The Law of Right Action

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What Ascension Means:
The Law of Right Action

Ascended Master Kuthumi
21 March, 2007

Live channeling in Johannesburg, Autumn Equinox Annual Channeling.  Master Initiation into the Sacred Council of Truth channeled through Michelle Eloff©.

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. Thanks to Marinda Swanepoel for transcribing this channeling.

To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit .  Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have.

Comment from Candace Frieze:
Hi everyone, I am publishing this from Kuthumi because it is tough and I think everyone of us can benefit at this time from it. The essence of it is about stopping gossip against self and of course others. There has been much failure in recent years in the esoteric community and this certainly points out what some of it is. We are in early 4D, and we must get off the fence and get to work and get this world moved up. 4D is NOT a nice time for any of us, that is not the point of 4D. It is the dimension of the great challenges in which one gets off the fence and chooses to stay and serve the dark, or get with it and serve the Light. It is the "dividing" dimension.  The bolded portions are my own bolding as I read it, which point out to me both my own issues and what I have experienced at the hand of others as I make this journey. This is a firm piece, chewing out and then building back up the Lightworkers.
He discusses the Law of Right Action in this piece. Of interest to some of you, is that the next film by the people who made "The Secret" is to be about the Law of Right Action.

Taken from: . Published in this website September 29, 2007.


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom, to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of tranquility, peace, healing and harmony. Greetings, beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day, as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, today’s gathering is one that brings about the onset of the deeper realization of the role that you as a soul are playing within human existence. All of you, and those whom you know have been facing challenges that have been forcing truth to the surface. For many years you have been guided and coaxed to move in specific directions, to address particular issues. However due to the ego’s fear, which is a natural state within the current and most recent past Piscean age, especially with the ego’s inability to trust that it will be supported and guided into the light of the divinity of it’s most powerful aspect, the authentic self. Therefore you and those around you, your family, your children, your friends, your partner, your acquaintances, your clients and even those whom you know only by sight or voice, have created experiences over the past 24 months, that in certain instances, truly shook them/you to the core of your being. Each situation has unfolded in a variety of ways, each of these situations, a means to unlocking the doorway to that very powerful part of you. Some of you have experienced this in the form of relationships ending or going through immense challenge. Some of you are in, and have been in, career situations that have taken all the life force out of you, where you feel every ounce of passion and inspiration inside of you has died. Others of you have experienced the process of physical death in your environment, loss, and/or lack. Change has come with every guise there is. Now it is up to you to acknowledge, which means to consciously accept that you are consciously aware of the situations unfolding in the here and the now, and addressing them.

Some months ago I already spoke of the energy of denial and how none of you will be able to play the denial game any longer. There is nowhere to hide and there is no thing that will remain hidden for very long. That, beloved ones, is not a simple statement, but in fact, a fact. Every illusion, every lie, every deception and every deceit to come will be revealed, regardless of the circumstances that will come as a result. And the reason why we say this is because every soul has been given the opportunity to step completely into acknowledgement, to look at what the game of life has presented and admit if one is in actual fact playing the game in terms of embracing everything that life is offering – the messages, the signs, the directives that are so clear, so obvious and sometimes so in your face, as many of you say, yet still choosing to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear.

