The Great Change of Phase

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The Great Change of Phase

Dr. Sally Barbosa

Originals in Spanish, translations to English by Luis Prada.

About the Author:

UPDATE: 11-13-05.  Dr. Sally Barbosa died on Saturday November 12, 2005, in the morning.  She was suffering from cancer.

WRITER, SPEAKER, EDUCATOR, VISIONARY, PSYCHIC, MESSENGER.  The Puerto Rican Sally Barbosa is a doctor in Parapsychology, certified neuro-linguistic programmer (P.N.L.), esoteric astrologer, expert in natural therapies, educator, speaker and writer.  During the past thirty years she has been involved in the investigation and development of systems and techniques to utilize quartz crystals and other crystalline matrixes as agents of healing, transformation and ascension to new levels of life.  She offers courses and workshops to train in the use of quartz crystals and other subjects within the field of human development in Puerto Rico, United States, Central and South America and Europe.
 She is author of the book "Quartz Crystals: Agents of Healing and Transformation" ("Cristales de Cuarzo: Agentes de Sanación y Transformación"), the first one written in Spanish on the subject.  To this one follows "To the Light of the Crystal, Crystals and You" ("A la Luz del Cristal, Cristales y Tú"), "The Science of Crystals" ("La Ciencia de los Cristales"), "The Magic Power of Turmalines, Amathysts" ("El Poder Mágico de las Turmalinas, Amatistas"), "Sacred Fire" ("Fuego Sagrado"), and "Magicians, Crystals and Pyramids" ("Magos, Cristales y Pirámides").  Other books of her are: "Via Fourth Dimension" ("Vía Cuarta Dimensión"), "And the Light Was Made" ("Y la Luz se Hizo"), "In the Intimacy" ("En la Intimidad"), "Integration" ("Integración"), "Beyond the Other Side" ("Más Allá del Más Allá"), "Reincarnation" ("Reencarnación"), "Images" ("Imágenes"), "Memories of an Extraterrestrial Being" ("Memorias de un Ser Extraterrestre"), "I Will Always Love You" ("Siempre Te Amaré"), "Masterly Flight" ("Vuelo Magistral"), "Wings" ("Alas") and "Remember" ("Recuerda.")
In 1985 Sally Barbosa founded Proyecto Alas, Inc. , (Project Wings, Inc.), an institute for the full development of the human being, based on the philosophy that she presents in the book "Wings" ("Alas"), extraordinary work that teaches the human being to raise his own wings and … to fly.  During five years she led the successful radio program "Conversing With You" ("Conversando Contigo"), the first one of the New Aquarian Age in Puerto Rico. This success was repeated in Radio San Diego, California, from 1997 to 1999.  Considered an authority in the field of communications she has participated in radio and television programs in various countries around the world.
 In 1988 she founded the "Sorority Vesta" ("Sororidad Vesta") and the "Fraternity Helios" ("Fraternidad Helios") that gathers in brotherhood people of diverse nationalities, ages, socio-cultural and economic states, seriously committed with the processes of consciousness raising.
In 1992 the "Peace Flag Committee" ("Comité de la Bandera de la Paz"), a non-governmental organism of U.N.O., awarded her with the Peace Flag, in recognition of her services for world peace.  Dr. Barbosa has traveled across innumerable countries giving lectures, facilitating workshops and seminars over diverse subjects within the field of human development.
She continues her classes, workshops and seminars and offers support to those people in need of help, harmony and family integration through Astrology and also teaches the Seven Levels of Alchemy which are courses on gradual illumination for the magicians of the Earth.  Address
:Calle Rita A, A # 23  –  Villa Rica, Bayamón, P. R. 00959, Telephone (787) 785-7915, e-mail:[email protected]

Published in this website on October 25, 2004.  Original in Spanish under the title "El Gran Cambio de Fase".

The Great Change of Phase in which all galaxies, star systems, planets and inhabitants of the Seventh of the Eight Universes that compose the Multiverse in which we evolve is a qualitative leap towards a more complex model of life.  The Itself, has come re-creating, self-perfecting and all the systems that conform Its Multiple Reality leap quantically to higher spirals of action. The Multiple Reality is an eternal spiral of simultaneously interconnected realities composed of light frequencies and tonal harmonics.

