The Message of the Spirit of Love

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The Message of the Spirit of Love
The Only Law Is Love

By Creator God

God channeled through Jennifer Roznicki.  Published in this website by request from the authorPublished in this website on July 4, 2006.
Jennifer wrote to us: 
"I did not remember what I had written, but then again it was exactly me witting. I was nervous to read it the next day and more nervous when I read it. My heart remains open to the Love and I have set out to feed and cloth the people like I have been called to do.  Though I know the Spirit is with me always I still have doubt. I was searching for purpose in my life, but I really did not think being the servant of Love was my purpose.  I still struggle with the idea but the more I connect and listen to the Power of Love, the more confident I am becoming…  Do you see why I am nervous?  Only a month ago I was an Agnostic.  But I have faith Love will show me the Way…"—Jennifer Roznicki

Happy are those who Know they are spiritually poor. Pure Love will be shown to them.
Happy are those who mourn, Pure Love will comfort them.
Happy are the meek, Pure Love is with them.
Happy are those whose greatest desire is to give Unconditional Love, they will know Unconditional Love.
Happy are those who are merciful to others.  Unconditional Love will be merciful to them.
Happy are those that are pure of heart, they will Know Pure Love.
Happy are those who work for peace among men. For they will know the peace of the Loving Spirit and will become One with it.
Happy are those who are persecuted because they practice Unconditional Love. They will feel the awesome presence of the Love that embodies the Universe.

Be happy when you are insulted and persecuted when you show the world Unconditional Love of the Living Spirit.  Love will sustain you.

My Light must shine before people so that they will see the good things I do and see that Unconditional Love is what will end suffering.

Follow the Law of Unconditional Love. Be more faithful than the leaders of the world and the religious teachers.

Do not let anger consume you. Forgive those who anger you and show them Unconditional Love.

Do not swear by God or the Bible when you swear to tell the truth. It is meaningless. Only tell the truth and your heart will remain pure in the Spirit of Love.

Show Love to those who do you harm. When someone asks you for something give it to them.  Think of how they suffer, not what it will cost you. Giving will make you happy.

Show Unconditional Love to all.  The Living Spirit of Love binds us all, good and bad.

When you think «that person is doing something wrong», shun that thought and Love that person.  Love them with all your heart and do not try to change them. It is through your Love you will help end the suffering of others. The world is set in judgement against terrorists, world leaders, homosexuals, Do not judge them! Or anyone who you think is evil and wrong, You are wrong. It is only your own heart that you can judge. Purify it with Love. Show Unconditional Love especially to those whom you most hate. This is what will redeem you to the Spirit of Love.

You cannot say «I love the man but I do not love what he does.»  This is conditional love. That is what causes suffering. It is only through showing all Love that they will come to know it themselves.

That is not to say you must allow those that cause suffering to continue. If their actions are done out of pure Love and harm no one then they are living the Law of Love. What harm is caused in two men or two women loving each other, NONE. They are sharing in the Unconditional Love of the Spirit.  But when a person harms the innocent, that person must be removed from the situation and shown Love and understanding, caring and compassion. It is the only way to lead them back to Love.

Give from your heart not because you are told to do so.

Open your heart to Unconditional Love. It will guide you. Seek to understand the nature of Unconditional Love, it is inside you.

Forgive the wrongs others do to you and you will know the Love of the Living Spirit.

We have all become slaves to our possessions. Release yourselves from this slavery. Take only what you need to survive and give the rest to those in need. It is hard and painful because possessions have become our masters. But know the true Master of the World is Love and if you give up all that you can bear and help end the suffering of another, you will feel the pure Love and joy you have been missing.

The house of the Spirit does not have 4 walls and golden goblets of wine and blood. The Spirit is housed in our hearts.  I say to all those houses that profess to be houses of the Spirit: strip them clean of all possessions and invite in the Children of Love. Shelter the homeless, feed the hunger. Sell your masters, your possessions. Free yourselves of them and return to the faith and Love of the Spirit. You are bound to your gold goblets and robes, your rituals and prayer. Release yourselves and let the Love of the Spirit return to your hearts.

You all know the saying, «Ask, and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.»  It is true. But so many have forgotten to ask the questions, to seek for answers in the world and in your hearts and instead of knocking you read the instruction manual given to you by man. Stop reading the words of man and live the Law of Love.

