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¡You Are Experiencing


Channeled by Rev. Dr. Meg BlackburnRev. Dr. Meg Blackburn

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Online Channeling transmission for August 12, 2003.  This message was not channeled on August 12 but it is an excerpt of a previous live channeling that Dr. Blackburn used for her August transmission.


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CH:  We are honored on this occasion to come to be of assistance with you.  There is a gathering of the masses within the dimensional realms in observation of that which is happening within yours.  The events that are occurring are representative of a mass transition in many ways with your consciousness and the state of your energetic being.

 Your Experience Is Unprecedented – You Are Coming Full Circle Back to the Beginning

Courtesy of the Spanish artist José Manuel FernándezRangel

         The experience within this place and time is unprecedented to all others.  As has been brought to you previously by others, this is the time that is as it was in the Beginning.  You are about to come full circle, full circle, within your existence as it was in the Beginning.  You came first as Light Beings, fully capable of any and all things connected Universally, fully a part of the One, and with complete cognizance of the principles of the One and that which is necessary for the transmutation energetically for all purposes, whether it be regeneration of any kind, healing, balancing, learning, and even reproduction, at that time was done energetically.

 You Are Experiencing New Energetics

         Many of you are experiencing the new energetics that are coming in to you at this time.  These energetics are stimulating your genetic structuring.  It is signifying the arcing that we have spoken of previously.  It lights you within many directions, in that your galactic selves are beginning to awaken.

          Your galactic selves are beginning to awaken.  And as this occurs within you, many of you are going to be experiencing awakenings beyond anything you have imagined.  Some of these may be more subtle than others.  Some of them will be as if you have been hit with a two-by-four.  You will begin to feel energy in ways that you have not.  Many of you will begin to understand what it is that you must do with this when it occurs.  We ask that you allow it to flow through you and do not try to contain this.  It is much bigger than you are.

 Time is Speeding Up

         All things within your realm are being affected with this energetic system that is occurring.  The energies are refining, and the process has begun to rapidize.  It is speeding up.  It is speeding up.  Time will not look the same to you from now on.  Many of you have already noticed the changes that are occurring within your time perception.  It is because, in the Beginning, you had no sense of this “time”.  You had no need for it.  And it did not exist for you.

         You will be beginning to have less and less awareness of the hands on the clock and more awareness of each moment, as more will happen in a given moment than has ever happened within your observation.  Simultaneously things are occurring.  It is as if magic is happening.  You will be able to accomplish more in one of your day’s time than you used to within a month.  And you will feel good.

Your Personal Internal Thermostats Are Not Operating Appropriately

         Many of you may notice that your personal internal thermostats are not operating appropriately at this time.  Many of you are feeling rushes of warmth.  Many of you are cold and blue.  This is also a part of the energetic system which is affecting you.  It is affecting you down to your particulates.  Your particulates are rearranging.  Your particulates are responding to the energetics which are being introduced to your systems at this time.

This Planet Is Also Being Rearranged Within Its Own Particulates

         It is also at this time that this planet is being arranged within its own particulates.  And all space in between.  There will be, during this process, clearings both within your selves and within your planet.  Certain energetics that have been trapped are going to bubble to the surface and released by each of you.  Many of you will experience this in the way of emotionality, confusion, lack of focus.  We ask that you allow this to happen, experience it, and do not hold on to it.  There is no need, as it will pass quickly.

Unprecedented Opportunity To Clear Karma

         You have the ability at this time to settle karma that you have carried throughout all of your lifetimes in a seemingly amount of no time.  You are being given the opportunity to clear your karmic slate at this time.  This is unprecedented, but as it was in the Beginning.  You began with a clean slate, changed over time by your own choices, the occurrences related therein.

Now, Dear Ones, you are being offered freedom from within.  You are being reminded of your relation to that which is perfection.  And in that perfection is each of you.  As you are filled with the One, and the One is you.  It is a concept that is very difficult for many of you to grasp.  We assure you it is so.  You have within your grasp, at this moment, perfection.  Perfection that is unfettered by historic baggage.

A Grace And Ease Coming From Within You

And within this occurrence you will find a new stamina within your own structuring.  You will find a grace and ease coming from within you that you do not have a familiarity with.  It is peace and it is perfection.  It is that which is the Light magnifying and filling every crevice between every particulate that you have – signaling each to awaken and harmonize.

You Begin to Resonate Again With Universe

And within your bodies, the harmonization that is going on is creating differences within each of you.  Not simple genetic differences – total harmonic differences as you begin to resonate again with Universe.  To begin to beat within your energetics to the same pulse as That Which Is.  That which you came from.  And that which you are truly.

