Indigo Children’s Messages

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Indigo Children’s Messages

This Section will present short messages from Indigo Children.  James Twyman is the major contributor to this page by bringing messages from several children, see

From Doug, 10 year old boy, 2002:

 Love Is Here Right Now

I hope the people will open their hearts now.
That is what is so needed.
If we could just look at each other,
Very deep,
Then we would know we are the same.
We could fall in love with everyone.
I fall in love with myself
When I give love to others.
I love everyone so much
Because that is how I find myself.
It isn’t hard at all.
We make it seem hard because we are afraid.
But we don’t need to be afraid anymore.
Love is here right now.

From Nasatala:


It is very important that you do not limit yourself in Love because your story is not the same as everyone else’s. You are unique and beautiful and capable beyond measure to Love with the vastness of Spirit, no matter what your past experience has been. Remember, your story is not Who You Are.

I had an incredibly violent childhood. My body, mind, and emotions were abused in ways that are hard to believe. So, I know what it is like to come from a past absent of Love. I came into this world knowing who I Am, Remembering everything before coming here, having full conscious experience of my conception and birth, knowing what I came for, and have never forgotten. Even with the terror that has been in this life for me, I have always known who I Am. I do not act like a typical abused child because my motivations are different, the clarity of my personality is different, the strength of my spirit is unwavering (not more or less, just different). I hear extra, see extra, feel extra. My senses are enlivened and sometimes oversensitive. I was born with special gifts and abilities that have not gone away with time, or growing up, or programming, or getting them beaten out. The only thing that stops me from having them is me. I’ve done my best at times to ignore them, shut them off, or abandon them, but they are there whether I think they are or not, whether I want them to be or not. I can do many things that other people can’t do…yet. In the kind of story I have come from, this has made me very isolated. Yet, I did not go crazy, do not need extensive therapy for my entire life, and I am not permanently damaged.

The truth is, none of us are ever permanently damaged. No matter what has happened, there is always a way to heal and grow. And no matter what happened, there is always a way to heal. And no matter what happens, who you Are does not go away. In the world of healing there seems to be many back doors to not let go and be unaccountable. There is no such thing as "Once an addict, always an addict," and being victimized does not justify continuing to be a victim in life. These are cop-outs enabling one to rationalize getting out of the responsibility of spiritual growth, physical healing, and movement forward. It is our birthright to Love and to Thrive, yet we have created all kinds of excuses to not do just that. This is the Real craziness. You are your own Higher Power. You are not alone. You are already Free.  Tainting the Truth by sugarcoating, or twisting the Truth in order to make it more comfortable is a waste of energy. There simply is not enough time to wait or beat around the bush. Truth is important NOW, and that Truth is LOVE. Within the flame of love nothing else exists. No amount of negativity or darkness can live in the light of Love. That is why it is so important for us to amplify our own field of Love large enough to reach out into the world, to connect with the Grid that encompasses this Earth caressing and nurturing the darkness into light, the Grid of Love.

You do not have to have psychic powers or gifted abilities to Be Love, to Be who you Are, and to Live Truth. You are a child of God, a child of Love, special and perfect in every way. You have something very important to offer by your Being. The world is waiting for you to Open. Open your heart, let love flow in and out. Let love be your motivation in every action. Let love be the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning and the last thing before bed at night. Let love fill up your body, every cell, until it overflows out into the world, touching everything. Let Love be your gifted ability; it is what you are meant to do. Every moment take Love one step further in some way, let it grow and grow. Love is endless, as is your ability to express and experience it. There is no limit, no rule, no one way. The more you Open, the more Love will teach you, fill you, emanate from you. Do not wait. Start Now. Have Courage, Intent, Willingness. Let Love be the Truth you represent, the tool you carry, the vehicle that brings you to every new step. It is Time. Let go, and LOVE.

[See the discourseThe Art and Science of Unconditional Lovein this Website.]


Another letter from Nasatala:

LOVE comes from everywhere
LOVE IS the "everywhere"
LOVE comes from everyone
LOVE IS the "everyone"

There have been many e-mails about the letter I wrote for James. Thank you for your responses. It is truly a blessing to be able to reach out to so many people around the world on the conscious plane. Soon we will all be able to communicate with each other without the Internet or any other physical tool. Ithas already started.

