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The Angels Are Here, Can You Feel Them?

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The Angels Are Here,

Can You Feel Them?




Kirael Shift Report for September 2003, The Angels Are Here – Can You Feel Them?

Channeled by Reverend Fred Sterling through the loving guidance of Master Guide Kirael.

KIRAEL: I know some of you have had a difficult day working in the matrix where the people are hard on you because they don’t know about Truth, Trust and Passion. They don’t know about clarity, communication, completion, and they surely don’t stop to pray. They haven’t created a mastermind or done sleep state programming with their energy patterns, and we know they don’t meditate. That is called the matrix.

But let’s leave it all behind. Let’s bring all of the principles of consciously creating your evening right here right now. Forget about how the world is going to perceive us. Let’s make this evening what you want it to be.

As you are breathing deeply, I want you to create a beautiful ice blue mist around you. It feels a little chilly like when you walked in the winter along a little stream with a bit of ice frozen over it, yet the sunshine felt warm. It was so refreshing, and the air smelled so beautiful.

So let the mist surround you as though you are encased in it, and you fade right into it. As you look off into the distance, you see another blue mist, but you are so happy in your own beautiful blue light that you feel comfortable where you are.

Something in the wee back of your mind says to you, "What is that question you have been working on? What is that question which has been haunting you? What is it you are supposed to be thinking about? You can’t just sit here in the blue mist. What is that question? Oh, I know, what was I going to say to my light? What was I going to say to my love? What was I going to say to my brother or my sister? What do I need to do to make my world what I want it to be?"

All of the questions start to pour in, yet you find yourself surrounded by this beautiful blue light. As you look out in front of you, the other blue light that was way far away is getting a little closer, and you think, "I wish I could see an angel. I wish I could be with an angel. I don’t want to die and go to heaven to see it. I want to see it right here. God Creator, could you get me an angel?"

The blue mist around you seems to get warm and fuzzy-like, and you begin to feel really, really good about yourself and the world that you live in. Suddenly, all of your cares seem meaningless because you are feeling your own light. The blue mist around you gets warmer and feels cuddlier, and the light out in front of you is only a hundred feet away and still coming towards you.

The last thoughts you have before you go into the fullness of this meditation is: What if I could see that angel, what would I say to it? And the blue light in front of you is now close enough for you to see that it isn’t really anything blue, it is a huge mirror, and you are seeing the blue mass of light you are in. But as you look closer into the mirror, you notice there is something that is coming out from the sides of it.

Oh, my God, the blue mist I am standing in has wings! It’s as though you want to cry because you realize the mirror you are looking in shows you are inside one of the most beautiful angels that ever existed. So you take a step out of the blue mist towards the mirror, and you see your physical body. You simply turn around, and there she is, the most beautiful angel that your mind can bring to light. She holds her hands out to you, her wings shuffle back and forth, and you feel the breeze as it waves over you. Then from her voice you hear her say, "Tell me. Tell me, and I will tell you. What is your question? Here is your answer as you relax, relax, relax."

As much as I would like to let you stay with that angel all night, I am afraid they would be accusing me of not doing my part over here. So you can release that beautiful vision, but remember you can always go back to it. Just create it and stand in the blue mist, then watch the blue light come towards you. When the mirror is close enough, step out of the color you are in and turn to face the angel you have created in your own love and light.

You know what, my friends? The angels are going to hear about you and will begin to line up to see which one can be your friend this time. Every time you do this little meditation, you will meet a brand new angel, and you will find love as never before. All of the beauty is yours, my friend.

I hope you will let that little meditation serve as my opening statement.

My friends, the angel world is but a breath away from you. I have been working with the angel world for thousands and thousands of years, and over time, I have seen the angel world change. I have seen it grow brighter and grow dimmer. I have seen it becoming the illuminating force that the Creator could use as a light to light up all dimensions, and I have seen it compressed down into a thimble of light.

I will tell you what I know about the angel world, but when it is all said and done, remember this: All of what I say tonight is merely for the interpretation of your heart, for when you choose to listen with your heart tonight, you will hear it in its own beauty.

For instance, you will hear me say that in the world of the Seraphim, the Seraphim angel – I call them the God angels, the Creator angels – their only presence is to be with the Creator Force. They stand in unison with the Creator at all times. They stand to be in love.

Whenever someone on the Earth plane says something like, "If there is a God, why would God allow this to happen," the Seraphim grabs that thought before it can get to the Creator, and they love who sent it. Then they tell the Creator, "Look, someone else remembers to love you." You see, that is what the Seraphim do.

When Master Jesus got all feisty and wanted to work with the Christ Consciousness and came to Earth to be a human being, it was the Seraphim who escorted him all the way down. And it was the Seraphim who waited for his return.

What about the little Cherubs, aren’t they just as cute as a button? They are only about a foot in height or sometimes as little as inches, but they have more power than the average angel will ever collect in many lifetimes.

