were to be made the blame, an act of war manufactured, the NESARA announcement made more difficult minus the satellites, and again the institution of full martial law. This should be pretty much the last major card played by these ones. And now they hide in Texas.  [Editor’s Note:  The little Texan town Crawford was missing a fool but the fool is back and scared to death."]

Now the shuttle crew and those on the space station did not initially know they were to be sacrificed. We connected with them after the docking, and actually the shuttle and space station were boarded by us. We also protected the shuttle on its return, from being destroyed on re entry, their ace card in the hole, should the first plan not work. The one day delay was not about the weather, it was about the reentry plan that was devised, when the earlier plan failed. I assure you, NASA knew we had boarded the space station and deactivated their little plan.

Did you know there is another space station of which you are not familiar? It was built and is maintained by the use of your flying saucers, and is heavily used for spying, more so than the satellites they say they have up there for spying. This space station is also used for secret planning amongst the players. It is rather elegant in design. And guess what, we have it "bugged." Never seems they get the message we are so very around.

So why did we allow this game to begin with? A statement that we are very in control, once again, and that their serious games are always detected.  TheLondon incident, which was a small game, using conventional bombs that can’t always be detected, minus the nuclear signature. We did detect the second attempt in London, and it fizzled out.]

That first London attack did serve a useful purpose, of showing you all the endless changing of the storyline. First bombs on timers placed under seats, elevated to suicide bombers. And again, the playing of a pretend terrorist game that very same time and hour to cover their planning and what not, as was done on 911, to explain why FEMA was in New York, and why the planes were not intercepted. By their fruits you shall know them.

Now to the recent airplane crashes. We know little yet about the one today inVenezuela, but there were some important people aboard, so it is suspect. The recent crash is Greece seems to be an accident, a poorly taken care of plane. But we do like that you consider that other games are being played out.

The little African country Mauritania who booted its leader and this is in preparation of NESARA in that country. You will see many other such examples in the coming months. We have star people also working to obtain food and medical measures for Niger. There is much suffering from drought in that place.

CNN was to give samples, and draw attention to the 911 emergency radio recordings, and failed to do so. They gave samples, but not the ones that pointed out the fact that the fires were not causing significant problems, and without mention of this, I doubt the public would notice anyway that listened. The main idea to have this material last week, which continues this week, is for the purpose of re awakening the slumbering people of the United States to the 911 event.

We have tested and re tested the communication equipment for the announcement. The technology is different than had the Earth studio been used. I can’t for security reasons give details on the methodology at this time. The announcement is not world wide, as some believe. We can’t control all the world’s cable.  But I have little doubt that the rest of the world will take notice, and put it on the air, shortly thereafter.

The announcement procedure has changed also. There were originally 4 hours, and this has changed, and again, I can’t give the BBB&G’s any hints of importance. Also, don’t expect the announcement on any standard TV stations, meaning you are not going to hear "This is Breaking News" on CNN. There is a different plan in place, one that can’t be messed by the never-ending moles.

The announcement grows closer each day. I am still not giving out an exact time frame. Continue to watch the BBB&G’s kill each other off. We have been quite busy providing protection to the many involved as witnesses, and to those that have taken on the task of filing charges. We have seen to the duplication of all materials necessary, so that if some might be confiscated or damaged, there are others in a different place.

To those complaining about allowing the free will of the BBB&G’s, I remind you that they made a free will choice to NOT Stand Down last April, and came out guns a blazing. So by their free will choice, they are going down by force. Their infighting is doing major damage, such as the above discussed "coup." They are falling apart before your eyes, and will cause us little trouble in the future, after the NESARA announcement, and that is a good thing!  Namaste, I AM Christ Michael, Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon, and I won’t require Candace to type up the rest of my titles.


Update on NESARA from Candace Frieze, [email protected]
Sunday August 28, 2005

Original title "Hurricane Katrina."


Hi everyone. I have several important announcements today, and I would like all receiving this message to post it immediately if possible. You are seeing on TV today much talk of Hurricane Katrina. Please understand that a decision had to be made to cancel the NESARA announcement for this weekend as the media must be used at this time for the protection of the people of the region.  This is the largest Category 5 hurricane in recent history of the United States.

Notice that last year there was a similar hurricane that was headed for New Orleans. That hurricane’s energy was lessened by the Galactic Federation and its direction changed so that New Orleans was not a direct target. These hurricanes are in part the creation of the dark side.  You are going to see that HAARP was used, and that IS NOT TRUE this year. It has been shut off.

This hurricane is a natural occurrence.  However, it is mind-controlled by the BBB&G’s, mostly in 4D, enhancing the hurricane and its direction.  They still want to sink New Orleans.  Note however, as you watch its progress, that it is moving away, to the west ofNew Orleans. The fact that it is a Category 5 at this point is the result of the Forces of Light.  In whipping up its strength while over water, it will "poop out" to a great degree before it hits land.

It can’t be totally stopped but it will be mitigated. If you live in the area affected, please do not in the reading of this, assume you will be safe.  Please follow the evacuation orders given, as this will still be a hurricane.  I would consider moving inland by anyone in its path, please follow common sense.  I will discuss something of mind control from 4D later in this message.  In the meantime, try to not buy into the fear being generated by the press at this time, in the descriptions being given about what the demise of New Orleans might entail.

Also, Mr. Bush supposedly gave a voice only message from Crawford Ranch today, carried live by CNN and Fox News.  Any of you watching this may have noticed background noise and distortion.  Then, you may have heard the announcement that after the speech, that there will be a visual done later of the speech.  This is because this is not Mr. Bush speaking.  It couldn’t be filmed for this reason.  That is the reason for the background noise.  So now, they will use a past film of Mr. Bush, possibly create some computer generated speech to sound more like Mr. Bush, and then put this film before the public.  I need not say more at this moment.

Now to the next issue.  I have received some very troubling information the past week.  Since I did not know how to answer these issues, it was necessary for me to seek out Germain for his advice.  I read a number of messages to him.  Today he would like to respond personally.  I would like also to mention here, I have had a number of people make claims that I am lazy, and then complain that I don’t answer every letter.  I have been told of comments made on forums, when someone is unhappy the letters are not answered.

I cannot answer all, I get much more than I can attend.  This example right now with Germain, shows that as a member of the Second Coming committee, I must attend to a variety of issues requiring my time, including attempts to steal of various funds, and other games being played. This activity takes precedence over the answering of individual email, and at times takes away time from writing messages.  I am not answering much email today because I am writing and this must go out today.


Hello everyone, it is I, St. Germain.  I am needing this day to correct some stories circulating amongst those expecting to receive of the prosperity funds. First, I am going to ask any of you, who have been approached and given misleading information to contact Candace, and give her the name of the person and details of this. I am smelling a huge rat, another plan of the BBB&G’s to collect prosperity funds for themselves, and take the Light workers off the lists.

Such was the case with my Humanitarian program recently, when one Sandra McFarland was playing her little game.   Apparently she is now involved in another game.  This is for you, Sandra, you are hereby ordered by myself personally to stop of this activity.  And I want everyone that Sandra is influencing to refuse to give her names, or even talk to her. She is not working for the Light.  Ignore her, please.

Now to those who know you are part of the various prosperity funds, I am telling you not to follow these various dubious instructions.  When you have the courier knocking on your door with your distribution, there will be instructions for you about how your gift should be distributed.  In fact, you will receive a detailed booklet on the rules and some good suggestions for your distribution activities.

NOW HEAR ME ON THIS!  DO NOT SEND IN ANY NAMES ON YOUR LISTS TO ANYONE AT THIS TIME.  Wait until you have the instructions that arrive personally from the distribution banks, and follow these instructions.  There is no requirement whatsoever that you have a certain number of names, or that your names have to provide more names, to receive the full benefit of your gifting.

This is because, and get this, please, there is an ongoing attempt to collect Lightworkers’ names and information, and to do them harm down the road after NESARA and the Second Coming.  The BBB&G’s plan to survive all of this by depriving your of your money and using it themselves.  Keep who you wish to gift to yourself and none other at this time.

There is also a rumor being put out that you cannot receive from both a prosperity program and the farm claims program.  This is not true, they are separate.  If you originally participated in more than one fund, you shall be receiving from more than one fund.

There is also an apparent problem of some being told they are in a fund, and these people don’t know why, as they never even heard of said fund, nor did they do anything to participate in one.  This is very sad because what is going on is that these persons are then being used to provide names along with addresses and phone numbers!  The story being that the address and phone number is required.  Yes, it will be required but, again, you will be told with papers from the courier about how to do this.

I am offering my personal apologies to any who have found themselves victimized into believing they are receiving from a major fund and they are not. Those of you who are the true recipients, and you know who you are, I encourage you to come to the aid of some of these who have been taken advantage of in the “get the names” game.

The farm claims program was invested in by those who participated in those legal actions of many years ago now.  If you were part of that lawsuit, you will be receiving the benefits of it.  This is totally separate from the prosperity funds.  It is also being said that only the Big O will pay out and this is not true.  There are prosperity funds existing, by my creation, that are not even of the original programs.  Everything you are hearing is rubbish.  Do not waste you worrying skills, that you have developed so well, on this issue. Shut thy mouths and thy ears, please.



I am asking that readers not write to Candace to inquire about various funds.  She does not know of all of them and will not give out any information anyway to protect the security of the project.  Only send her information that might provide intelligence that would be beneficial in removing the current rat.  I mean no disrespect to the nice animal called the rat.

She also would have no idea of who the real members of the programs are.  So do not write to ask if you are a real person or a person who has been deceived.  I am saddened that some are going to find themselves deceived.  However, remember that if you are an American Citizen over the age of 21, you will be receiving of substantial prosperity through the tax and credit rebate program we have discussed before.  You will be receiving $75000 a month, until you have received $10 million dollars.  [Editor’s Note:  See in this website the article St. Germain on NESARA & Money.]

The economy is being restructured, everything being reduced in price, and wage to 10% of current market.  So, to put that into perspective, in today’s markets, this would have the buying power of $750,000 a month.  And with the decrease in prices, if your rent payment is $1000 a month, it will be $100 a month. If you food costs $200 a month, it will cost $20 a month.  Remember however that your wages, of say $3000 a month, are going to be $300 a month.  It must all be equal.

This would be a good time to, run by my good friend and associate, Dove, for the details.  We have been working to locate those whom Sandra MacFarland and her crowd did deceive in the game played with my Humanitarian Funds.  I should also say that the Humanitarian Funds are different from the Prosperity Funds.  The Prosperity Funds, for the most part, were investment instruments.  There are some prosperity funds that are of a different sort.

The Humanitarian Funds are grants that must be applied for.  These are to fund Humanitarian works, which do not generate income.  They can’t be used for business activities that would generate profits.  For honest business activities related to the New World, such as retooling factories for new methods, developing new methods of energy, any business that would work in a spiritual manner, can be funded through the Prosperity Funds, and this is a major use for them.

Also, within a few days after the NESARA announcement, banks will be providing business loans in a totally new manner, without high interest rates. You may apply for those if you have a good business idea. Those of course are loans, but the bank will obtain its money from investing in your business in a different manner than high interest, and other punitive fees.  And of course, many funds will simply be given away to those in need, as those of you in the programs are aware.  I think I am now finished for this message, I bid you peace and prosperity!  Salu, I AM St. Germain.


I want to reiterate here, that the booklet being distributed with the Prosperity Funds is very detailed.  I would ask that you not write to me at this time regards instructions or ideas around the funds.  I do want to receive material that might help in staving off the rat.  Please draw attention to this in the subject line.  If you do have information, do not hit the reply button from this mailing, as I might not open it.  Write an email so that the subject clearly expresses that you are sending information related to Germain’s comments.  I will send a short email thanking you so that you know I received it.  The games the BBB&G’s play lately with the email get more outstanding every day.

I remind all of you, I do not send attachments or files and I do not send cards either.  Even if you receive an answer from me and there is an attachment, I did not send it. I forwarded an email with simple but good advice recently from a lawyer. The advice was in the body of the email I received.  I used the forward button to send it on to everyone on my list.

I wrote that if there was an attachment, do not open.  Well, the BBB&G’s added an attachment and guess what, several people did open it.  Some found the advice, others found nonsense lettering.  Some of you might have sick computers now for ignoring my warning. Some received the email exactly as I forwarded it, without an attachment.  I sent the message just once to everyone on the list.  I fail to understand why some got the correct forwarding and others got the attachment.  And some simply got my short paragraph, and nothing else.  Amazing.

Now, the final topic, 4D influence.  Many of you write emails wondering why the Lightworkers are both ignored and that life feels so hard.  In many cases 4D influence is the reason.  Ministers are famous for saying, “now don’t let Satan get your soul.”  Then they don’t tell their members how Satan operates.  We are not talking here about an entity called Satan.  We are talking about the bad Anunnaki, the bad Orions and the negative souls on the other side in the lower astral realms and the negative thought forms.

These beings can trigger or impulse people in 3D.  Often they are not successful in a direct attack on Lightworkers, as the Lightworker intuits their presence.  These being instead trigger those around you, who are not aware of this, to cause you trouble.  I imagine this is the issue with me being picked on by my Mobile Home park management.  They just came by recently, and mowed down two flower gardens, and then had to audacity to bill me $35 for this experience.

Many of you have family members that can be triggered to some way to make your life miserable.  You can go to a hospital, and sense that they might be making you worse.  And people can be triggered to tell you that you are full of "@@@@" if you try to tell them about NESARA or anything else.  Often, when you feel frustrated by others in your life, these others often do not fully realize what they are doing.  However, sometimes they do.  The ones doing it out of intention are easier to handle sometimes.  It is the confusion caused by the behavior of those that don’t realize this.  You neighbor, whom you normally get along with, can say something totally outlandish, that is unexpected, and leave you confused.

Your bank can cause you individual trouble, your Doctor can seem to single you out, as can your boss and co workers. This is the final battle between good and evil, and the evil are quite up to the game.  They know the Earth is being flooded with star people and they can’t necessarily attack the star person of higher ability and dimension but they can sure make their lives miserable.

Incarnating star people in this day have to choose their parents very carefully.  They can’t incarnate into a family with multiple problems as these parents can be provoked to hurt them.  Such would be my case growing up.  My mother was not the nicest of persons but I watched many a time her fly into a rage that was totally inappropriate to the situation at hand.  I suspect, as I look back at my younger years, that she was triggered.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time today on this, just a little wake up call. However, help is on the way! [Editor’s Note:  This subject is covered in the articleThe Holographic Prison in this website.]

The Second Coming event is going to be much more than just a big show and tell contact event.  The Earth’s lower astral fields are going to be cleansed of these negative folks in other dimensions in one swoop.  Plus there will be the injection of much positive energy into the magnetic fields, ley lines and other energy systems of the Earth.

As the result of this activity, nightmares are going to decrease greatly.  People are not going to see shadowy characters in the mist anymore.  And those around you, if they create havoc in your life, they will be the creators of this havoc, not a 4D entity stimulating them.  You are not going to find icky thought forms stuck in your aura’s, nor will there be any strange entities sharing your body, sort of like a possession.  No more demons.  All this stuff goes away.

This will in a short time improve your life a good deal.  You should be able to better identify who you trust and who you do not.  It will be a simpler case of, "by their fruits you shall know them."  I need to point out, at this time, this removal is not of those incarnate.  There will not be millions upon millions leaving the Earth plane overnight.  I don’t know myself how the Second Coming event will feel, physically and spiritually as it happens, but I suspect the Earth is going to feel substantially lighter the day after.

I am telling you this because I know we are going to feel the energy change as it happens over a 24 hour period and I don’t want you to fear it because you don’t know what is going on.  The reason for the comment of the 24 hours period is that the cleansing will all be in one area, and as the Earth turns over the 24 hour period, all of it will be cleansed.  You should not feel of this for a whole 24 hours.  We will feel something because we are energy beings.

Your health should improve from this greatly.  Depression should decrease also.  It will be easier to maintain your energy fields.  In fact, it should be easier for you to participate in your own healing.  The time is now to stop letting people manipulate you.  There is much New Age nonsense that says you have to have these thoroughly icky experiences for your growth, or that you have been programmed before birth to experience.

Buddha, in the second message by him, will be addressing common, mistaken beliefs around karma, and pre life determination.  Those in New Age are being controlled by the mistaken belief systems present just as are those in organized religion.  Earth is just a mass of belief systems.  Most of the Matrix is enabled by belief systems rather than by force.

These are in education, our work environment, our family controls and on and on.  When I asked my list members a couple months ago for Matrix stories, I didn’t get many really good stories, and I think this is because most people are totally unaware of the Matrix. If one’s life seems more or less OK, the Matrix is not seen, even by those who have been told of its existence.

The next message, which is nearly finished, will talk about co creation and is a continuation of the previous Buddha message.  Buddha will not be in this next one but the one after.  This message today is necessary because of the hurricane and the problems people are facing in the Prosperity Funds.  Once the emergency portion of the hurricane is past, the NESARA announcement can take precedence again.  Take care, Candace.


Update on NESARA from Candace Frieze, [email protected]
Friday September 2, 2005

Original title "My Singing Willow Tree."


Hi everyone: Christ Michael gave me this yesterday afternoon. I will be unavailable to answer mail over the Labor Day weekend. Read on after Christ Michael’s portion to discover the reason for the title of this message.


Dear One and All, it is I Christ Michael.  As you may notice we have had a turn of events with the Hurricane in the south of the United States.  There were manmade manipulations in the flooding that occurred, and past that, for the time being I will say no more, so that I do not give any clues to our BBB&G’s of what we know.

At this time, I am relieving Candace of writing these messages.  She has become a huge target to them, and our GF guard service to her has had to be increased.  She came under a missile attack recently.  She was shielded, and nothing came of seriousness. We have had to provide increased protection around everyone she knows at this moment, and it is advisable to lay low for a while.

She needs a bit of rest and some more healing over this period, and she needs time to do her end of our work, and 24 hours a day does not provide enough time for her duties.  Remember she is an active member of our team and does a great deal more than answer mail and write messages.

I will not be doing any more public messages at this time for the security of our people on the ground.  You are going to have to go into a state of trust at this moment.  I will remind you that anyone posting by the name of Hatonn would not be me.  Recently, I was informed by my star people who check the Internet that Nancy’s fake Hatonn issued quite a message shortly after the Hurricane, stating that basically the USA would have been divided into 2 parts, along the Mississippi, had the Hurricane been totally successful.  This is a huge exaggeration, but the heavy flooding of the Mississippi was a desired outcome.

The Hurricane was a natural event in its inception, but it was enhanced by BBB&G’s in other realms. As we stated in these messages last spring, HAARP and scalar technologies were totally disabled on the Earth plane and remain so.  The enhancement was more along the lines of mind control.  This should show you how powerful mind can be.  It was even enhanced somewhat by 3D folks on Earth, in the excitement raised by the media.  Many people "willed" the hurricane for the thrill of it all.

We did what we could.  We attempted to divert the hurricane westward to areas less populated, well west of the Mississippi.  We lost a bit there, so we moved it a bit east, by joining our energy with the BBB&G’s energy who were pushing it east from our desired direction.  In the process, the hurricane eye went well east of New Orleans. Not our desired result, but the next best of possibilities. We sucked air out of the western edge which greatly protected New Orleans.

In the speeding up of the Hurricane, not its winds, but its forward speed, it moved very quickly over land, dropping far less rain that the BBB&G’s wished so there is not catastrophic flooding in the aftermath.  Plus the winds were slowed substantially when it hit landfall. It was around a slow Category 2 at that time.

There is a lesson in this, my friends.  New Orleans should not be rebuilt and I would advise the entire world to get over the habit of building residential areas close to the sea.  It never has been a good idea.  Far less life would have been lost in the Tsunami of last December had people lived only a mile or two back from the sea, in fact, just 30 feet above sea level where possible. This would apply also to Mississippi region that experienced destruction.

Ye make many mistakes.  What will happen in the USA if Mount Rainier went off near Seattle?  Now that is a great inland port, sitting on a lovely quiet bay.  It is fine to have shipping there, but no residential areas surrounding these.  The Indians of the region warned long ago of the probability of Mount St. Helen’s and Mount Rainier going off.  Even though Mount Vesuvius went off long ago, could it not again? And people in that region plan only to hopefully evacuate again.

You settle on Earth quake faults.  San Francisco suffered a great quake close to 100 years ago, and that seems forgotten.  Ye try to build buildings resistant to nature and that is fine, except in these regions.  You can have your shipping facilities but not the housing.  You see sadly in New Orleans what happens if you live in a city below the sea level.  As I said in the beginning, there is more that took place than the hurricane in this sad situation.

Your government has refused help from the whole world.  Look at the white and black new buses transferring people to Houston.  These are not what they say on them, these are Homeland Security Buses and they have intentions beyond emergency evacuation in their uses.

Now we are still going to intervene, of that have no doubt, but I cannot openly in this message tell the BBB&G’s what we have planned, so you must go into trust, and not beg of Candace to hear from me or others right now.  I am retiring her from this project for her safety, and that of everyone she has in her circle.  If we do decide we wish a message, she will then do this service, but only then.  She will continue her other works with us and when the time is right, she will notify you of her plans.  WE MUST COME LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT.  I AM Christ Michael, Sovereign Son of Nebadon.


Now I want to say a bit. There is an expression (and I thank the friend who reminded me of it) from the Bible, the sins of the father will be visited upon the sons, even unto the 7th generation. This does not mean, as some have used it violently, that the sin is carried through the blood line.

It means that future generations suffer the errors of those before them.  And such is New Orleans, and rest of the Gulf coastline.  New Orleans suffered 12 significant hurricanes between 1800 and 1850.  There may have been more to say nothing of tropical storms.  Biloxi has been leveled before.  New Orleans was a swamp before it was settled.  And it is also at the base of a large inland sea filled with water from a large bay which is in turn connected to the Gulf.  New Orleans has apparently also been settling over the years. The Mississippi River continually remodels the region over time.

Yet the people living there today suffer from the decisions of their fathers, the founders. And yet, why did not the people born in the region try to move away?  There is current personal responsibility here also.  And then there is the issue of those that drowned in their homes. I realize that not everyone could leave the city, no money, no transportation.  But moving to higher ground was a good idea.  Some may have returned to their homes after the storm, however, thinking it safe to do so.

As to the storm itself, the Gulf hurricanes blow counter clockwise, so that when the eye hit the region, the western winds would have actually blown the sea away. The eastern winds brought the sea upon the Mississippi coastline. These apparently are always the stronger winds, the eastern winds. And there sits Biloxi, right on the beach, also the gambling casinos.

Had the eye been diverted westward, these very winds would have blown north overNew Orleans, and since it sits inland, Lake Pontchartrain would have been blown away from New Orleans.

Had the eye gone over New Orleans, however, the large bay, labeled Lake Borgne on my map, would have been pushed into Lake Pontchartrain and then the western winds, blowing south would have carried the lake down into New Orleans. This was the wish for result by our BBB&G’s. They hoped of course the dikes would be overtopped.

