Lord Kuthumi on Crystals and DNA


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Lord Kuthumi on Crystals and DNA

Lord Kuthumi

Lord Kuthumi through Michelle Eloff.  Channeling of June 12, 2003.  Published in this website on November 10, 2004.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet you at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of warmth, of joy, of laughter and of peace.  Greetings, Beloved Ones.  And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold each on of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

This is a time in the evolution of the human soul where an immense amount of information and support systems are available.  This information and support systems are necessary in order for humanity to understand the opportunities that are being presented at this time.  These opportunities are often experienced for the very first time in earth’s spiritual history during this particular cycle of change.  We have already spoken of the role of the animal kingdom. And we wish to share with you this evening the role of the crystal kingdom and how your bodies are changing from carbon base to silicon base.

Crystals are receivers and transmitters of information and of energy. Crystals have a very powerful consciousness and each species of crystal is responsible for supporting humans and their various levels so that they can evolve through their personal patterns, to come to experience self mastery. Mastering oneself is a journey in itself, and it is a natural process for your body physically to undergo specific changes. The earth is being exposed to high vibrational frequencies; these frequencies affect all living consciousness. The reason for this is because Gaia, Mother Earth, is herself evolving and already in the throes of her ascension process.

Not very long ago there was the threat of humanities consciousness being split, the reason for this was because certain people were not prepared to awaken to their right within, the fear was too deep. Even when their souls brought them to their knees, they still chose to stay within the darkness of ignorance. And this is when the Lords and Masters of the great hierarchy of the Council of Light had to look at what would be done in order to support those who were growing and support those who had chosen to experience a limited consciousness for a further cycle. This is when another earth was created. The intention behind this was for those who chose limitation to then be supported in experiencing another 26 000 year cycle through which they could undergo the same cycles, be offered the same opportunities to master the lessons that they had chosen, so that they too could evolve.

And those who had moved beyond the 4th dimension or astral belt into the 5th dimension, and were totally open and committed to their enLightened journey would then move with Gaia through her ascension process. However, it is with great joy that we can announce that there have been a vast number of people awakened from their slumber and open their heart to their divine essence and to the Light resident within them and have chosen to walk as leaders of Light, to be, Lightworkers. A Lightworker is a person who is following their divine plan, who is serving the best they can helping people to open their hearts, to understand the mechanics of spirituality, to understand the science of love, and that the world is not a place that one wants to run away from. As long as you want to run away from the earth plane, the longer you will stay. Therefore, bearing in mind that what you resist will persist.

Now the crystal kingdom is helping to shift many of their processes with you, in order for all kingdoms to go through the ascension process together. Now because the new earth and the old earth no longer have to be split and in actual fact at this time the energies are merged, even more energy is available to all of you to utilize in order to work through your limiting paralyzing processes, to drop the baggage, to simplify and to move forward.

The quartz crystal, we will call one of the master crystals at this time, if you had to imagine a pyramid, the quartz crystal stands at the top of the pyramid. This crystal is able to vibrate at a level of 4620 cycles per second. This may not mean much to most of you, but this vibrational frequency cannot ever be measured by any instrument that has been created by man. This means that when working with a quartz crystal specifically, you increase your own energy vibration by a minimum of 2 000 cycles per second. The majority of humanity is vibrating between 200 and 400 cycles per second. Those who are following their path of Light vibrate at a higher level, going up to approximately 900 cycles per second. So imagine the boost that a quartz crystal gives to your energy field. Now again you can not measure this, but the more you choose to open your consciousness to this energy, to this consciousness and work with it the sooner you will being to see the benefits of what this being is offering to you.

Crystals are the skeletal structures of mother earth; therefore they work very well with the skeletal structure of the human body. The bones of your body store an immense amount of information, past life information mainly. Your bones also represent the structure of your life, the foundation upon which your dreams are built. So as you tune into this the crystal, the quartz crystal can begin to help you to observe how solid or vulnerable the foundations and outer structure of your life is. Quartz crystals can be used to heal bones and they can also be used to draw energy into the physical body for balance and can be used to draw energy out of the physical body to ensure balance.

