Venus Transit by Kirael

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Venus Transit by Kirael
in June 2004


Kirael from the seventh dimension channeled by Reverend Fred Sterling.  Published on this website on August 5, 2004.

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by Rev. Fred Sterling

A fundamental shift is taking place on Earth as the Goddess Light settles in for the next 2000 years.

OnJune 8, 2004 the planetVenus passes directly between the Earth and the Sun, a rare astronomical event that occurs in pairs, separated exactly by 8 years minus two days. While these transit events are cosmically quite close, the pairs are separated by more than a century. Below is a list of recent occurrences (the second transit in each pair is listed in parentheses):

                                                                        1518 (1526)
                                                                        1631 (1639)
                                                                        1761 (1769)
                                                                        1874 (1882)
                                                                        2004 (2012)

In third-dimensional terms, theVenus transit is an exciting planetary eclipse of sorts. In the realm of Master Guide Kirael, the transit ofVenus is a profound alignment of energies that will forever shift our Earth realities. So what does theVenus transit have to do with Ferdinand Magellan, Mary Magdalene, the over-mastermind, the Goddess Light and the Great Shift inconsciousness? Fasten your seatbelts, everyone, and prepare for peace on Earth.

KIRAEL: We are here to discuss this thing that we call the alignment with the planetVenus. Let us begin by reminding you that this event happens so very seldom here on your Earth plane. In this alignment there is something very special that takes place, and it has to do with communication.

I take you back in time more than 400 years to the first time that humans really noticed this alignment ofVenus. The first time was in the 1500s when a young fellow by the name of Magellan discovered that this Earth plane had the full roundness of shape and that you could actually travel around the world and not fall off.

Yet there are two things that you may not know. First of all, Magellan was actually a descendent of the Magdalene family. Second, his most predominant guide in the spirit reality was Mary Magdalene herself. She is the one that basically led him around the Earth.

Now begin to understand when I say that this very year [1518] that Magellan set out to go ‘round the globe was the beginning of what you call the "over-mastermind." 1 For as his ships and crew went around the world, they left their mark, and the over-mastermind was created. It was not created with any negative intent; yet it was created, my friends, and all the sources that would feed into it began to flow into this over-mastermind. Now, knowing where Magellan originated from and ended up, you can begin to understand that this is where most of the power of the over-mastermind would have emanated from. Yet, throughout all of this, there was that great creation of space and time to be lineated in the most perfect awareness.

If you go to the next time that this beautifulVenus energy would align itself with the beauty of this Earth, it was at the time when the great services of communication began a brand new episode. It is said that a great postal mail system got its beginning in a place called Sweden [1631] and other locations within the European light.

If you fast-forward to the next time that theVenus alignment came about, you will find this is when science really took over the globe. Science became so enthralled with what it knew, it began to measure its distances from the Sun and all of the different energies of magnetic force, and it brought your scientists into communication from around the world [1761].

And you can fast-forward once again to the time that a young Alexander [Graham Bell] was trying to bring about the great telephone instrument that would again bring communications on your world to a whole new level [1874].

So, see it as you will, my friends; it is always about communications. And, of course, that brings you to your current day, when you begin to resonate to knowingness that a new communication is about to come onto this Earth plane. For I have come here long ago and spoke to you of this thing called the "Great Shift" — the Great Shift inconsciousness.

As we now come to this great clamor of energy that is focused around this beautiful time that some would refer to as 6/6 or 6/8 or 6/10 — it really does not matter the date so much as it does the timing of what is taking place. And the timing is what is most important.

For even in this year 2004, a great year of mastery, 2 you can arrive at a greater awareness which I wrote about in my first book with themedium when we talked about a Great Shift inconsciousness taking place.3 It is about a time when the whole world must begin to make decisions as to whether you will turn to the light or try to hold on to all that you’ve been taught, all that you have learned from your predecessors.

But I say to you, my friends, there is a great, great opening here. The door of the light opens into itself. And before we go into what will take place this year, we must cover just a little bit of the history ofVenus, a history that is well beyond anything that you can measure, for it is said that time once moved so slowly on this beautiful planet that the greatest of greatspirits aligned themselves there.

The Goddess Energy andVenus

It is said that the great Goddesses accumulated their energies aroundVenus, and there they lived for a very long time, secluded, below the cloud banks of this beautiful planet. And here the Goddesses would meet, and this is why oftentimes you will find the nameVenus connected to the great Goddess Light because this is where the Goddesses began their journey in this part of the cosmos.