These same winds, as they blew around the circle, would have pushed the Mississippi into New Orleans. Also, the winds change directions, after the eye passes. Actually they don’t change direction, they were blowing the opposite direction already, and this event would have created great wind damage to New Orleans. This no doubt created much of the wind destruction on the Mississippi coast line.

All of this has been known forever. You can figure the above yourself, knowing only that the winds flow around the eye, which in the Gulf is counter clockwise. So why do people take an intentional risk?  Lord only knows.

I am taking a break for a few days over the weekend, probably for a week. I am working on other portions of my organization and the website.  I plan to open the website in the near future.

I would like at this time to Thank all of the websites who have made this project possible, in publishing the material.  I would like to thank Patrick Bellringer especially, as his large worldwide influence made this project possible in the first place, and I have appreciated my contacts with him and Anne over these months.

The messages will continue after my break but differently.  I need my own home, this is why I will shortly open the website.  This will allow me to post a wide variety of different material.  I do intend to finish the work with Buddha after my break.  I am not going away, just getting on with my work, as is Sananda at this time, during our continued wait.  There are serious plans in the making, and as Christ Michael said, for security, we must not discuss them publicly at this time.  Security breaches have been a problem and there were some recently yet again.

I found the missile attack alarming because I was aware of it.  I listened to the missile sizzle loudly in my shield, which passed through my large willow tree, for at least 10 minutes as it disintegrated. This will forever be my "singing willow tree" story.  What horrified me was not that it was shot at my house, yes that did, but that had it missed, it would have damaged neighbors’ homes, and any people at home.  Even had just my house blown up, the neighbors could have still been harmed.

To the BBB&G’s trying to take me out, please understand I didn’t originate NESARA, and you are making yourselves look bad in your games, because they will be exposed.  All of them, from long before 911 to New Orleans, are going to come out and be exposed, by the many involved in doing so.  The assorted movements to do so have been very successful.  Time to wave a white flag.

Time to heal the planet rather than destroy it. Yes, you read these messages, it has been proven by those who track you, and you do not cover your tracks very well in the attempts.  I am protected rather well by the Galactic Federation as you most certainly discovered in the failed attack on my home.

And the source of the order to do so has been identified.  I have not been personally informed of who placed to order but those that guard me do know.  And you are not going to be able to remove them.  What would have been the excuse presented by the media for my blown up home?  Oh, I know, a gas leak, how original.  Take care, Candace.


Update on NESARA from Patrick and Anne Bellringer, [email protected]
September 4, 2005, 12:05AM

Message of St. Germain through Anne Bellringer titled "A Message from Violinio Germain."  Taken from: .


Greetings to the Bellringers, Patrick and Anne.  This is Violinio Germain of the Lighted Realms, Ascended Master and your brother speaking to you at this time.  I am most happy to greet you and answer any questions you may have.  It is now appropriate that I speak to my brother and sister for we are all ONE.

Please proceed with your questions, Anne, for I am here with you and ready to serve you ones.


Thank you, Violinio.  I am humbled that you are here to answer our questions and give us an update on all situations —NESARA, the Gulf situation and how things are progressing.


Yes, I hear your prayers and petitions for our interceding in the Gulf situation.  We have sent the Angels of mercy to sustain those people who have not been rescued as yet.  The human body, as Patrick told you, can survive three days without water and 30 days without food.  Some of these people have survived a week without water and yet, as you see them, they are still living, and able to walk around, talk, and pray for rescue.  We have not interfered directly at this time because of the response of the entire world and the many prayers that have resulted because of this disaster.

We have sustained ones, but if we were to have all our ships come in and pick ones up, what does that prove?  The lies and trickery of the Darkside are being revealed.  The prayers of the thousands worldwide have made Earth Shan shine like a star in the heavens, and because of these prayers and offers for help, and of the many people helping one another, the Light has shone more brightly.  I know you ones cry for those in need, who are locked in the Astrodome, who are waiting on the bridge with no rescue.  The antics of your administration to reluctantly help (especially the blacks) has revealed to the world their terrible evil.  [Editor’s Note: See: FEMA’s Blocking Katrina Relief Efforts —An Amazing List:  The Illuminati evil attitude and negligence in this disaster is a genocide in line with their draconian Plan 2000 of ethnic cleansing and world demographic control which is targeted to kill poor people and black people by wars and famine.  See "Killing Us Slowly" at ].

Many who have died in this disaster died because it was in their contract.  Those that died that did not fulfill contracts have been granted mercy by Creator God and have completed their contracts.  The Law of  Returns is demonstrated by the fact that the city of New Orleans went down they were below sea level.  I know it sounds harsh, but if you want to drown in a hurricane, build your house on the sand below sea level a very short distance from the ocean.

The cries and prayers of many have forced your administration to rescue and they are shocked at that fact that people survived a week (they thought they would be all dead) without water and food or sanitation facilities.  Things are gradually progressing —and yes, we are there helping.

We shall soon intervene, as Christ Michael Hatonn told you, and that is momentarily.  The kindness shown, the help given and the prayers have pulled Earth Shan to the top of the mountain, and now the NESARA announcement can go forward.

You can feel the frequencies rising, the hopes of people rising after such a traumatic experience.  The Darkside did manipulate the hurricane, but all did not go according to their wishes.  They had no idea of the positive effects of this terrible tragedy would put them deeper in darkness and bring LIGHT to Mother Earth and her people.

As the days and hours pass, the lies of your dark administration are and will come forth —their manipulation of the storm by mind control, their reluctance in getting help.  Their evil plan of letting those horrid black people-useless eaters die, and their mind boggling scheme of paper work before rescue can begin.

If your federal government had not interfered with the rescue, it would have been completed in much less time.  If your president had not refused help from all the countries, it would have taken much less time to rescue people.  Yes, the evil is being revealed.  People are angry with Bush, are disgusted at his lack of caring, and seeing him for what he is – a controlled soulless clone with no God connection.

I know you await NESARA.  Yes, it is here and ready to announce.  It is inevitable, and we come like the thief in the night.  There is silence from the Lighted Realms about NESARA but plans are made, the preparation is done and the exact moment approaches quickly.  I give no date to you ones, but you know that Creator God/Hatonn is in charge and all is in his hands.  Do not fear the One World Order or their senseless Homeland Security in which they wish to enslave America first, and then the entire world.  They are headed for the hell planet, and the fear and trembling is already among these Dark ones, including your president.  They fear for their lives and are trying to stop the ocean of lies from sweeping them off their feet in their death throes.

Earth Shan and her people have endured enough.  Contracts have been completed.  Prayers have been heard and recorded.  Shan’s people want peace.  Although there is lack of NESARA knowledge, they shall welcome it.  I do not know the numbers of Earth people who have decided at soul level to stay with Mother Earth.  I do know that the joy and happiness that awaits all of you is beyond  human description as the tragedy of Katrina was also beyond description for you ones.

Do not  fear or be hopeless that all is lost and the Dark Ones have gained a strong foothold.  They did not expect such LIGHT as a result of Katrina.  Those prayers of you ones —and your prayer on Fourwinds— have made a great leap of hope and Light for mankind.  Fourwinds does stand as a Lighthouse for the world, and many have been helped by this website.  [Editor’s Note:  The Bellringer’s prayer, alluded by St. Germain here, can be found in:A Call For Prayer.]

Now, know that NESARA is not lost or set back.  We are about to directly intervene more than we have been, and you shall know in your heart we are here.  As Patrick says, keep hope alive, keep the prayers and Light going.  Be prepared for the announcement, the First Contact and Sananda’s glorious coming.  You ones have your own God Spirit, and you know that what I say is truth.  The funding is ready to come to you ones… and yes, the Gold Standard is already in place.  Many have received packets, although it has slowed a wee bit since Katrina.  It is now picking up speed.  Be prepared for that knock on your door.

We have protected Fourwinds from bombardments from the Dark Ones, and you have no idea how your Guides, Angels and Guards have protected you and your family.  The beacon of Light over Rapid City is great.  It shines into the ethers.  Very soon I shall meet you and shake your hands, my brother and sister.  Very soon!

It is getting late, Dear Ones, and I close for now.  This is Violinio Germain of the Lighted Realms taking only a short leave.  I remain close to you ones.  Call upon me, brother Patrick, at any time.  You share my aura!   Greet your wonderful children for me.  SALU.


Update on NESARA from Candace Frieze, [email protected]
Sunday, September 25, 2005

Original title "Update on Rita, Christ Michael."


Hello one and all, I am Christ Michael, and it’s now time to talk in more detail around the recent hurricanes. Many of you noticed that Rita seemed to have a change in plans and intensity and that is so because of our help and yours.

I want to thank all who personally took it upon themselves to visualize a different outcome, from the one encouraged on the TV.  This assisted our work greatly.  Now I want to discuss something special we did that changed the course of Rita.  We turned Russia‘s HAARP and scalar energy programs back on.  If you recall, we turned off all of these technologies worldwide last spring to avoid their misuse, which could have destroyed the planet by igniting her atmosphere and rendering thousands of years of work with the planet useless.

We are personally in control of these technologies in Russia.  We chose to do this after Katrina, as our technologies from ship are not as effective as the ground technology in manipulating the ionosphere.  Some of you may have noticed the increase of scalar clouds and chemtrails.  Be not concerned about this, as we are in control of these and using them to your benefit.

We could have completely eliminated the storm, I mean completely, had we also had the American technology running, but we cannot control this at this time.  But the results were impressive, were they not!  Despite the bad reporting of the media, this was not a Category 3 when it made landfall, it was at the upper range of your classification of tropical storm, just under a Category 1.

We would have eliminated this particular storm shortly before landfall, to still allow Earth to vent a bit.  This was again, a mind controlled storm by your BBB&G’s, the power of 2 or More in Their Name.  Your own intervention by mind helped us out, as I mentioned above.  Consider this knowledge, please, that weather can be manipulated by mind.

Had more people known this and participated actively in envisioning the storm disappearing, changing directions, or whatever, you could have balanced out the dark sides intentions.  Many still unknowingly aid the dark side by not knowing they could affect the storm by mind.  Thus they helped support the storm.

One day, when the knowledge is out there to many people, and the news has become honest, you will be amazed what you can do, with the minds of all of you in concert. Once this occurs, this concept, Earth will need much less cleansing, and the cleansing needed can be directed to where it will not cause harm. These hurricanes do not need to come onto land, in order to cleanse.

The reason there is the damage in the flooding to the Louisiana coastal area is simply because this is bayou territory, very low to sea level, making drainage difficult. This storm did have a lot of water in it. But back to HAARP and scalar technology used. I would like to give a short description of what we did with the technology.

First we cooled the ionosphere well north of the storm, changing the jet stream and keeping the storm out at sea a bit longer. The jet stream manipulation also changed the direction of the storm away from Houston. We also cooled the air above the storm. Heat flows naturally to the cooler area. Does not the heat in your home, if you open the windows in the winter, flow outside? It will flow outside until the temperature in your home would equal that of the outdoors around your home. This means, it occurs until the balance is found.

This is how energy operates, period.  This is another example yet of what I explained about finding the void last April in which we have to have the void before the Second Coming, it is simply the nature of any energy exchange.  Two different energies, when they meet will seek the balance, it makes no difference the conditions or types of energy.  All seeks balance.

Now if we have the energy of the mass consciousness slightly to the Light at the Second Coming, there is a bit of imbalance, a good thing in this case, because as the energies of mass consciousness seek balance, and the energy leans to the Light, you pull the dark energy "up" into the Light, until there is again balance.

Increase again the Light, as will happen many a time in the coming years, and the balance will be sought, further bringing the dark into the Light.  Now you understand from this that if the dark is the stronger energy, it will suck from the Light, lowering it.  This is why I said back then, if we come before there is the void, the balance, the dark win.

Now you also have heard with Rita that because of the jet stream being down so low, the storm would stall, and drop huge amounts of rain. This is not happened, why?, because we manipulated the ionosphere energies, and moved the jet stream north, permitting the storm to move rapidly inland, and dissipate without massive rain.  The northern air was dry and sucked the rain right out of the storm, again the balance found.  Dry and wet balanced.  A simple concept to understand.

And had many known more of mind control as in Two or More In My Name, acting in their God co-creating ability, the energies of your minds would have sought the void with the dark energies and you would have won that round.  Because of the nature of voidance, what Light you knew to inject, Light meaning your vision of the storm changing direction and dissipating, even though not enough at this point, there was still some voidance found in the condition, and the storm was affected in a way that helped our job, and made it easier.  The voidance was in our favor.

In these times, do not simply pray to God to fix it, as the church teachings go.  Get together instead and use God within and fix yourselves. This is the missing teaching in religion by intent as you know.  The dark will know how to manipulate energy, and the power of Two Or More In My Name.  What I hear a few questioning the "my" in that statement.  Do not forget that All is God, my friends, all is "My Name."

So the bayous are saturated, most of the time in their natural state.  So where can the water from the storm go?  Balance says, it stays on top, rather than being soaked up by soil.  Had the soil been thirsty, balance would have been achieved by the soil absorbing the water.  The houses you are seeing damaged around the area of the center parts of the storm are damaged for two reasons.  Some of them were hit by tornados, common in storms of this nature.  This is often the case when the house has been reduced to a pile of sticks.  Many of these homes have been sitting in humid air for a long time, and are soggy already and weakened and they fall prey and collapse again in the finding of the void.

When are earthlings going to learn not to build structures of importance by the sea?  I guess when you all decide to come into co creation with God, and stop doing this.  Many of you are going to be needed to educate people, and to get active in any arena you can to prevent the rebuilding in these areas.  It seems every generation repeats the past generation mistakes, there is not learning.

This Gulf area has experienced these storms since the land was remade during the last trip through the photon belt, and by the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis.  Most of the Indians did understand, and did not live close the sea, they merely traveled to it for fishing.  They heeded their own inner senses, and they watched the animals behavior and believed in it and moved out of the way.  They had not any satellites to provide pictures.  They listened to the land.  Modern man does not use his God-given senses.  Every person living along the Gulf knows about hurricanes, my friends, so why are those of you who read these messages living there?

You all support the dark constantly by trusting them and giving over your power to them.  No one put a gun to your heads and forced you to live on the coast.  If you were born there, when you grew up you could have moved.  People should know better than to live in a flood plain or an earthquake belt.

You follow instead the money and jobs created by the BBB&G’s.  You have often moved into dangerous areas for the money to be had.  Had you moved anywhere else, the dark would have moved with you for the money, a better void, don’t you think?  But yet, when you move to the places the dark create, you give your power to them, you say OK!  When you buy a huge gas guzzling car, you give your support to them.

You co-create with them, all is co-creation of some sort.  When you spend your money on useless items, you give your support.  When you buy houses along flood plains you give your support.  When you believe the crap you are fed on tell-a-vision, you give your support.  When you watch the dark soap operas and useless entertainment of the tell-a-vision, you give your support.  If you expect the Category 5 hurricane story put on the tell-a-vision, you give your support to it.

Those who watch in glee over the potential destruction, for the excitement, give their support to the dark.  When you say, will that is Mother Nature, what do you expect, you give your support.  You and the Earth and Mother Nature are one and the same, All Are God.  Watch to what you give your support, as the void will always be there happening, which way do you wish it to go, the balance to be found?

Look at the poorly built houses, did you move into them?  Did you buy gasoline vehicles, and not only buy them, buy bigger and better ones?  How many of you own the large SUV’s that eat gas like crazy and sit proud of this ownership?  How many of you live in houses that are larger than what you truly require, while the poor live in horrid accommodations, often only a short distance away?

Why do you often blame the poor for their circumstances, when you in fact helped to create those circumstances in your support of the BBB&G’s?  Why do you send in your tax money to the monster, and sit there and say, it is well spent?  You love the police protection, the lousy schools, the excess government?  The government is training you lately to support it more, the government should be in there cleaning up the mess of the hurricanes.  No, you should be.  FEMA turned away volunteers, for their larger scheme at hand, and you sort of complained about it.

Where are the churches that could have been used as shelters?  Yes, a few were, but there are enough church buildings to shelter many more, plus the schools and public buildings your tax dollar pays for.  Those in the Superdome should never have been placed there in the first place, or at least not that number of people.  You had plenty of shelters somewhat inland left unused.  Poor planning, poor thinking, and very poor doing of the old adage "God helps those who help themselves."

And God right now, with the latest hurricane, provided a great deal more help that you yourselves should have received.  I am not chewing out "New Age" here, I am chewing out everyone.  You all create your reality and it is time to owe up to this and stop expecting the sky god, even through the sky god is present at this time, to bail you out.

During the coming years after Our Second Coming you will be doing the “God helps those who help themselves” thing, or you will not create your New Earth.  You have but about 5 years to make a huge difference or the Earth will throw you off.  We will hold the Earth in her orbit for about that long to give you who are Lightworkers here time to begin to do your thing.

God will give some helpful technology, but you are going to have to retool for it, you are going to have to change your laws, your are going to have to stand up.  I suggest you do not miscreate by rebuilding the Gulf coast as an example.  Newer, bigger, better dikes are not going to solve the problem.  The planet is warming in the photon belt and she is changing back to her old self and the Gulf area is going to change.

You could build the dikes a hundred feet high, and this will not work.  Move away from the water, because it is coming further inland.  In time the USA will be two lands and that is not that far away.  The Mississippi River will become more and more a sea, between the Gulf and the Great Lakes area.  The lands in the Atlantic and Pacific are going to rise again, and where will this water go, as the balance continually finds itself?  As the land comes up, it displaces water.  What happens if you fill your bathtub too full and then get into it?  Does it not seek the balance, and overflow.  Look at the micro, the small situation, and see the larger from it, please.   [Editor’s Note:  These geological changes are described in detail in this website in the article Earth Changes Are Coming.]

Now, I will cover some of what I chose not to cover in the last message.  By now many of you have read that maybe those levies in New Orleans did not break from the storm called Katrina. They were blown up, as many know or suspect.  I did not cover that then because we were collecting evidence and did not want to tell of this to the BBB&G’s.

And a huge amount of evidence we now have.  And before the storm called Rita, long before that storm was really that close to New Orleans, they re-blew a levy to again flood that city.  Candace, go into the news this morning for me, please now, and also about the recorded wind levels that you documented from your tell-a-vision set as you watched it.


First the news of this morning, then some other details I observed during the storm.  This morning, Sunday, CNN was covering the blown dike in New Orleans, saying that a storm surge of 8 feet topped the repaired area of the dike.  Something is wrong with this picture.  The Industrial Canal is a few miles long, on my map.  If this was true, both sides of this canal would have been flooded.  It would have raised the Mississippi River or the Lake or both quite high for this to occur, on a day, when the beginning of the storm was approaching the coast and the rain was light.  Where were the news people to ask about this story?

While the storm was still a Category 5, according to reports the eye passed nearby at least twice a couple of buoys which measured the wind force. It was 80 mph+, not any Category 5 level.  I watched the storm until 2 hours before landfall, then went to sleep on my couch, and set the alarm for 2 hours later to watch the landfall.  In the hours before landfall, they were saying that the peripheral winds should be 85 mph.  But they published wind speeds of from 30 to 50 mph on maps, below the above amounts.  There were no measurements of over the 100 mph expected. The reporters did not blow away, they were able to stand in the storm.  The wind gusts in Galveston were pretty low also.  The BBB&G’s constantly made us believe this storm had decreased to a Category 4, then a 3, all the time showing evidence to the contrary.

When the western bands hit Galveston, a reporter on the sea wall wondered where was the storm surge, not remembering or thinking, that the storm did not hit Galveston, only the western winds, which blow away from the land. This morning they corrected those comments.  By the way, a Category 1 starts at 75 miles per hour, and has a defined eye.


I said the storm was a high level tropical storm according to your definition, when it hit land fall. It was indeed no longer a hurricane. Your reporters told of a second eye wall forming, and that was so, and then the original eye wall disintegrated, and it was no longer a hurricane. How many noticed this during the watching of the radar event shown on TV.  Big eye wall, small power of storm, but how many learned that in school, or on TV?

How many shouted at their news people for not telling the truth?  Almost none, and after you read our message, it would be a good idea to write your major news and let them know they participated in a snow job, and you watched it happen.  You must catch them in the act, my friends.  Write your letters, please, and let them know you were lied to on the tell-a-vision machine.


I have a hilarious story.  On Friday morning, well before the storm made landfall, there was up on CNN a weather person saying that during the night, the storm had wandered out of radar range, and it was only back part way into radar range, and they showed the upper portion of the storm.  Yea, like the storm got legs and ran away during the night.  A better excuse would have been that the radar was broken.

Storms don’t get legs and run away during the night.  The purpose I assume was to hide the fact the storm was getting smaller.  In fact the southern portions had been steadily decreasing.  All during the day Friday, as I watched and reported to Christ Michael what I was seeing, I thought that perhaps they were even showing us an older hurricane to keep the large round shape or had retouched the photos considerably to maintain the illusion.


How many of you watched your supposed Mr. Bush on TV from New Orleans about 10 days ago?  He gave a big speech to the nation on the tell-a-vision that night.  Did he not look a little strange?  Was there not an odd blue light around him as he took the podium, and spoke?  He supposedly walked along a green lawn to the podium at night.  Why the blue light then?  Did you watch the soulless eyes that did not move in unison and were the wrong color?

Did you find anything strange about his voice?  Did you notice the lack of affect in his mannerisms?  Did it look like he smiled, when they pushed the smile button?  How many Americans thought this was Mr. Bush because your schools and public media had not taught you to watch for holograms, my friends?

Candace noticed and she was watching while talking to a friend, and they both about puked, so repugnant was what they observed.  Candace at first thought this to be a very worn-out old clone, and that was a good guess.  But still she visualized it over, and even the worn-out clone did not work in her mind.  So she asked if perchance this was a totally fake presentation and the use of 3D holograms, or movie images, and indeed it was.

You watched a 3D movie image of Mr. Bush.  The use of the computer and the laser.  Have you not watched how well computer graphics are used to make the "comics" of old?  You love the new animated films, do you not, and other special effects?  Mr. Bush was a special effect, using graphics, that night.  He was not present, nor was he filmed in advance prior to the speech.

Have you not seen the laser holograms on magazines that make the pictures have depth? They make toys and books for kids now with holograms on them.  Mr. Bush was a creation using the laser that night.  The blue light was part of the deal.  Watch for that blue light in the future and then yell mightily when you see it.  Candace called him Mr. Plastic Man that night.  She was distressed at what she saw.

Did any of you have friends that made any comments on Mr. Plastic Man?  Or did they accept this weird looking character, that was merely a resemblance to the real Mr. Bush?  The BBB&G’s had a great time pulling the wool over your eyes.  What you saw on that night was the same as what they planned to do with Project Blue Beam, a fake Second Coming they tried to pull off early last March, to divert the return of the Masters.

