The Humongous Deceit of the Income Tax

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The Humongous Deceit of the Income Tax

By Rafael Palacios
Wednesday October 18, 2006

Published in this website on October 26, 2006Published here with authorization from the author.Original in Spanish under the title “El Gigantesco Engaño del Impuesto Sobre la Renta”.  Translation to English by Luis Prada 


Why do we have to pay the income tax, we who live off our salary and do not have possessions?
«It is practically impossible that an independent person may survive from his/her own business, and that is due to the imposing system that favors the big ones, the bankers and big corporations.»

First of all, the first documentary of the series “Other World Is Possible” [“Otro Mundo Es Posible”] that already all Latin American people may see thanks to that grumpy free software www.sueltate.esand to Bill Grisham’s fantastic project for a planetary wifi,, who calls himself Smab and whose war cry is “Let’s head for the whore street!”.  This first documentary is located in Argentina (it takes great chunks from the documentary “Memory of the Sack”, “Memoria del Saqueo”) and, although it has quite-to-the-point statements, is… well… all what the System allows to say, within the system (it has been produced by the Spanish public television system). That is, they are going to awake many people to the scare role of the politicians although it is going to be at the threshold of calling by their names to the conspiracy of the Zionist-Illuminati vampires.  You have it in the following link [Spanish]:

Being said that, let’s go to the information that, still, cannot be said through television and that, obviously, will clear a lot all that debate on “globalization.”

If you are a person that still believes in the “left wing”, probable think that the taxes are a measure of generosity with everybody, and that they help in the redistribution of wealth.  Without a doubt, you do not know who and how the income tax was created although you may imagine that the United Status is the country that first put them into practice.

In that country —that lives some moments of absolute craziness and of searching for the origin of the evil they suffer— lawyers and experts in rates and taxes have put themselves to search on the subject and, indefectibly, have come up to a conclusion: THERE IS NO ANY LAW THAT JUSTIFIES THE PAYMENT OF INCOME TAX.

I repeat, since maybe you have not recovered from such declaration.  The “We the People Foundation”, among other organizations, have filed lawsuits against the office of income tax, the Internal Revenue Service, IRS, where they argue the inexistence of a law that justify the payment of INCOME TAX.

On various occasions, a [supreme] judge has agreed with them and only in some cases other judges have argued that THE LAW IS WHAT THE JUDGE WOULD SAY, bypassing the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court that has agreed, as I say, with the claimers.

How can this be possible? (Remember that the United States has set the precedent for the other imposing systems and, thusly, the system of your country depends on what, decades ago, was planned in the United Status.)

In the year 1913, a select group of bankers (Warburg, Rockefeller, Morgan, Kuhn, etc.) gathered in the Hyde Island (they chose well the name, the sons of a bitch: in English “hide” means “to conceal, to put out of sight”, and the malefic Doctor Jekyll was, in his daily life, “Mr. Hyde”) and they founded the Federal Reserve of the USA.  The fact was published in the newspapers of the time although, obviously, they did not tell the Americans the true reason for that meeting (you may see an excellent video with images of the time , it is called “Masters of the Universe”).

Likewise as 109 of the central banks of other countries, the American Federal Reserve is indeed a private bank whose purpose is to lend money to the State and that, between 1917 and 1933, would end up usurping the prerogatives of the Bank of America as the issuing bank of the dollar bill.  With respect to the act of creation of the Federal Reserve, that was passed by the US Congress and signed by President Woodrow Wilson, the same Wilson who would confess in 1922: “I have committed treason against my country and I have sold it for the next generations” (see the report below).

Senator Lindbergh (father of the famous aviator whose son was kidnapped), and to whom the evil Jewish writer Philip Roth today defames with impunity (we already know why), was the only one that stood up publicly to denounce that act from which the United States was sold to a handful of bankers (and from that one, the rest of the world). Thomas Jefferson had already warned, since the beginnings of the country, as well as the murdered Abraham Lincoln, Eisenhower or Henry Ford later on, of the danger that hovered on the country if fallen in the hands of the bankers and the big corporations.  Later, the conference of Breton Woods would stop equating the currency of a country to gold, so today nobody knows what the worth of a bill is… except what the bankers decide.

The experts on US fiscal matters (I am not talking about hippies with tattoos but professors in Economy with necktie, lawyers, ex-tax collectors of that same income tax and the selfsame republican congressman, Ron Paul) coincide that the Law of theUSA exempts of paying income tax.  That is, that no worker should pay income tax.  That payment of indirect taxes is reserved for big corporations and banks.

For what have the income tax been used?  They have told us that it is for the redistribution of wealth, do you see that anyplace? Is it not true that, in the last century, the rich have more every time and every time the workers work more for less salary? So it is not true that myth that the income tax helps redistribute the wealth but it has been used, precisely for the opposite, for the rich to have more every time and, in the case of the United States, to build a mighty army.

In the documentary “America: From Freedom to Fascism” it is said that at the beginning of the [twentieth] century United States was a country of independent workers, with their own businesses, and that now it is a country of wage-earners, of workers for somebody else. Today in the entire planet we see how the franchises and business chains in all sectors proliferate (dried fruits, food, hair salons, teaching, clothing, appliances, taxi cabs!), not to mention the culture (music, journalism, literature, movies…).  It is practically impossible that a person can live independently of his/her own business and that is due, UNDOUBTLY, to the imposing system that favors the big ones, the bankers and big corporations.  It is harder every time for a person to survive unconnected to big corporations.

So it is that today there are not even left wage-earners but sub contractors, with all the lacking of autonomy and without any of the rights of the wage-earners of the twentieth century, in the hands of temporary contracting companies [agencies], another new intermediary. And all, thanks to the income tax.

According to the Spanish dictionary I have, this is what the word INCOME means:  “profit or benefit that a thing produces per annum, or what is charged from it”. WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY INCOME TAX WE WHO LIVE FROM OUR WORK AND DO NOT HAVE POSSESSIONS?

I leave you with another question, have you ever thought on the meaning of tax of the ADDED VALUE [sales taxes]?  Who has decided that things have to have an ADDED VALUE?

PS.- Do you remember the profession of Paul of Tarsus, the founder of the church as an institution? TAX COLLECTOR. Aha (and he was a Pharisee and Zionist converted to Christianity, or perhaps he did not convert himself truly?)

Watchthese videos:

Those who would like to arrive to the end of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion see the twenty second act.

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