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A Progress Report on Our Ascension

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A Progress Report on Our Ascension
Sanat Kumara

Published initially in this website on September 3, 2007.

A Progress Report on Our Ascension

Channeled by Valerie Donner.  Taken from: , also August 17, 2007


I am Sanat Kumara. I am pleased to be with you, beloveds, as we enter a whole New Era, a whole new phase of consciousness. I speak to you from a powerful meeting place on the planet, Shamballa. I speak to you with my council to share some information with you about the Ascension of the Earth, the progress that is being made, and where we could use the focus and attention. We rely on you so much to assist with the Ascension of the Earth.

Little do you know how important your Light and energy is to this whole planet. We have positioned you, every one of you, not just the Lightworkers here but also all of you, in strategic locations. From Shamballa, as well as from other places, we can actually see where you are and we know everyone of you. We know what you are doing, we know the progress that you are making, we know when you slide back a little, and we know when you get a little lazy. We also know how much your hearts have opened, particularly in the last 20 years in your Earthly time. We know how much you want the planet to survive in the deepest sense of it because you know that the planet has been in severe jeopardy.

At least the rest of your planet is beginning to understand that it is not just a cushy ride and that you can keep going the way you have been going and have the Earth survive.

They are beginning to see that the Earth is a living being. They take the Earth for granted.

You all have taken the Earth for granted. You almost have forgotten that she is a sentient being. You have almost forgotten this about yourselves and about each other.

So we have positioned you in strategic locations because your energy, consciousness, your love, your heart, your DNA, your intentions are needed exactly where you are. We monitor this and we want you to know how much your Earth appreciates you. Bless her, bless your food, drink her water, bless the water, bless the body and bless each other. Every time you send your prayers to places where there have been Earth changes you bless her. We will ask you to send some prayers tonight.

We bless you and appreciate you even more when you know that we are all working for the same cause, for the Ascension of the planet and for the rising consciousness of sentient beings who are choosing to remain here. There is a choice. This not like sitting down and having a little tea party, beloveds. This is not to be taken lightly. This is a very, very important process and situation that is happening right now. That is one of the reasons we have called you to be here this evening, to hear these words.

Yes, as Masters we love to Lighten things up. We love to give love but we also need to impart the importance of this information about this process. You think you are doing a good job, which you are. But most of the beings on the Earth are just waking up to the global importance of what is occurring. So they are just beginning to see that the Earth is this vital living organism. They are starting to see how they have impacted this beautiful planet. My job is not just to oversee the Earth as she makes her Ascension but also Venus. It is a big job. I have lots of help but it is a big job.

You see, beloveds, it is not just your Earth that is Ascending, it is your solar system, your galaxy, and all of creation that is going through its Ascension. Since the Earth is a primary focal point what happens here affects all at large. So you have been participating in something that is beyond your global reach, far beyond your global consciousness. You may think you are miniscule in this process but you are not because every thought affects your Light, every negative thought, every polarity affects your Light. We need you to keep not dimming your Lights, not hiding your Lights, but revealing your Lights in every way that you can. We are doing everything that we can to help you become more conscious of the power of your thoughts.

You are reaching more of the global consciousness because you are that power. Every time that you believe more and more of your potential ability to bring forth the greater manifestations, to hold your consciousness in the Light, to hold your consciousness in love, to keep your hearts open, to find a place of Oneness and peace within amidst all of this change, you are doing your work.

As you open your hearts to those around you who don’t understand what is going on, you will see that there are many who still don’t understand and are asleep, as you know. Some of you are living with them or working with them. They are going to need you. We need you. We need your Light. That is why you are here. You wanted to bring your Light. So we are asking you at this point to amplify everything that you can do to heal. We are asking you as you go back in the past and think about things that have hurt you, the people who have hurt you, your childhoods, current hurts, all of these things and to let them go. When you focus on them over and over again what do you think happens? Does it stay and remain grueling or are you able to move through these old impressions, these old things that have been painful to you? Are you able to let them go? We are asking you to. We are asking you to let go of the fears and separations. We are asking you to see who you are as these BRIGHT, POWERFUL representations of the Light Realms, as walking living Masters on the Earth. We are asking you to remember this, to stop seeing yourself as small.