A fake Jesus in the sky, created from lasers from the ground and a satellite. Jesus was to come in the sky remember?  And how many would have bought into this?  This fake Jesus would have spoken to the brains of people, through the cell phone towers, ye would have all heard "Jesus."  And the game of owning Earth would have been rather complete at that time. But our technology is better and we intercepted this event.  Poor folks think that Jesus will be seen walking in the sky, and how pray tell can that happen?  Gravity would interfere a bit my friends, that old seeking the balance thing.

Well, I sent Candace on a bit of a break, we are back at work. There are letters coming, wondering if some folks have disappeared into concentration camps, and indeed this is so. And I want to make a comment on a Nancy Tate channeling shortly after Katrina, that game from her CIA created Hatonn.  It was said that many people from New Orleans were taken aboard star ships, and would be returned to Earth, making us into some good guys, and covering the larger hasty story for you folks of New Age.  Well, this did not happen. This was put out by Nancy, whose CIA controller is Bob Towers, to cover up that there were many dead in this storm.

They will not be found again, we do not have them. This was to get you who read her to believe there was a low death toll. It was also designed to draw your attention away from the concentration camps and the white or white and black FEMA buses with signs on them, making them appear to be private coaches for rent, who were taking people elsewhere for sorting and what not.

There are many in camps now, and we do know where, and we are giving some protection to them as we are able, until the NESARA announcement.  The NESARA announcement is going to be substantially longer than 4 hours, we will own the cable for a period of time, and show the American people up close the atrocities done upon them with these hurricanes.

We have the evidence, actual court evidence for your court system.  The bombed levies, the uncounted dead who are not declared for insurance and other fraud impending, the bus blown up outside of Houston, with the elderly on board. The attempts to intentionally harm oil rigs, and refineries, the fires in Galveston and elsewhere, to collect insurance money, the bombs pre placed in some buildings to destroy them, and make it appear as though the hurricane did it.

There are still a large number of buildings sitting waiting for the bombs to go off, some were set to respond to wind conditions that never happened, or to be hand triggered at the right moment. We know some of these buildings, and this will be exposed. There was a plan as always to interfere and damage nuclear generators, and we continue to protect these most closely.

America will be told that the opportunities presented by these storms were intended to create the downfall of the country, acts of war against America, and we don’t mean by any Arabs.  I know you tire of the waiting, but for Americans who are the most involved in their sleepiness in these times, the trauma of seeing the beloved Mr. Bush and friends being ushered out would be great.

With some cooperation from the press over Katrina, the American public is being awakened and will better accept our stories to be presented. We are going to be most intense in the time frame that we own the communications, so that the truth indeed gets told and it will be told, back to 911 and the first Iraq war at least.  911 is a dream long past now, and gotten over, so the new material to be presented, and the arrest warrants prepared, will be better accepted.  The hurricane material will be presented first, and then we will work back to prior atrocities.  There are no new storms of significance forming at this time.











Update on Katrina from St. Germain Through Mike Quinsey

August 31, 2005:

Another day and another opportunity for many people to come together and use their motivation to bring the truth out into the open. The many sources of news are becoming great centers of attraction, and are doing a wonderful job in getting their information out. More and more people talk together and so the energy for change grows even stronger. Naturally some will find it hard to accept what is staring them in the face, and it will not be much longer before a general consensus of opinion will rule.

The energy that promotes events upon Earth initially comes from you. As you reach out so it also has the power to attract further energy to itself from the higher levels. Eventually a force exists that must complete its outworking upon Earth. When it concerns the Light then good things occur, but equally when negative energies are produced it powers the dark. Your whole life is about the perpetual movement and integration of energies. You have a saying that “birds of a feather flock together” and in human terms it is people of a like vibration that attract each other. You gravitate to what you feel comfortable with and that is the like vibration.

When you are deciding to re-incarnate you are placed in a country and an environment that will further your experiences. You will be brought up in a culture, family and religion that imposes certain beliefs upon you. As you already carry the totality of your consciousness with you, it may not be in harmony with your inner self. As you grow up, that which does not harmonize with your thinking is usually set aside and eventually you are likely to reject it. Often this is how changes are introduced, and when a push is needed the “right” person will have incarnated, and become a leader of that movement.

What we are conveying to you is that there are people for all occasions. For example, when a country has the energy for war a suitable leader will appear, and garner that energy into a great force that will come into being and expressed accordingly. Equally, when the energy is for peace leaders will emerge that will take over at the right opportunity. At present you are between “leaders” as the energies of war are becoming muted in spite of the outward appearance. Those beings that are emerging and carry the energies of peace for you, are ready but their emergence has to coincide with the removal of the present cabal.

The way of peaceful revolution is not one of using force, but opportunity.  That time is almost here, and with our help the changes will occur smoothly and without causing resentment amongst you. There will always be some of you who will resist change as it takes you out of your comfort zone. Others will see changes as releasing you from the hold of the negative forces that have held back your evolution. By your very thoughts and desires you are bringing changes into being the whole time, single and these cannot be prevented from manifesting.

There is a great Light growing upon the Earth and its intensity is such that it is transmuting the dark energies and therefore taking away their power. The dark energies no longer have the degree of control that they would wish, and see the futility of continuing their aim of world dominance. However, those in control rarely go willingly, and an attitude prevails that says if I cannot have my way, you will not have yours. This is where the higher forces come in, because they have been given authority to intervene in earthly matters. This is to ensure that there is a working out of that which has been decreed for you and is in accord with your desires.

The reality that you are creating must leave the dark behind. It is a parting of the ways and as the dark are becoming devoid of their power, so the Light is triumphant and creates a pathway to the time of Ascension. Although you may not see much evidence of changes, we know that many of you have a sensitivity to the energies around you and “feel” what is taking place. You cannot escape the new energies as these permeate the Earth, but they do not impinge upon you unless they are in harmony with you. You can either attract the energies or reject them. Those who are at ease and feel comfortable in the newer vibrations, will find that they able to put themselves beyond the affect of the dark which they will leave behind.

The events upon Earth are coming in quick succession, some are natural and some are not. Such a time is causing much confusion and consternation except for those who understand the processes at work. There is a coming together of two realities, one that you have created and one that concerns Mother Earth. Both are uplifting the consciousness upon Earth until there is a single path to Ascension that will take over. See the bigger picture and keep your sights on the ultimate “going through” and let those energies that are not part of it go their own way. The turmoil and chaos are soon to end and at last you will take on your true mantle as Beings of Light. In the scheme of things there is little more to be done in preparation as the final curtain is coming down.

I am St. Germain and come this time to emphasize that all is proceeding satisfactorily. Do not worry too much about the detail and know that all that we have promised you will soon manifest. Behind all change are far greater powers than on Earth and nothing will stop the ordained ending of this cycle. Just relax and continue spreading the Light and Love, and you will help steady those who do not have your understanding. You have all come a long way to reach this point, and soon it will be plain sailing. The path is already lined with a multitude of beautiful beings who are welcoming you home. Feel their loving embrace as they beckon you onwards, and hear their words of encouragement.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey

September 3, 2005:

There is clearly more to be said about the result of Hurricane Katrina, and like the events that have preceded it people are becoming more questioning. The suspicion that your Government and military are involved in directing events for maximum effect is becoming stronger.  Natural events bring natural responses, yet as with 9/11 you quickly see evidence of deliberate interference.  In this case you see a lack of urgency allowing a situation to almost get out of hand. Considering the degree of forewarning, you could be excused for thinking that your emergency services would have been primed and ready to go into action.

I do not intend to go into detail about the shortcomings of those in authority. All of that information will slowly come into the public domain. You will notice a reluctant media that is being forced to address these issues, and is daring to raise some pertinent questions. You will see this growing and soon the cat will be out of the bag, and it will free up your Press. The clamor for truth is putting pressure on the authorities, and keeping a tight lip is becoming untenable.

It is a hard and difficult path that leads to the truth, when for eons of time you have been fed only what was considered sufficient to keep you quiet.  However, because of the time you are in and the raising of the vibrations, you, the people, are becoming more aware and demanding answers. You are not so easily fooled or lulled into a false sense of security, and you are beginning to understand how events are manipulated.  Knowledge of the covert operations of your Government is becoming more widespread, and people talk, and as a result many take up the challenge to do something about it.

Your leaders are somewhat insular, and do not appreciate the extent of the groundswell against them. This will be part of their undoing as in their self belief they cannot contemplate the people turning against them.  If they remove anyone, another two will take their place and they will find they have released a time bomb that is about to explode.  People are becoming discerning about the speeches of your President and his aides, and are able to see the repetitive use of phrases that are meant to impinge upon your consciousness in sublime conditioning.  Now, the opposite effect is taking place, and you are awake sufficiently to see the warning signs.

There is an avalanche of opinion that is about to engulf the Last Cabal, and they will not know which way to turn.  This is when they are at their most dangerous, and there may yet have to be more direct intervention from the Forces of Good.  We allow the final outworking of karma, but there is a point beyond which the line has been drawn and we will take a firm hand if necessary.  It may seem strange to you that in all that is happening we find so much to be encouraged by but you are responding magnificently, and great compassion and help is going out to the victims of Katrina.  Like 9/11 it has placed a challenge on your doorstep and you have risen to the occasion. You are acknowledging the Oneness of all life, and in the wake of the hurricane you see your brothers and sisters, and not color, religion or politics.

The sanctity of life is such, that no caring person would dream of passing on the other side of the road to avoid what is the unavoidable.  The divisions and devious actions that have previously driven you apart are being healed, and a great energy of Love is growing exponentially upon Earth.  It matters no more that people are on the other side of the Earth. They see what is happening through their satellite television and although far removed from the scene, their compassion sends out loving thoughts that brings response from those able to directly help.  Caring and compassion are aspects of Love that will yet see New Orleans rise like a phoenix out of the sea of misery and despair.

Dear Ones, look upon what is happening as bringing people together in a single purpose, to see changes that will once and for all put an end to the oppression under the Dark Cabal.  They wish for you to become despondent and trapped in the mire of chaotic events of their making.  They hope you will lose your willpower to overcome the reality they have created, and succumb to their control.  I tell you that they have vastly underestimated your determination and intention to rise above what is being thrown at you.  The dark have created a monster that will turn upon them, and devour the very ones who sought protection behind it.  Never fear that justice will have its day, the Children of the Light are not easily deflected from their path.

“The dark have created a monster that will turn upon them, and devour the very ones who sought protection behind it.” ─St. Germain

[Editor’s Note This monster may well be the Homeland Security created supposedly to combat domestic "terrorism", but that in reality is the direct arm of the New World Order.  This agency will turn around against its own creators and will attack them as terrorists once the evidence of their criminal acts be made public.]

In the gloom, I see a wonderful Light that is growing by the second and helping so many overcome their feelings of hopelessness.  It is giving a lift to those who are the most needy, and strength to those who are in the front line of aid to all victims whatever the circumstances.  I feel a new determination to bring the changes into being that will finally manifest the new beginning. You will succeed, and events are bringing everything to head. Something has to give very shortly, and it will be the people who will be victorious.  Oh, what a release of Love that will immediately lift you all including Mother Earth.  You have set your path out and its promise will carry you forward in glory and triumph, the battle will have been won.

I am St. Germain and ask you to bask in my Violet Flame and cleanse your body of any outfall from recent events.  Stand in your column of Light and no one can deflect you from bringing your reality into being.  It is done, and I join the Forces of Heaven as the Love and Light is empowered for you all.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

September 5, 2005:

It is going to be a long time before the tragedy on your own doorstep goes away. Its imprint will be there for many years. Unlike the rubble of Twin Towers it cannot be swept away and out of sight. New Orleans is a memorial to Man’s inhumanity to Man, and is the focus of all that has been ignored and set aside in a country that has forgotten its greatness. Perhaps one day the memorial may read that it is in memory of those who through their sacrifice brought about the awakening of Humanity.

Katrina has touched a nerve in many people who have had their faith in their leaders severely dented. It was always considered that the natural disasters were prepared for yet events show otherwise. Some of you are concerned that there is no plan in place to answer for the next one, and are reminded of what has always been seen as the Mother of all earthquakes, when the San Andreas Fault breaks loose. Now I am not saying it will happen yet, but it is a time bomb ticking away with the possibility that it could do so virtually any day. It is expected that with adequate warning that people could be evacuated in good time, but nevertheless the concern is there.

What has happened has highlighted attitudes from your leaders that are not acceptable in what is called a modern society. In response you have boldly taken the lead in providing for the victims of Katrina, even so the task is so enormous that it requires world-wide help. The compassionate side of humanity shines out, and it is not just from the U.S. alone. As yet one more tragedy that has followed on so quickly after the others, it has galvanized many people together who take the lead in supplying help.

Without a doubt the turning point has been reached, and people are desiring a different type of leadership that truly reflects the recognition of the Oneness of Humanity. Even the most hardened people have a soft spot that can turn them into compassionate beings. It is that heartfelt love of another who is in need and the desire to help them. It is brotherly love that surfaces in times like you are experiencing now. From my perspective it is a marvelous sight to see the Light growing so quickly. In short time so much has changed and it will never go back to what it was previously.

There is a powerful movement growing that carries such a force of Light, nothing can stand in its way least it becomes absorbed. It is far reaching into the halls of power and will see the end of structures that no longer truly serve your purpose. Changes are already being called for and you shall see a sudden collapse of the Last Cabal. The power of the people has engulfed the dark and is breaking it down, allowing for the emergence and entry of those who are of the Light. So far you have achieved this without our intervention, but we will nevertheless be at your shoulder to ensure your continued success. There were times when we were concerned as matters were delicately balanced, but you have suddenly surged ahead and are now an unstoppable force.

Dear Ones, it is often in the times of great tragedy that the greatest deeds of love are carried out, but Katrina has done much more by awakening so many of you to your responsibilities to each other. Until recently your history shows that Man has been very insular and had little concern for his neighbors. However, with the increasing energies upon Earth and the rise in consciousness, the barriers that have existed between you all have been broken down. Regardless of your different cultures, there is the realization that at heart you are all very much alike and have similar aspirations, but above all desire a peaceful and affluent life.

The energies for change are gathering more power, and they are nearer to manifesting than ever before. Gradually the proposed changes are becoming more acceptable to people that previously were hesitant or fearful. The Material Age is beginning to fade away, and give way to one of equality and a fair distribution of wealth. Freedom and sovereignty will return at a time when they will not be abused, and allow the free expression of creative abilities that are waiting to embrace a New Age.

I am St. Germain and I watch with great interest as you seize the opportunity to determine your own future. How you are launching yourselves wholeheartedly into new schemes and ideas. I see you beginning to take over the reins of leadership in a peaceful revolution. The Heavens are rejoicing at your emergence knowing that this was always possible. You have excelled at quietly moving into the forefront and making yourselves heard. It is a movement that has gained its own momentum and has great things in store. We are ready to back you all of the way, and shall accompany for the last lap of the ride. This year will go down as one of great change, and you will soon see the fruits of your efforts. I am protecting you all under a great umbrella of Love and so shall it remain.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey



Update on the "Cleaning" of the White House, The Case Plame, Week Horribilis for Bush
Christ Michael Through Jess Anthony
October 28, 2005

Jess Anthony:

I ask for Christ Michael to speak to the events of today. I see at least two possible scenarios at play here that progress at a speed that seems to be influenced by our decisions, not yours. Are you waiting for us to determine the direction you act? I ask for an explanation of the roles each of us play in this shift that is beginning. I wonder at the parameters you have set up, and I wonder how much we determine how this progresses with our gift of free will. It seems to me we have the ultimate role here. Is this right? If so, then what do you suggest is the most effective way for us to progress? I must say I was anticipating a different outcome than we seem to have. Can you explain this to me further? I repeat I am privileged to hear your comments to me so clearly and so immediately.

Christ Michael:

Jess, yes, this is Christ Michael, as you call me. It is time to speak of today and of tomorrow and where you all fit in with what is happening and should happen. This day set the stage for more action, never fear. This is a more complicated scenario than you imagine and the visible signs of it manifesting now are only superficial. The depth of the "house" cleaning will be immense. The reactionaries that attempt to hold on to the past will be told or shown that the same conditions no longer exist.

The timetable is fluid and flexible, but it is influenced by Mother Earth’s needs as well as your own. Your two needs are synchronized in a way you don’t fully understand at this point. Your energy output affects her ability to change, and her/Mother Earth’s urgent need to move in a more positive direction must be balanced. She is graciously allowing you to make up your mind, but she has only a limited space of waiting she can offer before she is forced to change herself and move into a higher system of energy operation. This will affect some of you like a spinning wheel that throws some people off as it speeds up. Some of you cannot stay at that level. You must determine soon if you are able to make the transition. This is a literal, physical event that will happen in the next two or three years and you must begin to adapt to it for your own safety if you want to continue here.

I don’t want to give you a pessimistic timetable. I am telling you parameters that are unchangeable you must work around in making your decisions. The outer scenario has been set and determined to be an ongoing event. You must figure out how to adapt yourself to it. This is the challenge of living now. Because we have relied on and allowed you to continue making your own free will choices, we have had to constant adapt the game plan you are working under as a global group to fit the unpredicted directions your decisions have taken. It is not a timetable set in stone. You are creating it as you live from day to day. And the less you listen to our advise and suggestions, the more you fall back into patterns of routines you have inherited as philosophical and cultural presumptions. We give you suggestions and it is up to you to connect with them and determine the direction the Universe is moving. Things are happening around you, and you will be much more satisfied and less conflicted if you can see for yourself where we the Universe is moving and how you an intrinsic part of its manifested embodiment can most happily merge with it. If it is your choice, however. This is the unique gift we gave you.

And I will tell you that we are constantly learning from your experiments with duality and with this lower density vibration. We have never experienced this scenario before and we applaud those of you willing to come here and experience it for us. Because you have experienced something we have not, we are in your debt. We view you as equals at the table of information and discussion. You must realize this and take advantage of the role you are still playing unconsciously, for the most part. We want and need your input.

We ask that you not wait for us to "fix things," but realize that you are actually in charge of your destiny. It is your ultimate responsibility to connect as one people and learn to think in your own best interests. That means you must learn to see what your best interests are-in terms of your individual purpose and your place in the universal macrocosm. Again, we can give you hints and possibilities and remind you of past memories and attitudes that have blocked your progress. But you must ask for these blocks to be removed. You must analyze your actions and determine if everything you do is in your own best interest-which ultimately fits you into a large scheme of existence where everyone acts for the best interest of all.

The events of the day are a beginning. Don’t disparage what you see and hear. Look at the disparate pieces and see how they begin to fit together for your benefit. Look how your life is moving in a more effective, purposeful path. See how you can make it even better. Look at your surroundings and see what you have to do to make them suit you and allow you the freedom and flexibility to pursue what you know is your truest nature.

This is Christ Michael saying we are here and we are in charge. It is your role to join us, not wait for us to come to you. You are in charge of your destiny, not us.

We also love you and are eager to have you realize how connected with us you are.

CIA Created Al Qaeda
"Hello, Central!" Why Can’t The Al Qaeda Be Stopped? Why Do They Kill Without Regard To Race, And Who Is Really Behind Them?
Patrick Henry Bellringer
November 11, 2005

Taken from:

—– Original Message —–
From: FJL
To: Bellringer
Friday, November 11, 200510:31 AM
Subject: Al Qaeda

Dear Mr. Bellringer:
I am a reader of your site.  I can not avoid thinking about the Al Qaeda threat.  How is it that they can not be stopped in his bloody attacks?  Why do they murder so many people without regards of being Arabs or not??.  Aren’t they evil????, think they used young and fanatical people to do his attacks. I don’t think that people give their lives if they don’t think that they are doing it for good, but who is really behind them????.  Please, I really would like to have an answer


FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
DATE: Nov. 12, 2005

Dear FJL:

Thank you for being a reader of FourWinds and asking about the Al Qaeda.

The Al Qaeda were created by the American CIA and are controlled them to function as foreign cells for the CIA. They are cooperating with the British MI-6, the Israeli Mossad and the American CIA to do terrorist attacks anywhere they are told to do so by the Illuminati/KZB (Khazarian Zionist Bolsheviks).

The people have been fooled for years into thinking that the Al Qaeda are extremist Arabs looking for revenge. This is not true. These are "hired gun" Arabs, who are mind-controlled to work for the three terrorist-sponsoring countries in the world, Britain, Israel and the U.S. Terrorist attacks are orchestrated by these three countries to create the chaos and destruction they desire to fulfill their plans for total world control. Until the people wake up to the tricks being played on them by the Darkside, these terrorist attacks will continue. The war on terror is only an illusion. It is a creation by these three countries to keep people in fear and under control.

These mind-controlled Al Qaeda terrorists will be stopped immediately that the people wake up to the tricks being played on them by Bush, Blair and especially Sharon of Israel. The main group behind the killing of the former prime minister of Lebanon was not Syria, but the Al Qaeda/Israeli Mossad. Israel has used the U.S. and Britain to kill off their enemies, the Iraqis in the two Iraqi wars. The Mossad is behind most of the terrorist bombings that have happened in the Middle East including Iraq, Jordan and Palestine, and the Mossad is a major player with the Al Qaeda terrorist attacks all over the world. Some of these have been in Indonesia, India, Spain, Britain, U.S. 9/11 and the French riots.

The people doing the killing are mind-controlled to do so. Their handlers of Britain, U.S. and Israel and those at the top, the Illuminati are pure evil. They are true followers of Satan and are determined to control Earth Shan and her people. Religion, race, and creed mean nothing to them because human life means nothing to them. They will do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

This is why Divine Intervention is so needed to defeat them. That is happening at this time and that is why the attacks have increased. The Darkside is losing badly and they are in panic. Therefore, they are flinging everything at us to win.

Know, my friend, that their end is here. The Light has won and our thought-power of Love and Light has conquered the Darkness on earth Shan. You are now seeing the last mop-up of 3D on our planet.

As Sananda Immanuel said long ago, "Hold fast, until I come!"

In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer

<[email protected]>



Candace Frieze’s Updates, [email protected]
Saturday December 10, 2005

‘Cheney used the West Wing intercom system to send Mr. Bush messages from God

Christ Michael:

Hello to our readers, I AM Christ Michael, and a bodacious day it has been.  More progress has been made of importance, but about which it is not wise to comment.  I have been waiting for this forum to be set up, so that I can make comments from time to time. I do have a couple interesting comments for you tonight however. These should have hit your news this past week, and as usual are delayed. You can help out by sending this information around. The media is still in shock it seems.

The first issue is around the Saddam Hussein trial.  Many of you know this is not Saddam, and that fact was to be announced.  This is the reason behind the murders of the look-alikes legal staff.  This is also the reason that Ramsey Clark has been sent to his defense, the cover up.

The second issue is about Mr. Bush.  You often call him the village idiot and so he is in reality. This Satanist pretending of Christianity has God all mixed up. His Satanic God is Mr. Cheney himself, using the West Wing Intercom to send Mr. Bush messages from God.  Mr. Bush is not exactly up to date on technology, as he has shown himself before on this.