Responding creatively to the new depends in great part on the level of conscious awareness of each particle of Itself and on the advancement in which the process of re-connection is at in relationship to Primordial Source.  ALL vibrates and emits a sound.  ALL has its own tone, from the minuscule components of the atom, up to the most immense planetary bulks of space. All beings, all things even though appearing lifeless, give out tones.  Each being and each thing contributes with a special tone, one that is particular to it.  However, this tone transforms in accordance with the different states the being or the thing that produces it goes through.

Beings and things are conglomerates of very little extraordinary most-fine particles that vibrate and produce the tones with their movements.  The particles of matter and the forces of nature derive from the geometric characteristics of the strings.  Such particles are not like little round balls but like little ropes or little cords.  When these little cords vibrate, the different forms of vibration produce the different particles we see.  Thus, the vibratory energies, like the vibration of the cords of a lyre, of a violin or of a guitar, are the masses of elemental particles such as electrons, quarks, photons, etc.

When each of the particles of a Though/Matter Universe, as this one, start to receive external stimuli a process of excitation initiates in which it starts to vibrate each time with more intensity until it obtains the necessary energy to quantically leap from the orbital in which it is to one of higher energy.

A particle can exist, be simultaneously in multiple states without being divided.  Not only does this, but it can be in a billion of places at the same time or to have a billion of vibratory states simultaneously.  Besides, once a system manifests in matter the "ghost" superposition of different states is real and the system "elects" to be in a determined state, or place, in a determined moment.  The key for the individual responses of each one of the systems that conform the Multiple Reality is found in the intensified magnetic field that is our level of vibration.

The universal metamorphic process that we live lacks of precedents.  The galaxies are immense and are integrated by an unnumbered amount of celestial bodies or stars, many most likely with their entourage of of planets, and of masses of cosmic matter that adopt the appearance of clouds, called amorphous nebulae, of mysterious nature, in which bosom it is supposed stars be born.  Some are spirals, other are elliptical, without arms; and only 3% of the total are irregular.

The Milky Way, the galaxy we inhabit, has the shape of a spiral with various arms that start from a central nucleus that operate as a gigantic cosmic clock, marking the quality of what we know as time.  Ors, our planetary solar system is found in one of the arms of the galaxy, called of Orion, in the most external part of the same one, which permits the astronomers of Earth to observe the external space.  Ors forms a part of the constellation of the Pleiades, a little cumulous of stars of moderate brightness of the constellation of Taurus.

The energetic excitation of our galaxy evokes an equal response in each of its nebulae, star conglomerates, constellation and star system.  Ors, our Solar System, responds moving towards an area of the interstellar medium of an etheric density much subtler.  The very high vibratory frequencies of such one are being absorbed both by the Sun and by the planets and their respective satellites exciting them atomically and transforming them when transducing and discharging these ones forming a new layer of luminous plasma around these ones and the interstellar space raising all and each one of the energetic levels.  The energetic change of the material density carries a gradual metamorphosis in all the Solar System, including the Earth and its inhabitants, creating new and much deeper qualities and possibilities of expression of life.

Here in the Earth we are experiencing tremendous changes in all environments that change the human consciousness,  Our process of individual ascension starts as soon as our vibratory frequencies accelerate awakening a sensation of urgency in us, letting us listen to new tones and colors which passed unnoticed by us before.  For the synthesis to be positive in our favor it depends on us to accelerate to new realities, to assume them as something natural and to integrate them to our existential baggage.

The comprehension of the imperious necessity we have to surpass individually and collectively makes possible our transcendence.  We are interdependent beings, we need each other, both spiritually as well as materially; this will allow us to continue ascending in the evolutionary spiraling scale.  It is urged from us to become as children to start anew.  Our children are our best masters.  They are wise, innocently loving, powerfully pure.  They do not know deceitfulness, affectation nor hypocrisies.  Do not understand falsehood, feigning, trickery, nor strive after riches nor power since they do not know the lower passions of the flesh.

To become as a child is to go back to our original master programming.  To go back to be natural, without inhibitions, repressions, conditioning and indoctrination that impede us express our creativity assertively.  To eliminate our fears, anguishes and tensions that we put up with when treating others in order to be accepted.

The individual flourishes in life when he detaches of the masks in which behind is hidden his divine nature.  When feeling free he is happy and expresses as he is.  When we let the Presence of God in each of us be in charge of our life, we act correctly because its direction and works are perfect.  Under the direction of the Presence of God each thought, feeling, emotion and action becomes an act of realization.