And as this occurs, a resonance begins to take effect.  And within this resonance a new harmony is begun.  And within the energetics of this harmony, others will begin to become the rhythm as well.  To be a part of that which is the All.  That which is a living unit.  That which is all life.  That which is eternal.

Look Within Yourselves For the Answers That You Seek

So we ask that you look within yourselves for the answers that you seek.  For externally you will not find them.  You must remember when one seeks externally and one gains an opinion of another, that opinion is based on another set of experiences, another set of circumstances, and weighed within that being and filtered within that being.  And it is not necessarily that which is good and wise for you from within your own self.  It only adds to your confusion.

Do you have questions to the moment?

Opportunity to Clear Karma

Q:     Yes.  Can you explain in a little more detail how it is we can take advantage of this opportunity to clear our karmic slate?  I don’t understand how we can do that.

CH:  It is, Dear One, that at this time opportunities are coming to you from all directions.  They are in your face.  They are coming fast and they are coming furious.  They have different and varying degrees of energetics dependent upon that which you have experienced previously.  Each of these moments is presenting you with an opportunity to make a choice that will change that which your path had chosen once before.

All of you within this space have evolved to a point that the karmic justice, so to speak, has much been satisfied through your evolution.  It is at this time when you will find that you will be resolving many issues around you, within you, as each opportunity that comes up is a mirror to you to allow you to react and to be with any given situation.  It is up to you what you do with it, but we need you to know that these opportunities are extremely rare within the Universal processes.

It is as if time has sped up for you beyond light speed, beyond light speed.  And that you are being given the opportunity.  Because of the energetics, all is flowing much differently – actually, in many ways, simultaneously to itself.  And within this, one is able to clear and release and be truly finished with those issues which one would have been carrying for some time.  Have we given you enough explanation, Dear One, or do you need further assistance?

Q:     Yes, I understand.  Thank you.

CH:  You are most welcome.

Photon Belt

From the book: "The Pleiadian Agenda, A NewCosmology for the Age of Light", byBarbaraHand Clow (Bear & Co.Publishing, 1996).

Q:     This speeding up of energetics.  Part of what has been predicted is called thephoton belt and that we are passing through this.

CH:  It is contributing to that which is occurring, Dear One.  For the photon energy is light energy.  It carries the vibrational energies in different ways than that which you were previously passing through.  The photon belt, in its occurrence and in your passage through it and within it for this time, is allowing in a sense a more perfect passage for the energetics that are flowing and moving.

         There is perfect communication within these types of energetics within the photon belt.  You are just approaching and moving into this area.  The further you move into it, the more perfect your experiences will become.  There will be much instantaneous knowledge, knowing, as information is passed in its purest form.

Q:     Will this change of energetics influence the world situation at the moment?  The tensions in the Middle East…

CH:  It already has begun, Dear One, by its polarization, in many ways separating the wheat from the chaff as has been written previously.You are receiving dispersals here and there, so to speak.  You are still in the very early stages, and as you move forward, you will feel the high energetics and the awakenings occurring that we were speaking of previously.

Q:     Could you give us a tentative, projected time guesstimate as to when our area will be into the photon belt?

CH:  Dear One, we have just spoken that you are already in it.

Q:     Oh, I see.

CH:  It is your selves as a planet, not simply an area.  The planet is moving through this and thereby with every revolution and as the Earth moves through the photon belt, there are certain amounts of energetics that are being created by the interaction of all things on and in your planet, meaning you as well.

         And that with the photon energy, it is creating in your terminology a lubrication for the information and the transformation to occur much more smoothly and easily and without such crashing notice that it has arrived.  But it is a gradual process that is happening with such speed and such ease that this is why we say so many changes are occurring so rapidly, and that this process is going to continue to escalate in its pace.

Q:     I misunderstood.  I thought you meant that we were just coming into the outer aspects, and I’m hearing you now saying that we are indeed within the photon belt.

CH:   It is so, into the beginning of it.  As you move further into it, it will concentrate even more perfectly around you and within you.  And as it concentrates within you, that which is the Light in you, that which is the perfection within each of your particulates, is going to come alive in a way that you are not recognizing as yet.  And that is what many of you are feeling at this time.  It is an expansion beyond your wildest dreams that very few have ever lived to experience.

Q:     About how long does it take for the Earth to move completely through it?

CH:  It will be many, many years, Dear One.  It is a process.  It is not months or days.  It is many, many years.[Note of Editor: Exactly 2160 years.]

Q:     Is it something that happens on the physical level where the scientists will notice it, or is it on some other level of consciousness?

