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Special Room – AManifesting Technique

Luis E. Prada – Roque Prada

Here is a technique to manifest your heart’sdesire.  You should build this special room in the etheric plane and also,if possible and convenient, on the physical plane.  This technique was givento me by the coauthor, a brother of mine who has developed it, studied it,perfected it and successfully applied it for manifestation and healing. Here I am just his scribe.  Practice it to make this room as real in theetheric plane as any room is in the physical plane.

Description of the Special Room

  1. A screen at the South for a projector.  The symbolic South is the place of accomplishment.
  2. A couch of desired shape and size.
  3. A TV with three channels: Channel 1 to see only the problems or projects.  Channel 2 to see solutions and successes.  Channel 3 to be used exclusively for healing.
  4. A burner where you throw in all considered negative.  When burning something the burner represents the symbolic image of purification and cleansing of everything negative that stop you on your progress.
  5. A projector where it will be projected fundamentally colors.  Today it is recognized scientifically the real effect of a projection of color.  This projector has graduation of color intensity and clarity.  On it the solution is projected.  Works with the colors of the seven rays.
  6. A skylight.  It is the symbolic image of the state of connection between man and the infinite, the Higher Being.  Man connected to the Higher Intelligence can do everything and disconnected from it can do nothing worth.

Have available here tools such as: For healing, X rayequipment, ointments and components to make medicinal potions andremedies.  If you are an engineer, for instance, have oscilloscopes,spectrum analyzer, pumps, wrenches, whatever you may need to solve a particulartechnical problem.  When doing healing use the TV Channel 3 and askpermission to the Higher Self or I AM Presence of the person requestinghealing.  All necessary healing protocols must be adhered.  Locate bymeans of special coordinates the place where the person lives and proceed toheal using your own technique such as projecting on the person a white lightcolumn and visualizing the healing taking place or using the violetflame, or white time light, orpsychic or etheric healing, or a combination of various techniques.  Use your favorite andcreative healing technique.

Problem Analysis

When working on a problem in this room break it inthree parts as follows:

  1. The problem by itself, which is the cause to be studied.
  2. The correction.  Procedure to change it.
  3. The solution.  The problem already solved, such as, in the case of healing, the bringing of harmony and health.

When passing from one step to next, do not linger yourmind on the previous one.  For that you need to build self discipline andconfidence.

A Four-Steps Technique to Manifest

These steps are located on the four corners of a squaredpyramid:

  1. Creative Imagination.  Make a matter of fact what you wish to manifest.
  2. Constructive Will.  Accomplish with facts what you are working on.
  3. Faith.  With constancy.  Persevere to feed the imagination and creation.  Practice, practice, practice.
  4. Secrecy.  Once you apply this technique and it becomes yours, do not reveal this ‘your special room technique’ to others.

Psychological Elements Needed to Manifest

  1. Wish.  Strong desire to get something.
  2. Conviction.  Possibility or feasibility of what you pursue.  Even though you can accomplish anything, everything has a price in effort to obtain and then to maintain.  Are you ready to pay that price?
  3. Expectation.  Imagine the final result of what you wish to accomplish as if it already has been attained.

Final Words

To finalize here are the words of Lord Sananda (Jesusthe Christ):  "When thou askest something in my name, think that thouhast obtained it and thou wilt have it."  Everything that you desirewith intensity, with firm and sincere purpose, you will obtain.

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