How are you doing in the Ascension process? We have been giving you some pointers. I have asked you to focus. We in the Light Realms are giving you to uplift yourself to find joy and bliss in every day. Find the goodness even if it is just for the gift of life but there is so much more. The gift that you are to the Light Realms and to this Earth is beyond anything that you could comprehend about yourself because you would start diminishing what I am telling you. You have been told that were nothing for so long and I am telling you that this isn’t true. The fact is that you are all something, something very big as a part of this grand scheme. And because of who you are you greatly desire to be here to participate at this time.

We applaud you. What it’s going to take now for you, of course, as things become seemingly even more dense as you swim through this density, beloveds? Think of your self as a dolphin. We love the dolphin energy so much. Think of yourself as a dolphin swimming through humanity, through this density, through the fears, through whatever it is that is occurring. Your media is throwing out at you every fearful thing they can to hold back the Light, everything that they can to make you feel small. We ask you to just be the dolphins, to rise above, to swim above it. We need you to continue to maintain that higher consciousness, beloveds.

Every one of you should know by now that you are here to do very important work. If there is anyone in this room that thinks they are not here to do very important work then see me afterwards. We will talk. We will talk in meditation and we will talk in your dreams. We will get you up to speed because what I am telling you is the truth.

Do you know that in our council meetings in Shamballa that we pray for each other and for you? We pray and you do what you do. Our thoughts are more direct. They are more like what you call multi-dimensional. We pray for the whole array of Lightworkers. We have been doing this a lot lately because from our perspective we see that you are getting discouraged and caught up in certain things.

Right now at this point in the Ascension process you should be becoming increasingly grateful and appreciative for your incarnation, for your connection with the Light, as well as for this Ascension process in which you are participating.

I am telling you all that life is looking favorably upon you. In your Earthly views it won’t be long before you have your Ascension, before you have what you came here to do. We are so grateful.

You have done this before. The more that you can anchor in joy and bliss in your hearts it will serve you. You can experience a beautiful flower or appreciate a beautiful evening such as this one today in this lovely home. You can appreciate tasting this beautiful food, feeding the body healthfully, feeding the mind with beautiful thoughts and by being excited with all of the openings, the connections, inner connections and reconnections, with the members of the Light Realms. Whatever it is it is important to be grateful.

As we sit in Shamballa in our council meetings and as we pore over our notes, we look at the plans, the revisions. We look at who is waking up and who needs to wake up. We see where we need more energy, more Light, and where we need more love, as we look at what is happening on Earth. We work in tandem as Masters with the whole of Creation. We work with extraterrestrials because they have the technology and equipment that assists the Earth to remain as steady as possible under the circumstances.

We are working on all levels to hold you steady and for you to hold yourselves steady, to help the Earth hold steady, to help all of Creation in this situation. This Earth is a pivotal point for Ascension for all of Creation. So that is why I say that we take this Ascension process very seriously. You should too. Take your path of Light, amplify it and make it ever more important. Don’t waste your time.

Call for the transformation of your physical well being if you have health challenges. Call forth your well-being. You can have a perfectly radiant body if you allow yourself to go there in your thoughts. Let go of every thought that would limit you from having this no matter what your media would say, no matter what your physician would say, no matter what your books tell you. The Light is getting brighter and brighter. Your cellular structure is changing. You are taking in more and more Light so you are going to crowd out whatever doesn’t fit. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to co-operate mentally as well as physically, spiritually and emotionally. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to co-facilitate this healing. Beloveds, in other incarnations and other places you have absolutely lived in the power of the Light and you will again. The more that you recognize this and realize this, beloveds, you don’t need to let limitations get you down. You don’t need to believe them.

