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Ascended Masters Warn the Illuminati


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Ascended Masters Warn the Illuminati

Using Tax Payer Money The Illuminati Look for Weaponizing Space to Protect Their Personal Interests by Continuing Developing a Space Military Capability Against the Forces of Light.  The Excuse, or Cover Story, is the Starting of a New Lunar and Martian Space Program.

 Dove of Oneness

From Dove Report of January 14, 2004

This is an excerpt only.  First published in this website on January 16, 2004.  See NESARA information at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Moon and Mars

Today Bush Jr. unveiled plans for his Moon to Mars space program.  Although the space program has been discussed off and on, the recent focus and rush to put one billion dollars into the program indicates there’s influence from a new factor.

The new influencing factor is that the Ascended Masters of Light have held two meetings with top Illuminati bosses on Earth in the last few weeks.  Initially Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine and Ascended Master Sananda dropped in on a meeting of the top 13 Illuminati families over a week ago. The Ascended Masters informed the Illuminati bosses that NESARA would be announced in the next announcement time period and the Ascended Masters were offering the Illuminati an opportunity to cooperate and discontinue the Illuminati interference related to NESARA.

Last week, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine and Ascended Master Sananda also dropped in on a meeting of Illuminati Bush regime officials.  Again, in the spirit of diplomacy, the Ascended Masters offered the Bush regime the option of cooperating.

Eternal friends and partners in the Light:  Beloveds Saint Germain and Jesus (Sananda Kumara).

Neither Illuminati group chose to cooperate. Instead the top Illuminati bosses decided to do speed up their plans for a space program which was discussed by Bush Jr. today. Although Bush says the expanded space program is to be used for lunar and Mars exploration, this is a cover story. The real purpose of the one billion dollars is to fund more work on an offensive space weapons program which has secretly been underway for years.

The Illuminati officials of many countries’ governments were told by the world’s top Illuminati families to move forward quickly with a secret plan to move new space vehicles and space weapons into space. This was the answer the Illuminati gave to the Ascended Masters’ effort to set-up a diplomatic process for relieving the Illuminati of their major power bases on Earth.

Regardless of what the Illuminati try to do with this expanded space program and secret space weapons, their technologies and weapons are millions of years behind the technologies and resources of the benevolent Forces who are commanded by the Ascended Masters of Light. The Ascended Masters have vast fleets of benevolent Forces at Their Command and will be using these resources to support the announcement of NESARA in the next announcement time period. This superior support will enable NESARA to be announced and implemented smoothly.

The Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces of Light are also continuously preventing any and all efforts by anyone to cause nuclear war on planet Earth. They informed the Bush regime there would be no nuclear weapons usage allowed on Earth by any country under any circumstances. In addition, the benevolent Forces continue to neutralize efforts by the Bush regime to launch more terrorist acts on Americans. This is why the much touted homeland security terrorist alerts never amount to anything.

We are indeed fortunate and blessed to have the assistance and protection of the Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces of Light. After NESARA is announced, there will be introductions via television, radio, and newspapers of the Ascended Masters of Light and the benevolent Forces. We are not alone; our star brothers and sisters are here to support us as we usher in the Golden Age with NESARA’s announcement and the many world improvements rippling out from NESARA.

We, Earth Humans, do have an assignment from the Ascended Masters of Light:  it is our responsibility to obtain the next NESARA announcement time period. The Ascended Masters require that Earth Humans take action to prove they are ready to shoulder the vast responsibilities of implementing and maintaining the great improvements which ripple out from NESARA. The Ascended Masters will not be using Their Powers in the current situation to cause a new NESARA announcement time period to be ordered by World Court. Rather, They expect Earth Humans to take care of this requirement as part of proving Earth Humans truly are mature enough to carry out the responsibilities of stewardship and management in thousands of areas after NESARA is announced.

Right now, the Illuminati run most of the world’s governments and many major corporations. When NESARA begins the clearing of Illuminati from positions of power in the U.S., there must be strong, wise, knowledgeable people to step into the vacancies left by the removal of the Illuminati and shoulder the responsibilities and duties necessary to keep things running smoothly. There are people who support NESARA who are qualified and willing to shoulder these responsibilities. Some of these people must now take action to help obtain a new NESARA announcement time period and in this way prove to the Ascended Masters that it is time for Them to ensure NESARA is announced.

As Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine has explained to me many times, the Ascended Masters and the benevolent Forces are here to ASSIST the Earth Humans, but They are not here to “do it” for us. The Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces do not wish to “run” the world for Earth Humans but want Earth Humans to step up to their responsibilities and run their own world in peace, prosperity, and wisdom.  The Ascended Masters have more important things to do than baby-sit a planet of Earth Humans who cannot manage to move their own planet into the Golden Age. This is why it is time that good-hearted, wise Earth Humans demonstrate they are willing to shoulder the vast responsibilities of bringing in the Golden Age and are capable of running their world after the Illuminati are removed.


Blessings and Love,

Dove of Oneness


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