And So It Begins…


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And So It Begins…


Channeled by Lee Carroll for Kryon.  From Kryon Channeling as was presented at the annual Kryon Summer Light Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 2002.  This material is also the Chapter II of the Book X of Kryon.

The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the publisher.

Published in this website on November 25, 2005.

To help the reader, this channeling has been re-channeled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The room is filled with love. Hearts are wide open, created by this sanctuary made from your own consciousness. You do that, you know? Wherever you sit, you create a sacred space. I know you’ve heard this before.

Into this place, where there are open hearts, pours a sacred family with open hearts. There’s a radiant, beautiful cup of energy, overflowing with love and placed upon this group. All of you gave intent to sit in the chairs this evening, and we’re here due to that. Entities that you’ve met and have not met are here – ones who are specific to the energies of your divinity are here. Entities whom you have known, and loved and lost, are here. The family is here. You have no idea who surrounds you. In the safety of your chair, with a heart that’s beginning to prepare for messages, you’re also getting ready for the hugs and the hand-holds and the foot washing you know will arrive.

As we’ve said before, it may give you pause to wonder who came to see whom. Indeed! There are so many of you here, and perhaps you expect something tonight? Perhaps your intuition will provide you with the solutions you came for. We invite you to smell the energies that are here. Some of you will know exactly what I mean. These are aromas that cannot be faked or duplicated – they are those of ones you’ve loved and lost. If you experience this, consider it a "tap on the shoulder," a "spiritual wink" that says, "Did you know that I am here?"

We’re not making this up, dear Human Being. There is a consciousness of invitation in this place. That is not always the case. We have sat before family many times when family denied us access to the heart. When that happens, there is no judgment. But on this day, there is celebration and joy that so many would come with a like mind and sit prepared for messages that need to be heard. And what does that tell us about you? It tells us what we already know – that it is no accident that finds you here today sitting in your chair, or reading these words.

There is one common thing that brings you here together. It is your willingness to listen and be loved by Spirit – to understand fully what is happening on your planet – to take the information and "paste it" upon yourselves so that you will vibrate higher and create light.

Warriors of the Light and Lightworkers is what you call yourselves. It’s an indication within these very words that you are ready to roll up your sleeves to create something that has never been created before. There are many of you who would say, "Well, what could Kryon say today that’s different from yesterday or the day before?" It has been more than a decade that you have continued to allow such a thing as this – for my partner [Lee] to come before you in large groups and small, to speak to open hearts. Some of you feel a presence of Spirit and know absolutely that this experience is real. This thing called channeling is real. So to the degree that you will allow us in today, the results will be proportional to the energy that you allow to flow into you – all with your permission – all by choice – each one unique within your own intent. And yes . . . it will be a different message.

We speak of things this afternoon that are planetary and personal. It is the way of Kryon. We speak of things that you need to know. We have instructions; we have predictions and potentials, and we have information. And so it begins, for we’re ready, and we’re positioned in this place. There will be no more added or subtracted within the next few moments. This is a finite group – an energy that is developed uniquely for this message. The readers are ready, and so are you.

We speak now in an astral way . . . an interdimensional way. For the ones who have poured in here will not amplify or diminish this unique energy from my side of the veil until this message is finished in this special meeting of warriors. There’s a reason that we’ve never given that statement before. It’s so that nothing changes the energy of this message from its beginning to its end, as we deliver these words to you. [This message alone is different from what Kryon has ever said before. What we now understand it means is that it sets the potential of no interruptions from any entities or energies during the message.]

If we had to linearize this message any further than we already must [due to Human 4D], we would title it "And So It Begins." There are lots of beginnings and lots of endings going on right now. If you’re sitting here with an open heart, without judgment this night, you’re fully aware of the endings and the beginnings that have taken place in these last few years. So it is that the grid has moved and is almost finished. And so it is that it has moved more in a decade than it has moved in a hundred years . . . just as we told you it would back in 1989. Some of you must ask yourselves why such a thing would be. Indeed, it has even caught the attention of science. But even more, it has caught the attention of those who are spiritual. And when you see this kind of change, there is often fear. And so it begins.

