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NESARA, Another Perspective


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NESARA, Another Perspective

 Co-Authored by Creator Source and the Bellringers
As So Dictated With Creator Source
November 12, 2003

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Published in this website on April 9, 2004.  See NESARA information at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

Note: Brother Veritus’ Website disagrees with the opinion expressed in this article about the Dove of Oneness and the Dove Reports.

      In times past the Grand Experiment was created as a means for Creator God’s creatures to experience lessons in soul growth to perfection.  The rules of the «Experiment» included freewill, which had never been done before in third dimension.  The ultimate goal was to integrate both Light and dark and through compassion, forgiveness, and Love create a planet of perfection.

      Twice the Grand Experiment was tried and twice it failed.  Bringing the opposites of good and evil, of Light and dark, of duality into balance and harmony was never achieved.  In the end the darkness even destroyed the very planets involved in the experiment.  Yet a third time the Grand Experiment was attempted.  This time all the participants were carefully chosen from the volunteers who had assembled from many universes.  All the participants were Masters, who had already experienced one of the last two Grand Experiments, and who were much wiser for their experience.  This time the Grand Experiment of integrating Light and darkness would utilize the mistakes of the past.  This time the participates, who were humans and reptilians, were determined that they would not fail.

      So it was that the planet chosen for this third Grand Experiment was planet Earth Shan, the planet of great beauty and of tears.  Agreements were made that only those who resided on the planet would be allowed to participate in this experiment.  No off-world or extra-terrestrial help or technology would be allowed in this experiment.  The people of Earth Shan would find their way and reach their goal of harmony and balance using their own resources and abilities that Creator God had given to each of them.

      The experiment began.  Civilizations came and went.  The need for power and control crept in and a «tug-o-war» began.  Wars were fought and many people died.  The reptilians broke their agreements and began using off-world E.T.’s and their technology to gain the advantage over the humans.  This continued for many civilizations.  Finally the humans cried to Creator God for help.  The reptilians had an unfair advantage.  Creator God sent representatives from the Lighted Realms to negotiate new agreements so that the Grand Experiment could proceed fairly.

      These agreements were made at the time of the «Harmonic Convergence», which in earth time was August 17, 1987.  This was the zero point for the 22nd Great Cycle Orbit and the zero point for the Pleiadian Cycle.  The Great Cycle is the 206 million year cycle for the Milky Way Galaxy to turn around the Greatest Central Sun (Data Sheet One—Milky Way Galaxy, p. 2  The Pleiadian Cycle is the 26,000 year cycle for our solar (Apsu) System to turn around the Great Central Sun (Alcyone) of Pleiades.  The «Harmonic Convergence» marked the end of the thousand years reign of the Satanic Forces on Earth Shan, and it marked the beginning of the thousand years of Light and a new name for Earth Shan, Terra Nova.

      The agreements made at this time were between the humans, the reptilians, and the representatives of Creator God.  It was agreed that Earth Shan’s request to make transition into fifth dimension would be honored.  A twenty-five year period was allowed for this to happen, and that by year 2012, December 21, Earth Shan would absolutely be in fifth dimension.  It was agreed that all darkside E.T.’s would leave Earth Shan and that their technology would no longer be used against the humans in the Grand Experiment of integrating Light and darkness.  It was also agreed that NESARA would be born as a means for all humans and reptilians to have freewill choice in establishing peace, harmony and balance again on Earth Shan.  This would allow for the raising of frequencies, which would propel everyone into fifth dimension along with planet Earth, if they so chose.

      And so, NESARA was born.  Freewill decisions and lessons in soul growth have continued.  There has been continual interference by the darkside to delay and, if possible, to stop completely the implementation of NESARA.  Many in both camps, those of the Lightworker and those of the darkside, have fallen by the wayside.  Many others have stepped forward to take their places.  Gradually, the darkness has been overcome by the Light.