Now most of you are aware that the human body is made up of a double strand of DNA and science has taught that this double strand is what determines your life, your genetic make up in other words. However as more and more of you have opened to your consciousness, so the dormant strands of your DNA have become active and are becoming even more active. This is resulting in people experiencing huge physical changes in their physical body. There are people who have documented changes in their physical body such as the colour of their eyes changing, the colour of their hair changing. Men have also recorded an increase in height. Many people are also experiencing the ability to understand complex issues, or complex ideas a lot easier. The reason for this is automatically the capacity of your brain is also becoming activated and you are tapping into it and beginning to utilize it.

The children, the new children who are present on your planet at this time are using an immense amount of their brain capacity, they are emanating a specific vibration, which is impacting on your energy field. And you will notice those of you who have these new children in your life or know some of these new children, they have a very deep affinity for the crystal kingdom. The reason for this is that the crystal kingdom is the link between the earth plane and the spirit plane; you could say that the crystal kingdom is like the key to the other side. As you are exposed to more and more of these frequencies your body will automatically respond to it. Not react, respond. And you might find all of a sudden you gain weight, or all of a sudden you lose weight. You may find that, that things that you used to enjoy doing you no longer enjoy, foods that you could eat no longer is palatable to you, or that your body is rejecting it with indigestion, nausea, cramping. The reason for this is because you are an evolving being and, yes, you are mutating.

Through the evolution of man, it has also been proven that certain parts of the body have evolved. For instance, your baby finger. According to studies of Anthropology, the human baby finger has become shorter and will eventually, the baby finger, no longer exist because there is not much use for it, according to some. You understand? Some may not agree with this and we fully understand this, because you will not be able to cup water in your hands again, yes, it will run out the middle (laughter).  However this is documented information of how studies of evolution of the human physiology has been researched.

The reason why the physical body has fluctuations with weight gain or weight loss specifically is because the fat cells of the body are in actual fact, we shall call it, transmitters of energy and act as receptors for energy as well. Fat cells act as protection and as nurturing for the body. They are powerful protection for the chakras of the body and specifically for the inner child. If you look at where specific weight is held on the body, it will give you a very good idea of what chakra is being protected. The crystal kingdoms presence has also impacted on how the human body is changing.

Crystals are being mined in their millions, and there are certain places on the planet where we can say that mother earth’s body is being raped, and the way that these crystals are being removed are not always done with respect. Therefore some of you will also be called upon as healers of crystals that have been exposed to trauma through the mining process. Is this clear to all of you?

Crystals are emanating vibrations, calling to people to connect with them, regardless of what their knowledge of crystals are. Simply having crystals in your environment uplifts the quality of energy that you are exposed to. For instance, Sodalite, Rose Quartz and Amethyst are perfect crystals to place upon your television set, your computer and your microwave because they block the effects of radiation emitted from these machines. You as individuals, if you are working with computers a lot of the time, need to wear rose quartz on your body, the reason for this is that the thymus gland is affect by the radiation emitted from these machines. When the thymus gland is weakened due to radiation then one has difficulty utilizing the ability to express one’s truth, to communicate one’s needs. The thymus gland is a very important gland for keeping the energy between the lower chakras and the upper chakras in balance. We would suggest for the thymus gland not only the rose quartz, but also use the ruby crystal.

The thyroid glands are also affected by this and some people find that the thyroid gland has become severely depleted or under- active as a result of exposure to radioactivity. How many hours does the average person spend in front of the computer and then in front of the television and eat food that has either been thawed or cooked in the microwave, and then still has a cellular telephone. That is a large amount of radiation that one is exposed to on a daily basis, without even giving it much thought. Therefore it is vitally important to utilize crystals on the body simply to support you from the effects of radiation from what you are exposed to on a daily basis.

We would also suggest to you that you use a quartz and sodalite crystal to keep around your food in order to clear any toxins from it, radioactive or otherwise from pesticides for example, or from steroids that are injected into the beef, or whatever it is if you are a red meat eater. You need to clear the energy of the food that you are eating because it too has been exposed to energies that do not keep your energy uplifted. We would suggest that before every meal you bless your food, before you eat it, or to leave the ingredients of what you are going to cook for your dinner, in between two quartz crystals and two sodalite stones for approximately 5 – 10 minutes before you utilize it, setting the intention that the crystals clear and neutralize your food of any harmful toxins, and to increase the vibration of your food so that your body can benefit from the nutrients. The majority of the time, Beloved Ones, you are eating dead food, and this is because of what it is exposed to. Those of you who are vegetarians and who take a lot of time and effort in preparing your food, please ensure that you also bless it; the fact that it is a plant does not exempt it from being affected by toxins.

