Align Yourself to the God Within

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Align Yourself to the God Within

Council of Nine

Message for December 13, 2003, from the Council of Nine transmitted throughAthene Raefiel,
This channeling was done before a group and transcribed and edited by Athene Raefiel.
First published in this website on January 24, 2004.

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, we call You forth and ask that You anchor Your Light in and around us.

I want you to repeat after me:

“I call forth the Power of Light That I AM. I call forth the archangels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. I call forth my teachers and my guides. I call forth earth, air, fire and water. I call forth to the Holy Light of Light, the most divine energy within me and ask that that Light expand out and hold everyone in the circle within it. I AM, I AM, I AM a Child of Love and Light. I AM, I AM, I AM kept in God’s Own Sight. I AM, I AM, I AM a Golden Child of Light.”

Now just visualize the sun shining directly over your head, feeling the rays of sunshine coming down around you, warming you with its golden yellow light. Now expanding this light out and filling this room with that light. Each of you now, extend an arm and hand from your heart connecting with everyone else’s hand in the group, connecting the love and energy of love, opening your soul and consciousness to allow the alignment of your chakra systems to your Higher Self, the spirit essence that you are. And then say one more time:

“I AM That I AM, I AM That I AM, I AM That I AM.”

We have come forward today to speak with you. We have come forward as there have been many questions that the people upon your plane and upon planet have been asking of their own conscious mind, of their own divine understanding, of their own divine awareness as of late. There have been many shifts in perception of consciousness, recently. There have been overwhelming changes that have occurred not only within the earth herself but also within your planetary system as well as your solar system. The solar ray activity that has been occurring has brought about great shifts in the geometric patterning of what the ley lines of the earth are about. We have assisted in the exchange of energies, to help those within your plane, your dimension, awaken to their spiritual consciousness. We are the Council of Nine. We are named such, as nine is a geometric number that allows us to be at the tail end, so to speak, or the completion of each rung of the ladder as it is ascended.

You each have come into this plane, into this dimension, to experience the light beingness that you are, the Light Body that you are, and the spirit essence that dwells within all life. When you care for yourself, and care for that which is beyond what you can see, beyond what you can feel, beyond what you can taste, then you can begin to relate to us in a manner that allows us to assist you with our great awareness and understanding. Ours is a consciousness that has nothing to do with rationale. We are not as you, for we indeed have no rationale to speak of in the same sense that you do. Our consciousness is one of telepathy. Our consciousness is one of Light, understanding, compassion, wisdom and allowing. We allow for your experiences because you are the divine element of Light within, just as we are the Divine Light. We work closely with many dimensions and frequencies and many life forms other than you. There are many life forms within all universes that you are unfamiliar with at this point in time. For those upon the earth to think that they are the only life form in the universe is rather conceited. We do not understand within us, why it you would think for a moment that you are alone. We have no concept of aloneness as being isolation or individuation. To us there is no alone. To us there is only that which we are amongst all other things.

We are the Council of Nine. There are many Councils of Light. We assist mankind and we assist other beings of form, but we do not assist other beings that have no form or are formless beings for that is not indicated in the work that we do. We have come forward today at the insistence of the channel for she has found our messages to be of great importance recently.

We bring information today that can assist you in understanding the changes that you will be experiencing in the upcoming time element that you refer to as the next year. This following year for you will be chaotic and sad for many, as change upon your plane can seem hard to adapt to. Ultimately the new changes bring new understanding and perception changes of what life is about. Life in its own eternal essence is unending. We would like for you to understand that your journey has been a long one already. None of you started your journey in this lifetime. This lifetime is merely a stepping stone in your eternal essence and soul journey that you have been on for a great many eons of time. You have but one understanding within you that contains all other understanding. Until you tap this understanding you are, shall we say lop-sided. In your lop-sidedness you choose to see only that which is before you in the physical existence world. We would like you to close your eyes more often and see what it is that is within you, see what it is that you can sense with your senses, see what it is that you know to be true even though it does not exist in the physical scene.

