The Adventures of an Elder Wanderer

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The Adventures of an Elder Wanderer
 Elder Wanderer
September 2007

Published in this website on September 14, 2007.  Published here by request from the author.

At a very early age in this Earthly life I sensed I was not the same as you, and as hard as I tried I never felt like «I fit in».  I was very faithful going to church and was the only person in my family who did so. My curiosity concerning what was being preached by the minister went beyond others within the congregation.

Above the organ on the wall in the church was a depiction of the Christian Christ, with his right hand raised and his thumb and first two fingers outstretched and last two fingers against his palm.  When I ask the elderly minister what this stood for, he had no answer.


I prayed many times back then, especially for the cats and kittens that were badly injured when a passing vehicle on the road hit them running across to the field stocked full of mice. My father put the badly injured animal in a box with a hole at one end where the exhaust pipe of his car went inside, and they passed away, but not before they thrashed about in the box. I prayed and cried at the same time, pleading for God to save them. Growing up in the country you witness birth, life and death frequently.


At the age of eight my father took me where he worked, for a half of a day on Saturday and did his paper work in the office. He was an inspector at a large steel casting foundry. As we entered I saw many big black men there and they all gave my dad a big smile and a wave. This was my first close contact with dark-skinned people. When we entered his office he sat me down and said this to me; «Everyone you meet is your equal and they know something you need to know, if you don’t take the time to listen, you’ll never find it out«. My dad was my first spiritual messenger this life!

When I was a young teenager a close friend of mine invited me to a Christian revival at a large church. Back then there wasn’t any air conditioning in these buildings, only big fans. The church was packed full with little standing room and it was during the hot summer season. All of the people around me were sweating profusely and some were fainting from the heat, but I was as cool as a cucumber and felt a gentle breeze surrounding me!


My father owned eight acres of property in the country and half was wooded connected to further wooded land. I was drawn to the woods like a magnet and I spent many happy hours there alone after school and on weekends.  I first rediscovered meditation there when I was age eleven, without knowing exactly what it was called. It wasn’t until years later in my early twenties when I became a student of mysticism that I found out what they called it. During my early high school years I was able to see people’s auras. Up to then I never discussed any of my above experiences with anyone.


After high school I lived in Japan for three years and witnessed other spiritual occurrences. I became friends with an American gentleman (John) in his thirties in and he had problems with his legs, caused from being a paratrooper during WW2. He couldn’t run, only walk slowly. His wife (Junco) was Japanese and she meditated frequently before their Shinto shrine in one room. They fell on hard times and she asked him many times to meditate with her, but John refused being he didn’t believe in religion. Times got even harder for them and there was only enough money for a small helping of rice each day. John finally gave into Junco and joined her in meditation. Then one day John asked me to go for a walk with him to a special temple ruins. I knew we had to walk very slow because of the problems with his legs, and that the path wasn’t an easy one to travel. Only a minute or so into our journey John started picking up the walking pace and eventually we were speed walking, there was a steep hill up to the ruins and John said; «I’ll race you to the top» and he won! He was healed.


When I returned to America I visited many different churches and couldn’t understand why they preached so many different versions of so-called God’s laws, if there was only one God why did they conflict with each other? My only answer was to choose what I thought to be the truth what they were preaching, for my own personal spiritual beliefs.

Then one day I visited my Aunt Ann who everyone in the family thought was a little odd. I found her to be one of the most highly-gifted spiritual people I came in contact with up to that point. She had just become a member/student of a mystical spiritual fraternity calledAMORC. Everything spiritual she talked about was incredible. She took me into her sanctum to meditate with her and I went into deep meditation immediately. I visited her every Friday for two years, talking in-depth about mysticism before I became a member/student of AMORC.


The two things that interested me most about this ancient fraternity were the mystical lessons weren’t religious perspectives based on belief alone and the lessons contained practical applications to prove spiritual laws to yourself. It was more spiritual fact than spiritual belief.

Within a short period of Earth time this spiritual fraternity put much together for me in the puzzle of life, and my spiritual experiences grew dramatically, so much so that my family thought I was odd also! And I loved it because it was all about the real TRUTH at last.

At that time in America the words cosmic, meditation, astral traveling and mysticism were only spoken by those who were believed to be odd.