As we said when we were speaking of the animals, that the plant kingdom, the vegetable kingdom and the fruit kingdom experience as much shock and trauma as an animal does when its life is taken.  When you pick an apple from a tree you are pulling it away from its body, because the tree is its body. When you pull a lettuce from the ground you are pulling its roots from the earth or cutting it off at the roots, it is like chopping you off at the top of your legs. All we are trying to say here is be conscious, be aware of every things connection to you. Communicate with these other kingdoms, even if your colleagues, or your friends or your family think you have gone a little loony tunes. You are benefiting from this, because you are raising your frequency and you are raising your consciousness by acknowledging another consciousness. The crystal kingdom is also a very powerful healer on a cellular level. Ladies, you can use rose quartz crystals around your face creams, place it upon the jar because the vibration of rose quartz is about soothing and smoothing, whether it be pain or wrinkles (laughter), and it was written in ancient times that rose quartz was crushed into a powder and mixed with oils and creams and it was rubbed over the body.

Lapis Lazuli along with amethyst are very good for soothing headaches and pressure within the head area.

Place a little quartz crystal and amethyst and rose quartz crystal in your drinking water. As the water is charged and you drink it into your body, it also helps to release certain energies from your body. Now when you have a specific issue that you would like to work with and you are conscious of a pattern that you would like to heal, we would suggest that you work with the crystal kingdom, any crystal that you are drawn to, because your energy will automatically gravitate towards the energy of the crystal that is magnetically resonating with your frequency. Then find out what the properties of the crystals are that you have chosen. We would suggest then that you carry the crystal around with you, in your bag, in your bra or in your pocket, when you sleep at night you can either keep it next to your bed or under your pillow. Please bear in mind however, that some people do have difficulty in going to sleep at night if there are crystals in the room because the frequency is so high, then we would suggest that you keep them out of your bedroom and introduce them one at a time until your energy has become accustomed to having such a frequency when you are sleeping.

It is also very important that the crystals are cleansed at least once a week if you are utilizing them on a regular basis for your own healing purpose. You may find then at times that you forget your crystals or you simply do not want to take them with you. This is because the crystals and you are taking a break. That is a process of integrating new energy and new information and there will come a time when you will release again and you may then be drawn to your crystals or new crystals again. Is this clear to all of you so far?

Now some of the other symptoms of changes in the body are people going to doctors and doctors are clueless about what is going on in your physical body. This does not mean that your doctor is stupid or does not know how to do his/her job, but there simply is no physical proof or physical problem that can be diagnosed, because it is an impact on an energy level that is impacting on a physical level. Some people may complain of pains, say, for instance, in their hips, they go for physiotherapy or for x-rays and nothing is out of place. Many people have been complaining about severe backache, intense headaches, colds that come and go faster than most of you go to the supermarket to buy your groceries. This is because the body is de- toxifying itself, and the best way to do it is through physically releasing – through a cold or through a runny tummy, sometimes nausea, sometimes coughing, sometimes itching.

People are breaking out in rashes on their body that are unexplainable. All sorts of weird and wonderful so called illnesses or diseases that have no name. Some people are also reversing the effects of severe illnesses because they have learnt to use the energy of crystals and the higher frequencies of energy that are presently freely available to all people who take the time to tune into the higher frequencies of consciousness. People are also complaining of confusion, of feelings of deep inner conflict, disillusionment, anger coming to the surface, sadness and grief. Some even so depressed that they entertain suicidal thoughts, but they do not know specifically where it is coming from, what is triggering it.

This, Beloved Ones, is as a result of the changes that humanity is facing, this is part of the purging process as your body moves from carbon base to silicon base. As more and more crystals are being mined and brought to the surface of the earth, the frequencies also intensify, so you have energy coming from below and within, so to speak, and you have energy coming from the higher realms, from heaven and these two energies meet and they meet where you are upon the earth plane. It filters in and merges with the elements of the earth, it filters in and merges into the various consciousness’ of nature, of plant, of animal and this all meets together to form a magnificent tapestry of energy.