Beloved ones this is what this current time, the autumn equinox, is all about. The Mars energy comes forth without mercy as it honors all the calls for freedom. It hears the prayers to be released from the constraints of that which weighs down so heavily upon you and it rips through the veils of illusion, and its whirlwind of energy often leaves one reeling in the wake of its passing. Yet the revelations that are presented are always well worth the trauma, the pain, physically, emotionally and otherwise because the lightness, the sense of freedom and the peace experienced afterwards, is your gift. The autumn equinox brings with it many other energies. The energies of the eclipse, as it is called, is one that penetrates deep within. We call this time the Soul Eclipse. It is the time of the dark night of the soul. The time where the soul is hidden within the shadow of your fears, your guilt, your anger, your resentments and your projections, your jealousies, your envy and your self deception. And what it does is forcefully push you right down into the very depths of that mish mash of astral mess and forces you to look at and accept what you have created. It shows you that part of your role on this planet is to grow through situations and to allow change. One of the things that has been the "saddest" for us to watch is how those who are indeed the catalyst angels of the earth, who have gone forth and served as catalysts in situations are being and have been, and probably still will be in the future, persecuted, judged, gossiped about, tarred and feathered, rejected and at times completely ostracized for their role as a catalyst. Anyone who has turned your life upside down or left you feeling shaken, betrayed or vulnerable has been a Catalyst Angel gracing your presence. Have you acknowledged their role as well as your part in attracting that person into your life? Or are you angry and still bearing a grudge, or even worse, gossiping about them and painting a tainted picture of them to others?

All of you, and those who will come to hear these words, and read these words in future must now realize that where you are on your pathway, is in a manner of speaking, a merciless one when it comes to choosing to apply old paradigm systems of behavior, reactions and any other level of ego based behavior. We are not speaking of genuine fears around things that one is having to over come, challenges that one is facing in the terms of many obstacles that will pull down the membrane that has prevented you from seeing your light, your strength and your purpose. We are referring to every person who consciously and who willingly involves themselves in the games of drama, any kind of ego based or motivated judging of another or any other person’s pathway, their choice of religion, faith, their choice of who they are, who they choose to be with, or what they choose to do with their life. None of you and when I say none of you, I’m referring to everyone other than the chosen Law Givers & Law Keepers, have the right or the power to judge, to point a finger, to speak negatively of or gossip about any other person, for you have not ever walked a single moment in their shoes.

Many, many months ago I spoke of gossip being the blackest of all magic inexistence. Do you know that gossip is not limited to speaking about the drama or going ons in other people’s life, but is also how you gossip about yourself and what we mean by that is how you speak negatively of yourself. How you bring yourself down in the midst of others. That is a form of gossip, especially when you are continuously speaking to more than 3 people about what it is you are having difficulty with, with yourself. You are betraying your inner child, your adolescent self and all the wounded aspects of yourself. You are gossiping about them, you are highlighting their weaknesses, their fears, the choices they made based on where the were in a specific moment in time and beloved ones, please bear in mind that what I am saying now applies to absolutely every single situation revolving around gossiping and speaking negatively of a person or people. You were not in the person’s shoes or the group of people’s shoes at the time a decision was made, an action was taken, a word or words were spoken. Unless you were there, it is none of your business quite frankly. Unless you witnessed the group’s or the person’s choice of words, what motivated a decision, what motivated an action, you have no right to pass any judgment and to even look at the so called wrong doer, or whatever labels you choose to give them, with judgment in your eyes or your heart, because you were not present. And you the adult self was not in a full state of consciousness when your inner child or your adolescent self underwent whatever it was he or she did.

So now, we the Masters of Light, tell you that to be a part of the Sacred Council of Truth you are to stop, NOW and NEVER again, EVER speak negatively of yourself or another. Not EVER AGAIN to point a finger in judgment at any aspect of yourself or another because the dynamics you create is DESTRUCTIVE! It is NOT in accordance with the laws of right action, therefore you are BREAKING THE LAW and you WILL have to take responsibility for that. We said many, many teachings ago that there is no harm in speaking to someone whom who trust or a councilor, or a therapist about what weighs heavily on your heart’ or what causes you pain and suffering… at which time a candle is preferably lit and one invokes the light of the masters and whomever else it is whom you work with, to transmute that energy and to bring healing to you and to the situation. However where you harpon the negativity of a situation and you point fingers to others and yourself, you are NOT healing, you are HARMING! You are breaking down every thing you have convinced yourself of you are trying to create! And might I add, in what we have observed amongst individuals, is that these individuals even convince themselves that they are not doing anything wrong by speaking of their own shortcomings to many others or speaking of the shortcomings of others, because inside of them they feel it is justified because perhaps they don’t like the person very much themselves, or there is jealousy or envy or fear, or simply because they’ve convinced themselves that they have a right to because they are a friend or a healer….. It is NOT in accordance with the laws of right action!