Years ago we told you of the splits that would be potentially possible. Last year we told you of the fence-sitting – that there would be those who would be torn off the fence – ones who could not stay any longer in the new energy . . . and that is indeed happening. What is the battle at hand? I will tell you what the potentials have always been. It’s a profound battle of light and dark. And lest you misname this, do not see it is as between good and evil, for it is not. It is a battle, a seesaw battle of how far you wish to pull the light into this planet you call Earth. And so, there is no judgment about what shade you wish to pull forward, for this is why you exist at all! This is why you’re here in this profound and different Earth energy.

I’ve got a small secret . . . and it’s about me. I know all of you. Even the ones who think they haven’t met me. I know you in a way that warms my heart. Reader, are you getting this? Oh, I am the "magnetic master," but I’m also the one on the other side of the veil who greets you when you return. I’m the group in the Hall of Honor. You might say I wear many hats [cosmic humor as to what will take place the next day in the seminar]. Each one of you is a group, but you really don’t know much about that either. You only know of the singular you and the linear you that sits here, pretending to be a Human on the planet Earth in four dimensions. Oh, if you only knew that you were each a group of divine angels . . . each one. I see you every time you go around, you know.

My little secret? I would like to tell you what you say when you see me . . . and many may not understand this. The energy that I have in the Hall of Honor when I see you prompts you to say to me: "Hello, sister!" Dichotomous? Perhaps. But it is so. My group is feminine, but my essence is masculine. I am a balanced group, just like you. Although genderless, the balance between what is absolute to you is variable with me. I am both, and I change to accommodate the circumstances. It’s an honoring, and you can watch me do it.

Then the next thing that happens in that Hall of Honor, as we sing your name in light in a place that is filled with joy and amazing love, is when you ask, "How’s it going?" You absolutely must know how you did while on Earth! It’s part of "the big picture." It’s the overwhelming knowledge known at the core level of every single Human on Earth, but which is hidden completely from you while here – about the balance of light on Earth. We’ve asked you to "hold your light," but you don’t really know why. We’ve asked you to trust that what you’re doing is something amazing and special, but you don’t really know why. At the divine core level, you do, and intuitively you know that it’s something far larger than any of you realize, but it’s hidden . . . and it’s the first question you wish to know about when you return. And that, my dear Human Being, is the crux of why some will pull away, and why some will be afraid of you. It’s about a battle . . . one even between those in your own camps. We told you about this four years ago, and now it begins.

Let me identify the problem. Light creates fear, and you’re about to see this more than ever. You won’t be able to walk from place to place without people looking at you. Even the most seemingly ordinary of you can’t even go shopping without turning heads. When the Human consciousness field that you carry intersects another Human consciousness field, there is a message delivered. It’s about Light, dark, and a battle that is now before you.

Listen closely: There are those who are in your belief systems who would say that all of those gathered here today and reading this today are being "tricked by the Light." There are those who study the ancient scripts, the histories of the Sumerians, and those who came before the Sumerians . . . who would tell you that it’s written that in the last days, a battle would take place. They say that in order to delude you, in order to keep you from actually seeing what is taking place on Earth, there would be those such as the Kryon, such as brother Tobias and The Group, and the Keepers of Light, who would assemble together and "distract you with light." That is the premise. And they’ll pull up the ancient texts and show you the words. They’ll even point to the prophecies, and even name the names at times. They’ll say, "See? It’s taking place in these last days just as indicated. "Beware," they’ll say, "of those who will trick you with the light!" And indeed, they say, here you are, sitting in the chairs . . . being tricked!

Perhaps you’re wallowing in the joy and love that’s being offered right now? Perhaps your heart is being opened? They’ll tell you that you’re being tricked. So I wish to address that. In this address, I want you to remember something: You’re completely in charge of your own being. You’re completely in charge of what’s before you.

Is it possible that what is taking place on Earth at the moment is indeed the end? It’s a battle that you’re truly unaware of . . . written by the ancients? Is it about final Human enslavement, as they indicate? Is it possible that all those conspiracies that you’ve heard of all your life, indeed are so? Could it be that there are those on other worlds, other times, other places, conspiring against you to enslave you as an entire race of humanity? And that this is all happening right now, except that here we are, blinding you with light? Is it possible?

