Women, Guardians of Place


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Women, Guardiansof Place

by Luis E. Prada
Written circa 1998

The ideal slightly outlined here is detailed in the articles Brother Veritus’ Community andBrother Veritus’ University.  It is recommended to read those articles once you read this one.

The author does not support radical feminism and misandry.

TraditionalFamily Roles

 In the current traditional view, women have been seenas the center of the family structure or nucleus. They have been raised on cultural values that extol family unity andmoral virtues.  Leadership in thiscontext has been relegated to their male counterpart. This traditional viewpoint of women is changing rapidly. In the Aquarian Age women will play this traditional role plusleadership, also an equal right over family property and children guardianship.  They will impulsesocietal changes and will lead in areas strictly prohibited to them in PisceanAge history or areas primarilyconsidered stock of men.  If theyplayed an important role during those times was by sacrificing or in submissionand/or repression of their emotional focus.

 Emotions,Link to the Soul

Emotions are the link or‘missing’ link to the Soul Matrix.  Theyconnect us to our soul and monad and from there catapult us to higher realities. The suppression of emotions renders the human to a cold intellectual andmaterialistic robotic individual who trusts and believes only afive-physical-sense reality.  Manipulationand mental control of the individual can easily be achieved in this mind setupscheme.  An underlying culture basedon manipulation can then run rampant and a mass mind control can be established.

 Women have been endowed bythe Creator with an enhanced inalienable right: A more open and developedemotional center (in our present time/space reality.) This also holds true for some of our planetary cultures, such as theLatin or Middle Eastern culture.  Throughgovernmental or religious mind control techniques these qualities can besuppressed in these cultures and even in the female energy —”theGoddess has left us.”

 The above somber scenario canbe overcome by expansion of awareness and individual freedom. As Light expands, ignorance recedes and mass consciousness shifts towarda spiritual viewpoint beyond the frequency fence (or frequency control) of theold paradigm.  The Heaven on Earthreality becomes the way of life for the planet and the gods and goddesses willwalk again with humans in partnership, trust, love and brotherhood/sisterhood. Light carries information.  Thisinformation will materialize as an exchange of technologies and philosophiesbetween space people and earthlings that will enhance quality of life and launchthe human mind into a multidimensional universe in which traveling through time,space and interdimensionally will be a part of everyday life.

 Now, in this scenario womenwill not be forced to suppress emotions but will manifest them freely in abalanced format in conjunction with their male counterpart. A global long-range vision and a stable society, the female perspective,will be balanced with a male short-term vision and attention to details. Children will be encouraged by their mothers to hold high-exaltedemotions that connect them with their Godself and to develop HigherSensory Perception(HSP) —theextra seven senses (1).  Thevision given by the use of HSP will generate a progressive creative framework ofdevelopment where personal achievement for the benefit of the whole isencouraged and self-service or personal-gain-only not supported. HSP will keep the individual connected to the Soul Matrix and the Source. Thus, a channel of spiritual information will keep society in tune orharmonized with the Source.  Unbalancethrough the pursue of destructive projects will be suppressed or discouraged toprevent digression and a regressive future societal degeneration.

Children with a mature perspective,the so-called “indigo children”, will lead in many different projects andwill be unyielding to any old belief system that might set society back toPiscean structures of conflict and polarity. By the very nature of motherhood and the psychic link between mother andchild, mothers will understand these children and be able to rear them properly.


Women will lead in the creation ofmilitary defense systems for the planet that will not be directed to power tripor dominance but to protect the place from offplanetary invasion and takeover. In this way the life of their precious children will be highly honoredand spared at all cost and war will be considered only as a last recourse wheninvasion of the dwelling place is at risk. Women will be the Guardians of Place, as it is the title of thisdiscourse (2).  They willbe the guardians of the hearth —ofhome—because of their intuitive knowledge, especially important in war matters. Any decision-making council meeting should have equal participation ofmen and women without conflict of interests. For instance, a 12-member council should be composed of 6 men and 6women, none of them family members or engaged in personal affectionaterelationship.


In medicine, women will supervisethe production of holistic medicine, the proper care of the infant, the painlessbirth labor, the care for the sick with empathy and love and the establishmentof so-called non-traditional medicine such as psychic healing, remote healing,prayer healing or psychotherapeutic regression as part of the standard medicalpractices.  New healing scienceswill incorporate sound and light (color) for healing. The so-called “New Age” healing won’t be viewed anymore withderision by the “establishment” because it will be partof the establishment.  Aforementionedpractices as well as traditional and eastern medicine will be administered tothe patient according to each case and as deemed necessary and appropriate, allservices offered with love.  Andfurthermore, the mystery of the menstrual cycle will be understood from thespiritual perspective.

Beauty,Ritual, the Ecosystem

Women as a whole have special tastefor beauty and naturally enjoy harmonious environment. I would say, women like beauty!  Thiswill be the time when they will have a stronger voice in the design of edificesand public places.  Building designthen will incorporate artistic rendition and comfort, and women will be surethat public buildings will have more restrooms for women than men!