Mr. Cheney talks to Mr. Bush via the intercom, with a disguised voice, and dear George thinks the voice of God is talking to him. These items should be enough to get some of them to leave at this time, while we await other actions. Candace was sent a link to one Internet service that has this up. It is not private, many know, easy to leak it.

Mr. Bush has been informed rather personally now of this gaff and you bet that there is interesting talk going on at Camp David this weekend. The current Mr. Bush, with the freckles you see upon your tell-a-vision sets, is the last clone available of him. Soon the real Mr. Bush will be available, and it is the real Mr. Bush that listened to the Mr. Cheney god source. Please share with your good Republican Bush loving fans, this information. I think the press will not hold on to this much longer, they are rather in stitches over it.

I wonder how much of America will react to this, I rather believe most will be more appalled about this, than they ever were about going to war in Iraq. It is going to be most interesting. This was not our plan to have to expose this absurdity about Mr. Bush, but it is the absurdity that will finally get the media in high gear. This they can’t continue to hide, they are either appalled or laughing so hard it hurts right now.  In a way, this is a fitting end to this regime, it shows how so very low they stooped in a totally different way. Spread this one around, you have my blessings to do so. Please do not waste your energies either pucking or laughing until it hurts. If you must do one or the other, laugh until it hurts. It will make you feel better, laughter cleanses the aura. Good day for now, I AM Christ Michael.


The link with the news is:


Candace Frieze’s Updates, [email protected]
Monday December 12, 2005

Christ Michael:

Hello everyone, I AM Christ Michael. I have been informed that only one person read my first post, people had some difficulty finding it, so it has been moved a bit to make it more obvious. Please do lots of experimenting with the forums until you get comfortable. Some day down the line, it will be easier, you will just think into the computer, and what you think shall be then there. I assure you, you will have to learn to control your thoughts!

Now on to other matters. There are questions about the refinery fires in London. This is totally an accident, and not the work of terrorists. But it was an accident that did not need to happen. This is a simple case of old lines, left un-repaired and unexamined on a routine basis. Oil is volatile.

The new earth quakes in Afghanistan are due once more to the oil that has been removed from the ground, causing slippage in the plates. Lots of mis-decisions around the oil industry are coming back to haunt those that created it, and to haunt you some also, for not making enough noise over the years. Granted "they" keep you working too much and needing that oil to feed your families, but still I would love to see more genuine protest than is seen.

You may accomplish little with protest, in bringing some changes, but in the protest you educate people, and you make a statement of your knowledge in a public way. This is necessary for soul growth. You must make noise, even when it seems it is a waste of time. It is not a waste of time to you. In making the noise, you state your knowledge and your personal soul growth is granted upward and onward yet some more.

Now, I have a little truth to let out, and please do not complain to Candace that she is not of the light in typing this for me. Patrick Bellringer is not channeling me in his new "Creator Source" messages. He also knows that he is not channeling me. He is intentionally being deceptive.  We have personally confronted him on this, and he has not been a bit polite in his responses.

Candace receives much mail from people who confront Patrick, and then get told that if they don’t like 4Winds, guess where they get to go! Patrick doesn’t make these decisions for others. Like attracts like, and the people that go with the planet will be those who light matches the planet. This is a physical law, a natural law, one that needs to be understood better by your scientists to help them develop other energy systems.

Several of the Phoenix Journals were banned after printing, because there were real and sacred material given, the reading and understanding of which could change the world. Patrick has on his computer, the unpublished Phoenix Journals, and these will be disappearing in all likelihood shortly, as we have observed that he is changing them to suits his needs. He has posted tidbits from them, with material changed on his website.

In taking the journey of life, even if you can make no apparent changes, you must attempt at them, your soul growth depends on this. When in your assorted relationships, if you discover something new, you are obligated to share it to others, even if others reject it. They do have the right to reject what is new to you.

The problem on the Earth plane continues to be that people do not always look critically at what seems new to them. People still tend to follow those they have in high esteem. This knowledge is of course used to the hilt by the BBB&G’s, who intentionally put charismatic people in front of the people as leaders.

There is this Father fragment called the Thought Adjuster in Urantia. One does not get a Thought adjuster until one is able to come out of a box of some sort. Taking the eternal journey is a story of continually coming out of the boxes another creates for you, or that your DNA seems to create for you. One must come out of the human DNA box to become a Son of God. Even if you can’t cause a change, by stating your new knowledge to another, you make the statement that you have come out of a box.

You are all on the planet, those of you who have come out of a box enough to read these works, here to study boxhood, called limitations. Some of you are merely experiencing boxes that you need to learn from that were not there on the higher worlds you may have come from. Others of you are advanced souls, and are here to bust the boxes open at the seams.

You are here to be major messiahs, busting many boxes. The boxes must be busted to assist Earth in her ascension, to relieve the stress the boxes impose. We need major box busting going on, and you are called to do this. You are called to do it, because the main folks of the planet cannot do it for themselves. I want as many people to ascend with the planet as possible, and for those that are still to young in soul maturation to do so, they will have a better start elsewhere, for your system busting activities. By letting them see the matrix, observe, they will be less likely to re-create some of it.

Early peoples on a planet need boxes to survive, animals even have a DNA box they are in. An animal that moves out of its own DNA box moves into a higher form, until it eventually is ready to try on the human form. Everything ascends, it is the nature of life. Humans, until they receive a Thought Adjuster are in reality still animals, they are human group soul. It is not just about schooling one receives, and following. One must make a conscious choice to come out of a box, to receive the Father Fragment, the Thought Adjuster. And it is not really called that, but this term was used because it was not a threat to the BBB&G’s allowing the book to get published.

So in telling your reluctant relations and friends your new truth, whether they accept it out not, grows you some more, and sometimes, it will enable them to consider coming out of a box, and thinking something new. If they even just consider a bit, and then reject it, they have made a small progress.

In these times we need to challenge often, and re challenge these reluctant ones. Be not worrying so much about their potential rejection of you. That is their choice, and you, in your growth must learn not to compromise WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

A simple example, there is discussion here now on food, and having to eat meat because the family wants it. NO, do not compromise this. You only delay their growth. You can eat with them, you just don’t put meat upon your plate. You can cook it for the spouse, but complain a bit, and eventually stop the cooking. By compromising, you also compromise their growth. Candace takes tofu or whatever to family gatherings, rather than eating the presented food. Do this everywhere, in every thing. This is living your truth, and showing a better way. Namaste, enough for now, I AM Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon.

PS. I am insisting on posting my thoughts, as is Sananda on the forum, and not on the main page. You all need to come out of the fear of the forum box!


Candace Frieze’s Updates, [email protected]
Monday January 2, 2006

Last Minute Atempt to Stop the NESARA Announcement

Message from Sananda on the IRAQ Situationthrough Lauren Gorgo and Helen Engel.  Sunday 1st January, 2006
Tomado de:
L = Lauren …. H = Helen …. S = Sananda

S: I have a message to get across to the people of high mind. Please tell them that there is soon to be an event taking place that will seem on the outside to cause destruction on your planet. It is not as it appears. There is the sense of warriors of galaxies far and wide that will abate any issues surrounding this proposed event. It is imperative that this message be heard by as many as possible, do you understand?
L: How can I be sure this is you, Sananda?
S: You are one with the might of a lion and the heart of a lamb.
L: Thank you. Can you be more specific about what is to take place?
S: The specifics are related to the war in Iraq. There is talk of nuclear weapons being used to make the public fearful. This is an indication of last minute attempts to mitigate the announcement.
L: That is rather disturbing news.
S: Yes, my child. Fear not, there will be adequate protection for your country. There are those who try to use fear as a way to stop the Forces of Light, this cannot be achieved because the Light far outweighs the dark. Tell my people, fear not, for the awareness will be enough to mitigate any proposed ideas of fear tactics.
L: Will this nuclear threat be announced on the news?
S: There will be disruption in the daily events in the world due to this proposed threat. Take heed for there will not be the disruption of the Forces of Light.
L: Okay, I will first send this to Helen to verify. Was that you that made that noise ….. ?
S: It was I. I did not mean to startle you but this message is urgent.  Tell my people that the time is coming where all will be made public. Soon everyone will know the evil workings and wrong-doings of your government body. Those who stand in faith will know that it is I who send this message.
H: Sananda, will you kindly reword the message that you have given to Lauren [above] so that our readers will have confirmation.
S: Yes, I will be happy to do that.

Whenever a signal goes out to Lightworkers, it is wise to confirm. Soon there will be three telepaths to confirm all important notices.  Also, Angel Leia has been made available to Helen and Lauren, and to any telepath who wishes to address her. In the past Angel Leia was the messenger between the Creator and the Seraphim and the Elohim. Her duties have been extended to relay information from the Creator to those Lightworkers who can reach her.

This is the message from Leia:
Greetings, Helen and Lightworkers. Signals may be forthcoming to frighten you. Those signals are false. A veritable army has been made available to neutralize all devices that would increase the severity of the war in Iraq. The opposite is true, that peace will be declared soon and the American soldiers will return home.  If I were to describe a tiny flower as it bursts its bud through the snow, would you believe me, or would you need to see it for yourself?  If I were to tell you of vast chasms on Mars, would you be inclined to believe me?  Believe me now, because I bring these words from the Creator.  Give thanks and praise.  A star will appear in the east.

H: Thank you Sananda. Thank you Leia.

From Candace Frieze.  Taken from: .


Hi all, I see there is already the posting of Lauren’s message with Sananda in Talk It Up, under the new News Thread I started. There was developed recently a new game plan by the dark, and the details are not to be given, in case these messages are being read, (which they are), except that Iraq is involved. Part of this involves the idea of a nuclear attack. This will not occur, because there are no nuclear weapons to use. However, you may be needed to give support to those around you, should the scare scenario take place on the tell a vision. Notice the spelling I used, it is a story, nothing more, and not real.

Christ Michael has been on Mars for a couple days now, recruiting reinforcements to aid in the upcoming difficulties. If you read the post mentioned above of Lauren’s work, there is the Angel Leia mentioned. I connected with Leia today, to give Lauren some back up, and this is what I sent to Lauren about an hour ago.

Hi Lauren, Yes, Creator (Christ Michael) is on Mars this past couple of days, getting some “reinforcements," Something big is up, solar plexus announces this to me. I decided to contact Leia, who was awaiting this and so here is the report. Take care, Candace.

Angel Leia:
[through Candace Frieze]

Yes, my dear, I am hearing your call, Sananda alerted me to your presence. The dark side has indeed made a last ditch attempt to create an attack scenario. They do not have nuclear weapons, it is but a game. We are here on Mars and have prepared some additional help coming to Earth to be of assistance. This is a warrior fleet and I assure you that nothing will come of the dark side attempts on Earth.

This is our opportunity to fully interfere and we have the permission to do so now. As was said last summer, enough is now truly enough. Your time of victory is at hand. Creator, whom you call Christ Michael, is amongst us, my dear, in the making of special plans, this you already have been informed of. So simply post this message for your readers so that they know that there is nothing to fear should the fake news attempt be made.  I AM Angel Leia, Pleiadian Angelic of the Light, serving on Mars and in connection with Creator.


Please remember once again, the last of any off world nuclear and similar destructive technology was controlled last spring, when the Light searched and then took over all the underground military areas on Earth. Remember also, the recent cleansing that took place the first weekend in December in which many more dark entities in other realms were removed and many uncreated. This cleansing had been scheduled for during the Second Coming event and was done earlier because of the delays.

Those of you who read WingMakers should have read about the Animus and all three ships of Animus have been here for a time now, and not in 2012 as WingMakers suggested. The Animus were also uncreated that weekend. There is little interference left to cause problems in this last attempt at control.

The real Bush and wife and the VP and wife have been in a secluded area since last summer and you are seeing only clones. If you noticed the TV coverage of Bush at the military hospital in Texas, did you notice the massively increased aging of his face, and his pretty much sort of drugged appearance, not normal to say the least. So be not in fear, if the scenario does manifest and work with those around you. Hopefully it will not. Take care, Candace.


Update from Christ Michael, Sananda and Atmos
through Lauren and Jess

Friday January 13, 2006

A Twist of Fate?

Lauren: Is there someone who wishes to address me?
Unknown: Yes. There is an urgent message from Washington, do you accept?
Lauren: I do.
Unknown: Hello, friend.
Lauren: Who am I communicating with please?
Unknown: I am Atmos.
Lauren: Hello, Atmos.
Atmos: Hello, dear. We are pleased to announce some advancements in your government at this time. There is soon to be the announcement as planned. There was a brief pause in plans but they have now been restored. Please be on call for messages.
Lauren: Ok, I will do the best I can. I have visitors for the weekend so, please, make yourself very known to me.
Atmos: We will do our best to contact you with force.
Lauren: Ok, is there anything else you would like to tell me?
Atmos: There is soon to be all that you have expected to occur. This change in your government is going to be a catastrophic, yet monumental event. There are those on standby ready to implement the new government system that will put the Constitution back in its rightful place. We’re looking forward to these events very soon now.
Lauren: Will this be on the news today or tonight?
Atmos: There will be the mention of some chaos at the white house which will lead to the expected announcements. This will put in place the readiness for all to take their position and be ready to employ. You will also need to be in position, ready for receiving orders, do you understand.
Lauren: I do, I will keep an ear open for your call. You contacted me today with a high pitch sound in my left ear, is this how you will contact me again?
Atmos: This is decidedly so. We will prepare to alert you in this way.
Lauren: Should I send this message to the group or wait for further instructions?
Atmos: Be sure to send this to those whom you consider to be waiting for events to unfold.
Lauren: Very well. I will talk to you later, thank you for the update.
Atmos: We now take our leave. Farewell. Go in peace.

¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤° ¤ø,¸¸,ø

This is a confirmation from Jess:
Jess:  I asked and just heard this. CM was speaking on top of a lot of noise in the background that sounded like fighting.
Jess:  Christ Michael, can you talk to me? I ask for an update and for a go-ahead with Lauren’s message from Atmos.
Jess, this is a busy time. You hear the noise in the background. Things are unraveling as we predicted. This is the final push we must do to make it all complete. This will soon lead to the announcement. This should get some airplay on the news, although I am not sure how they will handle it. The message from Atmos was correct. The message to Lauren was what he wanted to say, and it is permissible to post it. The outcome is favorable, even in spite of increased resistance at the last minute. This is going down now. I must leave and will contact you again later if you wish.  Michael.

¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤° ¤ø,¸¸,ø

Lauren:  Sananda, are you available?
Yes, child.
Lauren: Can you confirm the info that I just heard from Atmos, for accuracy?
Sananda: We have been alerted here on the Capricorn that things are back on schedule at least from the perspective of those working in the white house. We anticipate the government changes by the weekend. You will soon be amazed at the enormity of it all as these events are not to be taken lightly. The work of many selfless beings will result in the most monumental event in the history of your world. You are to be congratulated for your efforts.
Lauren: Thank you Sananda, this is welcomed news. I have to say that the energy feels just awful right now, can you enlighten me as to what this is about?
Sananda: The energy being transmitted to your earth right now is of a very high frequency. This frequency is aiding in the events taking place in Washington. Unfortunately there are so many who are sensitive to these frequencies as it is a task of huge undertaking for those of the light. Be assured that this will cease momentarily and you will soon be relieved of this great energy push for mother earth’s ascension. This was necessary to help transmute many darker energies in preparation for Gaia’s ascending.
Lauren: Ok, thank you. Was this energy push necessary to help those Lightworkers who are completing their ascension today?
Sananda: This energy push is helpful to release any remaining darkness in the souls of all who ascend with Gaia at this time. The intensity in which it happens depends on the amount of darkness left for transmutation. You will know that you are in the higher realms when you are free of this darkness and can exist in a state of peace and joy.
Lauren: Thank you. I am feeling quite antithetical to peaceful right now. Will the other side of this bring me peace?
Sananda: Undoubtedly so. You are being prepared for much, rest assured that it is almost over. You will be basking in the delight of the Great Central Sun within hours.
Lauren: Thank God.
Sananda: Precisely.
Lauren: Is there anything that you can tell the group that will help lift their morale? Many are very frustrated at the silence and are feeling hopeless and without faith. Can you help abate these feelings for us and restore our hope at this time?
Sananda: What I would say to those dear light beings is be at peace regardless of the outcome. There will be room for celebration soon, but in the interim it is wise to have an equilibrium or balance of emotion. This will help you in your pursuits in these anticipated times. Know that you will all be the beneficiaries of the most fantastic news and in that knowing find joy. This joy will come from a sense of balance in your soul, an alignment of truth. You all chose this event because it was decided that you had the capabilities to endure like no other. Find this strength within you now. Be the pillar of Light that Mother Earth needs and find solace in your heart for you are the reason all of this is possible. You can aid in this event by remaining neutral or in light of upcoming events. I say to you, this will occur and within the time frame that is perfect and in Divine Order. It is just a few moments away and you will be free. We have come from far and wide to relieve you of your stress and soon you will reside in a pain free world. Take with this message all that you need to get by in these last moments of strife. I AM Sananda Immanuel and I have come for you all. Your days of suffering are at the doorway of change. Together we will walk through it, together we will be victorious.
Lauren: I think I can speak for all of us here that your message of inspiration is greatly needed at this critical juncture. I am grateful that you have helped us to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I apologize for my cynicism in these last hours. We all are aware of the magnitude of this monumental event and we will make it to the last hour with faith and peace in our hearts. Thank you, I am moved by the energy behind your words.
Sananda: Know in your heart that you will prevail and it shall be so. You are all the great warriors of this magnificent time and we are honored at your willingness to endure. Thank each other for the strength and the lights that you hold for your country, your people, your earth.
Lauren: Your right. I AM grateful not only for the wonderful community that I am a part of but also for each of the warriors of Light who endure selfless acts of disharmony for the betterment of our world.
Sananda: Remain at peace my child, you have arrived.
Lauren: Ok, with your help I can do this.
Sananda: I will not leave your side for you are mine.
Lauren: Thank you, Lord, I am at peace with your words.
Lauren: Can you answer one more question?
Sananda: As you wish.
Lauren: This morning I was a witness to am amazing vision of many spacecraft in the sky. All different shapes and sizes and different color lights. Can you tell me what that was about?
Sananda: You were being contacted by your place of origin for preparation. They were helping you to assimilate a sense of recognition for the actual event so as to ease the transition of shock. This event was successful in its attempt to prepare you, do you feel a sense of readiness?
Lauren: Actually, after this morning, I do. It really did help me because I felt every emotion that I thought I would feel when it actually happens. I remember feeling overwhelmed but in a good way. Can you tell me what the very small flying saucers were? The one that landed in my back yard was so tiny, are there really entities that small?
Sananda: You will be pleasantly surprised at the variety of creation in the outer worlds. There are so many to delight in, large and small. This will be a time of fantasy for many, a true journey of the senses.
Lauren: From what I saw this morning, you are right.  There were shuttles that were very tall, like 5 stories tall, shuttles that were triangular, shuttles that were circular, it was a mirage of crafts.  Is this what they look like in reality? Was this a hologram of sorts?
Sananda: The images that you were taking part of were a virtual reality of sorts. You were set up for the complete experience via sensory imaging. This gave you all the necessary emotions to explore ahead of time.
Lauren: WOW! That is wild! I wish I had that device to prepare for college thesis presentations!
Sananda: Yes, this is an advanced piece of equipment that could greatly assist your planet in the future.
Lauren: Yeah, for sure. Then we could get rid of all the hideous amusement parks, right?
Sananda: This would be a profound substitution I suppose.
Lauren: Thank you for explaining all that to me, I really appreciate it.
Sananda: It is my pleasure, my child. Stay in peace.
Lauren: I am going to from this point on. Talking to you helped me greatly, thank you for talking me off the ledge today.
Sananda: You always find your strength to endure.
Lauren: Yeah, but sometimes I can kick and scream like a child. I am sure it is laughable from your perspective.
Sananda: Your pain and suffering is never laughable to me. You are in need of a great shift in your life, and the time has arrived. We are here, and you are never alone.
Lauren: I love you. Thank you for that beautiful vision by the way. I will check in with you later, ok?
Sananda: I look forward to it.



Update from Sananda
through Lauren and Jess

Saturday January 14 and Sunday January 15, 2006

Lauren:  Hi All…I realize that I haven’t sent any information out last night, know this was for a reason. I received the message below from Sananda and was disheartened so I wanted to wait until my emotions subsided so I could be clear in my receiving and I also wanted confirmation and to await on further instruction before sending. I have received an update this morning which is also below and Sananda is requesting that I send this to many people in the Light. He has asked that WE ALL SEND LIGHT TO WASHINGTON IMMEDIATELY!!! THERE IS SOME BREAKING NEWS ON THE CUSP AND THEY NEED OUR ASSISTANCE. LETS GATHER TOGETHER AND FORM THE COALITION OF LIGHT THAT I SAW THAT ONE DAY IN A CHANNELING.  LET’S JOIN HANDS ACROSS THE PLANET AND ANCHOR THIS FREQUENCY SO WE CAN GET ON WITH OUR REAL WORK. INSTEAD OF WAITING, WE CAN AID IN THE OUTCOME.  EVERY MOMENT I REMEMBER TODAY I WILL SEND A BURST OF LIGHT. IF WE ALL DO THIS WE MAY PROVE TO OURSELVES ONCE AND FOR ALL THE POWER THAT WE TRULY POSSESS. THE TIME IS NOW.
Milson, please post ASAP.  Thank you kindly!
Thank you all for being beautiful!  Love,

1/14/06 10pm

Sananda:  There is some more news about the government. We have just been notified that the upcoming events are tied up in the hands of Congress now. This could mean a couple of things.  One, that we are delayed until Congress votes upon it, or, two, that the others who are involved in this venture be allowed to demand control.  If the latter is true than we will proceed as normal.  If the former is true then we will have to subjugate the Congress.  This will not be an easy undertaking and one that could cause much consternation among your current government system.  We are prepared to do the extreme if need be but wish for a more peaceful outcome.  Know that this is not the anticipated news we were hoping for.  Know that we will soon know the outcome to said events and will notify you accordingly.  This venture has been one of extreme ups and downs and we are exhausted at the endless streams of uncertainty.  We will be putting forth this message to all those who can receive.  Do not be discouraged, however, for these bumps in the road are just delays.  We will be victorious.
Lauren:  Ok. I am emotionally affected by these words so I am going to send this to Jess and Helen for confirmation.  Do you wish for me to send this to the group?
Sananda:  Only send to those who will receive it well. You ought not to be forlorn, for these circumstances are only temporary.
Lauren:  Thank you, I am trying to be positive. Do you know how long this will delay the changes in government and the announcement to the public?
Sananda:  We anticipate only a few short days.  There is always the chance that it could happen more rapidly, remain at peace, my child.
Lauren:  Ok, if you say it will be ok, then I trust in faith. I will await more info, thank you for the update.

 ¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤° ¤ø,¸¸,ø

Conformation from Jess:
1/14/06, Evening

Jess:  I need confirmation this evening of what Lauren has heard. She is upset and I am feeling disappointment myself at the news. I ask for Sananda or Christ Michael to address this development, if you can for me.  I do remain willing to work with what must be, but the need for flexibility is still frustrating to me with hopes for a resolution. I ask for clarity and understanding again.
Sananda:  Jess, this is Sananda this evening. This has been an exhausting day, as we told Lauren. You may say we feel as if we’ve run into a road block. That is what you are feeling as well in your solar plexus. This is like we’ve been punched and you have a similar reaction.
The situation is this. The Constitution permits Congress to have say over the determination of what actions may be taken against the President and the Executive Branch of officers. This is the system of checks and balances you know. The Congressional representatives are not willing at this point to relinquish their control and authority to another authority, even if they themselves are also in the purview of the determining authority.  They must decide whether to accede to a higher determinant or to maintain their illusion of control.  The Supreme Court is pliable, and willing to go along with the direction that must be taken but the Legislative branch is of split opinions.
We are not in a position to intervene in Congress.  Let’s rephrase that.  We are not predisposed to intervene in Congress unless we have no alternative.  We have the authority of the Galactic Federation and that is given by the fiat determined by the Heavenly Council.  This will happen but our hope is to allow it to choose to follow the wishes of Heaven without our coercion.  That step would be major upheaval, as you know, and would present a whole different scenario to cause emotional reactions that would have to be overcome.
Our hope is that the Congressional block will realize their most practical action and decide to move in that direction.  This will take a few days to resolve now unless we decide to step in to avoid greater disruption on a planetary scale. Send positive persuasion to those who have to make a decision in the matter.  The force of your preference is a powerful way to persuade. They are your elected officials even if they tend to think for their own interests.
I say hold in there and wait for this to be ironed out.  This will not ultimately stop what is inevitably going to happen. It is just throwing up yet another unsuspected obstacle. The weekend is still one of peace. Let its feelings and purpose grow exponentially.  Sananda Immanuel of Nebadon.

 ¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`´°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤° ¤ø,¸¸,ø

 1/15/06 10am

Lauren:   Sananda?
Sananda:  Yes, love.
Lauren:  Good morning.
Sananda:  Indeed it is.
Lauren:  Do you have a message for me?
Sananda:  There is some further news coming from
today. Apparently the forces of evil have been dissuaded.  This means that we have the option of pushing on with previous plans.  This will mean a multitude of events will still occur in the timeframe in which we had anticipated.
Lauren:  How wonderful this news is to me.
Sananda:  We are still in the throes of some head-banging, however the Light is tilted in our favor. There are more things to sort out but it is looking to be resolved in our favor. Stay centered in Light, this will greatly assist. Tell those of like mind to do the same. It is coming to a critical point where we will need all the Light we can drum up to push this event over the threshold.  You are to be commended for your diligence in this lengthy pursuit.
Lauren:   Sananda?
Sananda:  Yes, love.  We have an urgent message for you. We just received word that there is going to be some talk on the news today about the trial of Alito that is going to help crack the surface and leave room for an opening to turn the stakes in our favor.  This is a welcomed event since the more Light we can create at this time, the better.  Please do your best to create an atmosphere of joy and delight for the purposes of extending energy in
Washington.  Tell Jess that he is welcome to assist you in this pursuit.  Now would be a good time to raise the morale of others to help get the momentum started for this tidal wave of events.  Your help would be greatly appreciated in this venture.
Lauren:  How do you suppose we could go about this?
Sananda:  By showing others the need for intent and the focus of Light. To them I would say: We are in need of a few strong warriors of Light to help push the facade of the American Government to its demise.  This is a call for help.  Now is the time for you to muster up your last strings of faith and direct them to those in need.  The energy you focus upon the White House will enable events to manifest at a much more rapid pace.  If you use your Light to anchor the energy of change you yourself are co-creating a miracle with Creator God.  Now is the time to use your powers and to be a part of the great entrance to the Golden Age.  It is up to you to manifest all that you desire and we are here to assist.  Where Two or More Gather in My Name to promote change there is Love so powerful that it could literally move mountains.  These powers that have been dormant in you for so long are ripe with possibilities.  Use them now, pull out your armor and gather in circles.  The strength you possess is not to be underestimated and you are needed.  Be courageous, be strong, be steadfast in your pursuits.  We truly are an army of one.
Lauren:  Can you please tell me who to send this message to?
Sananda:  This message is of importance to many. Please distribute information to all who may assist in this deed of Light.  It will be up to you to decide who those people may be.
Lauren:  Ok, I am going to send to Jess, I will do my best under my present conditions.
Sananda:  We understand the situation you are faced with and appreciate your time and service to us.



Update from Sananda
through Lauren

January 26, 2006

Taken from: .

Sananda, is that you making all that raucous?
S: Yes, love, it is I. I am trying to alert you of some important changes that you will benefit from knowing. Soon there is going to be the release of funds and you will not have to look for work.
L: Sananda, I appreciate you saying that but I have decided that I can no longer wait. There are too many unforeseeable changes that cause delays and tax season is here! I am afraid. I need money to hold me over until NESARA.
S: I know your concern on this matter, however the time is upon you. There is much to change in a short amount of time and you will be benefiting immediately from this process. Try to stay focused on the light of this truth and it will be here in an instant.
L: With all due respect, Sananda, and you know I love you, but this has been said so many times before. What if I listen to you again and then another month goes by and I have thousands of dollars in bills to pay out. What then? I have waited unemployed in faith since last January when I sold my business. I have tried to convince others of the same and now not only do I have nothing to show for these truths that I proclaim, but I also have no income to protect me. What would you do if you were me?
S: I would remain at peace knowing that I was cared for.
L: I know that I am cared for, S, but the timing thing is just unrealistic. It’s not that I don’t believe, I do firmly. Its just that I need something to hold me over until this manifests. Besides, I am losing my marbles with all this waiting. I think I may be
literally sick from waiting, do you understand?
S: Fervently. I understand your woes and the woes of all who wait. But I plead with you to stay centered in faith at this last moment in the chain of events. You are so close and if you could see what I do you would understand the importance of being in total faith right now.
L: Then show me something. Show me what you see, so I can understand.
S: I can make it apparent to you by your willingness to remain in faith. This is the only way to show you the palpable results you are searching for.
L: I get that, S, but when is enough, enough?
S: Yes, I understand my child but others do not carry the same burden as you.
L: Well what if I don’t want the burden anymore, what then?
S: You have contracted to see this to the end and you have the strength to take it there, otherwise you would not have signed up for the job so to speak.
L: So in practical earthly terms, what are you saying? That I should not try to procure an income?
S: I am merely stating that the expended energy would be unnecessary due to your upcoming financial rewards.
L: But again, what if this takes another 3 months?
S: Your ability to stay focused on the light will help to bring this to manifestation immediately. Please understand that your power to change things is significant. If you stay in the light you will not only let go of the pain of the present moment but you will also be enabling change to manifest in a shorter period of time. Your capabilities are beyond many others because of your determination. Tap into that resource that you have and use it to uphold you in times of woe. We support you in this process and together we will be victorious.
L: So how long do you suppose I should wait?
S: I believe that time is only what you make of it. What I am saying is that time will be on your side if you make it so. Use time as an advantage, not the opposite. If you can mold your day around time instead of molding time around your day, then you will prevail.
L: Can you give me an example?
S: Indeed. For instance, if you can use your day to accomplish the tasks at hand that are necessary to live than you have created a situation which will be advantageous to your working of time. However if you use your day to dwell on the reasons why you cannot accomplish the tasks at hand then you have created a situation in which time is a disadvantage, do you understand?
L: Yes, I get that. But what if I want to spend my day making money right now?
S: Then so be it. You can choose to do whatever you desire with your day. Know that soon will come a time though were you will not have the need to “make” money, money will be bestowed upon you.
L: Ok, so then how about we make an agreement. You are not exactly sure when this will manifest and neither am I, so lets say I give this one more week. If there are no palpable signs of movement then I will start taking the necessary steps to procure an income. Does that sound fair to you?
S: What is fair matters not. What is deemed reliable is the meaning of all of this.
L: I am not sure I understand.
S: You have the ability at all times to create your reality. This reality is based not on what is fair but what is in your hearts desire. If you really listen with your heart, you will know what is best for you. Your heart is the only reliable source.
L: SO your saying that if I listen to my heart it will tell me what I want, right?
S: Precisely.
L: Well, my heart is telling me that I want peace, health, and financial freedom. And like many, my heart has been telling me this for a long time. But none of those things have happened yet. So what then, do I change over and now listen to my brain which is telling me I’m broke, or is this the time of ultimate faith?
S: this is a time for you to rest in conscious awareness of what’s to come. To bring that reality to closer to you by visualizing it and feeling the emotions related to your new reality.
L: Kind of like virtual reality?
S: Similarly so. Use this invocation to create your reality and it will manifest. See it clearly, taste it, smell it, hear it, feel it with all of your senses and so shall it be.
L: So you mean to say that if I do all of this, I can change the whole world??? Just my desire alone can overthrow the government, implement NESARA, bring you back to earth in the flesh and pave the way for First Contact? That seems extreme.
S: I’m saying that each time you do this you bring it one step closer to your own reality. Each time you negate the idea of it all, you push it farther away. This game of tug and war is what is happening between the dark and the light. There is a constant incongruity in the workings of both forces. It would be an advantage to the light if more people realized that the constant state of wavering is what slows down the momentum of bringing the changes forth. That is why it is so important to stay centered in faith without wavering. You have done this many times before and you will again. You simply have to find the balance to remain steadfast in the light.
L: So your saying that if all of us Lightworkers made a commitment each day to visualize this new reality and what it would feel like to each of us, then we can manifest this very rapidly?
S: Precisely. This is why we always say it is up to you to decide. It is up to you to pave the way for your new world. We can assist, but we are not omnipotent as you are thinking.
L: Interesting concept. Than who IS omnipotent? Is Christ Michael?
S: The creator himself is omnipotent for he is the maker and decider of all. We are all just expressions of his choices therefore we can only influence.
L: This is interesting to me. So CM couldn’t just lift the proverbial curtain, so to speak? He couldn’t expose the wizard?
S: CM is the creator of his experiment, yes. However it is not up to him to decide the outcome. That is the purpose of an experiment, to see the unexpected results. He can aid and assist where necessary but part of the human experiment is folly. This concept determines the outcome, not CM.
L: I think I get it. I am so brainwashed to think that God can fix it all with the swirl of his wand.
S: Creator God can.
L: I wish he would!



Update from Candace Frieze
January 27, 2006

Taken from:

Hi all, while the guys on the ground ( including all those members of Congress who don’t want to be out of their jobs) continue to argue about how to announce, what is now being considered, is that of announcing the new currency, and getting the rainbow money which is backed up in storage vaults out. I am still having tummy problems, nausea requiring my head to be down, but I finally gave into taking 1/2 a pill for it, and hopefully this will not numb down my brain so much that I can’t think. Teas for the tummy are not working very well. I think I have a bit of food poisoning, got to give up Taco Bell? Don’t know if is that, or just ASCENSION SYNDROME.

 I am still working up the long message, which is informational. However, you all might be interesting in Our original constitution had a 13th amendment that was dropped in the US corp. constitution. It is called the Title of Nobility Amendment. (TONA) It has taken 19 years to investigate this, and just this past week it was finally settled that indeed this amendment belonged to the real constitution and was properly ratified.

Guess what it does! It makes our BBB&G’s that sit in office under the Corp USA constitution, it makes them loose their citizenship! This is why it is not in "their" constitution. Germain had me running around trying to find the right website that posted the confirmatory message on Jan. 23. It was not only ratified, but repeatedly published as part of the Constitution (real one) until quite a bit after the Civil War. The so called 16th income tax amendment was made to "their" constitution, and not to the real constitution. Many of the amendments that came after the Civil War may have not been ratified and may be to "their" constitution also.

The BBB&G lawyers have spent a lot of time trying to disprove amendment 13. So what we believe to be the 13th amendment to the Constitution, the abolition of slavery amendment is really the 14th amendment, and the southern states are contesting that one and the next one. Also, the confederate states never rejoined the union, there was not treaty or other paperwork, so technically the south is a different country from the North. So the lawyers are having a lot of fun, but they lost on the 13th amendment issue, so Bushie et al aren’t really citizens of the US. No one who represents a foreign corp., holding a title in that corporation can be a US citizen. Interesting development! Here is that amendment:

If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain, any title of nobility, or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept any present, pension, office or emolument, of any kind whatever, from any Emperor, King, Prince or foreign Power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.


Update from Sananda and Candace Frieze
February 8, 2006

Taken from:


Hi all, I did this yesterday, and then forgot to correct and post it. Sananda added a couple more brief comments today.


Good morning my friends, Earth looks lovely from my view today aboard the Capricorn. I am giving you a brief update this morning on the progress being made. If you are watching CNN and ABC in particular, you will find that the media are becoming more cooperative in their reporting of problems with the Government. From this we do see an increase in awareness now of the American peoples. Not as much as we would like, but an improvement nevertheless. CBS and NBC have been less cooperative, so thusly their viewers have experienced their point of view.

It is always wise to view a variety of stations on your tell a vision sets. As is usual on the Earth plane, people are taught to take some sort of side. From this you have people who believe also, that there is only one correct TV station. The limitations in the idea of exploration are slowly fading at this time. People are opening up to looking at something different, and the star folks incarnate are working in greater energy now, within a variety of efforts.

The energy America puts into the etheric realms is increasing, and we should have fewer difficulties when people are made aware. I remind you however, that America is generally still quite superficial in the knowledge of subterfuge that is in their government. It will be painful for many when the truth of 911 is exposed. There will be many who will deny it, and then go into intense efforts to believe it is not so, and pressure those around them to also be in denial. If you find yourself at work or at home, being pressured that it can’t be true, you must stand in your knowledge and firmly but gently assure them it is.

Many parents of your youngsters killed in Iraq will either be in denial, or extreme anger. Help them deal in either condition. Our studies show that around 60% of Americans are now open to the idea of the government’s involvement in some form in 911. Most of these however, believe that they knew, but did nothing. Which is true to a degree, nothing was done to stop it.

Those that can deal with the full reality of 911 will do one of two things, scream at those around them for being idiots or help those around them comfortably into knowledge. So many are angry who do know, with their circles that ignore them and will be tempted to lash out in an angry, I told you so manner. In general this is not the way to go but one must look at the situation, because some of you, who have been following these works, and have been rejected by certain in your circle viciously, may need to firmly lash back and there is nothing wrong with this, if you know the person well, and if you were treated with disdain. You do not need to treat them in "disdain," but a healthy firm "I told you so and you would not listen" may indeed be appropriate.

Why am I going into this subject in this manner? Because most of you have not been bold enough (Candace included with members of her family) in the past, with your circles, because New Age has been taught to maintain the peace at all costs, and thus, you can maintain the peace all the way to the concentration camps awaiting you, without our help and interference.

It is right and your obligation that you stand firmly in your shoes, and stop trying to keep the peace. This attitude is the teaching of beast, while the beast laughs away as you buy it, lock, stock and barrel. The point of being a sovereign being, is to be sovereign. I do realize your difficulty. Myself and Christ Michael faced huge opposition in the Phoenix Journal project. This project did not end by the way. It is simply elsewhere at this time. There are newer journals in existence, since that time in 1998 when we were legally driven from the United States.

You are to stand in your shoes in the coming months, and on through the new elections. Do not allow yourself to be screamed down. This will be a time of chaos. There is an old saying, and it is true, that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink. There will be many that will not drink. But you are to attempt to make them thirsty. If they throw the Bible at you as the only word of God (or Quran or any other "holy book"), you must tell them it is not the work of God. It is not the word of God either. The Word of the Living God, folks, is you, and I and every other Christ Conscious and Christed Being. The Word of the Living God can’t be written in a book.

The Living Word of God, is life lived, and explored on your journey’s. With having fused with the Thought Adjuster, one becomes one with the Father, that is what the word fusion means. You have fused, joined with for eternity, the Father Fragment. You are then a Father Fragment. This is truly awesome teaching, which will continue to be put forth from a variety of sources, and by the Masters returning. Christianity looks skyward and praises the awesome God. "God, you are so awesome" is in many of the new age songs to sky god. People, you are the ones that are awesome, that choose to take the eternal journey.

All of you, except those that have come to interfere in this forum by intent, are either fused with your Adjusters, or will shortly be doing that during your night work. With fusion you become an Ascended Master. Those of you that recently fused are now Ascended Masters. Many of you are Ascended Masters from long ago, who agreed to come to this planet to further your education, so that you might go on to raise up God in those future universes.

Nebadon will probably see more Ascending Sons holding positions previously held by Descending Sons, such as I will be doing, as Planetary Prince. And as I have said, at some point in the future when you are all grown up, I will vacate this job, so that another may have the experience, and you will elect that one. This is part of the new experience manifesting in Orvonton. There will be more Ascending Sons in the lower positions in these universes, to gain experience. When I vacate my position as Planetary Prince, I may will decide on the job of a System Sovereign down the line. Probably I will be in an assisting position first, before taking on the full job.

Back to the update, I digressed a bit. Our friends from Mars have had to very good measure of success, within the Pentagon, and with special visits to Congress. There are many still in Congress who did sign NESARA. They have been energized into moving forward. In the new hearings before Congress right now, regards Bush’s claim he has a right to listen in on you, we are seeing Congress standing up and getting a good deal more confrontative with such as the Attorney General.

More and more folks within both Congress, and the Pentagon are coming into the sharing of what NESARA is, and are energizing one another. This is very important post announcement activities, to have people in accord by choice. We did have to shove it down some throats first, in a manner of your use of language, particularly the Pentagon folks. It took the officers from Mars to get this done, and the resistance has greatly decreased. It is not gone, but more are stepping over the line now, by choice, as they see the picture and benefits. The American Martians have made the point very clear, that Earth is changing, and that their methods of population control and handling of the planet are not going to work, or be further supported.

I have had a personal meeting with several in Congress who are in great support to help them along, and share the upcoming visions. If you have genuine support in your leadership for the changes, this will carry over into the public domain. We see that some are still posting in the forum, that they do not understand, basically why we can’t just fall of the sky. That has never worked, anywhere, without preparation of people before hand. Also, I remind you, that you came to work the planet from within. Many star people did become intimidated by the powers here, and shut up, especially back in the 70’s. Rather than make big noise, many simply went into business to offer new products instead, and have caused some delay themselves by doing this. Kind of, and "if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them attitude."

This has been moderately helpful, because at least you have places where you can purchase better foods, and you have safer cars and what not.  But had the energies of the 70’s kept up in rebellion, such as that created by Martin Luther King, you would have had a changed government long ago, and much less commercialism and materialism. Many came to show a way from materialism, in the "hippy" movement, and instead, moved into it.

So where are we today, Tuesday Feb 7th. We tested the cable lines over the weekend and they are secure, and will be kept secure, continuously guarded until those on Earth move to remove the government. This is moving closer each day, and I do have in mind a day it might happen, we have this goal, but I know that Candace will tell me no-no, so I won’t give any clues. She knows her readers by now.

That said, continue to dream and press on, and please start working more with those around you in suggesting that this government needs removal. Go ahead and tell them a long drawn out impeachment is useless, the office was stolen. Suggest the military may need to honor their pledges to serve the people, and that there is the possibility of arrests coming, because the resident of the White house and his cohorts have created great treason. Then when it actually happens on TV, go to work in a very serious manner, about re education.

We believe we have moved past the time of a rolling blackout as proposed as a last ditch effort to cause attention. We may still due the rolling blackout, announced beforehand to the public, as a huge show and tell event within the USA and Canada. There are plans back upon the table for a world wide show a bit after that, as the news spreads about what happened in America and Canada. This world wide show, will finish the vestiges of uncompleted cleansing of the astral realms, and otherwise be the spectacular event previously planned.

The rest of the world at that time should be quite comfortable with the presence of the star folks. This will be a "rolling" event also, simply because the Earth turns, and it will be an evening event that the Earth turns into. Darkness is necessary for effects. Should we do this, and we probably will, if people have become satisfactorily comfortable, there will be lots of shuttle landings, and folks may get to meet each other. We would not do this in some places if they were not fully ready for it.

At this time, the game plan in America is first the change of government, and then over a short time begin distributing the new Rainbow money. Banks will be buying gold for their needs, and the US Treasury will have greater gold and other precious metal stores. We have recovered gold stored away since World War II in other regions of the world that rightfully belonged to the US Treasury long ago, and were stolen by cartel. Star people have been providing their assistance in moving the heavy tonnage back into the United States.

Although it has not hit your news, China has continued to drop their massive paper money into the market as covered before, greatly weakening the Federal Reserve. Speaking of the Federal Reserve, you know that it is not a United States Treasury organization. You should be telling your friends and family this, and be asking them, just why would Bush be needed to appoint a replacement for Alan Greenspan? They should be told there is something fishy in that.

Candace has been working here and there on a paper, describing the changes that have had to be overcome, and as she has mentioned before, the missing 13th amendment. This will be an informational piece, not a channeling, and something that you might want to print out and distribute after the replacement of the regime of the USA.

The Federal Reserve shall be leaving shortly also. This is being done in steps to easier acclimate the people, plus there is a lot of detail and time involved. There will still be the forgiveness of debt that is in NESARA. Also, the economy will be restructured to 1/10 current market. And there will be the release in the United States of the program of refunding excess and illegal taxation, and interest rates since 1913. Of course, that will occur a year or so down the road, as suggested before. Not only must certain funds be reclaimed that were stolen to help fund this, but Americans must be made spiritually ready for this. All the program of NESARA will be there, it will not just happen on the same day.

Thus we can give instruction to prepare people for coming changes. The other precepts of NESARA are being put in place gradually world wide, and this will continue. Once the United States government is removed, and this news spreads world wide, other countries will begin a teaching process also. We told last spring that there are 25,000 star folks on the ground around the world and this remains so. They are meeting with influential people on the ground, and helping to bring forth changes. All is in reasonable order.

I remind those of you who are angry and confused, that for the learning, work must be done within by the planetary peoples. Otherwise there is no learning. All of you know that you can read a book about fixing the car, but that does not do the same as actually working on the car.


For simple proof of the above point, I recently decided to upgrade my computer a bit. I read the instructions that came with my computer, that were in HP’s software. The only direction that worked was taking off the cover. The rest did not apply. I was left to my reasoning. I also received the wrong outdated instructions with my cell phone, and so far, because I haven’t owned a cell before, I am in the dark about how to use portions of the phone. There is an office nearby and I will go and request updated instructions. We have to learn to problem solve, how else would one become like God, do the will of the Father?


