Perceptions of Masterhood, III

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Perceptions of Masterhood
Part III
"The Agreement"


Message from Kryon, transmitted through Lee Carroll, .  Taken from:  .

This live channeling was given on January 31, 2004 in Gooding, Idaho.  This channeling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechanneling process over the actual transcribed channeling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channelings.

Published in this website on April 21, 2004.

Greetings, Dear Ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Oh, this is a sweet place, and it’s also a joyful place.

Let’s take just a moment to greet the entourage that’s here. If it’s in your consciousness to feel Spirit wash through you on this day, then it will be so. For, Lemurian, that’s why we’re here. We knew who would be here and who would be reading this page. For intent is king today.

For those of you who decided in the last possible moment to arrive at a place like this, we know of your potential. For those who casually picked up this book and are reading it, we know of your potential. So the matching energy of what you bring to this episode of life, in this hour, in these few minutes, is indeed around you as we bring the other half. But this isn’t a generic message. It’s a message specifically for you, since you’re actually half of it! It may sound like other messages, but we’re speaking personally to you, and it’s no accident that the Human voice of the channel, my partner, falls upon your two ears this day. For that’s why you sit in the chair, Lemurian, reading and listening.

Let’s first take a moment to honor this place [a very old performance theater in Idaho]. Much has happened here. There has been joy and laughter. Some have yelled in joy or wept in sorrow on this stage. The building has a history, too, even a wonderful portion you’ve yet to uncover, Michael [speaking to the host of the event and the owner of the theater]. There was a church here, too! Healings were accomplished on this stage. And so it is that it’s not the first time those who would seek their spiritual truths would come and sit in the seats where you sit. But let’s say for a moment that it’s the first time that information such as this has been presented here, yet here’s a group that pretends not to know each other. However, this group comes together intuitively as though it did! It’s unique how this works. So you might say that the history of the old energy meets the history of the new energy, for in a few moments within your time, everything that we did here will all be over. We already see you leaving this place and putting down the book We already see the potentials of what we’re going to say and how it may react to you. We know your hearts, and we know you by name.

My partner broached an issue that we wish to expand upon even before the teaching begins. [Lee brought up a subject during his lecture earlier in the day.] It has to do with the love you have for the planet. Oh, Human, for some of you – and you know who you are – it’s no accident, that you come and find yourself surrounded by others who love the "loneliness of nature" [speaking of the Idaho area where the meeting is being held]. Yet you’re not alone, are you? How many of you greet the wind? How many of you bless the dirt? How many of you see the sky and know that you’ve seen it for hundreds and hundreds of years? How many of you own the land beneath your feet and have for a long time? I’m not speaking of a piece of paper that grants you ownership. I’m speaking of an Akashic situation that marries you to the land.

Some of you are the indigenous of the area, and you know it. Oh, you may not look that way in the mirror, but you are! That is the attribute of some of these areas that my partner [Lee] visits that have yet to see the large populations of humanity move into them. The dirt that you’re experiencing today is the dirt that was there the last time you were here, and the last time, and the last time. And so it is that the wind keeps blowing it from place to place, but the smell is the same and the attributes of the geology are the same, and here you are again. Reader, honor this family that you believe is in a past meeting as you read this. They’re not, you know. They’re sitting here with you, for all that has transpired to bring you these words on this page is but an instant of manufactured time that only pretends to separate you from them within your limited reality. They’re right here with you, right now.

Some of you in this gathering will leave this place and drive to other places in modern vehicles instead of getting on a horse, as you did before when you left this building. Oddly enough, you’ll be going to the same places that you did before! You see, this is where you belong. It’s part of the puzzle that makes some of you anchors and some of you vagabonds… each appropriate to your energy.

For some there’s no one sweet spot where you belong. You belong where you need to be! Some of you have forced the issue and have gone places where you weren’t needed, and you were seemingly snapped back home, weren’t you? It’s hard to go against the grain when you’ve awakened and given intent to fulfill an energy that’s your life’s work. Some of you will know what I’m talking about here, and some of you won’t.

