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 ByChrist Michael, Sananda Immanuel and Candace Frieze

Christ Michael and Sananda Immanuel channeled through Candace Frieze, AbundantHope2002@wmconnect.comPublished in this website on July 27, 2005.


Hi everyone, We have some updated material about the NESARA announcement from Christ Michael first, and then I have a channeling from Sananda last February explaining resurrection. I had totally forgotten I had this material, and it presents some nice teaching.


My friends, it is time to clarify some issues around the NESARA announcement. This previous Tuesday [July 19, 2005], we had a plan to announce NESARA, which was set for 6 PM EDT in the USA. Early in the morning, a mole let it out, and we got wind of the problem and canceled, not willing to risk the lives and health of the announcement crew. We carefully set a trap for that evening, and a large group of the best of the BBB&G’s in the secret military fell into it, and are now detained, the whereabouts we will not disclose. We are searching for a mole obviously at this time, and have recently acquired some extremely good leads.

There is one Sandra McFarland who is putting out messages to her list on the Internet, and also posting to the Discerning Angels group. Miss Sandra has put up a pretty wild story, and claims herself to be a Sananda, which as we have told you in the past, is a level of accomplishment, that of being One with God. Miss Sandra most certainly is not a Sananda, nor is she the Kumara she claims to be.

She signs her name Sananda Sandranne Kumara. She claims that she is in contact with an Admiral Sananda Edwin Kumara, supposedly on a panel of seven that oversees this project of Earth Ascension. There is no Sananda Edwin Kumara, my dearest Sandra, and this you know. You put out a list of impressive names to gain support for what you are doing, and then added yourself to it, in essence at the end, with your signature. I think your little BBB&G game is going to collapse on itself very shortly. You know what I mean dear, this game you play, that you have been playing for some time now.

My dear ones, this little Miss Sandra was part of a group trying to get their little paws on one of the Humanitarian Funds that has been set aside for the use of the Light workers by Germain. There was a handsome payoff, wasn’t there, my dear, for those of you in the plan?  Generous fees collected for the distribution of funds, and not to the Light workers, but a group of very bad BBB&G’s.   A nice comfy living that you had planned. I think not any more, my dear.

I suggest you start worrying at this time about how you plan to extradite yourself from this mess, and I suggest that those involved in this scam do the same thing. I also suggest that you not cause further trouble to any other members of this Second Coming Project, as that will most certainly be your undoing. I think that is enough said at the present time. Salu, Christ Michael, Sovereign Son of Nebadon, Commander in Chief of Earth Project Transition.


Resurrection occurs when a being develops a basic sense of will, which is the ability to make decisions and to pull away from the crowd. In Urantia, it is described that the first 2 humans (Papers 62 & 63, were still in the trees, and realized they were a bit different. They also realized that there was pressure to conform to their society. They sensed that they must leave in order to do new things.

Now, those that were overseeing their development at the time, called Life Carriers, were not allowed to make decisions or interfere directly. That is how evolution works, and why there is the Universal law of noninterference. The development of the will must come from within, and the being must make and carry out will.

What was done was give them the direction to go, as to where to live, since they did not have a world view. They are directed to go north. It was colder and more challenging, and offered increased opportunity to think and solve problems. As it is said in that great book, evolution is slow in the tropics, as life is easy and presents little challenge.

So these two moved north and the rest is history. And at the end of their lives, they were resurrected. Resurrection occurs at the end of that first life, it is the separation from the group soul and the beginning of the journey of the I AM. When resurrection occurs, one has begun to become like God. One has will. One can determine. This is the nature of God the Father. One becomes a Son (or Daughter) of God, and begins the eternal journey.

My resurrection (as taught on Earth) was not what I have just described. Mine was that, as I have said elsewhere, a feat I had prepared myself for, in which I essentially "played dead" to confuse those into thinking I was dead and removing me from the cross before I was dead. I healed in the tomb with the aid of my friends and the Angels as I was in pretty bad shape, as you all say when you aren’t well. It was a technique I practiced a great deal before that incarnation, for intent to save my life if necessary. I am quite an "old soul" and had my resurrection in the very long distant past.

In a sense, each passage from life, into the other side is a resurrection. The word resurrection has certainly become most confusing to most.