I just was informed Candace did not post this yesterday, she suffered sleep loss, and totally spaced it apparently. Actually we got disturbed by the neighbor boy pounding on her door, and I think this is more the cause. I had not finished quite myself. We have continued to move on today, and I am pleased, we draw closer again, and I think for real this time.

In the past the ground crew was just a motley mess and there was such great interference, lies, and game playing. Folks are coming around genuinely now, and the pressure by the Martian military has been highly successful in the Pentagon in particular. Rumsfeld is still uncooperative, and I suspect he will not come around, can’t move beyond his programming. The Bush clone is a total lost cause, no reason whatsoever, of this very programmed clone. The folks on the ground are still working out whether the public will see arrests, or if the resignation thing should be done, or a combination. Do not be upset by this, this is them making decisions and having to think and consider. They are talking well now, about the problem solving.

My above comments on the cable lines, refers to the connections from the Capricorn through the USA cable TV lines. There is still going to be assisted announcement from the Capricorn, to prevent interference and to make sure our plans are done as we wish. The main announcement crew will still be brought to ship for the event, of announcing the removal of Bush and cronies, and introducing some other topics, such as our presence. We plan to hold the line connections for several days, but there will be intervals of regular programming after initial activities. The control will remain from the Capricorn during this entire process. WE will not have interference saying we are attacking the Earth.

So, I move on, cheer up, because we are cheered up! Namaste, Sananda Immanuel.
Seeking Visionaries who can and will create the many messianic missions needed to heal Earth and her peoples, and bring balance. Seeking those who Know their truth, and will strive earnestly to stand in that truth 100% of the time, making every moment of everyday, a Holy Event. TWO OR MORE IN MY NAME.


Update from Sananda and Lauren

Taken from: .

1st February:

You listened to the State of the Union message last night and recognized that the president has good speech writers and gives a convincing talk. The truth will soon be made known of the perfidy of this administration and there will soon be an end to the current administration, and a new president to serve until elections can be called.

This will be an historic month for the United States and its people. There is, for example, the soon to be announced new Treasury Reserve (Rainbow) currency. That is but a bare beginning of the changes that are forthcoming to return your nation to its true Constitutional government, which was usurped many years ago.

There will be great changes that will occur. There is coming a great prosperity which will enable your country to again be a noted leader in the world for peace, prosperity, and the freedom of choice for much of mankind.  Peace will be declared. Diplomatic means rather than military means will be used to ensure better peaceful conditions in Iraq and in other countries.

There will be a better recognition of the importance of religion to mankind. This will occur in part due to my return, my Second Coming, which is to come about this year.

3rd February:

It is now expected that your president will soon announce his resignation. You have been told that Al Gore will be the acting president while new elections are called. That is correct, however, there is a quandary over how fast there can be the appropriate action by your elected officials in Congress to perform their duties, approve the resignation and appointment, and then complete their necessary business and go home for the forthcoming new elections.

I am quite sure that the new elections will provide your Congress with a different set of leadership. That instead of the Congressmen being "bought off" or scared off by threat to them or their families, there will be a return to the type of government that is again, for the first time in many years, controlled by the people’s representatives.

The return to constitutional government will be accompanied by the distribution of a great deal of funds so that there need not be any more of the poor among you. However, there will be some who will still need some help, because their citizenship is not recognized and where there is no direct linkage to them or their families.

Therefore, there will be considerable need for church welfare programs to be able to help these individuals. An expansion of the Welfare Program will be needed to enable these people to become recognized as citizens or provided with the means to acquire citizenship. In many cases the requirements will require education of those folks. Here again, there can be an adaptation of Welfare Programs to help to provide the necessary education so that these forgotten families and individuals can become recognized legal members of these United States (or Canada or Mexico). There will still need to be Welfare programs that can help people of foreign nations and, in a few cases, to help following some of the earth-shaking disasters that are still to come.

There are strong political and economic forces that are, in essence, engaged in a battle to preserve their positions of power in your nation. Many of these forces are international and some are national. The law and the White Knights are on the side of changes. Also many of your citizens of the U.S. are strongly in favor of the long-predicted and long-awaited culmination of these changes. The end result is a highly political problem and one that is difficult for me to have firm inputs. The announcement of the new "rainbow" currency could come as early as this weekend. Apparently that will be the first government step to move away from the political control of international entities.

8th February:

Great and important changes, which are long overdue, are being made in your government. The end result will be a return to Constitutional government.  That will then be followed by the release of an enormous amount of funds that will be distributed widely in the U.S. and in some other parts of the world, especiallyNorth America. Then North America must be diligent and become a beacon of prosperity for all the world.

There will be a new awakening of all who will govern you. There will be a great decrease in crime as there will also be a great increase in the prevention of various illegal drugs being brought into the country that have been permitted by some of your government leaders. The lessening of the widespread availability of drugs will reduce the crime rate.

There will be a gradual reduction in the number of persons who are incarcerated in your jails and prisons. There will be funds that will enable all who will allow themselves to be taught, to be taught to be productive citizens. That will lessen the burden on government of so many that are now unemployed and unemployable.

There will be new health measures that will remove some of the many drugs that, in many cases, are worse than the diseases that are being treated. There will come the methods by which money will be available for the current ailments to be treated effectively, such as cancer and AIDS. This is the generation that will respond to and be a part of a real new awakening of the spirit of America.

That spirit of prosperity and democracy (really representative government) will spread throughout the world and America will again become a nation to be looked upon with admiration and respect. Peace will ensue and, where necessary, be enforced by some of those of us who have the advanced technology to help prevent war.  As you know, the crew of the Capricorn has already prevented the use of atomic weapons in two cases.

13th February:

There appears to be some great desires on the part of many of your leaders to accomplish the changeover in your government. We know that is of great interest to you. It will be the beginning of great changes in your government and will be followed later by the restoration of your constitution back to it original form as you had it in the 1930s.

I will, of course, be pleased at the changes that are coming. These are the things that are destined to be a forerunner to my return to Zion and then to Jerusalem. In the meanwhile, I shall be pleased to further our communication with you and with our dear friend from Canada. I will, while in the spirit have some words of new gospel principles to share with many of my church leaders. The effort will be made to have a substantial similarity in gospel principles to be taught and preached among my many Christian churches. Then, after I am there in the flesh, I shall have some important discussions with your church leaders. Then it will be soon thereafter time for me to go to Jerusalem and determine how best to solve the problems between the Jews and the Palestinians. Hopefully, with the help of many others, there will soon be a world of peace established and a period of growth and development for all races and all religions.

14th February:

Your government will soon be changed and there will be a restoration of Constitutional government that you haven’t had for most of the past century. There will be a new awakening in America and it will be coupled with the use of the great funds that have been accumulated over the past couple of decades by some very wonderful patriots in your country. The end result will be essentially end to poverty, a return to full employment, and a great lessening of the import of drugs that are destroying many of the people, especially some of the younger citizens.

It will not be long before there will be a new awakening of America. With a restoration of proper government will come a restoration of patriotism and delight in the way in which your country will progress. There will be a great reaching out to other countries and a desire on the part of many to seek to help bring about greater education, freedom, and prosperity to other countries. Eventually, there will be the gradual spreading of freedom and prosperity throughout the world. That will help usher in an era of peace and prosperity for most of the world. There will gradually become more and more free countries that will pattern themselves more like the U.S. The U.S. will be restored to a place of appreciation among the world’s people which will be a great change from the present notion of what America is like.

15th February:

Your world is in need of the great changes that will soon be coming to your world, beginning with the return, with interest, of the funds that were invested beginning many years ago and finally culminating in a great deal of funds to be distributed widely. As you have been told, a percentage of those funds have been put into ‘humanitarian funds’. Some of those humanitarian funds may be made available to help you in some of your work. However, those funds will be spread out over a period of several years so that there will be funds to help many people and many nations.

The earth is soon to enter into a new phase of the earth’s existence and become more celestial. Along with that will come the methods for helping many people all over the world to have a better life and, to some extent, better governments.  This latter change will come more slowly as there will be those in power who will not be wiling to relinquish their control over their nation and its wealth.

There will be a great religious revival that will begin with my arrival among you in the spirit, which will be soon now. Later, when I have arrived in the flesh, my many churches will listen to and begin to preach the new gospel message that I will have for them. Then there will begin to be a more dedicated preaching of goodwill towards all nations and the putting into practice of some of the teachings that relate to helping others. This will be a time of great fulfillment of mankind’s proper treatment of mankind. Brotherly love will prevail and expand throughout my many churches. Then I’ll be in Jerusalem doing what I can to promote peace and understanding among my people there.

Armada 2006
Taken from:

15th February:

We wish to alert you to some happenings around your government at this time. It seems as though your government officials have made a decision to step down from their positions of leadership of your country. We believe that this information will be available for the public soon and we wish for you to alert the community of this news.

We are observing that the tide of affairs will occur in a sequence of events. This sequence will allow for the proper unfolding and give a timeframe by which officials and citizens alike may prepare. We wish for all to know that it is our utmost desire to see this come to fruition and we have stated many times the effect that all of your conscious awareness has on said events.

Please use your Lights at this time to visualize the surrendering of your government leaders. Visualize a band of Light surrounding the White House, the capital, the state, the country and the entire earth. This will help aid the forces to manifesting our desired outcome.

You all play such an important role, now is the time to use your powers. Prove to yourselves that you all can make this happen once and for all. This is not to say that you should be discouraged if the outcome is not as you perceive, we say to you visualize the end result with no attachment to how it occurs. Use your unwavering faith to see the results before you without wondering how it will come to be. This is not up to you, you merely need to expect the desired outcome and leave the rest to the universe. You are all fully supported and All is in divine perfect order.

Now is a moment in your time to add your special part to this monumental plan of change. We encourage you all to see the Light as you have never seen before. Visualize its brilliance and the way things ought to be once again and together you shall be Victorious! I AM Sananda Immanuel.


Update from Monjoronson and Jess
February 19, 2006

Taken from: 2-19-06


I felt that I needed to speak with Monjoronson. This is what I heard.
Monjoronson, I ask for words for you today. I see a change coming. I look to you for more clarity and guidance as to the direction I should go to be most in tune with my purpose at this time. I ask for words about this time and comments others should hear. I am excited to be here at this time and look forward to strength and vision in the days ahead.


Jess, it is Monjoronson. As you ask for guidance, so shall I give it.  This is a time of momentous upheaval.  That is not too strong a phrase.  This is the cusp edge that you are going over. This is happening now. This is the event you have been waiting for.

The announcement from Washington D.C. will be forthcoming. It is not necessary for the work to begin, but it will set the image we/you need to generate increased positive support and unity once the turmoil is over. There is no other way to do this leap. This is a catalytic moment much as the 911 attack was. The ground swell of opposition and united belief in a better tomorrow will bring people together in ways no other means will.

The time is now for you to begin acting as if the event were accomplished. It is creating the reality you will live and it begins now with the steps you are taking into the future as you see it. The time is an artificial construct you need in your dimension now to enable you to organize and orient your behavior. There will come a time soon—in the next few years, by your reckoning—that time as you know it will be no more and all will be now with a past and a future you have created to fit your present reality. This is the Golden Age you have read about. You will have all you want because you create all you want. This is a skill any person in higher dimensional levels has. You will be testing your wings, as it were, in becoming Gods yourself.

We will tell you personally what you must do to fulfill your highest potential. You have some idea of the direction and you have a list of tasks you can begin on once the change is accomplished. This change in government will instigate a revolution in thinking about governance and representation. This will in effect uproot all previous terms and institutions of current government and governance. This will be a good thing to happen. The current system is totally invested in fraudulent money appropriations and fiscal error. This is based on the trickle up method of providing most for the wealthy few at the top of the pyramid. This, in effect, operates the reverse of the expected scenario that is always touted as the basis of democracy. It is, in fact the basis of democracy—which is rule of the mob in civilized terms. The mass population in its chaotic state serves the leaders blindly and unknowingly. This will change. The basis of a republic as outlined in your original Constitution is freely elected and chosen representatives who govern by consensus of the will of the many…

My ministry and mission are ready to be announced as well. The time to begin judging and separating those to ascend and those to be removed is at hand. This will be in perfect time and with perfect accord.  This separation and weighing is necessary to move the energy upward with Mother Earth as you call her.

This is my word to you this evening. Take it and broadcast it as you wish.  Namaste.



Update from Sananda and Lauren

February 21, 2006
Taken from:

S: Yes, good morning, Love.
L: Hi, Sananda, how are you today?
S: We are delighted aboard the Capricorn at the events unfolding in your government. Things are hot in Washington and we expect an explosion soon. There is an understanding that the time is upon us for the delivery of the funds and the rainbow currency will soon be in effect. These will be great moments for your country’s citizens and we are hopeful that the plan will go as scheduled. Your Light and the Light of others is greatly welcomed to aid in these endeavors.
L: Sure thing, S, we will all send you some much needed Light. Can you tell me what will happen when funds arrive?
S: The moment the announcement is made for the Federal Reserve funds to be changed over to the new currency, all banks will be in a position to support this. They have an understanding that the currency will be under new form soon and will be instructed on how to implement it. There will be a short time of havoc as everyone will need to learn of the new ways in a relatively short period of time, but it will not be long before it is commonly understood by many. Know that this will be a time when all can literally prepare for their new lives of abundance. This will be an indication that the damn has broken and all parts of NESARA will implemented in due course. We recommend saving money for a time after the FR announcement as you will all have the opportunity to use your current valued funds for the purchase of the newly priced material goods. That means that you will have much more buying power for a period of time until salaries are adjusted and the mass distribution of prosperity and humanitarian funds are released. We recommend that you use this opportunity to buy the things you need but could not afford, perhaps a new home or vacation. We anticipate many will be purchasing things that will not be practical for their new existence on earth but All is in divine perfect order. Know that this will be a time of great celebration and glee.
L: Thanks S, this is such an exciting concept. Can you tell me what you believe will happen to industry and jobs when all Americans have their prosperity funds? What will happen to society if everyone quits their job?
S: This is a good question to ponder, for it will be up to the new construct to determine how life will go on. This is precisely the reason why awareness is the predecessor to world equality. It will be a challenge for those of you with awareness to guide and direct your New World to its final destination. Society as it is now relies upon an inferior/superior structure of hierarchy to determine its value. Meaning that those with lower income stay at the bottom and strive for the top, thereby providing services to society that is deemed lowly. This causes a spiritual crisis of self-worth, as those with the lower paying jobs ultimately receive less respect, hence feelings of low worth. So how will these jobs continue?, you ask.  Well, how do you see it continuing?
L: Oh, boy, you always put me on the spot in front of a very large audience. Let me think this through…
S: Very well, no pressure.
L: Alright, funny guy…perhaps we can all share duties? Or maybe we with our new technology will have the opportunity to implement new systems where the undesirable jobs are moot?
S: This is a good start. What if there were many who thought that these jobs were enjoyable?
L: Hmm. I never thought of that option. The way society is currently, it is hard to imagine life being enjoyable without all the bells and whistles, but you’re right…many enjoy their work and find value in the services they provide, right?
S: Precisely. So what would we do in these special situations to allow these members of society to feel a sense of societal worth?
L: Help me.
S: Ok, let’s put it this way.  IF there were a number of citizens who deemed their life’s work valuable in a society where all were respected and valued for their contribution, then why would there be a sense of demoralization?
L: There wouldn’t be, right? Is this a trick question?
S: Only if you make it so. My point in all of this is that the new society that is stepping forth will have a profound sense of dignity and respect for the whole, not only the individual. This mentality is what keeps enlightened societies functioning, not money or power as it is in your current system.
L: Indeed, so is my question then based on my current idea of society?
S: Perhaps. Or maybe your question is based on fear of the unknown.
L: Definitely! That is certain, so what do I do with it?
S: Let it go. Trust, remain in faith knowing that all your needs will be met. You will want for nothing when you need nothing, do you understand this concept?
L: I think so, that a need is based on fear of lack and once eliminated we leave room for miracles?
S: Well put, my child.  See, you have already learned to release and trust in the unknown with the simple nudging from a mere Master.
L: (Roar of laughter) Wow, I haven’t laughed this hard with you since you cracked on St. Germain’s passion for purple!  Although, to date, that is still your funniest.  Your sense of humor is like a bottle of 2001 Barbaresco…dry, refined and powerful!
S: Humor becomes you. It is a wonderful way to realize your objective role in what you call reality.
L: Well, I gotta say… you’re a remarkably funny Lightbody!
S: I do my best to charm. It is up to the receiver to apply the humor, you do a fancy job at this.
L: Thank you, thank you. Can I change the subject?
S: As you wish.
L: Thanks. I was wondering if you could comment on my experience last night with Ganesh and Lord Kuthumi. I believe you were present last evening, wearing your finest indigo robe, were you not?
S: Ahh, yes. Last night was a special occasion and I am glad that you called upon me to join in the festivities.
L: I was pleased to have you there, a party is not a party without Jesus in attendance.
S: This is undoubtedly so.
L: (laughing) What was the special occasion for?
S: Last night was an opportunity for all who were present in your class to receive a special blessing from the Masters for moving forward on your life journeys. You were all receiving blessings and accolades for triumph and pursuit from the great Master Lord Kuthumi, and the well known and loved Buddhist deity, Ganesh. This opportunity was created out of a cumulative desire for growth and forward movement. You all created this opportunity with your diligence and commitment to finding your peace and the Masters are delighted at your triumphant feats, this was the cause for celebration.
L: Groovy. I am so pleased that you were a part of it, thank you for your presence… it made my experience extra familiar and pleasant. You also helped me to find the courage to share my experience with the group.
S: I should be thanking you for the invitation.
L: Well, just so you know, you are always invited to join me in Yoga Nidra, I am positive that the others would be delighted at your presence among us.
S: It is an honor for me.
L: Do you, Ganesh and Lord Kuthumi hang out?
S: We have been known to mingle now and again.
L: I talk to Ganesh weekly, he is a delightful and chubby mammal!
S: He is one with many gifts and powers. His size aids in his work.
L: How do you mean?
S: By that I mean he is capable of destroying many perceived hindrances in the way of enlightenment. He is a brave and loving soul who cares deeply for those on the path. We are blessed to have his energy among us.
L: I agree. I am delighted to have met him and to work with him each week, he has a great personality…he is jovial and fun-loving. Last night was my first experience with Kuthumi, can you tell me more about him?
S: I would be pleased to.  Lord Kuthumi is a master of knowledge. He is a teacher in his own right and is working heavily with the energy of change coming to earth at this time. He and I work closely together in this realm and we share duties to assist those on earth in awareness.
L: That’s excellent! Is there a reason why you (as Jesus) and Lord Kuthumi looked so much alike in your perspective lifetimes here?
S: Aha! Very interesting question, my love.  Perhaps we incarnated in notably similar disguises because we shared similar life missions?
L: SO is it safe to assume that we here on earth do the same?
S: Presumably so. There are similarities based on the ideal makeup or design suited for your life missions.
L: Wild. Are Lord Kuthumi and I destined to work together at some point?
S: You are destined to work with many Masters during your life journey. You will be amazed at some of the energies you will connect with, I assure you.
L: Well, if I forget to tell you later…you’re my favorite.
S: That is a bold statement, my dear child. There are many who you will find favorable.
L: I am sure, but you were my first, so you will always have a special place in my heart.
S: Fear not, my child. We will be together always.
L: You promise?
S: You have my word.
L: I guess that’s worth something. Thank you for today’s lesson. I had fun, did you?
S: It is always a pleasure to converse with you.
L: You too, S. Maybe we can talk later, but I am not sure because tonight is a 2-hour American Idol… that may take precedence.
S: I AM confident that you will follow your heart.
L: Can you dip into the field of probability to tell me the most likely winner?
S: That would ruin the fun for you, would it not?
L: Yeah, I would be bummed out if I knew ahead of time, who said psychics have all the fun???
S: Actually, no one. Psychics have great responsibility.

February 28, 2006
Taken from:

(Sananda through Lauren) We wish to advise of some further reparations in your government body that will lead to the unfolding of planned events to take place. There is a scheduled meeting of officials to take place shortly. The purpose of this meeting is to prepare the country for the changes of government and the ramifications it will have on its people. We are delighted to announce that the plan of action is due to take place this week, on schedule.
The notification to leaders to surrender to the Forces of Light was heard and implementation is now in effect.  We anticipate that the American people will be hearing about said events momentarily.  Know that this is an opportunity to assist with full anticipation of said events. You are all now in a position to fully utilize your powers of manifestation through visualization and we expect that you will take joy in adding your services to aid in the desired outcome.  Know that this is a time of great joy for many but will be a time of great confusion for more.  You have all been equipped to handle the task at hand, you all have the vibration necessary to employ a peaceful transition.  Use these powers that have been bestowed upon you to aid humanity in this upcoming perceived upheaval.  Your Light will be needed to rest the beating hearts of many.  We are confident of your abilities to succeed here.
Many of you wish to know about the plan of action that will precede the government fall. We wish to say that it is up to the Forces of Light to employ such tasks to their inevitable victory. Do not be put off by how, instead focus your sights on the outcome.  Know that all is in divine perfect order and can be instituted with technology beyond your level of comprehension at this time.  We are in full support of the beings who aid you and assist in your transition, know that victory is yours.
There will be a short period of disruption to your society when the gates of heaven have been opened. Know that this will be abated shortly after the fears are calmed and understanding is evident to all.  We expect that you will endure a period of confusion while adjustments are made, but know that all that is dismantled shall be rebuilt in divine ways. You are all a part of this exemplary time upon earth and for good reason.  Your chosen roles will appear to you as your places in society open up for you.  Many of you are awaiting life missions and your roles will become clear to you upon these coming changes.  Fret not over the coming of your destiny, it is a well made plan. Those of you who have awareness of your missions here shall proceed with firm resolve. We are supporting all of you to effortlessly move forward to your assigned tasks on earth and know that there are legions of Light-beings at your disposal.  You are outnumbered in this way so as to ensure ample help for all.  Be at peace with your journey, for it may be an unexpected turn that will take you to your destination in the New World of Peace.  We assure you that whatever path you are guided to will be one that brings you infinite joy.
These times that we have been discussing with you for so long have prepared you for what’s to come.  The delays, though they caused much strife, have actually enabled more awareness which shall benefit the transition greatly. We wish to thank you all for your unwavering faith during these end-times and assure you that the road ahead, though a tumultuous one, will bring you the Heaven on Earth that you have so longed for.  This is the beginning of the end for most but a journey of unparalleled devotion for a special few.  For that, you are all to be commended.  We are in great admiration of your dedication to Source and we will walk the way with you now until the infinite abundance of heaven is in your hands. Blessings, my Children of Faith and Warriors of Light. We shall greet you with open arms and devoted hearts for we are truly one.
Go in peace to employ your missions. I AM Sananda Immanuel.


