You Are Satan Also

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You Are Satan Also

Archangel Raphael

Channeled throughBrian Murphy on May 1, 2004.

Published in this website on July 26, 2004.

Friends, this will probably be the most astounding, and the most outstanding statement that you are likely to hear from me, apart from the statement that most of you are now familiar with, that statement being "You are God also."

Most of you are familiar with the concept of Satan and most of you picture Satan as a fallen angel who has taken on gross anatomical features with horns and a goatee beard, and even a forked tail. This is what you have grown to accept, and yet you view me, as well as the other angels as halo shrouded humanlike forms with wings as well as arms. Looking anatomically at all God’s animal creations you must surely see that all creatures that have limbs, other than the insect kingdom, have only four of them. How then can you expect us angels to possess arms and wings at the same time. This is logically absurd but the visualization serves a purpose, just as your visualization of Satan serves a purpose, and that purpose is to provide a mental picture of another being, one outside yourself that you can portray and interact with. That is the purpose and this purpose is honorable if not illogical, but you should know by now that when you deal with matters of Spirit you can forget all about conventional logic.

The picture of Satan, or Lucifer or whatever other name you wish to use, of a grotesque humanoid reeking of evil is actually a human creation and was given to create an image to be feared and avoided. But just as you know that Spirit beings are actually creations of Light and energy, so too must you logically conclude that Satan must also be such a being and as such his grotesqueness is purely a figment of your imagination. The image that you use for Satan has now had its day my friends. It will no longer serve you to use it for you no longer need a fearful image to turn away from, in fact I am now urging you to confront your fears, especially those surrounding your satanic images. Accept them and release them for they no longer serve you.

Just as you are all equal aspects of the Creator, individual aspects experiencing your creation on behalf of All That Is, so too must you logically be individual aspects of the Destroyer, personified by the being you know as Satan. Creation and Destruction are polar opposites of the one energy and as such they cannot be separated and if this is so then you must logically conclude, along with the acceptance of the statement, "You are God also," you must also accept the statement, "You are Satan also." This simply means that you are also both the Creator and the Destroyer, or at least aspects of such. In accepting this fact you must also accept then that, just as God resides within you, so too does Satan. There is no getting away from this and it is definitely not something to be feared. Accepted yes, feared no!

Where then does the concept of Angels fit in, especially concerning the belief that Lucifer (Satan) is a fallen one? Are angels then just a figment of the human imagination?

Well the answer to this question, that of angels being a figment of the human imagination, is both yes and no. We do exist in your imagination, but we also exist outside your imagination. This is the paradox. You see, without your imagination nothing at all would exist. You would not exist, we would not exist, nothing would exist, so you could conclude that All That Is (ATI) resides purely in your imagination, and this is true. Now, if ATI does in fact exist and ATI exists purely in the human imagination, and to complicate things even further, if ATI exists in each human’s imagination, then we must conclude that all humans share their imagination as the common medium for ATI’s existence. Complicated? You bet. Illogical? You bet. Practical? You bet also.

Let us not dwell on this too much at this stage, we will come back to this later in another lesson. What I want to address here though is the fact that all of creation is just a figment of imagination, God’s imagination, and don’t forget that you are God also. Having said this, it logically follows then that Satan is a figment of imagination as well, as am I. We are all figments of your imagination. You can’t feel us, touch us, see us or smell us, so we must be imagined beings. Our works though can certainly be seen, smelt and felt in the physical so to that end we must be real enough, especially the works of God and Satan. It is interesting though, is it not, that if you contemplate the evil that you perceive to be Satan’s work, there is always a human origin to the evil, or at least an evil effect on a human or two. If, on the other hand, you contemplate the work of the Creator then the human doesn’t need to be involved at all and in fact you will come to realize that the physical human is created out of God-created material. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and so on. Wouldn’t it be logical then to conclude that, if evil evolves from human doing, and if evil is Satan’s creation then Satan must reside within the human, that the human must be Satan also?

You know in your heart that you are all capable of destruction and the doing of evil, each and every one of you. You do not succumb to an outside force, you succumb to an inside force when what you perceive to be evil arises from your hand, or your tongue or your mind. It is time now to realize and accept this, and once again I will stress that there is absolutely no judgment to be had on our part. The aim of this lesson is to show that you are All That Is in your world, including the good, the bad and the ugly. You created it all in your imagination and now you must own it, all of it. You cannot be only love and joy and Light. You must also be hate and grief and darkness. You created these as well for contrast, and you chose to embody and experience them all.

