Change in DNA Eliminates Aggressiveness

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Change in DNA Eliminates Aggressiveness

Gran Duchen Lomas

Grand Duchen Lomas channeled through Nancy Tate.  May 21, 2004.  Taken from .

My Dear Ones of Earth, I am standing by in my spaceport called Supremacy. I have not spoken with you before, for there has not been the opportune time to do so. Now is that time, and I come to you through this one for the purpose of telling you about myself, and the ones who accompany me on this ship. There are any numbers of ones who are in position to come to earth and be a part of the First Contact. When this happens there will be a move to co-ordinate all of the people in the world with the ones who come from the heavens.

Our ship is from Sirius, and we bring to you an understanding of how our mission coincides with the mission of peace that is taking place as I speak. My commander in chief, whom I will call Adiana, is by my side, and will be in attendance when we come to earth and intermix openly with you. Allow me to introduce myself; I am Lomas, and I am the operator and Grand Duchen of the planet Obrian. I come with the express purpose of bringing a liaison to work with you and to bring a bit of the history of your origins and connections to the Sirius system. When this begins, we will be able to awaken within you the ability to understand the propulsion systems of the intergalactic machinery and the workings of the DNA directly with these machines. I use the term machines solely for your ability to relate to what I refer to, for these machines are really living matter. They have the ability of intercommunication with all living matter. These beings are utilized for the purposes in which they have been created. When their function is no longer needed, they return to source and become potential energy for another intent expression.

We have been observing your occurrences on earth for the past several months, and we see that the energy has built to a degree where you will be receiving a higher directive within a matter of earth days to collect all the data that has been stored within your DNA that concerns the occurrence of ending the combativeness within your soul. This will replace the urge to battle, and will claim its jurisprudence for going on in your evolution to a more peaceful way of existence. For many of you there will be differing degrees of expressing that change in your DNA, for the pattern of combat is so deeply imbedded in your memories. This is according to Holy law, and will be averted when the natural flow of love is able to bring the Grace that will be required.

We ask that you all find within your hearts the love that never left. We suggest that you do so with the allowance that rings true with your tone. Each of you resonates with your own distinct tone, and that has always been so. That tone has never diminished throughout your existence; it has merely been subverted with other tones that caused the disharmony within your system that you are experiencing now. For many of you that original and pure tone is being cleared and heard by those of us who tune in to you. We recognize many of you as being from various places in the Sirius system, and from others such as Orion, Pleiades and Andromeda, as well as others from all over the universe.

When you came here to this planet earth, we watched you as you started this adventure. We kept track of your ministrations as you climbed through the experiences you created throughout the millennia on this planet. We saw the transgressions and the heartwarming choices you made. We saw the energy build and then recede and build again, in the flow of life. We now stand here in your wake and we see that you have built an energy so profound as to top what we projected could be in the circumstances. This is the time when we are ready now, for we many years ago saw the potential for this mission that we stand in readiness to accomplish.

Our journey through space and time has been one that has come through your perceptions, for there is really no space and time, only in your eyes. We have always been here and we have always been readying ourselves to be here. We also, in that sense have already accomplished that which we are at the ready to accomplish. What is now in the potential are the details through which this will be accomplished. This is the fluidity of the matter. There are millions of potentials that are melding with the energy of intent, and any one of them may be the one that manifests in your reality.

We see that the one potential that carries the strongest vibration is to carry out a plan for peace and abundance that will rock the world as you see it. This potential is so close to manifesting in your collective energy that we see that with but another mighty push to the energies of manifestation, you will create the oomph that will push it over the edge and into your reality.

What will do that, my friends, is to know in your hearts that what you as a peoples of earth most desire for your lives is to live in that peace and abundance that teeters on the edge of manifestation. This is a world of love, compassion, peace, joy, and prosperity melded with the Strength of Spirit that holds everything together in harmony. The position that you find yourselves in right now is to hold that power of thought and intent and to accept what is at this very moment, for with acceptance comes the flow of allowance, and with allowance comes manifestation.  This is the formula for success, my friends. Very simple isn’t it? And some of your scientists, and politicians, and teachers would have you think that the process is complicated, full of traps that only strict diligence can avoid. Simplicity is the key my dear ones: Love + intent + thought + acceptance of what is = allowance = manifestation.

We leave you now for we see that this one has other matters to attend to that she does not as yet see. With her allowance, she will accomplish that which is in line for her to do. She is reminded of what she for some time has not asked at the start of a day, «What would you have me do; where would you have me go; and who would you have me see?» Another simple way to start a day that is so very empowering.

We love you so very much, and we look forward to the day when we can embrace you in the earth way, as well as the universal way, in love and compassion. Dear hearts, blessings to you all.

Thank you, Dear Grand Duchen Lomas
Love, Nancy

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