Update from Sananda, Christ Michael, the Pleiadians, Lauren and Jess

March 12, 2006
Taken from:

Journal 3-12-06
Christ Michael, I ask for words today on the state of the world. I eagerly wait for change, even as I try to live as if the change has happened already. I feel more energy. I feel more focus. I see the surrounding events with more clarity and understanding. I ask for more insight and more awareness. I ask for visible connection and tangible workings out of your dispensation. I ask for more of your closeness and reality.

Christ Michael:

Jess, I speak to you today as you ask and with great information to tell you. This is the end of the history of the world as you have known it up to now. This is the beginning of a new dispensation, as you called it. This is my time made manifest. Your old conception of time and space are changed, and are now merged with me and my everlasting infinity. This is the age you have eagerly awaited. This is the era you seek and have sought all your many past lives. This time is now and you have waited patiently for it.

The events you see and are about to see manifest themselves are well thought-out in my plan for changing my Universe of Nebadon. This change is analogous to waking up one morning in a new room of light and air and beautiful new surroundings that meet all your greatest expectations. This is what it will be for you and for everyone who reads these words. This is by dispensation. This is my gift to you. This is my bounty as your Creator God and Son of the Almighty One who has made all.

The events you ask about even in your unspoken thoughts are racing to a conclusion. The end is here for the cabal. It is broken asunder, as you verbalize, and its pieces are irretrievably scattered. Bush and his cronies are no more. The arrests have been carried out where necessary to fulfill Galactic law, and the resignations are in hand for many others. Most of the Congress and most of the administrative staff of the ex-President are no longer employed. This is now to be made public. The news of this changeover will be swift upon the opening of the bourse next week. It will take a week to organize the process of transition. Look for news to support this action. The news media will begin to follow suit and reporters will begin to speak honestly and truthfully about what is happening. The media scions are no longer in control. The new day has arrived for true coverage and investigation.

What of the investigation into the wrong-doings of the administration, you ask? This investigation is proceeding apace with the tons of information that are being released and uncovered. The tentacles of the dark have reached everywhere, and the corruption and distortion of your Constitutional ideas are rampant. Even the most blind are seeing discrepancies and misinformation and are suffering unnecessarily. This will change with the installation of new government officials and a new reverence for the holy ideas invested in your founding documents.

This will happen with the resignation of Bush and Cheney. This farce will be carried out before the public when the money is ready to be distributed. Then the truth will be told. The money is lying in wait in the banks all over the country, and the proper paperwork is in place. This is waiting for the collapse of the Federal Reserve, which will happen publicly with the opening of the bourse and the rush to get rid of worthless dollars that are no longer backed by Saudi Arabian and Middle-Eastern oil reserves. The decision to stop informing Americans of the numbers of worthless paper dollars overseas is a sure sign the administrators fear for their hegemony in controlling the economic pulse of the world. They don’t want their supporters to know they are no longer in control.

This too will be made apparent. Beware the Ides of March for the future of the present administration. Shakespeare said it best regarding the downfall of Caesar and the rising of the masses against him led by the Brutuses of America. This has to be, and now rather than soon. The fall of a great dictator is not without agitation and chaos, but the result in this country will not be the imposition of an even worse control in the form of a single ruler. You are all rulers! You are all part of the one ruling body that is my dispensation. You are all gods and controllers of your destiny. The destiny, dear Brutus, is not in the stars, but in ourselves. We are the future, and we are the dispensers of that true reality.

This is my word for today. Spread it around as you will. I will speak with you soon directly and in a more public forum.

Christ the Michael of Nebadon and Aton, your brother.


March 13, 2006

(Christ Michael through Jess) As you noted yesterday, tonight is the full moon eve and tomorrow is the full moon. I like to arrange a gentle push if I can, that’s partially why I said beware the Ides of Marchfor the administration (15th March). News laying the groundwork for next week’s surprises should start to be made public then.

Almost all the US Government changes are a done deal, what remains is public enlightenment and graceful transition to the new economy and administration.  By that last, I mean no economic depression, no months of belt-tightening, no totalitarian take-over. There will be some bumpy roads before you get back on course as people work off their confusion and anger, but life will not only continue but pick up (chuckle) in more ways than one! Oh, I have surprises in store for the people!

To wrap up – the groundwork will be set out this week, the real fun starts next week when the Bourse (Stock Exchange) does open for business, and the fun will increase as the hidden becomes known and the people rise up and begin to set things straight and proper. Hang on, it’ll be a wild ride into a new world!


March 12, 2006
3/12/06 5:46pm , Sananda through Lauren:

L: Sananda? Do you need me?
S: Yes, my love, thank you for hearing our call. We have a message for you that we feel is of an urgent matter.

There is a tide in the affairs of man which is spreading throughout the world at a rapid pace. The anticipated moment is approaching you rapidly and we wish for those of you to be in Light of what is about to take place. The events that I refer to are literally on the cusp and we are joyous at the opportunity to share the details with you at this time.

First know that there is going to be a monumental shift in the consciousness of the American people within a matter of days. This shift will be the predecessor to all of the planned events lined up for many to be a witness to.

Each event as it happens will be mammoth in scope and will take time for the people of America and even the world to comprehend. It will be of considerable interest to those who reside in opposing governments as well for they too will realize that the demise of their inferior structures of society are on the brink. We come to tell you that soon you will be in position to utilize your skills as Lightworkers and others will be needing the support to help absorb the magnitude of what is transpiring.

This event is something that has never been witnessed before and will be shocking to many. This shock will be abated shortly after the realization of what’s to come but in the meantime we wish for you to dissuade others of fear. Use your fortitude to remain at peace and centered in times of great confusion. Know that your arms outstretched can comfort many in need. We assure you that the times ahead will be joyous for many as well, these times are what you have waited so many lifetimes for, know that they have arrived. It is an honor to be a witness to these amazing times and you too shall be amazed, no matter how prepared you think you may be.

Next we say to you that you will all be a part of something that will shake the boots of those with darkness in their hearts. The usurping power that mankind will have over your nation will astound you. When the truth is visible for all to see, citizens will act impetuously to remove the last traces of this dark cabal. It will be an upheaval of great proportion but one that will serve a great purpose in the end. We ask you once again to be the strength and the source of knowledge for others, even those who have denied your information as valuable in the past. This is not the time for judgment or glory, this is a time of great need to your fellow man. We aboard the Capricorn are watching events unfold in great detail and are prepared for even the worst of scenarios. Rest assured that though these times will be confusing, under the guise of great confusion a new day dawns. The sun of the Golden Era will shine for all to bask in.

We also wish to advise you of some important details pertaining to the massive flyover event. IT has been decided that the flyover will be instituted very shortly after the changeover in your governing body. The purpose of the flyover is to show the people that we come in peace and that we are in fact allies of earth. This event alone will cause disorientation to some but also great relief and answers to many questions. We wish for this event to serve the purpose of showing how capable we are of assisting you all in this time of great change.

We also wish to say that now is the time to prepare for the changes. Prepare yourselves by remaining at peace within your own lives. Be the peace-keepers for your families and friends and the support system that allows even strangers into your hearts. Prepare by being one with all people collectively to assure you are meeting the needs of many. This time before you will strengthen your will and bring determination to your once weak structures in society. It will be the tie that binds you all together again as brothers and sisters of God. This upheaval holds within it the opportunity for an outpouring of love so great that it will have lasting effects on the entire universe of Nebadon. The ramifications are endless and so is the amount of love that we extend to all for we are in great admiration of you. Go in peace to love your brothers and sisters.

We will go before you to pave the way. I AM Sananda Immanuel.


March 13, 2006 .  The Pleiadians through Lauren.

Lauren: Does someone wish to address me?
Unknown: "Yes, we are here."
L: Who is speaking, please?
Pleiadians: We are the Pleiadians.
L: Hello, do you have a message for me?
Pleiadians: We have come to tell you of some news.  We are in observance of some details regarding your nation and can assist you in understanding what it taking place at this time.  Do you wish to receive?
L: Please.
Very well.  We are observing some situations in Washington that are pressing your nation to mover forward in this march for freedom.  This march, coupled with the intent of millions of citizens, will have unprecedented resolve.  It will take armies of unmatched proportion to stop the force of Light that will ensue.  We are preparing many at this time to step into full awareness and be alert for their roles as warriors and change-makers.
Some have chosen to leave the earth after their mission is complete, know and share with others that this is a planned event, one that their souls chose before incarnation and all is in Divine Perfect Order.  We will be there to support them and direct them as needed and they will be greeted by legions of angels and family members of the afterlife upon their transitions.  Be assured that they will experience no discomfort during this transition for their selfless acts of humanity.
We are in great admiration of the teams available for the type of work necessary to make these changes and we will support you in times of strife.  Know that this time upon you will create the largest momentum of good ever to rise up like a tidal wave and crash over the old ways of the dark. No one has the power to make this change like the citizens of your country. The noble few who sacrifice their earthly lives in the making of the new world will be rewarded greatly for they will have the opportunity to resolve many lifetimes of karma for this one particular and selfless feat.
Regardless of your role in this, you are all needed.  Each and every one of you represents a portion of creator, an aspect to realize His potential.  Without you, there would be no Golden Age for it would cease to manifest under the workings of your present systems.  This is why you are all here at this very important juncture, both for your soul and for the evolution of humanity.  It is your time to choose and your time to fulfill your calling.
Many of you have incarnated here from various star systems and galaxies to aid in this magnificent event.  We are aware of those who have suffered greatly to be submersed in these lower frequencies and we have come now to lift you up out of the denseness.  There are members of many galaxies at this time waiting to rescue the brothers and sisters of their origin.  We, the Pleiadians have many on earth at this time that we care for and protect.  Those of you who know of your origins, be assured that we are coming now to free you.  For those of you who are not yet aware of your origins you will be contacted shortly, be at peace.  All who inquire shall be admonished for we need all of you.
There is coming a time where you will be aware of much more than you currently are.  This awareness may lead to emotional uprising in the people and it is our wish that you all be the pillars of light that you came here to be.  We try to prepare you for this not to alarm you but to confirm that you have very special roles to play and part of the responsibility of awareness is teaching others and leading them to the light of God.  We can assist you with this if you ask, we will do all we can to calm the fears of an uprising nation, for many will be in a state of disarray.
You all have the important roles of replacing fear with love, for this is the way you knew before your descent.  Now is the time to practice this honorable trait that you hold in your hearts. Lift your brothers and sisters to their true potential, hold the babes in your bosoms, and run free with the light of truth for others to see. This is the gift that has been bestowed upon you, the gift of compassion for the hard work of striving for this truth in your hearts.    Compassion will enfold the dark and allow even for them, an opportunity to repent.  Now we say show your true colors, allow others to see the light in your hearts for they will be searching for that light in the dark.
Be courageous and allow no ruler to impoverish any part of your nation again.  Be dignified, stand proud and allow no just cause for lies and deceit.  Be sovereign and reign yourselves as true co-creators with God, for ultimately you are the future of your nation and world.  We come to raise you up but you must first lift yourselves out of darkness and despair with firm resolve to overthrow your government.  This is the opportunity you have all been waiting for, to claim back your sovereign rights as citizens of God.  Let no lie remain unturned, let no man or woman escape the penalty of corruption.  These end times are upon you now and are coming in with great thrust.  Be alert and stand firmly planted for the tide will bring in much change but will assuredly pull out to sea all that no longer serves you, for now you are FREE.
We too wish to remind you of the abilities you all possess, the ones that you took with you into this lifestream.  These abilities will avail themselves as needed to give you access to tools that you will need in coming times.  Your severely limited scope right now does not serve you well in these coming days, so be assured you will have all you need to prevail during these next few turbulent months.  You will be amazed at what lies before you and we are in your skies planning the most glorious and peaceful world you have ever known.  Congratulations on your determination to see this through, you are true warriors.  We must now take our leave but we will be with you shortly.  Be at peace and know that you are supported by many in these next moments of your making.  We are the Pleiadians.



Update from Monjoronson Through Candace Frieze

March 17, 2006
Taken from: .

Brief Update, Iraq nerve gassed last night

Hello everyone, Monjoronson here today to provide a bit of an update. To begin with, the God event was a bit less than desired but helpful still. It did increase the vibrations of the atoms but not as much as hoped for.  Now to move on.

You will continue, those of you who call yourselves Lightworkers, to have some discomforts physically. The best thing to do for this is to get rest, meditate often and eat foods as real as you can obtain them.  Please concentrate heavily on vegetables and fruits.  And do your Lightwork, the word "work" is in there, my friends.

The regime should end finally shortly.  The Iranian Bourse is scheduled on time, no matter what is on the Internet contrary to this.  The Iranians were heavily threatened by the USA but they have received some help by the Russians to stay on target.  The US still does intend to attack Iran shortly and many are working to prevent this scenario.  Admiral Jhonka, being top military leader in the USA, is issuing many orders to prevent this possibility.  He is under heavy protection to prevent his removal which has been attempted.

There was an event of great sadness in Iraq over night. American military, in the latest endeavor of control, dropped chemicals upon a large area, in addition to the bombing which was carried out contradictory to Admiral Jhonka’s orders.  There has been a small intervention of star fighters in this arena, and Arch Angel Raphael was kept busy in medical assistance where possible to do so.  The chemicals dropped were of the nerve gas type. There is now interference going on to prevent further occurrence. Do not believe what is upon your tell-a-vision sets.  What you are seeing is apparent desolation and that part is true.

When are Americans going to wake up to this atrocity, on the whole? America, despite the works of the great Cindy Sheehan, and those of many on the net continues to de-evolve, sadly. The news is attempting to get people interested but continues to cover all inadequately. Although the polls do show Bush going downhill, and less favoritism in Iraq for the war, the favoritism that is declining is more around the lies told, and not the suffering of the Iraqi peoples. Still we see no coverage publicly of the Iranian Bourse soon to open, which is of course the real "nuclear" event.

We do move on and continue the plan. It must be done from the inside, with assistance that is allowed, such as Admiral Jhonka returning from Mars.  People must boot out their dictators, otherwise they desire what they get.  You reap what you sow.  If you sow the dictator and do not remove him, you receive of his control.  If heaven, which includes of course advanced races, bails people out, they do not learn. And you are getting a very rare bailing out, without it, your world would have experienced nuclear war once again, and worse than ever before, it would have been your extinction.

Remember, you are the ones who came to help the bailout from within. You are in your training in the ultimate of problem-solving that prepares you for your future journeys as the Gods to come. It is time to get more serious on those messianic missions.  You may not have the funds yet but you do have the ability to dream and begin your organizations.  AbundantHope runs on volunteerism at this time.  Find the volunteers for your future endeavors, Two or More in My Name. Namaste, I AM Monjoronson.


Update from Christ Michael Through Jess

March 19, 2006
Taken from: .

I heard this last evening and I wanted to post it today. It is interesting to me to read the comments about the origin of the dark in conjunction with St. Germain’s comments today through Mike Quinsey. I don’t know about the developments in the Bourse, but this is what came through last night. The comments on Bush and Cheney give a context for what we have heard before.

Journal 3-19-05
Christ Michael, on the eve of the Bourse opening I ask for an update. I am curious what is expected to happen and I am curious what we need to be prepared to do. I also ask for more explanation about the explanation given by Heru on the arrival of the dark. Where did it come from? Was it not part of the grand Creation? How can something originate that is separate unless it is planned that way? These are separate questions, but I have two streams in my thinking tonight. I anticipate your speaking to me this evening.

Christ Michael:

Jess, you ask for answers to questions that are difficult to convey in adequate words for your understanding at this time. The dark was a figment of the Universe’s imagining. This manifestation that took the shape of disconnection at various levels was the result of slight mis-readings and calculation errors that sprang up as Creator Source delegated his extended creations to Creator Gods, as you call them, and the corps of Light workers who developed and structured the various universes. The imperfection of one not God is open to manifesting other imperfections, despite the intent and the feeling of assurance of uniformity with the Creator’s plan. This imperfection begat other imperfections, but on such a miniscule level that no one paid much attention to it until it had grown its own existence and had merged with powerful other imperfections to create a hybrid that was separate but built of the same structure outwardly.

This hybrid was without the spark of the Creator that all his/her creations seek to understand. Others with this power and ability to wield the controls of creation for the Creator were unaware that the flaws existed. Why did the Creator Source himself not notice this discrepancy, you ask? God is love, to use that familiar expression, but it is an accurate depiction of why he didn’t see that. The Creator God is the Universe of Universes. He is a part of everything that exists. He was a part of the flawed manifestations that developed the separate existence that is labeled the dark, but he never was asked to join with them. All of creation has an intelligence that asks to be connected with its Creator. These manifestations were formed apart and never had the sense of connection with One. They viewed themselves as Creator God and saw no other possible interpretation. The flawed energy began to entrain other energy streams to its own. They looked for suitable matches at a less resistant state of awareness and began to infiltrate their energy structure. This creation of their own universe was separate from the Light of the Creator Source, and was labeled dark. It was the opposite of what Creator had designed with its own actual manifestation.

How did I fit in to this, you ask? The dark had begun manifesting itself before I began creating the Universe of Nebadon. I planned for it to be a model of the Creator’s precepts. The host of helpers who began creating the formation of Nebadon was attuned to the harmonic of the patterns in Havona. The Universe took shape based on that template. The further you create away from the Paradise Isle, however, the more complicated the structure. This is a result of the additional aspects of the Grand Universe it must take into account. This complexity leaves more room for miscalculation. I am not perfect, and neither were any of the host who created Nebadon. I spoke for the Creator and controlled the set-up, but I didn’t make the formation ingredients out of my own whole cloth. I took plasma from the Creator’s Paradise Isles and transformed it into my creation, with my stamp on it. I delegated as did Creator.

The imperfect creation of Nebadon was also attacked by the parallel universe of the dark. This was many generations removed from the original hybridization and the Dark Empire was in many ways superior to what we had just created. As a result of this attack we had to devise a way to remove this blight and it has taken until now to overwhelm the attackers with the radiance of a joined initiative. This is not to say we haven’t been trying to wrest this from our creation, but it has proved to be more difficult that any other problem. This has been like trying to remove God with God. Once the hybrid had formed, it became part of the pattern that existence must react to. It is now a factor in moving towards greater Light and must be viewed as a part of creation.

Let us speak of the next few days and weeks. The Bourse is still intending to open. This will act as a public symbol that the dollar in its fiat form has no value. The oil hegemony is no longer a controlling factor in all transactions. This is a wedge that will tip the balance in a new direction and will cause the Federal Reserve to show that it is no longer a factor in controlling economic negotiations. This should lead to a collapse of the structure of the system it has constructed. This is planned to occur this week. Yes, I will give you this timetable. The transactions have begun, and the system is already showing the reality of the world’s economic picture.

What of Bush and Cheney, you ask? The warrants for their arrest were carried out by the galactic forces in action for the High Court of Orvonton. This is beyond the jurisdiction of the High Courts of Nebadon and all its sections. The legal counter measures you see occurring on the ground here on Earth are attempts to forestall the imposition of Galactic Law. They have no validity in the higher courts, but they are a stoppage that utilizes the public appearance of control until it can be legally and Constitutionally changed in the parameters of this dimensional perception. There are layers and layers of legal maneuverings that must operate in accordance with Universal Law —not just the legal code of the United States.  There is overlapping and accommodation. The real Bush and Cheney are in custody.  The farce clones that are running around are puppets that must be removed by the charade of legal skirmishing in America.  The public-as dissatisfied as it is overall —still insists on a comfortably believable method of removal by Constitutional means.  This is what needs a mountain of true evidence to build an airtight case for public viewing.  The public as a whole must be impacted to demand and accept the change.

You, Light workers, have done an incalculably magnificent job of tipping the balance within your bailiwick on Earth.  This is allowing an event that has never been tried before. Have patience and know that all is well and working to that end.


Updates from Sananda and Helena

Taken from: .


March 25, 2006

First I would like to address the issues of your nation, as they are the most pressing. There is upon you a time of dramatic change, one that will ensure the freedom of the people once and for all. This time at hand is one that will shake the countrymen and women to their core for they will be in search of truth. Truth as you have known it up until now has been nothing but the gain of your leaders’ power. Now, truth shall prevail. Come one, come all and join in the parade for truth.

The time for a revolution is now and all are needed to claim back their rights and sovereignty. It is up to you to find the truth, for the truth shall set you all free. Take what is rightfully yours, gather your sources and strength in numbers and you shall prevail. You all have the opportunity and responsibility to take control of your destiny in the coming moments, use this opportunity to ensure that you never fall short of your country’s potential again

Be righteous in choosing government leaders that will support your freedom, freedom for all. We encourage you all to see the bright future before you and desire for you all to know that in your heart lies the secrets to peace. When you are all united through the heart of mankind you will prevail victoriously in all of your ventures. When each deed is done with the thought of your fellow man in mind, you will have transcended the lower realms of physicality. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This has never been truer for the people of earth. You all are beginning to see the interconnectivity to life and realizing that each action has an equal and opposite reaction. That what you think, you become. That what you long for, you gain.

All of these truths are more apparent to you now and this gives you the advantage to create the best of what you desire. Ultimately it is up to all of you to pull together and create this world as a community of like minds. When all realize that you are united under one God, the Creator of All that is, then peace will prevail.
No longer is it necessary to segregate and divide nations for you all will soon hold a common purpose, that of restoring your precious earth. This is no small feat and will require the participation of all, worldwide. But together and with the help of your galactic brethren, miracles will happen.

We stand before you now ready to lift the veil of deceit, prepare yourselves for the moment of transcendence for it will be a thrust of great magnitude that will catapult you to a new reality, the reality in truth. We say to you, be at peace and know that all you have waited for is here and now. Buckle up, for it will be a bumpy ride but be assured that we are guiding your every move. All is in Divine order and the battle has been won.

I Am Sananda Immanuel

March 29, 2006

There is to be a change made in your government to restore the earlier constitutional law for your government leaders. The efforts for this change have been long thwarted by those in power who control the present administration. You and I shall be most pleased to have the government changes made and the constitution restored as it was before your former president (Roosevelt in the 1930s) began the changes to put other powers in control.

You will be pleased at the changes that are soon to come to your government. These changes will also help pave the way for my coming in the spirit and later my coming in the flesh. America must be restored to the world and be able to be looked up to as the best type of government for the benefit of all of its citizens, instead of a few. The restoration of constitutional government to the United States is the beacon to the world that is important to me and for many people in many nations. There are great events that are beginning to transpire for this earth. There is a New Era coming.

March 30, 2006

Taken from:

Message 1 (through Hal)

Although there have been many delays in the distribution of the bank documents, I am pleased to tell you that it does appear that the final distribution of the bank documents is now underway. That will mean that there can be an announcement this weekend, possibly even tomorrow (Friday) from the government. I expect that the announcement will be concerning the new currency.

There does not appear to be any barrier now to the completion of the delivery of the bank documents. However, there is a great effort involved to prevent such distribution. Hopefully, there will be a failure of those efforts.