When a situation is constantly harped on, when the same people are constantly fingered with razor point edges, your inner child and your adolescent self and all the other wounded aspects of yourself feel exposed and humiliated, which is why we say, STOP! We also say to you today, and this you can tell EVERY single person you work with, speak with, socialize with and interact with, that there are very powerful energies at play on your planet at this time. There are VERY stringent laws that govern the rightaction of your planet, and light workers are being given less and less room toplay victim and to be in a constant state of self pity. So let us say you have worked your way right out of your little comfort zone of manipulation, victim hood or victim consciousness, poverty consciousness, conditional love and all the other negative attitudes and consciousness that accompanies it. You have been adamant to achieve a level of ascension, a word so many of you love to use but in fact have very, very little understanding of what it truly means. And I, Kuthumi stand in front of you today and present with me are 244 of the Masters of the Grand Council of Truth of the Great Brotherhood of Light and we look to every single light worker on the planet and we tell you now, that if it is truly your intention to work with the laws of ascension, the laws of right action, and to become a free and liberated soul, to love unconditionally, to live peacefully and blissfully then GET OF YOUR GODDAMN HIGH HORSE and START living that way!  [Editor’s Note: The masters sometimes use the street language because it emphasizes and is more direct to the listener or reader, so the message is better assimilated.  Many so called Lightworkers enthrone themselves in their ideas, mount on high and white horses, and see themselves as the hen of the chicks and superior to others, perhaps of better condition and preferred of the gods and more spiritually cultivated when in reality they have inner conflicts that refuse to accept or that do not want to face and heal, and even become arrogant in dealing with others of lesser knowledge or who ask for help.  They did not want to listen to Spirit when He puts before their noses with many mirrors the challenge in the mental and emotional planes so that they get healed.  They shatter these mirrors suppressing with their ego people’s criticism.  Spirit then challenges them directly, and without mirrors, in the physical plane with disease and then they in physical pain raise their hands to heaven and cry out: “Why me, my God, if I am faithful to You, I have been a spiritual person that has studied thy Laws?”  The karma of the student of the Spiritual Path is a lot more severe than that of the individual of the profane world.  These principles also apply, although to a lesser degree, to common man. —Luis Prada.]

I, Kuthumi, head of the Ascension program which Lord Maitreya implemented some many cycles ago have now come to a crossroads with many light workers, and I am bringing the full essence of the golden ray, today. And this energy, this message I am bringing forth, is not limited to only those of you who is hearing this, you happen to be here physically to hear these words but this applies to EVERY single person on the planet who has chosen to wake up……. And I can use the word goddamn as much as I want to because much of what is transpiring is not God blessed! If you are serious about your pathway, if you are serious about the journey you have chosen to walk…. If you are sincere in your commitment to yourself, to your soul, TO YOUR SPIRIT and therefore to Father/Mother God, THEN STOP ALL NON SENSE, STOP THE CRAP! …. I, Kuthumi will NO LONGER tolerate any of this weaving of NEGATIVE vortices of any kind between those who serve the pathway of light and those who call to the masters of light for assistance with ascension…. If THIS is indeed what you call for, then YOU STAND UP in your power, NOW!!! And you TAKE responsibility for what you have called forth!! And my sternness COMES WITH AN ENERGY I DO NOT BRING OFTEN!!!!! BUT I BRING THIS TO THE ENTIRE PLANET on this day!! To hear that Spirit too has a boundary!!!!! And this boundary is NOW IN PLACE and will REMAIN in place!!!!!! And any soul, light worker or not, who chooses to overstep this boundary and CONTINUE to play the game of the dark brotherhood, best you make your choice as to whom you are serving!!!! THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND ANYMORE LIGHT WORKERS!!! THERE IS NO SITTING ON THE FENCE ANY LONGER!!! There is no "today I will listen to God and I will love myself and tomorrow…." the opposite!!!! That polarity does not exist any more!!!! IF YOU CHOOSE IT THEN PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR & MOVE BACK INTO THE LOWER DIMENSION AND PLAY YOUR GAMES THERE!! DO NOT call the servants of the light into your morbid games, into your ego dealings, into your gossip, your ego fights, backbiting and backstabbing!! THIS IS THE END OF THAT GAME!! And we have highlighted a big screen within your universe today; GAME OVER!! So today marks the end of ALL OF THAT.

