All Is Within You

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Kryon in South Africa:
All Is Within You

7th September, 2005, at Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa

Kryon channeled by David Brown.  Copyright © David Brown.  All rights reserved.
Published in this website on November 27, 2005.

Note to the reader:  Express the intent to be ‘in the NOW’ at the channeling, and for your energy to be combined with the group that was present.


Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service.

It is wonderful for you all to be here tonight, for this is a joyous occasion full of love and abundance. The stars in the midnight sky are forming an alignment that will create a majestic change in the way of living – in particular the way of living for the people of light, the sensitive ones. Up until now their lives have been very difficult. The white man’s tribe has dishonored them -these people of the light. You will find your sensitivity becomes more heightened as we step further and further into the new millennium and with it will come a sense of potency, power and true understanding of the world.

In the past, in the old energy, your sensitivity would make you nervous, anxious and insecure but now the new energy belongs to you. You will take to this new energy like ducks to water. The issues that you have will slowly but surely release. By this we don’t mean so slow that you will not receive enlightenment in this lifetime but rather we mean slowly so that you understand the steps of your life, the steps of regaining those parts of you that were too sensitive to live within the old energy. This new energy is for people of the light – for everybody – but will bring in a new hierarchy and a new understanding of the Universe that can be shared by all. Understanding that will bring love, joy and freedom to this planet and that will create a different world, a new state of being where the boundaries between nations melt and people of other nations merge with one another – where a changed world beckons. A new method of manifestation will come to the fore. The problems of oil prices and fossil fuels will dwindle and a new energy, which will become the norm, will take its place and be released into mass consciousness within the next ten to twelve years.

Many men and women entrusted with power abuse their power and are not kind to the peoples of the earth – only to themselves. They have created a gross manipulation of the earth’s energies and the way that life is lived on this planet. These few people have taken control of not only energy but also the lion’s share of peoples’ energy as part of that control. Everyone has given their energy or a certain amount of their energy to a particular force or power but this is about to change. This way of living will come to an end. Those people that took the power and manipulated the energies must be forgiven, for they could only do it with your consent. It all stems from a lack of self worth – giving away your energy and allowing others to use that energy. This has not all been bad. A great deal of wisdom and knowledge has been gained from this experience. In general, the oil companies have put a lot of energy back into the earth and given much to the planet but where a handful of people control the power – particularly in the west – that experiment comes to an end.

As the energy of love begins to flow through your hearts, you will create and learn to use more of your own power. Let love flow through your hearts in this new energy for love is the force of creation. It is the only true energy available on planet earth. As you release your childhood and parent issues, your emotional intensity will become more profound. Again, let the energy of love flow through your heart and be aware as a creation – an act of love – takes place. These creations always take place through love, freedom and joy. True creation is the merging of the masculine and feminine energies. The most difficult relationships to resolve are the relationships with the parent of the opposite sex. This is the relationship that holds you in a space of tension and inability to truly manifest the reality you choose. As you resolve this relationship, more love will flow through your heart and your bodies letting you create the reality of your own choosing.

The education system has misled you; it has been set up in such a way that all the important things in creating your own reality are avoided. Education should teach you to love, to communicate and to express yourselves freely in order to let energy flow through your bodies and bring consciousness into your lives. Instead, in general terms, in the western culture, your head is filled with information and there is a total avoidance of learning the importance of one’s heart. Love is the most important energy on the planet and as we have often said in these channelings "Love will always conquer all". Love can flow into those dark spaces that stop you creating the reality of your choosing but it has to be a conscious step into the darkness to release the events and the emotions of the past, in order for you to create a reality of your own choosing.

Remember, you are co-creating with Spirit twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days of the year. The negative emotion creates as much as the positive so, as you work on your inner self and release the negativity from within your own body and free the frozen emotion of the belief systems that are not concurrent with the truth, you will be able more and more to create the reality of your own choosing.

We ask now that you close your eyes and go inside. Place your feet firmly on the floor and connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet. Let the energy of the Mother flow through the soles of your feet and into your bodies. Feel this energy moving through you and feel your connection to Mother Earth. Through your crown chakra feel the connection to Father Sky. Let this energy flow through your crown chakra and into your body, then let it flow through you and connect to the heart of Mother Earth. Let the feminine energy of Mother Earth connect to the heart of the Great Central Sun and as these energies flow through you a merging of the masculine and feminine energies will take place. Where there is resistance in your bodies, acknowledge the resistance but do not chase the resistance away. Let it be there and let it expand.

Dear ones, your guides are at your feet in awe and in honor of the process and the journey you have walked. You in this room and those reading this are all healers of the highest order. You are all very sensitive and are on a particular journey deep into compassion, into love and understanding – a journey back to the Divine, back to the truth of who you really are. Kryon this night is in support of your process. We want you all to become enlightened in this lifetime. We will point the way and lead you into the darkness and back into the light thus helping you release those barriers and blockages that stand in your way on the path to enlightenment.

