You Are Finishing Your Cycle of Duality


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You Are Finishing Your Cycle of Duality

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain

Saint Germain through Mike Quinsey. Taken from:  .  Published initially in this website on August 7, 2004.

May 28, 2004

In many countries, there is now a majority that have now come out on the side of peace. On an Earth where Humanity has been used to settling their differences by force, and this is an amazing achievement given that very few people in power and authority represent them. But the movement towards peace grows daily, and before very long there has to be an outworking within authority, that will allow for a proper response. You normally feel more comfortable when you go with the flow, and it is taking you towards a time when the up swelling of Light will have to give expression to itself.

We see so many people developing a growing awareness that is propelling them towards action. Small groups become bigger, and a force to be reckoned with that will not lie down. It is up to you all to add your Light in whatever way you feel you can contribute to the peace movement. Every little helps, and even a daily prayer will create ripples that will go on and outwards ever gathering more power and strength. We hear your prayers, and in fact we ‘hear’ your thoughts, and we can and do respond by sending you even more Light.

We are a team together that have unlimited power to call upon, invite us into your life, let us help fight your battles so that together we become an invincible force. There is no power greater than the Light, and it is transforming you and your Earth at this very moment. It will continue to do so as it gathers speed, and in a glorious finale it will not only give you that peace and harmony that you seek, it will carry you to such heights that you will easily achieve your state of Ascension.

In the present turmoil upon Earth it is easy to overlook the final piece in the jigsaw and that is Ascension. This opportunity beckons, allowing you to finish your cycle of duality and go on to great adventures, with the freedom you will have as a Cosmic Being. If you feel ready and aspire to leave duality behind you will be able to do so, and every help will be given by us. There is no picking and choosing, except that you chose yourself. Some of you are not ready, and you will travel on until another opportunity for Ascension comes along, as it surely will. It is all about raising your consciousness until you become a truly en-lightened Being.

You cannot yet imagine the ecstatic feeling of being free from physicality, and no longer having to go along with the wheel of re-birth. To be a free Spirit, to enjoy and experience the abundance of the Creator’s gifts that await you. You will not lose your individuality, but you will become more aware of your Oneness and your God-Self. Very quickly you will become part of a greater consciousness, and closer to the Godhead itself. Earth by comparison has been a prison from which you now break the chains, yet the containment has been very necessary.

This planet of freewill, is only one of a few that exist in this Universe, where the vibrations are so low, that a magnetic shield is in place to ensure that all negative thought forms are restricted. Your negative energies are not allowed to pollute areas in space that are ’clean’, and this is in no way meant to be disrespectful to you. What you have been doing is to overcome the challenge of the dark to prove that it can be done with little help. There would otherwise be no value in such a wonderful achievement.

Dear Ones, you will soon be able to learn your true history and believe me it is recorded in every detail. If you wish, you can also experience events that are in way back in your very distant past. But in a way that you are really there, feeling and understanding every thought and emotion, a spectator but also a participant. You will be able to travel to other Universes and sample the different ways in which the God Force expresses itself. You will also be able to look into the future, and see the possibilities. You know that is what we are able to do, and from our vantage point we see the whole picture. That is why we many times tell you that you are already victorious in your fight to bring Truth and Peace to Earth.

We are with you all of the way, behind you step by step and urging you ever onwards. We lift you up when you are down, we help you find more strength when it is ebbing away, and we give you more Love when you feel unloved. We truly understand and marvel at the great sacrifice you have made to discard your true identity as Beings Of Light, to experience the dark. It is nearly over; we say ‘it is done’.

I am St. Germain, and I am one of a great company of Ascended Beings and Angelic forces that are coming ever nearer to you. Feel our loving hand on your shoulder, as we really are that near. Feel our Love it is always with you.

Thank you, St. Germain, for your encouragement.

Mike Quinsey, [email protected]

February 9, 2005

What a future is in store for you all, because it does not matter which reality you have chosen knowingly or otherwise, the changes will come to you. There is nothing new in the completion of a cycle, and it will always bring changes. In fact there are cycles within cycles, some are for short periods and others such as you are now leaving are for thousands of years. It is all part of the continual moving in and out of energy from the Godhead. It is the enormity of what takes place that is difficult, if not impossible for you to understand whilst a finite being. You have been isolated upon Earth for eons of time, and only just now started to awaken to your full potential as Cosmic Beings.

You cannot rush things as you would be overwhelmed if you tried to go too fast. But the fact remains that it is now time to open your eyes and minds, to what is really around you. You have hitherto been held back in your understanding of the Truth and, even worse, have actually been confused purposely to prevent you from growing spiritually. It is however a paradox, that through these actions, you have been forced to make stand after stand against those dark souls who wielded the power. Yet this has strengthened your Will and resolve to press on in your search for the truth and the purpose of life. The greater the challenge, the greater has become your success at moving your evolution forward. There have been ups and downs, and on an individual basis you have also experienced the good times as well as the bad.

No one has ever been asked to take on more than they could handle, yet sometimes we have had to curb your enthusiasm to prevent you from setting your sights too high. Once you have got a foot on the evolutionary ladder, there seems to be so much you want to do in the quickest possible time. But before each incarnation you consult your Guides or the Masters, and your next life requirements are discussed to ensure that there is a sensible and logical approach to your life plan. Obviously your Karmic Records are consulted and taken into consideration. Many factors come into play, and you are carefully placed with others who also need to be a part of your experience. In this context relationships are too complex to be explained, particularly as you can move into either the male or female role. This explains much that baffles you about the gender of people, and how it is apparent that some have a strong leaning to the opposite side to which they physically appear. I take a little example of what you call cross dressing, and where a man secretly enjoys wearing a woman’s clothes which is quite a harmless pastime. Consider a soul who has had a whole series of lives in the female body, and is then placed into a male incarnation. They still have a strong subconscious memory of the delight of wearing silks and satins and other fine clothes, and they are drawn to them once more.

In your present time, women are coming more and more into prominence, and taking occupations that were normally considered a man’s domain. You only have to go back to the beginning of the last century to find how women were subjugated by men. Yet through two World Wars they were thrust into jobs that allowed them to break into the man’s world.

Women were treated as inferior to men, but have shown that they can be his equal and are not only now accepted, but also respected. This has all been part of the greater plan to bring you together as equals, because that is what you are. Certainly there are roles a woman may be considered more suited to than a man and vice versa, but it should be down to choice.

There are after all physical differences that cannot be denied, but within each person is a soul that takes an embodiment to have a certain experience. The soul is a balance between the feminine and male energies, and all retain this dual energy when in the physical body, regardless of their sex.

There are areas in the world where it is still very much a man’s empire, but the emancipation of women has traveled far and wide and their release is gradually taking place. The equality of the sexes must be accepted, not that feminine or male should disappear from sight, but that all at a physical level must be seen the same as at the spiritual level. In spirit you are more recognized for the Light you carry, and on the higher level the Lady Masters are absolutely equal to the Masters. This necessary recognition of women has to come into being very soon, as the divisions cannot continue to exist and be carried through to Ascension. Once you have ascended, you will become androgynous Beings and your energies will be balanced, but you can nevertheless present yourself with an emphasis on one or the other. In the Creator’s wisdom some souls have been given a different relationship, and there is not the conformity you might imagine. The Creator has allowed for many types of consciousness, but eventually All comes together as The One.

I am St. Germain and I wish you to understand that even though there may be outward differences between people, you all experience in a similar way, you are all seeking the same goal. Treat each other as One Family, and give all equally your Kindness and Love, as I give you mine.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey


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