Following are some of my spiritual experiences that occurred when I became a serious student of AMORC and beyond my active years:


Early on in my studies I found myself vision-traveling to places that seemed unearth like. Once I was sitting under a tree that was as huge as the giant redwoods in California and all the vegetation around me seemed prehistoric size. I was on a hill area enjoying the serenity of my surroundings when I telepathically sensed a group of students in the valley beckoning me to return to the class, when I returned I noticed the students including myself had white jackets on and about 50 feet in the air over our heads was a silver prototype airship, approximately 30 feet long hovering silently, controlled by our group thoughts. We mentally brought the craft down to the ground and took it apart. I lifted one large section and it was weightless.


I started levitating in visions quite early in my studies and at first only a few inches off the ground, it felt uncomfortable at first and took many times to eventually feel balanced. Once I felt confident, levitating became a very enjoyable thing to do, and some times I would show off for others which I was cautioned in doing so, because many of those around me did not understand or were able to accept what came natural for me. I levitated for my present Earth father many times in visions and he refused to accept it was happening.


I have been many places walking within groups and crowds of human beings, and it took me only a short period of our time to notice that some times I was invisible to those around me and once I discovered this, on many occasions I would first check to see if I was visible or not.


I felt like I was flying in the sky, hearing a hissing sound as I was flying over mountains below me, feeling very excited and eventually flying over a large cliff area with a beautiful grassy area in a valley below, and very gently landing on the grass.


From childhood up until I became a mystic student I was always able to see a dim small light circling my head in front of my eyes, traveling from left to right, I even knew how many seconds passed when it disappeared on my right side and again appeared on my left side. Whenever I tried to look directly into the light it would dash out to sight. Then one evening I was meditating before I went to sleep and doing some deep breathing exercises, all of a sudden the light appeared again circling as usual. I concentrated and asked for the light to stop in front of me, which it did! I looked directly into the light and it grew in brightness and size to the point where it covered my entire vision, I then realized I was flying into the light and a wonderful feeling beyond words came over me, eventually I found myself again in bed and the light was now in the shape of a triangle and I flew into it also, I again found myself in bed and the light was now in the shape of a 6-pointed star which I also flew into. I experienced this over 30 years ago.


I had heard about bio-relocating [bilocating, N. of E.] and that the military was using it to spy on suspected enemies. Not knowing whether I had this ability or not, I tried it one evening before I went to sleep using visualization and deep breathing exercises. I suddenly found myself in a wonderful place and as I returned to my bed I heard a loud hissing sound followed by a boom. I tried it again and once again was taken to a wonderful place followed by the hissing and boom sound when I returned. I tried it a third time and found myself in a very evil, negative setting hovering in a room against the ceiling, below me were 5 high-ranking military persons speaking very evil things, I felt very uncomfortable and asked to leave, which I did, and will never attempt such a thing again, my memory was blocked from remembering anything I might of heard.


I have driven many kinds of vehicles during my visions, including cars, trucks of all sizes, motorcycles and even planes, old ones which broke down and new ones. The most memorable experience of all was when I drove what you might say was a vehicle of the future. It was on the flat roof of a tall building and when I sat inside, there wasn’t a steering wheel and the car traveled by computer telepathic commands from me but also from its own, you might say, computer brain. It must have been my first experience in such a vehicle because it drove off the side of the building —I remember it had wheels— and I thought it would fall to the ground, but wings came out on the sides and it gently came down to the ground and made no sound at all. I asked to go to a certain part of the city and the computer voice responded by saying it wouldn’t take me there, because this area of the city wasn’t safe at this time and offered an alternate place to go.

I have been seen by other mystics in visions and I’m usually a messenger.


I was a student of the Traditional Martinist Order and our beginning class had a new Master who was a student mystic only a few years, and he didn’t feel he was qualified or experienced enough to be our Master, especially being that some of the students in the class were accomplished mystics of service to others for many years. He spoke only to me about this after our first class meeting, when all the other members had gone home. With a smile, I said this to him; «If you weren’t suppose to be our Master, you wouldn’t have beenchosen«. When he went to sleep that evening, he had a vision. He found himself in an ancient-type setting with mountains in the background and sheep grazing in a meadow. The moon was very bright and walking up to him was a figure of a person dressed in a long white flowing robe with long white hair and a beard. This person said something to him that was only for his ears. He told me of this experience the next class meeting, but would not tell me what this messenger said to him, but he did tell me this messenger had my voice!  This was the second time my Master Within was seen, the first time was several years ago.