My great concern is for the changes that will soon come so that I can be with you at the time of the first landing of one of the shuttles in your valley. That means, of course, the change in government and the rescinding of the orders to shoot down any UFOs. This unfortunate order that has been in place for so many years, as you well know, has to have an ending and that ending will be soon now. Then there shall be the beginnings of great changes that will help change the world, including the way the world produces and distributes energy. We will be pleased to be with you in the spirit and to help in that regards.

Message 2 (through Lauren)

Take Heed

The sun is radiating new frequency waves which are penetrating your earth as we speak. These energy waves are responsible for much of the changes in consciousness on your planet at this time. We are in great admiration of the ways in which you are all affected by the new energies and as we monitor your progress we can see the success at which you awaken to truth.

We are anticipating great things to happen this week. There is a lot of information that is being circulated in your media and has been prompted by forces of Light. This explosion in media awareness will bring truth to the masses, truth through portals of respected reputations and trust. This is imperative, that we gain the respect of those willing to listen to truth by using the mouthpieces of respected and trusted individuals in your nation.

We are using many modalities to ensure the success of this mission and it is almost complete. We have observed that many are now willing to listen, that the state of affairs of man has become so dire that people will listen to any sound of hope. This puts us in an advantageous position as you might imagine since so many will be new to the information that will penetrate the masses shortly. We are guiding you to a winning solution and all the waiting and anticipating has served its purpose now. We are delighted in those who remain in constant communication with us because it gives us an opportunity to be heard. Your mission, as previously stated, is an important one for spreading truth. Many rely upon the words that you and other telepaths put out to the world and your voices as well as ours are being heard. Because of this, change is happening.

Those who choose to listen have great benefits over those who choose to remain in the dark. It will take the strong of you to live by example so as to inspire others to make the same choices you have. We are in great admiration of all who swim upstream in these tumultuous times and we encourage all of you to stay on course so others have these special examples to follow. You who choose to stay on course are headed for great rewards and we will foster those in our care.

With respect to your currency we anticipate that the truth of the Federal Reserve will be in full view by the weekend. We are strongly urging government leaders and constituents of truth to come forward at this time. We are in need of the courageous who have positions of influence and incriminating evidence to support the coming changes. We say to you, stand tall and proud and have firm resolve, for only the truth shall set you free. Now is the time, dear ones, to be honest with yourselves and each other and to take back the governing of the people. Without your support, there is no government. Without your firm resolve, there is no sovereignty. Take back what is rightfully yours and claim your freedoms once and for all. Allow no other to control your destiny for each of you are co-creators with God. We are supporting all of you on this journey to freedom and we applaud each effort that you make toward truth. Pull up your boot straps and dig deep for the will to change all that has kept you down. Rise up to the challenge and stay committed to your quest and you shall prevail. This is a clarion call to justice, an opportunity to emerge out of darkness. Let not this opportunity pass you by for there are few more of this magnitude designed to take you all the way home. The energy that is calling you is backed by legions of fellow beings of Light here to assist you back to your inherent sovereignty. Use the assistance wisely and be prudent in your applications for they will only serve you in the Light of forward movement. We are here to assist you but you must assist each other in your willingness to not stand down.

You cannot succumb to the fear tactics of your corrupt leaders in their attempts to dissuade you. You cannot be submissive to those who try to dominate your will. You must use your strength and resources now and gather the collective power in numbers to walk straight into the line of fire. You are capable of monumental changes when you gather together in the name of God. You outnumber those who rule over you and with this knowledge you can stand up against tyranny with great force. Call unto others to support the cause of truth and to finally right what’s wrong. Countless numbers of supporters are behind those of you who are willing to talk about the truth. Show these brave souls your support so that they may take the steps necessary to free this nation founded on equality. As they step forth one by one, call out their names, send them your love, show them the rewards of courage and when they prevail be astute in whom you choose to run your country.

We have said to you time and again that this country is your responsibility to manage. Be not complacent in this opportunity to rise up against untruth. Take matters into your own hands now and forever more and when you succeed in removing all that does not align in God’s country, you shall truly be free. This is your time to shine: your nation depends on it. Be vigilant and wise of corruption and turn not a blind eye or deaf ear. Change happens when you happen to make change. Step forward now my warriors, children of Light, and remember who you came here to be. We are counting on you. I Am Sananda Immanuel and I ask you now to take heed.


March 28, 2006
Taken from:

Good morning.  Right on time.  There are many of us who are anxious for the culmination of events that will allow us to come and land and be among you to help you in the great task that we have been assigned:  to help clean up Mother Earth.  We are pleased to learn that there are developments that are going on this week that will, hopefully, soon culminate in our first landings and flyovers.  We desire to get on with our assignment.  We have been many years near you and learning more about you, your problems, your capabilities, and your various languages that you use.

It has been a great surprise to us to find that the ability to communicate telepathically is not even a part of your accepted science.  There should be wide spread teaching of telepathy to even the youngest of your children as they grow and develop.  That time will come, we believe, when there will be a much more practice of telepathy and then that the principles of telepathic communication will have a role in your scientific teachings and studies.  As mentioned before to you, we are surprised at the world-wide communication network that you have established with your Internet.  We know of no other world in which such an earth-girdling communication network exists.  Obviously, most worlds use telepathy for their primary mode of communication, just as we do here on the Capricorn.

New topic:  We shall be pleased to soon land and demonstrate to the best of our ability to do so, that we come in peace and that we are here to help.  There are a few of you who are in communication with us and many more who are trying to communicate with us so that we can help them in their specific areas of interest.  The messages that you send out on the Internet are posted and read by many.  That is of great pleasure to us, that is an unexpected benefit that you and the Internet have provided.  We thank you for that service and you will be blessed for what you have accomplished.  That is my message for you this morning.  Any questions for me?

Lavar:  Thank you, dear Helena.  We shall rejoice at your landings that we hope will soon come and with your flyovers.  What can many of us, who are willing, do to help with your messages and with the great work that you are coming to accomplish?

Helena:  You can spread abroad, as widely as possible, the message that there are many of us who will be coming among you to help clean up the earth’s atmosphere and waters.  We shall be landing and working with some of you in developing technology that can be used for the clean up purposes.  Do your best to be aware of or to help in the development of non-polluting methods of creating energy so that the polluting of the atmosphere can be reduced.  That is my message for all of you.

Lavar:  Thank you, dear Helena.  We shall be with you tomorrow for more of your communication with us.

*** End of Communication ***

March 29, 2006
Taken from:

Good morning, Lavar, yes, you are later than usual.  However, I have some time for you.  This is to be an historic week for your country, if our information is correct.  There are many events that are coming to pass very soon now and one of the most important is the change in the orders to the Air Force NOT to interrupt the coming of UFOs.  That is the day that we have awaited for many years.

New topic:  You, Lavar, have been diligent and faithful in your communications with us.  We are pleased to have been able to converse with you and to have you send our messages out to many others.  We shall soon be landing and have our flyovers.  Then the important part of our assignment from the Galactic Federation will begin, we shall be helping to clean up Mother Earth’s atmosphere.  The way in which we shall do that is to do all we can to encourage the use of any methods of replacing the burning of fossil fuels that we can help promote, install, organize, or inspire others to do.  There has been some rational attempts made and achieved for the replacement of fossil fuels by the use of tide power, wind power, and solar energy.  We applaud these changes, however, it is much more important to use some of the new technology that we shall bring to earth to be able to tap into the non-polluting use of the vast energy of space.  Space everywhere, on the ground, in the air, under the water, or in space away from earth.  This is the source of energy that we have used for hundreds of your years.  It is the use of this space energy that will be made available for use in many parts of the earth.  That is our assignment and that is the goal that we shall achieve.

You, Lavar and your laboratory, have begun a process using the high-density, charge-cluster technology that does indeed tap into the vast energy of space.  You are to be commended for the beginnings that you have made and even the accumulation of several patents for this purpose.  We shall soon be there, as you have requested, and will help you to commercialize this charge-cluster technology.  You will be able to achieve your goals and objectives (to help change the way the world produces and distributes energy) and at the same time it will help us achieve our assignment from the Galactic Federation.  It is with pleasure that we look forward to working with you.  We are pleased that the time will soon be here for us to help you and you to help us in our mutual endeavors.  Do you have any questions for me this morning?

Lavar:  Thank you, dear Helena.  That is an excellent review of your and our objectives.  We shall be most pleased to have your aid to help us in our laboratory efforts.  Do you or your crew members have any techniques that you can use to help in removing any of the barriers from the distribution of the bank documents to the recipients of funds who will also help fund our activities?

Helena:  We could help to influence that part of your local efforts, however, we have not been asked to do so.

Lavar:  Dear Helena, then I am asking fervently that you use any and all means at your disposal to help in the courier deliveries of the bank documents and help to prevent any interference with those deliveries.  Those opposed to the final delivery of those bank documents and the release of funds have been successful for almost two years in preventing the funds from being released.  Please do all that you can to help.

Helena:  That is a strong request and well made.  We shall do what we can.  It does appear that all is in readiness for those delivers to be made.

Lavar:  Thank you, dear Helena.  I shall be with you tomorrow at the usual time.


Update from Sananda Through Lauren

Sananda on the Second Coming


2nd April:

We are anticipating some very good news for you this day: news that will back up and support our claims.

We are ready now to embark upon this journey with all of you and hope that together we can help the great mother to cleanse and ascend. She is not in good shape as you know, and it will take legions of Light Beings to restore her to her original condition, that of Paradise.

The earth was originally designed to be the template for other societies to learn from. We have lost touch with the original imprint over time due to layers upon layers of destructive thought patterns and negativity. The fall of man was once described as the beginning of the end. Now we say that the enlightenment of earth’s inhabitants shall be the beginning of the end, the end times that is. These end times are in line with many prophecies in various religious organizations and cultures of spirituality. Knowing that these times are in fact upon you is especially noteworthy for that entails a broad and open mind of awareness.

If you are one of those who comprehend truth, then you are well on your way to co-creatorship with the One. You have all endured various journeys in search of the Light, the Light which until now was indefinable for most. As you pursue your life’s calling, you will undoubtedly be connected to the Light of all that is, for this Light is the same Light that illumines your sense of purpose and wellbeing, balance and peace. When you encounter all that has been bestowed upon you in truth, you will reside in a place of pure joy, the joy of being. This is why we say to you that to be at peace with the world as it is, you must find peace within yourself as you are.

This is no simple feat, for finding peace within your turbulent sea of uncontrollable and influenced thought systems can be futile. At this time we are asking you to take notice of all thoughts that are not aligned with your being and release them to the Light for transmutation. To be successful in the upcoming times you will all benefit from being free of unworthy thoughts. These thoughts can actually derail you and send you reeling with the intensity of energy that is surrounding your planet at this time.

As Mother Earth finds her way to the higher realms, so too will you be in a space of true creation if you so choose. This space of creation holds great responsibility for you will ultimately be in control of your destinies. We cannot overemphasize this point, that to be a co-creator means taking responsibility for every thought, good or bad as you perceive presently in polarity. As you recognize and transmute these lower thought forms you will find yourselves more and more at peace. Ultimately the only things that hold you back from true peace are your perceptions which are precipitated by these negative thought filters. So we say to you, release these thoughts now, for they no longer serve you. Thoughts of fear and inadequacy are the most damaging to you and your environment. Lose the addiction to fear and you will lose the repercussions to it, which are vast.

Fear will not serve you well in the coming times for you will be feeling much more intensity of emotion. This means that you will know love on much deeper levels, but you will also know pain on deeper levels if your fears are not lifted. Be diligent in these next moments of your time-based reality to let go of ALL that does not serve you now. This release is imperative to walk into the dawn of a New Age. Though this is new to all of you in your state of limited reality, the process of awakening to truth is one you have undergone many times. Be not afraid, let go in faith, and trust that the support of heaven is with you always. We are guiding you to your personal and collective awareness of who you truly are. Blessed be, I AM Sananda Immanuel.

6th April (1):

We are in observation of great turmoil this day over certain parts of your country. It seems the turmoil is leading to the culmination of events in your governing body.

We know the stress of living in the 3D world and we can sympathize with the daily struggles of just being human. We assure you that we do not take lightly the circumstances which you are presented with each day. To simply coexist with each other is an impossibility at this point and we look forward to the change in these times. We are aware of some disturbing facts pertaining to your government leaders and soon you all will be dismayed at the information that is to come before you. The wrongdoing of so many in secrecy will astound most of you. People with whom you’ve placed your trust have all but annihilated your wellbeing as sovereign citizens. Now is the time of rising up and now is the time to be fed from the hand of God. We will provide you with what you need to live comfortably again. We are here to offer you resources and technology that will lift you out of the darkness with great speed. You have nothing to fear in these coming changes for they will finally allow each of you to rest and breathe. So many of you have been working tirelessly for the Ascension of Mother Earth and of yourselves. You who have worked for many years shall finally reside in a place of comfort. You have all strived for goals that to many seem unattainable and you all are applauded on this side for your tireless determination to make positive change in your own lives and in your communities. We could not have accomplished even half of our plans without your selfless service to God.

We are preparing for much to occur in the next moments in your time. This fact alone should begin to prepare you for what’s to come. We have many willing participants of Light who will assist us to see this through as a smooth transition. We ask of you to only be alert and full of joy for this major undertaking. The many things that have been tended to, to ensure the success of this mission are beyond your scope of understanding. We cannot put into words the enormity of all that is required to manifest. Please be sure to allow time for gratitude for your brothers and sisters of Light who devote their entire life plan to serving yours. We are grateful to their service and their gifts delight us. Now is the time for many to become one, to see the Light of God in your neighbors and even your enemy.

As these changes begin to take form in the physical you will all be aware of the many plans to bring this new reality. You will harbor no ill will for you will realize that each of you has a role to play, a role that makes up the whole. With this respect for one another, violence will begin to diminish in your world. You will have no need to destroy life on earth in order to protect your own because you will all be safe and provided for. This concept is a foreign one, and we mean no pun here.

Fragmented foreign relations is something that will cease to exist in the future, your nation’s lines will be blurred as you merge to become one. Imagine a life where your resources, wisdom, talent, and love are freely shared. Imagine how full life can be when all brothers and sisters under God unite. Together your lives can be blissful. Sharing and caring for one another on the deepest levels is who you are in truth. This truth will manifest freely in your new world and you will all enjoy the many cultural offerings to one another. How limited your lives are now. These limitations force you into insular societies where dominance reigns over another. This comes in many forms; religion, race, government, etc. All of these segregations have no purpose now, as they only serve to divide. This division keeps man ignorant and without the freedom to choose. As you break free from these organizations of limited scope you will begin to trust in yourself as a divine being and allow for yourself to condemn no other for their choosing. You will open yourself up for many rich opportunities that will fill the voids and halt your ceaseless searching.

The open nature and love of another human is what will mend your woes, partly because you mirror one another and partly because you long to be united with all that is. Soon the opportunities to satiate this longing will be before you and you will choose how to serve this perceived lack. You can try to fill the void in the ways that you are accustomed to, externally, or you can venture out in faith and learn about your fellow man and ultimately know of yourselves.

Great times are ahead and we assure you that all that you have waited for will greet you with joy and peace as we have long promised. Now is the time, my brothers and sisters, to gather yourselves together and embrace the magnitude of what lies before you. Really think it through and allow yourself, without fear, to explore the many options that you will have to make this world a better place. We need each and every one of you and you all have a divine purpose for being here. Note that this time of incarnation is a gift, a special time in your lives and in the history of your earth. Feel the joy of choosing this option for your soul growth and feel the love that is coming to you from so many around the universe. We are in great anticipation of your arrival and we greet you all with open arms. I AM Sananda Immanuel.

7th April:

I wish to tell you of some upcoming events in your world today. It seems from various sources that things are well underway in your physical realm. We observe so many truths emerging on many different levels and now it is our intention to begin to inform those of the Light of how the next stages in your plan will manifest according to the current energy. If you listen closely to the sound of your heart, you will all realize that the time is very near. This may manifest almost as feelings of anxiousness and impetuous behaviors. Do not be dismayed by these energies, they are simply the remaining vestiges of your ego’s control. Your ego is perceiving all of the changes as something to be feared when, in truth, it fears losing itself in the process of awakening. This is not the case, in fact the ego will suddenly become useful for many of you who choose to use it as a tool of the mind, a great tool of reason.

You all will soon be faced with many opportunities to be of service to your world, and they will be in the smallest and largest ways depending on your choosing. If you are one who actively participates in the process then you will most likely have an active part post-change as well. Similarly, if you currently hold a passive role in all of this then your role will likely be a passive one. Neither is more important or worthy, as all of you are designed to reach different personality types in times of great need.

We have spoken to many about the likelihood of turmoil in the coming moments, we wish to reiterate that the time of upheaval as it will be presented to you on earth is in actuality a time of great spiritual shifting. Similar to how in moments of your own personal ascension process you are often faced with your greatest fears which arise in turmoil, only to eventually be seen for what they actually are – illusion. Treat this coming process the same, with detachment. You will undoubtedly encounter many challenges in the upcoming times and those challenges should be faced with a centered and grounded nature. Take to those who need you with a firm presence, assuring them all that they are safe with your awareness. Now is not the time for chivalry nor pride, it is a time to come together and unite. All of you who have worked so diligently for this time in your lives are headed for the finest victory of the ages. Now you can share this victory with all as heaven and earth begin to merge.

Note that the upcoming times warrant great personal power, for each of you will be imparting your knowledge on many. This is why we say to you that you will determine how this plays out. Ultimately, it will be up to each individual to decide their path, but they will have ample opportunities, with your assistance, to choose the best path for their soul’s journey.

Take a moment to realize the impact that a few kind words can have on a fearful soul. Prepare in your hearts, minds and even in your dialogue how you will present this information to those who call on you. Know that you may feel pressure to deliver this information adequately so we recommend preparing yourselves so as to be most effective and wide reaching. This is the moment for you to shine, to show your brothers and sisters all that you have been working so hard for in silence. This is the moment of redemption for your service to God. In this moment of seeming crisis, you who have truth will finally feel peace, you will be saved from the ensuing drama and will be delivered from evil. No more waiting in the shadows, as each of you will step to the forefront of your communities, countries, and eventually the world.

In your new roles you will be supported by the forces of Light and never again shall you be shunned for your truth. You will prevail as the warriors, teacher, wayshowers and prophets of the New Era. You will enjoy the peace and salvation of resurrection in the Light of All That Is. You will be deemed respectable amongst your peers and society will adorn your ways of wisdom. Be certain to accept all that is bestowed upon each of you with grace, for you will be coming to terms with your true powers and this is not something to take lightly.

Your powers will be what leads your world to its final destination and each of you are gifted with abilities beyond your current comprehension. As you come to terms with your true talents, you will be in a position to assist as never before. Many will look to you as examples of the new ways and you will be inspirational to many. This was decided by you before incarnation and based on your spiritual advancement in this and many lifetimes. Now you will bring into harmony all that you came here to be.

We say to you, use your gifts and share your wisdom for the betterment of mankind and Mother Earth. Take part in the adventures of your soul and you will forever feel fulfilled. In this final act when the curtain is drawn, you will all come forth for recognition of your hard work behind the scenes. Then, you who staged the performances of the past will become the leading roles in the new theatrical performances of the future, a future in paradise. I Am Sananda Immanuel.

6th April (2):  Message of Mother Mary.  "Speak Out Now" and Prepare for Great Changes

My child, we are together in a state of joy and despair. Joy for what is to come, despair for what currently exists. We feel the pain of each of you and it is difficult to bear sometimes. Because of this we are strongly urging those of you who have a leg up in government affairs to come forth at this time to support the changes. We are in need of those who can make a difference to find the courage to speak up for the sake of all. We realize that this is no small request, however there are those of you who are programmed to step forward at this time and we wish to activate those souls immediately. Please pass a message along to others that there is great pain and suffering in your world that must end now. Not only are humans needlessly suffering but the well being of our great mother is suffering immensely as well. There is an urgency in my tone because these are urgent times and therefore I plead with all of you who may have some influence to please stand up. You know who you are and we are behind you all the way. You are protected by legions of angels and Light beings and no harm will come upon you. You are safe now to express yourselves now freely and many are counting on your bravery.

We also wish to express that the coming times will enter your domain with great force and it is our wish that you all be duly prepared for the changes. By this we mean having a firm connection with earth and knowing your position in all of this. Your firm decision needs to be imprinted in the energetic grids of earth now. This means you will have to firmly understand what you believe in and take responsibility for your understanding of it. You can no longer believe only if you are persuaded by outward signs, you must dig deep within and have the resolve regardless of external proofs. We say this now because soon your decisions will be imperative for the entrance of this magnitude of energy that will be coming to earth with rapid speed.

When the time arrives you will all know your place and you will have an opportunity to share your understanding with others. This is why we say to you, know your position. Know how you will express this information to others and know how they will respond. Have a backup plan, and know how you will greet each of their fears. Know how you will comfort those in despair and know how you will give them feelings of safety in these uncertain times.

Though the plan is Creator’s will, how it manifests is up to you. This is our role as masters, to prepare each of you to prepare each other. We can only do this by allowing you to make the choices, but the information that we provide you with will allow you decide with knowledge. It is our hope and desire that each of you will become who you came here to be.

The road has been bumpy and long but is coming to a rapid close and when it does, there will be a new road opened up for all. It is up to you, my dear children of faith, to guide your fellow brothers and sisters to this new path, the FREEway to paradise. On this freeway are many challenges for all to take part in and succeed with. Know that you will all take great pride in creating your new earth and together you will have enough collective talent and energy to move mountains, and we mean this literally.

The earth will change form in many ways and the land that you know now will be a new land for most. This new land will cater abundantly to your needs the way you will cater to hers. The great mother has asked that we all be prepared for the influxes that may arise and we will do our part to assist her while assisting each of you to be aware.

The times ahead are too vast to explain in words, however, you will all know exactly what to do when they arrive. In the meantime, please allow for yourselves to come to complete terms with the magnitude of it all, on every level. We cannot stress this enough, that to consider the changes you must consider every aspect. Noting how it will affect you, your loved ones, your neighbors, your communities, your societies, your country, and your world. To imagine all of this in advance will be to allow the coming times to enter with ease into your lives. This ease will greatly impact the ways in which your world feels the effects.

Your roles as Lightworkers are very important in the coming times, though they will be times of great joy for you. You will no longer suffer the hardships of carrying so many amidst. For now it will be up to each and every soul to determine their journey and you will be the resources to assist them to their final destination. With your abilities, you will help many and many of us will be among you in your endeavors to assist. I am delighted to be part of something so amazing and know that I too have a role to play in this grand event. I will be making my way to each of you who call on me and will offer blessings of loving support. There are many of you who already receive my blessings and know the effect the light has upon you. Call to us in times of need and call to us to share your joy, for we are all one. In the coming days and weeks we will undoubtedly be drawn together in unprecedented ways.

May the light of heaven shine upon all of you as we guide you to the entrance of the Golden Age. Blessings.


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