Searching for the Real You

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Searching for the Real You

Archangel Michael

Message for July, 2003, from Archangel Michael LM-7-2003, transmitted through Ronna Herman.
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Beloved masters, are you willing to open your hearts, broaden your minds and shift your reality just a little in order to allow the Diamond God Cell within your heart center to ignite, expand and gift you with that which you have yearned for these many past ages? Within the core of that God Cell is a Seed Atom which contains a blueprint for the new evolving human species, and a treasure map which will lead you to the greatest treasure of all, the connecting links to your multi-faceted Self.

 Your goal is not just to ascend, but to allow your Spirit-self to descend so that there can be an integration and fusion of the many complex facets of yourself that were created on your diverse and wondrous journey throughout this universe, galaxy and during all your earthly experiences. Before descending through the multi-dimensional universe, as a Divine spark of consciousness, you had a multitude of experiences where you exemplified all the virtues and qualities of the Creator in perfect harmony and in total alignment with Divine Will. In many other experiences you used your vast mental abilities almost exclusively by focusing on a specific thought form or creation. Through your conscious intent you brought forth the necessary unmanifested primal life force substance, and like a laser beam you projected forth that perfect vision until it was miraculously manifested on the physical plane.

 You have also had many wondrous adventures focusing almost exclusively on the emotional facets of your multi-dimensional Self. Using the virtues and attributes of your goddess nature while in the higher realms of existence, you joyously merged your consciousness with the angelic realm, thereby experiencing the exquisiteness of the love of Creation in its purest form as you went forth to assist in the creation of worlds and realities beyond description. All the while you were experiencing these diverse facets of the Creator, your individualized Spirit-self was registering and recording each experience in your vast memory bank, for you knew there would come a time when you would need to draw forth into your consciousness all the wisdom you had gained in the past.

Since your descent into the world of physicality, your Spirit-self has been struggling to function within its physical overlay as you have played the game of duality and separation. In numerous lifetimes you focused primarily on your spiritual nature while excluding the other facets of your Beingness.  In others, the focus was almost exclusively on your mental nature, and in still others your emotional nature was the driving force from within. It is time to bring all these diverse facets of your nature back into harmony so that you may function in a state of unified consciousness once more.

 When functioning within the illusional environment of the third/fourth dimensions, the most neglected facet of your Being was your intuitive mind or soul mind. It is one of the greatest resources you have within you, for that is your connection to your Higher Self and ultimately to the Creator Source. Your soul mind has a never-ending supply of fresh ideas and creative thought forms just waiting for you to tap into them. Your intuitive mind, or that small inner voice, will always point you in the right direction and help you make the right decision if you will only listen. Since the fall into density, the soul mind has been almost totally shut down within most of the general populace. After that inner voice was ignored for so many thousands of years, with great sadness, the soul retreated into stillness and dormancy as an observer, waiting for the time when it would be called back into action as your partner in the journey of life. It is burning brighter and brighter in those of you who have diligently striven to reconnect to your soul, Higher Self and God Ray (I AM Presence), and it is now a constant and loving companion who directs, inspires, nurtures and even protects you. You have no idea how your soul and Spirit-self can assist you until you form that bond and move back into harmony with your multi-dimensional Self. It will protect you from accidents by nudging you to take another route or to leave a little earlier or later than usual. It will arrange circumstances whereby you will always be in the right place at the right time. It will help you expand or contract time so you can move through your daily experiences with ease and grace. It will bring you together with members of your soul family or with those whom you have something of importance to share. It will inspire and assist you in ways that will open the flood gates of abundance and in manifesting your highest visions when they are in alignment with the greatest good for all. Inspired thought and fresh creative ideas will pour forth effortlessly as you serve yourself and others by becoming a cocreator of all that is harmoniously beautiful, loving and of the highest order.

 When you align your will with the Creator’s Will, you will be placed among the ranks of the Builders of Form, for it has been mandated that all levels and facets of Creation are to be incorporated, expanded and exemplified on Earth at this time. A new blueprint and Divine schematic has been brought forth for Planet Earth in a great all-encompassing thought form from the mind of the Supreme Creator. This plan for the New Age now unfolding, and for the new golden galaxy that is in the formative stages, have been placed in the great pyramids of Light in the higher dimensions just waiting for humanity to tap into this powerhouse of unmanifested potential and the wonderful new vision that is waiting to be manifested in the world of physicality.

 Each of you carry that Diamond Core God Cell within your heart center, and as it is ignited, all the multiple facets of the Creator within you will be amplified, whereby all the attributes, virtues and qualities of your universal origins and your cosmic blueprint will radiate more brightly. Your intent should be to bring into harmony and alignment all the multiple facets of your God nature. Examine your mental beliefs and how you process information. Are you open to new ideas or are you stuck in old limiting, structured thought patterns? Are you bogged down in antiquated, controlling traditional beliefs or a misplaced sense of responsibility to others which do not allow you to examine and integrate new, advanced and empowering thoughts from your Higher Self?