To replace worn-out rituals ofestablished traditional religions (3) new rituals will be enactedthat connect us to God/dess and higher forces. Women will bring beauty and taste to these rituals and be instrumental inthe writing of rituals that honor the female energy such as Mother Earth and theGoddess.  Ceremonial magic andritualistic non-denominational services that incorporate song, dance and dramawill be performed in temples and public places having women as organizers,promoters and participants and using their natural talents to agglutinate andbond energy.  An explanation of thebalance of the two polarities, the Moon and the Sun, and of the planetaryinfluences on the HUwo/manpsychology will be part of these inspired rituals [click here, https://www.luisprada.com/summeritual.htm,for a sample].  Also the Celebration of the last andmost important victory of Redeemed HUmanity: The victory over death. (4)

The research and development of newtechnology will be in harmony with the environment and ecosystem and women willbe sure that Cosmic Law and the welfare of our Mother Earth will not beviolated.

New dressing codes and fashion forreal women will be adopted —not for an ‘ideal’skinny female figure existing in the mind of elitist male couturiers. Men will bring forth their female side in matters of attire, personalcare and manners according to new ethical standard honoring women and by simplyjust plain good taste!  Relaxed,loosely and colorful dressing for off-duty time and formal space-type suitszipped-to-neck for business will be adopted for both men and women. Women will dictate the proper language code for communication devoid ofprofanity and vulgarity.  Whentelepathic abilities become common place, an open and trustful relationshipbetween individuals with no hidden agendas will be fundamental for groupinteraction as well as personal and intimate relationships. Mind reading for eavesdropping will be inappropriate behavior, only to beused as a communication vehicle when ethical code is not violated.

On their negative side, as average,women have the tendency to establish fixed immutable laws that cannot be bent. This is actually done with good intention to keep order and stability. But without their male counterpart, these fixed laws will lead society inthe future to boredom and lack of flexibility and free will —a just “tooperfect” society.  In the Aquarianfifth-dimensional human society the balance of the two polarities will preventboredom borne out of fixed laws, since creativity and change are welcome tostimulate progress and expansion.  Mutualrespect between couples is expected.


Male-oriented or macho-type secretsocieties such as the infamous “Skull and Bones” secret society of YaleUniversity (5) or certain Masonic branches “for men only” willnot be allowed to operate.  Allorganizations should include women in their ranks with equal voice andparticipation on the decision making to create a well-balanced and healthyenvironment for all of their members.  Todayand throughout history some organizedreligions have not permitted equal participation of women in their ritual and,ironically, have also emasculated the male! (2). The Rosicrucian Order, on the contrary and as an example, has allowedequal male/female participation in all of its activities since its veryfoundation in Egypt during the 18th Pharaonic dynasty.

BatteredWomen Issue

Finally, Men Honor Women. Women will be sure that under all international and local laws no man canbeat a woman and walk away free of this ignominious crime without a major lawviolation and societal offence worth of punishment. Ignorance of this law or excuses such as “this is OK in our culture”won’t be accepted.  After animpartial panel of men and women has evaluated all circumstances, a punishmentfor the infracting man will be issued that may include work demotion, titleremoval, confinement and, in all cases, a psychological healing treatment,before returning him back to normal life.  Samelaw applies to opposite sex, that is, in all fairness this also, equally, applies to battered men by women.

Tinker Bell - Walt Disney ProductionsAVisualization with the Goddess

With closed eyes let’s makethis visualization (half closed for my readership). Take three deep breaths at slow pace to center yourself. Enter into a meditative state.

Imagine that you are below agrid of light that connects you to your soul and monad and from there to all thehuman race.  You go up a rainbowbridge, the Antahkarana Bridge.  Youmerge with your soul and feel an energy expansion and higher vibratory ratethroughout your astral body.  Youcontinue rising in vibration through this bridge until you reach your monad or IAM PRESENCE.  Here you observe avast cobweb of Light energy that flows deep into space, infinitely. You see Light, Life and Love impulses traveling across this net atincredible speeds in all directions.

You ask your monad, which youperceive as a human loving figure surrounded by a powerful light: “I want tofeel the Goddess.  Connect me withmy female part.  I want to feel thejoy of her presence and travel with her to unknown secret places.” As you petition, you see yourself in a deep cave inside the Earth. It runs deep and long.  It islit by phosphorous light emanating from its walls. You walk along exploring and curious. There, in a corner of the cave and approaching you, comes a mostbeautiful lady.  Her dress is long,loose and gauzy and floats as she moves.  Shehas a silky diaphanous ribbon band holding a banged hair. Her hair is long and black crowned with a wreath of roses. Her flesh is opalescent and translucent and her manners feminine anddelicate and with a soft voice.  Shetells you that her name is Gaia and asks you to follow her. Both continue entering deep into the cave and arrive to a dead end. There you see a crystals bed with amethyst, quartz, calcite, chrysoprase,citrine, opal, diamond, hematite, jade, lapis lazuli and much more, big pile. They sparkle in countless colors, orange, green, blue and indigo, violet,pink, countless really, and so bright, luminescent, iridescent, glowing. As you both approach them, the light from them casts on your faces addingto the magic of the place and enchanting the experience. You feel the place charged with electrical energy that absorbs yourbeing.