Day-to-Day Life

Blessed is the Human being who knows what abundance is! The Israelis in the desert, they knew what abundance was. All of the tribes moved around in very large circles for slightly more than 40 years, and were fed each day. Some have asked about this: "Kryon, is that a metaphor within biblical history, or is that what actually happened?" The answer is that is what happened. Indeed, they were fed every day. They called it food from the sky. There were scientific reasons why it took place, and even after they made the pilgrimage to The Promised Land, it still happened even without them being there! You never heard that, did you? But the event was very real. They were fed every day for 40 years.

Some of these tribal members would awaken in the middle of the night and would worry. "What if it doesn’t happen tomorrow? Oh, I know it’s happened all our lives, but what if it doesn’t happen tomorrow?" They’d wring their hands and wake up friends and say, "You know, it might not happen anymore. We know it has happened all our lives, but it might not!" Others then woke up their friends and said the same thing. Pretty soon, many had formed a consensus of worry that it wouldn’t happen tomorrow! What a thing to worry about! Then they would be fed again, and they’d go on to worry about something else.

What was this really about? It was Spirit providing the needed sustenance on a day-by-day basis. If you’ll look backwards, you might say that the tribes of Israel had abundance for 40 years. They never had to worry about planting seeds or growing crops. All was taken care of, but just enough for each day. That’s abundance! But it was only in retrospect that they saw it. The ones that looked into the future said, "What if it doesn’t happen?"

So we broach the issue that if you look into the past, you see the truth. When you’re broaching interdimensionality, you have the ability to look at the past of what’s happening tomorrow and know that all will be okay. The interdimensional Human is that way, you know. He’s able to look into the future and see the past and understand that sustenance is abundance. He has the ability to see the things that will be, as the things that have been… and even chuckle about them before they’ve happened! Difficult? A conundrum? A puzzle? I’m going to expand on this.

Remembering Your Birth

Let me take you on a trip… a sweet one, and one that you won’t remember. There you are many years ago, on the other side of the veil, just like me, with family members, just like me. There you are, leaning forward… a metaphor (since you didn’t have a body that could lean). It’s a metaphor, like jumping off a cliff – a metaphor – leaning forward, about being ready to come to Earth and have what you would call a birth. You’re about to be born to the parents you chose, and the race you chose, and the country and gender.

Your body was being prepared in the womb of your mother. Pieces and parts of your soul, or what you would call the soul, were being transferred during that time. Questions are always asked about this: "Kryon, when does the soul enter the body?" I’ll tell you the truth. Remember this: The soul enters the body at that point in time when conception is agreed upon, even before biology is involved. That’s not predestination, but predisposition. You’re predisposed to be born, depending on the path that your parents take with free choice. It’s tough to describe, since this decision often takes place before your parents ever knew each other on Earth, and even before their births! It’s very difficult to talk about in a way you might truly understand. So let’s just say that "life" begins way before you think it does, and that there can be many changes along the way before you get here, but you and others are involved in all of them.

Picture yourself leaning forward, about to take the leap to Earth. What’s holding you back is the "wind of birth" that blows against you as you lean. It’s a sweet, innocent wind, and one you’ve experienced many times before. It smells of possibilities, potentials, and opportunity. You’re about ready to complete the process, to have the birth that obviously took place (because, here you are).

Your advisors are by your side, ready to come in with you… speaking to you in the language of light. They’re asking you if you’re really certain, and if all is ready. You smile at them and tell them all is well. They remind you that you’re coming to Earth at a time when the end of the planet is prophesied, and that the chances are very great that you’ll die a horrible death, along with your children and your friends. You again smile at them and say, "All is well." Then you take a look around, telling the elements and those around you that you’ll "be right back"… and you leap.

Again, I’ll ask you this, Lightworker: When you were an angel on the other side of the veil, weren’t you supposed to be smarter than you are here? And if the answer is yes, then I’ll ask you again: Why did you come? Didn’t you see the Armageddon? Didn’t you understand the potential of everything that was brewing on the planet when you arrived?

I’ll give you the answer, and it explains why you’re loved! It explains why the entourage begins to kneel and wash the feet of those who are here. It’s why some of you are feeling the pressure of Spirit and the beginning of the knowledge that this is real. This isn’t something concocted by a Human being to get an audience this day. No. This energy is real. On the other side of the veil, there is wisdom about ready to flow into this message, but not before we again congratulate you for doing something you may not even be aware of, Lemurian: You came in anyway! And the reason is that you are indeed smarter on the other side of the veil! You knew what intent does. You knew what the old-soul essence is. You knew when you arrived that there would be the potential of awakening on this planet. Some of you awakened at birth, and I mean spiritually. You didn’t want anything to do with what your parents said was spiritual, did you? That got you in trouble, too, didn’t it? You see, we know who’s here. Old souls are that way, you know. Right from the beginning, they’re trouble! [Laughter] That’s what old wisdom will do when it doesn’t seem to match the current wisdom of the day.