      It is well known today that the darkside never kept any of their agreements.  On 9-11-01 they broke the ultimate agreement and stopped NESARA from allowing Earth Shan’s people to move freely into their chosen Age of Peace.  At that point in time Earth Shan came under divine intervention and direct authority of the Galactic Solar Tribunal.  By their own evil choices the darkside was declared the losers and those of the Light were declared the winners in the Grand Experiment.  The people of Earth Shan were now assured by Creator God that there would be peace on Earth Shan.  There would be no stopping the coming of the Age of Enlightenment and the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  This would happen when the people of Earth Shan created it so.

      Earth Shan is moving ever further into the higher energies of thePhoton Belt.  The frequencies of Earth Shan are steadily rising. Creator God is sending great amounts of Love-Light energy to our planet at this time, and the people of Earth Shan are awakening to their true potential.  The frequencies are so high at this moment that the low frequencies of the darkside are causing them much pain and poor health.  Many are choosing to leave.  The balance of power is now squarely in the camp of Earth Shan’s Lightworkers and Truthbringers and the millions of people who are calling for peace in our time.

      Yet, how can that be so when everywhere on our planet there continues to be such violence and war, such poverty and starvation, such sickness and death?  The people appear to have no power.  There seems to be no immediate hope of relief, and besides all this, NESARA is stopped.  How can the balance of power possibly lie in the camp of the Lightworkers and Truthbringers and the millions of people calling for peace in our time? 

      The answer to our dilemma lies in the fact that much of what we see is really an illusion.  We must take a peek behind the curtain and see what is really happening.  The media has put up a great smokescreen in the United States to blur the vision from the Truth.  Looking behind the curtain of illusion we see an unlawful government in panic and disarray.  Failed plans and in-fighting for power and control are causing their demise.  Faced with charges of fraud and treason the election campaigners march on.  With full knowledge of NESARA they do not believe it possible that the sheeple will win, that NESARA could ever bring them down and end their evil careers.

      We look behind the military curtain of illusion and we see the same pattern of failed plans.  Bush, Blair and Sharon have not achieved their Zionist goals in Afghanistan,Iraq and Palestine.  They have not conquered the Middle East and established their prophetic temple for world domination.  Their governments are collapsing at home while they have garnered the animosity of the world abroad.

      When we look behind the NESARA curtain of illusion we see many lies.  The biggest lie, that of 9/11, stares us in the face.  NESARA was stopped dead in its tracks on that day upon orders from the unlawful U.S. President George W. Bush.  This lazy low I.Q. playboy from Texas laughed at the entire world on that day.  By destroying the national and international banking computer center located in «Tower One» of the World Trade Center, by destroying the U.S. Navy’s new communications center in the Pentagon, and by destroying the fiber optics communication center in Pennsylvania, this unlawful and very evil Khazarian Zionist Bolshevik occupant of the U.S. White House laughed at the good people of the world.  On that day George W. Bush and his accomplices of the U.S. CIA/FBI, The British MI6 and the Israeli Mossad stopped the official public announcement of NESARA and its implementation.  By doing so «George» stopped his immediate removal from office and arrest for treason, and he delayed the coming of the Age of Peace.  On that day he extended the world’s suffering and death for another two years.  The people of the entire world have spoken and are demanding peace, but they still wait.

      We look further behind the NESARA curtain of illusion and we see the Dove Spin Zone.  All official NESARA information is supposedly generated here.  We see the great smoke screen of words, of information, of useless information and of disinformation projecting NESARA ever further into the future.  Electronic media carry the «news» across our planet, and great clouds of negativity arise as the people bend in despair.  Is it true that the Lighted Realms are not listening to our pleas for help?  Is it true that our NESARA Decision Team is afraid of lawsuits and thus are refusing to ask for the help of the Lighted Realms. Is it true that they have now tossed the «ball» to the World Court, who are also refusing to do the same for the same reasons?  Is it really true that our postcard pleas to the World Court will win the day?