We all know that it feels good to lay blame elsewhere for the things and actions we don’t wish to own. It was good having Satan to lay blame on. It removed the burden from our shoulders and we could pretend that these things belong elsewhere, but they don’t. They are ours and we must accept them for if we choose to ignore this fact, they won’t go away. Even if we accept them, they won’t go away but at least we will be able to develop an understanding and we will be able to readily balance creation with destruction. We will be able to study the methods of balance, but only if we accept that the balance also lies within. As within, so without. As above, so below. Satan is not evil for you are not evil. Satan is not the Master of Hell. You are the Master of Hell for Hell is purely a state of mind, just as Heaven is a state of mind. It is for this reason that the creation of Heaven on Earth is possible, just as Hell on Earth can also be created. Yes you might argue that it has already been created but doesn’t Heaven and Hell depend on your perception, on your perspective or viewpoint? Heaven and Hell are purely states of mind. Nirvana on the other hand is a different kettle of fish, and we will deal with Nirvana shortly.

Why is it that we are now raising the issue of Heaven and Hell, God and Satan? Why now? Why this time?

Well the answer is simple. It has taken quite a time and quite some argument to get you to the point of accepting that You are God also. But now that you have accepted that fact, if we were to leave it at that then we would create imbalance if we were not to introduce you to the other side of the coin as well. We have allowed quite some time for you to absorb your God status, quite some time indeed for it has been a struggle for most of you. You were so well ingrained with subservience and the fear of the wrath of a vengeful God that the time taken was absolutely necessary. We hope this is not the case with the other side of the coin. Perhaps this will be easy since a lot of you believe that you are nothing but sinners anyway.

That word "sin" now begs another related question. What exactly is sin? Is it just the work of Satan? Is it the breaking of a few Commandments chiseled onto stone tablets so long ago? Can we all agree on what is a sin and what is not a sin?

The answer to this question also lies within. What do you feel and where do you feel it when you perceive that you have sinned? I’m sure that you will all agree that whenever you think you have sinned you have, what do you say, pricked your Conscience, and this pricking of the conscience has created a feeling within that you cannot possibly deny. It is universal, it happens to everyone, including we spirit folk, and as such it is a personal feeling. Just another argument to show that sin is a personal thing and as such, if it can be attributed to Satan then Satan must reside within as well. And while we are on the topic of sin, if sins can be instantly forgiven by God at the moment of repentance, that is when you accept and own all your sins, what significance does sin really have? For this argument we will envisage the supposedly judgmental God of your scriptures. Sure, your laws and your Conscience dictate that wrongdoing should be punished, but if God automatically forgives all sin at the moment of repentance, what value has sin within our spiritual experience? I think this argument logically leads to our view that there is no sin and if there is no sin then there can be no such concept as evil. Sin is what you make of it as a human experience. To us it all falls into the realm of contracts and karma, nothing more.

Now back to balancing Satan and God within.

There is no point in bringing up this subject if our only motive was to take you back down from your pedestal of equality with Spirit. So the point must be one of furthering the cause of humanity with regard to coming to terms with your true power, and your true power can only be accessed through balance and choice. Many of you have really accepted your God status and taken to manifesting love, Light and joy in your lives, and this is great, but unfortunately there are many who have not yet manifested such things. There are many enlightened humans who have also manifested much less, some are even miserable and wish they never awakened, and it is true to say that these people are in the majority at this time. Their misery has indeed caused them to question whether the spiritual path is worth the effort and many have stagnated because of this. They are disillusioned. They have been promised the wonders of creation, of all the joy and harmony of the Universe, and they, despite all their intentions and best efforts have been denied what they have been promised. We cannot deny this and you cannot deny this. It is fact.

Where then does the problem lie?

The answer is, with Satan of course. Satan has been denied and he is not happy. Now if Satan lies within, if Satan is part of you, then the Satan aspect of you will react, just as you personally would react if you were denied recognition in your workplace for instance. This reaction is a reaction to imbalance. Now I’m not saying that you must create balance by deliberately choosing sinful choices to balance your Light and love choices. I’m not saying that at all. What I am asking though is that you accept that you are capable of choosing and that is your rightful job, but that you recognize that balance is attainable in all situations. You must recognize that recognizing Satan, as well as God achieves balance in your daily choices. As an example, when you tithe, if in fact you tithe at all, do you do it in order to gain a promised reward or do you do it in genuine appreciation of the joy of giving? There is a difference and the difference is huge. One is God based and the other is Satan based, one is compassion, the other is greed. Are you secretly jealous of others who you see having more, or are you truly glad to see others with abundance?