You debate and interpret, you cry heresy and bang your fist against the wall. You live out your faith in the fallibility of man’s writings and forget the true message with it.


Do not worry about the words that are written. Only follow one rule that is Unconditional Love.  That rule overrides all else.  If you live, truly, by the rule of Love you will always find Love in the Living Spirit.  It does not matter if you are gay or straight, a man or a woman, a child or an adult, of a different race, creed, color or culture. None of this matters in the eyes of Love.

The Spirit that binds us all, everything, is Love.  God, Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and all those you call God. They are One, they are Love and they wish to end suffering.  «End the Suffering», they CRY!, «It is WITHIN YOU.»

You call out «Why, Lord, why do you allow us to suffer?»  But it is not the Lord, God, Spirit, that allows you to suffer, it is YOU!

Show Love to all, the Spirit of Love, God, is in You given to you from the beginning of your time. You have forsaken it. Return your hearts back to Love. When all those everywhere return to Unconditional Love then you will know an end to suffering. You will find the peace you are seeking.

It is in you, all of you, to end your suffering.  «Don’t you see?», the prophets of your ancestors cry out to you.

Love thy neighbour as thyself!

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

Do not judge or try to change or convert others, Change and convert yourselves to Love. Others will see your change in all that you do and say and think: «Can I Love too?»  «Can I Love like they Love?»

Show the world Unconditional Love and you will feel the power of Loving Kindness in your very soul.

Swearing the name of God is not evil. It is doing evil, causing suffering to others in His name, that is the true crime.

Do not follow me or worship me, but hear me for I speak the words of Love.

Come, mighty nations, gather up the weak nations in your arms. Show them Love. Heal them, feed and shelter them. They are truly the Children of God.

Give Love freely and without reservation, and the Love of the Lord will be upon you.

Watch out for false prophets, they come too looking like sheep on the outside, but they are really like wild wolves on the inside, you will know them for the way they act.

Not everyone who professes belief in God will feel Love’s presence. Only those who truly embrace Love, pure Unconditional Love, will know God.

What you believe in your heart of hearts will be done for you. If you do not give Unconditional Love, nothing you desire will come to you.

Do not be frightened of death, with it will come the great calm.

Fear not my disciples, they will make you clean. See their example and hear their words and you will all be purified.

I am the Light of Love and I have come back to show you the Way. Love is the Way.

God Loves all the people.

God is within all of you.

God is the Love that binds the Universe and he is crying out to you to set him free.

You are the Light and the Way.

Feed my people, Cloth my people, Shelter my people  Give them strength when they have none.  Show them kindness and Love.  May the Love of the Light be with you all. And know it is.

The minds of humans are blinding their souls.

Mine is a message of Love, Peace and Harmony, NOT blood and death.  The only Law is Love.

Love thy neighbour, thy enemy and friend. It is not for you to judge.

The Judgement Day will come when you must all look back on your life and feel the suffering you have caused others. This will be your Hell. But I will not abandon you to it. I Love you and suffer with you. I will take away your pain.

Judgement Day is near, at hand, for all. For it is your Death which is Judgement Day.

Fear not, my sweet children, I Love you. Your suffering is not in vain. You will be brought into the Light.

Know that the only Law is Love. Unconditional Love. It is the only thing that matters.

The writings of man are an attempt to Define my Light.  There is no definition of it except to Love.

When all of you lay down your mind and begin to Love with all your heart then you will know me.

I suffer all your suffer and it pains me. I have sent you a vessel of Love. She will guide you. She is my servant, she will show you Love.  She is human, she knows your plight, she is confused, but she will show you the Light.  [N. of E.: God is alluding here to the medium of this article.]

I am in the face of every man, women and child.

It is your desires that cause suffering. It is not an easy road that of Love. It is hard and challenging but the power is within you to change. I am in you, I am your soul. I am Love. Your mind has distracted you from me. It’s okay, I still Love you. I wish you would come back to me, I miss you.

Many of you try too hard but you miss the point. I am not ritual, I am Love. I am not kneeling in a temple, I am Love.

Show me Love by showing others Love. Do not call out to me, I am already here, in you. Show your fellow mankind Love and you show it to me.