Do you think that I sound like some of your evangelical preachers? You have probably had enough of that when you were children. But you are my family and I respond to you. I know and love every one of you. I want you to be empowered and to feel satisfied with who you are, where you are going and where the Earth is going. I want you to know that we need you to keep it up, to keep up the Light. Keep doing the right thing, letting go of everything that makes you feel less than or small.

In Deep Meditation: We are now going into the energies of Shamballa —breathing them in— the Kumaras, Hathors and the Ascending Earth. Breathe in all of these energies into your hearts. Focus on the Ascension energy…  Humanity will be having all of their needs met, health and well-being, joy. You will be talking to the animals and the animals will be talking to you. You will be talking to the flowers and the flowers will be talking to you. And the vegetables and birds will have things to say, and the babies and the trees and the herbs . . . the Masters like myself. Of course, St. Germain, and the Archangels and the great Ancient Ones will walk the Earth again. The great beings will be walking the Earth again. The Earth will become a beautiful vacation spot. The Earth will become peaceful and only those who are like this will be here. You will have exactly what you want including the splendor of the beauty. Your hearts will lead you in every choice that you make, every step that you take. It is going to be beautiful. You will not have burdens, beloveds. Burdens only come when you believe in limitation and duality. You will be free. Breathe in the truth. You will be telepathic and you will know each other’s thoughts. You won’t have to spend a minute trying to figure somebody out. You will know exactly what is the truth. We are opening that Golden Light and I will let you come to Shamballa. We have been anchoring the energy of Ascension here too for a very long time. We are working very hard like those in Telos, as well as the inner Earth beings and all of Creation, because as above so below. So breathe in this joy of reunion. As you go through this Ascension process hold the energy. Swim like the dolphins and rise above the Earthly sphere of things that would make you feel other than like this. You will be able to come and go to other planetary systems. Other planetary systems will be coming and going here. Your souls and bodies will heal. Breathe in the Light.

As the planetary logos I (Sanat Kumara) will be happy because as you become this energy of Ascension, it will make my job, which has at times seemed impossible, easier. It is important because this energy is so beautiful. That is why we are all here. We love you and we love the Earth. You will be able to come and go. You won’t be in the third dimensional energy. You won’t need your coinage any more. You won’t have to buy things or worry about paying bills. There won’t be any more garbage. It will put the garbage trucks out of business. No more blowers and noise pollution. So what do you think? Don’t you think that your lives are worthwhile? It’s so important to stay on track. I hope that you can keep this in your hearts tonight based on these energies that we have shared with you. You are special to us.  We congratulate you on 20 years of good work. It has been worthwhile and we could not have done it without you.

At this point energy was sent to Peru, to the miners, to the wars, to the White House, and other places where Light is needed.

Beloveds, I have enjoyed being with you this evening. Thank you for your Light and for allowing me to share with you the importance of your Light work. Thank you for participating and for listening, for your beautiful prayers and consciousness. I will say good-bye for now.

Harvest Moon of the 9thYear

Channeled by Lauren Gorgo.  Taken from: .  Thursday August 30, 2007

Blessings. I AM Sanat Kumara present with the Spiritual Hierarchy and come forth to introduce you to the next phase of your evolutionary journey and planetary activation. It is beyond a doubt for those who have made it this far on the path to self mastery that you will be the true leaders of the new world. We would like to congratulate in honor each of you who has embarked upon the noblest journey of all. Indeed, a fine achievement.

With you today is the band of council who oversee the planetary activations and divine dispensations for Earth at this time. I would like to begin with a short prayer of invocation to increase the electromagnetic frequency of this transmission.

"Mighty beloved Beings of Light, the Ascended Masters of the new world. I call upon each of you with the Violet Light of Alchemy and in honor of your name. I infuse thee with encrypted codes of stellar activation and the unbreakable bond of Oneness. Blessings on your name, eternal salvation & glory. The Risen shall rise to lift all others in freedom from fear. And So It Is."