Now, each time this Goddess energy circles into the pathway of these aligning planets, it causes a great shift in energy. You can look at the four shifts [previousVenus transits] I have just mentioned, and you will see they are predominant in your human awakening. You will see them as the focus of where you are and where you will be going. And you will see them again when this energy shifts into its highest velocity of experience.

So with this planetVenus coming again into alignment, we see that the energies of the Goddess Light are now going to permeate the Earth plane. The Goddess Light has been quiet here on your Earth for so long — for centuries, maybe even millenniums of time — but no longer, my friends, will this Goddess Light be held in abeyance. Now, it is about to stand up and let itself be counted amongst those that are in the powerful position of allowing the Great Shift to unfold.

For all of my male friends, do not sit back so far in your chairs and think "Oh, my gracious. It’s all about female energy." I didn’t say female; I said Goddess. And each and every human being has a least a minute particle of the Goddess Light within. The female, of course, existing in its fullness, can reach greater and greater heights through this Goddess love, where the male will strive and bring forth his own balance, his own light, and in that we will see this great energy unfold.

Sixth Sense,Soul Speak and the Great Shift

So hear me now as I say this: As we open into this new time in this beautiful month of June, on the sixth day the connection begins, on the eighth day it hits it s crescendo, its apex, and on the tenth day it wanes. But in that period of time, my friends, you must be so relatively aware that all of the experiences that are about to take place will receive that special surge, that awakening of Goddess energy.

Examples of this awakening have been already spoken of, not just by my own energy but by energies long past. In my prophecy for this year, I spoke that this would be the year wheresoul speak would begin its highest journey —soul speak being that beautiful, non-verbal, non-physical communication between your humanconsciousness and your higher selfconsciousness, between you and the unseen forces of light. And let me say this, in boldness, if you will: every one of you that has even thought about being a channel, amedium — this is the year, my friends, this is the year.

What is this channel of which we speak? Is it not the simplicity of opening up your thought system that you have held so tightly and compactly to you? Is it not opening it up to the other realms? Well, that’s just a beginning, my friends, just a beginning. As you open up into this time, you will begin to see people communicate throughout the world without telephone, without telegraph, without tele-computer — without tele-anything — because you will begin to use the telephonics of your own vibration.

Not only that, my friends, but the veils 4 begin, on this particular day, to diminish. Many of you around the world are feeling your physical body going through gyrations of energy. You’re feeling your mental capacitors being pushed to the limit. You’re feeling your emotions surge through your system. And, yes, the spiritual energy is awake and vibrant on your plane now. Yet this is but a precursor to the whole, the beauty of an Earth unfolding.

Imagine an Earth where everyone knew what everyone was thinking. (laughs)

"I don’t want to go to war with you."
"Oh, really. Then why are you loading your gun?"

You see what I’m saying? All of the sudden you won’t have to rely solely on your five senses to depict everything that’s going on in your world.

It is the sixth month, the sixth day and sixth sense that brings you to the completion of what you have so longed for. And this is why I say the sixth day is as important as the eighth and the tenth because it is the day the senses open. Will everyone feel it at the same moment? No. Will everyone feel it alike? Many, yes. Everyone, no.

You must understand that you still have a collective over-mastermind to contend with, an over-mastermind that began with Magellan and has lived and been focused upon for this length of time. In truth, what you remember now is that you have only just begun to awaken.

My book called Kirael: The Great Shift was the onset; it is a timeless energy that will allow people to begin to understand the concept of this Great Shift. The over-mastermind would have you focus on the "three days of darkness"5 just to keep you afraid of letting the Shift happen. But read my book, my friends. It speaks of great awakening. It speaks of great times ahead.

And now it is time to begin because this over-mastermind has tried everything it could to control the over-beingness of your planet. But the Lightworker, the experiential spiritualist, the metaphysician has said, "No more. No more." And they have worked very diligently to begin to in-lighten that over-mastermind. They have begun to bring the energy of light into it.

And so strongly have they done it that this over-mastermind now straddles the proverbial fence; it stands on both sides of dark and light. It stands holding onto its darkness but knowing that, if it fails, it needs to have a foot in the light as well. Don’t let that dissuade you, my friends. Don’t be caught praying without the knowingness of your Creator. Because in that, my friends, is the awakening.