The ascension of what so much is talked and written about is a Wave of Luminous Energy that is growing, enfolding all the planet, imbuing it with Light and more Light and rooting the Light in the world.  Irradiating new patterns of life energy, establishing new paradigms.  Carrying them inexorably higher, within and forward, towards planes and dimensions of higher evolution.  It implies a change in the frequency of the vibration and a change of consciousness that bear some other phenomena and abilities.

The vibratory frequencies that came from Mars in 2003, stronger and direct for its closeness, in the less evolved beings have increased violence, their hostility and aggressiveness, exacerbating their animal instincts.  Our commitment is to make of the Christic consciousness a reality in our daily life.  To live being aware of who we are, in what historic moment we live, how we can contribute to change from our own personal lives to the ones of others, and how will we relate ourselves from love in all the circumstances of the daily life, respecting all that exists in the world and the universe.

There are multiple regions in the sidereal space of different levels of etheric density.  The colorful gamut of the plasmatic formations that surround some celestial bodies depends on the etheric density levels of the domain that they occupy in the universe.  The earth is undergoing an initiation process without precedents.  It will ascend its vibratory frequencies until completely disappearing from the three-dimensional plane to enter the fifth level of etheric density.  We, her inhabitants, are in a process of initiation the same as the planet.  The achievements of one are shared by all; this eliminates all sense of competition or comparison.

The basic premise behind Alchemy is the transmutation of gold, symbol of Light of the energy of the illumined consciousness.  Alchemy is a sacred science that groups supernatural techniques utilized with supernatural impersonal forces with the goal of achieving some specific purposes.  These contain coded hidden matrixes that open energetic channels and hidden doors to the profane, codes that establish the vibratory rates and precise conditions to achieve the desired objective.  Such techniques serve to energize the action of the power of magic in ourselves.  This is what allows us to activate such codifications and to open the doors and precise energetic channels to alter, modify, readjust and transmute what is desired.

Alchemy has as an objective to elevate the vibration of things, living beings and situations, always in such way that they transform into something better.  What we are, a mixture of Light and shadow, is the prima materia to make the alchemical work.  The alchemists compare the carats, the brilliance, purity and quality of the most precious of the physical metals, which is gold, with the state of comic consciousness and the crystalline of quartz to the state of Christ Consciousness.

Spiritually Alchemy refers to the transmutation of the states of consciousness of the being.  As we go accelerating our vibratory frequencies the activation of our DNA goes decoding our remembrances.  The more balanced and in harmony the individual be the sooner he will clean his karmic stuff freeing him of the subjection to three-dimensionality.


The great hands of the Time Clock of the Earth mark the end of the 6,500 years of the dark Iron Age, the Age of Men, of machines and power.  They signal the beginning of the so waited Golden Age, the one of Light of Love and Peace.  Our world burns in the transmuting Violet Flame of the Seventh of the Thirteen Great Cosmic Rays, the one of the synthesis, the Ray Omega/Alpha that closes an Age and opens another within the Major Cycle of 25,920 years.

Such Cosmic Ray is a colorless light in a certain higher radiation.  When this energy enters in contact with any energetic system of third etheric density springs forth a violet tone that many individuals have learned to identify as the Violet Flame.  Its function is to energize the Sacred Fire of Life in all it permeates with its love and it must be understood thoroughly by all the Workers of Light and Love stationed on Earth.  This one works in transmuting both the internal and the external into something higher, all that has been concreted by the active work of other Cosmic Rays.

Being as it is the Cosmic Ray of Transmutation, it initiates a metamorphic process in all thought/matter system with which it interacts aligning it to Divine Purpose, to the Cosmic Plan of the One Life Evolution.  ALL living beings are ONE in different phases of evolution.  All things and we all beings are connected.  We all are ONE.  The Earth Human, as creative and as destructive, faces the challenge of conjugate his/her great intelligence towards the balance with himself and with the planet in which he inhabits to transmute himself in Homo Sapiens Universalis.  Affirming the Power of Love, the power of the Light/Wisdom and the Power of the Spiritual Will, thrust by the Cosmic Seventh Ray that comes to Earth, we will enter through the Seventh 11:11 Door used to travel interdimensionally and to move the spiritual energies from one evolutionary plane to another.

The veil of matter will be drawn and humanity will start to perceive the sensations of her etheric body through the physical one.  Matter is the veil that hid from humanity the vibrations of Ether, the existence of other dimensions and the eternity of the One Life.  She was what prevented the human being from the conscious remembering of all his past, of the places where he lived, of the loved ones, of the terrors, miseries and traumas he has suffered, all of which would be too unbearable for the normal human mind.