Now, here you are. You knew before you ever came in, as you were leaning against the wind of birth, that you could change this planet if there were enough of you. There were, and you did. Let it not be unnoticed that the earth is different from when you came in. Let it not be unnoticed that the prophecies did not take place. Let it not be unnoticed that we love you because of this! You have no idea what you’ve changed in another part of the Universe. What happens here will determine a great deal, and will be measured for that exact purpose.

This must sound like nonsense to you, but at another time in another place, it will be clear. When I see you again, it will be clear. And when I meet you on the other side of the veil someday, you’ll come to me instantly and ask, "How did we do? How is it now?" And it will be very clear. What you do in your ordinary Human life is changing the very fabric of interdimensionality all over the Universe, all at once. What you think while you’re here is known billions of light years away. That’s because of what you call a quantum state, where everything is all together, happening at once. All creatures of the Universe are aware of what’s taking place on Planet Earth at some level – even the kinds of worlds that don’t have what you have, which is the consciousness of divinity. Even at their level, they’ll be changed. As goes Earth, goes much more than we’ve ever talked about. Now, how ordinary does that make you feel, dear one? How do you define "ordinary"?

Some have said, "Kryon, I know that I have some kind of divinity in me, and I know that what you say is true, but I still feel very insignificant." The seniors among you, they say, "I also feel old and tired." I’ll tell you something. All of you are feeling old and tired! Why would that be? you might ask. I’ll tell you: Because as the energy of this planet starts to align with the energy of you and why you came, it is you who are doing the heavy lifting. Celebrate the fact that you’re part of a miracle called Earth.

Let The Teaching Begin

Dear Human being, we’re going to talk about an advanced spiritual attribute. And because it’s advanced, it’s difficult to talk about and understand. "Dear Kryon, I’ve been to places where those who have meditated in prayer have been healed, and where people standing next to them have not. And to my way of thinking, Kryon, they seem to be the same consciousness. Old souls came to Earth at the same time – sister with sister, brother with brother. Seemingly, they were given the same permission, knowing all of the divine rules of awakening. They were Lightworkers, standing side by side, yet one would be treated one way, and one another. I don’t understand. How could such a thing be?"

We’re going to talk about this in a way that we seldom have before. Over all these past years, all of the channeling sessions have been around you. You with you. The awakening of you with you; you and the Earth; you and the energy of what we call your "Earth contract." Now, we begin advanced teaching. We’re going to discuss you and the others in the Universe. I want to talk about you with God. I want to talk about you with the earth in ways that have many layers. We will go many places within the teaching today.

The Main Premise

Let me give you a postulate. Here’s a rule of Spirit: There’s no higher power in the Universe than what exists in the seat in front of me [referring to the audience]. Humans don’t like that, do they? "There’s got to be something far more magnificent than me, Kryon. I see myself in the mirror. I know what’s there." No, you don’t. This is the truth. This is a postulate, and the way things work. There’s no higher energy or power on Earth than you. There’s no higher power or energy in the Universe than what exists and flows through you in a divine way. You may want to put something on a pedestal and worship it. That’s just an exercise. You may wish to pray to God, thinking that God is a higher entity – a Spirit that loves you like a grandfather – greatly treasured, honored, and wise. But you can’t really pray that way, since that’s not the truth.

"But Kryon, we want to do that. We go to churches where we worship entities and ideas that are higher than we are, symbolically, physically, and spiritually." Yes, you do, but the truth is the truth, and what you’re doing isn’t accurate. There’s nothing higher than what surges through the blood in your veins and the consciousness you carry. It’s shielded by what you’ve called the duality. It’s segmented into a dimension that you only see a portion of. The truth is, you are God. Collectively, you make up what many are worshiping daily. Singularly, you’re an integral part of Sprit, which is unique and necessary for this system to work. You’re eternal in both directions. You always were, and always will be. There was no beginning. That’s how old you are.