The pitching of a sound, the sound of light, will permeate your Earth plane. The Goddess energy has arrived and it will not leave for some time to come. And in that you can begin to understand that the great balance the Creator has held so long upon this planet is going to be released to another level ofconsciousness. Oh, the balance you have watched between good and evil — how hard the guardians and theangels and everyone has worked to maintain that balance, not letting the planet get too good or too bad. Yet now it is time for all to come into light. It is time to move.

And for those who would suggest it is the Fifth Dimension, the Fourth Dimension, the Eighth… let it go. Get off of the numbers. Get off of anything you find to disagree upon, and instead agree that there is simply a Great Shift inconsciousness.

If you look, you will see that I wrote into all of the books that I brought onto your Earth plane a special message. It is deeply woven into the text of each book, but you will feel it when you read it. These books are not magic. It’s just the way they are woven, the way they are driven into the thoughts of those who read them, that hope begins to return and theenlightenment begins to hold itself to the fullness of what it is. And, yes, it is the awakening of We the People.

I say to you, my friends, this great alignment that is taking place is just a doorway to let We the People begin to communicate through the Ten Principles ofConsciously Creating6 — through the Truth, the Trust and the Passion of life itself — all the way into All That Is.

I suggest to you that I have brought you the tools, as many of your great forces have done here on this Earth plane. The beautiful light of the Kryon energy, The Group, and humans such as Gregg Braden, they have all brought you this great awareness. Now it is up to you to deal with it.

But I’ll tell you this: there is no turning back. The Great Shift inconsciousness is upon you. You are already in it, and it’s going to move at a very rapid pace as the Goddess Light opens itself onto your planet.

Q: Master Kirael, what would be the best way for a Lightworker to celebrate on June 6, 2004 and open up to this new energy?

KIRAEL: Pray, meditate, doceremonies. Light a candle. Pray for yourself. Each and every Lightworker should pray for themselves. Pray for the courage to stand up and not be afraid any longer to tell the world that there’s a Great Shift inconsciousness.

Listen to themedium as he says "I have adream to climb the mountain" and then climb the mountain in the self. Pray. Make yourmeditations very powerful that day. Open yourself to the Goddess Light, no matter who you are. Gather anyone with you that you can. Hold a hand of someone who might have been your enemy and let them become your friend because the days of this balance are limited. The balance now will move into the light, and the light will shine upon your Earth plane, and you will find the great glories.

You’ll not get there without a disagreement. The disagreement is going to come from the over-mastermind, but you can no longer be silent. You can no longer be the silent majority. You can no longer stand in the streets with your picket signs. You must be powerful in your prayers. You must be powerful in sharing with whoever will listen to you about the Great Shift inconsciousness. Do not label it with "airy-fairy" names; it is simply the Great Shift inconsciousness, it is people awakening to things they have never awakened to before.

Reset your masterminds; make sure they are filled with everything that you truly want in your life — not something someone else has applied to your thinking — what you want. And know this: if you set your intention strongly, if you pray it, if you use the Ten Principles ofConsciously Creating your world, you are moved into a newconsciousness with a new set of tools. These Ten Principles are finely tuned expeditions into a journey of freedom of light, happiness and the love awakening for all.

Q: Master Kirael, can you please explain why you have chosen the word "alignment" rather than "transit" to describe this auspiciousVenus event? Also, is this event related to the four bodies: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual?

KIRAEL: Calling it a transit simply means that it is something that passes by, and in that, I agree with the scientific world of your planet. I also agree with the worlds of which I exist, and we call it a great alignment because, asVenus passes between your Sun and your Earth, it also brings into alignment the vibration of the Moon.

The Earth is acting, as it always has, as the physical expression of the four bodies, the P-E-M-S, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. At this point Goddess Light enters into the picture and causes a shift of the emotional energy from the Moon toVenus. This shift creates a most beautiful awareness because it is at that point that this light becomes the strength. And as you begin to understand that, you will see that the Moon, which typically holds the emotional vibration, now takes over what we consider to be the mental realm. Yet at the same moment, nothing changes with your Sun and its rays, your greatest spiritual light, your source of humanity, the source by which you exist.

So when I call it an alignment, it really has nothing to do with the actual staging of the planet itself. It has to do with the energies as they intersperse and let themselves be realigned.