There’s something that’s missing in the scenario, and we’ll give you our side of the story, and then we’ll give you the truth . . . a discernible one.

Indeed, on your reality track as humanity, there have been these potentials as described. As we’ve indicated many times, there are many reality tracks, and you’ve had the ability to choose which ones to select. It’s called free choice. So, yes, these were potentials all through your recorded history. Even during the history before a hundred thousand years ago, some of your mythology wasn’t mythology at all. Some of the things that you read about that you wouldn’t understand, indeed happened. So many of the ancient texts have been written accurately. Yet some of you are in these "last days" wondering if what is before you could be a trick. Do the entities of love before you carry a hidden agenda? Well, you don’t have to wonder. You don’t have to fear. Here is what is missing – completely and totally from the formula others will give you about these end times.

You all think in a straight, linear fashion. You feel that what was uttered by wise prophets eons ago must be so, because the future is set. It’s a straight line, the past leading to a set future. No one in those past histories, no intellectual spiritualist, ever expected humanity to change reality . . . to move out of the paradigm that it was ingrained within. Remember this statement we’re going to give you now, and check it yourself, with your own discernment: "The prophets who give you predictions in one reality are clueless in another." The old energy of old predictions and old spiritual histories lay on an unused track of reality in a desolate wilderness land with no Humans present. The train of current humanity will never roll over that track, yet there are still those stuck there in their expectations of what was predicted.

Even your modern physics now agrees that matter has a "choice" of realities. Think, therefore, of what your consciousness has created! You changed to a new reality paradigm, and we’ve told you this time and time again. It has been the staple of our teaching . . . that your planet would not go through what was predicted, and that all you had to do was look out the window to verify it for yourselves. But those whose consciousness is still on the old track, with the old prophecies, looking at what’s happening on the planet, have no concept of what’s really taking place. They take the same facts you can see, and instead fill their cups of fear with them. They give no credibility to the notion that Human reality can possibly be changed.

They see the church in trouble, business in trouble, and problems in the Middle East. They conclude that humanity is about to end, and that the very entities you’ve come to celebrate today are part of the conspiracy to make it so. They don’t see an integrity battle, creating a new kind of humanity. Instead they see the beginnings of a fearful enslavement, control, and darkness for all.

Pause . . .

Even though many of the ancients and the masters also wrote that humanity could change reality at any time, they still stick to the old fear – that what was written back then will indeed take place. And how can we come before you, dear Human Being, in all love, and sit and prove to you that this is not the case? How can we prove to you that there’s no trick? After all, we’re supposed to be the tricksters! Here’s where it gets good. We don’t have to.

There’s a shift happening at the beginning of the year 2003. The magnetic grid is finished moving and changing at that time. We call it a "hand-off." You’ll be participating more than ever in every single thing on the planet. With an enhanced set of abilities, we say, "Let the Human prove it for themselves, for it is well within their ability." We ask those on the other side of this argument if they would allow the same? Chances are they won’t, for it disturbs a concept that says that you’re a slave to others, in the dark.

Dear one, do this: Do not build any walls around your belief. Open every single door and examine every book. Go to places that you would not normally go to, and ask yourselves, your spiritual guides, any angel in any place, anywhere . . . to give you the truth. Don’t be judgmental. Don’t draw lines between this and that. Unify your divinity, and discern without outside bias. Ask the question of everyone you can . . . in any dimension: "Is this real or not? What’s really taking place?"

I’ll tell you this. The Human Beings who do this will get truthful answers at the cellular level. They’ll get them without being at a channeling and without anyone talking about love. They’ll get them without the special music that you’re hearing now. They’ll get them sitting alone in a room in an emotional way, and they’ll feel the hug of Spirit that says that not only did you change reality, but this is not a trick. This is a new Earth, a new dispensation, with a new kind of Human.

