Guided Imagining for Groups

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Guided Imagining for Groups

Archangel Raphael

Channeled throughBrian Murphy on April 15, 2004.

Published in this website on July 18, 2004.

In the last lesson we experimented with a journey into the world of Spirit using your imagination. This journey, although it was imaginary to you it was real enough to us and serves to show you yet another technique for communicating with us, and the beauty of this technique is that you all can do it, and you all have been using it forever. What is new about using imagination this way in our lesson is the teaching of directing your imagination to areas that you probably didn’t know that you could direct it to. Last lesson we more or less guided you through a scene with the written word as a prompt, much the same as you have been guided through the scenes in your story books and novels. It is also true to say that even your practical textbooks guide your imagination. Books on mathematics for instance guide you through the world of numbers and formulas. Medical textbooks can take you on an imaginary tour inside the human body. As I say, you have been doing this sort of thing all of your life to date.

Just to digress a little, after the last lesson there was some comment about visualization versus imagination, and of course my advice that the difference is vitally important. I would like to retract that comment if I may. On reflection I think that the difference is important but not "vital" and if it suits you to use the word "visualize" then please do so.

In this lesson I wish to draw your attention to the impact of using imagination for group encounters or group experiments. This is an area where imagination can really shine, and just using the example we used last lesson with the ceremony of Michael awarding you the Order of Knight Commander of the Legions of Michael, this ceremony is appropriate for enlightened groups as well as enlightened individuals. If you get your group together and draw them all down to a meditative state, it is a simple matter of a group leader then guiding the visualization (there, even I am still using that word "visualize") by peacefully reading and guiding the group through last lesson’s imagery. Please try it if you will and I’m sure that you will find it powerful. I’m sure that you know what I mean by "peacefully" reading.

Just a point here as well. I will define the word "group" for these lessons to mean "two of more persons gathered together". Bear in mind also that if you are convening a group for Spiritual requests or such then the more people in the group, the more energy that group will be able to muster and contribute to your mission.

Now that I have introduced the concept of how a guided group imaging session can be achieved, I would like to touch on the most powerful group experience of all and that is a group session with the aim of channeling new material to your group. It is all very easy just to read and allow a group to follow your reading, but when the page is blank the fun starts. To do this I would ask you all to form a circle for your group. Circles aren’t absolutely necessary but they do help, and when you are comfortable then the group leader should bring the group down to a meditative state. If you don’t know how to do this then just try the breathing down technique. Three slow and deliberate breaths with each group member imagining a connection through the base chakra to Mother Earth, and another connection to Source through the crown chakra. Just breathe in your divinity and you will know when the group is ready.

I will stress here that whilst it will take a group leader to initiate this process, that person may not be the one who will connect to Spirit and lead the visualization. It could very well be any one of the group and to this end I would suggest that when your group reaches this quiet meditative state, then you just allow yourself to be. Don’t try to force a connection and don’t try to force anyone to take the lead. Forcing just won’t work, but having said that, after a while of just allowing you will find that one person will connect. It is also common that more than one person will connect and quite often some will be shy about it and remain quiet. That is OK. It is expected and in that event we will attempt a connection with another of the group, and keep trying until we find someone who is not self-conscious. You may of course as a group, by verbal intent through the group leader, connect with your favorite Spirit and this will happen, much the same as in private channeling. If you leave it open then you will most likely find that one of your group will connect to their own favorite being.

At the stage of connection when the chosen person chooses to speak up, they will of course be relating what they see visually in their mind’s eye. Don’t be concerned if the image is a bit Walt Disney, for most often it will be. This is because Spirit, through your Higher Self, then through your Intellect will deliver visual images that speak mainly in metaphor, but they will be tailored to suit the occasion and the message. Another point, please don’t be shy. If you think that it’s you who has been chosen then it is, and you have been chosen for a reason. Now that reason may be very well a lesson in confronting shyness, that is a lesson in self-esteem, and for the others of a group who are not chosen at this time, please give space and energy to the new speaker. They may not yet have the credibility that others do but they should be encouraged to start. You just might be surprised how the seemingly meek inherit the ability to do this.