Why do we tell you this? Because of the next thing we wish to broach, something that my partner has been presenting in other channellings. On this day we give even more information so it’s more complete than it used to be.

The Agreement – an Interdimensional Concept

We wish to talk about something we are loosely going to be identifying as The Agreement. It sounds like The Contract, doesn’t it? When you come to Earth, there’s Agreement. Now. Stop for a moment. This isn’t about you. This is about the Universe. There’s an agreement that you have with the Universe, which is family. When you come into the planet, there’s a planetary contract, which we’ve told you about and that you’ve studied. We’ve taught you that contracts are only predisposed starting places. Everything can be changed regarding a contract. There’s no predestination. But there’s an energy of this planet being developed that’s interdimensional. Humans are awakening all over the planet. This is an energy called The Agreement, and we can finally go beyond the beginning teachings we’ve been giving for over a decade and start to broach some concepts that aren’t easily understandable, but they are with divine help.

The Agreement is you with us. Your contract on Earth is you with the earth. One is for a Human lifetime. The other is forever. The Agreement is you with the stars that you can barely see with the best telescopes you have. It’s an agreement that all of the Universe knows, and which surges through your cellular structure. It affects your Human contract, but much more than that, it is the I Am agreement. It is divine.

Pasted upon the most divine layer of your DNA, whose name we will reveal at an upcoming meeting, is The Agreement. It is an agreement with the Universe and you, not the Earth and you. It has to do with what you came here for, which means that it overlays the Human contract, but interdimensionally it is a quantum event that has to do with the energy of the existing present Universe, which is always changing.

This message may sound like what we’ve given you before, but it’s not. The Agreement may sound like your Earth contract, but it’s not. It’s not about the karmic attributes that you have when you come in, although that’s a part of it. It’s a combination of all the arrangements of what you would call your past lives (which are now present), and the Universe (which is always present). The explanation of this is a puzzle that goes beyond your reasoning. Even still, I’ll tell you about it.

First of all, let me give you the reactions to this message, since we already know what they’ll be. I’m going to tell you about the gift of The Agreement. I’m going to tell you that ever since the Concordance [the Harmonic Concordance], you’ve had the ability to actually touch and manipulate this agreement. Dear Human beings, do not take this lightly, for it means a longer life span, and actual master-hood. It provides so many of the things that you’ve only dreamed of that are now being broached. The gift of being able to work with this Agreement sits at your feet waiting to be opened. It’s the beginning of the beginning. It’s the new dispensation.

Four reactions that Humans will have to these kinds of spiritual things, and this gift in general.

1. The first reaction, the one that’s the most common, is this: "Don’t bother me, it’s dumb. I don’t want to go there, I don’t want to think about it, I won’t talk about it, I don’t believe it." Dear ones, there’s no judgment involved from us regarding this reaction, for humanity has free choice to do what it wishes, and we’re not all Lemurians. It was your task to awaken, and you did. The predisposition that lays within your DNA is that you would change the planet’s course… and you did. And the next potential is that you’ll be able to change yourselves in ways that are profound, and many of you will.

2. The second reaction of humanity is this: "I see it. It’s glorious! I want to worship it. Where is it? Put it someplace where I can kneel before it. Let me bow. How many times do I bow? Which direction should I face?" This reaction is very common, you know. If it’s spiritual, then lift it up and worship it! There’s no ownership of what it is at all, and it’s all just a continuation of a consciousness that feels separate from God.

3. The third kind of reaction is very interesting: It’s from the intellectual Lemurian. This would be an old soul, but one who loves to intellectualize God."Oh, there it is! I see it. We’ve been waiting for that. Isn’t it beautiful? I think I’ll think about it. I wonder why it’s here. I wonder about God. I wonder about me. I wonder about the gift. I wonder what it all means. What does it mean compared to other gifts? What should my reaction be? Am I thinking clearly, or should I be involved at all?" This is the Human who intellectualizes all of it. He asks himself about appropriateness for himself, for Earth, for those around him, how he should handle it, and what the purpose of all of it is. And he does it throughout his life! This is a description of a Lightworker who hasn’t lit his light yet! This Lighthouse has no light, but is sitting upon the rocks letting all the ships flounder, while he ponders the meaning of life.