The opposing force doesn’t want you to do that. Instead, they want you to study an ancient text and submit to its validity. Now . . . who is enslaving whom? And so those who would say there’s no changing the future won’t give you that ability to look around for yourselves. They won’t tell you to discern, or give you credit for that ability. They’ll show you their texts and try to convince you that "it is what it is." Look carefully at this difference. We stand back and say, "Do it yourselves." The other is telling you that you should fear – that you have no power to do anything but listen to them. They will also tell you that emotion has no place in your discernment, and that it completely clouds your intellect. Kryon is emotional . . . always has been. I can’t help it. I love humanity. Archangel Michael can’t help it either. She loves humanity. All those who are before you today are emotional. But we say this: Go ahead and disengage your emotions, too. Go to the places and ask the questions, even with your best spiritual, intellectual mind. The answers will be there if you have pure intent.

Then when you’re finished, come back and sit in the chair. We’ll wait for you. Feel the hugs of Spirit and know that what’s happening is about a grand change for humanity, not about a trick to enslave. We told you that there would come a day when you would have to choose. It’s here.

Your New Reality

So within this magnetic shift you gave permission for – a shift within your very DNA – your very reality, many of you are anxious (to say the least!). In this often unsettling energy, one where you’re working so very hard, but one where you’ve had unexpected curves thrown at you, what is the advice of Spirit right now? What does Spirit say you’re supposed to do with this enablement and change? Let me give you three or four points to ponder.

The first one is this: Claim your ascension status! How many times have you heard that from me? Many times! Now, there would be those who are critical of this, who would say, "Well, there you go again, Kryon, giving them some generic message that has no rules to it. You’re saying to ‘go and do this, to feel it,’ yet you do not give them any procedures. You don’t give them any helpful manuscript. How are they supposed to do it?"

I’m going to give you information that is 2,000 years old. I wish to take you to another place and paint a picture. We’ve told you in the past that the key to ascension status – moving into an interdimensional state, is called "The Third Language." We’ve discussed it for years. We’ve talked about "tuning your reality into a different station" – a reality about pulling upon The Cosmic Lattice. We’ve told you about creating energy that wasn’t there before, instead of using what you feel exists. The instructions we’ve given are not linear, however, and they don’t resound to those who wish to have a "by-the-number" explanation. We gave you a channeling not too long ago called "Trying to explain the unexplainable." How do you explain multiple dimensions to a four-dimensional Human Being? Believe me, it’s not "by the numbers" anymore. Let me ask you to do this: Explain the color red to a person who has been sightless from birth, and do it by the numbers, procedurally. Difficult? Yes.

Let me give you information that’s more than 2,000 years old. It’s a story about a man named Peter. Some say this actually took place on the Sea of Galilee. It’s written in the scripture of your own culture in three places. It’s slightly different in two versions, so some say the story is actual and some say it’s metaphoric. It doesn’t matter, for it’s the spiritual teaching that is profound and real, regardless of the accuracy of the event.

Peter had a master – a shaman. As the story goes, there’s Peter with his friends in a boat, wishing he could join his master, who’s on the shore.* And he’s disappointed, the disciple Peter. He wishes to have his master join him. We hear the master say, "Peter, don’t worry. Watch." And the master begins to walk upon the water. Peter feels he can do this, too, but he needs permission. He asks the master to "tell me to come to you." The master looks Peter in the eye and says, "Peter, you can do this, too. Come to me!" And Peter does! He focuses upon his master and he takes the steps, according to the story, and he defies the reality of 4D and walks on the water, just like his master. Then something interesting happens. Peter looks down and starts to intellectualize. He says to himself, "I shouldn’t be able to do this! There were no rules given to me here." And so Peter starts to sink.

Let’s back up this story for a moment and talk about Peter in general. There he is watching his master walk on the water, encouraging him to do the same. He trusts his master, so he feels that he can do it. But can you hear Peter’s mind working? "You know, I don’t have a manual for this. Dear Master, how many steps are there in this process before I can transmute physics in this way? What am I going to have to do, spiritually? What are the rules behind it? I think I need to know this before I step out on the water." Peter trusts, however, and when he takes his first step, he feels the tingle in his feet as one dimensionality meets the other – as the physics of one meets the physics of another through the spiritual creation of a Human . . . and his feet start to tingle.

Now, did you hear Peter say, "Dear Master, I have to stop for a moment and ask you some questions. I want to know about the atomic phasic displacement of the time differential on my feet here. Is this normal or is it not normal to feel this tingling? Shouldn’t I practice for a while on dirt? Should I back up, or should I go forward? Can you give me some information, please?" No, you didn’t hear that. Peter just did it.