As the etheric body juxtaposes to the physical, hidden memories will be open in this one [the physical].  The capacities of that body will be activated, which will allow us to enter and glimpse the other dimensions of existence.  This world ceases to be a place of tangible forms, measurable and classifiable, to transform before our spiritual eyes, alert to see, in an ocean of energies of life that transcend the forms that contain them, precipitating itself beyond its present time/space.  It is to be perceived an energetic continuity among everything, since energy unites all that exists, in a way that each thing influences the others.  The creative capacities will be consciously translated as living energies that transcend time/space.

The opening of the Seventh 11:11 Door was sidereally ruled for October 31 of this year [2004].   This day will be activated three fundamental archetypes in our evolutionary development.  A breach is opened between the three-dimensional world and the world of the occult and the Priestess, the Ancient Wise One that dwells in our interior, manages the rhythms of nature and invite us to see ourselves in the mirror of transmutation.  She facilitates us to face those things that until now have been hidden in ourselves.  She helps us to go through the threshold of change, represented by the archetype of Death, to communicate with the other worlds and planes of action.  That day enters into action the transforming energy of Death, the Arcane Thirteen of Tarot, unveiling before the alerted eyes of the Hermit, the aware seeker, the secrets of Immortality, the precise cosmic momentum to close painful opened cycles, cycles that already fulfilled their function in the individual human process and in the collective we live in.

We are currently repeating the patterns of the past, stored in the reptilian memory, that take us by the courses of survival, anger, hate, violence.  Even though we already found the fourth dimension we are repeating these patterns and beliefs of the past to reach our purification.  Let’s revert that pattern of lack of hope and disempowerment.  We have the power to do it, no matter how many we are, what is important is the intensity, the connection, the fullness of surrendering.  The effect is an exponential multiplier.  It is said that one person in the Light has the impact of 10, that two have the impact of 100, 3 of 1000, so you calculate what we can do.

This is the moment to let go of our attachments and beliefs already obsolete and to open ourselves to a new order of life.  This is a call to all spiritual schools that work at international levels.  It is necessary to reinforce the communication network among us until we achieve it to be one for all the human race.  When this is achieved we will have a clear psychic atmosphere that allows the assimilation of the vibratory frequencies of the Synchronizing Meta-Galactic Ray in our most beautiful planet.  Let's start to work.

Here is the model of the Planetary Service to be done on October 31, 2004, with the objective to facilitate the opening of the Seventh 11:11 Door, correlated with the Seventh of the Thirteen Great Cosmic Rays and to propitiate the reception, absorption and assimilation of the most high vibratory frequencies of the Synchronizing Meta/Galactic Ray that is coming to Earth.

  The Eighth Universe gets ready to receive us as co-creators!  Skywalker…May the Force Be with You Always!

Suggested Meditational Exercise:

Let's visualize the Seventh Ray falling on the top of a mountain.  See it falling down as an intense Light and to come to a pyramid which faces are as mirrors that reflect that same Light that fall over its apex in four different directions.  Let's visualize a great Flame of the Violet Fire coming to the minds and hearts of each one of the four alchemists that guard the four cardinal points of the mountain.

Let's visualize how these flames multiply by means of the work of these advanced alchemists.  Let's visualize how even on the apexes of certain sanctuaries and energetic power centers descend violet flames over the bowed heads of the initiates and who receive them thanking the opportunity of self-conceded service.  Thanks to their dynamic action the Violet Flames start to multiply until they cover the entire surface of the planet.

Integrate to that immense web of Violet Flame.  That is the web of Light and Love that so many times was requested to us to fortify.  Imagine the violet energy wrapping you, transmuting your wrong and detrimental beliefs… your patterns of decrepit and useless habits… Feel it penetrating you with Light,  Then, expand it to your family, to your neighbors and friends… to your community… to the country where you reside.  Do not get discouraged if at the beginning you do not feel it or see it, but continue.  It works the same. Do not doubt of its Presence!

We see the Flames of the Violet Fire arrive to many homes in all the planet through the incessant work that is being unfurled by the students of Alchemy in the multiple initiatic schools.  Now with this image in your mind, imagine that is as a cascade of Violet Light that jumps and jumps from mind to mind until it arrives to all humanity.  See this Light traveling and taking different tonalities of violet just when it falls in the minds of each one it touches.  The Earth burns in violet and you burn with it!

Now feel your heartbeats…  Visualize it… Observe it… perceive a golden little flame… very little, but very intense, that is born just in the center of your heart illuminating it all.  It is the golden Light of the Christ Child that really you are and that dwells in your interior.  The Light of the Love that makes you be reborn each day.