4. The fourth reaction is one from those who potentially are in the room or reading this. You’ve made the trip here. You’re sitting in the chairs, listening and reading, and it’s no accident. The reaction? "Ahhhh, I wondered where I left that. I wondered where I misplaced that – there it is. I own it, you know. I’ll pick it up and put it in my pocket. I’ll hold it dearly because it’s mine."

Here are four very different reactions to these teachings. Let me tell you now about The Agreement. We will make this as quick as we can, because to dwell on any of these things beyond the stories we’ll tell is going to have to come at another time.

The Agreement

We’ll begin the teaching by saying this: There are attributes within this new process where you can work with this Agreement. Again, we’re not speaking of your Earth contract. The Agreement is between you and the Universe and is about your life on Earth and its relationship to all things universal. The entire reason this teaching is being given is to enhance the master energy you’re beginning to receive. In order to work with it, change it, and make life decisions that have the power of divinity within them, we give you these attributes of understanding.


The first attribute is that if you’re going to change this agreement, you’re going to have to understand the partnership with God. This attribute is one I gave you a long time ago that is the premise that you’re divine, and that what you call God is a partner. Any partnership has to be understood, agreed upon, and the concept has to be owned. When you own a concept, it’s like you were the one who created it. That’s how personal it must feel.

Highest Power

If you’re going to have any success, then you must also understand and agree 100 percent that you’re the highest power in the Universe. Oh, not by yourself, but with the others, that together, there’s nothing stronger or higher than your divinity, and it’s hooked into actual creation. This also is an acknowledgment that there’s no power that can defeat you. There’s no power that can do things to you. There’s no power known in the Universe higher than you that might place a curse upon you, give you a disease, or control you. There is simply nothing that exists that can affect you beyond what you’ll allow within the grand plan of your divinity. Make no mistake, this attribute is often the hardest of all to own.


If you’re going to begin working with The Agreement, you’re going to have to understand fear. I didn’t say eliminate it because you can’t do that. You’re not allowed. Even the masters had fear, but they balanced it. The put it in its place. You see, fear is in the Human in a way that can’t be removed. It has to be there for you to have your duality. It’s part of the test. However, it has to be put behind you. All of the things that you might fear – even the subtle things – have to be identified, recognized, and compartmentalized if need be, and relegated to a place behind the layer that is divine.

I’m trying to put this as simply as I can. But you might say, "Well, Kryon, I’ve done that. I have no fear issues. Let’s move on." Let me ask you, healer, do you protect yourself when you work on Humans who are in trouble? Do you have anything around you that will help you with the energetics so that those you heal will not affect you? Perhaps their negative energy interferes with your energy? Perhaps you have something to help with this? If you do, that’s fear. Don’t you trust your light? How divine do you have to be in order to approach lower energy without it affecting you? You’re a piece of God! Everywhere you walk you carry a bubble of divinity, and the only thing that’s going to pierce that bubble is you. In your disbelief and your fear, you void your power.

We’re not here to judge you or admonish you. These teachings are only for instructions that tell you to put fear where it belongs – in back of you! Don’t do anything that’s specifically designed to protect you from the energy of others, for it’s not needed. You hold all the light. When you go to a place and imbue it with the brightest light possible, do you hold back a bit and say, "Well, you know, darkness may arise, and it will quench the light." No, you don’t, because you know the powerful attributes of the light you carry. Do not fear these things, no matter how dark they appear. Your light will transform them. Embrace the challenges head on. When there’s negativity, alter it. Flood love into it and imbue into it the divine energy of God that you carry with you in an inexhaustible way.

Allowance of an Altered Future

Here’s a big one: Let it be okay for things to turn out differently than you want. Let me tell you a story about a woman who had a desire. She said, "I understand all of these things. I’m a Lighthouse; I’m divine; I’m a Lemurian; I put fear behind me. I’ve even put all my past lives behind me. I’m living exactly as the teachings said I should. I feel it. I’m in love with myself, and I’m in love with God. I love myself through my divinity, but I really want a partner. I want somebody to love me. I know it’s awfully 4D of me, but I really, really want this."