Suddenly we change the story. It’s a make-believe story now, and appearing on the shore is Tobias! [honoring Geoff Hoppe who is part of the Kryon midsummer meeting, channeling Tobias during the event]. Now, perhaps the time frame is wrong for Tobias to be there, but he’s there anyway for the sake of the story. Can’t you just hear him shouting encouragement to Peter? "Peter! Breathe! Breathe!" [Laughter] And you know what? He’s right! Think about the instructions he’s giving to his friend Peter.

"Peter, you don’t need a manual. You’re not going to get the rules here today. It’s not going to be procedural or linear, because what you’re doing is interdimensional. Peter, you’re being asked to do something that shamans do. Peter, you can do it, and all you have to do is focus on the master. All you have to do is focus on the divinity within you that you’re using that belongs to him, also. In order to do that, you’re going to have to just relax and breathe . . . don’t think about it, just do it!" And that’s the truth.

So you have the instruction set, do you not, from the master himself? Within the actions of this parable are instructions to his Human disciple that says, "Just do it." No warmup . . . no manual, no linear instructions. We’re saying the same. Oh, don’t take this out of context. Don’t say that we’ve now compared ourselves to past masters, or even to Peter. Also, don’t think that all you have to do is "nothing." Hardly!

What we’re saying is that the process is the same as it was when it was first broached within the metaphors of the history of your current beliefs. It has always been this way. There will always be those who will intellectualize it all away, and who will say, "Because we don’t give linear rules and because there hasn’t been a lineage of intricate training, therefore it isn’t valid" And we say this: How can you argue with what you feel in yourselves? How can you argue with a life turned around with a healing? How can you argue with a Human Being who stands there, perhaps in an old contract – one that should have been dead in the old reality? You can’t. How can you argue when you’re walking on the water? You can’t. It’s about Light.

Claim your ascension status. How? Not by doing nothing, but instead by beginning to write your own book of personal, intricate rules – interdimensional and profoundly personal. Why don’t you start by verbalizing this to every cell in your body: "I am changed. I am leaving a four-dimensional reality behind me, and I know that you all understand. Cells, listen up! I choose ascension status. We’re going to vibrate higher, and we’re going to know how by creating our own book as we go . . . with the divinity inside . . . just like the shamans did." And that was number one.

Number two: It’s critical at this time to find a group of people of like mind and spend time with them regularly. Don’t put structure around it. Don’t make it a "have to." Don’t put judgment over it; don’t create rules; just meet. And when you do, tell each other how you feel about one another and how you feel about Earth. Discuss your lives, and then sit down and send your Light to a challenging place on Earth, and do it often. There’s far more power in the numbers than there are individuals. Then again we say, don’t do this because I said to. Do it because you’ve gone inside and have asked the source of divinity, "What should I do today?" Then discern: Is this accurate? Is this not accurate? Use your own divine discernment engine, not one out of some history book.

Here’s number three: Make friends with the new energy! Now, you may not understand these instructions. And you might say, "Well, I’m doing that. I’m sitting here, aren’t I? I’m in a channeling session, aren’t I? So I’m very friendly with the new energy." Oh, really? And every door you pushed on, opened wide, right? Everything you ever prayed for in the last two years is in your lap, right?  There are no frustrations or challenges in your life?

I would like to tell you, dear Lightworker, that there has never been a more difficult time for those who deal in Light than in the last five years. The term Light "worker" takes on a whole new meaning. It hasn’t gotten any easier, and there have been things put in your path that are challenging. I’ll tell you why – because this grid is a moving reality-target that you’ve been chasing. It’s something that is so profoundly different, that just when you get comfortable, off it whirls. Just when you’re satisfied with the clarity of one thing, another scenario moves past you. In 1999 we told you this was coming.

