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True Feminity



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True Feminity


Kryon South Africa. Channeled through David Brown, 4th February 2004 at Lakeside, Cape Town, South Africa. Taken from: in this website on March 4, 2004.

Note to the reader:  Express the intent to be “in the NOW” at the channeling, and for your energy to be combined with the group that was present.


Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.


It is wonderful to be with you all this night we in the Spirit world are in awe of your experience on earth. The group this night are all females; it is not by chance but by prior appointment. There is a new wave of feminine healing going through your bodies that is being connected and manifested on the earth plane.


The feminine is the unknown and in many ways that is how you feel about yourselves as women on earth. There has been a great loss of direction in the feminine world – there is a major misunderstanding of a woman’s role on the earth plane. As we have often said in these channelings a woman should be 55% feminine energy and 45% masculine energy; a woman would become a second class male or a first class female if she attempts to operate in the masculine role.  She will do this only through insecurity, not through security, within her own femininity. A woman will truly be in her power in the feminine realms but could never be in her power in the masculine realms. Masculinity, even for most men, is a difficult area in which to operate. Many women learn to operate in the masculine realms; however when operating in these realms a woman will feel shallow and empty. A woman operating in these masculine realms will be operating out of insecurity and lack of understanding of her own femininity.


A woman operating within her feminine power will be far stronger and far more capable than a woman operating in the masculine role. There is great resistance in this room to this message we ask you to feel your feelings and allow whatever emotion is coming into your bodies. In many instances you have not been treated well by men and have not been treated well in the masculine realm. However you wish to operate in the masculine realm to make yourself feel secure, to make yourselves feel dependant on yourself but the role of a woman is not to be dependant on herself. The role of a woman when in a relationship is to be supportive of the man and the role of the man is to be supportive of the woman. Men require a woman in their lives; first of all to see the reflection of their own feminine soul and second of all as a connection to the unknown. A woman in her feminine role will bring the unknown to the man who will manifest it into the known in his masculine role. When a man tries to do the same he will find himself falling down; he will find himself not truly accepted in his masculine role either by a woman fully in her feminine or by men who are fully in their masculine.


In the Bible there is a story about Samson and Delilah. Their temple was built with two pillars it is very easy for a woman to take away her support from a man and the temple of that relationship will collapse. When you commit to a relationship, either a man or a woman, and you pull away from that relationship, then that relationship begins to crumble. When you commit to a relationship, a man to a woman and a woman to a man then that relationship will be given extra energy by Spirit, extra power and extra force. A coming together of two people will generate more love, understanding and joy; however when the mirror becomes too strong and the wounds come into play and cannot be faced this normally happens to unconscious peoplethen even conscious people have great difficulty in healing their wounds. The difficulty in accepting that the mirror of their partner’s behavior is actually their own behavior being reflected back causes relationships to begin to crumble.



Peter Paul Rubens’s Samson and Delilah
National Gallery, London

In the very recent past people would get married and learn and understand what each other’s buttons were; they would learn to stop pressing those buttons by avoidance, denial and many other dysfunctional methods of relating. This is the New Age, the Golden Age, the Age of Awakening; now where you find buttons being pressed it is not to run away from these buttons but to face them head on and to look at them with deep understanding and acknowledge that these buttons belong to you, to revere in accepting and acknowledging these buttons. As you accept these buttons for what they are – which is merely imprinting, a blockage in your energy, a disabling force that stops you from creating the life that you are truly looking for and dreaming about. It is to your great advantage to acknowledge these buttons and to work through whatever needs to be worked through. Acknowledging an issue or a button whatever you want to call it is 90% of the journey; 90% of the healing is done. You can ask Spirit for its release and as with all things on earth you will be asked to take some action in one way or another – with the action taken, and once Spirit has released the energy, the blockage or button will be released with absolute ease.


We ask you ladies this night to follow your feelings and see what stops you relating fully in your relationships with men. Acknowledge the feelings ask yourselves “what is it that stops me relating to the opposite sex?” Allow the energy to move and to come into your body; truly acknowledge this energy, for this night the energy will be released and you will allow forgiveness of yourself for carrying this energy for so long while dreaming of a deep and meaningful relationship. Allow the energy to flow and to shift… allow love to take its place… just allow the energy to move through your bodies and allow love to flow in its place. Wherever the masculine and feminine come together allow for a merging of these two energies as you are all ladies here this night allow for the full power of your feminine energies to come in to your bodies. On the left-hand side of your body you will have the true and authentic feminine energy. On the right had side of your body you will have what is not a true feminine energy but the energy that you learnt from your mothers and your female counterparts, and your close circle of friends and family. Your right hand side will be your imprinting of your femininity and on your left will be the typical archetypal feminine.


Now allow forgiveness for your imprinted feminine and you will find and feel phenomenal energy on your left-hand side of your body… this is the true power of the female… allow the true power of the female to slowly move across your body from the left to the right, from the receiving to the giving… allow true love and forgiveness for the imprinted feminine on your right-hand side and request that this feminine move to your heart for true love and support… to be held in a secure and safe environment where this part can be love and healed… where joy can be brought to this aspect of your life…


There is a new energy coming to this earth… you will note that the date is 4-2-4… the 4th day of the 2nd month of the 4th year… this symbolizes true balance and duality… this is the day when true balance of the masculine and feminine energies will be welcomed here on earth. Cape Town, known as the Mother City, is the feminine energy for South Africa… this feminine energy has been brought to balance here this night and has been anchored into Mother Earth. The moon is full now and is reflecting the light of the masculine sun, creating a feminine energy, and supporting this healing and new energy this night. The feminine energy should now be halfway across your body… just allow true forgiveness of the masculine aspects of your body wherever forgiveness is required… allow a “letting go” of the need to operate from the masculine energies… you can feel the feminine energy is very powerful… as powerful as it is, it has a softness and a gentleness… there is even a warrior energy within it. A woman that defends herself using her feminine warrior energy will be far more powerful than a woman that tries to operate out of her masculine warrior energy. When a woman stands in integrity she will be in her feminine power.