Walking up to the little house where I met James, Baraka and Sharon, I found myself resisting even knocking on the door. I had no idea what I was doing there, but something was strongly pulling me to this place. "Why am I here? Knock Knock Knock…" And then I was welcomed with the first open arms I have ever experienced in my life. Even more amazing to me was that those open arms were of people who knew about me and the other people like me. I felt and continue to feel deep relief.

Sometimes it is hard for our minds to accept these smallest of miracles, being Divinely guided in ordinary moments. After sending out the letter, some have found it hard to believe that those words would come from a child. And though I am a psychic child now in my twenties, I have been saying these things my whole life. Please do not be surprised by the words coming from the children. The Truth is profound and and simple at any age. Love comes in all different forms from all different people, big and small, simple and complex, old and young. There are as many different expressions of love as there are people to express it. The tendency is to limit, but in Truth there are infinite possibilities.

Blessings to all of you.


From Thomas, a Child of Oz:


There are those who will say that they have already heard this Message. There are also those who will say that it is too simple, or even untrue. It is true,  and it has never been heard before by anyone. Why? Because as soon as one "truly" hears it, everything changes. The world and everything in it slows down and nearly stops. Then there is nothing left but the truth itself, and you know that you are that truth. The question disappears. This is the Gift the Children have come to bring.  The entire message can be experienced in one word, but that word echoes through eternity. It is a word you may hear from any child, even in your own home. Children have always spoken this word, but few have truly heard what it means. If you can understand it now, and embrace the world that is found within it, then you will find yourself transported to the Holy Place from where we speak to you now. It is not a physical place, but as real as anything you have ever experienced physically. It is a place where the heart can live, where it can breathe, and where it can expand to envelop the whole universe. Listen to this word now, and open your heart to the world within its grasp.

What was the first thought that came to your mind? Is it too much to expect? Is it too simple to change your life forever? This is the word the Children have come to bring. Children have always spoken this to everyone who will listen. You too have spoken itbut you have forgotten what it means. You have forgotten how to "PRETEND WHAT IS TRUE". You have chosen instead to pretend what is not true. And so you have made a world that reflects that decision. Choose again. Pretend that you are enlightened. Pretend that you are loved by God. Pretend that you are perfect just the way you are. Take a deep breath now and PRETEND WHAT IS TRUE. Then everything will make sense.

Look at the word PRETEND for a moment. Pre means "before" and Tend means "to pay attention to."  Put these two together now. "Pay attention to what you were before." Before what?  Before time began. Your Original Self. PRETEND that you are still that Original Self. PRETEND that nothing ever changed. Then know that what you are pretending is indeed fact. It is true. Build your life around it. Give everything you have to realize it. Nothing else matters but thisand that is why it is the message of the Children of Oz.

The web has been completed. Pretend you are there and you are. It is a simple shift in vibration. We are waiting for you because there is still so much to reveal. The journey has only begun and we move forward together. From here we are a single breath away from Heaven. Open your eyes now. And remember who you are.

We love you,

 Bringing Peace


Bringing peace should be the only thing you are thinking about right now. The world needs you. You need you. It is why you were born, why you are here. If you embrace this, then your life will make sense, and you will be healed along with the world. This is the heart of the Children’s message: “Realize why you are here, and be about it.” The moment for you to do that is now. Don’t wait another minute.

A Spiritual Warrior is one who has been set on fire by their spiritual mission here on Earth. Passion is required, and that is why we use the word Warrior. In this sense it is the opposite of war, because the Spirit of Peace has transformed it. You have been called to be a Spiritual Warrior. If you answer that call, then your life will be transformed.

These truths form the foundation of our work together:

1.      Know that when you accept peace within, it affects and transforms your entire life.
2.      Know that when your life is transformed by peace, it affects and heals those around you.
3.      Know that when others are transformed by peace, it is made manifest in the world.
4.      Peace begins within your heart. You have the power to transform the world by transforming your mind. It is your God given right to do so.

If you accept these steps and act upon them, then you are a Spiritual Warrior.  The Children are the teachers now. Look to them for your guidance.  That is how you will know the truth, by seeing the way they act and live.

We love you,


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