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10 Steps to Get Near Angels

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10 Steps
 to Get
Near Angels


10 Steps to Get Near Angels (original title, "Los 10 Pasos para Acercarnos a los Ángeles") by Angelluz, (Note: The English translation of the name Angelluz is Angellight.)  Original text in Spanish, translation to English by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website.


Angels feel comfortable with thoughts of peace and love, since this is their nature.  You should be free of selfishness and aggressiveness, sharing with angels a few moments each day.  Retire yourself to a room or place where you can be alone, in silence and in calm, imagine your favorite angel and speak to him or her, tell him or her your anxieties, as if you would do it with your best friend, then listen, be waiting for the thoughts they will put in your mind.  Within a short time your relationship with angels will convert into an ascending spiral and you will feel more positive, cleaner, your spiritual sensitivity will grow, which will allow you to be closer to them.


Angels answer to a silent prayer or to an intense desire from the heart, it is not essential that you speak to them for them to pay attention to you, especially in places where that may be inappropriate to do.  But you will obtain a more efficient answer if you speak to them out loud; your voice has the power of constructing, edifying, or destructing.  God himself used this power when he said: Let There Be Light! Using the marvelous gift of the word, inestimable gift from the Father to humans, you can produce changes in your life.  The spoken prayers adopt different forms:  songs, hymns, structured prayers as the Paternoster, the creed, the Hail Mary, etc.; prayers without structure in which the deepest yearnings of the soul are expressed; also are the decrees and fiats.

Decrees are structured prayers, created by inspiration of the same angels for us to communicate with them, they like we repeat them, they are as their favorite song and allow us to work together with them to generate positive changes; they are spoken prayers that allow you to orientate the energy of the Father towards our world.  Fiats are affirmations, short but powerful, a kind of ejaculatories fast and easy to remember and to repeat each time we urgently need them, or to permanently remain in contact with them, to give them thanks or to salute them.  Recite them at home, before your personal altar, when you travel, in any emergency, they will always be waiting for you and will be happy you are invocating them and trusting them.


It is recommended that when we invoke angels for whatever reason we always place in front the name of God, as a sign of respect, to invoke his permission and acceptance.  We should have present that above our needs and the good will of the angels to attend to us, it is always the will of the Father, and a leaf does not move without God’s will.


The best way to ensure that angels will respond promptly to our call is by creating a constant and permanent link, a worn-out path from their heart to ours, invoking them and speaking to them every day, setting a date at a determined time, scheduling a daily session of prayers, be it just five minutes to start.

Angels seek for people who habitually search for the Light of the Father to associate with them in the healing processes of the world.  When they find these people they send their Light through them to help other people who are at the peril of perdition, of getting sick or of being victims of violence or natural disasters; your daily prayers generate important changes in your surroundings for the benefit of the persons you share your life with.


Even after establishing a relationship with angels you should remember to invoke them regularly when you need them since they respect your free will.


Other way to make more effective and powerful your prayer is to repeat it at least three times, you have observed this custom in many religious ceremonies, three Hail Maries, three invocations, three ejaculatories, etc.; each time you say your prayer you are increasing its energy to arrive with more force and clarity to God and the angels, they utilize this energy to respond your petition.


To improve and to empower even further your relationship and the help of angels try to orientate your prayer to whom it corresponds in accordance with your petitions and anxieties, study the many functions of each angel in particular.  If you want to be rescued from danger, call the angels of protection; if you need to improve your health, invoke the angels of healing; if you want help to improve an affective  relationship, call on the angels of love. Angels use energies of different frequency (which also correspond to different colors) to assist each case in a specific manner and you can succeed in connecting in a more personal and direct way when you call the archangel whose angels are specialized to occupy on the anxiety or need you have at the moment in which you invoke them.


This point requires of a special attention.  Angels respond in a more rapid and direct manner to a specific request, the clearer and more detailed your request be, the more exact and specific their answer be; it is said that angels have the sense of humor and that it is highly advisable to be precise in our requests.  Try to live in harmony and angels will help you even in the most little details.


You can augment the power of your prayer maintaining an immense mental image of what you want to become reality, you can even visualize a brilliant light (of the corresponding color) around the problem or situation.  You should not surrender your problems or needs to the good will of angels, it is very important that you do the best effort on your part, that you intend solutions, that you study, work and strive to the maximum of your capacities, even you should look for professional help when the case requires it. Angels are here to help you, not to replace you, do your homework nor to procure for your sloth, reluctance or negligence.


A question anybody who has ever solicited the celestial help may come up with is: Why does it look like God pays attention to some prayers and not to others? Why do some people receive help and others not?  Why does one person pray and cry for a long time to get what others get in few days?  Why do some homes suffer in a flood or fire while others don’t?  One of the reasons is that angels have a limited capacity to help us in accordance with the effects God determines for each person.

Angels listen all prayers, but to attend them they need to consider three conditions:

a – Not to interfere with the Divine Planfor your soul.
b – May it not be harmful, in the long term, to you or other persons.
c – The moment must be suitable and adequate.

Perhaps angels cannot attend to a petition to get a lot of money, because your soul needs to learn the lessons related to work, effort, humility or simplicity, maybe you need to learn to withstand needs, but perhaps they help you with an improvement in your work or with a better salary.

The archangel Raphael has communicated that not always is possible the physical cure of an illness during a determined period of time; however, your prayers can help heal the illnesses of the soul that caused that physical illness.

Be prepare to receive miraculous results.  It is never known when a prayer or an act of grace will allow your burdens, karmas or learning processes to be overcome and you can receive the answer in accordance with the needs of your soul and you can see and enjoy the interventions of angels in the restoration of achievement of a higher level of wellness, in your body or spirit, or in those ones you love.

Of one thing you should be sure:  Never a prayer is lost or is not heard, even though we do not receive exactly what we have asked for.  Many times we do not notice the goods we receive, or do not understand them or do not agree with them, but God that knows all and sees all, is very generous with us and always offers what is the most convenient for us to have.

With infinite love,


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