When I was in my mid twenties had only been studying as a mystic for a few years. One of my co-worker friends (Sue) had a friend (Lynn) from California visiting for a couple of weeks and asked me to join them for a Friday evening of dancing at a local club. I also invited a friend of mine (Nancy) along, who was a slow learner and when we all met at my house before going to the club, Sue and Lynn weren’t very happy about me inviting my slow learner friend Nancy along. While at the club, Sue and Lynn made very nasty remarks about my friend Nancy behind her back, but I tried my best to keep the group together. We finished the evening by meeting back at my place for some chit-chat. My friend Nancy left first because she was working the next day. When she was gone I turned off the music and told Sue and Lynn that I was very disappointed with both of them for the way they treated Nancy. The two girls were on two sides of the room with me in the middle in a triangle formation. I explained that Nancy was born a slow learner and has every right to be treated like any other decent human being. I then felt very calm and relaxed, my voice was being heard but very profound statements were being made. Lynn suddenly had a shocking look on her face, and when I finished, I asked her what she saw. She said for a few seconds I had disappeared and there was a person standing in my place, with a long white robe and long white hair and beard.  When you are ready, the Master Within will appear.


Most of the people of this Earth have accepted the belief in reincarnation. Every time our bodies are not able to contain our soul any longer, our temples go to dust and our soul is eventually reincarnated back on Earth as another human entity. Let me propose a theory; if this is so then is there any possibility that we humans can live more than one life at a time during each Earth transition? Read the following true story and decide for yourself.

When I was living in northern California, once a year for five years I would attend a week-long female festival of various organizations like the National Organization of Women and etc.  This festival was attended by thousands of women from all over America. Besides the many seminars and speeches given there, was daily and nightly musical entertainment on outside stages and in discos.

One evening at the most popular disco’s to be at, which was part of a large lodging facility there were at least 10,000 ladies in attendance. I was in the disco with 2 of my female friends, with the music blasting and so little room to move that you could barely dance. Suddenly there were 2 ladies staring at me in total confusion, looking at me as though I should recognize them. Finally one of them said, «Why are you over here Sandy (not my name), and dressed in different clothes?» Now we were all confused, so I asked them what they were talking about. They said a close friend of theirs by the name of Sandy, looked exactly like me, acted, same height, color, style and length of hair, same voice, and everything except the clothes I was wearing, came with them that evening. Cheezz, what was this all about? Then the 3 of us went off looking for someone they knew as Sandy, who was my twin or what? Now you have to visualize 10,000 ladies packed as tight as sardines in a can, having a wonderful time. We looked and looked and no Sandy, then I was starting to doubt what was going on here, and seeing this doubting look on my face, they became upset with me. Finally a group of friends I hadn’t seen since last year’s festival grabbed me and took me off to dance with them.  Now, what do you think? I’ll add more of my thoughts to this later!


Besides California, I also lived in Florida for 7 years and had a close friend by the name of Betty. She was aware of my mystical studies and I did some mystical practical applications with her once in awhile. Every other week she would invite me over for a Sunday brunch at her house. During one of these brunches, after we had finished eating, as she was sitting on my right side, I held her left hand and gazed into her eyes. Within a few seconds, all of a sudden I was no longer in Betty’s house sitting on her sofa. Instead I was standing up on a round platform with approximately 100 other humans and Betty was there also, but now on my left side and I was holding her right hand while she was sitting in a chair. The feeling I experienced was beyond words!  Everyone, including Betty and I, were dressed in long, white flowing robes. The occasion was a festive one of some kind, and the weather was perfect. I made a physical sense-check for the direction of the sun and there was none even though it was a bright sunny-feeling day. The platform we were standing on was maybe 8 feet off the ground and when I looked beyond the platform on the ground, for as far as I could see all around me were millions of humans dressed the same, with long, white flowing robes. Then all of a sudden Betty and I were back sitting on her sofa again. The main difference was the look of extreme surprise on Betty’s face. I asked her calmly what she had experienced, and she recalled going to this incredible place with me, but didn’t retain all of the memory about the incident that I did.