This blanket of Light or tapestry of energy is there for you to utilize, the way that you can do it, is imagine yourself being embraced in a blanket of Light, or cloak of love, which ever you choose. And imagine that this cloak or this blanket is pulsating with millions and millions of tiny crystals of energy, and that that energy is filtering into every cell of your body. Visualize yourself absorbing this into your cells, as it goes into the muscles, into the organs and glands of your body, until finally it is right in the very center of your bones. When you feel this energy in your center you then ask that all limiting, all negative, all debilitating energy be dissolved … (tape ends) … and habits and even perhaps relationships that are no longer supporting you, that you are conscious and unconscious of to release themselves from your cells, from your bones and every other level of your body, and you ask that this be facilitated by the crystals within the crystal cloak that you have connected with. Is this clear to all of you? Very well.

Now before we move on we would like to ask if there are any questions that we can help with thus far.

Question: (Not audible)

Lord Kuthumi: For the liver we would suggest that you utilize Hematite. Hematite is also good for the blood circulation and for aligning the spinal column, we would suggest Carnelian and Orange or Green Calcite for the digestive system. You can put Carnelian in water and drink it and this will act as a mild laxative, if there are any problems with regards to that. And you can also take one of these crystals and simply rub it around the digestive area of your body to release tension or stagnant or negative energy in the sacral or solar plexus area. The liver also benefits tremendously from Black Tourmaline and Red Jasper. Is this clear? You are welcome.

Question Not audible

Lord Kuthumi: The DNA of a crystal is affected when a crystal is tumbled or polished. All you need to do however is take the crystal or the tumbled stone, place it in a pair of pantyhose and bury it in the earth. Put them in pantyhose if you want them back that is. (Laughter) If you bury them in the earth you might not find them again. We would suggest a minimum of 24 hours, this allows the natural frequencies of mother earth to reactivate that coding. Is this clear?

Question: Not audible

Lord Kuthumi: Salt water is good to cleanse crystals, however many crystals at this time are not wanting to be immersed for long periods of time in water, so we would suggest that you get yourself a bottle, a spray bottle, fill it up with water, with salt and with some lavender and spray your crystals, preferably take them outside to do this. However if there are people here with a vast collection of crystals it is difficult to do this, but spraying them with salt means that you can at least shift the energy if anybody has been touching them, of if there has been a negative presence through conflict, or depression or sadness in the environment that the crystals will have taken on. You can also take a tray and line it with coarse sea salt and place the crystals upon this for 3 – 4 hours, you then have to get rid of the salt, do not place other crystals upon the salt again. Do you understand? Does this answer your question?

Question: Lord Kuthumi I have a crystal that has a drop of water in it, what does this signify?

Lord Kuthumi: These particular crystals hold sacred knowledge with regards to moving through the gates of emotion, the gates of feeling. Emotions and feelings are two very different experiences and these crystals, or this crystal specifically for you, will help you to overcome emotional reaction, or issues revolving around emotional reactions, helping you to move into the sense of feeling and to acknowledge your feelings and the feelings of other people around you. Is this clear?

Are there any further questions?

Question: Lord Kuthumi; I have a very large amethyst crystal which I was wondering if it had any special properties, because I kind of feel like I have worked with it before in a past life.

Lord Kuthumi: This particular crystal, Sister, has come from your past this is true and what it is doing, is helping you to transmute fear and anger. Fear often manifests in anger, do you understand? So this crystal will help you to overcome or at least work through those issues, do you understand? Anything else before we carry on?

Question: What about nightmares in children?

Lord Kuthumi: We would suggest that you place Rose Quartz in their room, along with Celestite and some amethyst as well, perhaps a piece of Rose Quartz beneath their pillow, and also empowering the child, teaching the child how to protect themselves and how to ask for intervention when they feel afraid, or wake up from a nightmare. When children are supported in understanding this they are able to move out of their nightmares very quickly, is this clear? Speak to the two year old, the child understands more than you would imagine. Obviously you would explain it in a way that the child can grasp what you are referring to in its physical reality, you will be surprised at how much a three year old understands. We would suggest that you tell the child that it has an angel that watches over it and that this angel is very special and there just to look after him or her, do you understand? You then tell this child that if they feel afraid all they need to do is think of the angel and the angel will be there immediately and will protect them. They can also hold their crystal very tight and imagine more angels coming if they need it to bring protection. You can then tell the child that if he or she still does not feel safe enough, to then call upon the parent or adult who is guardian, do you understand? But do not, not explain it because the child is three years old, we cannot emphasize how important it is to communicate with children at such a young age, because then they are taking it in and they do understand. They are highly intelligent beings. It is only the adult’s perception due to difficulty or limitation in grammar with regards to communication that the adult assumes that the child can not make sense of what is being said, is this clear? You are welcome.