The Light of that golden flame increases more and more in you.  You can see and feel how this Light is intensifying and grows more and more.  You see how your inner organs are being illuminated and filled with energy as the Light of Love are cleaning all on their way.  Feel the heat and pay very close attention to all that is happening within your body.  Feel, observe how you are irradiating golden Light… much more golden Light.

Enjoy the enormous pleasure of feeling lighter and lighter and filled with energy, full of Light… enveloped and pierced by that intensively golden Light… the Light of your Love.  And you feel free… happy… full of the Light of Love… able of achieving all you desire… you feel happy… tranquil… at peace.

The spiral of Light you have transmuted into rises from the floor… your energy is so intense that you are not any longer standing on the floor of this room.  Your vibratory frequency is accelerated and you vertiginously spin counterclockwise and you soar in a flight spreading the golden Light everywhere.  At the influx of the Light of Love the planet responds to the Light of Love donning on a glorious gold.  And you feel free… happy…. in perfect peace.

In this instant you realize that you are in a different place, different to all known places… where the atmosphere that surrounds you is clean and crystalline… where the climate is exceedingly pleasant… when you breathe in, you notice that the air is impregnated with new fragrances… when you look around you see that all is full of translucent colors and hues… and you hear ting-a-lings, different musical notes and the completely new harmonic sound of the brook of pure waters that runs near the place where you are.

You rise your eyes towards the clear sky and see a small and near sun tenuously shining and another much bigger and distant.  You rest you naked feet on the floor and enjoy this moment knowing that you are in a zone of etheric density much subtler… in a higher dimension. You consciously remain in that place as the Light of Love continues growing… filling you with Light.

When you feel ready you are going to return to three-dimensionality… slowly, slow, very slow…without rush. Take a deep breath to go back and to connect to your physical body. Next count mentally from one to five, open your eyes feeling happy… full of energy… and radiating love.


The Last Battle of the Iron Age

Published in this website on January 6, 2005.  Original in Spanish under the title "La Última Batalla de la Edad de Hierro".

The Time Clock hands of Earth marked 12:12 the day of December 12, 2004.  The Golden Age will start when the minute hand passes over twelve (12.  The moment of transition between Ages is here / now.  The last battle of the Iron Age has commenced!


The planet in full has been converted into a battlefield.  Contrary to the last battle of the Bronze Age, this combat engages on all Earth. The battle between the old and the new, the chaos and order increase as days go by.  The conservative phalanx insists on maintaining Humanity unconnected to what is going on, to the things that it believes they should not know and/or cannot understand.  The other part insists on educating Humanity scientifically, on spiritually culturing it and on making it aware of what’s happening.


Three-quarter parts of Humanity have been dragged by the shadows that throw over them their reptilian brain.  There are moments in which disinformation and fear gain terrain but the immense power of Light/information thrust our Humanity forward and Higher Consciousness rules the material world.  On occasions, it looks like the blackness of the Night seems eternal, but the Sun of Midnight reconfirms the so-yearned-for global illumination.


Even though we see ourselves bombarded by foolish subliminal programming, even though violence and corruption struggle to drown us, the compassion of unconditional love lays down its bridges getting us closer to the Realm of the Light of Love.  All is changing in frequency and vibration.  We are changing because the world in which we live is.  The metamorphic planetary process we live enfolds us all warning us to change and to continue ascending.


Ascension is basically a change in frequency and a change in focus of consciousness.  Ascension to a new order of life, to a new level of dynamic action, comprises a process of genetic recrystallization where each atom / unit-of-consciousness participates. The recrystallization is a process of Cosmic Genetic Engineering by which it is induced a qualitative leap in the crystalline structural pattern that transforms it into another higher.  Our planet and all the life species on it are mutating to new forms of life.  The process of recrystallization of life on Earth entails a global warming followed by a glacieration.  Our world is immersed in a global cataclysm that is marked since our geological past and in our collective existential memory bank.


The alarm of the Time Clock of Earth resounds!  The heartthrob of Earth was 7.5 cycles per second for a long time.  It has accelerated to 12 cycles per second and it will stop when the minute hand of the Time Clock of Earth would have passed the 12.  The magnetism of the planet is descending rapidly.  The loss of Earth magnetic field affects the consciousness and the capacity of reasoning of the masses.  Fear, street madness, inconceivable violence, anxiety and moral fatigue are a demonstration of how powerful the vibratory and electromagnetic perturbation effects are at a grand scale in our world.