And on the tenth day, at that exit point, everything falls back into its regular order. But by the time that can happen, every human being on Earth will have been affected by light on a new level, just as has happened every time thisVenus alignment has taken place.

Q: Is the Goddess energy that is passing through our Earth plane similar to the photon energy belt that is passing through our third-dimensional reality? In a sense is there a Goddess wave passing through our dimensional reality?

KIRAEL:Venus was where the original Goddess, what we call the One Goddess, actually held court. This is a long time before your Earth even had civilization or people or anything else on it. Now whenever the Goddess Light passes into an arena, it always causes something significant to happen. In this particular instance, the Goddess energy is passing close to your Earth and so, this "something significant" happens to your Earth. When it passes near any other system that it might pass by, it affects them as well.

The Goddess is Fully Balanced Light

The Goddess Light is so empowering. I’ve spoken to my Goddess friends here on the Earth plane, and I’ve told them over and over — and I will continue to tell them: Goddess Light is the most humble of expressions that exist because Goddess does not choose right or wrong. Goddess does not choose good or bad, up or down, or anything else. Goddess is already the balancing focus; therefore, it does not worry about being balanced. So it doesn’t strive to; it is humble. It is loving. It is the "L" word, the love. It is the love ofconsciousness. It can be nothing more.

You’ve heard how many times they say "Mother God, Father God" and all of these other things. There is but one Creator — a source — and that source does not necessarily have a male or female expression, except when it is balancing a planet. And if it is going to balance a planet, it will have the balancing form, which means that Earth has been a balanced planet up until now.

Now because of the Great Shift inconsciousness, the balance is relieved and love begins to permeate. There are those who would like to believe that the end of world is at hand because without balance this planet can’t exist. You have been an experiment by the Creator. This Earth is an experiment — an experiment in duality, in balance.

It cannot continue because of the abuse that comes along with it. In order to have good people, you must have bad. In order to have great days, you must have bad days because you wouldn’t recognize a good day from it if you didn’t. But that is a perception of a planet that is rooted in balance. And so when the light overcomes, when it becomes too bright, then the darkness is pushed forward. And when it becomes too dark, then the light brightens.

But that isn’t the case this time. This time it is the light coming out and staying out and moving into a new realization. In my first book, I told you that of your roughly six billion, only two billion would stay through the shifting process. Everyone wants to panic and think "Oh, my God, four billion people dying."

What if it isn’t that way, my friends? What if it is about four billionsouls returning to the love of their Creator with no fear, with no compromise? And what if that two billion left over is here simply to regenerate this planet into one of the most beautiful Gardens of Eden, one of the most beautiful societies of Elven understanding? What if it is about people who get along with each other and everyone just continues to raise the vibration?

Well, that would make a difference, wouldn’t it? And all of those that would be sticking around who cannot feel their light yet, they will offer you enough challenge in your balance for awhile. But still it will come to pass that this world lives in the total freedom of love. You will gladly come here in the love and the light of the Creator, and you will find yourself in the Goddess experience. The Goddess Light will reign on this planet for some 2000 years.

Q: Can you please elaborate on the significance of Magellan’s journey and the beginning of the over-mastermind?

KIRAEL: I did breeze right through that the first time, didn’t I?

Let’s talk about Magellan just for the moment because it is actually a very important subject. And, yes, he was a descendent of the Magdalene family, and, yes, he did call on Mary as his guide because —let’s face it they were family. Anyway, what I am trying to portray to you is that up until that point, there were pockets of beings all around the planet but they were not connected in any way, shape or form. They didn’t communicate.

There were pockets of Native Americans in America and Chinese in Asia and Japanese in the Japans and so on, but they weren’t Japanese or Chinese then. They only became Japanese or Chinese when we figured up a name for them.

Yet the point is that when Magellan circled the Earth, when the Goddess Light sent him all the way around the Earth plane, he connected the people. Wherever he went, he connected the people. And that circle literally created the over-mastermind. Be very clear that it was not created as a bad thing; it was created only because it was a connected force.

Now the Native Americans, for example, were not thinking of anything like Magellan or Europe. They were thinking about living the light of the land. And so their energies were very focused within themselves; they were very oriented to the Creator. Like the Japanese in their very early stages on the other side of the world, they only spoke to the Creator directly. They didn’t have a priest or a minister or anybody standing between them.