The 244 members of the Grand Council of Truth of the Great Brotherhood of Light called for today’s gathering. THIS IS NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. We come most times bearing words of lightness, words of love, enfolding all of you in uplifting energies, motivating words and teachings, yet you walk away from the teachings and your judgment begins, the gossiping begins, the backstabbing, the backbiting, the self criticism, the self rejection, and the self hate starts all over again. The scales are STILL out of balance. It is not that there is MORE nurturing and loving of the self than what there is of the occasional criticism and judgment!! It is still the other way around! AND I AM MAKING MYSELF HEARD TODAY as the MASTER who has taken over from Lord Maitreya, for I am RESPONSIBLE for what it is that MY initiates, MY adepts, MY ascension students create. THE TIME HAS ENDED and those of you who ARE here today, physically hearing these words, it is for a purpose because you are the ones now, who can start spreading this message the quickest by getting the word out the fastest and yes, you tell them, KUTHUMI IS PISSED OFF because I am!

Light workers across the globe throw their hands up saying "why me, why did this happen to me?" "What have I done?" LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE FOCUSING ON! This time, especially now autumn in the Southern hemisphere moving into your winter, is very important in terms of looking at what is inside of you. The demons that still lurk deep inside of you that have been feeding your anger, your jealousy, your envy, or whatever it is – GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT!! Stop talking to everyone about it and DO something about it!!! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and don’t tell me; "oh but Kuthumi I am taking responsibility, what more do you want from me?!" THE MORE I WANT FROM YOU IS ONLY THE MORE YOUR SOUL WANTS FROM YOU! And what your soul wants is for you to STOP to turn away from everything that is outside of you. To release yourself from all the people you are addicted to, the co- dependant relationships, the little dramas that you have so beautifully created where you gather and gossip and point fingers and judge and talk about this person and that group and that event and "oh have you heard…..?" NONE of that does any good. Whenever you do that, you are playing the game of the 3rd dimensional world. You are IN astral reality, plain and simple period. And this is why I say to you, you DO NOT have a cooking clue what ascension means or what it means to be an ascended master, or what it entails to walk the path of ascension, what it means to be devoted to healing and becoming one with God!! YOU DO NOT KNOW because if you DID, you would not indulge in the crap that you DO!! You would not play the games you do!! You would not judge your friends!! You would not judge people who are less than you!! You would not get involved in other people’s drama and judge people because of it!! And MOST important, you will STOP judging yourself, because that is the greatest damage you can do!!!

We are ever present as we always have been, and it is that by law we respond to every call that is made because that is the commitment we have made to ourselves and to God. So when you call, we come, we bring the assistance, we bring the messages, we bring the people, we bring the situations, no matter how disastrous they are sometimes. But you still don’t get it! So we ask YOU; WHAT do YOU want from us?! What do you human beings want from the angels, the ascended masters and every other God/Goddess and being that exists everywhere. WHAT do YOU want from us? For as far as we are concerned, we were doing everything you asked….. But it is never good enough for you…. because you are too BUSY wallowing in your negativity! You are too BUSY focusing on what is WRONG and on every little injustice that is befalling you! You are so BUSY focusing on what injustice someone did to you or what mistake you made or resentments you have, what someone did to you yesterday, a year ago or 50 years ago that you don’t SEE what you have!