In the No-Time

Published in this website on March 4, 2005.  Original in Spanish under the title "En el No-Tiempo".

Since June8oftheyear2004 we are living in the NO-TIME in the Hall of Mirrors, marked by theVenus Transit in front of the sun.  A mirror can be a surface of any polished material or crystal, silvered on the back, so that it reflects on it objects placed in front of it or the whole body of the one who looks on it.  Our stay in the Grand Hall of the Mirrors demands on humanity the facing of herself upon herself, to see herself, and to analyze her behavior over nature and over the planet it resides upon.


In the universe there are two classes of forces that unite everything.  One is the coercive or involuntary who tries to join independently of the intrinsic nature of things, creating a conflict when these elements resist it.  Such force must maintain itself or the elements separate recuperating their free expression.  The second is voluntary, it springs from within the entities as an expression of their nature and is not in violation of it.  They unite because their differences complement each other, forming a greater totality, more perfect, complete and stable.  This type of force manifests in the nature of diverse forms: in the union of the subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, etc. , also in electrostatic attraction, in gravitation, etc.


The dangerous feature we hide in the depths of darkness will continue unleashing a sequel of hatred, revenges and discrimination.  The attack between countries, the lack of respect for human rights, the imposition of cults and religions, the little compassion among human beings will become a threat to some.  In the meantime the torrential rains, flooding, mudslides, dryness, sea accidents and other phenomena of nature will continue purifying Earth.  [Editor’s Note:  SeeEarth Changes.]

Our biosphere is in the middle of a great challenge.  Scientists who have studied the earthquake and following tsunami of December 26, 2004, in Southeast Asia have calculated that the seism changed the shape of our planet, shortened the days, accelerated its rotation, turned the Earth into a more compact body and deviated the North Pole by several centimeters.  The expansive wave of the mega explosion of the star SGR 1806-20, that happened the following day of the tsunami, altered the ionosphere. [Editor’s Note:  See a report of the explosion of SGR 1806-20 at the bottom of this webpage.]

The Schumann Resonance follows the Fibonacci series: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.

In 1952 W. O. Schumann, a German physicist, ascertained that the Earth is surrounded by a powerful electromagnetic field that is formed between the soil and the lower part of the ionosphere located at about 100 Km. above us.  At that time such field had a more or less constant resonance of the order of 7.83 Hz. or pulsations per second.  Since 1980, and in a more accentuated form since the 90s the Earth’s resonance has raised to 12 Hz.  It will stop when it reaches 13 Hz. and will initiate a new cycle from 0. The arrival of the Hour Thirteen/Zero Point marks the change of the ages of the Earth.

The Schumann resonance, named after the German physicist, is responsible for the equilibrium of the biosphere, it influences temperature variations and the world’s climatic conditions.  As Earth’s resonance is incrementing, it coincides with migratory birds, as well as whales and dolphins, losing their way.  The increase in Gaia’s throbbing notably affects people too.  So the perception of all that is happening too fast has a real base in the variation of the Schumann resonance.

The Earth has increased its resonance with the center of the galaxy, its vibratory frequencies accelerate and the force of its magnetic field diminishes.  The acceleration of all atomic and subatomic particles of matter is generating among conscious human beings the necessary energy to overcome limitations of time and space that alien agents arbitrarily imposed on our ancestors.  [Editor’s Note:  SeeThe Holographic Prison.]

We have come to the starting point but this time the game played on Earth is different.  We are moving away from the artificial time, lineal, measurable and predictable, towards a place where the known concepts so far will no longer have relevance.  . The Schumann’s scale has as values of measurement the number 1 as a very high magnetic field and 13 as a very low magnetic field.  The magnetic field forms the magnetosphere, which, as the ozone layer, protects the planet of the harmful solar radiation.

Very soon the Time Clock of Earth will mark Hour Thirteen.  The same one points to the lowest magnetic field of the planet.  It will have arrived to the Zero Point when the heartthrob of Gaia stops momentarily.  The magnetic poles north and south will trade places, as it has happened many times over in their life.  In the meantime, our physical/dense body and our individual and collective state of consciousness continue to change to adapt to the new vibratory frequencies, to densities much more subtle and to new realities.