We would ask of you that you understand that we draw upon the heart of each being, not the heart that is made of man, not the biological heart, but the heart of God that is within each and everyone of you. There is always symbology and compatibility with all things that are divine and all things that are human. Humans were created as the greatest gift and the greatest representation of the Divine that exists. You have the opportunity to bring with you, to the divine element, an understanding of the form that you are in a method that will allow you to integrate that form, and no longer need it to house your soul and your spirit.

There are many upon your plane at this point in time who will not ascend to their divine resting, their divine peace, their divine understanding. They will indeed be left behind. This is a choice that they make. This is not a divine element that has been put upon them. There is naught which we put upon any in your dimension. Your dimension, your beingness is your choice. You have chosen the body that you are in. You have chosen the mind that you have. You have chosen the path that you walk. You have chosen the understanding and the learning that you have. There is naught which we bring you that you do not have other than the awareness of the all. You must each seek to become aware of not us as the Council of Nine, but us as the energy of the spirit that you are. The Council is simply here to council the Light and the Light Being. We are the Council of the Light and we are the Council to the Nine.

When we speak of the Light, we speak of the energies, the spirit, the alignment and the truth within each of you. The truth is beyond anything comprehensible in physical terms. The truth is conceptual. The truth is alignment. The truth is centeredness. The truth is that very tiny speck in the middle of everything else. When you speak of the eye in the hurricane then you speak of a center, where no disruption occurs even though the hurricane is tumultuous, even though it brings great damage to those upon its path. Whatever is within the eye is always safe. If you will find the eye within the hurricane that you call your lives, you will find there is safety in the center of all of the chaos surrounding you.

You must understand this is opposite of what you have learned. This is a different training for yourself that you need to put into place and experience in your plane, as a new method of living your life. We would share with you that some of the things that we see about humans and that we help and assist them with, is changing the perception of themselves. Humans create great judgment upon themselves through their perceptions and beliefs. They believe that they deserve to be punished. They believe that they are unworthy to be loved. They believe that they are unimportant, that they have no role in life to play, their assistance is not needed; they have no talent, no abilities. They believe these things about themselves and in believing these things about themselves they leave no room to believe the good things about themselves that can set them free.

Freedom is a relative term. It is relative to those who experience freedom. To those who do not experience freedom, freedom is simply a word. It will never be experienced. Freedom is the ability to be the inner self that you are, and to understand that you deserve and have the right to explore all of what life brings you. It is that simple. In order to do this, you first must be friends with yourself and appreciate the inner being that you are. You must understand that within the core of your being the central theme of all of you is unconditional love and that the awareness of this element is missing in most human’s lives. When you know that you are loved, can give and receive love, and love yourself as the divine Light and human that you are, then you have this element.

We say to you, it is time to discover the energy that love presents to each of you in your life. To need the love of another, to feel worthy to love yourself, is to have it backwards. It is first to understand that you are loved by the Divine, that you are divine in being and nature and are that same love. In having and being love, you can then heal your beliefs that have distorted truth. We would say, throw out most everything that you have believed about yourself and start over. For indeed you have accepted a program about yourself that is untrue. It is indeed a sad and depressing way of living your life. We ask at this time, when you pray, that you do not ask of someone else, but of your own Higher Self to assist you. Ask of your own love within to assist you and your own spirit essence to make itself known unto you. Ask your spirit to give you the wisdom, the strength and the understanding to confront the fears in your life, to confront your daily living and to understand that you are not in charge of everything that is known as life.

You are not responsible for others’ feelings. You are responsible for how you feel. If you do not feel good about yourself today then this is where you must begin. We say unto you, why do you not feel good about yourself today. This is the question you must ask yourself. Of course you know that you do not feel good, but why do you not feel good. You must dig a little deeper; you must ask the why question to many of the things. Why do I believe that, why do I believe that God lives in Heaven, why do I believe that there is a Satan, why do I believe that there is evil, why do I believe that I am not worthy to have what it is that I require, need, want in my life. Why do I believe these things? These are the questions that you must begin asking yourself, because it is your belief that creates your perception; it is your beliefs that create your reality, the illusion that you live within. If you wish to succeed, if you wish to believe, if you wish to feel free within your being you must understand that your current beliefs are blocking that experience from taking place. You have chosen to believe what you believe, you can believe differently. You did choose it, and you can, shall we say, un-choose it.