      I suggest to you, my friends, that though you look behind the NESARA curtain of illusion to find Truth, you are now met with a smoke screen that only continues the third dimensional illusion.  Why must new contracts be negotiated to gain the assistance of the Lighted Realms?  Has not the World Court given the orders and provided the window to announce NESARA?  Has not Lady Nada and the Galactic Solar Tribunal given the orders to announce NESARA?  Has not Creator God and His representatives declared those of the Light the winners of the Grand Experiment, when all agreements were broken by the darkside?  Were we not told that nothing would stop the coming of the Age of Peace and the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth?  Were we not told that this would happen when the people of Earth Shan created it so?  Have our prayers and petitions not been effective?  Is it not time to climb out of the muck of the third dimensional «spin zone» of negativity and delay, and create our Heaven on Earth—-now?

      I remind you now of a lesson given to you many times in my past writings.  The darkside does not have the ability to create.  Their frequencies are too low.  Only Light can create!  Secondly, the darkside thrives on the low frequencies of negativity.  Negativity is their «fuel», which they cannot create.  So where do they get their «fuel» to survive?  It must be created by the Light!  The darkside is very clever and uses many games to «trick» Lightworkers, the good people of Earth Shan to create the negativity they need to survive.  The third dimensional smoke screen has repeatedly fooled us and the darkside has won nearly every time.  It is now time to stop such games and to create that which we, the people of Earth Shan, so desperately desire.  Are we not all returned Masters?  Have we not all gone through a Grand Experiment once before?  How long will we remain People of the Lie?

      As Masters we were sent here to do a job.  We agreed to return to this planet in this lifestream to restore balance and harmony.  Millions of people are helping in millions of ways to accomplish this goal.  We have marched forward against our adversary and accomplished more than the Lighted Realms thought was even possible.  We could not have done it without their help.  Now we face our last and greatest challenge.

      The darkside is losing badly and are in great panic.  They have produced their masterpiece of illusion to fool us, if possible, one last time.  It is our task to push the NESARA ball off the top of the mountain and it is their task to stop us.  The ascended Masters have told us, «If you built it, we will come»  «We will help you.»  We are not building a ballpark in an Iowa cornfield.  We are building the future of every single person on our Terra Nova.  My friends, we have gone where no one has gone before.  We are completing the Grand Experiment.  We are creating the Age of Peace.  This is a noble calling and we shall not fail!

      Violinio [sic, ?] Germain has asked me to draw a «line in the sand» of November 15, 2003 for the official public announcement of NESARA, and to proclaim such to the people of Terra Nova.  [Editor’s Note: As any previously prophesied NESARA announcement date, this one did not happen.] We demand and so order that NESARA shall be announced on or before that date, and that we shall not enter a new week without NESARA being implemented for the people of Terra Nova.  By midnight eastern time on November 15, 2003 we demand and so order that we the people shall have peace on our beloved planet.

      Sananda, Germain and all the Ascended Masters are telling us to focus all our energies on this goal, and they will all work with us toward that end.  It is an absolute «must» to bring this to completion.  Peace is so necessary for the people of Terra Nova at this time.  Freewill has gone off base and such errors can no longer be tolerated.  The Ascended Masters have worked with imperfect humans long enough and it is now time to call a halt to more NESARA delays.

      I say to you, my friends, that we are going to do this!  We are going to do this our way, and we are going to do this now! Too long we have been set up to wait.  Post cards to the World Court won’t cut it.  Sananda, Germain and all the Ascended Masters need our help and we need their help.  Together we shall complete the mission—now!  NESARA is inevitable.  My friends, put your shoulder behind the NESARA «ball» and push as never before.  Focus all your energies, your prayers, your petitions, and your meditations on our goal and we shall prevail.  That is a promise from Creator God.  The Light shall always prevail.

      The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are upon us.  The «line in the sand» (read as groove chiseled in concrete) has been drawn.  It is time to open Creator God’s gift to the world and to give thanks for that great gift.  It is time to open the NESARA package (gift) and bring peace to our world and goodwill to everyone everywhere.  It is time.  We proclaim NESARA now!  We can do this mission, for we are Masters of the Light!


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