The Illuminati:

The false gods of planet Earth


The satellites that rotate near Earth over South Africa are showing the weakening of the Earth magnetic field.  The so called "South Atlantic anomaly" is an enormous deviation in the Earth magnetic field.  It is vertiginously getting near the moment in which the reincarnational chain will be broken and the Earth Human Race will be free to soar to the top of the Life Spiral to which it belongs.  The "time" of the "false gods" is over!  Even though they may try it will be rendered impossible to stop us because the change is the only reality that cannot be avoided.

Our processes of personal and collective ascension were intensely accelerated at the end of December 2004, starting the domino effect of deep cleansing and purification.  The substance of our physical/dense body is becoming refined, transforming gradually into a Light Body. This transformation carries, among others, an extremely intense purification process, hence the bioenergetic unbalances, the mental perturbations and the erratic behavior of so many.  Such effect carries on in continuous energetic waves that increase the acceleration of the planetary frequencies and therefore, ours.  It seems we are nearer the 2012 of what we believe.  Precisely it’s for that that the majority of Humanity is comprehending and accepting that we are spiritual beings living a human process.

We have the compassion and the ability to retain the mental image that inspires us and individually and collectively connects us live and direct with the Primordial Source of Creation.  The harmonic interaction of each other will take us to consciously mirror on each other, outside of what we know as time/space, in the ETERNAL PRESENT where we are ONE.  We will have renewed ourselves, the history of Earth will be changed, and once free of the illusory veils we will soar to the summit of our personal and collective realization.

The Synchronizing Galactic Mega Ray

Published in this website on February 22, 2005.  Original in Spanish under the title "El Mega Rayo Galáctico Sincronizador".

Cosmos is a product of the intelligent design of A UNIQUE and ABSOLUTE ENERGY with holographic projections and/or fractal properties that go from the micro to the macro, to whom we call "THE GRAND ARCHITECT OF CREATION".  The ONE extends itself or subdivides in individual parts, but at the same time, perfectly joined and integrated to ITSELF.

The Mayas have the keys of the synchronization of each Pleiadian Solar System with the vibrations of the Cosmic Time.  For this reason they were invited to be in charge of the Time Clock of Earth with the Galactic Time Clock.

The Mayas divided the complete rotation of the Solar System in the galaxy in two fractions, each of 12,812 years .  They called Day to the fraction nearer the center of the galaxy and Night to the farthest part from it.  Likewise they divided such rotation in five periods of 5,125 years which they named Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Evening and Night.  Each movement carries a quantitative change in the surface of the Earth and in human, plant and animal behavioral patterns.

From Hunab Ku, the center of the Milky Way, each 5,125 years a mega ray surges which synchronizes the Sun and all the planets with a powerful emanation of energy.  According to the Mayas, the energy transmitted by the synchronizing ray activates the original DNA of the Human species in each individual so that he/she vibrates in harmony with the new frequencies that come to the planet.

On September 29, 2004, some European scientists announced that the Solar System is colliding with a interstellar cloud of enormous proportions.


On December 12, 2004, the hourly hand of the time Clock of Earth marked 12 and the minute and second hands marked 12:12.  The Great Inundation of this time occurred on December 26, 2004, slightly tilting the Earth’s axis and slightly altering its form and orbit.

The astronomers and researchers from all over the world coincide in cataloging the mega explosion of the star SGR 1806-20, happened the following day of the Tsunami, as the most powerful energetic emission that has ever been detected in the galaxy.

The explosion of this star, made up completely of neutrons, emitted in a tenth of a second 10,000 trillions of trillions of watts, more energy than the emitted by the sun in 100,000 years.  The same one hit and illumined the atmosphere of Earth and changed the Moon into something the scientists are still to define.  It continues releasing brightness and the shock wave continues moving through space generating an extraordinary energy.

The extremely high vibratory frequencies of such a powerful explosion are being absorbed by all the celestial bodies of the galaxy exciting them energetically.  The energetic excitation of our galaxy evokes an equal response in each one of its nebulae, star clusters and solar systems raising all and each one of their energetic levels.

When each one of the particles of this Thought/Matter Universe starts to receive stimuli from outside an excitation process starts in which it begins to vibrate each time with more and more intensity until it obtains the necessary energy to quantically leap from its orbital in which it is to one of higher energy.  The energetic change happening in all of the solar system, including Earth and its inhabitants, creates deeper qualities and possibilities of expression of life.  The universal metamorphic process we live lacks of precedents.

[Editor’s Note and Translator:  The news of NASA about the star explosion can be seen here: .  See here an animation of this cosmic event: .]