Magellan went around the Earth connecting the energies of thought, which started an etheric weave around your world, where eventually the thoughts of one group of people would begin to influence the thoughts of another group. Understand that Magellan came from a world of conquering and conquest, whereas the Native Americans spent days looking at a butterfly or weeks looking at the summit of a great mountain and wondering how come it was white at the top.

Until the over-mastermind really took hold, until it became filled with thoughts based in fear, it really didn’t affect anyone. Yet if you can follow what I am saying, it was the ten acity by which those who were empowered and who wanted more power began to help weave thoughts of fear and control into the connected force. And understand that Mary Magdalene was also one of the founders of church, thanks to young Simon Peter (that’s a whole other story, isn’t it?), and that the Magdalene family was the one that bankrolled the first church. Now take this into the European context and you could begin to see where the seed of the over-mastermind, which started out with a relatively positive intent, could one day become a dark over-mastermind. It was over a period of time that everybody became greedy and everybody became wanting until one day there was a sect called the Illuminati, and since then there has been an over-mastermind of fear and a desire to control on your Earth plane.

But I want it emphatically clear that Magellan did not create something bad. The connective force simply allowed the Native Americans, the Japanese, the Chinese [for example] to feed their energies into this growing weave of thought. Native American tribes began to fight with each other for the first time. Beautiful Shinto shrines and other things were built not to honor but to better one another, and it got lost.

But it ends, my friends, it ends.

Q: Will thisVenus alignment begin to reduce the emotional and mental challenges that females are going through at this time?

KIRAEL: I would say that is up to those who are willing to step up to the proverbial plate and take the big full swing and let the world know what’s going on.

How about the poor woman in Iowa who has six kids and can’t make ends meet and goes to bed crying every night — not because she can’t make ends meet, because she can’t figure out how to make ends meet. What about her; how do we reach her? That’s the question you need to start asking yourself. How do you let the world know?

Yes, this is a great awakening of the female energy, and the emotions th at you’re feeling, they’re not contrived, you’re not making them up. They are just innate. That’s what comes out of Goddess Light; Goddess Light cannot stand pain. It cannot stand disharmony. The center, the core — that is where the Goddess is. When a Goddess raises her voice, the world quivers because it is not in her "in-lignment."

Look at the numerology of June 6th through the 10th and see the perfection of it. Look at how everything is aligning in perfection. If you think for a moment that I brought all of these things onto the Earth because I didn’t have anything better to do in the Seventh Dimension, you’ve got to be thinking wrong there. (I don’t say it often, but that would be a wrong thought.) I brought them here because it’s imperative that you understand that the Goddess Light is going to permeate your planet, oh, only for another couple of thousand years or so, and you might as well get used to it.

We the People all are one. And, yes, they are feeling the emotions. Some of them show it more than others. But I’ll tell you this: It’s not going to get easier; it’s going to get much more intense.

At the very least We the People need to know where to go. There needs to be a thousand programs like themedium‘s on the Internet 24 hours a day. You’ve got to be able to turn on the Internet any day of the week and find someone speaking truth without disharmony. It is a time to "in-lighten" yourself to the peace and the harmony. Find it inside of yourself. If you don’t want to cry another tear, if you don’t want to find yourself aggravated one iota, never look outside of yourself for the answer. Seek within your own Goddess Light. Seek within the ability to feel the emotions of love, and you will never have another disharmonic moment in this lifetime.

I humbly bring my light onto this planet so that others could enjoin, not my light, but their own. For in the now you and I may seem different, yet soon you will see the likeness of one Creator woven into the strands of Guidance, delivered into the mystical weave of you the human. And in this light the term "We the People" means so much more than your current understanding. But I’ll tell you this: It is an opportunity like you’ve never experienced. It is an opportunity to awaken your light to the point where you can find peace and harmony. And if it doesn’t start within the self, it won’t start.

And I say this: There’s this little beautiful church in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is determined to create peace and harmony in the world. I hope, I pray, I live and I love based on myfaith that they can do what they say they are going to do. Because I’ll tell you something, until the world gets fully awake, the Shift is going to depend on the little pockets of you coming together — a few thousand here and a few thousand there. It is on a roll, my friends, and it can’t be stopped. The Shift is upon you.

Stop worrying about the three days of darkness, and start to see the power of communication amongst yourselves. Be "We the People." Be "We the Lights." Be "We the Creator’s Force."

Good evening.

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