Now as to the idea that Christians and Muslims have about a coming resurrection, this is completely false. Resurrection is on an individual basis and true resurrection is a one time event. As explained in Urantia, on most planets in this Universe, people resurrect into the "heaven worlds" for further training in the process of becoming true souls as the word is used on Earth. Those going there enter one of the 7 mansion worlds, depending on where they are in their learning. If from highly advanced worlds they may enter into higher levels still. Even those ascending from Earth can go to higher levels if that is where they are at the time, but this is rare indeed.

Lucifer interrupted the system. He did not allow this normal passage. He installed resurrection facilities on Earth, and resurrected these tender souls into his personal system separate from God. He wanted servants to him. He wanted to be God of this earth, not a representative of God. So tender souls have been since he took ever basically stuck here. Even those like Moses, not a new soul, were kept here in his prison.

That is why Earth in part is such a disturbed place, that these true Earth souls land up in one abusive life after another and make so little progress. It is this group that for the most part will be going to this new pristine planet, to give them a real chance to change and grow. People must not see this new planet as another detention facility. These people are not quite ready to journey with Earth in her Ascension because they simply have not had the experience and have been so very battered. This is their opportunity to experience their growing in Godhood in a beautiful new place.

Most of those staying with Earth in her Ascension are those that have been sent here from other planets that have failed for various reasons. These folks had already made much progress in their evolution and are ready to take a leap forward.

Now as to the concept of the coming resurrection, so prevalently taught in particularly the Christian community, is actually the Ascension of Earth. No, people are not going to be resurrected back into their old bodies long lost in the Earth. Each has had many bodies and they all went back to dust and cant be recovered. Why would anyone want one of these genetically inferior bodies anyway?

People that are going to Ascend in their current bodies are undergoing at this time many changes. The unconnected DNA is being reconnected. This DNA is what causes the body to last so very much longer, and allows for telepathy, and God connection. Those that have the worst of the DNA on the planet can’t really connect with God, meaning the Universe and its life, and the Akashic Records.  The Adamic DNA that Earth only got a very small dose of, allows long life, (at a minimum 100’s of years) and provides a link with the Universe. This is covered in many books now.


Some have written about the Adamic DNA. The Adams and Eves bring into a planet, new DNA, what is called the violetDNA, and it is this DNA that greatly improves the DNA of a planet providing the 12 strands that are often discussed with Ascension of Earth. This is the DNA that allows God connection and is given to planets that have evolved to the maximum possible by the natural process.


Many believe you all will have new bodies. This means a new and improved body type. When I was born into Earth 2000 years ago, I required top notch DNA, as I needed good health, and I needed the God connection. That is why the story of the virgin birth. Most Christed beings coming into Earth in the past needed special DNA and to draw attention to them, the mothers were often virgins. You now have on earth artificial insemination. That is what was done for Me. Mary’s egg was removed and fertilized with this DNA, so I could have a decent body for my mission. My supposed resurrection would have been quite difficult to "pull off" had I not had it. I actually did several resurrections, as many times was I injured severely in well laid attempts to "do me in."

Rather than resurrection is the coming Ascension of your bodies. Many people being born right now and over the last 40 years or so have been coming in with better DNA which they can pass on to their children. This is one way DNA can be upgraded on Earth. Those star children coming in are intentionally using their own DNA as part of their genetic makeup for the same reasons I needed better DNA.

This is one reason for what some call abductions on Earth. After a star child chooses his or hers upcoming parents, one or both will be taken aboard a ship and the DNA suitably modified. In this modern day, we do not do the virgin birth thing. So this is a major reason parents are noting that their kids seem different and why many children coming in are more psychic. They have the DNA to enable them to be psychic. Now Candace, explain your interesting story about a child known to you.


This child, mentioned above, came to me one day after occasionally making comments where she was wondering about life and said to me: "I know I was somewhere before I grew in Mommie’s tummy, and I want to know where I was!" This child was four and one half at the time, and had received no teaching about subjects such as reincarnation!


Now, the rest of you are getting modifications in other ways. Now, Candace, I want you to realize you are telepathic because someone gave you some better genes before your birth! You are also undergoing changes applied to your body when you are taken aboard ship, and in your home usually at night. Put in some description here of your experience.