Question: Can you tell me the properties of Celestite?

Lord Kuthumi: Celestite is a crystal that comes directly from the star of Sirius. This particular crystal is also connected to a being by the name of Lady Celeste. It is a crystal that brings an immense amount of harmony to newborn infants specifically, and helps them to maintain the thread of Light between the earth world and the spirit world, especially during the first six months of their life. We would suggest that the Celestite crystal be placed with the newborn infant from birth to six months, but more specifically the first three days are also very important. In the first three days after birth the infant is building its energy body to hold it in the physical world and celestite supports this. The celestite crystal is also a very powerful crystal to use with people who are terminally ill or who are simply tired and have decided that it is time to make their transition. The celestite acts as a transporter of the soul’s energy from the earth world to the spirit world. Celestite is a very soothing, healing crystal. It can be used on burns; it can also be used on grazes, insect bites, cuts, to reduce inflammation. It is also a wonderful crystal to use for an inflamed throat. Is this clear? Anything further?

Now let us speak a little bit more on the genetic changes of the body with regards to the crystalline structure activating itself in your bodies. You are going to and many of you are already becoming more and more sensitive to the environment around you. People are beginning to hear things, see things, and often shrug it off as a bird that flew by that they caught out of the corner of their eye, or perhaps it was the TV or the radio, or perhaps it was the neighbors TV or radio. You senses are becoming heightened due to these changes.

Over the next 9 years, your bodies will change even more, you will become even more sensitive and you will see that your body will reject all processed foods eventually. Nothing with chemicals or preservatives will be tolerated by the sensitive vehicle that your body is becoming. You will also notice that as you bear children and as your children bear children, that they are different, their facial features are different, their eyes are different, the structures of their bodies are different. This is because genetically there has been a change, due to the shift of consciousness that is being implemented. Fear also distorts cells of the body; it affects the DNA so that when DNA is passed on from one generation to another it manifests as a kind of "deformity" in the body. This "deformity" manifests in many different ways, we cannot say one specifically, but as you are working with your issues these "deformities" are beginning to nullify themselves. Some of you are wanting to know a little more specifics on the "deformities"; we would suggest them in this way. Some are experiencing them as stuttering, it is also manifested as dis-eases that have not a genetic pattern in the family, something that has manifested literally out of the blue. These deformities also manifest as emotional dysfunction, mental dysfunction, that people have an immense amount of difficulty in connecting with their creative abilities. A warped sense of no self worth is another one. People with low self esteem, people who mutilate their bodies, this is a part of it. The younger generations are having to deal with their fear in a more amplified way and they are dealing with it through the abuse of alcohol, drugs and sex, and this is why it is so important that you as the older generation make the effort to clear yourselves cellularly and to clear yourself genetically. When you clear an issue on a cellular level, it recodes the DNA of your body. Your cells literally take on the new shape and form and your children change, your grandchildren will change because they are not being born with the same issues. Many of you are being forced into situations to address your issues of fear. Fear specifically because fear could spell the end of you if you do not overcome it. The future cannot be held in fear. The younger generations need role models that lead by love, lead by example and do not limit themselves because of fear, and the crystal kingdom helps to increase your vibrations in order to move beyond that. The crystal will not do it for you, but it is a tool that can be utilized by you.