Just harking back to our Commander Award ceremony for a moment, purely as an example of what I wish to portray. That ceremony was easy enough to imagine I’m sure, but in reality we didn’t award you anything new. What the message was all about is to remind you of the power that you always had. You have always had the right to command the Legions of Michael. That was an agreement made well before you crossed the void into physicality. This visualization was a metaphor, and a reminder. The other facet of this message was to show you that you do not need to hold any of the dignitaries on the stage in awe. They are not higher or better than you, but they are equal to you. In all respects, as far as status goes, all of the members of the Legions are on a equal footing and only the tasks vary, but in order to portray a message of your importance, it was necessary to temporarily elevate a few individuals onto the dignitary stage. We chose Yeshua as the Master of Ceremonies only because he is probably more prominent in your thoughts than the others. It is timely to point out here that for those of you who are more in tune with other religious beliefs or teachings then it would be just as appropriate to perform this visualization ceremony with another being as the Master of Ceremonies. For example it could be Buddha, Krishna or even Moses for that matter.

With the Mickey Mouse type imagery, even though this may seem weird at first, all the person receiving the message needs to do is to relate what she or he sees, and not try at all to judge what is happening. These messages will not always be vague or cryptic. Most of them will be straightforward and will not require immediate interpretation, but I’m sure that some will. Don’t try to interpret them on the hop because this will cause you to jump back into mind space and lose the connection. Just let it flow, weird or not, and keep on peacefully relating what you see to your group so that their imagery will follow yours. Describe what you see and in as much detail as you can. If the message requires interpretation, please leave this until you return to normal reality later. You will find that each member of your group will be able to contribute not only to the interpretation but will most likely be able to embellish the story with a personal side image or two. It is common for this to happen, and it is common also for individuals to feel, smell or taste sensations accompanying their imagery. With all of this, weird is not weird at all.

At some stage during visualization, the prime seer may encounter a Spirit being talking. When this happens just try to relate the words as well. If you can, you can try to circumvent the third person dialogue by giving permission, in your thoughts, for the Spirit to speak through you and then, if you just allow, you will switch to first person mode. Within this mode you will be voice channeling the chosen Spirit. Some people, at this stage, may also take on bodily actions and gestures. This all depends on the connection, the permission given and received, the comfort level of the channeler and probably the most important, the experience level of the channeler. Don’t be concerned one bit if your first encounter is not at all polished. It won’t be, but that is not the point here.

What we are trying to achieve with this is simply to show what can be done with and through group imaging, nothing more. The lessons contained within various channelings will reveal themselves at the time. Remember also that these encounters are two-way processes. As you and your group become proficient you will find that is relatively easy to create and maintain a two-way dialogue, and please bear in mind also that we may not hold all of the answers to your questions. Think on this group encounter just as you would another human or group of humans. We will offer opinions and advice but we ask you to take this as you would take the advice of another human. If you think we have more credibility in certain subjects then you may add more weight to our input. If you don’t think we have credibility then say so. As I said, it is a two-way affair and we are learning also. Where we do excel is in the area concerning other dimensions and energy reading. We have the ability to read and interpret auras and energies as well as energy interactions on an individual, group or global scale. This information should give you a clue as to what uses you can put this new information. It is given to encourage experimentation, and I will reiterate, we are learning also.

In the next lesson, with Brian’s permission we will delve into the area of psychic surgery, or visual healing where you will be led to use these techniques for healing other people. There are many other uses for these techniques as well and I will say now that there is nothing new about them, except perhaps for this area of group cohesion, and when it comes to group healing you don’t need to restrict your healing to yourself or other humans. Remember that you are not the only creatures inhabiting this planet and that this is not the only time frame that you can affect with this. People such as Betty Shine ("Mind Magic" and "Mind to Mind") and Ben Bibb (Brian’s note: the author of a psychic surgery book that I have loaned out and don’t remember the name) have written books about these techniques and I would urge you to look at them again through refreshed eyes. I’m sure that Brian will introduce you to his psychic surgery team purely as an example of what you can do with this if you wish to.

Once again, this may be a bit Disney-like but I assure you that it does work and that it is powerful. As with all spiritual things, you must believe that it will work before it will work. That is Universal Law and relates to free will. You cannot force your will on others and if you attempt to heal a person who is skeptical of what you do, then permission is denied and the status quo remains intact. You will also find this coming into effect with your group visualizations for those who are skeptical within the group. They simply won’t be able to follow you or if they do and some part of the image goes against their beliefs then they will become uncomfortable and perhaps even agitated. Don’t judge this. Their beliefs are just as valid as yours. It is their decision, their choice to take or leave what is coming through. At other times though, people who do believe may experience reactions to the visualizations and these reactions can take the form of love washes, they may take the form of hot or cold sensations or flushes, and some people may become very emotional. This is to be expected and should not be of concern. If people feel they need to leave the group during visualization just let them do so, without judgment. Each of you will get out of it what you will, and it will be personal.

That’s about all I wish to say for now, and we will know more as more and more of you connect and try these techniques.

Yours in Disneyland,

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