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Dimensions, House Cleaning and NESARA


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Dimensions, House Cleaning and NESARA

 by F. M., Saturday March 27, 2004

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Published in this website on April 6, 2004.  See NESARA information at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

Often, when writing a good novel, does not the author first create both how it begins and how it ends in his mind before the actual words of the novel are written down or typed out?  The rest of the interesting and lengthy story in-between the glorious beginning and the dramatic ending is a simple yet intricately woven tapestry of such magnificence, that it stirs all known feelings one possesses from the good to the bad.

Such is true in the mind of God, as the novel of “Human Beings” was written.  The story has been long and difficult, but Man has gradually learned his lessons over these last 206 million years, and has filled the pages of this heavenly book with very intriguing material. NESARA comes in as the last chapter and the ending in this great novel.  It is a short chapter but a very important chapter none the less.  Eons ago within the pages of this NESARA chapter, Man’s ascension and graduation into a new way of life and a new beginning was also written.  It is here at this graduation point, where the bookmark has been stuck for far too long.

At this time you must first and foremost fully comprehend and take to heart that this NESARA saga, that we are experiencing, has a glorious and very happy ending.  There is no other possible ending but one of freedom, happiness, tranquility, prosperity and peace.  There are giant guard-rails keeping NESARA on track, and the end is quite near.  Every possible contingency in this NESARA saga has been accounted for, and every action by everyone involved will most definitely and ultimately lead to a happy ending, that those of the Light know can be immediately manifested.  This is so because Lightness always wins over darkness.  This ending that we are experiencing has been well thought out and well written by Creator Source.  Such has been decreed by Creator Source, that the ending of this NESARA saga is NOW.

Within our everyday lives, each of us experience both joy and disappointment of some form or another.  Whether it be on a large scale that we notice or on a small scale that we don’t seem to notice at all, our daily decisions and consequences of our decisions create what we experience on every level, even down to the very atoms that make up our physical body.

Depression, disappointment and hopelessness are ultimately an end result of not making the correct decisions that are in line with your higher purpose, and not doing those actions that are in tune with your higher spiritual self, and ultimately, Creator Source.  These feelings we experience are a direct result of not having or not utilizing our strong personal communication link with our Creator Source.  This inability of communicating on a deep, personal and spiritual level with God, profoundly affects our lives, and consequently the decisions and actions we make and the actions we take.

There are many people at this time, who are experiencing an inner anxiety of which the source cannot be pinpointed.  Is this true in your life?  Do you have an inner restlessness that is calling to you to do something different, something grander than what you are doing now?  Do you have that inner voice that is speaking to you, but you don’t quite know what it is saying, because you don’t know how to interpret the foreign words?

Many are feeling these feelings at this time because there has been a dramatic increase in energy and frequencies, not only over the last few years, but even more recently in the past few months.  This energy is coming from the Sun in the form of Solar Flares, and from the Forces of Light with their countless Starships and Motherships that are orbiting Earth. It is also coming directly from Creator Source, who is simply increasing the thought-energy wave frequencies that resonate and vibrate to create the very world in which we live. These very high energy waves carry with them new and different frequencies and thought patterns, that reverberate throughout our bodies, minds and souls.  It is these new high-frequency energies that are stirring and awakening our spiritual connection into action, and are very purposefully trying to strengthen our connection to God.  This is the cause of our inner-anxiety feelings.  Once we learn how to recognize these new energies, we can utilize them to command profound changes, not only in our life but in the lives of others.  As we collectively gather these energies, thoughts and actions with others, it is this mutual awakened energy that is utilized by Creator Source and the Forces of Light to manifest miracles.  This is how we create our own miracles.  We have an interwoven and symbiotic relationship with God. that we have forgotten how to use.  It is this awakening to our power within, that can bring forth NESARA immediately.  This is what is really meant by the words, “Creator Source is in control of NESARA.”  It is through our revitalized two-way communication channel and relationship with God, that we will manifest His will upon Earth.  Change your thoughts, change your actions and you change your reality. Creator God loves all of His creations.  It is through His thoughts and energy-forms that we receive our thoughts and high frequency energy.  We can then process, utilize and reflect these back to Him and create a magnificent circle/cycle of life of Heaven on Earth.

I call these strong energies that we are experiencing at this time, “House Cleaning” energies, because not only do they help us clean out our inner-house (body, mind and souls), but also they are greatly helping to clean out the most important house in which we live, Planet Earth.  These types of high frequency energies are quite detrimental to those, who choose to exist in the lower energies and realms, namely those that choose the darkside’s pathway.  It is these people and beings of our planet that are continually finding it harder and harder to physically function, and to cause chaos, mayhem and death.  Theirs is dead-end pathway which is quite self-terminating.  All those, who are on this pathway, have no time left.  The time that exists is a fraction of a moment to either choose the pathway of Light and Goodness or to be self-annihilated.  By your own actions so shall you choose your own future.

NESARA is Creator God’s plan, and it was created in complete and total perfection eons ago.  Creator Source always operates with simplicity and perfection, and, so too, shall NESARA come to pass in simple perfection.