As long as there is resentment in your heart towards your life or towards another person YOU WILL NOT EVER achieve ascension. As long as there is jealousy and envy in your heart, YOU WILL NEVER achieve ascension. As long as you choose to remain within the ego based motivations of the 3rd dimension, then, I suggest you make yourself very comfortable because the news is; you will be coming back for a lot more…

This is the time for you to scrutinize your relationships, your friendships, your career and everything you choose to do. You need to look at your motivation because can I tell you, some of your inter actions with people are motivated by hidden agenda. You are being manipulative. You are getting some kind of satisfaction out of the dramas and this is taking you further and further away from the goal of ascension might I add. You see, your higher self, your soul, the masters, the angels, whoever it is, sees the intention in your heart. We are not blind to it, certainly not oblivious to it, yet all we do is honor your choices. And when you ask for change, we bring it. Sometimes, as I said right at the beginning of today’s message, we have to make it LOUD AND CLEAR before you hear, or see…… and that is where the Catalyst Angels come in. And if you are a Catalyst Angel and you have been at the receiving end of the judgments, the projections, and whatever else comes with it….. DON’T GIVE UP. Remember the words of Master Jesus; “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do” That is the affirmation of the Catalyst Angel, because the Catalyst Angel is perhaps one of the most daring and courageous. Yes, often most foolish… and sometimes the most wise of all the angels. So don’t point your fingers at them, don’t judge them or reject them simply because they were called to service, to do what was required in your life or within the life of someone you know.

Now the Grand Council of Truth is calling to the light workers because of all the new councils that are being created. These councils are being formed upon the inner planes linked to physical, incarnate members of the teams of light which this is why you received such a forthright and energized transmission this morning. No one can hold that responsibility if they are sitting on the fence. No light worker can be trusted to stand firmly in their authentic self if the light worker is still playing the games of the old paradigm. So do you understand why it was necessary to tell it like it is?  Yes.

There is no pretty way to deliver the message because like a young child, sometimes, one needs to be a little firm and straight to the point, to drive the message home so to speak. This selection process is going to take place over the next 18 months setting all the councils of truth in place. I, Kuthumi am head of this project with Lord Maitreya and all other 244 members of the Grand Council of Truth of the Great Brotherhood of Light who are guiding me as to what is required to set the councils up. Each of the 244 members are allocated 22 444 light workers. Now, in order to get this done within 18 months we have our work cut out for us, as do you. We however do have another plan in place as a back up if not all of the physical members can be assigned in time, as a result of the ego being their main motivation. That will be implemented if need be. This also means that all of you here today and all who will hear these words or read these words need to clean up your act, pull yourself together and as I said, STOP the nonsense. If it is not you that is involved in any nonsense, then you beloved one are the Catalyst Angel, or the Messenger Angel to make it known to those who are. So yes, the work that you are all involved in now is very important and you are now being shown first hand what the true meaning of the word ascension is all about.

This is the beginning of the next leg. I spoke recently of what is to be expected regarding the second wave of ascension that is coming in December 2008 and this forms part of it, in fact, is the core stabilizer of that entire process. And it is the core stabilizing mechanism for the entire golden age. Remember your belief systems determine your attitudes and your perceptions, all of those are falling away because you are moving into a state of claircognizance, the only state in which to be. Claircognizance is the all knowing self, fully active. It is about living, governed purely by that aspect of self. Therefore nothing challenges you, or sways you from your truth in that sense because you KNOW the truth and that is the foundation, the very bases of what makes up the Sacred Councils of Truth. In order to serve as the physical manifestation and anchor of the collective body of the Sacred Council of Truth, your bases, your foundation; your base chakra – your root system must be rid of all the belief systems that motivate you by fear, that feed your jealousy, your envy, your anger, your resentments, your hatred, and whatever it is that lurks inside of you, that causes you to feel and to behave negatively. There is no harm in having a bad day, I have always said that even a few days is acceptable, but when you get into a cycle of negativity, then you are breaking down the light that you have tried to create. You bring that negativity not only into your own being, but into your home and into everything that you are doing, and do you think you can perform light work when there is so much negativity around you? If you are filled with negativity, how are you to present and perform pure "light" work?