And so she prayed: "Dear God, give me a partner. Give me a partner. Give me a partner. And if you missed my message, God, I’d like to tell you again: Give me a partner!" But she didn’t get one and she didn’t get one and she didn’t get one. Finally, she said, "I’m going to use what I know to build my own partner. I’m going to make myself my partner! Kryon said I’m a group, so I’m going to use my masculine/feminine side, make myself my own partner, and be happy with myself!" And she did.

She fell in love with herself even more than she already was – not in an egotistical way, but in a divine way. The I Am took hold. She saw the divinity and the oneness of everything and said, "I don’t need anybody." Much to her friends’ chagrin, she actually held a ceremony where she married herself! [Laughter] What a story! There she was, very satisfied. "Dear Spirit," she prayed, "thank you for showing me something I didn’t expect. It’s okay now. It truly is. I don’t need anyone."

Is it okay if it turns out different from how you expect? Here’s a situation where divine wisdom changed the outcome, and a huge expectation wasn’t granted. What happened? The woman changed her own future and even changed her desire. Now, we could leave this story, but it’s not finished. Listen, for this is important: In this particular case, this woman paved the road so completely for a partner that he came to her right after she fell in love with herself! Suddenly, just as she didn’t feel she needed anyone, in came what she had so desperately asked for when she felt so dependent upon the request. In this new relationship, there was no dependency. Instead, there was ceremony and glorious togetherness. Two Human beings were united, both in love with themselves, neither one dependent on the other, but loving each other so much that they literally went to their graves together. That’s love.

Do you understand what I’m saying here? As soon as this Human reached in and discovered her divinity, the entire paradigm of her needs also changed. In her case, she didn’t get what she wanted from God. She got what she wanted from herself.

Cellular Communications

Communicating with the cellular structure of your body is something we’ve been teaching for almost a decade. You’re going to have to build a bridge between what you’ve been told you can’t do and what isn’t possible, with what is now very possible. You’re going to have to be one of those who knows how to speak to your cellular structure. It’s not that hard. Part of the gift of changing The Agreement is the gift of cellular communication. There will be times when we give you more interdimensional information on the how to’s of connecting in this fashion, but for now, let’s just say that it sits before you in an obvious way. It’s just that life in your reality tells you it can’t be done. However, life that is very real in the other dimensions that exist simultaneously within you are begging for you to do it. And between those concepts there’s a bridge to be crossed, a marriage. Some of it has already been given in the first steps I’ve already presented today. Acknowledge it, partner it, believe it, intend it, and the cells will begin to listen.


We’ve said before: Don’t overthink everything! Honor it. Own it. Don’t think about it. The Human thought process and the logic therein is very well respected and has given you some of your best science. However, it also keeps you from broaching the cellular communication bridge. Because the more you think about it, the further away it’s going to get. If you treated food this way, you’d starve! Do you think about breathing and the oxygenation process with every breath? No! Perhaps it’s time to deal with your spirituality the same way.

Some have asked, "Kryon, how can we think outside of this four-dimensional reality?" You’re going to have to practice. Meditation is one of the keys. Put yourself in a state of unthinking, which is an allowance to become illogical for a moment. (By the way, some of the best scientists on your planet do this regularly in order to find solutions to problems… out of the box of logic.)

Some have actually called this a "dream state," occurring while you walk around. This is actually happening to some of you, and that’s why some of your friends think you’re dingy! So get control of it, for you’re going to need it. Bring it all into your reality. Do not separate the two concepts… reality and altered reality. Think of them as one, but be aware that you could be in a meditative state even when you’re using logic. Understand how that feels, and work with it so that one does not void out the other. That, my dear Human friend, is what all of the masters who walked the earth were able to do. Don’t overthink the power of your interdimensionality.

Allowance to Stay the Same

This is the hardest of them all. It’s hard to broach… hard to describe… hard to talk about. Here is a common plea: "Dear God, I have a challenge in my body. It may be a life-taking challenge. I’ve got a predisposition for a disease, and I feel it coming on. Dear God, I’ve got the disease! Now it’s here! Dear God, I want healing. Please tell me what it is that I should do. I’m desperate. What do I have to do?"


Now, we’re back to the beginning, aren’t we? Why do some get healed and some don’t? The reason: It’s not about you, dear Human being. It’s about The Agreement. Go back and read the plea above. It’s an earthly plea, not a universal plea. Now, the master would also ask himself this: "What is the appropriateness of the action I’m asking for within the scheme of the universal plan of why I’m here? Would there be something better accomplished to let the disease take hold… even kill me?"