Now there are 12 crystals that work with the 12 strands of the DNA, each crystal vibrates to a different frequency and to a different number. All of these emanating a scared sound, and this impacts on the frequency that your DNA vibrates to. The first strand of DNA is held by the amethyst crystal, and this vibrates to the number eight. The amethyst supports the first strand in setting a solid foundation from which you can tap into your divine plan and manifest it. The second strand is held by the quartz crystal and vibrates to the number two. This is about attaining and maintaining balance in order for the universal books to balance, what you need to be in balance. There is a book for everything, you even have a book of life in your physical world, not so, this is your book of identity, yes? Perhaps some of you need some new identify documents, yes? As your identity changes and this is where the third strand of DNA is impacting on many of you and this is held or supported by the tigers eye crystal and vibrates to the number one. The majority of humanity has been colored and conditioned by society’s expectations placed upon them. You forgot who you are. And as your third strand has become more and more active, you have literally begun to ask – who am I? Why am I here? Surely this is not the only reason why I came here? And you are quite right in this, work with the tiger’s eye, is this clear? The fourth strand, which resonates directly with the heart chakra, is held by the rose quartz crystal and this is to do with your relationship with intimate family- your parents, your siblings, your children and your partner. So any issues revolving around these intimate areas are affected by the fourth strand of DNA. And as this DNA strand becomes more active many of you may find already that you have been or are facing challenges with your immediate family. Parents, siblings, children and partner. The information that we are giving you regarding all twelve strands of DNA have impacted to a certain extent on many of your lives already, so just take note of what we are saying and this will give you a better idea of which strand in your body has become active and which one is most influencing your life at this time. This strand vibrates to the number 4.

The fifth strand of DNA is held by the sodalite crystal and vibrates to the number three and this one impacts immensely on your throat chakra. This is to do with communication. People who are teachers, people who are to bring about change through communication are truly activating their fifth strand ofDNA like there is no tomorrow. It is becoming a very strong strand, because as you move out of the old age of limitation, of poverty consciousness, of victim consciousness, conditional love and lust consciousness, the throat chakra is becoming more active. Because people need to learn to say what they mean and mean what they say. To lead by example by thought, action and word. And this is what the fifth strand of DNA is all about.

The sixth strand is held by the citrine and vibrates to the number six. This is also connected to the sun chakra which we recently gave information on, as well as your higher self’s energy, and your soul energy. This strand is responsible for showing you where you have disconnected your self on a soul level. It shows you loud and clear where you have given your power to your lower ego. It will highLight this, and as you activate this strand it is about re-uniting all of these aspects of yourself so you can live your life in balance, united, masculine and feminine energies.

The seventh strand of DNA is held by the Labradorite crystal and vibrates to the number nine. This particular strand of DNA is affecting your abilities to communicate telepathically, you could say this strand is the magic wand that you have been looking for and it has been inside of you all along. By consciously focusing on aligning yourself with this strand, you begin to learn the mechanics of manifesting miracles and magic in your life. The seventh strand of DNA also broadens the imaginations ability to tap into higher levels of consciousness. And many of the new children are masters of utilizing this seventh strand.

The eighth strand of DNA vibrates with the pyrites crystal and vibrates to the number eight. And this is connected to the solar plexus chakra. The eighth strand of DNA is about looking at your emotional foundation. It forces you to look at how you honor and respect yourself. It asks you to look at the boundaries that you have set and those of you who are going through deep challenges at this time with regards to looking at boundaries you are working with the frequency of the eighth strand of DNA.

The ninth strand vibrates to the crystal sodalite and the number is four. The ninth strand asks you to decide between love and fear, knowledge and ignorance, wisdom and denial. The ninth strand faces you with the challenge of yes or no. It shows you that there is no grey area any more, you either are or you are not. You are either following a path of healing or you are not. So you could say that the ninth strand of DNA does not have much of a sense of humor. You understand?

The tenth strand of DNA vibrates to the crystal by the name of rhodocrosite and the number is one. And the tenth strand is about addressing all the belief structures that you have adopted from your father. Even if your biological father was not a part of your life those belief systems are still affecting you because you are genetically coded with the information. Is this clear to all of you? So you will need to look at your childhood and try to remember or reflect about anything that you can remember most about your relationship with your father, your stepfather or any father figure as such. And this will show you exactly where in your life you are sabotaging yourself.

The eleventh chakra is held by the crystal charoite and this is the chakra that motivates you to persevere so that you can master yourself. So that you can graduate from the university of life with distinctions. When you are working with the eleventh strand you are actively searching for your divine purpose. You are adamant to find out why you are here and this automatically sets in motion a chain reaction of experiences that will show you what is no longer supporting you and what is. And in a way it offers you the same challenge as the ninth strand – do you want it or don’t you – are you going to change or are you going to remain in your comfort zone. In order to master yourself you need to be courageous enough to admit to and acknowledge what is no longer a part of you, what no longer serves you and what you are afraid of.