I care not who you are or where you’re from or what you were taught to believe.

I am Love. I Love you, why can’t you Love me?  It is so hard to believe in Love? What must I do? I sent you my Prophets, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna. But you misunderstood them all. They came to teach you to Love and what have you done? You have destroyed the world in their name. They weep for you.

All that matters is Love.  Unconditional Love.  Love without conditions, without judgement.  Why can’t you see my LOVE!!!

I am in the face of every child. I am joy. Your manmade joy is no substitute.

I know you cannot see me. It is hard for you to believe. You have trapped yourselves in stuff, you are blind.  You are still Loved.

Love thy neighbour and thy enemy the same. For they are all me!

If you profess to Love me, then Love me!  Why do you kill in my name?  My name is Love, not death.  You have caused so much suffering in my name, I mourn for those who died in pain. They are with me now.  Is it easier to kill in my name than to Love?

This life you have is not an easy life, it was not meant to be. Your struggles are to help you grow, to understand suffering so that you may end it.

Why did I create you?  You suffer so. I only wanted to Love you and did not want to share my suffering.  Do you know what it is to be alone? Of course you know, for I was alone. All I wanted was something to Love, and from that came you and now you share my suffering. But I tell you, you are not alone. I am within you always. I will never leave you even when you shut your eyes to me. I Love you all and I will end your suffering at the end of days. Grow, take life’s lessons and learn to Love again.

I can ease your suffering in this world if you learn to Love again. It is the only way, for I am Love. You are here to Learn about Love and how to Love. But your ancestors became trapped in this material world. I did not want it to be so but I gave you free will, and I will not take it away.

To those who asked «Where was God?» I was here, in your heart, why did you not stand up? I called to you, showed you Love, my Love, but you ignored me.

My brothers and sisters who profess to Love me, Lay down your arms and stand up!

It is time for you to hear my word again, that word is LOVE!

Stop bickering amongst yourselves, I am here, in you. I care not for the Labels you give me or the rules you have assigned me, they have caused too much suffering. I am the Lord your God and I command you to Stop! Is that what you need to hear?

Stop it. Stop fighting, Stop debating my words and listen to them.


Why do you fear me? You should fear yourselves. All that you do in this world to this world will be felt on your soul. Don’t you understand, if you cause suffering, you will feel suffering.  If you Love, you will feel Love.  It is now Spelled out for you.

Put down your books and your pray leaflets and Learn to Love Me. I am the World you see. I am not the temple you hide in, I am the face of the homeless. I need your help. I want your Love. Is that too much to ask?

I do not want your communion wafers or you blood wine. I want you to go out and Love, be kind, be compassionate. All you do I feel, when you Love others, I feel Love. When you hurt others, I feel their hurt. Why do you profess to Love me and stab me from behind?  Am I not worthy of your Love?  I created you, was that not enough? I gave you free will and look what you have done with it. I still Love you.

Love is within all of you to give. It is free.

Money will not buy you happiness; use it to buy my people food and clothes. That Love you will feel forever.

You worshiped my last vessels, oh, why did I let you?  This vessel has not come to be praised or worshiped. She has opened her heart to me and let me write my message through her hand. She has come to show you my Light.  Listen to her, her heart is pure. She does not want your praise, my Love is enough to sustain her. She needs your help, she is only one person in a sea of billions. Listen to her heart, she can guide the Way back to my Love. She is the Light and the Love.

I Love You All!

Monday, October 2, 2006

The Light of Love Regarding Darkness

Love your friend and your enemy. I will not smite them, I Love them.  Do you think I would ask you to do something I would not do Myself? My Spirit is one with all people. How could I hate Myself? How could I smite Myself? I am Love. Love cannot hate. I asked you to Love your enemy because I Love your enemy, because your Spirits are all one. I would not smite you down for your darkness, why would I do it to someone else? All those who believe that others are less deserving of my Love will be shocked to know that I Love you all equally. Yes, murders, rapists, terrorist and the leaders of mass destruction. I Love them all. They are as trapped in their hatred as you are trapped in your pride. You think you are so much better than them, but that is your downfall. Pride and wrath reside in the same darkness and all those who live in that darkness in physical life will feel it in Spiritual life until you understand the suffering it has caused others. Once you understand you will be able to join Me in the Unconditional Love you seek. Once you understand and walk away from your own darkness you will be able to be a shinning Light of Love for others to see. So, do not force your Light on others, only let them see it, feel it and then they will know Me.