Excerpt of the NASA news:

Cosmic Explosion Among the Brightest in Recorded History

Scientists have detected a flash of light from across the Galaxy so powerful that it bounced off the Moon and lit up the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The flash was brighter than anything ever detected from beyond our Solar System and lasted over a tenth of a second. NASA and European satellites and many radio telescopes detected the flash and its aftermath on December 27, 2004. Two science teams report about this event at a special press event today at NASA headquarters. A multitude of papers are planned for publication.

The scientists said the light came from a "giant flare" on the surface of an exotic neutron star, called a magnetar. The apparent magnitude was brighter than a full moon and all historical star explosions. The light was brightest in the gamma-ray energy range, far more energetic than visible light or X-rays and invisible to our eyes.

Such a close and powerful eruption raises the question of whether an even larger influx of gamma rays, disturbing the atmosphere, was responsible for one of the mass extinctions known to have occurred on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. Also, if giant flares can be this powerful, then some gamma-ray bursts (thought to be very distant black-hole-forming star explosions) could actually be from neutron star eruptions in nearby galaxies.

NASA’s newly launched Swift satellite and the NSF-funded Very Large Array (VLA) were two of many observatories that observed the event, arising from neutron star SGR 1806-20, about 50,000 light years from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius.

"This might be a once-in-a-lifetime event for astronomers, as well as for the neutron star," said Dr. David Palmer of Los Alamos National Laboratory, lead author on a paper describing the Swift observation. "We know of only two other giant flares in the past 35 years, and this December event was one hundred times more powerful."

Dr. Bryan Gaensler of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass., is lead author on a report describing the VLA observation, which tracked the ejected material as it flew out into interstellar space. Other key scientific teams are associated with radio telescopes in Australia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, India and the United States, as well as with NASA’s High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI).

A neutron star is the core remains of a star once several times more massive than our Sun. When such stars deplete their nuclear fuel, they explode — an event called a supernova. The remaining core is dense, fast-spinning, highly magnetic, and only about 15 miles in diameter. Millions of neutron stars fill our Milky Way galaxy.

Scientists have discovered about a dozen ultrahigh-magnetic neutron stars, called magnetars. The magnetic field around a magnetar is about 1,000 trillion gauss, strong enough to strip information from a credit card at a distance halfway to the moon. (Ordinary neutron stars measure a mere trillion gauss; the Earth’s magnetic field is about 0.5 gauss.)

Four of these magnetars are also called soft gamma repeaters, or SGRs, because they flare up randomly and release gamma rays. Such episodes release about 10^30 to 10^35 watts for about a second, or up to millions of times more energy than our Sun. For a tenth of a second, the giant flare on SGR 1806-20 unleashed energy at a rate of about 10^40 watts. The total energy produced was more than the Sun emits in 150,000 years.

"The next biggest flare ever seen from any soft gamma repeater was peanuts compared to this incredible December 27 event," said Gaensler. "Had this happened within 10 light years of us, it would have severely damaged our atmosphere. Fortunately, all the magnetars we know of are much farther away than this."

A scientific debate raged in the 1980s over whether gamma-ray bursts were star explosions from beyond our Galaxy or eruptions on nearby neutron stars. By the late 1990s it became clear that gamma-ray bursts did indeed originate very far away and that SGRs were a different phenomenon. But the extraordinary giant flare on SGR 1806-20 reopens the debate, according to Dr. Chryssa Kouveliotou of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, who took part in both the Swift and VLA analysis.

A sizeable percentage of "short" gamma-ray bursts, less than two seconds, could be SGR flares, she said. These would come from galaxies within about a 100 million light years from Earth. (Long gamma-ray bursts appear to be black-hole-forming star explosions billions of light years away.)

"An answer to the ‘short’ gamma-ray burst mystery could come any day now that Swift is in orbit", said Swift lead scientist Neil Gehrels. "Swift saw this event after only about a month on the job."

Scientists around the world have been following the December 27 event. RHESSI detected gamma rays and X-rays from the flare. Drs. Kevin Hurley and Steven Boggs of the University of California, Berkeley, are leading the effort to analyze these data. Dr. Robert Duncan of the University of Texas at Austin and Dr. Christopher Thompson at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (University of Toronto) are the leading experts on magnetars, and they are investigating the "short duration" gamma-ray burst relationship.

Brian Cameron, a graduate student at Caltech under the tutorage of Prof. Shri Kulkarni, leads a second scientific paper based on VLA data. Amateur astronomers detected the disturbance in the Earth’s ionosphere and relayed this information through the American Association of Variable Star Observers (

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