Balance is necessary in all choices and you must choose for the right reasons. You can justifiably choose even to shoot another person and not be bothered by the balance between Light and Dark if the reason is for the highest will and good. For example, Col. T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) was chosen to execute a man who had killed another tribesman, of a different tribe when the two tribes had come together to fight a common enemy. Lawrence was chosen to do this because, being an Englishman, he was not a member of either tribe and was therefore neutral and would be acceptable as an unbiased administrator of justice. He chose to complete this task because the alternative would have meant many more lives being lost. Of course he could have walked away from this, but would that have been creating balance in this situation?

Now for those of you who have not yet mastered the manifestations of your dreams, I will urge you now to review the choices you have made with regard to your spiritual path and assess whether or not you have denied Satan along the way. I’m sure that you will find this to be true because we all do it, even I. With this review process though, I would now ask you to question whether balance has been upset by your choices. Question yourself honestly and earnestly and ask yourself. "What would have happened had I chosen the alternative?" "Did I choose for the right reasons?" These are two distinct questions with similar consequences.

We are coming to a point where we must realize that not all choices towards love and Light are acceptable. If you choose love over hate for instance, for the wrong reasons, if you choose it just because it is the acceptable thing to do with your new spiritual friends, then you are choosing for the wrong reasons. If you choose to love the person who has just killed your child, just because your spiritual advisers have told you that you must love everyone, you are choosing for the wrong reasons. You must allow the other emotions, the appropriate emotions their time and space as well. It is OK to hate, as long as you can accept it, recognize its purpose and then possibly turn it around. If you choose Reiki over conventional medicine when you break your arm because you don’t like doctors, you are choosing for the wrong reasons. Try as they may, I don’t think Reiki practitioners are capable of mending broken arms yet, unless of course they use methods other than pure Reiki. Miracles are possible but not yet commonplace. All of your emotions are there for a reason and it is advisable that you recognize them and not judge them. Trouble starts when your so-called "negative" emotions are not allowed to surface at the appropriate time. This is denying Satan and Satan won’t be denied. It is denying your Inner Being, not that I’m saying that your Inner Being and Satan are one and the same, but just as your Ego is an aspect of your Inner Being, so too can you say that Satan is an aspect also. Satan is not your Ego and vice versa either, but they can be compared at times. Both must be recognized and accepted otherwise imbalance will occur.

We mentioned Nirvana before in this lesson and most of you will recognize Nirvana as a spiritual dimension, the one you aspire to after your cycles of karma have been completed in the physical plane. This is so, but not quite heaven. Most of you relate the concept of Heaven to a place of no negativity whatsoever. Love, Light, peace, tranquility, and perhaps with angels playing harps. Let me assure you that there is no such place, and even if there were, what would be the point? Such a place would not be balanced and would certainly not accommodate all aspects of humanity, but having already said that Heaven is a state of mind, then perhaps imagine such a place and create it, in your imagination of course. In the meantime we must learn to balance what we have already created, for balance is the only way forward.

Everything that has ever been created must sooner or later be destroyed, and it must be destroyed in order to create anew. Refurbishing, when you think about it is really a matter of creation following destruction, whether the destruction was natural or deliberate. This is the way forward, even with your thoughts. As new thoughts appear surpassing the old, those old thoughts are automatically destroyed and replaced. Now it is time to replace those old thoughts of evil and darkness residing outside your own consciousness, and to recognize them and own them. This is the path toward your future, a path balanced by the understanding of your own nature, that of Light and Darkness in balance, with understanding overriding fear, and of choices for the right reasons.

With those thoughts I will leave you now to contemplate what I have said. Do not fear the thought of Satan residing within. There is nothing new here, for that is where he has always been. Just as you have been searching outside of yourself for God for countless lifetimes, so too have you cast out Satan into a place where he cannot be balanced and brought under control. The stories you have grown to believe are metaphors my friends and they have served you well. It is time now to put them into proper perspective. When you finally recognize and reconcile the Satan within, you will realize that you can now control him. There is only one person that can change you, and that is you.

I thank you and bless you.


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