CH:  It is on the level of consciousness, and if the scientists know the appropriate way to look at this, they may also observe.  But they must have a higher understanding of light energetics as well as the Universal construct and its way or ordering and communicating, and they are still stuck on the string theory.  Your quantum physicists are still looking at too large a picture.  They are trying to look on a more complicated structuring rather than that which is simple and perfect unto itself.

         And once this is understood, and once the basic knowledge of the Universal construct is understood in such a way, then all things are possible and it is observable.  But you do not at this time have the equipment that is capable of these observations for hard data.

Love Unconditionally – Each Is Having Their Own Experience That Is Perfect in the Moment

CH:  You are most welcome.  One must remember tolove unconditionally, no matter what the circumstances are or what one thinks that another must do or experience.  Each is having their own experience that is perfect in the moment.  And each will choose that which is best for their path in each moment.  We ask that you understand that this is part of a process that must occur for various reasons.

Q:     Thank you.

CH:  You are most welcome.

New Energies Enhance Healing Skills – Use Them With Respect and Humility

Q:     The new energies coming in – are they enhancing our healing skills as they come?

CH:   It is so.  They are magnifying them intensely.  Be careful where you aim your energy, Dear One, as its effects are changing rapidly and rising in occurrence.  One must carry this with much respect and utilize it with much humility as it is a powerful, powerful energy that you are bringing through from now forward – and will continue to escalate.

Q:     I don’t understand the warning.

CH:  We simply tell you that one must not use it lightly – that is all.  One must utilize this in such a way and only with the permission and participation of the other beings who are involved.  Do you see?

Q:     Yeah.

CH:  When this is in occurrence and all intents and all willingness is directed into that state of wholeness and healing, it will be so in a much more pure and quick way than that which you are accustomed to seeing within your realm.

Q:     I don’t understand your use of the term “use it lightly”.

CH:  One moment – we will attempt to find vocabulary to express that which we are trying to help you to understand.  One must utilize these gifts only when requested, not inadvertently or indiscriminately.  You see, it is that the highest and best healing will occur and does occur when the receptive being is in a place of acceptance and willingness to be whole and well.

We do not mean that one would not send healing to regions or to groups of people in this way – we do not mean this.  What we mean is that to direct healing at individuals who have not requested it is in many ways not affecting the being in ways that are high and best beneficial to them, as they are not receptive and open to the highest and best benefit.  Do you see?  That is what we mean.

Q:     If we have offered it and somebody has then requested it, that is okay?

CH:  That is fine.

Q:     Okay.  How about children?  pre-talking children?

CH:   For the most part, they do not need your assistance.  They have gifts of their own.  They have far more understandings than most of you as adults.  They are taught to forget them.  This does not apply to a child who is ill, of course.

Q:     Okay.  Are you saying we can’t send general love and light?

CH:   No, we are not saying that.  We are speaking specifically of the high healing energies that you asked about utilizing.

Q:     Thank you.

CH:   You are most welcome.  And we are grateful for your enthusiasm into utilizing this for its highest and best use, as this is a much different energy than most have been working with previously – than all have been working with previously.

God Particle

Q:     A lot of the physicists have been talking about a god particle – is that the same thing …

CH:  The particulates.

Q:     Huh?

CH:  It is the particulates of which all things are made.

Q:     Yeah.  Okay.

Mayan Year of 2012

Q:     Is the Mayan year of 2012 still considered significant when you talk about thephoton belt?

CH:  It is significant – yes – within the interstellar relations of the time.

Q:     And what would that significance be?

CH:   It is that there is a certain alignment that will be occurring at that time.  During that alignment, the energetics will be within perfection for certain events to take place that we are not given to give to you at this moment.

We tell you that, as has been given to you previously, in South America in that which is currently called Peru, that there is a settlement that is covered in jungle still that is basically undiscovered and unexplored.  Therein resides a pyramid that is in perfect alignment with that which we are speaking.  It is that which will explain the planetary harmonics and contains information to those events and occurrences.  It is within this pyramid that all of this information has been given.

Machu Picchu

Q:     When you said that, I just got Palenque.  Is it near there?

CH:   It is in a flatter area than Machu Picchu.  It is in a much flatter area to the north and to the east.  It is within several hundred miles of that which you have asked.  Three to four hundred miles.

Q:     And will it be revealed or discovered and be known by 2012?

CH:  We are looking.  At this moment, it is possible, that the information will have come fully forward by that time. It is, however, necessary to make a correct interpretation of the information to be gained there as well as dissemination and acceptance of that information to and by the populace.

Q:     Thank you.

CH:  You are most welcome.

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