What about ghosts/Earth bound souls, do they exist?, have you ever seen one or know someone who has?

I was living in Indiana during the winter and it was real cold outside. I received a phone call one weekend evening and a friend of mine asked me to help a friend of hers. He hadn’t been able to get more than one hour sleep every night for over 3 weeks, and he was a wreck. He heard of my unusual spiritual abilities and he asked me that would I please hypnotize him, so he could go to sleep.  I told him that I don’t hypnotize anyone and, if I was able to help him in anyway, it would be God working through me.  He was in extreme desperation, so I agreed to see him that evening. He was at a party with my lady friend and at least 8 other individuals. To make the matter worse, (we’ll call him George) he was an alcoholic and loved his scotch. It was during the hippie generation, so pot was being smoked and lots of alcohol consumed. The TV was on with the sound turned down and music records were being played, which was very typical for that time/space.

I met George and he was drunk as a skunk. I wondered how I could do anything for him, in his present condition.

There wasn’t enough seating in the house for everyone and when George got yet another glass of scotch, he sat on the living room floor and I told him to gaze into my eyes so I could analyze his situation. He kept looking away from my steady gaze, saying it made him feel uncomfortable, so I told him I was putting him to sleep, which I was. I attempted this mystical practical application many times, until at last he lowered he eye lids for sleep, after only a few seconds had past, he was shocked awake as though he had seen something very terrible. George got up and went into the kitchen for some more scotch, only to find out there wasn’t any more and he asked me to take him to the liquor store so he could buy some, I obliged. I was driving a Volkswagen and most of you know how close the seats are together, and we had big winter coats on. As I was driving George to the store, our coats touched and he jerked away from me, saying he got shocked but not like a static electricity one, much different than he ever felt before. I was building up spiritual energy to help him.

When we returned from the store, before going inside, George said he felt he could trust me, and told me this unusual story.

He had been separated from his wife (actually he wouldn’t sober up, so she threw him out) for 3 weeks now. The house his family was living in was very old, over 100 years. The heating system was an old coal furnace in a dirt basement. Every evening during the winter George had to add more coal to the furnace to keep the house heated to the morning. Now to add more suspense to this true story, how many light bulbs do you think there were in the basement? Yup, only one.

As George was adding coal to the furnace one evening he felt a strange presence behind him and as he turned around, he saw a man at the entrance of a hole in the side of the basement wall. This man was covered in blood with a very painful look on his face, with his hand out towards George, saying «Help me». George immediately if not sooner ran as fast as he could upstairs and thought the alcohol was the cause of this. A few evenings later the same thing happened and the man was even closer to George than the 1st time, and during the 3rd encounter the man was behind George with his hand on his shoulder. George totally freaked out, so much that he didn’t tell anyone about this. The next weekend George had a party at his house, inviting 6 couples.

As the evening wore on and George and his male buddies got tanked up, of course the bragging stories started to flow. Finally George decided to top them all and told all the guys what he experienced in his basement. He instantly became the laughing stock of the house, so he challenged the guys to go down to the basement in the dark with him, which they did. They sat on the basement steps for maybe 15 minutes and nothing happened, so they went upstairs and laughed some more at George, a second time he dared them to go down to the basement, so all the men did and nothing again. Okay, why is this only happening to George? After a few more drinks and the men could barely walk from intoxication, George dared them one last third time. Sitting in the dark the men couldn’t stop giggling and making fun of poor George. Then all of a sudden this man dripping in blood emerged from the dirt hole in the wall, and the men seeing this became extreme scared-die-cats and couldn’t act fast enough to get upstairs.

Soon after this innocent George’s wife tossed him out of the house. Then the horrible dreams started, to the point where his memory was erased when he woke up.

I questioned George about the old house he was living in, and found out that the dirt hole in the basement wall led to an area where black slaves were hidden as part of theUnderground Railroad, during the slavery period in America.

So there’s my answer! George had an Earth-bound soul who attached himself to George when he had to leave his home.