"How about the beauty of the escort angels?" you ask. Did you know that the escort angels are like brand new in the angel world. That’s why they are escort angels. It is a beautiful job, and they train, oh, they train, and they train.

Then one day, the Guidance Realm says to one of them, "Listen, Lisael, you are going all by yourself this time. There is a little girl down there. She is tired of being on the Earth plane. She wants to come home and her family is trying to hold onto her something fierce, but she really wants to come home. So tonight when all of the family is asleep, we want you to go down and talk to her. Tell her you are there to escort her home to the Creator any time she is ready to leave."

And lo and behold, here comes Lisael with the beautiful spirit of that little girl. Up they come, and we look down on Earth and see the family all in tears. But here is the brightest, most beautiful angel you have ever seen in tow with a beautiful little spirit that has just said, "Whoa, I am awake. I am alive. I am free. Where is God? I want to tell God thank you." That is what an escort angel does.

So they are all out there, my friends. But let me tell you something: Tonight before the event closes, I venture to say in this space right here, and this isn’t a very big space, you know, but I venture to say there will be thousands of angels floating amongst you. All you’ve got to do is let them be with you and you will have yourself a great event tonight.

I am open to receive your questions this evening, and I have asked to have the audience microphone brought closer to me because I am going to turn up my own energies here tonight, so when you approach the microphone, you will feel my light.

If you have a question, come up and ask it with your eyes closed. I want you to see me. I am violet in color. They call me the Violet Light. So I’ll put on different colors tonight just for you, but you’ve got to play with me tonight. Can we have fun with this? We can, can’t we?

Q: Good evening, Master Kirael. Thank you for the beautiful meditation. Could you please provide an update on how the human world is bridging the gap with the angels as we deal with the situation in Iraq?

KIRAEL: Oh, that is a grand question. We would love to answer that one. There was a point during the onset of the war in Iraq when the angels had the entirety of your Earth surrounded. They had created a blanket, and they watched as each of you sent your particle of light up to them. They got stronger every time you sent up a particle. Your angel friends thought for a moment they would see the human world create a new pathway to peace. They were calling me, "Kirael, Kirael, come and see. Particles of light coming up from everywhere. People praying. No anger. Look at this, Master Kirael. Look, come quick."

All of my guardians came and made a circle around the angels, and the Christ Consciousness said, "I want to watch this as well." So the Christ light surrounded the guardians, and there you had a triple layer of angels, Guardians of Developing Societies, and the Christ Light.

The angels began to celebrate. They said, "We are going to make it, Master Kirael. We are going to make it." They were singing so loud that the people of the world began to celebrate. They began to think "We can change the tide. We can. We can make it happen."

In celebrating so hard the people didn’t see the over-mastermind oozing up through them. The over-mastermind took every breath it could take to cut off the angels’ light, and the angels said, "Master Kirael, can you make a difference for us? The humans are trying. Listen to them, they are praying. Can’t you intercede, Master Kirael? Can’t the guardians intercede? Can’t Master Jesus, can’t Master Buddha, can’t somebody intercede?

This is the answer they heard: Silence. For it wasn’t us who interceded, it was "We the People."

You will soon be given another chance to raise your vibration, and this time, don’t quit. Double your efforts, triple your efforts. Become We the People, not angry and screaming in the streets, but people who will pray every free moment they have to find a new way to create peace on this Earth.

Believe me, the angels that night cried. They cried when President Bush said, "Throw the bomb." They cried, and the teardrops fell upon your Earth in many places. That was the night it rained very hard.

But tonight, the angels think you won despite the war. They think you will win every time until you win. The most important thing I can say is: Do not give up. When the angels call, and when all of the other spiritual churches awaken to their love with no fear, by God, we will win. We have to win this one, my friends. It is your Earth plane that we must protect – Mother Earth, Gaia and her love.

Q: How can We the People communicate with the angelic realm, especially our guardian angels?

KIRAEL: That beautiful light which shines within your heart is gaining strength every day. Some of you can feel the changes right now tonight. How many of you have talked to your fellow spiritualists who are saying, "I feel I am finally changing." How many of you think, "God bless, there is something going on in my life over the last few months."

I will tell you what is going on, and this is why you won. Some of you began to pray so hard to create a world of peace that you awoke to the peace within your own heart. That is why you are changing. That is why your world is changing – because it is one heart at a time, isn’t it?

So to those of you who cannot be here tonight to sit in our energy and play with the angels, close your eyes at this very moment and let the angel wrap its wing around you. Let the little cherub sit on your knee and bounce up and down. For God’s sake, let yourself be free. Let yourself be a child. Let yourself feel the presence of love.

Make a demand of yourself. Demand that you can feel. Demand of yourself, "I can feel. I can feel the angels. I can feel the presence of love. I am in love again and by God, I don’t have to come home to remember how much I love you. I don’t have to come home to realize what your beauty is. I am feeling it right here right now because I got one of your angels standing here with me."