Now, brothers and sisters of Light, hear my words. There is with each of you now a blessing of activation to further your path of Oneness. There is a time of glory at hand and the route to your infinite splendor has been cast with shadows that each of you have overcome in full power. A time of love beckons you now.

In the glory ahead, many will come to a state of perfected balance and might. This state is the result of releasing the density that held you captive and it is in this state that many of you will walk as leaders into the new world. Behind you will be those who follow, they follow your example. They too will long to earn the might that you behold. In their time of suffering and lack, they will call to your power, they will estrange themselves from their flock to be in your Light and glory. What will you offer these souls who call to you?

The spiritual hierarchy is comprised of those beings with an interest in the spiritual evolution of each soul. We hold the essence, the vibration of this attainment and make it possible for all others to achieve. What we wish to advise is that you too hold the Light and frequency to make salvation possible for all others. This role is one that you will find challenging at best, and we wish to encourage you to remain emotionally detached from the suffering of others. Not with a cold shoulder or heart, beloved ones, no. Contrarily, with an open heart and open arms.

The balance of the wise is held in the ability to rise above the murk to mirror back the reflection of God’s Light within every soul. This is the most beneficial way of all to lead others to their destiny. Those of you who have had the most challenging of routes to your divinity will surely be capable of sympathizing with those in need, however we urge you to empathize instead. The power that you give to another is present within your own achievements and truth and those who come to you for aid will be seeking the answers that ultimately they can only find within. To show the way to freedom, think on your path as well, and know with abiding trust and faith that they too will find the way. This is the way of the master.

Upon you now is a most splendid time, a time capable of experiencing physical life from a state of connectivity. This state of connectivity is one that most will strive to attain when they can see, with their own eyes, the beauty of such freedom. The freedom lies in your ability to freely detach and observe life from a state of Cosmic Union and Divine Love, the love that you are here to share with all.

Brothers and sisters of the lighted way, behold the New Day. The upcoming blessings are yours by default and those who wish to attain them shall have the opportunity as do all. Never before has there been a time of such promise and dispensation for Earth. This is indeed a special opportunity for all who accept the challenge, and those who do will find the path to glory was never farther than the heart’s call.

As you engage in the new energies available to you, remember the path that took you here and share your stories with all who will listen. A time of miracles and ease awaits you in the harvest moon of the 9th year. The end of a rigorous cycle approaches and the promise of a New Day draws near. Beloved ones, know that the journey to your divinity was one that even the most courageous could not overcome with grace. The journey is what releases you from suffering and frees you to engage in peaceful co-creation. When you have released yourselves from all that restricts you from greatness, you are then in a position to have it all.

I AM Sanat Kumara on behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light. Together we have traversed the most challenging terrain and together we shall celebrate the victory of your achievements. You are those who make evolution possible for all of mankind. You are those who have paved the way, anchored the potential and activated the codes for empowerment. We praise each of you in honor of your name with deepest gratitude and infinite love.

In gratitude, Lauren

A Time of Expansion and Freedom

Channeled through Lauren C. Gorgo.  Taken from .  Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I am Sanat Kumara, known as the Keeper of the Three-fold Flame. Beloved souls of Earth, a time of Ascension is nigh. The Light has shone brightly from Heaven’s landscape and into the arms of the Great White Brotherhood you shall soon arrive safely at Home and in peace.

Grand is the vision of hope for Earth’s inhabitants, grand is the vision for those who dwell in the outer rings of Earth’s biosphere. Now together we shall truly serve… all in honor of the Father’s name, we are on a holy mission of the stars. Pray tell.

Blessings from on high shower from the Heavens and make way for the righteous, the followers of the Light. Now and in the midst of the most ominous times are the predecessors of the Golden Age. Glory and honor shall be at the request of the predecessor and all in Heaven’s glow shall follow.

