NESARA and Personal Sovereignty


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Through Sheldan Nidle
NESARA and Personal Sovereignty
April 29, 2003. 2 Cauac, 17 Kank’in, 11 Ik

From The Planetary Activation Organization (  Article taken from: .Published by permission from PAO.

Greetings! We arrive, dear Hearts! Around you, a new reality is forming, and it contains many levels. The one on which we shall concentrate now involves this emerging reality’s macro- and micro-levels. On the largest possible scale, there are the Heavens, of which you can see only the smallest portion each night. The objects you perceive in the dark of night are actually other realities, which form a greater reality – physicality. We have explained this to you in previous messages, and have told you that the whole of physicality lies within your true Self. At this point, it is important for you to understand another already-mentioned principle – you and the Creator are truly one. As co-creator of this physical universe, you incarnated into the physical realms to effect change, and to learn more about a major part of who you are. This process was devised to help you to grow in wisdom so that, with it, you could assist Heaven in the unfolding of Creation. The present situation is yet another example of these plans in action. Regard it as an enormous jigsaw puzzle that is falling into place according to a timetable on which, in our various life contracts, we all have agreed.

      The announcements concerningNESARA will play a significant role in these many spiritual accords. As a participant in these agreements, you have chosen the roles you each will be playing in this drama. At the appropriate moment, you will emerge and complete your part of the contract. Moreover, the dark ones thwarted you only to fulfill their part of these agreements. As you come to understand your emotions concerning these matters, be ever mindful of what we have just stated. We in Heaven and the Galactic Federation of Light will manifest according to the divine plan’s decrees. Furthermore, we will soon be able to put finishing touches on the divine intervention that this same divine plan has set in motion. You are embarking on a sacred march to a new reality that was initiated, long ago, when the Ascended Masters first began to transform the darkness of this world into Light. This program was carried out in many stages. Now, you have entered the last one. In it, we all have been assigned special roles. While many of you still have not discovered them, they will be made known to you at the right time.

      As you forge ahead through these troubled times, know that we are working diligently to assist you in achieving your inevitable success. The decrees of the divine plan detail it vividly. In recent messages, we have revealed the names by which some of these agreements will be known. However, our forthcoming announcements also contain information that has not yet been made public. These complex scenarios will usher your global society into a state of harmony and cooperation. They will quickly mark the end of your nation-states and replace them, eventually, with a regional system of governance. The key element in all of this is those influential documents composed in North America during the last quarter of your 18th century. The Ascended Masters watched over that event, which you refer to as the ‘American Revolution’. That historical milestone proposed a concept that is integral to present events: individual sovereignty. The final step in what lies ahead will be the manifestation of this personal autonomy for everyone on your world. Heaven is fully aware that the dark has corrupted those concepts to justify its many hostile attacks against liberty. That, dear Hearts, will no longer be the case.

     Soon, the Ascended Masters intend to manifest among you so that they may teach you the most crucial divine principles. Individual sovereignty is one of those indeed. This same principle is the core that underlies the creation of our galactic societies. The individual needs to feel wanted, sacred and an integral part of the society to which she/he belongs. This transcends the limitations foisted upon you by your present governments. Liberty demands responsibility and a firm covenant between any society and its citizens. It includes sovereignty, a voice and the pursuit of one’s joy (happiness) as necessary components of the agreement. This social contract means that a state of constant vigilance and the ability of each member to contribute to her/his society are sacred prerequisites. Each ‘citizen’ or member needs to feel that her or his offering will be treated most correctly and compassionately. Yet another precondition is an open dialogue that is based upon true statements of fact.

      Presently, the Anunnaki’s former earthly minions control your globe’s societies. What is needed is a way to overcome this situation that will bring you into a state of divine grace. This condition of grace will lead to the introduction of a host of new governments that bestow upon you the opportunity to become truly sovereign. This event will mark the end of a process that began almost one thousand years ago. The most important element will be the expansion of sovereignty to include the individual. Each person yearns, simultaneously, to be like a nation and an Ascended Master. That is, filled with a purpose – a sacred, divine mission – while able to act on their responsibilities. Now, this process needs to be refined. The final phases will be implemented under instruction from the Ascended Masters. After all, dear Hearts, you are actually physical Angels who have forgotten what you are capable of and must be firmly reminded.

      Our task is to assist the Ascended Masters. Count Saint Germain and Master Hilarion wish you to know that two physical forces are carrying out this process. The first, our earthly allies have brought together a series of coalitions to overthrow the Anunnaki’s earthly minions that have controlled this reality for eons. The second is the Galactic Federation of Light. We have fulfilled our duties in a number of ways by limiting the success of the dark ones on your world. They have achieved many of their objectives, but they have been denied those that could put our earthly allies in jeopardy. Moreover, we have helped bring our allies to the point where their success is assured. The powerful networks that support the cabals are crumbling, anticipating a new way of life to unfold and manifest among you. That new world will be the precursor of your galactic society.

      Galactic societies are organic and synergistic. Guided by Heaven, they have the capacity, emanating from a long history of growth and development, to sustain solar systems and galaxies. Fully conscious Beings employ them to boost their talents and solve whatever problems are laid before them. Moreover, galactic social structure can be adapted to the needs of limited conscious Beings. The first step in this process is removal of hierarchical power structures that impede a society’s natural expression, creativity and personal sovereignty. That step is NESARA. Subsequent steps will expand its influence world-wide. Then, through use of the technologies, expertise and other resources we can offer you, your world’s major wrongs – poverty, pollution and oppression – will be redressed.

      The Ascended Masters wish to take it even further by changing your cultural and religious divisions. Each Ascended Master wants to step forward and explain the origins and histories of your many cultures and religions. It is time for you to accept your diversity and to proclaim its joy throughout your world. This process will be carried out by the manifestation of these magnificent Beings. They will also initiate a lengthy series of lessons, performed in a state of divine grace and according to a system that emphasizes their compassion. Love and connection of humanity are vital. You belong to an organic society that your overlords deliberately have kept in isolation. Now, a system that encourages unity and mutual respect for every member of this global society needs to be manifested.

      Today, we have discussed, in brief, some of the events that are occurring or ready to occur on your world. This process is extraordinarily complex, involving us in an operation that made this a most unique First Contact mission. The final steps in this process are about to be revealed. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the everlasting Supply and unending Abundance of Heaven is indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!

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