I want you to feel something on the back of your neck right now. That is a breath of an angel. So when you walk away, you will be walking with two of them because they have a message for you. The one on this side, his name is Samiel, and Samiel says, "Good question, here is your answer: Love like you have never loved before, and your world changes today."

Q: But how do we deal with those who believe they are doing God’s will by creating war?

KIRAEL: You don’t. You don’t do anything with them. You only keep the light bright. In this last go around, the Lightworkers hadn’t closed enough of the gap between the human world and the angelic realm. They left room for the darkness of the over-mastermind to ooze in.

If you think for a moment on how to stop someone who is making a decision that could wreck the world, you are wasting your light. Instead, light yourself up so bright that one more Lightworker can see you. Then two of you get your light so bright that a third and a fourth can see you. Eventually, so many Lightworkers will amass with their prayers that the brightness will take the darkness out of the over-mastermind.

It is like when Michael put his arms around Lucifer and loved him for what he was about to give. That light will embrace the dark, and the dark will become light only because you are bright enough to make it happen.

Pray only to brighten your heart, to make yourself feel good in love and light no matter what the outcome, for you will have done what you came here to do. I hope everybody can hear that answer.

Q: I am wondering whether my higher self works with certain angels it chooses rather than through my directions?

KIRAEL: Your higher self is totally aware of all angels. For example, your higher self can look upon this gathering right now and see me completely engulf you in my light. Their interaction with the Angel World is constant. When you pray and ask your higher self to be involved, oftentimes it is the angels they enlist to do their bidding because the higher self is you. It cannot feel the separation that you do.

Yet, it can feel is your restrictive movements. So when you ask your higher self to create this beautiful relationship, it can only go as far as you are willing to go with it. Do you follow what I am saying? So sometimes it has to enlist its angel friends because, you see, it is like seeing a pot of gold in the corner over there with you saying to your higher self, "I can’t reach it. You get it for me, higher self." However, your perceived limitations restrict your higher self because you are a part of your higher self.

So the higher self enlists the angels, and it says, "Angels, let us move her together so I can reach that pot of gold with her." And then the angel whispers in your ear, "Shuffle one foot just a wee bit." And you say, "What? I want to reach the pot of gold. I don’t want to shuffle my feet."

Another angel comes from the other direction and says, "Shuffle a foot just a wee bit." And you say, "You are not listening to me. I want the pot of gold."

Finally, the angels all look at your higher self and say, "We tried. We really tried." Then your higher self says, "Thank you so much. God bless you, angels. I love you." And they all stop trying. Next time, listen to the message.

Q: You have talked about the Seraphim and you have talked about the Cherubim. How are the Archangels interacting now with the human light?

KIRAEL: The Archangels have taken on quite a responsive energy. They are now moving in and out of the Earth plane. Good question. This answer will throw a whole lot of folks off kilter a little bit, but here it is.

I mentioned not so long as ago that I had just been told by the guidance world I have now mastered 144 dimensions. The reason for that celebration, my friend, is because it gave each Archangel the right to turn itself into 144 aspects, for the Archangels have been following a journey which I have been working on for some time. Each time I embrace another level of consciousness, another dimension, if you would, the Archangels can then resubmit their energy into the Earth plane.

As I am speaking to you right now, there are 144 Michael aspects moving in and out of the world plane simultaneously at a speed you can’t even imagine. Archangel Michael can stand beside you this very moment and, as you turn to leave, it will turn and be in New York City because it doesn’t know what you know. It doesn’t know limitations.

Q: So many of my friends love to play with angel cards. Do angels always intervene and send us messages through these cards?

KIRAEL: What a grand question. I wish you had your angel cards here with you because if you did, you could fan them out right now and for every one you fan out, you are going to get an angel. Guaranteed.

The minute somebody takes out a deck of angel cards, the angels are there. They play. They watch. They interact. You can feel them. That’s why when you take out your angel card deck, everybody smiles because they feel the angels. They smile from ear to ear, don’t they? That’s exactly why.

Q: Could you please thank the angels and the guides who have helped me with all of the different things that have happened this past year?

KIRAEL: You, my friend, have just thanked them yourself because they stand in a semicircle around you. The ones that have taken your trips with you and have walked you through your emotional cries and resetting of your light, they are applauding.

But there is one that stands behind the semicircle, and he is saying, "Now, Master Kirael? Now? Can we do it now?" And I say to this angel, "As soon as this human being gathers the fullness of his Ten Principles of Conscious Creation. As soon as he gathers all of his jewels, all of his precious stones, all of his precious feelings, and the heart that he was a year-and-a-half ago as it comes back to another awakened state, then it is time," and then you will know what I am talking about.


In all of the love and the light that I offer you, my friends, I have made some of you smile tonight. More so, I have seen a lot of tears fall. Why? Because you’ve allowed yourself to feel the presence of angels. That’s when the tears fall. They are not teardrops. They are sparkles of light.

There is beauty in being alive, the human experience of love. Let yourself feel the angels, my friends. Are they amongst you? Bet on it. And then rely on it. Good evening.



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