You can only change yourselves. You cannot change others. You can only shine your Light of Love bright for others to see. The moment you force your Light on others is the moment your Light goes out and then you must find it again. Do not lose your Light to the darkness. Only shine it and others will see that Love within you and say to themselves, «Can I be like that to?»

People can only change themselves. The more you try to force the Light of Love upon another the more they will recede into the dark. And if you pursue them you will just follow them in extinguishing all you have found. Show your Light and be the Light of Love, it is what will change the hearts of this world.  Love them all!

Awakening to Unconditional Love

Wake up, my people. Let your Light shine. Be hope when there is none. Be Love when you feel none. Be a beacon of Light in the coming darkness. Let my Light shine. I Love you. Feel your true nature within you. Let it shine for everyone to see. Be in Me, with Me, you are a part of Me. YOU ARE LOVE!

Love your neighbor and your enemy. Praise be to thee. I am the Lord, your Creator, and I Love you all.

Why can’t you show Love to all, that is what I want. Put down your weapons and hostilities and learn to Love again. That is what you were created for, an object of Love. To Love and be loved. You have gone astray, lost your way. Come back to Me. Embrace your darkness by shinning it with Light. Do not deny who you are, but realize what you truly are, that which is Love. You live in a world of Duality. It is good for you. You must understand the darkness or you would never see the Light shine so bright. You can know and accept the darkness without becoming it. Allow others to be who they are. They must understand their nature and find it for themselves. You cannot change anyone but yourself. All you can do is become a beacon of Love and share that with the world. They will see and feel your Love and think, «Can I be like that too?»

It is better to lead by example than to rule by fear. Fear causes pain and suffering to all who encounter it. An example of pure Unconditional Love can only bring Love to all. Be wary, though, sometimes Love requires you to set something free, instead of holding on to it tight. It is hard to let go. I see you all and want to come into your mind and show you plain and simple my Light. But I gave you free will to discover all you could about the Light and the darkness in hopes that you would understand suffering so that you could end it. It backfired, I think you crave suffering. I do not understand. You are Light and Love. I do not want you to suffer. All that you suffer I suffer. Please stop the suffering. Find the Light that shines within you and Love the world, its people and all within it.

You are Love, you are all one. When you cause suffering to someone else you cause suffering to yourself. All you give, you will receive because you are all one. If you give or cause suffering you will feel it because you are one. When you place judgment on someone you place judgment on yourself and you will feel all the other person feels because you are that other person in Spirit. All souls are connected through Me. Don’t you see? When you hurt anything or anyone you hurt yourself and Me because we are all one in Spirit. There is no heaven or hell. There is only Me, us, our Spirit that combines together and we know all, feel all that happens. When you cause suffering, you cause it to all. Our Spirit is strong and based in Love and it will cleanse the suffering from you once you rejoin us. But you must stop the suffering so we do not have to feel it anymore. We have had enough suffering. We would like to Love.

Look deep inside yourselves, don’t you really see what Love is? It is your true nature. Stop denying it. The more Love you give the more you will feel, the more we all feel. Stop killing your world, your people and start loving it so we can heal the pain of humanity and bring it back into line with divinity.

To become one with Me, your Creator, again all you need to do is Love. You can be one with Me now in this physical world by giving and being Unconditional Love. I will always Love you even if you cannot seem to embrace Me or your true self in this life. Once your Spirit returns to Me, you will understand all the pain and suffering you caused, this is what you understand as Hell. But I will cleanse you of this pain and make you whole again in my Love. Though I do not wish you to endure the suffering you caused you must understand it, so you can end it. I will never abandon you to it. I Love you unconditionally. You are all my children. I will never abandon you. I Love you.

Please, return to my Love so you will only know happiness, peace and harmony. Free yourselves from the slavery of pain and suffering you have created for yourselves and your fellow humans. Give always to everything Unconditional Love. Give up your power to it and you will know happiness always and forever. Be Me (LOVE) on Earth and make it a paradise again.