So clean up your act, clean out your environment, your home, your social circle, any aspect of life, intimately, career, and all those habits and prepare yourself for your true role of ascension, because if you want to know what ascension truly is, what living in the light really means, then get cracking. Living in the light, following the pathway of ascension has nothing to do, I repeat, NOTHING to do with denying people with true love in their heart of your attention or of your time regardless of what they do, be it drink, smoke, take drugs, be promiscuous, never bathe… because that is a judgment….. Walking the pathway of light and truly serving God means that you have the capability to see Christ in all of them and honor that. However if the person chooses not the honor the Christ within themselves and chooses to focus on negativity… and it brings you down or it pulls you in and you become a part of that negative cycle of judging, criticizing, gossiping, hurting yourself and others then best you get out as quick as you can. Do what you will but harm none…. physically, verbally, psychically or mentally, spiritually or any other way. Why? because you have no right to.

The Ten Commandments hold power, they are LAWS, however they have been distorted, misunderstood and very seldom applied. Because of the misunderstanding in them people have felt no laws exist. Very few people in actual fact know what their truth is or what meaning of those laws are, which is what I, Kuthumi as Moses brought to the planet. However, I in fact brought 99 tablest, not just 10, and this was the body of teachings that was given to this channel some 9 years ago, however humanity has not been ready to receive it. When there are sufficient light workers who’ve truly committed to the pathway of ascension, we will begin releasing that information again. Even though the Ten Commandments are distorted and not understood, there are still other laws that apply… AND IF THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU WILL EVER REMEMBER, THEN REMEMBER THIS ONE– The Law of Right Action, and of course that what you do unto others you are doing unto yourself. The way you treat yourself is how others will treat you. What you believe in your heart is what you will create in your reality, so if you believe you are not good enough or deserving of and you know the list, then as sure as tomorrow will dawn, it will come to affirm your belief.

So now, please close your eyes for a moment. Taking a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth allowing your body to relax….. All the words that have come forth today every part of your being has heard and has honored because the light inside of you, the authentic part of you has called for this, and has been ready to hear this and knew that the ego aspects of you NEEDED to hear this. To know that even Spirit has boundaries, that even the world of light will only allow so much and no more, and that when individuals claiming to live the pathway of light behave negatively, it is blasphemous.  (in this is the misunderstood law of blasphemy, in taking God’s name ( yours and others in vain.)

Now take another deep breath in and as you exhale, just allow the negativity in your body to be consumed by the light pouring into your crown chakra right now….. and just take a moment to think about any negativity you have been wrapped up in over the past few days, weeks, months or perhaps even a negative cycle that has lasted a few years… and allow the light to pour all over those memories and seep deep into the core of the negativity and transmute it……Just see all of that which has weighed you down becoming as light as a feather… and all of those negative feelings, associations and projections turning into soft white feathers and velvet white rose petals, floating all around you cleaning up your energy field and softening all the energy around you.

Now think about any judgments you have been making of others… think about the person or the people… and see the light filling them…. Look at the heaviness of the judgments that have been projected that have caused them perhaps discomfort…….. Look at them…… Be courageous enough to acknowledge what such energy does, energy that you in this case may have projected. If you have not done such a thing then just be aware of the people that you are seeing and how they appear as a result of the judgments that have been projected toward them, the negative words, gossiping and rejection. Look at what that energy does.