We ask you now to place your awareness into your hearts and connect to every person in this room through your heart. Let love flow from each person into your heart and receive that love. Enter a state of receiving such an abundance of love as there is here tonight.

Let love flow from your heart into the hearts of the group and where you feel resistance in your heart let the energy of love gently dissolve this resistance. Your heart is a very sensitive place and love is a very big issue. When persons truly love they do not control love but rather let it flow. They will not ask where the love goes but will rather let those who need it receive it. A truly enlightened person is like a very powerful, strong electric cable that lets energy flow free and knowing within themselves that they have all the energy they need for their dreams.

We ask you, in this energy, to step into a state of softness and gentleness and let the Kryon energy hold you in that space, a space where you can be soft, gentle, loving and absolutely trusting that you are in the right place at the right time. As you step into that space look within and find within your own heart that space of sheer and unimaginable beauty that lies within every man and woman. Observe this space that has been there not only since childhood but since the beginning of time. For many lifetimes on planet earth this space of softness and beauty of sheer eloquence has been protected.

There has been a protective coating around this space. Let the energy from each member of the group gently dissolve the protection that is around this soft, gentle, beautiful, heart space. It is meant for you – for you to share with you. It is meant for you to give to you. Let this soft, gentle energy from the entire group and from Kryon slowly but surely dissolve all the years and lifetimes of protection placed around this. This protection has been in place since you were a very young and vulnerable child. A child is not able to protect that soft, gentle space and often through a child’s eyes the earth plane can be a very brutal place, particularly for a child of unconscious parenting. However, as you reach this softness, this tenderness, this gentleness, the protection will dissolve and you will realize the true light within yourself. You will recognize your own majesty, your own greatness. That soft, gentle space is your true connection to the Divine – that place in your heart where you receive true information, true knowledge and true love.

It is from that space that you emanate love but whilst there is protection around that space you are not receiving love. Inside that soft, beautiful, gentle space there is a special gift in the hearts of everyone. All who access this area of the heart will be deeply protected by the Divine and will be truly loved by the Divine. When we say truly loved, we mean you will feel that love, you will come to know that love deeply. That is the true connection with Divine love. As the protection begins to dissolve and release then the light within will let your hearts expand with this love, this softness, this gentleness, this authenticity of who you truly are.

There is enough love and light in this room this very night to dissolve all the protection around this light. Each and every person in this room and reading this through persistent work on themselves has earned the right to dissolve and release this protection and let their hearts open fully and truly connect to the Divine in a way that only a few years ago was completely beyond your imagination. As you step into this love, truth and power there comes a tremendous sense of responsibility coupled with the ability to respond to whatever the Divine asks of you. You will always be held in a safe space and life from now on will get easier and easier. True manifestation flows through the heart. When your heart is open and your body is full of love you are creating what the Divine asks of you. You all came to earth to play this game – to be lost in the darkness and find your way back into the light – and inside every man and woman there is always the desire to find light. Very much like a moth attracted to a lamp, there is always an attraction to the light, to the Divine. The more light you find within yourselves, the more light you will go on looking for and as you heal the fragments that broke away from you during childhood, you will become more loving whilst at the same time creating the reality that you are choosing for yourselves. The softness, gentleness and the light that is emanating and expanding from the centre of your heart is the light that you are always searching for.

Everything is within yourselves, everything. All your dreams, all your passions, all your desires. Whatever you search for, you will always find it within but at the same time, whatever you are not searching for you will also find within. That is why for so long in these channelings we have taught people how to process themselves and how to release themselves from negative energies and negative thought patterns. As much as positive emotions and positive thoughts create a reality, so to do negative thoughts and negative emotions. The answer is to release the negativity and become more and more of light and in this new energy the scales will tip in favour of the light and you will be stepping more and more into Universal truth. As you look at those people on the planet who have taken their power and abused it, you can only know that this power can never be abused or used in the wrong manner ever again.

As your heart opens, this energy will automatically heal the division within your psyche, releasing negativity and healing relationships. Let the love flow, don’t try to control it, for in controlling it you are using a great deal of energy and by letting it flow you are using none. In this way, the energy will flow directly into your dream whether it seems like it is flowing that way or not. It will flow into your dream and into a reality that you dream of and it will expand and finally lead you back to the Divine – back to Divine truth and love, to oneness with the Universe. You will experience the oneness of the Universe in many ways but most of all in relationships.

The more clear you become, the more orgasmic and ecstatic you will be. You will become like beacons of light for all to follow. Your energy will be like signposts on the road. Everyone is on a journey with a dream and you are the ones who are leading the way. You are at the front, at the cutting edge of this knowledge and information. You are the ones who have done the work and by giving yourself to love, you have in fact given yourself to the Universe. In turn, the Universe will give back to you and everything will multiply and expand and you will become more and more of yourself and who you are meant to be. As the protection in your heart truly dissolves you will become one of those beacons of light.

So, dear ones, sit with your heart connection and let love expand and flow. Observe only and do not attempt to alter the course of that love, rather just let it flow.

Dear ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go well, God Bless and take care.



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