I, Sanat Kumara, have come with great tidings.  I come with a message of hope, a message from on high, and in Light of each soul’s path to Oneness. There is before you now a great shifting among man, the mighty and the weak shall at once and together be one on the quest for total salvation. The moment of risen glory is at hand and those with the astuteness to overcome years of challenge shall be showered in divine grace.

Whatsoever a time this shall be, for Heaven hath no sorrow. A time for splendor has come, a passageway has opened that will escort the mighty Wayshowers to the realm of destiny’s door. Blessings for one and all.

The many visions of Earth’s future have begun to manifest in the dwellings of the physical. The time for great deeds and tasks calls forth the name of each soul who has contracted to become a Bearer of Light, a beacon of Heaven on Earth and the shining future of Heaven’s landscape. Now and in the arrival of the next two moons there will be a short but intense wave of energy that will catapult Workers of Light into dedicated action, the action of the soul’s intent.

From this point on in the timeline of New Earth, there shall be no going back to the ways of old. The planet and her people have decreed that change has come and in the upheaval of great change will be the emergence of glory. The time is now for all the people to unite in their likenesses and to release discord, for the future of Earth shall be an example for all in the universe to follow.

Beloved souls, now is the time you have all waited for, a time of wonder and a time of great expansion and freedom. There is little we could explain to you that would capture the essence of your lives in this space, but we assure you words will fall short of the feeling. In the coming days of your time there will be few who will embody the full Light of the Radiant One, the essence of All That Is, the divine union and counterpart of the Ascended God/Goddess.

Those of you who read these words shall know the truth in your hearts, for the blessings of Oneness were well earned. There is a short period of apathy that one must endure following the cosmic cycle shifting on 11:11, 12:12 and 111. Do not be alarmed at the lack of joy in your hearts, nor the restlessness you feel to move onward. These clashing energies are bridging a gap between dimensional worlds and are necessary for the upcoming surge of cosmic rays that will be lifting you unto glory.

Before now you had many moments of doubt, of fury, of momentous leaps in consciousness, but I assure you, nothing compares to the glory of the heavenly realms. It is not for you nor I to explain, only to experience. And experience you shall for the intended outcome to your challenges and woes was this moment in time. All of the company of Heaven is with you now and in great delight of what’s before you.

Beloved Wayshowers of New Earth, now is your ignition! The Light of your 3-Fold Flame ignites and burns brightly in the heart center of each of you as you embark upon your active roles of soulful duty. We estimate that by the time you read these words you will be in an exalted state of consciousness, capable of feeling the energy of such powerful truths. It is of and for the seekers of truth to bewilder the masses with your inner glow and it will be a time of remarkable ease and joy.

Following your next two moons will be a period of upheaval in the lives of those who have now chosen the higher way. Be at peace with their process for you know too well that the road to full attainment is one of much growth and alteration. Let not the appearance of upheaval thwart the truth of the upward spiral of momentum into the vastness of Heaven’s Way. This is the Word of God.

Mighty Bearers of Truth, take your rightful place and bask in the new energies infiltrating your beloved planet. Many will come to wonder at your grace during such a time of seeming chaos, but know that this is your time to shine. Needed you will be and so honored for your sacrifice to lead the Earth to her galactic destination. Warfare and mutiny shall tempestuously claim the power of those who hold negativity in their hearts, for this is a time of reclaiming love. Love will come at cost for those who desire to hold greed as a motivating force.

Make way, beloved warriors, a time of greatness beckons you now. This year will be a year of application, a year of abundance and a year of grace. With joy you will enter into your missions of service and create from the high heart of Christed love for all to wonder at. You will be seen for the great Bearers of Light that you truly are and have been making the transition into the Heavenly realms as divine examples of full human potential. Take heed.

With divine love and gratitude for your service to All That Is, we congratulate you on such fine efforts and achievement. Be One.

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