How would you feel if I said to you that it might be better if you kept the disease and died early? What if I revealed that the planet might actually benefit more if you did? Would you do it? The Human would say no. The master would say yes. You see, that’s divine wisdom, and it’s all about understanding and working with The Agreement.

Don’t you think the masters had intuition about their deaths, even untimely deaths? Oh, they did. Did you ever wonder why some of them so willingly walked into them? It’s because of the grandness of The Agreement… a universal attribute that transcends anything earthly but at the same time involves the earth and you on the earth. What if this planet and those around you would benefit from your death? Would you do it? What if there would be those around you who would respond to your death so greatly that it might take them someplace they would never have gone otherwise, and they then might go on to do things that would be grand beyond imagination? Would you do it?

You know, that’s The Agreement epitomized. It’s between you and the Universe. Can you go there? Can you see the good of the family over the good of one lifetime? Can you be comfortable with it? It’s complex, isn’t it? It’s also beautiful, isn’t it? It’s why we love you the way we do.

Dear Human, how many Warriors of the Light do we see walking down their path in disease? A lot of them. How many are in wheelchairs? A lot of them. Does this mean they simply didn’t do a good job with their communication with God… or could it also mean just the opposite? How many babies have died so that their parents would find enlightenment? A lot of them. It’s about The Agreement. Here is an admonishment: Don’t overthink this attribute. You can’t know what’s appropriate before God until you’re actually walking the path. Don’t make up your mind now about what you might do, or about anyone else on Earth. This isn’t a message calling for Lightworkers of the earth to suffer. Each path is unique, and each one grand. But a master path is one that thinks beyond the earthly body, and leaves room for a larger picture.


"What about the timing, Kryon? If we really understand all of this and work on it, how long does it take to begin to work with this Agreement? Are we talking about a month, a year?" The answer is instantly and never. You should understand that by now. Who are you, really? What does your past look like? Why did you really come? How many people are you affecting? What is the best for all? That’s The Agreement.


The last one ties right around to the first. If you’re going to begin to understand any of this, even marginally, then you’re going to have to have self-worth. What do you think of yourself? Remember the woman who fell in love with herself and married herself? She understood completely. This isn’t conceit or egotism. The Human beings who have self-worth, fall in love with themselves. They chuckle through their lives as they look into the mirror of what the duality shows them, but they know better. They see the "I AM presence" in their own eyes. They see an eternal soul who looks different every time they show up on the planet.

That sounds like partnering with God, doesn’t it? We’ve given you the attributes to help you with your self-worth, and you can find it in our past messages.

So that’s the teaching of the day. That’s the culmination of broaching a subject that’s one of the most important we’ve ever talked about. You see, the master who walks the earth knows his part within the scope of the Universe. The Human being, even the enlightened one, is continuing to search for their path on Earth. Understand the difference? We’re asking you to push into universal subjects and to become interdimensional. We’re asking you for the first time to think as a group instead of an individual, and to move past the simplistic teachings of the past into a wisdom-based understanding of the future.

So, blessed are the Human beings who understand this message and begin to see themselves differently from how they previously thought. Blessed is the Human who walks from this place differently from how he came in. There will be those in this place, and reading this, who are touched beyond what you might think. There are those in this place who will have to use the knowledge of what I’ve given you in the next few days. And if that’s you, this entourage called the family of God will be with you gladly, willingly, and with love,

In the process of leaving this place, this entourage is going to take some entities with it that have been here a very long time [speaking of the ghosts in the theater!]. Some have been waiting for this day to leave here. They’re actually energies without life force, but to you, in your way of thinking, they seem to have life force. It’s a very interesting thing for you to understand – the difference between the energy and life. Even this you’ll have to broach within your lifetime. Science will someday have to decide, when it finds life in air and water, if it’s really alive or isn’t it. Then they may just have to redefine life. That’s interdimensional life. Interdimensional life is often just energy that’s postured in a way that broaches a dimensional shift. I don’t expect you to understand.

Let the history and the future of this place come together now. Let it be seen as appropriate, as divine, even as blessed. May it multiply in ways you don’t even know of. May those who have read and heard this message today be comforted, loved, and hugged as they close this time.

And so it is.


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