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Abundance After NESARA


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ThroughSheldan Nidle

Abundance After NESARA

Tuesday March 9, 2004. 5 Ix, 7 Ceh, 12 Manik

From The Planetary Activation Organization (  Article taken from:  .   Published by permission from PAO.

Greetings! We return, dear Hearts, with more to tell you! Mother Earth is stepping up preparations for her surface to don a new cloak. Meanwhile, our Earth allies are finishing their arrangements for their long-awaited ‘surprise party’. This party will end the rule of those regimes now controlled by your last dark cabal. This endeavor is to be a joint operation between the military and the civilian sectors, and will be overseen by us to ensure that all transpires successfully. To this end, our liaison and diplomatic teams have been placed in position to coordinate these numerous efforts. We have transferred the necessary action-codes for this procedure to those in top military positions, and have assigned a number of special liaison personnel from our galactic defense forces to be available to the military section of our Earth allies’ command. Their responsibility will be to carry out any fleet actions deemed necessary for the success of this mission. To assist them, our first contact command board directed a number of special defense scouts to take up positions at various key points around your globe.

      Our fleet’s primary mission is to ensure no secret weapon systems be deployed and to suppress all communication that might hinder the success of this operation. These precautions are deemed necessary since we intend this mission be done as mercifully as possible. Therefore, it is vital that the prime objectives of this operation be achieved swiftly. As the elements of time and surprise are of the essence, we can only say that this event is nearly upon you. When the green light is given, it will result in our joint success. To this end, we went over many possible scenarios. Once this venture is underway, we can direct our science observation fleet to take a more active role by supporting exchanges between our Earth allies and us. We intend to take a tight hold of this last cabal and wrench it from its illegally gained positions of governmental power.[Editor’s Note:  President Bush, as an example, is not considered a legal president of the USA by the Galactic Federation, since he stole the elections]  Then our Earth allies can assure your global society of an unprecedented prosperity and guarantee the base needed to reveal your new reality. This setting can lead to a formal acknowledgment of our existence and the next step of this first contact mission.

      Our liaison teams are now in touch with those who will, in the short term, replace the personnel in the present government now controlled by this last dark cabal. The interim personnel have plans to stage elections on the national, state, and local levels, 90 to 100 days after the regime change. A procedure to re-certify and re-educate the nation’s legal system is also ready to go into effect within hours of the changeover. The first stage, a 60-day moratorium, will allow all lawyers and judges to be evaluated and introduced to a national common law system. Those who pass muster will be certified and the new legal system can then be implemented. Our specially trained liaison personnel will appraise all those held in the prison system and will use Light-healing technologies to enable them to return to normal life. Our purpose is to make sure that an abundant society gives everyone the opportunity to be truly free and to exercise in a responsible manner the unalienable rights bestowed by the Creator upon us all. Remember, you are all connected and responsible for making your new galactic society a success.

     In addition to the legal system, it is essential that all vital government services be strictly evaluated. Your government has become a nightmare of obscure and confusing regulations, created by the illegal interference of an enormous number of powerful, special-interest groups. Once N.E.S.A.R.A. and some other, as yet undisclosed, treaties void these regulations, it becomes necessary to replace them with a system more in tune with the needs of your society. With this in mind, a committee was formed by our Earth allies nearly half a decade ago to deal with these issues. The elderly and the poor need an immediate remedy for their current condition. The solution lies in your coming, enormous abundance, a great collective caring and a large number of remarkable new technologies. Taken together, these factors can redress the ills of your present medical and welfare systems and instantly rid your urban areas of the blight of poverty, drug addiction, violence, and other associated afflictions.

      This requires of you a new outlook on your individual and collective responsibilities. The Ascended Masters intend to take a firm stance in helping to reform those core prejudices and beliefs that have kept you divided and that have prevented you from truly coming together and assisting each other. It is time to re-infuse in you the moral imperatives first demonstrated by Yeshua, Lord Buddha, and Lord Mohamed many centuries ago. To this end, the Ascended Masters intend to manifest openly among you at a divinely appropriate time. Their "hands-on" lectures and insightful guidance will be the inspiration for an age of renewed morality. Your new galactic society will require that everyone work at the level of his or her fullest potential. The new technologies will release you from the drudgery of earning a living, thus allowing you to extend your interests beyond caring for your immediate family and out into your community.

      Mother Earth wishes you to help her through her many changes as well. This means that you will need to perceive your reality in a different light. You reside in a living, conscious universe. Every part, and everything within it, is alive and filled with the life-energies that mirror those that create physicality. You are, in essence, a physical Angel who is going through an experience that imposed upon you a state of amnesia. As you begin to remember who you really are, it becomes incumbent upon you to resume your former responsibilities. You need to assist Mother Earth through her changes and support and strengthen her fragile eco-system. Many suppressed technologies will allow you to clean up your air and water and to convert your many landfills into suitable fertilizer for your farms and forests. You can change your present divisive society into one based on Love.

      As you can see, the changing of your present government is only the beginning of a huge number of alterations. The abundance you will be given is not intended to enable you to repeat the excesses of your former secret rulers. It is being provided as part of a divine intervention that is ultimately to lead you back into full consciousness. Fully conscious Beings reside in a fully conscious reality, characterized by an overt reverence for life and a deep commitment to manifesting abundance everywhere. See yourself as part of a collective management team whose mission is to preserve and extend life throughout physicality. This mission brought you to myriad worlds and, more specifically, to one of special beauty and importance, Mother Earth. This world is entrusted to only a select few. Therefore, it is vital that she be treated with the respect that is her due.

      Our responsibility is to help you to carry out your divine mission. We are part of an enormous fleet that is under divine guidance to seek first contact with the peoples of Mother Earth. The many Seraphim of Lord Surea are here, too, to carry out sacred decrees according to a divine schedule. The approaching period is one in which many astounding events will manifest. These have taken a long time to come to fruition, and we are very happy that this moment is finally so close. It is, therefore, most important that you remain focused on your inevitable victory. Use this time to strengthen your commitment and prepare for what lies ahead. Much is being put into place that will greatly surprise you. We await its unfolding and greatly look forward to the opportunity to meet you all at last. Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we discussed events that are again close to being manifested. We ask you all to send out your collective, positive intentions and to publicly express your support for our Earth allies. We are now approaching a great watershed in your history, which can lead to a reunion with your spiritual and space families. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Prosperity and infinite Abundance of Heaven is Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)


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