Tinker Bell and Peter Pan - Walt Disney ProductionsYou lose consciousness andfind yourself walking in a wild forest where rivers cascading down the slopes ofthe mounts run wild.  You hear birdssinging and see wild creatures running.  Then,you catch a glimpse of a timid little elf hiding himself behind a tree. “What? … A gnome?”, you pause to think, then feel that they are allover the place.  You think: “Are they watching me? …A little fluttering on my hair?” You look up and see a faërie, so pretty, so small … so graceful,coquette.  “Oh, … it’s TinkerBell”, you murmur smiling.  Shesmiles back, tosses some pixie dust on you and flies away swirling at fastspeed, carefree.  You look at thesky, it is resplendent.  “What? I see faces, many, in the air, gossamer hair, airy, almost imperceptible,they’re looking at me too.”  “Whoare you?”, you ask.  A soft voicecoming from everywhere as many harmonious voices in unison responds: “We arethe sylphs, we commune with the airy forces and the weather forces. We live so close to you.  Thankyou for acknowledging us.”  “Youare welcome”, you reply.

You feel grand, expansive,free.  Gaia has been at your sideall along amused by your reactions.  She,then, says: “No time to waste, let’s go to the Moon!” You instantly feel walking on a soft light terrain, sandy and dusty. Barren.  The light is bright,but silvery and tamed.  Gaia takesyou to a cave entrance.  Thereinside appears a temple of fantastic beauty. You’re so impressed, looking in all directions at the magnificence ofthe place.  Walls made of preciousstones, ceilings with carved figures and symbols, an altar at the center. She turns to you and says: “Listen: On the way to enlightenment youpass by the Moon first.  This is thebeginning.  Then you start yourenlightenment. (2)  Thenlooking firmly at your eyes she says: “Would you have loved all the places Ihave shown you?”  You reply:”Yes, I would like to be there forever.” She says then: “Because you love them now, you would like to preservethem.  How much more is the love of theMother Terra for them since she deeply has loved them all along? When you go back, take this message with you: ‘Love your world, you minerals, plants, animals, your pristine water,your air, the beautiful Terran skies, when sun rises, when sun sets, theoptimistic bright day. Thank the Creator for them. Honor them, and let everybody know that they are as precious and sacredas you are.’  I am your Mother. Love me as much as you love your Father, for we sustain you and give youhome for you evolvement.  We loveyou more that you can ever know.  Goback.  God and Goddess bless you. Adonai.”

Here you come back to yourbody and open your eyes.

 -END –

 Notesand References

1.       Voyagers, the Sleeping Abductee, Vol. I, by Anna Hayes, GranitePublishing, Columbus, N.C., 1999.  Seethe Chapter: “Awareness and Intuition.” Here there is a Soul Matrix study, Soul Matrix transplant and protection,emotion and its relation to Higher SensoryPerception (HSP).

2.       The Pleiadian Agenda, A New Cosmology for the Age of Light, by BarbaraHand Clow, Bear & Company Publishing, 1995. The title “Women, Guardians of Place” was taken from the Chapter:”The Story of Goddess Alchemy.”  Readthe channeling of the Moon.  Withrespect to the emasculation of man, see the Chapter: “The Lizards and theRoman Church.”  In one paragraphit reads: “[…] Christ was a healer; he worked with the emotional body, andhe resurrected from the dead.  Heremoved the various ‘I can’t’ the Anunnaki had implanted in the field, andhe did these things as a full 3D human, a virile male. Then the Church stripped away his virility by hiding his truerelationship with Mary Magdalene, and the male was emasculated and the femaledenied.  Eventually the RomanCatholic Church became the only organization where a penis is required for thejob, but once you get the job, you can’t use it!”

3.       Tedious repetitions or symbolism whose meaning has been lost is prevalentin traditional religious rituals.  Ifnothing else in this discourse, ministers and priests may agree with me on thispoint.

4.       Bible,I Corinthians 15:55  “O death,where is thy sting? O grave, where isthy victory?”  Death is actually amental programming of the old paradigm, an idea. You are what you think.  Soif you believe an illusion to be true, you manifest it as a reality. The following information is taken from The Aquarian Mystery School – Science and Practice of Holistic Health, Neophytes, Initiate’s Level ofHolistic Wellness, administered by the Aquarian Perspectives InterplanetaryMission: ” [ …] Cancer is nothing more than a thoughtform. Dis-ease, even death, aging, are nothing more than thoughtforms. A repressed emotion will manifest a tumor.”

5.       George Bush, the Unauthorized Biography, by Webster Griffin Tarpley andAnton Chaitkin, Chapter 7, Skull and Bones: The Racist Nightmare at Yale. The author may not agree with some contents of this book. It can be downloaded in zip format by clicking this link:The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush.


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