The settling of the magnetic grid combines with the other two. When the magnetic grid is settled, the others will settle. It’s all about what you gave permission for, and what you’ve created yourselves. In linearity, you see the group that is the Kryon entourage prepared to leave. It actually only leaves its current job! The old grid group transfers to a new one that will start instruction sets about what to do within the new grid energy. This "new Kryon group" will give you the meanings of the interdimensional DNA layers, the names, the numbers, the colors, the interactions of all of the six pairs. Then you’ll start to understand how they intertwine onto the two you can see within your linear dimension.

The new teaching will begin shortly. The new entourage comes in, and the name remains. "Making friends with the new energy" is this: It’s that you’re not afraid to admit it’s changing, and you express willingness to change with it. Perhaps you push on a door, even a promised door, and it shuts in your face? Things aren’t going as you were told they might by your visions, or by your psychic abilities, and you’re puzzled and wish to know why. I’ll tell you. Because it’s a changing scenario. It’s a moving target, and it’s work to keep up with it. It’s not to say that these things you’ve tried won’t ever work, and we’ve given you this message before. It’s so very linear of you to try something and then say to yourself, "Well, I tried it, and that’s it. I’ll never try that again! I’m throwing it away." You do that, don’t you?

Never cast anything away that’s been intuitive for you. Never cast a hope or a passion in the trash. The very passion that you cast away in your "today" may be the contract that you promised yourself for "tomorrow." Yet within your linearity you’ve thrown it on the floor because you tried and tried. I’m going to ask you this: Does the artist paint all the colors at once? No. He can’t! He’s linear! Instead, he can only paint one color at a time. He has the vision of the painting in his head, and his limited 4D actions can only achieve his vision by combining the colors one at a time. What if he looked at his work after the first color and said, "Boy, is that ugly! I think I’ll stop now"?

So, does that mean you’ll never accomplish anything? That the doors will continue to slam shut on your linear plans? No. I’ll give you a time-line, but first, some potentials.


With the snapshot of the energy the way it is right now on the planet, these things are possible in your next few years:

(1)The discovery of interdimensional life, both in water and in air, in this decade. There will be an acknowledgment that life is not what you thought. As Human Beings, you may be forced to redefine what "life" is. We’ve spoken of interdimensional life in the past. Now here’s your opportunity to discover it. There is life in ordinary water. Not the kind of water that you’re going to create with intent or alter magnetically – I’m talking about water that’s normal on the planet, which bubbles out of the ground. Interdimensional life is everywhere. This is the force that receives the intent that changes the water as it’s ingested, and works with your DNA. Did you ever wonder what it is in water that can do so much? Do you think it’s within the simple few molecules of water? It’s more than that, dear Human Beings. There has to be another force on the planet in order to cooperate with you and the field that you put out. Interdimensional life is the answer. How are you going to discover it? Well, let me give you a hint. It will be in a magnetic experiment! It’s going to show up through experiments with intersecting magnet fields. It’s not quite that simple, but the potential is there. You’ll see the shadows of it. The scientists will be aware of the life force, because it will move away when stimulated. It will act in intelligent ways. It will respond to light. That will be the giveaway.

(2) Here’s another. We’ve broached this, oh-so-gently, in the past because there’s so much teaching around this, but it’s something that hasn’t been taught or completely acknowledged. You have a consciousness field. This day’s instructions and validation presentation by my partner begin to show you how this consciousness field can even be activated in ways without your intent! That’s because it’s so strong within the Human, becoming stronger with the grid completion. My partner led you into the proof that even the scientists now say is valid, in this field. Nobody’s talking about what might be "on" that consciousness field. Is it simply a field of your energy? What’s in it? Let’s begin here.

All of the four-dimensional health aspects of your body read like a book, presented on your consciousness field. Did you ever wonder how a medical intuitive could look at you and tell you about your health? Did this ever occur to you? What is this person doing who can "read" you? What does it look like? They’re looking at the consciousness field around you, Human Being, and they’re reading the physical book! The prediction? That there’s going to be technology that will read you as well – technology that uses an interdimensional process when it gets close to you without ever touching you. The technology will be able to read a complete health scan of your body. And it’s not anything that’s probing within you. All it does is "listen," and that’s the key word. And that was number two.