I am not sure what Sananda wants here, but I think he means a description of the Ascension changes I feel in my body. Ascension is not a comfortable process. Every now and then I have a series of symptoms that I call "Ascension Syndrome." I have increasing fatigue, aches and pains, pins and needles, don’t sleep as well. My food often feels heavy in my stomach. Some people get diarrhea during these phases, but I tend to have the opposite problem, and get toxic feeling from it.

I have funny little electrical buzzing sensations with tremors often over my entire body for short periods of a few minutes to a half hour. This often occurs after coming back into my body from an out of body experience, or returning from ship. If I awaken right after this happens, these symptoms are very intense and they used to be a bit fearful as I did not understand the cause. Try explaining this to a doctor! Now that I understand, I simply calmly wait it out, often doing deep breathing and relaxation exercises.

Every few months, I make a bigger change, and my ears feel terribly plugged up, I hear lots of odd sounds, and am dizzy and nauseous. I can’t get off the couch and lay there curled up. I have found that a little Sudafed can relieve the ear symptoms to some degree, allowing me to be a bit more comfortable. This ear thing usually lasts 2 days during which I do not drive the car.

As I am reviewing this material, today Sunday, July 17, I want to mention that I have just gone through one of these bigger changes, and so have some of you, as I have several letters describing the event. This is been an especially intense period, more so than previous ones. Raphael told me to expect it so I would not go bananas about it.

This has been part of the reason for taking a bit of time getting a message out, I have been quite "discomboobalated" [sic, "discombobulated", Editor]. This particular time, I had what felt intense hot flashes, breaking out in a sweat, with tremors, for no apparent reason. I am still having a bit of a problem with the sweating, but it is lessening. This particular episode started over a week ago. The day I watched my sick grandbabies last Wednesday was no picnic, even though the ear problem had faded. Raphael also told me it’s time to finally go vegan, and give up the dairy. I gave up eggs in March. I do require much less calories than I used to. If I ate this way years ago I would not have the bulge around my middle. I am surprised that I am not loosing weight like crazy.


The energies coming through your sun, via the photon belt, are also setting off changes. You are now just forming a question about the animals and their DNA. Yes, the animals are ascending into the new world also, and their DNA is also changing. This will allow for their bodies to survive in the new intense light and higher vibrations. In time, many animals will cease to hunt and kill others.

As Earth ascends in time no one will eat another. In fact, as you grow in Godly ways eventually one ceases to eat of other life, including plants. There are other ways to obtain nourishment. As one ascends on their journey to Godhood, the body contains less and less matter and more and more energy (Light) and requires less matter-type food. Eventually one is totally of spirit or energy nature.

The firmament, described in Genesis, was a band of water vapor high above the Earth. The firmament provides protection from the sun’s deadly rays, and provides a mellow climate. When Earth had her firmament, it was as a Garden of Eden.  Very lush, very beautiful and very full of life, much more so than today.

Now what you, Candace, love to call the Big Bad Boys, they decided to take down the firmament, as a way of destruction of life.  Nothing lives as long when it doesn’t have this protection from the suns rays.  One of the reasons life is short on Earth, for both humans and animals living on the surface, is the damaging rays of the sun.  Notice that those out in the sun a great deal wrinkle heavily as they age. This was done as an affront to the God and the Universe.  Earth is a very beautiful planet and it holds so many valuable life forms for the evolutionary journey.

This was a way to directly interfere with the Universal plans for Earth.  Take away her beauty, and enable also that endless reincarnation that helped keep the folks of Earth enslaved and living short life spans, which hampers spiritual growth.  One gets born, worked to the bone, having no time to ponder the Universe and life, gets old and dies, and starts it all over again. My coming back then, 2000 years, stated enough is enough.

"… One gets born, worked to the bone, having no time to ponder the Universe and life, gets old and dies, and starts it all over again… enough is enough."

I and all the others that came in those many years started the process of taking it all back by working within the planet, rather than by the brute force of war, that had the potential to kill of Earth entirely.  Your BBB&G’s would have just blasted the place away, pretty much like happened with Maldek, that formed the asteroid belt.