It is imperative that you begin, or continue, to peel the onion. It is imperative that you take off everything that you wear as your armor, your protection and find the spark of life, the child within, that was free before it was shown the program called life. You are the only one that can do it. There is no one that can do it for you; there is no one that can do it with you. There are those that can assist you in doing it, but ultimately you are the God Within your life, therefore you have created your reality therefore you are the only one that can change that reality.

So many times we hear prayers, so we hear you ask of God that God come forth and change your life. Yet you never see the result, for when you speak of God you are not speaking of yourself but someone you do not know.

But when you say the God Within myself can align and assist me in changing everything within my life and myself, this is acknowledging and speaking with God. This is how you align to the God Within and utilize this energy to be present and assist in every manner of speaking.

We come forward today, as it is necessary for you to hear that we have a name. We speak of ourselves as the Council of Nine, but it is important that you hear that we are the Council of Nine, for indeed, if the channel simply said “I will be channeling”, then you would not trust that the energy that would be coming through her would be the right energy. Yet none of you have heard of us before. There is not one of you who actually knows who the Council of Nine is. Yet you trust us to come forward and bring this information to you because somewhere within you, your God Within, your Higher Self has said “it is time to meet with some of our old friends, it is time to welcome them to be with us today”, and this is why you have come, to speak, to hear and to be part of what we are about. We bring no message of doom and gloom for indeed simply look around you, doom and gloom is everywhere. We bring no messages of salvation, for indeed you cannot save the world if you cannot save yourself. There is no message of what will be, or what has been, or what can be for indeed it matters not. What we speak of to you matters not. What matters within you is what you speak of to yourselves. When you speak to yourselves, make friends with yourselves, make friends with the parts of yourself that you do not understand that you do not speak kindly to, that you do not love that you do not appreciate. Speak with the Holy God Within that you are. Do your exercises and your meditations and align with that center of being that brings us all together as a family, as a unit in consciousness. Open yourself to where there is no breadth, no depth, and no width, expand yourself to where eternity is. Always remember you are eternal.

Indeed there are many places to see without your physical eyes. You must use your imaginations to create within yourself the ability to move beyond that which is your ceiling, that you call your mind. You must move beyond the mind. You must learn to observe your mind rather than let your mind dictate to you who you are. When you learn to do these things then you will find the true essence of who you are. You will understand that all of this that you call life, is a play in which you play different parts and that you have the ability to choose, which parts you wish to play and which ones you don’t. You also have the ability to write the scripts. You have the ability to direct the plays and you do these things all of the time unknowingly, unwittingly and without forethought. We come to you today and say think about what it is that you are doing and then implement in a manner that will bring you fulfillment and happiness into your life.

We are the Council of Nine. We have come today because we honor the spirit of the channel and we honor the spirit of each of you in the group. We have come today because we had not spoken much to the beings of earth in this manner and we felt that it would be good to make a heart connection with and for you in whatever manner the availability was. We will not answer questions for you, but there will be others that will today. We hope that you have enjoyed this visit with us and that you will remember us and that you will call upon us to assist your Higher Self, your awareness, your understanding and your wisdom.

When you call upon us, ask specifically to connect your Higher Self within the Council of Nine energy of spirit and ask us to show you that which it is that you are blinded to about yourselves. We thank you for your attention. We thank you for being here today and we thank you for the love that you have generated within this room, within your heart, and within your being for the others on this planet as well as those who have left this earth plane for which you have grieved. We will leave you now with this prayer:

“Great Divine Light within me, I’m always connected to the Father/Mother God. All things within me align to my central point of beingness, truth and Light. I will be abundant in my consciousness. I will be abundant in my wealth and I will be abundant in my freedom. All the days of my life I shall remember who it is that I AM, and in the I AM That I AM I will be centered in the truth in Light of the God Within. I AM That I AM, I AM That I AM, I AM That I AM.”

We bid Thee depart.

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