Allow the energy to move slowly but surely across your body… this feminine energy is here to stay, unless you wish to choose your social conditioning… this is the true energy of the feminine… as you operate in this energy you will find true love for yourself… the men that surround you will notice the light… the love that resides within your heart will be released into the outside world for all to see… for all to recognize and your inner beauty will shimmer from within… Love will definitely come your way. Wherever this energy connects with resistance, acknowledge the resistance and allow the resistance to gently dissipate, release and let it go.


You, ladies, are the lucky ones; you are the first to feel this energy in many thousands of years. This energy is diametrically opposed to your social conditioning… acknowledge this and allow the energy to move through the resistance. Spirit is in this room this night… the energy is thick with Spirit supporting this process… supporting each individual within this process. As more woman come to this energy, to feel this energy, they will change mass consciousness surrounding this energy… period pains will begin to disappear, childbirth will no longer be painful, new methods of understanding childbirth will become more accepted and more the norm.


Women who operate in this energy will have children for all the right reasons; they will have an innate knowledge of how to bring up a child. With this energy comes absolute knowledge and understanding of all a woman is… all a woman would ever want is to be within this energy. You create a space for your own safety and security… create a space of desire, a desire to be a woman and enter that space of womanhood… the space of the sacred feminine… the space of true understanding, not only of womanhood but of nature.


Not only will you understand womanhood here on earth, but you will have an absolute Divine connection to Mother Earth and to Father Sky… you will have a full understanding of Mother Earth… a true feeling and sense of belonging… anything second rate or second class around being a woman is being dissolved as we speak… a woman in her true power will have no fear of men… she will see the truth within a man… and will know a man who is in his truth and who operates from his sacred masculine.


The New Age started mainly with women working on themselves but more and more men have begun to work on themselves and step more and more into the truth of the sacred masculine. As you ladies give birth to the sacred feminine within this realm and within this circle, you also create a space for the sacred masculine to be imprinted and manifested here on earth. Within the western world the sacred masculine is virtually obsolete – your leaders have seen to this over generations. The sacred masculine has been replaced with a second-rate subversive man who often operates without power, will, or integrity on this earth plane… hence the reason for wars, so much conflict, and lack of resolution; most men are not in their power.



The warrior energy has been dissolved… it has been dissolved by technology… the bullet invented in the western world, in Europe, put paid to the great civilizations of North and South America, Africa, parts of Asia and all the great cultures… what the west never realized was that it also put paid to their own spirituality. War and conflict are part of being a man; true warrior-ship is part of the authentic masculine. Bullets and nuclear bombs are part of a second rate masculine energy… it is not a true masculine energy; it is the energy of cowardice, a lack of understanding of mankind. When a man kills another man in an act of war or warrior-ship that is committed in absolute integrity with the way things are, then that man will sleep peacefully at night, but when men hide behind the barrel of a gun and don’t see into the eyes of another man that they are shooting at 1000 meters away, or drop bombs from a plane on innocent women and children, that kind of man will not sleep at night, will not rest easy, will not rest in peace – it is impossible because that man is acting out of a second rate masculine energy; that kind of man has created a very unsafe world for his own wife and children.


The great nations of the western world suffer great and severe psychological damage as a result of this kind of warfare. Where there is no honor in death Spirit will make men pay the price for his actions. Whether a man is ordered to take this action or not each individual man has to take responsibility for acting in whichever way he acts here on earth. Each man has a choice in every single situation in which he takes action. Each man has always been held accountable by Spirit for his actions. The west will be made far more accountable for their actions than at any other time in their history. This accountability process begins with Spirit. The more spirit that flows through a man the more choices he has and the more true to integrity he can be. The wishy-washy religions of the west, the total lack of trust between the average man and a priest, the lack of understanding of Spirit by priests in the western world has a great deal to do with this malfunction and dysfunctional society in the west.


The more that women of the west come into their true feminine power the more they create a space for the man in their lives to step into his true sacred masculine soul. A man in his true masculine soul will be a man to die for; he will be a man to love and to revere, to honor and to respect. No longer can the west afford second rate men and second rate leaders to lead them. The west, if it is to save itself, must be led by first rate men with a first rate conscience, first rate spiritual understanding of life and exactly who they are. As more and more women step into the sacred feminine then the true leaders of nations will stand head and shoulders above the leaders that we have today.



Ladies, as you can now feel, the true feminine energy is more that 90% across your bodies… you have a choice.. is this what you want for yourselves and the world, or would you prefer the energy of old?


You can make your choice now… feeling how powerful it actually feels to be a woman in your true feminine power… with acceptance of this energy it will move into your body for keeps… other women will respect and honor your presence. We have acceptance of 100% of the women in this room… we will create a space and anchor this energy into the new world… into a new creation… into a new way of being… into a new state of relationship.


Dear ones, once again we are in awe and honor of the work that you are doing… your guides are at your feet… allow them to give you a love wash and to wash your energies and purify them… allow them to hold you as you have never been held before… allow a true connection to the moon on this day of perfect balance… allow love to flow to your hearts from the moon that is almost full and allow your hearts to open to the Sacred Feminine…



Enjoy these energies… your hearts are filling with love and the emptiness of your old feminine ways is being released and the fullness of the true femininity is flowing into your hearts…


When you feel you are ready come slowly back into the room… this is Kryon signing out… Go well, God Bless and enjoy your feminine world!


Copyright © David Brown, All rights reserved.

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