Now begin increasing your ability to magnetically draw in the light from Infinite Source and replace every negative energy you’ve projected towards that person or people with the light you are bringing from Infinite Source and begin uplifting that energy…… lift it, dissolve it, dismantle it, and soften it until you see the feathers and the velvet rose petals…….. And now you are to send a sincere blessing to the person or group of people… if one of sincerity does not come then be still, do not say anything and send light to the person or people……. Breathe in deeply exhaling fully as this soft, gentle, uplifting energy begins swirling and twirling together and the All Oneness that connects all of you together fills the ethers…. And the mutual light of acceptance shines in all your hearts… Allow the light of acknowledgement to fill your body, your heart, your mind and your soul and remind yourself that where you are today, is at the end and at the beginning… and that you have some very important choices to make, ones that you need to commit to…. And as the feathers and the rose petals float around you, you know that you are quite capable of remaining faithful to your commitment…. And acknowledge this to yourself…. Acknowledgement is the process of owning and accepting what is and then doing what needs to be done to make whatever changes are necessary from the point of stillness within.

Everything begins and ends with you. Conflict begins with you and it ends with you. Judgment begins with you and it ends with you. Gossip, rejection, fear, anger, all begins with you …. And it all ends WITH YOU. Breathe this into you, knowing again, that this is true; everything begins and ends with you. In other words, your choice… And how you use your power… YOUR power to respond, in other words your ability to respond to life, which is why you are YOUR responsibility and whatever happens around you, is YOUR responsibility to change from within IF you are not happy with what is happening…. At this point beloved ones open your energy field to welcome the 244 Grand Masters of Truth of the Great Council who are of the Great System of Light……. As you are introduced to their energy, if and when the time is right, based on what happens from this day forward, one of them will connect with you to serve as an anchor for the Sacred Council of Truth and perhaps what we should add, is that not only is it the Sacred Council of Truth, it is also the Sacred Council of Cognizance which will first be created INSIDE OF YOU… and THEN you will be part of the greater council. THAT is THE LAW of co-creation within the realms of light… Just feel your energy surrendering and welcoming the beings, their energies and their presence.

Welcome the energy of change that has come to greet you, that has been filtering through your body over the past 17 days, that has caused massive shifts in most of you already. Some of you have experienced it more physically, others of you have experienced it emotionally, some mentally, and some have been facing very deep and dire spiritual crises. The change has met all of you and the Soul Eclipse has brought you the gift to look into the eyes of the darkest of your shadows, to embrace those aspects, to acknowledge them and now bring them into the light……. Draw in more of the light from the Infinite Source which you are able to always magnetically do….and wash it through your body, wash it through your aura, through your emotional body and your mental body…. Wash it through your spirit body, through your causal body and all the way through to your monad, so that you are now glowing with light.

I, Kuthumi bring recalibration to your body, aligning your chakras…. I place around you a golden egg… and as you stand within this egg you are being prepared for the death and rebirth cycles that come with the time of death and resurrection, related to the Easter period… and if you choose to work with this energy any other time after the Easter period, you will still undergo the death and resurrection. It is just more intense now because of the Easter energies… And give thanks for all of this….. This light will remain within you and all around you because you ARE permanently connected to the Infinite Source.

Draw your consciousness back into your physical body… always welcoming the light into your being, welcoming the light into your home, your heart, your mind and every aspect of your environment, and be grateful for everything you have.

Beloved ones before I end this transmission, I ask you to use your power of choice wisely. Choose to focus on that which is of the light; choose to spend most of your time in places and with people who uplift your spirit, who honor the laws of light, who honor the laws of service to God…. And keep your ego in check. YOU are master not your ego.

And so it is that we bring forth the blessings from the 244 masters of the Grand Council of Truth of the Great Brotherhood of Light… The energy that they send to you is now also supported by the light of 244 female masters of the Grand Council of Cognizance of the Great Sisterhood of Light…. May all of you have within you the sense to recognize truth, the self respect and the self love to choose truth, to remove yourself from that which is negative and that pulls you into negativity on a long term basis, and may you have within you the conscious recognition of the force of power that exist within you. The forces of power that will inspire and motivate you to go forth and remove yourself from the drama of the world of others, and remind you to mindYOUR own business. Your life is your business, the business of life, take care of it, mind it with light and it will prosper, it will grow and it will bear very delicious, very sweet and abundant fruit. Remember, everything begins and ends with you.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, head of Ascension, walking with Lord Maitreya and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.

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