We went back inside the house and George took another drink of scotch. I let him get settled on the floor again and asked him to gaze once again into my eyes, but this time I went into deep meditation and ask The Guiding Light to free this trapped Earth-bound soul and gain entrance to his heaven. Within 5 minutes George was fast asleep, and my friend told me he slept over 24 hours and wasn’t bothered by dreams of this kind again.


How much is our present Earth life connected with our dream/vision ones?

I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC in my early twenties and would go to the closest Pronaos with my aunt Ann once a month for convocation and conversation with other members. I was the youngest member there and was even a walking question mark then. One of the older mystic gentlemen gave me a well worn book concerning the UFO experiences and travels of a gentleman out West. I had no idea that in the future I was to meet the author of this fascinating book at the San Francisco Whole Life Expo.

Some years ago I had this vision/dream. I was walking in an outside market that I had been in, in other vision/dreams, so I was comfortable being there. The weather was perfect and I felt very happy. I was supposed to meet a friend there at a designated place, which I did. She was happy to see me again and took an object out of her bag. It was about 12 inches long X 1 ½ inches in diameter, light crème in color. She asked me to hold the object in the middle with my right hand. When I did this, there were sudden light colors that appeared at each end of the object. My friend remarked that I was doing just fine, with only a few issues to resolve. So what was that all about?

Years later when I was living in California, I heard of something called the San Francisco Whole Life Expo, with all kinds of alternative lifestyle health products, mini seminars on health, the spiritual and even UFO’s

A very close spiritual friend of mine went with me, and we split up for a time to investigate subjects of our own interest, but agreed to attend some of the mini-seminars together to discuss our own thoughts on it. One of these was on UFO’s, with a panel of 5 individuals who had encounters with Aliens and UFO’s. It was very fascinating but nothing more than I already knew.

During the audience participation period, this elderly man kept walking up to the speaker area and started talking about UFO encounters he had, as if he was on the 5th-person panel. Eventually he was asked to take his seat and stop speaking out of turn.

When the session ended, my friend and I noticed a small group gathered around this elderly man, so we went over to check out what was being said. He spoke of UFO travel to a wonderful planet and he was chosen to bring back to Earth what he had experienced. Okay, I’ve heard this stuff before; all of a sudden his wife pulled an object out of her bag, which was exactly the same as the one I held in my vision, years ago. I asked her if I could hold it, and with a big smile on his face the elderly man said to me «You don’t need it anymore!


Most of us I’m sure, feel that we have control of your own lives, but do we really?

I was working as a facility coordinator, dividing my time between being in the field and in the office. During my time in the office I spoke lightly concerning spiritual issues, but once in awhile get a little far-out there and this gets around quick. We had a new office manager, a young kid to the rest of us and at 1st made a wrong impression by acting like he was our boss, yea, get real, kid.

He had heard about some of my spiritual interests and came into my office area one day to listen in, on what I was saying about certain experiences in this area. He asked me if spirits could control you. When I asked him to give me an example, he told me this true story. During his sleeping periods at night, he dreamt he was being pushed off of his bed on to the floor, and when he woke up, he was on the floor. This occurred many times and during the most recent innocent, he dreamt that he was invisible to his surroundings and his leg was going through one of bed legs. He showed me his leg and it had a large bruise on it, which was painful to him. I immediately gave him this following prayer to say before he went to sleep at night.

«Great Loving Universal Forces, please allow me joy, safety, balance and Greater Light as I enter Thy Unknown».  These experiences he was having stopped as soon as he started saying the prayer. A week later I had some flowers on my desk and a new friend!


In our dream/visions are we always the same age as our present incarnation?

One of my father’s brothers by the name of Gabe past away some years ago and about 5 years after his passing, I had a dream/vision of seeing him. He was sitting in a chair very happy, surrounded by many happy children. I was one of the children, and not only realized that I was a child there, but also an adult on Earth. I sat on my Uncle Gabe’s lap and he knew who I was. He told me that he always admired my father, because he had so many children (5) and was surrounded by so much Love. Uncle Gabe and his wife only had one child.


How important is laughing and spreading the inner joy you feel?

Laughing is so important in our lives, especially being able to laugh at yourself. Whenever I feel like I’m being too serious for too long, I make some silly faces in a mirror to make me laugh. Children laugh far more than adults which keeps them happy.