This solar system has been so very ravaged.  So we were "sneaky", so to speak, and did it gradually over time.  Although many would have rather seen us just come and take the planet back, what works so much better for the evolution of the soul is to do it from within. This way the people of the planet participate and learn from the experience.  Learning is so very important. Organized religions intentionally destroy learning.  Once one knows, one will not be enslaved anymore.

A quick comment here that just occurred to me, those going to the new planet, I said yesterday that they were of lower energy. By this I mean that their experience has not been the best, as one can see above in this writing and they need to go to this other planet to acquire the learning that they have been denied. This is a good thing, and I do not want to imply that there is some kind of judgment here on God’s part. They are still in kindergarten, so to speak.  On this very lovely new planet they will get to flower and bloom as they should have been able to do.

Now I see another question again forming, these mansion worlds in Urantia.  People do not live in them forever.  They get lessons and then large groups are often sent out to incarnate into planets to continue their education.  There is nothing like the experience of living to grow in true Godly stature.

Yes, I am considering the idea of working with you on an autobiography of my entire experience since I came into being. This is an interesting idea, and I will give it serious thought.  Now to those reading this, yes, I am still in learning mode and I still think and consider. The journey gets ever bigger with more responsibility.  I got where I am by long hard work, and my journey continues with this current experience, as will all of yours over time.

TV preacher and Christian cult leader Pat Robertson broadcasts the American television show The "700 Club".  He is the Founder and Chairman of CBN, The Christian Broadcasting Network

Here comes another question I see as I read what you are coming up with, you don’t like Pat Robertson and you are livid about how he falsely tells people Heaven is a wonderful place even though we have no idea of what we do there.  Ah, but yes we do. Living in Heaven is more a state of mind. You are always in Heaven even when incarnate, if that is your choosing.

As is said by many, you can live in heaven or hell, it is your choice and your perception. (my comment here, yes, I have had my fair share of hellish experiences on this Earth). When you are living in Heaven you feel it. You feel your eternity. You feel connected to it all. You may have your down days, but you pick yourself up.

Now as I said yesterday, Earth is coming back into Heaven. This is no mysterious place at all. It is a place where all life is revered, where mankind cares for the planet, stewards the planet. This is why the planet is in such bad shape physically. The stewardship has been nonexistent. The planet has been plundered. Those that stay with Earth will fix her and love her, and be one with all her life and this, my folks, is Heaven.

The Reptilian folks that became Earth’s gods intentionally to this day insert these very bad teachings, to keep you away from the journey to Godhood. You are kept in churches singing songs with the wrong words put to beautiful music to hypnotize you and keep you looking for this magical heaven somewhere else, when you have it right here where you live. You have to make Heaven on Earth. You have to grow with Earth and fix her.

Those that think Heaven is somewhere else, and awaiting this rapture away into Heaven are not using problem solving. They are waiting in a stage of limbo for better things rather than creating better things.  These teachings take away the God given creativity that man has, rather than encouraging this. That is the design of those that are still trying to own Earth and keep God away. You all are Sons and Daughters of God, and as such you are God.  Use your God given minds to fix your home. Make it Heaven.

So to finish off the firmament issue, the firmament is being restored and I encourage our readers to go to Sheldan Nidle (wwwSheldan Nidle Updates ) and read his updates for much detail of what is going on.  We will not cover this detail as you people need to do the reading for yourselves.  I suggest you get away from that Bible, which is limiting, and open up and read anything and everything.  The BBB & G’s make it seem some sort of sin to look beyond the Bible or the Quran, but indeed it is sin, which means error, to restrict yourselves to only these books for your spiritual education.

Today we have spent now an hour and 1/2.  I need to stop and get on with my other duties which are many today.  I much enjoyed our conversation and meeting with Germain last night.  Have a great day.


I left this final comment of Sananda in for the fun of it. Remember this was last February, I think February 1, and I haven’t a clue anymore about that conversation with Germain, there have been many at this point.  But the time comment shows how long a simple channeling like this takes.  His comments about seeing another question mean that he is reading my mind as I form questions. No one is desiring to make a comment this morning about the new London "bombings" of yesterday [occurred on July 7, 2005, Editor’s N.] so far. Should they want to, I will post it later. Take care, Candace.

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