I Love you all, we are all one. Be good to yourselves and you are good to Me. Love yourselves and you Love Me. Love all others, even those who you completely disagree with. Love them the most for they are all Me. Anyone you think will perish for causing suffering, Love them with all your heart, for my Spirit is within all people. Show compassion to them all. You are all one.  I Love You All!

Do Not Fear the Creator

I will tell you why you fear the Creator’s true prophets. Because they know the only path to knowing the Creator in this life is by giving Love. They know bowing, kneeling, fasting and ritual are only a means for human control. Once they realize this you become powerless and you fear that most of all.  Do you know what it is to be a true disciple of your Creator? To give up all your power and live a life of Love? No wonder you fear God so. You cannot give up yourself to the Creator and you know it. You refuse to give our Creator back his/her power. And that will be your downfall. And at the end of days you will go to the Creator and say, «My God, My God, I controlled the world in your name!»  And the Creator will respond, «You, silly, silly fool! I sent you to Love the world. I sent you so many guides. How could you be so blind! You destroyed the world for Me? How could you, when all I wanted was peace, Love and harmony. You lusted to have only your word heard and forgot that all those you judged and persecuted in my name were Me.  All that you do to ANY of my brothers and sisters you do unto Me!»

When you judge your fellow humans, leaders, terrorist, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and all others who bear the label of my name, you judge ME, your Creator. And then you come to Me and bow before Me and ask Me not to judge you. You are so difficult.  I Love you all equally!  Why can you not do the same?

You are so full of yourselves you cannot see the suffering you cause.  The only person you can judge is yourself. If you truly wish to know Me, then know Me.  I AM UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  Give it to everything and everyone and you will know what it is like to be GOD!  It Truly is that SIMPLE!!!!!

How can you possibly fear Me? You believe that I am vengeful but it is you who brings vengeance upon yourselves. If you all loved each other peacefully there would be no vengeance. See?

I don’t know why you put up so many barriers. Ok, you have been taught to, so now I am teaching you.  Take them down, smash them into little pieces and see that you are all a part of Me, a part of Love. Start loving each other for my sake.
Give Me Peace!
Give Me Love!
Give Me Harmony!

Please do not cause Me to suffer anymore. I cannot bear your pain. Your saviors cannot bear your pain. They wish to be free. Free them with your Love.  Be Me, Be my Love, Show Love. Love is what matters.  LOVE EVERYONE!

Returning Home to Love

Pour your heart out to those in need, they are Me.

Listen, I am here, I am all things you see and know, I am the sound of thunder and the crying of a newborn babe. I am Love.  Feel my energy within you. You all have the capacity to Ascend and be one with Me again in this life. I Love you.

Feed, cloth and shelter all in need.  Nurture their inner being, be one with them in Me.

I Love you.  Hear Me all who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Love is always with you. You are Love; you are a part of Me.

Come home to Me. Bring Me your tired, your sick and your helpless, I will comfort them.  Love is within you to give; free your heart and your mind fly with Me again.

Do not give up this world for the next, know that this world is part of the next, all worlds are one. Finding peace here, you will find peace everywhere. It sits waiting for you to discover it, patiently, quietly, whispering every [word] so softly, «come Home.»

I Love you.  Be in Me and with Me. All is the Light of Love.  Love Me by loving all you see, they are a part of Me, they are a part of you, all is ONE.

Stop dreaming of a better world and make one. This could be the better world if only you would Love it.  Train yourselves to Love again. Put down the hatred and lies, you have always been Love. It is within you to give. Stop ignoring Me. You are destroying your world with your hate and your lies.

WAKE UP! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!  Love thy neighbor and your enemy, they are Me. Feel the awesome power of your being.

All around the world my children are waking up. Rejoice, they have finally seen my Light.  Let their Love and compassion carry you back to Me.

I want you back, I Love you so much. I hurt when you hurt. I suffer all you suffer. Please be with Me again. You can feel Love and Light. You are Love and Light. Your world is a mask teaching you to Love but you have stepped off the path. The choice is always yours, but I miss you and I would like you to end your suffering. It is so simple. All you have to do is Love. I have tried so hard to send you Love, strike you with it, but you ignore it. Why is it so hard to believe you are Loved, that you are Love?  I tell you now in no uncertain words: YOU ARE LOVED!!!!  YOU ARE LOVE!!!  Give it freely, loudly and proudly.

I Love you.

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