Spreading the inner joy you feel everyday is one of the steps to enlightenment. Without thinking I will receive anything in return, I do my best to bring a smile to everyone’s face I see everyday. Whenever you smile for real, you can’t think a negative thought.


This past week, the beginning of October[of 2007], I had the following vision/dream.  I was with 5 other people and we were all overwhelmingly excited about the coming stasis, discussing all the wonderful changes and how we will assist in the great adventure.  When I woke up, the seriousness of what is coming impacted me even more than before.  I now find myself spending more time each day on how to prepare for the stasis. If you are not taking this matter as a serious one, perhaps you could take another look at the massive amount of information on the net dedicated to this subject and possibly reexamine your present priorities.


My aunt Ann was living in a rented house while her new home was being finished and during one of her short noon naps on the sofa in the living room she woke up and in front of the fire place on the opposite side of the room was standing a very tall man (maybe 7ft.) and he was the most handsome man she had ever seen. Ann did not feel threatened by his presence in anyway. She felt frozen by his wonderful gaze and he raised his right arm and pointed his finger directly at her, she suddenly felt like she was on fire, but it felt wonderful. The man then telepathically told her to lie down, close her eyes and go to sleep, which she did. The most interesting part of this true story is the man had two heads!


Ann grew up in southern Ohio in a poor family. Her father worked in the local coal mine during the night shift. All the workers would take turns going out of the mine to get water in the well. One evening Ann’s father was getting water out of the well and he felt a strange presence behind him, when he turned around he saw a man dressed in white, with a glow around him and on the ground all around him were hundreds of snakes. Ann’s father was petrified of all the snakes. The man dressed in white said «I’ll make them go away», and he said something in rhyme that wasn’t any language Ann’s father had ever heard. The snakes suddenly disappeared and the man in white asked him to come closer and not be afraid, but Ann’s father ran back to the mine as fast as he could instead.


Sex, Gender and the Unknown

 As a mystic of many years now, I have been searching within the Unknown for the real answers concerning celibacy.

I read years ago that if one was to abstain from the supreme feeling (climaxing), this so-called energy field would build up within you and find expression within the Unknown.

Becoming celibate is for sure one of the most difficult things you can accomplish, not only do you have to control your natural hormone drives, but also thinking about it. If you’re not a hermit, it’s around you daily and even if you’re a Catholic priest, you’retempted by the presence of nuns.

After many years of meditation I was at last able to experience true celibacy, with little to no sexual urges and thoughts. I have been celibate for 7 years now and here is my story.

Within the Unknown you enter a world where there is no hatred, no fear, no jealousy, no discrimination, no gossip no guilt and no negativity. Nothing is wrong; everything is right, balanced and loving. At this point you should know that my ancient mystical name means Brings Love and I am sought out within the Unknown often because of this.

Having loving relationships beyond our earthly experiences is more than you can imagine, and when this occurs in your life, it puts your earthly loving experiences on the back burner, certainly for me, 7 years now.

Normally I recall 2 to 5 vision dream experiences every evening. Not only do I have experiences as the present sex I am, but also the opposite sex and at times a neuter one. I have also experienced changing from one to the other during a vision period. You might ask how does it feel, actually it feels as normal as you being who you are. I also at times know I am a female on earth even though I might be male in a vision dream.

Yes, I have had many lovers within the Unknown, far more than this earth experience and like I said, there is no jealousy or guilt of any kind.

When I was in my early twenties I lived in Japan for 3 years and on Saturdays I would teach English at a physical challenged center. One of the students was a very beautiful girl by the name of Kyoko who was physically challenged from the waist down and had to use crutches to get around. To make a short story, we fell in love and went no further than kissing. It was a sad day when I had to leave her and return to America. We wrote for awhile, then I married and the letters stopped. I was only married two years and returned to a single life. I lost Kyoko’s address, but I still thought of her lovingly from time to time. Then one evening I had a vision dream of her, she was no longer physically challenged and was as beautiful as the last time I saw her many years ago. She was an architect in a future world and she showed me some of her drawings on a board that would change to whatever she wanted by using telepathy. We took a walk holding hands and everything around us was perfect. We lay down on the grass which was the softest I’ve ever felt. I lay opposite her with the tops of our heads touching and our arms out stretched and holding hands. The feeling of love between us was beyond description, I then said «I don’t want to go» and suddenly found myself waking up in bed on Earth, crying.

