Creating Reality


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Creating Reality

By Quado

Quado channeled through Carrie HartOriginal message taken from:

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Published in this website on September 14, 2004.

Everything You Can Imagine Already Exists or You Couldn’t Imagine It When We Shine the Light of Conscious Love On Our Dreams & Hold It Steady, What Magic We Make Together.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Daily Quado:

A reader asks:

I have heard that to create our own reality we must first believe that it has already been created. I am having difficulty with this. I have been let down so many times in my life I find it almost impossible to trust. How do we go about gaining trust when nothing in our lives has happened as we have prayed for up to this point?

Quado, do you have an answer to this question?

Ah, yes, of course, of course.

You are creating your reality right now. You are creating a world around you in which no one is to be trusted, in which you yearn and hope and wish and everyone disappoints you, even God. This is your reality and you are creating it, even as you ask this question.

But you can create another. You can create another reality simply by embracing it in your heart. You can create a world in which you accept life as it is. You accept that people are the way they are, for their own reasons and in their own ways, and in which you are the way you are. And you can create a world in which you are never disappointed, because you focus down into now, into the way things are right now, not into a fantasized future in which things will be better.

For everything that happens, there are different ways to view it. You can think that something horrible has happened to you, thwarting your dreams, dashing your hopes, or you can accept that something unexpected has happened, perhaps even actively undesired, and just let it be. Just let it be as it is and look to the moment, to the joys and glories which lie in this moment and in the next which is gently unfolding before you.

No one can disappoint you if you will but accept them as they are. No one can betray you, if you have allowed them to be as they are instead of holding them up to the view of how you wish they were, how you wish they would act, how they should be different than they are in order to satisfy some need of your own.

You must satisfy your own needs. You must fill your heart with love for yourself so that you are strong and centered. And then, when you are this way, when you recognize that you are a full and complete person just as you are, then you can reach out and offer your love to another person or to an enterprise, giving your heart and passion and effort in some direction. And if it does not work out as you had hoped and planned, then you are still you. You are still whole and complete and centered within this moment and what truly is.

Your trust must be centered within yourself. You must trust yourself to be a strong and capable and reliable friend to yourself. Then you can allow others to give to you what they are able and willing to give. Give your own heart and love and efforts, but do not ask that others give to you anything more than they care to and are able to. Do not think that your happiness depends upon the actions of others. Realize that it depends upon your own ability to open yourself to the universe and allow her love to pour in and fill you.

Create this reality first. The reality of a person well-loved and well-centered within what is. Create this and then let this love of life and centeredness flow out and affect the world around you.

Think of this. You are walking down a hall and see a woman approaching. You sense her as needy and wanting. She looks at you tentatively, with hope in her eyes that you will recognize her and make her feel appreciated and whole. How do you feel about her? What reality is she creating by the fact that her own reality has made you want to turn and run?

Now picture another woman walking down the hall toward you. She is giving off a glow. She is full of self-love and confidence, exuding presence and fullness. She has a little smile playing around her mouth, just a bit of overflowing from her love of life. She turns toward you and catches your eye. She smiles and says hello. How do you feel? What reality is she creating around her through her own inner reality of being? Do you not want to be a part of her world?

Now, see yourself coming down the hall. How do you look? What kind of energy do you project? How can you fill yourself up so that you are like the second woman above, so that you are full and overflowing with life and love, from no outward cause, but from inner glow, the inner glow of having connected with your own soul self, of having felt the joy and love of the universe pouring down upon you and having accepted it. Just as it is. Just as it is.

For you see, the first woman above is rich and beautiful and has everything you think would make your life full and perfect. A wonderful job and a loving family. And yet somehow, none of it is enough. And the second woman is alone in the world, having lost her job and her husband, and is just barely getting by financially. She has just lost much of what she had once dreamt of. But her own love of herself and of life itself is filling her with an inner glow.

And each is walking toward the next moment as they are, and the reality around them is shifting and moving. And the first woman will create a reality of loss, for she has already created it, a reality of loss and neediness. And the second woman will create a reality of abundance and wonder; even though, in this very moment, she has lost much, yet it will be restored to her from her own abundance and grace. In its own way. In its own time. And while she walks, she has all she needs in any event, for she has a peaceful loving heart, a great acceptance of life in its bounty, and faith in herself and in the benevolent universe that always provides.

Do not push and try. Do not try to mold a world consciously. Instead, just gently put a few thoughts out into the universe of what you would like, and then fill yourself with love and give it away. For each bit of love you give away, more will flow in. You will never empty of it, for it is endless and wants only that you let it flow.

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