(3) Here’s a prediction you’ve heard before from others. In two places, you’ll discover life in your solar system, potentially by 2010. And what this is going to do is start to turn around how those in science, and Humans in general, feel about life. Here will be the acknowledgment that life is a naturally occurring event all over the Universe. Given that there is similarity throughout the Universe in which the elements come together over time, the creation of life must be present from one end of the Universe to the other. You never expected to find it in your backyard, however, but it’s there. That is the potential.

(4) Here is another potential. There’s going to be a war over ethics. Oh, not a big one, but a profound one. Lives will be lost – another argument about life. It’s not what you think, as you’ll see. Do you, or do you not, have permission to create it? And if you do, will there be consequences? For your technology is racing forward to a degree where what the universe can do naturally, you can also do with synthesis. Will it be too sacred to try, or just simply a copy of common cosmic principles that occur naturally?

(5) One of the most beautiful predictions has to do with you and water. Water will be developed where intuition alone can posture it for healing. It will occur with water that’s ripe and ready, beyond normal water, for the receiving of a Human consciousness "imprint" for the programming of healing. And that’s all we can say at this time about that.

(6) Finally, we bring it up again: There are some artifacts just lying around waiting to be discovered that are going to give you some profound hints about the fact that cultures existed long before you thought. These are artifacts, not body parts! These artifacts won’t be from Humans like you, but indeed from Humans. Way before the hundred thousand years we told you about, there was Human-like activity and culture. In review, we told you not to look back any more than 100,000 years to find other Humans like you. Were there other humans before that time? Yes, but not like you. And that’s what this statement has always meant.

Something took place that we’ve discussed before. It was an energy interception that created the very Human setup that you walk around with today – the one that has allowed you to do what you’ve done with your reality. So again, what we tell you is this: Pay attention to YOU! If you wish to find other energies, other predictions, and a system of fear around it, then go ahead and immerse yourself on the old track where nobody lives anymore. All of the conspiracies of the ages will be there for you to wallow in. It’s all there for you to choose . . . dark and Light. But some of you are becoming spiritually astute enough to "see in the dark," so to speak, and are beginning to recognize an old reality from the one that’s now outside your own front door. Don’t take my word for it. Go through that door and check it out.

Here’s a final instruction. It’s the revelation of a time-line that we’ve given before, but which some of you need to hear again. It’s a time-line within the scope of this teaching.

Whatever you’re doing today, consider it temporary. For the actual grid settling will not be stable until March of 2003. Even though the actual change will be complete in December of 2002, the residual will last for another three months. So it is with spiritual things . . . God is slow! This is why there seems to be so much "not happening" for you at this particular point in your lives.

And so we say from now to then, "Have a nice vacation." Be circumspect, be alert, and celebrate your light. But it might serve you far better if you shelve some of the plans you thought you were supposed to do "now." It would better suit your magnificence, and a cosmic time-line. You’re all on separate paths, and many are in a time-line even beyond that of regular Humanity. So, if you’ve metaphorically pushed on doors that have indeed all flown open, don’t stop! But all of you should be aware of the fact that this "moving spiritual target" is coming to a stop soon, and will stabilize.

Dear Human Being, this family of whom you are a part, loves you so deeply! We give information that will enhance you, and promote you to graduate status. We give you information that you need to hear and which puts you in a place where you’ll be able to enhance it yourself, validate it yourself, and continue the learning yourself. And that is enablement!

It doesn’t subject you to sets of rules that would enslave you, put you in boxes, or ask you not to look around. It’s just the opposite. It’s about release, and it honors both the emotional body and the intellect. It honors spiritual logic and intelligence.

And so it is, dear Human Beings, that another time has passed when you let us hug you. There’s such a difference between when we first started and now. For this day we can actually feel the hugs in return. We feel open hearts . . . open minds . . .family hugs. And we are so looking forward to doing this for a very, very long time.

And so it is.


Reference in the channeling about Peter walking on water:

*Kryon has also told this story in the opposite way, where Peter is on the shore and Christ is in the boat. That’s the opposite from recorded scripture. In scripture, however, only Matthew’s version had Peter walking on the water at all. Mark and John’s didn’t. So there may be the possibility that the whole story was a spiritual metaphoric teaching. I have changed this account to reflect Matthew’s version, which is the more accepted one to many who might compare them and wonder about the difference.

Lee Carroll

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