Again there’s no discrimination within the Unknown, everyone gets along and is totally accepting of one another. Because of political and especially religious negative programming on Earth, we are very limited in consciousness expansion.  We fill our lives with too much negative activity, gossiping, despising others, and etc.

From grade school up until I graduated from high school, one of my classmates was a female named Terry. I never really knew her much as she was a very popular girl in school and I was very shy and had few friends. Only once during a school honor roll outing did she appeared interested in me. Years later when I became a student of mysticism and through repeated spiritual practical applications and being able to astral travel, did Terry appear in my vision dreams for loving, which I wonder «Why Me?» to this day. Of all my many lovers within the Unknown, Terry comes to me the most.

Within the Unknown you’re able to choose what age you want to be and most choose between early twenties to early thirties, so all my lovers there are at their most sensual age.

Not all loving experiences within the Unknown are Top Shelf, some are actually okay, but none are disappointing. There are periods of Earth time when I have no memory of loving experiences within the Unknown, and then all of a sudden there can be many, one evening after the next, or even many within one evening.

The longer I am celibate the easier it becomes. I have few thoughts about the human sexual act and haven’t attempted to please myself for many years on Earth. I try my best to send out loving vibrations to everyone around me during my awakened Earth hours, and many people enjoy just touching me in a loving manner.


My experiences this incarnation have been varied and you might say too-far-fetched for most to understand and accept. I reflect back to my early years on earth this life and what I understood then, to be able to realize where others are mentally at now. My quest, which I accepted before arriving on earth this time, was what I wanted in order to evolve far beyond my wildest dreams, even though it would be a very rocky road, with many blind allies, paths on which I fell down many times, and would lose all of my material possessions more than once. Many times it felt like I was in the middle of an ocean and only had one last breath in me left to survive, and then my Spiritual Masters would pick me up, to show me that I had passed another test.


I have proven to myself that we live more than one life each incarnation wherever we choose to continue our existence. I know of one other person on earth who looks and acts exactly like me, NOW. And through my vision/dreams, which expand constantly, it has become acceptably natural to experience all of these varied lives, who are all me. Not only do I experience many lives on earth, but I have experiences on other planets and dimensions.


In order to expand our understanding of What Is, we need to keep all of our options open to anything and everything. For example: is it, in anyway, possible that many of the people you know each life are other ones of you? It has been said that you should do onto others as you would like them do unto you. Let’s say you meet someone who is of another race or color than you, and you have been programmed so far this life through religious beliefs, etc., to discriminate against them, even though you really know nothing about them. But the real TRUTH is, this person you are discriminating against is another one of you. So whenever I find myself discriminating against another person, I try my hardest to stop and think, «Hey, they could be another one of me!«


I constantly do my best to bring joy into everyone’s life, those who are around me daily, even if I’m only passing you on the street, looking into your eyes with a big smile on my face and saying «Hi», just for that brief moment that person you greeted, experienced joy, and it was all because of YOU. The more you do this throughout your daily life, the more it will become an automatic good habit. Every time someone smiles at you because of your positive, loving actions towards them, your positive vibrations increase. Of course this is one of the many ways you can experience Service to Others.


Life changes are so important to those who are true seekers within the Unknown. When I made the decision to leave my American homeland and move lock-stock-and-barrel to Thailand, just about everyone I knew then couldn’t understand how I could do such a thing, it was totally outside of their box. I was in my upper 50’s then and the extreme experiences I gained from going-for-it went way over the scale. Of course you realize that you don’t take material possessions with you when you pass through transition, but your experiences are eternally stuck to you. So, let’s see, do I want experiences which allow me to advance as a soul, or material possessions which I experience for only a speck of time?  Whether it be relocating to a different part of our planet, or taking the huge initiative like our Brother Luis has done to provide us with such an enormous amount of Truths, such changes benefit you far beyond this life.


Trust and seek your inner guides often, are they you also, something to think about. The Brother Veritus’ Website is an endless source of inner spiritual expansion, spend there one hour or more everyday exploring who You Are.

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