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I Aspire to Contact with Those Who Are Ready



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I Aspire to Contact with Those Who Are Ready


 Lord Sananda

Channeled through Messenger Tatyana Mickushina ©, July 8, 2006


Full title of the original article:  I Aspire to Contact From the Heart to the Heart with Those Who Are Ready for This Contact.  Translation from Russian to English by Mihael Slobodin.  Editing of some English grammar by Luis Prada. Taken from: Published in this website on August 31, 2006.

 I AM Jesus arrived to you by this day in order to give my manuals, which I prepared for you in advance.


Rarely do we have the chance of contact directly with those who are situated in the embodiment now. However, this possibility of contact directly between me and you is established in your nature. And, if you take as the labor and fasten by entire heart, by entire soul to our contact, you could hear me. I would arrive into you exactly also, as I now arrived into the corporal temple of Tatiana, and we would have a conversation with you. I could give manuals to you directly, by-passing any mediator. And this is what I passionately desire – to get by the straight contact with each of you.


Majorities of people, which read these dictations, are familiar with Christianity. But religion is in no way serving as obstacle to our contact with you because people themselves divided faith by different religions. And each religious system attempts to subordinate its flock and vigilantly watches so that it (flock) would not leave the limits of their church. However, I exist and strive for contact with all, independently of the religion to which you belong and your family belongs. Try to admit me in your consciousness as the Ascended Ruler, not as idol, to which the majority of the world’s Christians worships, but as your elder brother, friend, which is prepared to respond to any of your request and to arrive at you to the aid when you call me.


I am that Ruler, which is very close to humanity of the Earth, and you actually cannot imagine to yourselves how nearby be my presence. I can be among you during your prayer, when you appeal to me. And I can arrive at you in the silence of your solitude, then, when you are sincerely intending to meet with me and to obtain advice in the difficult life situation. Do not be troubled to accost me. I am the Ascended Ruler, and I serve humanity of the Earth for the duration of all that time, as I completed transition in the life, when I was Jesus. Since then I am frequently appearing to those who confess true Christianity in their hearts. Not to those who made a religion of Christianity by their source of subsistence, and not to those who bigotedly follow church dogmas and rules. I strive for contact from the heart into the heart with those who are ready to this contact.


For very many people I am not only a Christian symbol but also a friend. And many embodiments back I met with you and gave my study during my embodiment as Jesus. And now our connection is not interrupted on the thin plane. You have the capability to obtain instruction during the sleep in my abode. I call those of you who yet do not use this possibility for our contact to use it. If you before your sleep are situated in the calm, harmonious state, after prayer, you can be fixed by thought for the meeting with me, and we without fail will be encountered during your night sleep. I will answer your questions and will render entire possible assistance to you. Let it not confuse you that after awakening you can not recall all details of our encounter. Or even completely not to remember that our encounter took place. This is not important because you in your life will use the obtained manuals even if this passes beside your external consciousness.


Therefore preserve in yourself the aspiration for the encounter with me and we, without fail, will be encountered. Do not expect that I will arrive at you so, as if I’m like the man who visited you at your furnace. No, our contact takes place on the thin plane. And you should exert your efforts to hear me. I will speak with your soul or with your highest I AM. And you will hear my words in your heart. There will not be the usual human words and this can even not be thoughts. This will be the sensation of my presence and the sensation of filling you with my energy. I will fill the cup of your heart with invigorating moisture and I will give damping and sensation of rest and bliss to you —all that does not suffice for you in your life. And after that, as you will drink the nectar of bliss from my cup, you will understand that everything which disturbed and tortured you, all your problems, went away somewhere to the side. And many of them no longer will return to you because I gave to you the particle of my consciousness. And since your consciousness changed, you will be no longer implicated in those karmic situations which caused you anxiety and uneasiness.


To you it is given according to your Credence. And, if your Credence is strong, and no one vital failure can break your aspiration, we will always meet with you. And I greatly hope for our encounter because for you the possibility of our meeting is that aid which is given by the Heavens. Do not believe those who speak that the mediator is necessary for you to associate with me. No, we can meet with you in the silence of your heart and I help you in the solution of your current problems. However, that degree of Credence and devotion, which makes possible for me to be present in your aura, it is not encountered frequently among the people.  I cannot arrive at you if you are situated in the large city and if you are too concerned by your terrestrial matters and problems. I cannot arrive at you if you are burdened by any habits which divide us. I mean any of your predilections: to alcohol, to nicotine, to watching the television set; the poor quality states of consciousness which you pursue: offence, envy, jealousy, spite.


I cannot be present in your aura if you are burdened by these deficiencies and any other deficiencies which easily you will encounter since you know them too well and cannot be freed from them embodiment after the embodiment. I am opened for the contact but you themselves must exert efforts in order to approach me, to raise your vibrations to that level when our contact can take place. And each of you knows well those deficiencies which prevent you from approaching me; however, you do not hurry to part with your deficiencies and problems.


So that I will wait until you’ll become mature and decide to enter in direct contact with me. Now I use possibility and speak to you through this messenger. And I also remind you of the possibility to meet with me in the sleep.  The possibility of our encounter always exists, and only you themselves limit the possibility of our contact.


And now I wish you find the internal aspiration which will overcome all your deficiencies and will allow you to rise to the apex of Godly consciousness without stoppages and without sliding downward because, now and then, your incorrect selection is sufficient enough to overlap the possibility of our contact to the end of the current embodiment. You must be careful when you go on with your life and consider each one of your selections and each one of your steps.


Because there are many of those inhabitants which exist on the astral plane who are also attempting to contact you in order to make you carry out their will and concepts. And it’s much easier to enter into contact and interact with such essences than to enter into contact and interact with me. Because for this it is not necessary to part from any of your habits.


Therefore you should always know with whom you meet on the thin plane: with me or with my double which is not of the Light. And the key to the answer to this question will be the cleanliness of your consciousness from those habits and attachments from which you are incapable of being freed. You even shouldn’t ask anyone with whom you associate on the thin plane. To you it is simply sufficient to analyze your unprejudiced thoughts, your mode of life and your interrelations with the surrounding people.


Therefore, everything is in your forces and you yourselves should make the decision of whom to enter in contact with in the thin plane.


The gift of discernment is necessary for you but sometimes, in order to do it, it’s not necessary to have any gift, it is simply necessary to analyze your viewpoint and your habits and attachments.


I do not lose hope for an encounter with you. And I impatiently wait for our encounter.


I AM Jesus with enormous love for you.



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