 When you are functioning from a mental/mental point-of-view, your intellectual nature has complete control of your life and you become rigid and inflexible. You are resistant to new ideas and there is a tendency to stagnate as you are afraid to venture out into new territory or out of your "safe space." When you bring your mental nature into harmony with your emotional nature, overlighted by Spirit, you begin to explore new ideas, new ways of being as you slowly activate and strengthen your intuitive/higher mind and spiritual nature. Your mental vision expands as higher truths filter into your consciousness, and you come to the certainty that through clarity of desire, focused intent and positive action you have the power to create anything you can envision. Gradually, as you learn the infallibility of the universal laws of manifestation, your excitement grows and you are willing to attune your will with the Creator’s Will.

 Then you are functioning within an emotional/emotional state of Being, your emotions are the driving force within you. Everything is seen and experienced through a filter of emotions and often compulsive decisions are made without the benefit of forethought. Your world of reality is experienced from an "I – me – my" point-of-view. Everything that happens to you is taken personally and you exist on an emotional roller coaster. After a time, your "emotional health" begins to affect your physical and mental health, for your nervous and glandular systems are in constant overload. Emotionally-powered people control others via their emotions as well, sometimes by a powerful display of love for another, which may become a constant demand for validation of their self-worth via emotional blackmail. They usually attract people to them who have low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness, and so at first it seems that this overwhelming display of love is just what they have been searching for. But it soon becomes apparent that emotional love without mental and spiritual stability can become a prison, and it can be a very painful and difficult process to extricate oneself from this type of stifling relationship. As you learn to balance your emotional nature with mental clarity and spiritual wisdom and strength, you find the validation of Self that you have sought. You begin to monitor your emotions and to understand the underlying forces that trigger negative patterns. You examine your motives and bring your "altered ego" back into alignment with your soul-self. You begin to tap into the higher wisdom of your Divine mind, and seek to release the limiting thought patterns of your deep subconscious mind which have controlled your existence to one degree or another for so many lifetimes. Your emotional vibrational patterns are lifted as you attune to your spiritual nature and you begin to experience unconditional love for yourself and for all others. You turn inward for spiritual/emotional sustenance and you know that all the love you can experience on Earth means nothing if you are not connected to the love/Light of the Creator Source.

 Your goal, beloveds, is to exemplify Spirit while being totally in the physical body. It is time to reunite and integrate all the multiple facets of yourself that you have created and left along the way on your long journey in outer space. You are drawing all those diverse and fragmented parts of yourself back into your "inner space," that wondrous space within the center of your Being called your Diamond Core God Cell.

Spiritual Warrior

Light Warrior

A wondrous new unified Ray of Divine Consciousness is filtering its way down through the multi-dimensions from the center of the Great Central Sun of this universe and our Father-Mother God. It originated from within the heart of the Supreme Creator aeons ago, and at long last it is time for this galaxy and the Earth to make ready to accept this most blessed and rarified infusion. When you are prepared to accept this gift, it will totally ignite that God Cell within and it will also overlight, magnify and unify all the other refracted Rays within. This is the process you are being prepared for and this is the event you have all been waiting for since your first physical embodiment. This is the cohesive energy which will truly activate and accelerate the process of ascension into a higher state of consciousness for all sentient beings, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes. The spiral of evolution is accelerating day-by-day, and nothing or no one can deter it or is immune to it. We know it is difficult to focus on the lofty ideas and visions that we give you when your world seems to be falling deeper and deeper into violence and separation. Once again, we remind you, "Out of chaos comes new creation." All that is in disharmony, all that is fear-based, or comes from the lower vibrations of greed, prejudice, corruption, or a desire to dominate or control is being brought to the surface and into the awareness of the masses. There is a great battle being waged by these diverse factions, but none of them will emerge the winner. A "Light movement" has been set in motion, fueled by you, the Warriors of Light. Your weapons are unconditional love, pure hearts and intention, positive, assertive action with the intent to create that which is for the greatest good of all humanity and the Earth as well. Our mission is to make you aware of your magnificence and how truly powerful you are; to let you know that you are never alone; and to help you rise above the senseless violence, the suffering and the fear that is the major world focus at this time. Lift your hearts and consciousness, beloveds, and know that the future is filled with promise, and through our joint endeavors, we will overcome all adversity. See the love of my Essence surround you as together we join hearts with every Being on Earth and we radiate the force of our unified love out into the galaxy, seeking to join the Ray of Creator Essence that is our ultimate destination. You are never alone, and you are loved beyond measure.

 I AM Archangel Michael.

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