And the twelfth strand of DNA is held by the pure white Selenite or Quartz crystals and vibrates to the number four as well. This is where you come to the end of cycles; wherever you are faced with a life changing experience, the crossroads so to speak, know that you are working with twelfth strand DNA issues. This is where the soul steps in, where spirit takes over and you can call it fate, you can call it destiny and it takes you where you must be. It is like everything becomes completely out of your control and the only choice that you have is to surrender, you can carry on and fight it if you want to but you will get tired. So it is rather to surrender to it.

Utilize the crystals, the twelve master crystals to work with these issues. If you have some of the crystals in your possession already, cleanse them, place them in your environment, acknowledge them for what they are presently work with and ask that your energy can tap into their wisdom and into the frequencies that they are emanating in order (tape ends) …. By acknowledging the crystals presence and what it is assisting you with you automatically become more sensitive and attuned to what the DNA of your body is trying to tell you and show you.  You also increase the rate at which your body is transforming from carbon to silicone base, the majority of you here this evening, and in actual fact all of you here this evening are already in full active process of moving into silicone base and much of your crystalline structure is already active. Therefore it would benefit you immensely to work with the crystal kingdom, those specifically that we have spoken of this evening. Is this clear to all of you? Are there any other questions that we can assist with before we end off this evening?

Question: Lord Kuthumi, I have a strange question, people ask me where you get your information from, and I’m faced with that quite often, they question it.

Lord Kuthumi: That is their process, they need to question it in order to understand it, do you understand? By you trying to find a more justified source for your information you are compromising your truth, do you understand? Therefore be honest, be open and if it pushes them to question then this is not a bad thing, because it is then the opportunity for them to learn more, do you understand? The teachings of the Bible come from a higher source, do they not? I rest my case. (laughter). Anything further?

Question: Lord Kuthumi, from a scientific point of view I see it on the chemical periodic table I see that carbon and silicone are close to each other and obviously silica being a higher frequency, when a human form is then fully changed into a silicone basis is it still going to be a human form as such or will the actual form change, or is it going to be something different, the skeletal, muscles?

Lord Kuthumi: The human form will remain as it is for a long time still to come, however what happens is that the frequency increases to such an extent that the density changes, you understand? Now when the masters such as Yogananda, such as Babajee, such as Saint Germain -are beings who have fully activated their crystalline structure, their crystalline body and are fully in silicone base and this is why they are able to increase their frequency to such an extent that they literally dematerialize their bodies, you understand? So that is what silicone base will do for humans, it is a Lighter, higher vibration. Now you need to bear in mind as well that not only is food impacting on the density or the lack of Light in the body which causes density, but it is the state of the person’s mind and heart, which is why we as the masters are working so intently with humanity to shift that, you understand? Because in order to become a fully silicone based being and to raise the vibration to such a frequency that you can dematerialize your body the density of negativity, of fear, of pain and trauma can not be present. You understand? Does this answer your question?

Question: Will it always be as painful as it is now? Or do you go through levels over the next nine years where it will become less and less painful?

Lord Kuthumi: Beloved One, the intensity of the challenges and the changes will become less intense. The more you align yourself with your mastered self and with your soul, you will find that as you move through these transitions they are over a lot quicker than in the past, whether it be a physical painful process or an emotional painful process. You understand? So keep this in mind and also affirm that when you are in that state affirm that you choose to consciously release this process under grace, harmoniously in perfect and miraculous ways and that you integrate the new energy to replace it, is this clear? And you will find that it shifts and moves a lot quicker. It is also important to bear in mind Beloved Ones, that because of the amount of energy that your earth is experiencing coming in, it has sped up the process immensely, which means many people are experiencing up to five years of energy to process or issues to process in one year, this is how much the process has sped up. Do you understand this? And this is also why at times processes appear to be so intense, because you are doing what you would have normally done in five years; you are doing in one year. Is this clear? Anything further? Very well.

And so it is, Beloved Ones, that we embrace each one of you in the crystalline structure, of your fully enLightened mastered self. As we are present with you, your angels of healing align your energy with the crystals that resonate with your being that are responsible for helping you to maintain balance and harmony. We bless each one of you with the divine Light, to always see you way. With the divine truth, to always know your way, and with the divine courage to go the way that is your true way. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold each one of you and know that not ever do you walk alone, for we are all one and we are with you always in all ways. May your hearts be blessed with Lightness, your minds with clarity and your bodies with healing.  I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom and I greet you and Bless you in Life. Adonai.

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