The current events happening now with the Supreme Court Judges, White Knights and all other players involved with NESARA so far, were to be expected and are being allowed by Creator Source for those ones involved to make their final decisions for good or evil.  Always Creator allows for choice, but at this point, the time for choosing has run out.  Evil has had its reign.  We are passing out of the realm of darkness into the realm of heaven and lightness, and NESARA is the catalyst of this grand transformation.

Evil cannot exist in perfection, as the frequency range of all evil deeds, thoughts and actions is much too low to be compatible.  There is a direct linear correlation between the frequency of one’s thoughts and being, the resultant actions of those thoughts, the perceived reality of ones existence and the dimension in which one finds themselves living.  Any change in your thoughts causes a direct change in your overall frequency, which causes a direct change in your perceived reality, which then causes a direct change in your dimensional state of existence.  All of these areas are tied together in one evolving group.  Any change in one causes a like and direct change in all the others.

There is a certain and very specific range of frequencies within which all evil thought- patterns and actions of people choosing this lifestyle can exist.  Outside of that range evil is not tolerated, nor can it exist in any form.  The frequencies that disallow such are simply too high.  Think of it as being very similar to our Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum of energy.  There is a very specific and definite frequency range in which our visible spectrum of light can exist.  Beyond this range visible light no longer exists, as the EM energy is transformed into a different type of energy and, therefore, exists in a different state or dimension.  Existence of visible light outside of this very specific range is neither visible, nor is it physically possible.  So, too, is the same with the energy waves that make up evilness, and henceforth, make up our current world and reality that we are experiencing.

These house cleaning energies that we are experiencing, are ultimately preparing us for this frequency/thought-wave/reality/dimensional shift that comes with NESARA.  These frequencies are being increased ever so slightly, yet frequently and continually, so that those that keep attuned don’t really notice them.  Those who choose not to assimilate and integrate these higher energies and thought-patterns into their lives, are now causing and experiencing their own physical pains and ailments.  For an increasing number of people the energy is just too high, and they choose to give up their life and pass on to physical death.  Therein lies one effect of these house-cleaning energies.

Another purpose of these “House-cleaning” energies is that it is also time that we physically “House-Clean” our dwellings.  Clean out those cobwebs and that dust in our rooms.  Clear out that junk in our closets, garages and from under our beds that we never use.  Donate it to needy charities or just get rid of it.  Having a clean dwelling and property is always much more peaceful, satisfying and serene, and allows one to physically be more centered to receive and utilize these in-coming high frequency energies..  It is no coincidence that these house-cleaning energies are coinciding with our normal “Spring Cleaning” activities at this time.  Much needs to be cleaned up on Planet Earth, andNOW is the Divine time to do ALL of it.

With the ever-increasing frequencies and energies of Heaven’s hosts helping us and our planet, we are quickly and closely approaching this upper band of energies in this dimension, where evil cannot exist. We are to pass out of this current dimensional range immediately as NESARA happens.  It is this very cross-over point where all those of evil intent will be expunged and not allowed to enter the new reality/dimension/frequency range into which we are going.  At that point it would physically be impossible for such evil to exist. This is why it is continuously getting harder and harder for those doing evil deeds and low energy work to physically function and continue their selfish jobs.  Theirs is a pathway of self-destruction, yet most of those, who are on this pathway neither see nor care t where they are headed.

All of us have been taught by science that there are mathematical explanations of the dimensions, and that it would be physically impossible for a person to exist in a two- dimensional or one-dimensional world, as those worlds would respectively have movement in only two directions or no movement at all.  I say this is only partially true, as most scientists do not like to involve or even recognize the spiritual or godly aspect of the equation.  Again, these lower dimensions are all simply lower vibrational frequency states, which are all interwoven with an almost infinite amount of varying degrees much like our spectrum of light, which is clearly defined but yet contains an almost infinite amount of varying colors.  One could term these lower states as Hell or the Void, but none-the-less, they do exist, and there are many beings within those frequency ranges, who have chosen to be there.  Again, it is in these lower frequency ranges that evil exists, and in which Mother Earth and the people on her have existed for far too long.  This brings one back again to the house-cleaning energies which are again simply a gentle blast of energies from Heaven to give us the extra boost we need to get into the next and most glorious new reality/dimension/frequency range.

Within the ending of every well-written story there is always an unexpected twist that one does not expect.  So, in the ending of this NESARA story, expect an unexpected twist, but know this: it will be glorious.  It will be exciting, and it will be the terrific vision of grandeur that Creator Source has for all of us, and which WE manifest into a new reality. The final sentences of the NESARA chapter in this novel of “Human Beings” has yet to be written and initiated by man, but the last sentence is the same as the first.   “And God said, Let there be LIGHT”, and a new beginning was created.

We are here, people!  NESARA is upon us!   It is with our prayers, our meditations, our positive thoughts and our belief beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can create and manifest NESARA into our reality with prosperity, joy, happiness and peace.  Through our God Spirit we are in control of NESARA.  We control our own future.  We command, demand and create it.  So be it!  Salu to my good friends of Planet Earth.


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